Strip Poker 2000 Part 3

Ok Peoples :) Told you I'd get it out by the first week of July. Im early with it. Mostly because my brains deciding to work against me with my hectic life so yes, I just left it open with a "To be continues?"
No Idea why I put the ? its going to be continued, but please dont hassel me about it, if you want it to come out, and you have a suggestion for the story, feel free to leave it in a comment :)
Ok, so I'll let you get on with the reading, This ones a little different since it involves toys, But same characters, one new one and the grand finale.. MY NAMES REVEALED -gasps- (If your wondering why all the dramatics, Im posting this at nearly midnight and my brains fried) ENJOY!

I woke to a loud droning in my ears. I sat up dazed and looked around. I'd fallen asleep in class, last period SOSE. By the look of it we were about half way through Oral Presentations, one of the beauties of going first, you can sleep through the rest. I'd woken up just in time though, for the only one I wanted to hear. Dylan's. He got up and gave his presentation on the Roman Army. How could someone so beautiful and intelligent want to be with me whenever possible? As of a few weeks ago, Dylan had broken up with Kaya, she told the story as she dumped him, but he tells it as a mutual separation. His story was understandable; after all she was one of the bossiest people on the planet. He'd come back to sit down after listening to Mr. O’Dea drone on about the good points and his marks. I pretended to sleep through the entire presentation, and could hear from his footsteps that he was cautioning around me. I rolled over ''Half asleep" and ran my hand up the inside of his leg, stopping a few centimetres from his crotch.

"Shit," he gasped, "I thought you were asleep, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

"You didn't think I'd sleep through your presentation did you," I replied, more of a statement than a question.

"Mm, I guess not," running his hands through my hair and lifting my hand away from his leg. I pulled a puppy dog face and he burst out laughing.

"Aww, poor Paul. I'm sure you can wait half an hour till we're at least at home can't you?"

I didn't really respond, I moaned, then let my hand casually drift back to his leg. He stared deep into my eyes, a burning piercing sort of stare. I made a sound between a moan and a whimper then hid my face from his eyes. He chuckled and lifted my face with his finger. I'd gotten use to just moving when he wanted me to move, resistance was futile, especially against him. He stared into my eyes again, but this time a more light stare, a 'please don't be like that' sort of stare. Without thinking I leaned forward towards his lips, only to be pushed away and receive the burning stare again.

The bell rang about 2 orals later and I was out the door so fast it hadn't even stopped ringing. I was excited. Really excited. It was a Friday afternoon, I had 5 minutes left of school then I was gone, all I had to do was wait for Dylan. I stood outside the class room when we were dismissed and waited for him to come out. The second he did I was jumping around like an excited puppy.

"Whoa, down boy. Can you wait a few minutes? I need to talk to Freya," he said looking over at the stunning red head. Freya was a beautiful girl, about average height with auburn red hair, set against pallid white skin. Her deep brown eyes able to seduce the most strong willed of men. He walked back over quickly.

"Umm, you should head home, I'll call you later. You can come over tomorrow if you want." I was a little confused, and disappointed. So I got my bus pass out of my bag and went home.

I spent maybe most of the afternoon trying to figure out when he would call, and why he'd cancelled on me. At about 6.30pm he finally called.

"DYLAN! I've been missing you like crazy," I said throwing myself down on the bed.

"Hey. Umm, listen. Are you sitting down?"

"Wha? Why?"

"Just shut up. Ok? Listen. This afternoon, when I was talking to Freya, I kind of noticed just how beautiful she really was," I was confused but I kept listening, "and I asked her out. I know it might have seemed like we had a thing, but Paul, you have to understand, you were just in the right place at the wrong time," I dropped the handset on the bed.

I looked down at it hearing a murmuring coming from the speaker. I pressed the end call button and got up. I walked straight out the door, and out into the garden. It was warm, and I laid down in the flowerbed, beside the rose bushes, beautiful and fragrant, but painful with all its thorns. Just like Dylan. I closed my eyes and let the warm midnight air consume me.

When I woke up on the Saturday morning, it was overcast, and creating a golden effect right across the sky, like a sky wide sunrise. A golden glow on a blackened day. I lay in the garden, listening to my own heartbeat. I closed my eyes and absorbed the glow from the clouds. I sat up slowly and opened my eyes, wrapping my arms around my legs and pulling my knees to my chin. The entire garden was shaded an orange colour. I turned a reached for a rose and pricked myself finger on the thorns, I pulled off the rose and looked at the petals, the stem, the thorns. So like him. Then I looked to the leaves lying dead on the ground. So like me. The forgotten, the mistreated, the broken.

