The Futa Fairy - Futa Cop's Wild Wish Chapter 2: Officer Cindy's Public Fun

The Futa Fairy – Futa Cop's Wild Wish
Chapter Two: Officer Cindy's Public Fun
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017
I reclined back in the driver seat of my squad card, parked on the shoulder of I-5, and lazily stroked my new futa-cock. It was such a wonderful shaft of hard, throbbing flesh thrusting from the folds of my pussy. Just an hour ago, it was a clit. A normal, pink clit. Nothing special.

And then I received a text message from the futa-fairy. She called herself B, which was short from some ridiculous name that sounded like you had a mouthful of cotton when you said it. I fell asleep on the job, dreamed myself into an icy version of reality, and was fucked by the futa-fairy herself.

I made a deal with her. She gave me a cock for a favor at a later date.

That part had me worried. I was a cop. What if she coerced me into doing something illegal? Well, more illegal than having sex in public and fucking the woman I had pulled over for speeding. But the wish covered that, making people not care what I did with my futa-cock.

Which was why I stroked my girl-dick without a care, watching traffic going by, my radar gun held in my left hand, tagging motorist, looking for my next speeder to pull over, another woman that needed to learn her place.

My pussy itched as I squirmed and stroked my dick. It was hot having both. I shifted my hips, wanting to touch my cunt but not wanting to let go of my futa-cock. I rubbed my thumb over the spongy crown, shuddering at the rush of delight through my body.

Yes, I loved being a futa-cop.

I had always wanted to dominate the mouthy, bitchy women I had to deal with on traffic stops. Men were easier. They usually just went along with it, not complaining. But the women They saw a female cop and thought they could run their mouths or claim some sort of uniting sisterhood to get out of it. They would whine and plead and complain, trying to wheedle out of their tickets.

No longer.

A red car speed past. The radar gun beeped. 72 MPH.

I grinned, twelve over the speed limit. I tossed my radar gun down on the passenger seat, flicked on the lights and sirens, and pulled out into traffic. My car engine roared while my dick throbbed, resting on the steering wheel. Precum leaked from the tip, my pussy clenching, growing hotter and hotter as I accelerated.

Cars pulled out of my way, my eyes locked on the red car ahead. Excitement beat through me. It pounded through my veins as I went faster and faster. I maneuvered up on the red car's ass, slowing down.

A head moved, glancing behind her. I knew it was a her because it said “Ebony Goddess” on a bumper sticker. Her turn signal came on because of course now she had to obey all the rules. Now that she was caught.


She maneuvered over onto the shoulder. I stayed on her ass the entire way there. The moment she stopped, I typed her license plate into my computer while radioing to dispatch I had pulled her over. Nothing suspicious came back on the license plate. It was registered to a Georgia Curtis.

I climbed out, my dick bobbing before me. I didn't care. The whole world could see my girl-dick. Cars streamed by and none of them would care that I had a huge dick. I was Officer Cindy Matheson, the futa-cop, and I could do what I wanted on my traffic stops.

I reached her driver door, the window rolling down just a crack. I peered in at a young, Black woman, her hair a complex weave spilling about her shoulders. Her face was round, features cute, lips pouty. She had coffee-brown skin, such a lovely shade, wearing a baby-doll t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans.

I wish I could see her cameltoe, but the angle was bad.

“You just pullin' me over cause I'm Black,” she said right away.

“And because you were doing 72 in a 60,” I answered.

“Nuh-uh, this is racial profilin', bitch,” she said. “That's why you pulled me over. Fuckin' White cops thinkin' they can” Her eyes widened when she finally noticed my huge, ivory shaft thrusting out of my blue pants. “Holy fuckin' Methuselah. What the hell. You got a cock! Why is that out, you fuckin' tranny pervert?”

“Out of the car, right now,” I barked even as I grinned. Oh, she would be so much fun. “I'm going to teach you respect for the cops! I don't care what the color of your skin is.”

She shook her head. “No way. You got that big, freaky cock out.”

“Don't lie. It makes you so wet,” I grinned. I grabbed her door handle, pulling on it. Her door opened. “Doesn't it?”

“Nope,” she said, shaking her head, her eyes locked on my dick. “I don't want nothin' to do with no tranny cop.”

“Futa-cop,” I growled, seizing her thick, woolly hair, and hauled her out.

“Hey! Watch my do, bitch!”

“Bitch?” I growled, yanking her out of the car and onto the shoulder of the highway. Traffic slowed down as they passed. “You want me to act like a I'm a bitch? Because I will, you fucking cunt.”

