Sloppy seconds_(10)

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I finally have my sloppy seconds, so I have Toni sit on my face tell her to push out that come while I eat her out. She is so fill my face neck and chest are covered with all the dripping ,I could not believe all the come she still had stored in that pussy but then again she did get at least 4 loads in there . She is wiggling all over my face as I suck on her clit and lick out her pussy till she explodes and squirts me , now I am totally soaked and so is the bed ,she slides down onto my hard cock and rides it slowly she says she is so sensitive down there . We start to kiss and she is licking and cleaning my face and body with her tongue. She is moving so slowly basically grinding on my hard cock, I can feel her pussy muscles massaging my shaft as she moves and flexes her pussy around me now she starts to ride me with a vengeance, hard, deep, and fast moaning and screaming then finally she comes as I am about to explode she jumps of and swallows my cock and continues to suck until she drinks and swallows my whole load, now it just doesn’t get better that that!

We lay there spent just basking in the afterglow , she asks if she can see the recording I look at her and see the state she is in and laugh she is all covered in sticky dried come ,her face, neck, tits, chest it was just amazing ,I loved it .She started to laugh too.

I set up the video for us to watch , I ask do you want pop corn she laughs says you ass ole start the movie when I get out of the shower .Toni is all smelling nice and fresh now retouched her makeup and all ,she put on a sexy teddy and started to relax on the bed so I start the video ,as you know I had tied her across the bed and bind folded her eyes I am using her toys and licking her cunt then I am slapping my cock on her clit and dipping ever so slightly into her pussy ,she says wow I did not realize I was that wet it’s so loud and laughs then she sees my new friend enter through the lanai door and is amazed he is a black guy almost half her age and she says he is a kid where and how did you find him ? She makes me stop the movie and tell her the story about me losing my phone and how he though she was so sexy and wanted to fuck her she was old enough to be his mother! She cornered me so I had to tell her I had some naked and semi naked pictures on the phone and he had seen them when he went through my phone , explained that I had pictures of her bending over cleaning the fire place without panties and some pictures of her tied up in sexy outfits blind folded . Although she was not pissed she said she wanted to see them I told her they were not on my phone anymore I sent them to my email and would show her later. I explained that this whole process took several weeks when he first came over and another month and a half before today, then she said what do you mean first ? I said we have another video form when the kids went away for the holidays to see too and she laughed.

I started the video over and she watches in amazement as he pulls his cock out and offers it to her when I tell her she has a new toy to suck then she cracks up when she realized that there was someone else there in the video it’s not just a toy and watches as she really gets into it ,she loves the come baths and the spit roast scenes ,she is wooing and hollering when she squirts by that time she is sucking my dick really going to town and out of nowhere I explode in her mouth ,on her face and tits she says so much for that shower and tries to scoop up and lick as much as she can. I am still hard so she climbs on top and starts to ride me reverse cowboy so she can watch the rest of our video she is rubbing her sensitive clit and now she is the one coming and squirting all over , we flip over and I pull her legs up high and fuck her hard and deep then I pull out and slap her clit a few times and she is coming again she is so wet when I go to slide in again I end up in her ass we have had anal sex before but usually we need lube and foreplay before hand ,but it slid about half way in I stopped and let her get used to it she was so hot that before I knew it she was grinding to get more of my cock in her ass and telling me to fuck my come whore ,get my sloppy seconds ,fuck my used up ass ,deeper ,harder I want to feel your warm seed in my bowels fuck me master ,I am all yours to do what you want with. I am in all my glory and I come for my little hot horny housewife. I pull out of her ass and she is still horny wanting more and she licks my cock clean so I go down on her as she is grinding and shaking on my face and get my reward as Toni squirts right into my mouth. We rest and finish the video both of us pretty content and relaxing when she says you might as well get your phone and take some more pictures for your collection not one to argue I start snapping away pictures of her open ass dripping pussy sticky come covered face and body, we had such a great time I can’t remember how many time I came and I know Toni came many more so we were spent for the rest of the day.

I do not know why but I have always enjoyed showing off and sharing my wife it turns me on to see other guys hot for her and the things they will do to her. When we were younger I would send her out to the clubs alone and watch as she picked up guys, sometimes I would get to watch as she gave a blow job in the parking lot or got fucked in the back seat the guys never knew I was there .Then she would bring me that come filled pussy and I would go crazy sliding into that wet swollen freshly fucked cunt, I loved it. We have done the threesomes with another guy and threesome with another girl several foursomes and one orgy but that for another story, we had to change up when my Daughter showed up with our granddaughter about 7 years ago so it was nice to explore again have fun and see Toni squirt so much . WE watched the first video from the holidays and Toni was mesmerized she really had no idea that it was another guy not me that day ,she said I must have spent a lot of time explaining what we do together and how she liked things and I was a good teacher and he was an excellent student . Toni said till she met me she never had a guy dip his cock slightly in get it wet and slap her clit she said she never seen it on porn videos or heard her girlfriends talk about it so it was something that I did that was unique that’s why she did not catch on he is about the same size as I am and used the same moves even the oral was similar so she did not know but she had a great time she remembered because I came so many times that day she thought it was because we were alone for the first time in a long, long time .

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