Cousins – Are We In Too Deep? (Part Three)

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Saturday morning rolled around and I awoke with a start from a dream I’d been having, a dream that I did not want to come true in any way, shape or form. My brain had decided to dwell on the negative aspects of our cousin loving situation and it was more of a nightmare to be honest. Our families had found out about our sexual escapades and had disowned us completely. We were told that we were never to speak to or show our face around any of our relatives ever again.

Not sure about most folks, but where Dani and I come from, family is number one, before religion, before country. Being cut off from our entire family would have been a fate that was incredibly traumatic for Danielle and me so, this added a new wrinkle to the already complex dilemma that was burning a hole in my brain, working overtime. However, in the true spirit of a man who loves to fuck, I decided to table all of that until we could rationally discuss it. Now was not the time for rationalization, no, it was time for me to return to fucking my Dani.

Danielle had turned slightly away from me during the night and her shapely ass was right next to my left hip. I pivoted from my back and slid up behind her, big spoon like, and started to slide my ever-hardening dick up and down in her ass crack. She stirred slightly and I grabbed her hips and ground myself against her ass until she fully awoke. She slyly looked over her right shoulder and me and said, “So, did you find something there that you like, babe?” I chuckled, smiled and retorted, “No, this isn’t just something I like, girl, it’s something I need!”

“Sean, you know from our discussions that I’ve never done anal before, right?” she whispered in that guttural growl of hers that drove me nuts. She continued as she shoved her ass back against my penis, “I’m willing to do it all with you, my love, everything that you’ve ever wanted I will do.” “I sense a ‘but’ coming,” I interjected. She nodded, “but, not yet, I’m not ready for that so early in the morning. Let’s have some good normal sex first and then I’ll let you put it in ass if you want to.”

Well, that was an offer I could not refuse, as usual so, I started to massage her shoulders and rub her back all the while keeping my cock sliding up and down between her supple ass cheeks. She responded by reaching back with her right hand and bringing my right arm forward to where it was around her, guiding my fingers down to her blonde tufted crown of pubic hair. Knowing what she wanted, I started massaging her pussy paying attention to her clitoris and making sure that I was slipping into her wetness for lubrication as I did so.

Dani ground her ass back against me as I picked up the pace of fingering her pussy, alternating between finger fucking her and massaging her clit. Her hips worked in an almost unconscious manner as she started to feel the orgasmic wave building. I sensed she was close, so I turned her onto her back and moved myself between her legs lapping at her sweet juices as I went down on her. As soon as my tongue contacted Dani’s clit, she bucked her hips harder, I had managed to get my hands under her ass and as she wriggled, I pulled her tighter against my face, licking and sucking her wet pussy at the same speed she was fucking my face.

As her breathing got more animated, I started wetting my fingers with her slickness and the rimmed her puckered asshole gently. When I knew she was on the teetering edge, I slid a finger up her ass and she came, holy shit did she cum! I would try to write what she said but I can’t spell the guttural growl-moan that came from Dani as her orgasm peaked, raged, subsided and then peaked again. Each time she was coming down, I sucked her clit into my mouth and stuck my finger up her ass again as I tongued her. All in, I counted three orgasms before Dani grabbed my head, pushed me back gently and growled, “FUCK ME NOW!”

Now I don’t need to be asked twice to fuck so I got up on my knees and waded up between her spread legs, slowly jacking my cock to max hardness as I did. I rubbed the head of my penis against her moist pussy lips, back and forth a few times to get it lubed up and then pushed it inside her. I went in a bit, back and forth, to make sure I was getting slick and then, I grabbed Dani’s hips, looked her in the eyes and rammed myself all the way up to my pelvic bone inside her. She gasped, smiled and said, “now THAT was an entrance. I need you to fuck me HARD!”

So, Saturday began balls deep inside my beautiful cousin and frankly, I could not think of a better way for it to do so. After the last go around Friday night, which was more sensual and tender, this morning session was going to be animalistic, I could already tell. Danielle had wrapped her legs around me and was using the leverage of her calves against my lower back to pull me deeper into her with each thrust. Her lovely and ample breasts spun in tight ovals as we fucked, their motion only interrupted occasionally by me leaning down to suck a nipple into my mouth.