“You can't talk to me like that!” she hissed as I hauled her by the hair to the back of her car. I threw her down over it, ass pointed at me. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You fuckin' crazy!”

I pinned her down to the trunk of her car with my left hand, my right squeezing her ass while I rubbed my hard, throbbing futa-dick into the denim cladding the bubbly rear. I shuddered, rubbing up and down her ass, loving how it felt, how hot she was.

She wiggled and squirmed, which only made it feel better. I glanced at the traffic zooming by, loving that I could do this in public. That the dash cam on my cruiser was capturing every moment of this, memorializing it for posterity.

I loved my wish.

“What are you doing?” she groaned as I humped her and groped her ass. “Bitch, stop that.”

“Why?” I asked, my hand rubbing at the crotch of her jeans. I could feel her warmth bleeding through the denim. “You're so wet right now. Aren't you? You're getting off on the White futa-cop dominating you. You want to be my little slut, don't you? My submissive whore. That's why you're acting out like this. You want me to show you how strong I am.”

I rubbed at her cunt through her jeans, making her moan and shudder.

“Do you feel how strong I am, cunt?”

“Yes, ma'am,” she groaned.

“Officer Cindy,” I told her. “That's how you address me.” I could feel juices bleeding through. She was so excited now. “I bet you want me to fuck you with my big, White girl-dick, don't you? Just ram it into your Black pussy?”

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” she groaned. “II'm sorry for being a bitch. I don't know What is going on? Why is this turning me on?”

“Because you want to be my submissive. You want to scream out Officer Cindy, don't you, Georgia?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Good,” I purred.

I reached beneath her, fumbling at the front of the thin, red leather belt that snugged her jeans tight. It whisked as I pulled it through her belt loops, yanking it off of her. I loved how smooth it felt in my hand.

Then I unsnapped her jeans, yanking them down. She wore a red thong beneath, the strip of cloth buried between her lush, brown butt-cheeks. She had such a gorgeous ass. My dick ached as I rubbed my pale shaft across it.

Then I ripped off her thong with a hard jerk. The flimsy cloth tore. I brought it to my nose, inhaling her tart musk. She wiggled as I stepped back, savoring her pussy's scent while staring at her shaved, dripping vulva. Pink peeked out of her dark lips, so lush and inviting.

“Fuck me,” Georgia moaned, lost to the lust of the situation. “Please, Officer Cindy. I'm so sorry I was a cunt.”

“You're not sorry,” I grinned. “Not yet. First, you need to beg.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” she groaned, wiggling those hips. Her car creaked as that gorgeous, Black ass swayed. “Pound me! It was so hot when you yanked me out of the car and showed me how strong you are.”

I cracked the belt into my hand, loving the stinging sound of leather meeting my skin.

“Now beg for me to whip your ass for being such a cunt.”

She shot me a look over her shoulder, her eyes so wide. She stared at her belt in my hand. Her breath quickened. “You wouldn't?”

I arched an eyebrow.

“And you'll fuck me if I do?” she asked, sounding so petulant, so whiny.

“I will pound you so hard. You will scream as you come on my big, White futa-dick.”

She closed her eyes, her face tensing. “Officer Cindy, please whup my ass for being such a cunt to you. For not showin' you respect.”

Her words were delicious.

The belt hissed through the air, screaming louder than the traffic rushing past. My entire body shuddered, my big tits bouncing beneath my bulletproof vest, as the belt cracked across both her asscheeks.

She yelped, her back arching, her butt-cheeks clenching. A bright, red line appeared across her dark skin, her flesh puckering into a welt. My pussy dripped juices, my dick throbbing in need as I stared at the sight.

I loved welting a woman's ass and hearing her cries. It was so hot.

“Thank me and beg for another,” I groaned.

“T-thank you for whupping my ass, Officer Cindy. M-may I have another!”


She yelped louder, her body rising off the trunk. She convulsed, her thick hair swaying about her head, and then she fell back down it. Her shocks groaned and squeaked. Her ass wiggled, two red stripes crisscrossing her coffee-brown skin, such a delicious sight.

“Thank you, Officer Cindy! Another!”

I grabbed my dick with my left hand, stroking it as I drew back the belt and swung again. It hissed through the air. It smacked across her cheeks. Her screams of pain made my futa-cock throb in my left hand. I stroked it faster, pleasure rushing through me, my pussy clenching.

“Thank you, Officer Cindy!” she sobbed, her voice thick with pain and pleasure. Juices dripped down her dark thighs. “Can I have another?”

“Yes!” I moaned, jerking my dick off faster.


