The Medallion - The Final Chapter

Jack opened his eyes and sat up quickly. He was in his sister's bed, Alicia and Emily on either side of him. He managed to get out of bed without waking either of them, but he almost tripped over the body on the floor.

He looked down and saw that it was Helen. "How", he began to ask, but then Aphrodite appeared in front of him. "It was never my intention for her to remain trapped within the eye forever. I needed for her to find a master who could handle her."

The goddess looked down on her daughter, love filling her eyes. "And you have also proven that you can resist abusing the power of the eye. Therefore, its power belongs to you now."

The Eye began to glow and Jack felt it burning against his chest. Green smoke poured from Helen's mouth and into Jack's chest, directly where the Eye lay. Suddenly the Eye crumbled to dust, leaving a scar on Jack's chest. He could feel the power coursing through him. It was as if he had never been alive before this moment.

"This feels amazing", Jack said, knowing that he would have everything he ever wanted and no one would ever be able to say no to him. Then he looked down at Helen. "What happens to her now", he asked the goddess. "She is mortal and she pledged herself to you. Treat her well", Aphrodite said. "And remember, if you abuse the power, I'll be back."

Then, just as quickly as she appeared, the goddess was gone. Jack kneeled down and touched Helen on the shoulder, waking her. She looked up at him in confusion. "What am I doing here", she asked. He put his finger to her lips, quieting her, and helped her up. "Follow me", he said and he saw her eyes flash green. He went into the kitchen and she followed him.

As she sat down, he explained what had happened. She just sighed as he finished talking. "I know you're telling the truth", she said as she looked down at her hands. "I can feel that the power is gone." "Sorry about that", Jack said.

"Don't be", Helen said as she looked up at him. "It almost feels as if a huge burden has been lifted from my heart." Jack was glad this was going well. He had expected her to freak out when she realized that she was mortal now.

"So, what are you going to do now", Jack asked. "What do you mean", Helen responded. "Now that you're mortal and you're not trapped in the Eye, what are you going to do with your life?" She looked down at the table and shrugged. "You are my master, so you will have to decide that. I've had much too much control in my life. It will be good for someone else to make my decisions for me."

Jack smiled when she said this. "Good, that was the answer I wanted to hear. Now, stand up and take off that dress. I've been waiting to get a good look at you for awhile." Helen's eyes flashed and she stood up. She reached up to the shoulders of her dress and undid the clasps. The garment fell to the floor, revealing her body to Jack.

His cock immediately began getting hard. "Perfect", he said as he took in everything. "Now, come over here and use that perfect mouth to please your master." Helen walked over and kneeled in front of him. She began stroking his dick and licking the head.

Jack moaned as Helen's mouth expertly pleasured his dick. It didn't take long for her to start taking his shaft deeper, until his balls rested against her chin. He started hammering her face, loving how tight and amazing her throat felt.

Before long, Jack felt his orgasm building. He fucked her face a few more times before pulling out. He groaned as he covered her face in spurts of cum, some getting into her long, golden hair. But he wasn't even close to finished.

"Stand up", he said firmly and his power forced her to obey. He turned her around and bent her over the table, her breasts pressing against the cool wood. Jack shoved his hand between her legs, feeling her wet cunt. "Such a slut, soaking wet just from sucking my dick", he said as he slapped her pussy lips.

She cried out and looked back at him. "Yes, I'm your slut, master. Now please, fuck me. It's been so long." He rubbed her cunt a little more, feeling her curly blond pubic hair. "I'll have one of the girls shave that later", he said, then he pressed his dick head against her tight hole. "Now, take your master", he growled and thrust all the way into her cunt in one push.

He moaned loudly as he buried himself inside Helen's cunt. It was as tight as any virgin. She orgasmed as he bottomed out inside her. Jack grabbed a handful of her hair, wrapping it around his fist, and pulled her head back. Then he kissed her deeply and passionately.

As soon as he broke the kiss, Jack started hammering her cunt. Helen screamed in pleasure as her pussy was stretched around his cock, her master's cock. The thought made her orgasm again, squirting around his thick shaft.

Her spasming pussy squeezed Jack's dick like a vise, almost as if she were trying to suck the cum out of him. And he was only too happy to oblige. Jack hammered her hard and deep several times, piercing her cervix. Then he exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her womb.

As he slid out of her sopping wet cunt, cum spilled down her legs, creating a puddle on the floor. Jack pulled her to him and kissed her again. As he looked into her eyes, Jack realized he had what he had been wanting all of his life.

He had his sister and sexy niece laying in bed, with Maya and Mia asleep in the other room. And in his arms, the sexiest woman in history, who was devoted to serving him and making him happy. And, in that moment, Jack knew that he was going to be happy for the rest of his life.


Six months later

Jack lay on a towel on the beach, Helen laying beside him. She was completely nude, working on her tan. Alicia was on the other side of him, in a tiny bikini, reading a book. Emily, Mia, and Maya were swimming, enjoying the ocean water.

Jack smiled as he watched them. The three of them looked so sexy, each of them about five months pregnant. And, from the ultrasounds, Jack already knew all three of them were having daughters. Three more to be added to his harem someday.

Alicia was happy to be a grandmother, and what a sexy grandmother she would be too. Helen had been a little disappointed at first, but Aphrodite had come in a dream and explained that, due to her special blood, she couldn't reproduce.

Jack had made it up to her by making their marriage official two weeks ago. And now here they were, on their honeymoon. Jack couldn't believe how amazing life was. A sexy wife, four sexy concubines, and three daughters on the way. He truly had everything a man could ever want.

The End

Author's note -

Thank you all for reading and enjoying this series. I have really enjoyed bringing this fantasy to life through these characters and I hope you've enjoyed it, and maybe got an orgasm or two out of it. If any of you have any ideas for stories, I'm always glad to hear them. Thank you again.

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