Dani had her head back and was just enjoying the ride for the first part of our sexual encounter but then as things got more passionate and heated, she locked eyes with me never taking hers off mine as we continued to pump and grind. As described earlier, Dani was now a master of gyrating around, side to side, up and down, as I thrust my meat in and out of her. The combination of our motion was incredible and made for a complete sensory overload for both of us. Genetically, since we are related, somehow it sparked the pleasure synapses in our brains more vigorously as we were wired for each other.

I leaned down from the “up on my knees” position laid more atop her and slid my arms under her back, supporting myself on my elbows while wrapping my hands up around her shoulders so I could pull her down onto my hard cock harder and deeper. I’ve found that this variation of missionary can give strong orgasms and that was my goal with Dani, every time. “Mmmmmm, baby, that is soooo good, you are sooooooo deep!” she whispered as I plunged into her faster and harder. Tempo building as we fucked, sweat beads showing on her forehead and tits, our bodies wet against each other we continued our session.

Danielle’s hips were meeting mine with each stroke and she kept her eyes locked on me, licking her lower lip and making a show of softly biting it as women do when they are being sexy. I broke eye contact long enough to attack her soft neckline laying kiss after kiss upon her sensitive neck and shoulders. I strained to lean down in this position but managed to lock a nipple into my mouth and sucked it fiercely never breaking our rhythm, then back to her lips where we kissed feverishly until the lightning began to build.

The electric bolts hit us at the same time and we came together, her muscles tightening around my rod and me shooting cum deep inside her as her pussy was immediately as wet as I’d ever felt it. Dani’s moaning while we continued to kiss was a turn on, it resonated in my ears as I still pistoned in and out of her before my spent penis slackened. Finally, I drove in deep and just left it there as we continued to kiss and lick each other’s necks and shoulders in between joining our lips together passionately.

Here I was, fully inside this wonderful woman who just happened to be my cousin, our bodies made for each other, tuned to give the other the maximum pleasure possible, our hearts were one, yet society said it was wrong. “Fuck that,” I thought as I licked one of Dani’s taut nipples and held her firm tit in my hand, massaging it lovingly and then moving to the other. I ran my hand flat down her abdomen slicking her sweat away as I reached for her landing strip. Absentmindedly I played with her blonde pubic hair and rested my head between her incredible tits.

“Dani, you’re right, you know,” I began speaking, “we need to be together. I don’t really want any other women and frankly, I never have. It’s always been you, Dani, always. I mean, yes, I’ve been with others, but no one has ever compared to you in my mind. We need to figure this out once we get back home but I wanted to tell you that if you’re in, I’m in.” Danielle drew my face up to hers and looked into my eyes as she leaned in to kiss me. She licked my lips gently and thrust her tongue into my mouth found mine as we locked together.

Her attention moved lower as she kissed and licked my chest and abdomen, trailing down until she was just above my pubic region. My hair is trimmed up at the top of my cock and she tickled her nose with it and she stroked my shaved balls with her fingers. Although we had just climaxed before, my penis started to react to her focused attention. Dani licked her juices off my shaft and then circled the head with her tongue and lips. She drew me into her mouth and sucked, working the head and the first third of my dick forcefully, she wanted me hard and she was getting the results!

Danielle moved down, holding my dick up and pressing it against my stomach so she could have full access to my balls. She alternately licked and sucked them in turn nuzzling, kissing and all the while keeping her smoky eyes fixed on mine. She knew from our time together as kissing cousins that I have always loved watching her eyes when she blows me. Creeping back up to the lower shaft, Dani licked the underside with the flat of her tongue in long strokes all the way up to the head, then back down.

Her actions were starting to drive me wild and although I wanted to fuck her again soon, I enjoyed the gift she was giving me at that moment. Danielle continued to suck and lick my penis while fondling my balls and occasionally rimming my ass with her finger. She moved away from licking and now had me deep in her mouth sucking hard and working her tongue around while her head moved rhythmically up and down. Every so often, I reached down and tucked stay hairs behind her ear, so they didn’t block my view of her going down on me.

I asked her if she wanted to move into “69” so I could lick her as well, but she said that she was happy this way and we could do that later. My hips started to move faster and it evolved from a blowjob into more of a face fuck as she opened her throat and took me deeper. The sensation of Dani’s throat was almost like a pussy tightening around the end of my rod. Honestly, I want to blow my load right down her throat, but I decided against it and whispered, “Hey, I think it’s time for more sex, I want to cum inside you again.”

We grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and propped it under Dani’s stomach as she laid down in the middle of the bed, her legs parted giving me a great view of her pussy and her puckered little asshole. She was wet, partly from our earlier sex and also from the action of blowing me. Danielle had confessed in the past that giving me head always made her slick with wetness and desire. I casually licked from her pussy to her ass crack and wet her taint with her natural lubricants before rimming her asshole with my tongue. She jerked and laughed telling me that it “sent a lightning bolt up her ass!”

Leaving that sweet little asshole for later, I waded up between her spreading legs on my knees and wet my fingers in her pussy before spreading the slickness all over the head of my dick. I softly pressed the head against her moist opening and glided it back and forth a couple of times before entering her. Slowly at first, I slicked my shaft with her wetness and then I grabbed her hips and shoved as deep as I could. She let out a little gasp and looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Damn, I LOVE IT when you take me like that, Sean!”

Since the first time that morning was hard, fast and almost animalistic, this time was going to be slower and more controlled. I began to ease my rod in and out of Danielle’s pussy alternately holding onto her lower hips and ass cheeks making sure to stroke as far out as I could then back in, to the point where my balls were gently slapping against her. Dani ground her hips complimenting my thrusting and I swear we were moving in stereo, her every move matched to mine.

Having already cum once, I was able to sustain this for quite a while and we’d both started to sweat a little from the exertion of fucking. To me, that is a huge turn on and I leaned forward and licked a rivulet off the middle of Dani’s back, placing my hands down on either side of her body and angling my penis downward inside her. The instant I hit Danielle’s G Spot, she shuddered and I leaned into it more keeping the tip and underside of my cock rubbing up and down that elusive patch inside her.

As the extra stimulation was driving her wild, I decided to up the ante just a bit and I stole some of the juices from my shaft and tucked my thumb into Dani’s ass. The reaction was immediate and strong, after all the years of us fooling around together I knew that a finger in her ass was one of her strongest triggers. Danielle started to move her hips harder and faster and finally she growled. “Ohhhh myyyyyy Goddddddddd, yes, Sean, yes…….holy shit, Uuuunnnggghhhh!” as she came. Now, you realize that I had her right where I wanted her in that position, right?

Yes, it was time to take her ass and make it mine, friends. As Dani’s orgasm rushed through her body, I switched from a thumb to two fingers and worked them in gently, stretching her out as much as I could for the next action. I also reached over to the night table and grabbed the lube that had been sitting unused and applied it liberally to her sweet little pucker and the first two thirds of my hard cock. I started out by rubbing the head around her ass and then put the head against her anus and gently pushed it in.

As the head of my dick disappeared into her sublimely tight asshole, I reminded myself to be very careful as I worked it inside her. Slowly, and I mean slowly, I eased myself up her ass, little by little. My seven inches were not going all the way in, I knew that from the start since my girth is more of the issue than the length. The max circumference of my penis is a little over 6 inches, so it is thick and is thickest about one third of the way up the length. I had already figured that if I got my cock halfway up her ass, that we would be doing well.

I made sure we were still lubed up liberally and then settled into a rhythm, holding her lower hips to guide my penetration. Dani’s verbal contributions had been limited to, ”Ooooooh!” and “Wow” and “Mmmmmmmm” as I’d entered her and began to gently pump her ass. This girl’s asshole was tight let me tell you, it was the most incredible feeling I’d experienced since sinking my shaft into her pussy the first time a couple of nights before. Looking down, watching her body writhe underneath mine was immensely satisfying.

The slope of her back, giving way to her impeccable ass cheeks, the vision of my cock moving in and out of her butt, oh man, it was too much to process. I began to feel my own orgasm building as I picked up the pace slightly. I noticed that Dani had slid her hand underneath her stomach and was rubbing her clit as I fucked her in the ass. Ok, that was too much and I let the orgasm wash over me, shooting my semen up her ass and trying hard not to ram myself all the way into her. Danielle told me to stay put and not pull out, she said that she wanted to feel me inside her while she finished off her masturbation.