After I'd cleaned most of the blood, I got up and threw the rose into the dark shadows behind the bushes. I walked back inside, and realised my parents wouldn't be there. They had to go visit my aunt last night and wouldn't be back until Monday; that was why I was going to his house. I picked up my phone and opened messaging. In 14 short hours he'd left 63 messages. I hit select all and deleted them. I picked up the handset off my bed and set it in the charger, then walked out to the kitchen and made myself some toast. But I wasn't hungry, I don't think I could've eaten even if I was.

I decided I would get dressed and take a walk, to clear my head. I changed out of my school uniform from the previous day, put on a black and silver t-shirt with skinny jeans, and headed for the door. I opened it, to find him sitting on the steps.

"Paul!" He said, flinging himself around and rushing toward me. I slammed the door, only to have it blocked by his foot. I turned and stalked off to the backdoor.

"Paul, please wait," he pleaded.

"What is it?" I snarled, turning to face him, "Didn't do a good enough job killing me last night and come to finish me off?"

"Paul. You know that wasn't what I was doing."

"Did I? I couldn't tell, between the being told I was a mistake and the having my heart broken," I made a break for the door but he snagged my arm, turning me to face him.

"Paul, I wasn't doing either of those. How was I to know how you would react?" he asked, tugging me back to him when I tried to move away. I kept my face turned away from his, tears streaming down it. I sniffed.

"Are you crying?" he demanded while I tried to push off him.

He grabbed my free arm and turned me to face him. The second I saw him look at my tears they doubled. I pushed off him pointlessly. He put both my wrists in one hand and lifted my face with the other, caressing it, and making the tears all the more worse. I tried one last time to push him off, and he pulled me in instead, pushing my head down onto his shoulder and wrapping his arms around me. The sobs slowly came to a halt as he ran his hand down my back, and held me against him. When he was confident I'd stopped the crying, he let go of me, and sat me on the couch. I collapsed against him, burying my face deep in his chest.

"Paul. Paul. Paul, stop it. Sit up so I can talk to you," I followed his instructions and sat up, looking at him through my red eyes.

"I was thinking, I was kind of harsh. But I still love you. Listen, I rented a boat the long weekend, its sitting down in the marina collecting dust. We'll take it out to the open sea. Just you, me and a few other people. Do you want to go?" I groaned and mumbled out a yes, at least I think it was a yes.


So I jumped up of the couch (maybe 5 minutes later) and went for a shower. I hopped out and ran to my room with just a towel, Dylan still sitting on the couch, playing with my phone. I chucked on my black and silver shirt again, and the same skinny jeans, then ransacked my closet and drawers, throwing clothes into a duffle bag.

When I trotted back out with the duffle bag, Dylan hopped up off the couch, pushing me back down in the process.

“I just have to make a couple of calls,” he said holding up his phone; handing back mine, “then we can head over to the marina.”

“Ok,” I said grinning from ear to ear.

“Ok, I hope you don’t mind, I invited a few other people,” he said returning to the couch and putting his hand on mine.

“Umm no, that’s fine. Can I ask who?”

“Oh don’t worry, all people you know, Kaya, Annabelle,” that would be a joyous reunion (I may have been a little harsh with the dumping), “umm, you remember Rebecca and Matt?”

“Umm yep,” I defiantly remembered Matt.

“Ok then, let’s head off. In the car you hop you sook,” he said making crying noises as he hustled me out the door.

I lived a fair way from the marina, its not exactly far, same city, but it was more middle-north side and I lived in the southern end. When I say southern I mean, my house was 2 streets from the city borders. So as your can imagine, it was a long drive. I feel asleep in the passenger seat and didn’t wake up till Dylan shook me awake. I hadn’t even realised we’d picked up Rebecca and Matt.

“Your right he does look like a koala,” Rebecca chirped as I slowly came awake, to find her, Matt and Dylan staring at me.

“Shh,” Dylan said, unbuckling me and pulling me out of his car before giving Matt the keys to go park it.

Rebecca went for a walk to find a corner-shop before we disembarked while Dylan put all the bags onboard. I was unfortunately to groggy to realise what was going on, let alone help. When Dylan finished with the bags, Kaya had arrived and was lugging her bags below deck.

“Now for the koala,” Dylan said grabbing me around the chest and lifting me to my feet.