Her voice sang as she thanked me, her entire body spasming, the car rocking. I cracked her again and again. Every time, my pussy clenched as I savored her moans and gasps. Her ass wiggled, clenching, burning with red stripes. More and more juices flooded down her thighs as she grew wetter and wetter.

Pleasure burned down my shaft. The tip ached as I stroked it. My pussy clenched so hard, the pressure building in me. I groaned, cracking the belt so hard, so fast on her ass as I jerked my cock. My toes curled in my combat boots. My tits felt so constrained by my sports bra and bulletproof vest.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled and cracked the belt one last time, a loud, stinging slap echoing over the rushing traffic.

“Thank you, Officer Cindy!” she screamed, bucking in pain. “Another!”

I groaned, pleasure surging down my cock. And then hot, white cum erupted. The jizz arched through the air and splattered her welted ass. I groaned, swaying, as my cum splattered over her ass. It made me shiver and gasp.

My back arched as I came before all the world to see. Everyone driving by had to know I was cumming on her ass. And they didn't care. They didn't care that I was a futa-cop. To them, this was all normal.

“Yes!” I panted, my pussy flooding my panties, soaking through them into my pants. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Cum on my Black ass,” gasped Georgia, wiggling as I bathed her rear in soothing futa-jizz. “Oh, that's so nasty. I love it! Officer Cindy, that's so hot! I'm on fire.”

“Yes, you are,” I groaned, swaying. “And I bet you just want to be fucked so hard now.”

“So damned hard,” she moaned, wiggling her hips. “Please, you have to do something about my pussy. It's on fire for your big, White dick. Mmm, I didn't know trannys could be so hot.”

“I'm not a tranny,” I said. “I have a pussy. I'm a futanari. I'm a girl who has a magical dick.”

“Whatever you say, Officer Cindy,” she groaned. “Futanari sounds so much hotter than a tranny. But I just need to be fucked.”

I moved up to her, rubbing the tip of my dick into the lips of her hot pussy. I shuddered at the feel of her wet flesh caressing the sensitive crown of my shaft. I groaned, my dick aching and throbbing. Her cream coated the spongy crown of my girl-cock, mixing with my precum.

“This is what you want?” I demanded.

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” gasped Georgia. “Fuck me!”

My cock moved fast, sliding up between her welted butt-cheeks. I found her sphincter in moments and rammed my cock deep into her bowels. She gasped, my cock plunging into her asshole before she even realized what was happening.

“Officer Cindy, oh, my god,” she moaned. “You're fucking my asshole.”

“Yes,” I gasped, savoring her hot, tight bowels wrapped about my cock. I shuddered, plunging in and drawing back. “And don't tell me it's not the best thing you ever felt.”

“Even better than bein' whupped by you,” she moaned. “Jesus, this is amazin'. You're so huge, you're stretchin' out my bowels.

“And you're so tight,” I growled, pumping away so hard, loving the velvety grip on my cock. “Mmm, you are showing me so much respect!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Officer Cindy,” she howled. “I respect you! I respect you so much! Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!”

I rammed my cock into her bowels, my pussy clenching with every thrust. My crotch smacked into her welted ass, making her moan and her bowels squeeze down on my futa-dick. The friction burned even hotter, making me shudder.

Pleasure rushed through my body. I planted my hands on either side of her, the trunk warping beneath them as I fucked her hard, driving my cock mercilessly into her tight bowels. She gasped and moaned, squirming and bucking, her face twisting with pleasure.

“Fuck my ass, Officer Cindy,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck, this is so hot. The heat's meltin' my pussy. I can't believe a female cop is fuckin' my ass with a huge dick! You are hung, Officer Cindy! I love it!”

“Good,” I groaned, plowing her.

The slap of flesh and creak of her car's shocks echoed around us. Traffic blurred by, wind rushing past us. Dizzy waves of heat shot through me. My pussy clenched, the pleasure building and building inside of me as I pumped away at her tight bowels.

I shuddered, my head tossing, my short, black hair swaying about my shoulders. I groaned with every plunge into her hot bowels. The friction burned around my cock, heating it up, making me go wild with delight.

Footsteps crunched behind me. “Need help, Matheson?”

A cold chill shot through me. I buried into Georgia's asshole as I looked over my shoulder to see my patrol sergeant, Leslie László, walking up to me. But instead of any form of outrage or shock, the sturdy Hungarian just nodded to me. It was like me fucking Georgia's asshole was routine.

Because, to him, it was.

“I got it well in hand, Sarge,” I said, pulling back my hips and shivering in delight at the grip of her bowels.

“Good, good,” Sergent László nodded, folding his arms, watching through his mirrored sunglasses.