I stayed inside Dani’s ass and kept moving but more slowly as my hard on subsided. All the while she was rubbing her clit and swaying those lovely hips side to side as she did. I reached down, past my shaft, still lodged up her ass, and slid two fingers into her wet, hot pussy. Danielle’s orgasm came quickly and she growled and moaned with no shame as she finished herself off. I pulled myself out of her ass and watched the trickle of escaping cum run down her taint to her pussy lips. Dani then rubbed the stray cum all over her pussy and sighed, “I think we need to shower now!”

I figured maybe she would want a little alone time to clean up after getting fucked up the ass for the first time, so I told her I’d duck out and grab some Starbucks for us. She grabbed my golf shirt by the collar, drew me to her and said, “don’t take to long cousin, we’ve got some more fucking to do today!” as she kissed me sensuously as if to say that there was more where that came from. I took my time going out not wanting to rush right back and disturb Danielle right away. The Starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue near N 6th was about a two block walk so I’d been gone a while once I did finally get back to the hotel room.

Danielle was out of the shower and had fixed her hair and put on a skimpy hunter green teddy that had matching panties all trimmed in crème lace accents. She looked astounding as I stood just inside the doorway gaping at her. She swayed over, exaggerating her hips swings playfully and took the coffee out of my hand then whirled and did the same thing as she walked away from me towards the desk in the room. As she sat in the black leather desk chair and spun around to face me, she smiled and licked her lips then put on a pouty expression.

I snapped out of my semi-trance and came back to reality realizing that I’d just been standing there like a mook staring at her luscious body near the point of drooling. I had to laugh about that, we’d been kissing cousins and more for many years, but she still mesmerized me with her sexiness. I strode over and handed her the asiago bagel I’d brought her and sat down on the edge of the bed nearest her and the desk set up. I watched her pulling parts of the bagel off and eating them demurely and chuckled to myself while thinking that she took my cock in her mouth much more ferociously than that every time.

We finished our coffee and bagels and then I adjourned to the shower for a few moments to myself as well. Sometimes you gotta take a dump, you know? That was not something I was going to share with my cousin lover just yet. After taking care of that, I jumped in the shower and stood under the hot water for a while just to recharge. I wanted to be fresh for our next round of sex and it was coming pretty shortly from the way Dani had been dressed. I finished up in the bathroom and put on a little Polo Black for her, knowing it was her favorite cologne on me and walked out into the main part of the hotel room.

Danielle had arranged herself on the king-sized bed still wearing the top part of the teddy, but the little thong panties were rumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed. She was propped up on a couple of pillows so she was in a half sitting and half laying position, her legs parted slightly enough that I could see her beautiful pussy, her pink labia topped by the triangular crown of blonde hair. I smirked and raised my eyebrow at her and she said, “I’m sitting here all ready to watch you lick me until I cum.”

Guys, that is an invitation that you just can’t refuse, am I right? I made a show of crawling up the bed towards her starting at the foot and making my way up. As I got closer, she spread her legs a little more. The next move I made, she spread a little more. Finally, just as I had reached her and was within kissing distance of her snatch, she spread them wide inviting me to help myself to her muff. I slid my hands under her sweet ass cheeks and remained propped up on my elbows as I laid the first lap of the flat of my tongue against her labia.

I like using my hands under a woman’s ass while I am doing down on her because it gives me leverage and control. I can pull her into me, or I can slow down her hip bucking if I need to. It’s really exceptional and I suggest you try it sometime if you haven’t already. Anyway, I kissed and licked all around her pelvic region taking time to suck and tickle the tendons of her inner thighs. Dani had always loved when I did that ever since we’d discovered it in one of our early oral sessions.

Every part of Dani was wet with my tongue, her inner thighs, her labia, her taint and finally her clit. I worked all around not concentrating too long in any spot, driving her wild as I flicked my tongue here and there making her shiver and shudder as I did. Danielle had placed her feet on my back resting her calves on my shoulders at this point and was leveraging me trying to pull me into her tighter and tighter. That was the sign I’d been waiting for and at that point, I started to suck and kiss her clit almost exclusively, rubbing my fingers between her pussy lips and stroking them in and out.

Danielle’s breathing starting to accelerate and was more erratic as she immersed herself in the pleasure I was giving her. Making sure my finger was really slick with her juice, I rimmed her asshole and pushed it in a little but not too far since my dick had been up there not too long before. I wasn’t sure if she’d had any pain from the anal sex or not but did not want to ruin her building orgasm if she was. Dani rode the waves as the lightning built inside her body, her hip movements were harder and harder to rein in as she was fucking my face as I licked her.