He dragged me over to the boat and I stepped on. When I took a step forward, I saw the source of my past 24 hour’s misery lounging casually on a bench at the back of the boat reading. I turned to run, and ran straight into Dylan.

“Where are you going?” He demanded, holding me still and giving me a disapproving look.

“You didn’t tell me she was going to be coming,” I whispered trying to make sure she didn’t hear, though I’m fairly certain that attempt failed since I heard her getting up.

“Hello Paul, how nice of you to join us,” she said snidely, Dylan clearly being torn by the tension.

“Mm, this should be a fun weekend,” I mumbled under my breath.

Feeling my displeasure Dylan intervened.

“Well come on Paul, how about I show you around the boat? Come on, your sharing a room with me,” he said, tugging me beneath the deck, as I felt Freya’s Golden-brown eyes burning a hole in the back of my head.

“Do you really have to be so difficult?” he said, once below deck.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting her, and she did kind of steal you from me.”

“Steal me? I don’t believe I was ever your property, and she didn’t steal me, I chose her,” he said, a scowl spread across his face.


“Paul, understand this, I never belonged to you, if anything you belonged to me, and I got tired of you, I know I’m being harsh, but you’ve got to be cruel to be kind,” he finally said opening the door.

“Then consider this the kindest thing I’ll ever do,” I said, stopping down hard on his foot and storming off.

I struggled to fight back the tears as I looked for the toilet. I have no idea why when you don’t want to be found you go to the toilet, yet no one ever looks there till last. I went through maybe a roll and a half of toilet paper, and watched it pile up on the floor in front of me. What was wrong with me, I was acting like I was the only person to ever be heart broken, despite the fact that someone I had heartbroken was most likely to be on her way right now.

I could hear Dylan hobbling around opening and closing doors random. He was getting closer. He finally got to the toilet, and opened it. Why was there no lock on here.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked when he finally found me. All I could get out were a few sniffles.

“You’re going to make yourself catch pneumonia from all the tears,” he said chuckling.

I got up off the toilet, and he raised his arms for a hug. Instead a sucker punched him in the gut and stormed off to the kitchen. That one was a little easier to find considering I’d nearly ran in there looking for the toilet. I rummaged through the fridge and found a tub of ice-cream, and a spoon. I walked out of the kitchen (or galley if you want to get technical) and onto the lower deck (this was almost a miniature cruise ship, the top area had the deck we got onto, the control room, the satellite TV and the bar. The lower deck had the bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, galley and the smaller bottom deck which I was currently on), sitting down on the wooden deck, I started shoving great spoonfuls of the ice-cream into my mouth. Eventually the tears stopped, I’m not sure whether because they ran out, or the ice-cream froze my ducts. I quickly collected myself and marched back into the galley, dumped the ice-cream, then heaved myself back to the room to unpack.

It was barely noon when Annabelle finally arrived and Dylan decided to disembark straight away. He’d never told me he could drive a boat. I unpacked my things, put on a jumper then went up topside. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t Dylan driving, it was Rebecca; that explains why she’d been invited. A less kind image was that of Dylan snuggling up to Freya while she ranted about shopping to Kaya and Annabelle. I decided I was best to talk to Matt, who seemed the least preoccupied choice; but where the hell was he.

“Hey Rebecca, what happened to Matt?”

“Oh he went for a sleep, he felt a bit sea sick taking off, it’s starting to calm down now at least.”

“Ahh ok,” I said with a tinge to much disappointment.

“So what’s up then?”

“Oh nothing, I just wanted someone to talk to.”

“I’m here.”

“Yes you are, and here is in front of a steering wheel on a boat 100metres off the coast of Queensland.”

“Your point being?”

“Aren’t you a little preoccupied to be talking?”

“Pfft, nope,” she said with a giggle, “Now talk squishy, or we might capsize.”


“I saw you down that bucket of ice-cream. It was like a horror movie: The ice-cream, the innocent blond prom queen, you the vicious blood thirsty devourer. The carnage,” she said, making tsk tsk tsk noises.

“Well that’s an interesting way of looking at it,” I said with a hum.

“I don’t suppose you were eating that ice-cream because you were hungry. Judging by the amount of tissues stacked up in the toilet, I’d guess that you were at least moderately upset?”

“Its nothing,” I said looking away.

“So is the remains of the ice-cream,” she said, slowing the boat and closing the cabin door, “There, we’re behind closed doors, now talk or I’ll go tell Dylan you’re in here.”

“Grr,” I groaned and moaned my way through explaining the situation.