My strokes picked up the pace. It was so exciting pounding her asshole while I was being watched. It sent such a wicked shudder through me. It was so wild. I couldn't believe this was happening. But I loved it.

Georgia gasped and groaned, her bowels clenching down on my dick so hard. My orgasm built swiftly after the shock. My dick ached, the crown caressed by her velvety grip. The friction swelled the pressure growing in my ovaries, bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

“I am going to flood your ass, cunt!” I hissed. “Just like you deserver for being a bitch!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “Flood my bowels, Officer Cindy. I deserve it. Yes, I do. I fuckin' deserve it for bein' so difficult! Oh, yes!”

I slammed my cock into her bowels. My girl-dick shuddered, the pleasure zapping up it. Like lightning, it struck my ovaries. I groaned as they tightened. And then rapturous thunder growled through my body.

I came.

My cum pumped into her bowels. I buried into her depths, leaning over her as my futa-jizz flooded her asshole. She squirmed beneath me, gasping, groaning. Her bowels writhed about my dick as she bucked, joining me in rapture.

“So good!” she gasped. “A woman's cummin' in my ass with her cock!”

“Her big, White futa-cock!” I groaned, the pleasure peaking in me.

“Yes!” she howled, her car rocking as she thrashed.

I buzzed in delight as I pulled my cock out of her asshole. I grabbed her hair, yanking her to her knees. She didn't fight as I rammed my still hard, but dirty, cock into her mouth. She moaned, sucking her sour ass clean of my futa-dick.

“That's it,” I grinned as she worked her mouth, sucking and slobbering on my huge dick. It was so hot staring down at her while I wrote her ticket. “Mmm, that's what your mouth is good for. Sucking my dick, not talking back.”

My patrol sergeant chuckled at that.

The tip of my dick was so sensitive after my two orgasms. I shuddered, my pussy clenching as I wrote out the ticket. She sucked so hard, and my ovaries responded. My cum fired out of my dick in moments, filling her mouth.

She swallowed it, moaning in such delight. I groaned, my head leaning back, my nipples throbbing beneath my bulletproof vest. I sucked in breaths through my nose as the rapture burned lightning hot through me.

“Oh, yes, you little cunt,” I panted, holding out my pad and a pen. “Sign at the bottom. It is not an admission of guilt but an acknowledgment that you received your ticket.”

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” she panted, drool and cum running down her chin.

“You handled that well,” Sergeant László grinned.

It was hard not to laugh.

I loved my first day as a futa-cop. But I was in for a shock as I drove back to the station to clock out. The sun sank, the overcast skies growing darker and darker. I just pulled into the station when suddenly, like a jolt, my cock shrank.

Night had fallen and my dick vanished back into my folds, becoming a clit.

“No,” I cursed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

I slammed my hand into the steering wheel. My wondrous gift was gone. Now how could I make all those bitches understand what happened when they didn't respect me. I screamed out at the top of my lungs. I thought I had a deal with that futa-fairy.

I grabbed my phone, furiously sending her a text.

No answer.

I was snarling rage as I clocked out. I headed back to my car and drove home. My daughter, Amber, had dinner started. She was bubbly, in such a good mood, almost glowing, her black hair sweeping behind her. I frowned at my eighteen-year-old daughter.

I swear she had gotten laid today.

“Anything happen at college?” I asked.

“Just the most awesomest lesson from Ms. Marcie,” she said. “All the girls were involved.”

I grunted. “Sounds fun.”

She nodded her head. “How was work?”

“It was going great right until the end,” I sighed.

“Oh?” she asked, giving me a cute smile. “That doesn't sound good. What happened?”

I shook my head. I couldn't tell my daughter that for a few hours her mother was a futanari. That I had grown a huge, thick girl-dick and fucked two different women with them. Or that it was all thanks to a magical fairy who transported me to an icy world. “It's complicated.”

She rolled her eyes. “I hope you're not in trouble because you yelled at another woman on a traffic stop.”

“It's been years since I did that,” I said. “And that was while divorcing your father. I'm not in trouble.” Just not going to have fun tomorrow.

I tried to stay positive around my daughter, to hide it from her, but I was so depressed inside. I turned in early but couldn't sleep. I just laid on my side, my body pillow between my thighs, and stared at the window at the night sky. The moon shown through the clouds, painting them in ethereal silvers and ghostly grays.

I fell asleep at some point and woke up to the blaring of my alarm clock. I groaned, my eyes so heavy. I stumbled out of bed and to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for far longer than I needed to, trying to wake up.