By this time, I had begun to tongue fuck that wonderful pussy of hers and tried to rub her clit with my nose as she moved and ground against me. Finally, Dani sat up and grabbed my head, one hand on each side and pulled my face into her snatch tighter and tighter. I was trying to breathe out of my nose, but it was hard as she rode my face, I gasped for air with my mouth and then slammed my face back into her pussy. My entire face was wet and I relished the fact knowing it was her pussy that had rubbed all over me, or should I say, my pussy.

Finally, Danielle let loose and began to cum, as hard as I’d ever seen her cum before. She was growl-moaning like she sometimes does and it was incredibly sexy for me to know I was the cause of that primal release. Knowing you’ve made your woman cum that hard, wow what a feeling. She released me from her thigh grip once she’s stopped spasming from the orgasm and motioned me up to her with her “come here” finger wag. As crawled up her body, kissing her skin here and there, her ribcage, under-boob, side-boob, nipples, collarbone and the rest until I reached her neck.

She let me lick around her neckline once but then put a finger under my chin and guided me up higher. She started to lick my face, kissing her juices away, savoring her own scent as she did so. “Mmmmmmmmm,” she whispered, “I love the taste of me all over you.” I laughed and replied “Well, I am pretty partial to having you all over me too!” We kissed deeply, passionately, the kind of kiss that steals your soul. Her eyes were misty when we pulled back and she told me that there was nothing in the world that could better than us being together.

I rolled atop Danielle and parted her legs as I positioned myself between her them. I lubed up the head of my dick with her flowing juice and slid my hardened shaft inside her waiting body. This was going to be a slow and gentle session where I stared into her eyes and kissed her lips softly. I moved in and out at an even pace and Dani moved her hips, and in turn her pussy, in a tight little oval around and around, this was the same motion we’d discovered the first night together that was so powerful for us.

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as we continued to screw, riding the lightning as the electricity built more and more. Dani wrapped her legs around my waist and clasped her ankles behind my back working with me now, as we started to peak. I felt the surge come from deep inside my core rising up through my abdomen and chest as I picked up the pace and started to pump her faster. I raised up from the prone position atop Danielle up on my knees, arms down at her sides for support as I thrust harder and faster, she spread her legs wide and held them up with her hands tucked under her knees.

Finally, I felt Danielle start to shudder and her growl-moan returned as her orgasm shook her frame, her muscles tightened around my dick milking it as I burst inside her, roping my cum deeply in multiple spurts. I eased down back on top of her slowly our abdomen touching first, then her tits pressed against my chest and finally my weight was on her. She slapped my ass and then grabbed my waist saying, “Stay inside me, don’t pull out yet. I love having you inside me.” So, we stayed like that for while until I was worried I’d be crushing her with my weight.

I rolled over onto my back and Danielle snuggled against my left side, the heat of her snatch radiating against my hip and we drifted off into a short nap. I awoke a while later and decided that it was past time for some lunch. I roused Danielle and suggested that we walk down to Rock Bottom on the riverfront and grab a bite. It was a ten-minute walk down to North Plankinton Avenue where the brew pub sits. The food was very good and we sat and talked talking our time, having a few beers.

We strolled around Riverwalk Way and took our time enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, stopping by a little ice cream parlor on the way back to the hotel. As we took our desserts to a little outside patio area, Dani got a mischievous grin on her face prompting me to say, “What?” She said, “Remember the first week you were back in town and I saw you at the ice cream shop in Winthop Harbor? You had the biggest boner that night when we hugged! I thought my friend was going to choke on her ice cream after you let me down and your pants were all tented out like that!”

“Ha!” I said, “well, that would have been awkward for you if your friend had made a play for me, especially since you say my dick is yours, but she doesn’t know that. Oh my God that would have been hilarious!” Danielle frowned, a playful frown, and said, “Oh well, I guess you missed out on a threesome that night buddy!” I thought, “Leave it to Danielle to put me in my place but you know what? Wouldn’t have it any other way,” as we started to walk back to the hotel to get naked again.

(Part Four will continue the cousin fucking fun – stay tuned!)

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