“Hmm, my cousin can be kinda’ harsh sometimes, I guess. But he is right to, I know you feel, differently about him, and kind of cheated. But he’ always trying to do what’ best for everyone. Just sometimes, he can’t.
“If your upset, why don’t you call up what’s-his-name. Umm.. Sam. That’s it. I’m sure he’ll be kind enough to comfort you.”

“Ha. Ha. You’re so funny.”

“I know, I should have a show.”

“I’m just really not sure what to do.”

“Perhaps you should talk to him about this. He’s a pretty good listener when you get him cornered.”


We spent most of the day talking about stupid things, and her explaining, that the boat, in fact belonged to her, and Dylan asked to borrow it, which she allowed on the condition she got to come along. At 5 she stopped the boat about 25 kilometres of the coast (just into international waters). At about 6pm we sat down on the lounge up on the top deck for dinner and watched the sun set in the horizon. I made sure to keep a careful distance from Annabelle, who seemed more than ready to stab me with a fork. After some light banter and a heavy dinner, we decided to have an early night, then get up early tomorrow. I somehow didn’t think anyone would be sleeping.

I got changed into some pjs and hopped on my bed.

“You know I really am sorry,” Dylan said getting dressed. I looked over at him, with nothing on, and rolled away.

“You’re kidding me right, you’re actually not going to talk to me while I have no clothes on, despite you’ve seen me like this at least twice in the past month?” He asked with a hysterical tone to his voice. I groaned a response and pulled the blanket over my head.

“Gah! Paul, I’m going to give you 2 options. One, you can keep moping around and I’ll just ignore you altogether; or two, you can cheer up, and I’ll make you mine.”

“What?” I said flipping over so fast the blanket fell on the floor.

“If you cheer up and behave, I’ll make you mine.”

“What do you mean yours?”

“I mean I will make you mine. Not like a boyfriend, more of a slave.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then I’ll just ignore you,” he said, moving over and sitting on the bed, only half clothed, “Its one of the other, Be ignored or be my toy.”

“Err,” I was dumbstruck, he pretty much just told me I could still be with him while he was with Freya, “If I do become your slave what would that entail?”

“The usual stuff, think back to poker games, maybe some training you up, anything else I think of down the track,” he said with a wink,” if you’re a good boy, I might even give you a treat.”

I looked up at him, somewhat confused, somewhat dazed and somewhat happy. I pulled myself up off the bed, walked to the door, and locked it. Then crawled back over to him and sat at his feet.

“Good boy, you might get the hang of this faster than I thought. Now pick up all my dirty clothes,” he said signalling to the pile on the floor,” and bring over my boxers.”

I did as I was told. I cleaned up all his clothes, put them away in his bag, then grabbed his dirty boxers with my teeth, crawled back to him and dropped them on the floor.

“Good,” he said, picking up the boxers and shoving them under my nose and into my mouth, “Inhale them you bitch. Tell me what they smell like. How much do you want more?” he said clearly playing the dominant part well, “Speak whore, answer me when I speak.”

“Yes sir. They smell like you, like angels. I don’t want more, I need more.” For some reason he dealt me a blow to the side of the face.

“Stop sucking up. Now get on all fours, we’re going to start your training.”


I’d been completely unprepared for this as he pushed me back down to the floor, resting his foot between my shoulder blades.

“What shall we do first?” he asked, clearly not wanting me to answer, “I know. How about we check out your technique,” taking off his pyjama bottoms while he spoke.

He sat back down on the bed, and lifted me to my knees, then with great force, he shoved my head forward into his crotch.

“Don’t just sit there. Suck on it.”

I opened my mouth and engulfed his member. It went from soft to rock hard in seconds, gagging me as it pushed against the back on my throat. I finally stopped gagging and started sucking on his now solid dick. I whirled my tongue around the tip, then as far down the shaft as possible, snaking back to the top and repeating. Not happy with my performance, Dylan grabbed the back on my head and pushed it up and down. I regained my place and kept going with my head moving along too. Before I’d come close to thinking about deepthroating him, Dylan stood up and began skull fucking me, causing me to gag. I struggled to regain my breathing but eventually did. By the time I had I could feel his dick pulsing, and his body tense.

“FUCK!” was all he managed to get out before shooting his load straight down my throat. Kind of sucks, I don’t even get to taste my prize.

He let out a deep moan as he pulled out and played with my hair. When he at back down I half whimpered, which he took as ‘But I want more’, rather than ‘Ow that hurt, please don’t do that’.

