Helping Johnny

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There was a person with learning disabilities in our neighbourhood, a man named Johnny who was 19 years old at the time of this story, while I was a 43 year old divorced woman who lived alone.

Although Johnny was suffering from Down syndrome, he was very kind, polite and responsible. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about some of the guys and girls of his age who usually mocked and bullied him, despite having a healthy brain. I noticed that he is able and willing to learn and have a normal life. His disability didn't affect him or people who interacted with him that much. I considered him an adult, so did his parents and the people who really knew him. Those who didn't were simply mean and wanted to belittle him.

There was only one field which Johnny was still considered a child in it. You can easily guess which one!

I noticed that he had become sexually mature as well. Despite he tried to hide it, I noticed that he is showing sexual desire for women. I knew he was suffering and couldn't have a girlfriend.

One time, one of the mean young women tricked him. She faked having feelings for him and indirectly encouraged him to approach her. Then she pulled a prank on Johnny and shamed him in public.

I felt sorry for him. He was a good person and didn't deserve that, nobody does.

Johnny's parents were kind to him and took care of his needs until he grew and became an independent man in every field, except one. He never got the education which he needed about relationship and sex. I tried talking to his parents about it. They admitted he had no sex education at all, but they insisted that they wanted their son like that. Despite I believe their intention was good, that was actually cruel. They had no right to expect him to remain a little boy for the rest of his life. He needed to grow and his desires needed to be fulfilled. I knew that he was mature, intelligent and responsible enough to have a relationship, even a serious one. Many guys and girls of his age were having irresponsible and unsafe sex lives, despite having healthy brains and sufficient education. So, why should he be denied?

One day, I was re watching the movie "One flew over the cuckoo's nest". When I saw how cruelly nurse Ratched treated Billy (both of them were characters in that famous movie) for having sex, I thought of Johnny. Wasn't the society doing the same thing to him? Weren't we all nurse Ratcheds who -- despite having good intentions -- couldn't see him as an adult (at least in that particular field) and forbid him from having a normal life?

He was legally allowed to have relationships and sex, but that right only existed on paper. The society banned him in real life.

I decided to help him myself. One day I invited him in. we had a little chat and I started talking about sex related subjects. He was too shy, but I managed to make him talk. He admitted that he is suffering because he is horny and cannot be satisfied. He also admitted that he has never seen a naked woman and hasn't masturbated in his life (he didn't even knew how to do it)!

That was shocking, I couldn't take it anymore. I suggested teaching him about sex and he agreed. Since he had learning disabilities, I thought that verbal education probably won't be enough. I needed to show him in practice. I asked him to undress. He was willing to do it, but he was too shy to undress in front of me, so I undressed him gently. I undressed as well and we stood fully naked in front of each other. I started by teaching him about my body parts and how they functioned. It was the first time he was seeing a naked woman. I allowed him to touch every part which I was teaching him about, and we went on one by one.

When the lesson was over, I noticed that he was very horny. I thought it would be cruel to leave him like that. I asked if he needed my help to reach an orgasm (it was obvious from his erection that he was very eager, but I wanted to be polite and also didn't want him to feel dominated). He said yes, so I hugged and gave him a long kiss on the mouth. Then I asked him to lie down. I started stroking his cock, at first with my hands and then with my breasts. Then I sucked him until he cummed. I swallowed all of his cum. He had a little rest and then I showed him how to penetrate a woman and give oral sex. Despite it was his first time, he performed very good and managed to satisfy me. I kissed him again and reminded him that having sex doesn't change our relationship and he shouldn't confine himself to masturbation (which I taught him) or loveless sex, but should look for true love.

On the next sessions, I taught him about safe sex, pregnancy, condoms, hygiene, how to treat and please a woman and anything he needed to know about relationship and sex.

We remained friends and had sex a few more times. As I said, I encouraged him not to confine himself to loveless sex, so I helped him to find a nice girl. They fell in love and moved on with their lives.

That was the best sex which I had in my life, although it wasn't the physical part which made it the best (despite it was very good from a purely sexual point of view!); the thing which made it the best was helping Johnny and enabling him to have a relationship and normal sex life.

However, if you want to help someone with a similar problem, be sure that you are not mistaking your desires for someone else's needs. Don't rush into anything. Try to inform their parents or caretakers about the needs which they neglect. Be sure that they are mature, intelligent and responsible enough to have sex. Always put them first and never ever take advantage of them.

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