My sisters Warning

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Isn’t it amazing, how your whole life can change in one evening. One little episode and your entire outlook is changed, a new facet of your personality is discovered and new possibilities to explore. My change came when I was eighteen years old and going to school in San Diego. It was a weeknight in May, warm evening low humidity. Didn’t feel like studying, and at that time wasn’t interested in watching TV, so headed for he club to see what was going on.
The club was a local hangout about two blocks from where I lived in a big dormitory. When I arrived there was a group of fellow students sitting at a pair of tables pushed together shooting the breeze and telling lies. So I joined them. What made this evening interesting was an older guy, one of the instructors, joined us, by older I mean 30 or there about. He bought us a couple rounds of beer and listened to our nonsense, which impressed us no end. As the evening progressed members of the group left to hit the sack, so that by 10:30 it was just the instructor and I left at the table.
He offered me a ride back to the dormitory and I accepted. Thinking back upon this, realize that a ride for two blocks kind of strange and the thing he wanted to ride was me. By the time we got in the car and he drove to my parking lot, could have walked it twice. Now my older sister had warned me to be careful of older men. When I asked her to explain she replied: “Well you know.” Well, I didn’t know, but was about to find out.
His car was a European four door sedan and quite impressive at the time. All leather seats, a large back seat with drop down jump seats and a real marvel an FM radio. He deliberately parked between two other cars; this didn’t seem strange either, though in retrospect it was part of the plan. We sat there in the dark continuing the conversation. He gave me the background on the car and how much he had paid. The radio was playing softly in the background.
Have often wondered if he saw something in me, or did he just hit on every guy he met. In any event there was a lull in the conversation, we sat there quietly in the dark, and he began to undress. He pulled his shirt out and pushed his trousers down, then his shorts and freed his cock and balls. Watching fascinated, my cock jumped as he exposed himself. Didn’t know what was happening but my cock liked it to this point. I was about to discover something new about myself. His hand went round my neck and he gently pushed me into his lap. As if on its own my mouth opened engulfing his cock and I began to suck him.
Up to this point in my life had never considered the idea of eating some guy in the front seat of his European car, but there I was with his cock in my mouth. It is hard to judge time in these situations, sometimes when you are having sex an hour will seem like minutes and vice versa. Suffice to say he had good control and didn’t cum in my mouth. Once he had a good erection from my mouth he pushed me into the backseat. There he took my trousers down and pushed me flat face forward. He rubbed his cock against me and then entered me easily, making me his little girl for the evening. It was uncomfortable at first, feeling him deep in my bowels, but it seemed natural. I didn’t have to move he did all the work. He had amazing control and stayed at me some time, it seemed like 20 minutes or longer. Then with a grunt he shot his load. My first sexual experience was over, we dressed quickly and I went into the dorm to brush my teeth.
Somehow I had never envisioned my first sexual experience would be me sucking off an old guy and letting him fuck me. My plan had not been to be used like a girl. At the very least I had learned what my sister was referring to in her cryptic remark. I am sure she didn’t envision that I would enjoy the entire episode.
Never saw the old guy again. Shortly thereafter moved to D.C. I now had a known outlet for sex, but didn’t know how to go about finding someone with whom to share this knowledge. Then a psyche report came across my desk. In it were described the exploits of a homosexual being prosecuted for another crime. The report went into great detail and read more like pornography than an evaluation, a sign that the author had some prurient interest. Reading the report I found that he had used the hitchhiker routine. It seems a young single male is picked up late at night for only one reason, sex.
After a couple of beers that evening I went out to one of the main highways in DC to try my luck. It was a weeknight and few cars at 11 PM. Then one sedan passed me, circled the block and came back. The driver rolled down the window, there was some inane conversation, which basically boiled down to do you wanna suck. I got in and he drove about a block, made a left onto a residential street and parked under a tree.
This is not true love, it is a compulsion. We felt each other up, he unzipped and pulled his cock out. I went down on him and soon had him fucking my mouth as he came. It wasn’t until later that I learned while blowing someone you should jerk yourself off. Once he had cum, he lost interest in sucking me off. Still I had accomplished my goal and was satisfied to have brought him off.
Over the years have stuck more or less to oral sex, it suits the wham bam mode. Most are not as accomplished at fucking young men as the old guy in California. He probably did half the students in the school. The only fucking better than his (what do they say, you always remember your first fuck) was a black transsexual in Manhattan. We went to her apartment and after a little necking I went down on her and sucked her off. She was hung like a stallion and just as horny, and like a stallion she produced buckets of cum. After I sucked her she laid me on her couch and really got after it: she mounted me from behind and that long black cock slid deeply into me and she fucked me for 30 minutes and came three more times. There was a clock on the end table. She was so long it felt like she was hitting my naval from behind as she rode me high and tight.
She had some other business to attend to once she finished me off, so I left, bowlegged, limping and dripping cum. It really messes with your mind to be done like that. Wish I had kept her number.

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