“Later, you may not of noticed but I’m tired out,” he said lying down, misreading me completely, “Come lie up here with me,” tapping beside the bed with his arm out.

I climbed up onto the bed next to him and laid down, resting my head against his chest while he played with my hair. It was only 10.30pm and I was more than ready to go to bed. Dylan was watching my face, and when I let my head loll and my eyes close, he got up, despite my attempts at pulling me back down. He turned the lights onto a low enough setting he could see without disturbing me more. He moved around the room like a ghost, opening and closing drawers and doors, getting out random objects. Then he came back over to me, reached under the bed, and pulled out a length of rope (which I assumed was for the boat for some reason). I looked at him as if to ask a question, to which he just quietly giggled, then sat down next to the head of the bed, just out of my peripheral vision. I could hear him tying the ropes to the bed, and I could only guess what he was planning.

Saturday was nearly over, and Sunday was nearly beginning, at 11.20 pm neither I nor Dylan could sleep. Dylan had positioned me to be hurled over the side of the bed on the corner. My cock ached with pain as it was squished against the hard mattress as Dylan's increasing rhythm provided no comfort.
I moaned into his gag again which Dylan had required him to wear so no one would hear us, apparently I’m quite loud.

Dylan let out a loud grunt next to my ear with my face pushed flat into the mattress, surrendering himself to his will, I couldn‘t exactly overpower him. Dylan bucked his hips as he tried to get more and more of himself deep within me. I was feeling more full than I ever had, but all I could do to
Thank him was blissful moans into the dirty pair of Dylan's boxers. My body was being bullied around by Dylan; and now Dylan crumbled, bent and twisted me to reach his ultimate pleasure.

He pulled out in one motion and I let out a sigh of relief. It was getting a little rough and always enjoyed an intermission. However, my arse ached and mewled without the comfort of Dylan's rod. Dylan threw me back onto the bed and turned my warn out body around. On my back, I could now see Dylan with the lustful, horny look in his eye. Dylan, with the help of my body, jerked his cock inches in front of my own semi.

He placed a hand on my hip to steady himself just before the initial spurt came blasting out and landed along his shaft. Three more globs of white sperm ejected itself from Dylan and coated my dick. I had my hands tied and knew it was better than to do something without Dylan's permission when Dylan was in this mood. It was almost as if Dylan had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of personality. One minute he could be hopelessly romantic and another want to fuck my brains out until my ass was too sore to touch.

Dylan was come down from his high still slightly grunting through his teeth. I looked up at him wondering if I should say something. I needed to cum as well, badly, but with my arms over my head, there wasn't much else I could do.

"Fuck yes Paul." Dylan said starting to smile.

He pointed his semi in the direction of my own semi still white coated and began to push his own sperm around. With our dicks entwined, Dylan began to smear his cum all over my chest and stomach and massaged it into my skin. Dylan jump off the bed and headed off to the bathroom.

"Thanks Pauly."

"You're welcome Dylan". I replied still wondering when I was going to be untied.

A couple minutes passed. I heard Dylan flush the toilet.

"Close your eyes Paul. I have a surprise for you."

Still horny, I quickly followed the order and said it was okay for Dylan to enter the room. Dylan walked back to the bed, I heard his light footsteps one after the other. In his hand was my surprise.

"What have you got for me Dylan?" I questioned wriggling around on the bed with anticipation, still not opening my eyes despite my desperate want to.

Dylan giggled, most likely at my enthusiasm. He always thought it was nice to see me get excited about something sexual even though he and I had been fooling around for almost 4 months now. He never seemed to get over my naked form begging for more.

"Ok, open your eyes."

I blinked for a few seconds then stared wide-eyed at the long piece of plastic Dylan was holding.

"WhereWhere did you get that?" I asked in disbelief.

"I got it especially for you, I figured just cause I‘m done, doesn‘t mean you are." Dylan said letting out a giggle.

I zoned out day dreaming, thinking about the last time I had an experience like this at Dylan’s hands. A few weeks ago, he‘d forced me into the bathroom to wash me off, and decided to have a little fun, anyway long story short, he put the shower hose inside me (I‘m sure you can figure it out) and decided to flush me out like a enema from the inside. I tried to expel the thoughts quickly.

"What are you thinking about?" Dylan asked snapping me out of my daze. He turned on the vibrator and a low hum sounded through out the room.

"Nothing." I said with a weak smile.