My daughter was chipper. She was eager to get to college. It was so weird. She moved through the house in a shorter skirt than I had seen her wear, her blouse tighter. It must be an older one. She had that look of someone in love. I was too tired to remember with whom. I had a suspicion it was a teacher.

Coffee. I needed the sweet, black nectar of the gods. It would get me through the day. I filled a thermos my dark fuel and pulled on my gun belt, adjusting it. My handcuffs jingled. I loaded my S&W 9mm, chambered a round.

“Okay, let's go Amber.”

She gave me a bright smile. “It's a new day, Mom. Today we'll be better than tomorrow.”

I didn't see how that was possible. But I didn't argue.

I drove her to Washington College in my patrol car, the sun just starting to rise, the sky lightening. I had to clock in on my shift right afterward. I dropped her off and she hurried inside, joined by a few other girls who were all giggling and laughing. They must be her friends. They were a diverse group, an Indian girl, a Black girl, and an Asian girl.

I managed to get ten blocks from the school, driving down Ainsworth, when the sun peeked her first liquid edge over the horizon. I felt that moment. It was a shock firing through my system shooting right down to my clit.

My futa-cock sprouted.

I slammed on the breaks, pulling off to the gravel shoulder. I stared down at my blue pants, watching them tent as my clit finished her transformation into a dick. I groaned, my dick throbbing, trapped in the tight confines of my panties and pants, begging to be freed.

“You're back!” I shouted out, elation surging through me. The black morose was banished by the shining, aching passion of my futa-dick. My hands shot to my zipper, ripping it down with a metallic whisk.

My girl-cock popped out, smacking into the steering wheel. I shuddered, grabbing my shaft. I moaned in pure delight, stroking up and down it. When my hand reached the spongy crown, pleasure shivered down my shaft.

I squirmed on my seat. My engine revved as bumped the gas pedal with my foot. I burst out laughing, a giddy, joyous sound echoing through my car. It was back. I was a futanari again. I could fuck all those stuck up, bitchy speeders who whined about being pulled over. All those women who thought that they could be disrespectful to me because I was a female cop.

Oh, they would learn.

My thumb ran around the spongy crown of my dick, the pleasure shooting through my body. My eyes fluttered at the pure delight shooting down to my wet pussy. My cunt clenched, the heat burning so hot and wet through me.

I had to get to work, clock in, and then get out on patrol. I had to get laid and—

A sporty, red car zoomed by me on Ainsworth. It was an arterial street through a residential area. Speed limit 30 MPH. This car was going far faster, pushing up to 60 MPH easy. I threw my car into drive, punched the sirens on, and hit the gas.

I flipped a bitch, gravel spraying as I turned around and drove after the speeders. They had been forced to slow down by traffic in front of them. I caught up fast, getting right on their asses. I could see through the rear window two girls throwing worried looks over their shoulders, both with round, cherub-like faces.

My dick ached.

I picked up my radio. “10Oscar11,” I radioed in. “Show me 10-37 on 11800 block of Ainsworth.”

“Roger, 10Oscar11. And I'll have you 10-41.” 10-41 meant starting my tour for the day. “You're bright and early.”

“Speeder doing 60 on the way to my daughter's school,” I answered and then hung up the radio.

I punched in the car, it was registered to a Dan Turner, probably the girl's father. She looked eighteen when she looked back at me, her face pale with fright. They both were dark-haired and might be sisters. And both with such angelic faces.

I climbed out of the car, adjusting my belt, loving having my cock out. Traffic past by in the dawn light, students heading to Washington College and residence heading to work. My boots crunched on the gravel. The driver window rolled down.

The cherub faced girl looked up at me, tears rolling down her cheeks, her eyes a vivid blue. “I'm so sorry, Officer. My sister and I were late for school and” Her eyes widened. “You're a futa!”

I blinked. “What, you recognize me?”

“Well, yeah,” she said, staring at my cock with such hunger in her eyes. “We're big fans of Kimmie.”

I frowned at her. “Who?”

“The futa-cheerleader.”

“The game was so awesome last Friday,” her sister said. She had hazel eyes and the cutest dimple when she smiled, accentuating the cherub-like features of her face. “Erin and I had a blast.”

“We fingered each other's pussies at the game while watching. Didn't we, Michelle?”

Michelle nodded, leaning into the Erin, the driver. “And then there's Ms. Marcie. She started fucking her students yesterday with her futa-dick.”

“I wish we were her students.”

Ms. Marcie. My daughter had her for a teacher. Was she?

