The Medallion - Chapter 7

Monday Evening - Part 1

Jack Winters sat in his car outside of his sister's house. She wasn't home from work yet, but he knew Emily and the other two girls were already there. He pulled the medallion from beneath his shirt and gave it a good hard look, thinking about what David had told him earlier.

"I don't know if you're really changing me, but if you are, I need you to not mess with my head tonight", he said to the jade stone. With a sigh, he opened the door and headed toward the house.

Emily answered the door when he knocked, her golden blonde curls bouncing as she threw her arms around him and kissed him hard, her tongue sliding between his lips. He kissed her back as he entered the house, shutting the door behind him.

He slowly pulled back from her and took a breath. "Now, where are these friends of yours", Jack asked as he looked into her beautiful eyes. "Come on", Emily said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room.

Laying on the floor, watching television, were two beautiful brunettes. "Mia, Maya, this is my sexy uncle Jack. Uncle Jack, this Mia and her twin sister, Maya", Emily said as the girls stood.

They both had wavy, dark brown hair that hung halfway down their backs; beautiful blue eyes; full, luscious lips; and large tits that could only come from being eighteen.

"Hi", Mia said, her eyes drawn to Jack's groin. Maya stood back a little, obviously the shy one. "Emily didn't tell me she had such sexy friends", Jack said as he walked closer to the girls. He reached down and grabbed Mia's ass, squeezing firmly. "Hey", she said, but he put a finger to her lips.

"We are all going to have a good time tonight, but first we need to establish some rules", Jack said. "Firstly, you girls will do whatever I say. You long to please me and submit yourselves to me, so you wouldn't dream of resisting me, niv matter what I tell you to do." He looked around with satisfaction as all three girls nodded.

"Secondly, there will be no clothes allowed for you three tonight", Jack said as he sat on the couch. His cock quickly grew stiff as three sexy teen girls stripped naked in front of him. And that was when he discovered the only way to tell the twins apart. Mia's pussy was completely clean shaven, while Maya kept a trimmed landing strip above her slit.

"Very good", Jack said. "Now, Mia, since you seem so eager, I want you to come sit on my lap. Maya, you can get on your knees and play with my dick. And Emily, I want you to find an adult movie from your mother's collection that you think I would like. And while you're at it, bring out some of her toys."

Three sets of eyes flashed green and then each girl began to obey. Mia straddled his lap and began kissing him, his hands wandering over her slender body. Maya freed his shaft and immediately began licking and stroking it, just inches from her twin sister's pussy.

It didn't take long for Emily to follow Jack's commands and soon a movie featuring two girls getting gang banged was playing on the tv. Jack patted the couch beside him and Emily happily sat down. Jack pulled back from Mia and kissed his niece passionately.

Within moments, Jack could feel Mia grinding against his cock, her juices coating his shaft and her sister's hand. "Maya, guide my cock into your sister's cunt", Jack said with a grin. "And you two", he said to Emily and Mia, "you should be kissing already."

The girls' mouths met with passion as they began to make out. And, seconds later, Jack could feel the warmth of Mia's tight cunt envelop his cock. She moaned loudly as she sank down on his cock, taking it to the hilt. "Fuck, you're so big. I've never had anything this big inside me", she moaned, temporarily breaking her kiss with Emily.

Emily took the opportunity to take Mia's left breast in her mouth as Mia began to bounce on Jack's dick. He groaned and then looked down. "Maya, have you and your sister ever done anything sexual together", he asked and she shook her head. "Well, that's going to change today. Keep licking my shaft and make sure you lick her clit too."

Maya nodded and began attacking his shaft with her tongue. Mia couldn't handle how much pleasure she was receiving. Between Jack's dick in her cunt, her sister's tongue on her clit, and Emily's mouth sucking on her breast, it caused her brain to overload. With a scream, she orgasmed, squirting juice all over Maya's face.