“I call your bullshit,“ Dylan said as he does all too often, “Tell me now please Paul,” He looked up again and turned it off. I let out a quite whimper and he went back to business, reaching under the bed to get some more ropes and knots tying them quickly around my ankles. I let Dylan do as he pleased eager to hurry up the moment when I would be able to feel that vibrator deep within me.

"Up we go." Said Dylan as he lifted both legs towards the headboard bending
Me in half in the process. He tied the left leg first. I began to lick his lips looking for a kiss and Dylan smiled.

“No, not going to happen, I spoil you far too much,” he said going back to his knots. I licked my lips again and whimpered again.

“Grr, fine but your going to have to be punished for this,” he said, rising from the knots, he pushed his tongue deep down my throat, his prisoners throat, almost to say thank you for every time we have been together. He tied the other leg without breaking eye contact. It was a staring contest and, of course, I broke down and smiled first pouting for another kiss. A few more pecks from Dylan was all I got though because Dylan was already hard again waiting for some more

He flipped the vibrator on to the lowest setting and placed the tip on my balls. I threw his head back then side to side, letting out a loud moan of pleasure. Dylan rubbed his hand over my
stomach, occasionally reaching up to my nipples and giving them a slight tweak or rub.

"I might have to gag you again. Give yourself to me , Paul. You're so addicted to cock!" Dylan laughed.

"Fuck, oh god, no, stop, awwww, no!" I moaned and yelled. The sheer pleasure I was receiving made it hard to focus on breathing.

Dylan took the vibrator off my balls and let me to flop back down onto the bed. My chest was heaving as Dylan continued to grope and play with my chest.

"What do you want slut?”

"I NEED to be fucked!"

"Yes you do,” Dylan agreed, nodding his head.

He decided to be nice to me and slipped the fake cock into my waiting and willing ass like butter without any vibrations. I couldn’t do much more than flip my hips to get the maximum pleasure for myself. I clenched my ass around the cock much like he did when Dylan was fucking me, but it was no real use because the plastic device had no mercy for my ass stretched out in front of Dylan.

Dylan slowly pulled it out all the way. I tried to hug it tight enough to that I would not have to feel empty but Dylan gave an extra hard tug then proceeded to plunge it all the way back it. It wasn't that much bigger than Dylan's cock so I knew Cody could take it all. And take it all I did. Dylan always made sure to remove it completely when he pulled out, looking at my sorry look of need. There was just something about giving me that much pleasure and pain at once that made Dylan smile. What a cruel sadistic master, I giggled to myself at this thought.

I was entirely hard now as was Dylan. Dylan made sure to press firmly against my prostate each time he slid the device in. He knew exactly where to find it since my ass was his cock's primary home. It was his property, he should know where to find it. My balls were hanging just in front of Dylan’s face, and he took the invitation and began to caress them with his tongue and lips. I
skyrocketed into another level of pleasure as the tension in my rod mounted. I needed release or else it was going to blow on its own.

"Want some more, Pauly?" Dylan said still lapping his saliva around my flesh.

"Ahh, Dylan, more, please! Fuck me. Breed me! Please!" I screamed over the dull hum of the vibrator making it's way in to touch his prostate yet again.

Dylan smiled while circling his tongue around my left testicle and flipped the switch to it's highest setting. The vibrator sounded like a vacuum as it sent powerful jets of pleasure streaking through my ass and up my spine. Reduced to a babbling mess, I could not express my gratitude to Dylan for taking me higher again. Dylan began to take longer strokes and let the vibrator sit on my prostate making me scream with pleasure, for several seconds before pulling out.

He pushed the humming tool against my balls and his tongue massaged the hairless area further. After several seconds of that, he plunged it back in to the hilt, held it there and pulled out. He pulled it out and pressed it against my cock and balls again. I went into 7th heaven and hoped Dylan was experience the same kind of pleasure. Dylan continued this routine for several minutes.

"MMMMGH!" Was all I managed to get out.

Dylan took it as a sign I was about to erupt all over his face. And erupt I did. My hips shot into the air but Dylan was quick to push them down again, making sure his face wasn't smacked by an uncontrollable spasm of my hips. He took my shaft his in hand and pointed it straight at my chest and face just as the first pearly white shot of sperm fired out. It fired so fast, that before I got a chance to recover, another jet had exploded. I grinded my hips into the bed. Dylan watched the action unfold. There was nothing hotter than watching your own personal toy tied up and shooting sperm all over himself, at least half of my streams had landed on my face.

"So beautiful," Dylan said.

