Hunting the hunters Ch 2

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Dale grabbed the tits of the vampiress tied to the bed under him, tickling her nipples while she was still raging about having been marked.

"I will disembowel you, fucking pig!" She yelled, furious.

"Yes yes, of course", answered him, fondling her tits. "Looks like you didn't lie about not feeling anything." He noticed, not seeing any hardening in her nipples.

"How you dare!" She growled, while he moved down inspecting her pussy "I'm Lady Mary Reddington! I have killed more men than you have ever met! How did you dare to fire brand me like cattle?!"

"Trust me, Lady Mary Reddington" he answered, with a laughter. "I didn't even start. With a monster like you, I can do literally anything and still not feel guilty. However, I was wondering if your clitoris was numb like your nipples".

The dampyre started tickling her clit, massaging and caressing (not a simple feat considering how hard she was bucking), but after a couple of minutes nothing changed at all.

Suddenly, he raised a hand and spanked her on the pussy: this time, he was satisfied to hear a brief gasp.

"Oh, so it is still very sensible to pain, isn't it?" He said, lifting his head to look Mary in the eyes.

The vampire didn't answer, staring at him with incredible rage.

Without a warning, he grabbed her clit and pinched it hard between his fingers, and he could see her clearly clenching her teeth in pain trying to hide it.

Dale burst to laughter, moving back to ride her, pinning her down with his weight and putting his cock between her tits. "I think I will really enjoy this night. I may really keep you around, you know? You have got centuries of murders to pay, after all."

She kept staring him with hate while he pushed her tits together and started to fuck her bosom. It felt a little cold, but it was amazing nonetheless: her pale tits were not huge, but they were just large enough to wrap nicely around his shaft.

Dale began to pump, his cock sliding between her supple breasts and poking through on the other side, clearly visible to Mary, who kept silent and didn't react to the titfuck.

"Not bad." He mumbled, fondling her tits. "Not bad at al-"

Suddenly, in the middle of a thrust, the vampire's head snapped toward his cock, fangs bared; Dale reacted quickly, retracting just an instant before her jaws snapped shut on his shaft.

"Nice try!" He congratulated, while she gritted her teeth in rage. "I totally did see it coming, but nice try nonetheless. Obviously my penis would grow back eventually, and my blood in your mouth wouldn't be good for you, but that's the right spirit. I cannot, however, allow it to happen again."

"You are not man enough to handle me even while I lay spread eagle, tied to a bed. You are so pathetic you need to gag me too." She hissed.

"Actually, I've got a way better idea." He said, grabbing a small bag and pull out a set of needles, rings and pliers. "Did you know that I worked in a tattoo studio?"

"What-?" she asked, eyes widening with shock and outrage.

"Here is the plan." he explained smugly. "I'll attach two rings, here and here." said pinching her nipple one after the other to emphasize his words.

"Then" Dale added, "I'll link a little chain to the right ring, making it pass through the right one. Doing this I'll be able to keep your head down with one hand, and press your tits together just pulling the free extremity of the chain toward me. Ingenuous, right?"

To his surprise, the vampiress burst in tears. "Yes, go on! Torture me! I am an horrible person, right? After all I just grew up in an uncaring family that kept me locked in my room to avoid me talking to boys." She cried. "I got turned by a vampire that ambushed me on my balcony. He was the first man I met outside my family and he killed me!"

Dale face was dumbfounded, while she went on telling her story.

"I was almost killed by sunrise, and I didn't have the chance to see the sun since that day! Do you have any idea about how I feel? It is like being locked in the darkness of my room for centuries! I didn't ask for this! I killed my handmaid, my only friend to avoid starvation. She she begged me to stop, but my hunger forced me to do it!"

"I- I had no idea." Muttered the dampyre.

"I have never had the chance to make love with a man! I was eighteen when that bastard turned me in the monster I am. I- I couldn't feel the heat of the sunlight! I couldn't feel the heat of a lover! The only food I could eat was blood." She continued, weeping. "Can you imagine a life without any kind of pleasure beside hurting other people to drink their blood? Can you imagine centuries of this? You say I am a monster: you are right, I am. But what about you?" She asked, staring him with tears filled blue eyes. "You want to kill me, and I can understand it. You will be making a favour to the world, but why torture me? You are a monster, just like me but, unlike me, you have no excuses."

