The Ladies at Marvin's Place

Jackie's face was covered in jism , as the 55 yr old married sexslave got off her knees & answered her front door . Oh its just you she laughed , it was her cuckold hubby Jason returning from work . Master Marvin has been working me over for the past few hours in our bedroom . He's cum in all my holes & just gave me my second facial of the day . Nude , except for her dog collar & spiked heels , Jackie went to the fridge & grabbed 2 beers for her & Master Marvin , who was waiting for her in the bedroom. Marvin is taking me home tonight , so i wont be back til tomorrow . In an emergency call me ill be at his apartment . Marvin had dominated Jackie now for the past year & the 23 year old maledom often used the brainwashed slut as his house sexslave for days on end , leaving Jason alone without his wife.

Jackie walked into the bedroom carrying 2 beers & with cum still dripping off her face , Who was at the door Cumbucket he asked . Master Marvin it was my wimpy husband. Oh the cuckold is back from work already ??? he smirked . Well drink up , will be going to my place soon As Jackie & Marvin finished their beers , Marvin grabbed Jackie by her collar & dragged her to the bathroom , where Jackie (who was used to it ) was pushed to her knees where her much younger master sprayed her face & hair with urine . Once he drained his lizard all over the married sluts face Jackie & Marvin took a water shower together . Marvin fisted the 55yr old cunt , before they washed up and left for Marvin's place

Chapter 1

Jackie was dressed only in a thong bikini & heels when they arrived at Marvin's apartment , this was part of her humiliation training . Where men young & old would stare at her wonderful rack & big fake tits.As they walked thru the apartment hallway. The former realtor , had changed professions since Marvin had hypnotized her . Jackie was now a part-time stripper & webcam model . Her cuckold hubby was still a realtor , but to humiliate the both of them her former co-workers would come to watch her strip. And she would even eat the pussies of some of her ex-coworkers. (It was okay , Marvin's apartment complex had an indoor & outdoor pool , but none of the ladies ever whore a skimpier bikini than Jackie .


After Master Marvin unlocked the apartment . He once again put Jackie's collar around her neck & this time locked a leash on the dog-collar. He led his slut to the bedroom where they found Sheila , a grey-haired 58 yr old married sexslave of Marvin's . She was the mother of another one his other submissives , Cindy who was 37.

Upon his orders he told Cindy to go his apartment ( he had given her keys , for just these instances )& bring Sheila , strip her naked except for her heels put her dog-collar on & leash, ballgag her , lube her ass & put her buttplug in . , before you leave tell Sheila to be quiet & lay on the bed and don't move ( we'll be there in an hour ) . Cindy had done what he said , He ordered Jackie to take the ballgag out Sheila's mouth ,& french-kiss Sheila before the real action would begin.

Chapter 2

Jackie &Sheila were being held by their leashes as, Jackie licked Master Marvin's shithole & Sheila sucked his pick . 23 year old Marvin was in pervert ecstasy as these brainwashed old bags made him hard as stone . He put Sheila on top of Jackie in the doggystyle position as he alternated back & forth & screwed their submissive pieholes Marvin filled them with man goo before both wenches 69d & ate the man dessert.

Marvin turned on his tv & watched the xxx scene playing . Both Jackie & Sheila were now resting on the floor in the dog position as Marvin used both ladies as footstools. On the screen he was watching , Cindy & 65 yr old granny Angie , both were owned by him . A few week s earlier , Cindy who is Sheila's daughter came over after , Angie was dominated for the first time by Master Marvin . Angie was his oldest but newest sexslave . Like all the others he had met her at the Mall. Anyways after he roughly fucked Angie in the pussy , ass , mouth & came all over her . He took the 65 yr old to his bathtub & pissed all over her face , Angie , said her husband would never do this to her , but she loved it when he did.

So once the showered & cleaned up , he thought it would be exciting to see the 37 year old , eat the 65 yr old cunt .So he called Cindy & told her to come over . He loved the age gap as he watched Cindy lick Granny Angie's clit, pussy & asshole. Marvin watched the video & began wacking off so he kept Jackie as his footstool & he had Sheila deepthroat his 10inch dick as he watched Sheila's whore daughter Cindy get femdommed on screen . After Cindy finished eating granny ass , Granny Angie started strapon fucking the much younger Milf Cindy anally with her lubed rubber phallus , Screaming in pain & ecstasy , Cindy orgasmed twice before Granny Angie had Cindy clean the ass flavored strapon with her tongue.

As Sheila swallowed Marvin's cum , Jackie got up & as ordered licked Sheila's ass & pussy , once Sheila had reached bliss. Marvin took both the ladies to the tub & drained his man piss all over their slut faces.

Marvin loved the GRANNY ANGIE& CINDY LEZFEST maybe the next time he'd make it a 4way &have Sheila&Jackie join in on screen. In the meantime , Sheila & Jackie had had cleaned up & taken a shower , so now it was time to hogtie the both of them & text pics of them to their cuckold husbands . Life was Good He thought

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