Of course, over the vibrator and his moans, I could hardly hear him. Dylan waited till I’d completely finished shooting, before scooping up all my cum on his fingers. I collapsed on the bed and opened my mouth to moan, only to have him shove his fingers in my mouth.

“Eat it,” he instructed. So I licked his fingers cleans over and over again till he was sure I’d eaten all of my cum.

"Wow." I said coming down from my high and looking up adoringly at Dylan’s perfect face.

Dylan turned off the vibrator and listened to me pant as my heart rate slowed down. He untied my ankles and wrists, where I had red marks along where the rope had been tied. Dylan made sure to kiss all the areas better as I rolled to my side with Dylan being the bigger spoon behind me.

"How was it?" Dylan questioned kissing along my neck. I let out a quite moan.

"Better than you could imagine." I said straining my neck back to look at his perfect face again as he held him closer. I turned my head only to have it pushed back onto the pillow while Dylan kissed my neck.

"Thanks for the midnight show, Paul." Dylan replied. "I don't think I will
be bored for awhile.

I laughed weakly, to tired out for anything better. Dylan was always bored, and always eating too.

"Thank you for an amazing fuck and cum, Dylan."

"Let's try and get some sleep." Dylan giggled. He knew that would be
impossible with his cock lined up along side my crack.

"Then you can kiss me all day tomorrow." He continued flipping the vibrator on and off again and again in front of me, I pushed my head back against his chest. I could do nothing but smile and fall asleep.


The next morning when I woke up I could feel something hard pushing against my ass. I moaned and rubbed my eyes, when I went to sit up I found it impossible; I had someone draped over me with their face in my neck. I tried to slide myself out gently without waking him up, as I got one leg off the bed he stirred.

“Where do you think you going?” Dylan said tightening his limply draped arms into a tight hug.

“I thought you were asleep, didn’t think you’d notice,” I mumbled, pushing back onto the bed and into the hug.

“I’ve been awake for a hours, watching you sleep, your so cute when you sleep,” he said, running his hand through my hair and kissing my neck, “especially when you start sleep talking,” grinning as he whispered into my ear.

“I talk in my sleep? What was I saying?”

“Nothing important, don’t worry,”

“Pretty please tell me?” I pleaded, touching his cock lightly where it rested against my crack, he sighed when I did this.

“Fine,” he said with a moan, “it really wasn’t important, you were just saying my name, and once or twice saying something else like ‘don’t leave me’ or ‘I love you’, it was kinda’ cute.”

I blushed when he said this and tried to bury my face in the mattress, he toyed with my hair.

“Its ok, it wasn’t a bad thing,” he kissed the back of my neck, “besides, its nice to know how you really feel.”

“But couldn’t you just ask,” I mumbled hoping he hadn’t heard.

“No, besides, this way was more fun,” he said releasing his grip slightly, “now come on sleepy, we should probably get up before someone comes looking for us.”

“What time is it?” I asked attempting to roll over and kiss him, I think I managed to get his shoulder, not quite where I was aiming for, but just as good.

“Nearly 9”

“And you didn’t wake me up!?” I demanded, worried about how much time I’d spent sleeping against him.

“I didn’t want to, you were so cute, and I was to comfy,” he said, shifting so his privates pushed against my ass. I moaned quietly and pulled his arms around me, “Come on sook.”

He lugged me up out of the bed then dragged me around to the chair in corner. I began to wonder how much Rebecca had spent on the boat. This thought was dashed when he started running around the room.

“What do you want to wear today?”


“What. Do. You. Want. To. Wear?”

“Oh umm, you choose can pick?”

“Hmm, ok,” he laughed, rushing to my bag, and ripping through it.

He pulled out a pair of black jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of my smallest black undies. Stacking them up and throwing them to me. He ushered to me to start dressing so I pulled on the undies, with him watching me. He came over to me and stood behind me, reaching around and tweaking my nipples making me jolt in my place while I pulled up the jeans. Once I had those up, he stuck his hands down them, pushing past the rim of my undies and squeezing my ass. I blushed again and let a small moan out, making him burst out laughing. He sat me back down on the chair and lifted my arms to put my t-shirt on.

“Why all the extra attention?”

“Aren’t I aloud to look after you after wearing you out last night, I’m sure you must be a little sore? Don‘t you like me paying attention?”

“No! I like it! Just curious as to why since yesterday morning you seemed like you were trying to drive me off, and now today, your just so different.”

“And your confused?”

“Well, a little.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back into him to kiss my neck.