I gasped as Erin grabbed my dick, stroking it. Pleasure ran through my cock. Then she leaned out, taking a long lick around the tip, gathering the salty precum. I blinked in utter shock. This wasn't how this was supposed to go. She was taking charge.

I was in charge. Not this eighteen-year-old bitch who thought she could speed and then get out of her punishment by giving me a blowjob.

“Oh, suck her cock,” Michelle purred, pressing into her sister's back. “I wish I could reach. We're twins, and we love doing everything together.” She giggled. “Especially sex. It's our newest activity. We love having sex with each other. That game last week was so wild.”

I grit my teeth and ripped my cock from Erin's mouth. The eighteen-year-old blinked her eyes, shaking her head in confusion. She glanced at her sister then back at me. “What's wrong, ma'am?”

“Officer Cindy,” I growled. “And get your skank asses out of my car. Both of you.” I had never fucked twins before, even if they weren't identical. “Now!”

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” both girls squeaked. They piled out of the cars, their short skirts swirling about their thighs. Michelle hurried around the car to join her twin, grasping Erin's hand. They both had round breasts shown off by their low-cut tops, the material stretchy, clinging to their barely legal tits.

“Strip! Now!” I growled. “Let me see those naughty bodies. Then you'll be punished.”

“Punished?” squeaked Erin.

“What did I do?” Michelle gasped. “She was driving.”

“And I bet you were encouraging her,” I said, and she flushed. “Strip!”

“Yes, Officer Cindy!”

Hearing the twin sisters say that made me so hard. My dick throbbed and my pussy dripped juices. Their hands both yanked off their tops, their breasts bouncing out naked with all the perkiness of youth. They were round, delicious breasts, Erin's nipples soft-pink while Michelle's were a darker, duskier hue. They both hardened in the morning air, tits jiggling as they wiggled out of their skirts. They threw their clothing into the car before peeling down their panties.

“Everyone will see us,” moaned Erin as she tried to cover her pussy and breasts with her arms. A pink nipple kept peeking out around the crook of her elbow.

“Everyone at school will know,” her twin complained.

“Yes, they will,” I grinned at them, stroking my cock. “Mmm, you two are just scrumptious. And stop trying to hide your body. Let me see.”

Erin swallowed and Michelle shivered. They moved their hands away, revealing their pussies. Erin's had a neat, trimmed black bush while her twin sister was utterly bald, her pussy lips engorged with excitement. Dew glistened around both their cunts, their hips wiggling as their excitement grew, hot eyes on my dick.

“Mmm, that's perfect.” I said. “Stand right there. I need to get something from my car.”

I rushed back to my vehicle, the idea that had just flashed through my mind so intoxicating. The pair were so sweet. And twins! This was such a delicious opportunity. I opened my trunk and grabbed my spare handcuffs. Then I hurried back.

“Now face each other,” I said. “Press those tits tight. Mmm, you two are so sexy. A pair of twin sisters who have been naughty.”

Erin and Michell faced each other, their nipples kissing as they moved close together. Color blossomed across their cherub cheeks. They smiled, dimples flashing as they wiggled, enjoying the incestuous contact of each other's flesh.

They were such a pair of horny sluts.

My dick ached as I snapped my handcuffs on Erin's right wrist and the other end on Michell's left, the metal ratcheting in place. Both girls gasped, the chain jiggling as they stared at me in shock. I grabbed my other pair off my belt and turned the girls, gravel crunching as they shifted.

“Officer Cindy?” asked Erin in a breathy voice. “What are you doing?”

“Restraining my prisoners,” I said and slapped the other cuff on her left wrist and Michelle's right, the metal clinking tight. “There, now I have to search you.” I licked my lips. “A deep and thorough cavity search.”

I seized them both by their necks, maneuvering them to the hood of their car. I turned them so Michelle was closest to me, Erin's ass against her car. Then I pushed forward. She sat down on the hood and stretched out, the handcuffs pulling Michell on top of her. The two girls wiggled, their bodies writhing together, their pussies rubbing and kissing as Erin let out a wanton moan.

“Oh, Michelle, I can feel your clit,” she groaned.

Michelle wiggled her ass, grinding her clit into her twin's bush. Both their pussies faced me as I knelt between them. I drew my nightstick as I nuzzled done their thighs, smelling the combined musk of their pussies perfuming the morning air: sweet and tangy.

It was such a delicious sight. Erin's black-furred muff led staring up to Michelle's bald twat. The twins writhed more, humping their clits together as I leaned in and nuzzled into Erin's cunt. Her pubic hair tickled my face and cheeks as I licked through her hot folds, gathering her sweet musk.

