Spying Gone Right

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Part 1

I have been living with my roommate for about a year and suddenly newfound impulses found me.

Kathryn is a shy girl with lovely brown hair, gorgeous legs, a well shaped ass and breasts that were the size of oranges - a perfect size for groping. Being 22 years old she really needed a reliable roommate who could pay rent and do some chores around the house.

Now myself being a quiet 25 year old and needing to have a nice place near college while I finish up my last few semesters, she saw great promise in me being around. We hit it off by talking about interests and the things I can help out with that she desperately needed done around the house. Of course with her being so beautiful I would have icandy walking around which was no big deal to me, but I just couldn’t blow it by becoming too forward which may lead me to getting kicked out. So staying laid back is what I did.

It was the middle of summer semester and I was starting to cram for a few important tests coming up. The stress was starting to get to me where I was avoiding work every couple of hours to masturbate and calm down. Unforgivingly, the sun was still beating down on my window at 7:00pm and I needed out. I went out of my room to the kitchen to see where Kathryn was - maybe some conversation would take some stress of my head. With her not being found I did a quick look around and saw her outside in the backyard, squatted down in tights and a tank top pulling some weeds. Now usually yard work was my forte so I felt I should go out there and thank her.

“Hey Kathryn thanks for doing this, I was planning on doing it this weekend when it was a little cooler out.”

“Oh it’s no problem, I was already out walking for a while and I know you are in your room slaving away at the notebook. How do you think you are going to do on your tests?”

“Hard to say, the teacher won’t let us know exactly yet what will be on the test. Just want to be prepared, you know?” At this point I felt like I was dissociating from the conversation for a moment there because I was starting to notice a small camel toe forming in her tights and underwear - I kept glancing down and around at the weeds to not cause suspicion.

“Oh I get you, some of my teachers did that to us as well a year ago - assholes.” We laughed and after mentioning I should get back to work she said she would too.

Once going back inside I had a thought that I have never had before.

Watch her, get your phone and snap some pictures.

My heart started to pump so hard my arms shook. I went to my room real fast and snatched my phone and went to a window with a good view. I opened my camera app and got a few of her ass to me: squatting, a few times bent over on her knees, and she even moved around and ended up facing me but still bent over and I got a few cleavage shots. I thought I would surely have a heart attack the way I felt so I had to stop.

Running back to my room, I uploaded the images onto my computer and yanked out my dick and started pumping away. Just imaging getting her down in the dirt, taking her from behind and then blowing my load on her chest made my toes curl in an intense orgasm where I came a huge load on a towel. I have had good sessions almost like that before but never that good. I must enjoy looking at people from afar and then getting off on it.

Oh great now I am fucking weird.

But holy crap did I like it a lot. I collected myself - did a few quick breathes and started to look up porn relating to spying on roommates. There was tons of hidden cams stuff I have glanced at on the net before but now it became my new thing. Sadly, I found plenty of voyeur videos but none that were about roommates. I just wanted to scratch that one itch. So I took it upon myself to start keeping up with Kathryn’s schedule and have my own personal voyeur model.

The following week at school was the tests that boiled down to me cramming so much of my time studying that I forgot what I was doing the week before. I got out of class at 12:30pm and I headed home. The tests were over and it would be weeks before finals came up but I didn’t have to worry for a while. After getting home right around 1:00pm I heard a somewhat familiar sound. Water

I walked down the hallway and it got louder and louder. I found Kathryn’s door open with the light on and I could clearly hear now her shower running and splashes intermittently hitting the ground. Now if I knew her at all, she must of just got in because she times everything to a T. I bet I had a few minutes left of her being in there - so I whipped out my phone.

I inched into her room and got closer to the doorway of her bathroom. Her bathroom went around the corner and was a thin room with the shower being at the very end. After putting my camera on record, I inched the phone along the wall before seeing on the screen, my insanely beautiful roommate, cleaning herself thoroughly.

I held the phone steady while frantically looking around the room as if someone would leap out of thin air and expose me. None of that would happen of course but my heart was kicking hard in my chest like it’s all it knew how to do.

She was facing away from the hot shower and leaning back to get her hair wet. This perfectly was showing off a profile of her shiny, watery breasts. She then nearly made me shit myself because she turned completely towards me - showing me both her breasts hanging so nicely with water flowing around them and trailing down to the small and unkempt patch of hair on her mound. She grabbed the soap nearby and started spreading it on her arms and stomach. She put the soap down and then cleaned off her arms and then used the soap remaining on her stomach to clean that and spread it upwards onto her breasts. I tell you watching her breasts gently bouncing from her hands repeatedly bat at them I nearly came right then in my pants. She then turned right towards the water to wash off her body. Not long after that she grabbed the soap one more time to do some of her back and then rising each of her legs up on a ledge to soap her thighs. She lathered all around each leg and got whatever excess soap and planted it on her ass. She cleaned that butt so thoroughly I nearly thought the soap was a magical elixir that made her rear that shape.

Now I saw on my phone I was nearing minute six watching this amazing show and I nearly backed off but then she turned back towards me again with a small object. I saw a few hand movements towards her bush and it dawned on me - I was watching her shave that patch she had and turn it into a clean mound. She would use her other hand after a few swipes to test if there was still hairs and then proceed. Now convinced after nine minutes marked on the video I should leave the room - so I slowly backed away, pulling my phone back and walked out of the room. I had the best video I have ever seen in my life and walked straight in my room and beat my stick like it was the first time.

After I finished up I heard the shower stop and her walking around in her room then I heard her walk past my door and out towards the kitchen. I stayed in my room and made sure I was presentable before going out and calmly talking to her. That was the hottest thought in my mind, spied on her, now I am going to talk to her like nothing happened - nearly got my heart beating again but I got over that before leaving the room.

I looked down the hall and into the kitchen and saw something I never expected. Kathryn was bent over looking for something in a cupboard with just a shirt on and no panties. I could see her tight ass and her freshly shaven lips perfectly. I stammered out loud and spun around and went into my room basically slamming my door. I immediately heard running and her bedroom door slamming shut. I nearly passed out from that panic, my brain trying to figure out what to do next and my heart giving my ears something to listen to - then KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the door.

“John we need to talk! Please come out here”

[Let me know what you think and I’ll post Part 2]

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