“Do you mind being kept my little secret? For me and only me?”

“No…” I mumbled, pushing back and nuzzling into his shoulder. If we got to stay together, he could keep me in a box in his closet.

He dragged me back off the chair fully dressed, draping my arms around his shoulders and dragging me to the galley. Plonking me down on the chair and going to the fridge.

“What do you want for breaky?” he asked, rummaging through the fridge.

“Ummm,” I said staring at his crotch.

“Not gonna happen bubs, where outta’ bed, and you’re my little secret remember,” he said, walking over and squeezing my cheeks to make a fishy face. I pouted as he released me and scuffed my hair.

“How ‘bout cereal?” he asked tickling my stomach.

“Fine,” I mumbled pushing his hand away. He made a confused face, flattened out my hair, and went to the cupboard.

“How about cornflakes?”

“Is there fruit loops?”

“Umm… No. There’s cornflakes, weet-bix or rice bubbles?”

“Cornflakes,” I said, deliberately lacing my voice with disappointment.

“If you don’t cheer up then I’ll just go wake Freya up?”


“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were just a teensy bit jealous of her?” he said with a sly expression, placing 2 bowls on the counter and pushing one to me.

“Like you wouldn’t be…” I mumbled.



“Bullshit. You’re the worlds worst liar. You couldn’t even lie straight in bed last night.”

“You would know,” I said, flicking a piece of cereal at him.

“Oh. My. God. You are jealous of her! That’s so cute. You’re getting jealous. I wish I could photo it,” he said framing me with his hands, while I tried to hide my face in my cereal.

“Its not funny.”

“You’re right, its not, Its hilarious. Pauly Wally is jealous,” he mocked, pinching my cheek.

I ate my breakfast in silence, sulking in the process. Occasionally he’d play with my hair or tickle my chin. I began to wonder where everyone else was, then realised the time. It was nearly 10.30, so I guess every one would be up and about. I finished my breakfast, then rushed up to the top deck. To the empty top deck, I trotted back down the steps slowly.

“Where is everyone?” I asked to no-one in particular.

“Rebecca, Matt and Kaya went for a dive; and Freya’s in her room.”

“So you forced me out of bed, just so that the others wouldn’t come looking, at say… LUNCHTIME!” I heard Freya stir in her room and open the door when I shouted.

“Good Morning Dylan. Paul.” She said, nodding in my direction and hugging Dylan.

“Hey,” he said kissing her on top of the head. I fake gagged.

“How are you this morning Paul? You seem to have eaten something bad?”

“I think your right, something’s making me queasy,” I said, the acid practically pouring out with the words.

This type of banter continued till lunch time. When Dylan suggested a board game since the others still weren’t back.

“How about snakes and ladders?” Freya suggested.

“No, what about a card game?” My ears perked up the second he mentioned cards and I glared at him. Screaming in my mind ‘NO ARE YOU STUPID!’.

“What sort?”

“Iunno. Poker? Go Fish?”

“How about go fish, I know how to play that?” I said, trying to turn the conversation around.

“I’ve seen you play poker before. You always lose,” winking at me,” But I’ve seen you play.”

“Well go fish seems more appropriate. We are on a boat.”

“That’s the first logical things I’ve ever heard you say Paul,” Freya tacked quickly to the end of my sentence.

“Ha-Ha. Why don’t you guys play something, I’m going to go lie down,” I said, lifting myself up from the lounge and striding quickly down the stairs and to the bedroom.

I threw myself face down on the bed and let out a small scream of frustration. Was I just some toy for him to use when he saw fit? Maybe I’ll fall over board and get eaten by a shark. Not likely, but maybe. Or I could fall into the propeller. I suppose that really defeats the purpose since I still won’t be anymore enlightened.

After about 5 minutes I rolled over onto my back and looked for patterns in the wood panelling. I imagine at this point Dylan and Freya were doing what Dylan and I should have been doing. At least, what I think we should have been doing. So maybe it would just be like this. Maybe he’d like it better if I wasn’t in the equation. I always seem to complicate everything. Friendships, relationships, everything.

I picked my phone up off the floor and started going through my play lists. Paramore, perfect for wallowing in self pity. Fences, Somebody Just Like Me, We Are Broken, Stop this Song; All perfect for the occasion. I lay there listening to them and waiting for my brain to turn off.

To be Continued…?


Next one wont be out for a while, And it will be written from Dylan's point of veiw (coz it'd be kinda freaky if I was dead and still talking).

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