“Officer Cindy!” she squealed as my tongue dragged through her pussy and flicked her clit grinding on her sister's.

Then I caressed Michelle's, making her groan and gasp, her ass clenching. My tongue continued upward through her tangy pussy, loving the smooth feel of her shaved snatch on my lips and cheeks. My tongue probed into her depths, swirling around, savoring how juicy she was.

“Mmm, yes, you are a pair of naughty bitches,” I groaned. “Just so bad and wicked.”

“So bad,” Michelle panted, still grinding on her sister's cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Erin. “Oh, Michelle This is so hot.”

Handcuffs rattled as the twins moaned and gasped. I brought my nightstick to Erin's pussy, grinning as I prodded the metal end against her snatch, stroking her lips half-hidden by her black curls. Then I shoved it in.

She gasped.

Her pussy engulfed my nightstick. I fucked it in and out of her cunt while I tongued Michelle's tangy flesh. Both twins moaned and gasped, the hood of their car groaning and the shocks squeaking as they writhed together.

“Oh, my god, that's so cold!” squealed Erin. “Shit!”

“What?” gasped Michelle, her voice throaty as I fucked my tongue in and out of her hot cunt.

“She's fucking me with something metal. It's her nightstick, I think. Oh, Officer Cindy! Oh, wow!”

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck her with it,” moaned Michelle. “She's such a naughty slut.”

“So are you!” gasped Erin.

She was right. So I ripped my nightstick out, the end coated in barely legal pussy cream, and rammed it into her twin sister's snatch. Michelle bucked harder atop her sister as I pumped it in and out of her pussy, my tongue sliding down to lick at Erin's sweet snatch.

My tongue lapped through her folds, juices coating my chin, a mix of both sisters. I could taste Michelle's tangy flavor lingering on my tongue as I lapped and licked up Erin's sweet juices. It was so naughty. It made me shudder, my dick aching so badly.

I would have so much fun fucking the twins.

My tongue worked down lower, licking at Erin's butthole. I could just get to the sour, puckered opening, rimming it while I fucked the nightstick out of her sister's cunt. Michelle gasped and moaned while Erin shuddered, her butt-cheeks clenching on my face.

“She's licking my ass! Oh, Officer Cindy! That's so nasty!”

“You're so nasty,” I hissed at Erin before taking another sweet lick.

Then I ripped the nightstick out of Michelle's pussy and rammed it into Erin's depths. She bucked hard, humping up into her sister, grinding their clits together. I licked my lips, watching them writhe as her cunt swallowed my nightstick. Pussy juices dribbled from Michelle's shaved flesh to mat down her sister's dark bush.

I buried my face into Michelle's pussy, licking through her tangy folds, loving her. My cunt was on fire. Juices flooded out of me. My futa-dick begged to fuck them as their gasps and moans sang out for everyone passing on Ainsworth to hear.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my naughty pussy, Officer Cindy,” Michelle moaned. Then she gasped. “And my asshole.”

She had the same sour flavor as her twin sister. That delicious, dirty taste that I loved. I pushed my tongue against her sphincter, wiggling into her bowels. I loved how that made her moan and gasp, humping harder and harder against her twin sister.

Their moans were both so throaty. They kissed each other. Sloppy kisses that sounded full of tongue. The twin sisters loved each other, grinding their clits together. Michelle's asshole clenched on my tongue.

Then Erin moaned so loud. “I'm cumming, Officer Cindy! Holy shit! Yes!”

My dick was so envious of my nightstick. I ripped it out of the cumming slut's pussy and rammed it into Michelle's cunt. I fucked it in and out so hard, so fast while I kept tonguing her asshole, driving her wild.

“Officer Cindy!” she squealed. “Oh, my god, something's happening.”

“Cum!” squealed her twin sister. “It's so awesome!”

“Yes!” gasped Michelle.

She bucked into my nightstick's thrusts, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face while I rimmed her sour asshole. I shuddered, my lusts boiling through me. I jammed my baton deep into Michelle's cunt as she thrashed atop her sister.

And then ripped it out.

I rose, loving the cream smeared on my black nightstick. Streaks of foamy white ran down half of it, lubing it. I grinned, bringing the baton to Erin's asshole. I pressed against the puckered opening. She let out a moan of shock.

“Holy shit!” she screamed as the night stick rammed into her bowels.

A moment later, I rammed my futa-cock into Erin's cunt.

I shuddered as her hot, tight pussy gripped my dick. I sank into my first barely legal cunt. My futa-dick drank in the sensations. I shuddered at the hot friction around me. My eyes rolled back into my head as I drew back my hips and then drove my cock back into her pussy, loving the way she caressed me.