Dale's face was now full of shame. "Poor little thing." he said, wiping the tears from her face.

"If only I knew it before. I- I did my research, you know?" said the hunter, smiling paternally "You know the killings started two years before your eighteenth birthday? They found flayed bodies around your mansion, but your rich parents turned their head away, letting their spoiled psychopatic brat to go on killing servitude. On the same night you turned you slaughtered everyone in your mansion. I'm so sorry about your handmaid: they found her walking in the heath with her eyes gauged and her tongue ripped off by you. Luckily, she could write, and left written evidence of all the horrors she had to see in that mansion. Once again, however, nice try." He complimented, retracting his hand just before she could bite a finger off. "If I didn't know the true story I would certainly fell for it.

The sorrow on her face was gone in an instant, showing only rage. "I swear I'll kill you. I'll make you suffer!" She hissed.

"You know, that's what I love about you." He kept telling while he gripped her right nipple with the clamps. "If you were a total lunatic, completely mad I would have just killed you. It would have been an act of mercy, for you as well as for the rest of the world. But you are different: you are completely lucid in what you do. You think, you lie, you decieve" he stopped for just a second, enjoying her gritting her teeth while the needle pierced her sensitive skin. " you are not mad; you don't act casually, you don't even rush your killings for some kind of addiction. You, girl, are just plain evil."

"And you are just -aaaah!" Mary howled mid sentence, while he inserted the first ring.

"Oh, did I mention they are made of silver alloy?" Dale said smugly. "Not pure silver, of course: that would burn through your nipple, defying the purpose. Twenty percent, just more than enough to make it noticeable."

"Take it off! Take it off, you bastard!" she growled, trying to squirm away from under his weight.

"Are you begging me?" he asked, clamping the second nipple.

Her answer was a spit in his face.

"I suspected so." he laughed it off, shoving the needle in her breast and inserting the second ring.

This time she was prepared, and she just let out a muffled wail.

"Here we are" he concluded linking the chain to one ring and making it pass through the other.

Without a second thought, Dale grabbed the vampire's throat with an hand, holding her down, and shoved his cock between her tits.

"Here we are", said the hunter, pulling the chain upward with his free hand, squishing her boobs around his member.

"I told you it would have worked." he added, enjoying the outraged scream of pain while he mounted her chest, yanking the chain until her nipples touched.

Her flesh wasn't warm, but it wasn't cold, either: it was just fresh, pleasant.

Dale went on for a while, savoring both the sensation of her tits on his shaft and her piercing gaze.

"I could really get used to it." He murmured, his staring in her flashing eyes "After all this years spent inflicting pain, it would be nice if you gave pleasure for some time. Speaking of pleasure." Concluded the vampire hunter, releasing the grip on her neck and starting cumming.

Thick ropes of sperm splattered on her chest and face, the white ooze mingling with he pale skin.

"Wow," Dale sighed, releasing the chain and cleaning his cock on her aching breasts. "I didn't notice you were of the same color of cum. Awesome."

Mary was astonished: the cross below her navel burned like hell, and the silver rings were continuously biting her nipples, but her humiliation was the worst thing. In her long life, neither before nor after her rebirth, she had never been treated nearly as bed as this. Her rage was immense: her nails were securely dug in her palms, and her eyes were like flaming coals burning with hate.

She couldn't even find suitable words: she could only wait for the right occasion to get free and make him pay.

Mary closed her eyes, her mind flying away, thinking about how she would have tortured him. His punishment would have been something legendary: she would have recorded it for everyone to see-.

A bucket of cold water splashed her upper body, cleaning it from the seed.

"Oh, sorry." Dale laughed. "Did I interrupt your thoughts?"

A wave of despair hit the vampiress when she noticed he was still hard. How could he?

"Oh, yeah." Said the hunter, noticing her gaze. "I don't usually need the blue pill, but this time is special. You know, so much to fuck, so little time"


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