For someone who had never done anything with her sister, Maya seemed lost in ecstasy. She furiously licked Jack's dick and Mia's slit, collecting every drop of nectar and swallowing it. Mia couldn't even move from the power of the orgasm that had just washed over her.

Jack lifted her off of his dick and set her beside him. "Maya, your sister made a mess in her hot little cunt. Clean it up with your tongue", he told the girl and she immediately drove into her twin's snatch. Maya shoved her tongue deep inside Mia's pussy, licking and sucking as if it were her last meal.

Jack turned to Emily, placing a hand on the back of her head. "She made a mess all over my dick too. And it's been too long since I felt your throat on my shaft." Emily didn't even give him a chance to push her down. She inhaled his dick, taking it down to the base.

She bobbed her head up and down, not even gagging as she massaged him with her throat muscles and licked his shaft with her tongue. Her hand moved to his balls, massaging them as she deep throated his dick. Jack loved how his niece's mouth felt and he knew it wouldn't be long before he had his first orgasm of the night.

Sure enough, within moments, he grabbed the back of Emily's head and shoved her all the way down, holding her against his groin as he flooded her mouth with semen. She had no choice but to swallow as he dumped spurt after spurt into her belly. Beside them, Mia was having her second orgasm, courtesy of Maya's tongue.

As the orgasms highs faded, Jack stood up. "Alright girls, here's what's going to happen next. Mia and Emily, I want you to on your backs on the floor laying with your heads touching. Maya, I want you to straddle Emily's face and make out with your sister. Let her taste her cunt juices on your lips."

As the girls got into position and began enjoying each other's bodies, the smell of pussy juice began to fill the room. Jack took the opportunity to look over the toys that Emily had gotten from her mom's room. It only took him a second to find one he wanted to use.

He warned up the small, ribbed phallus and then slid it into his niece's tight cunt. She moaned as she continued eating Maya's pussy. Soon the toy was soaking wet and he pulled it out, her pussy letting it go with a pop. He moved downward to her tight, virgin asshole. He pressed the dildo against her sphincter and applied pressure until the head of it slid inside her.

She cried out just as Maya's orgasm hit her, flooding Emily's open mouth with her cum. Emily drank it in as Jack continued pushing the toy into her asshole. He wanted it stretched out enough that he could fuck it tonight.

Once the base of the toy was resting against Emily's anus, he straddled her face, his balls hanging directly over her mouth. She took the opportunity to lick and suck on them as he spread Maya's asscheeks. He rubbed his rock hard dick against the girl's slick slit and began to press inside.

The girl was as tight as a virgin, so it took him several thrusts to bury himself inside her. "Emily, Mia, why don't you two eat each other's pussies. I'm going to enjoy Maya for awhile", he said as he started thrusting into her tight snatch.

Emily and Mia quickly assumed a sixty-nine position and Jack could hear them both moaning into each other's cunts. Maya, on the other hand, was screaming in pleasure as Jack drilled his hard cock deep inside her again and again. His balls slapped against her sopping wet clit as he pounded her hard.

Jack could feel her pussy getting tighter, constantly contracting around his dick as she was hit by orgasm after orgasm. When she began squirting, it pushed him over the edge. He thrust deep, piercing into her cervix, and exploded. He filled her womb with cum until it overflowed, leaking out around his shaft.

He pulled out and grabbed her hair, pulling her head toward him. Without giving her time to react, Jack slid his dick down Maya's throat. She enthusiastically began to lick and suck their combined juices from his shaft.

Jack slowly pulled out of her mouth and turned toward the other two girls. "I want all three of you on the couch, with your asses facing toward me", he said and the girls rushed to obey. He walked up behind his niece and rubbed his dick against her slippery pussy.

Just as he was about to shove his cock inside her, he heard a car door close outside. He walked over to the window and saw that his sister was home from work and walking toward the front door. "Well, well, now the fun can really begin", he said as the door handle started to turn.

To be continued

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