“Oh, yes, that's good,” I panted. “Mmm, you have such a hot, tight cunt, bitch!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Officer Cindy!” gasped Erin. “Oh, my god, your girl-dick feels amazing in me!”

“Fuck her!” gasped Michelle, her cute ass wiggling before me. “Pound her!”

“Yes!” I groaned, pumping away hard, fast, loving the friction. My dick ached and throbbed.
And then I ripped my cock out of her cunt. While Erin moaned her disappointment, I rammed it into her twin sister's tight snatch. I slid so deep into Michelle, pleasure rushing through me. A dizzy rush surged through me while my ovaries boiled with the need to cum.

I pumped away at her pussy. She wasn't as tight as her sister. It was still an amazing feel, but she didn't have a nightstick shoved up her ass. I gripped Michelle's butt-cheeks, fingers digging into her ass as I enjoyed fucking her cunt hard, fast.

“Yes!” Michelle gasped. “Your futa-dick's amazing.”

“Oh, god, I miss it already,” whined her sister.

I changed pussies. I buried into Erin's fucking her cunt hard, enjoying how tight the nightstick in her bowels made her silky pussy. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me, building the orgasm in the depths of my cunt.

Then I switched back to her twin sister. I fucked my dick into Michelle's pussy, making her squirm and groan, her naked back flexing as she gasped. They ground their clits together, humping each other as I fucked back and forth between their cunts.

I savored both twins' pussies on my dick. The hot, wet glide. The silky friction. The incestuous thrill of fucking them both. I mixed their pussies juices together as I plunged back and forth between them, loving the differences, savoring my power over them.

“Take your punishment, you fucking sluts!” I howled, my hips pumping away as I switched back and forth between their delicious snatches.

“Yes, yes, yes!” they both moaned, gasping, moaning, thrashing in pleasure. “Officer Cindy!”

I loved their moans as much as the traffic watching us. My fingers squeezed hard on Michelle's ass as my orgasm built and built in my ovaries. My pussy clenched, eager for that explosion of rapture to shoot through me.

I rammed into Erin's pussy, my legs nudging the nightstick, stirring it through her ass.

“Officer Cindy,” she squealed and her cunt went wild about my dick.

I grit my teeth, my futa-cock wanting to unload in her tight, spasming depths. Her pussy sucked at my cock. I shuddered, forcing myself to rip my dick out of her convulsing hole and move it upward.

But not to Michelle's cunt.

“Officer Cindy!” she squealed as I rammed my cock into her asshole.

I shuddered at her tight bowels wrapped about my huge girl-dick. I plunged into her velvety depths. My crotch slapped into her ass as I pounded her. She bucked hard, her asshole clenching on my dick as she writhed atop her twin sister.

Erin still moaned, her orgasm peaking through her while I sodomized her sister. I rammed my cock so hard, so deep into Michelle's bowels. I savored the hot friction burning about my dick. My orgasm was so close. On the verge of exploding through me.

“Yes!” squealed Michelle. “Oh, my god, you're so awesome, Officer Cindy!”

Her bowels writhed about my dick, milking my cock as she came. I grit my teeth, my pussy spasming. My cum about to erupt from my cock. I yanked my dick out of her asshole just in time for my jizz to fire.

And splash across both their pussies.

I coated the twin sisters' cunts. White, pearly spunk splashed across Michelle's bare pussy and matted down Erin's black curls. I shuddered with each blast, pleasure rippling out of my pussy and firing out of my futa-dick.

The dual delights swirled through my mind. I loved being a futa-cop. It was so damned amazing. I shuddered, the final blasts of my cum pulsing out of me, splattering the twins cunts. They both moaned, writhing and kissing each other, their handcuffs rattling as they struggled to move their arms.

I swayed and grinned as my orgasm peaked. Such delight flowed out of me. It made me feel so amazing. So powerful.

I uncuffed the sluts. They dressed, pulling on their panties over their cum-covered pussies. I wrote a ticket for fifteen over the speed limit to Erin and sent them off to school with huge smiles on their cherub faces.

I headed back to my patrol car, frowning. They mentioned a teacher, Ms. Marcie, being a futa. And my daughter was so bubbling about My eyes widened. Had this futa-teacher fucked my fourteen-year-old daughter? Had she popped my daughter's cherry?

Jealous anger surged through me.

And then a sea-green sedan raced past me, speeding on Ainsworth. I caught a glimpse of a dark woman driving.

I flipped on my sirens and chased after. Another bitch needed to learn her place. I loved being a futa-cop.

To be continued

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