Ben and Ryan have a stoned encounter

This is based on a true story. Some names have been excluded. Some scenes are exaggerated to meet my fantasies but most of this really did happen.

It was a hot summer day. Ryan and I had both been hanging out with our girlfriends when we all decided it would be a great idea to get high that night. Ryan proceeded to call our marijuana dealer and organise a delivery whilst I entertained myself with talking to the girls.

Whilst talking to the girls, I couldn’t help but glance at Ryan out of the corner of my eye. I was a closeted bisexual, and still am ‘til this day. I had always had a thing for Ryan. But who could blame me? He was so cute. Tanned and in shape, with a pretty face and nice hair and a little bit shorter than I. Everybody wanted him. In fact, here I was sitting around with my girlfriend who was literally begging to fuck when she got stoned later on with me, and all I could think about was touching his cock once more. Ryan and I had had a sexual encounter once before this when we were both drunk. It was some mutual masturbation and I gave him a quick blowjob. He passed out straight after. In the morning, no words were ever spoken and he acted as though it had never occurred.

I, myself, am quite a tall boy with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. I'm very lanky, skinny and uncoordinated. And shy. So far, at the age of 16, I had only had sex with one girl. Not unusual for my age, but for my group of friends it definitely was. Anyway, Ryan interrupted my daydreaming with news that the dealer would be here in two minutes. Right on time, he showed up with our freshly purchased marijuana. I was getting excited, I loved fucking my girlfriend when I was high.

We went to walk back to my place when Ryan’s girlfriend received a text message from her dad demanding her home immediately. This ruined plans slightly, and after a few minutes we decided that Ryan’s girl and mine would go back to her house and that we would all smoke together tomorrow. This left Ryan and the marijuana all to me tonight. I found myself slightly turned on as I considered the possibilities. We arrived home and I decided to take a shower to prepare myself if something was to happen. I shaved my pubic hair and my ass and used a makeshift enema to clean myself out. I was still a virgin when it came to guys so I had never had the need to purchase one yet. After my shower I got dressed in front of Ryan, making sure to be revealing. I don’t think he took much notice; at least he seemed not to.

We snuck out the back door into my backyard with the bong and the weed. After each smoking our fair share, we decided we were pretty stoned and that my parents would be asleep so watching a movie and pigging out would definitely be a good idea. We snuck back inside, cooked up a feast, giggled to ourselves as we flicked through channels. Nothing was too entertaining. I decided by now, nothing was going to happen between us and I was way too horny to take it anymore. I boldly informed him I was horny and was going to my room to jerk off.

I left the room and entered mine. I loaded up my favourite porn site and opened up a video. It was Eva Angelina fucking two white guys. Yum. I whipped out my cock and starting rubbing it up and down. I was hard quickly and really getting into it when suddenly Ryan entered the room.

“Oh sorry, dude, I forgot you said you were doing this.”

I was crazy horny right now and did not even bother to cover myself up.

“Don’t mind me, man. Just having a bat, that’s all.” I half said, half moaned as I continued to masturbate.

“What are you watching anyway?”

“Come look”, I said. Butterflies came in my stomach in anticipation of something to happen.

Ryan lent over the bed and gazed at the porno and then to my cock as I rubbed it slowly and seductively and then back to the porno.

“You can sit down if you want”, I managed to whisper.

He took a seat beside me, and pulled his pants down and took off his shirt. I grasped a quick glance at his cock. It was already thick and throbbing. This was a good sign. He picked up his rhythm to match mine and we continued to masturbate together, both of us occasionally stealing glances at each other’s hard dicks. After about 5 minutes, I couldn't take it any longer. I feigned super highness, and giggled whilst rubbing my newly shaven pubic region.

“Feel this man, it’s so smoooooth. It feels hilarious” I breathed.

He didn't say a word but reached over and rubbed my pubic region a few times and then slowly slid his hand down and around my dick. I gasped for air as pleasure overtook my body. The sensations were intensified by the high. I eagerly grabbed his dick and began to jerk him off whilst he did the same to me. His dick was thick and rock hard. It was of average length and curved up towards his belly button. It was so hot under my touch. I was amazingly turned on at being able to jack him off.
We both were speechless, only moaning under the pleasure gained from the naughty feeling of what we were doing. After about 15 minutes, I broke the silence.

“Ryan, did you want to go down on me?”

He didn't speak, merely looked me in the eyes, shuffled his body into place and wrapped his tender lips around my dick. I squirmed and writhed my hips back and forth as he managed to successfully take my entire dick down his throat. I ran my hands through his hair and took control of the blowjob, leading his head up and down whilst he flickered his tongue around the tip of my cock, making me gasp for breath. I was about to blow then and there so I stopped him by pulling him away.

I spent a few seconds gaining back my breath as he looked confused. Once I was right to continue, I leant over and took his hard dick in my hand and started kissing his neck, slowly jerking him off. This was so hot, it was driving me insane. We stayed like this, with my slobbering all over his neck for a few moments until I took notice of the porno playing in the background. Eva Angelina had just taken it up the ass.

I whispered in his ear, “Do you want to try what’s on the screen?”


I told him to lie down on my bed whilst I fetched a bottle of lube that my girlfriend and I often used from my drawers. I was shaking from nerves of what was about to happen. I walked back to my bed and squeezed the bottle over his dick.

“You gave me head, so I have to return the favour”.

He merely cheekily smiled. I applied lube to my ass and hovered over him. I had never tried to put a cock inside of me before. I reached behind me and found his dick and pointed it towards my ass. Luckily, being so lubed up, together with the countless nights of playing with my asshole, made the entry less painful. I slid down his dick, with a pop as my asshole clenched around him. I felt all of his glory enter inside me and looked down at his face that was scrunched up in pleasure. I slowly started to ride his fat cock, moaning heavily with the pleasure of his dick deep inside of me. I quickened the pace a little bit and could hear my dick loudly slapping against his flat stomach. I was beginning to tire so I started grinding his dick from side to side.

Ryan suddenly reached up and grabbed my ass in both hands and brought me forward so our heads were together. He locked lips with mine and stuck his tongue inside of my mouth and started to thrash my ass violently, as if to tease the fact that I was an anal virgin only fifteen minutes prior. I moaned into his mouth while he continued to pound my asshole.

I suddenly felt his grip on my butt tighten to the point where his fingernails began to dig into me. His thrusts increased in intensity and I could tell he was about to blow. He started entering me harder and faster until all of a sudden I felt the sensation of ropes of hot cum spew inside my asshole, whilst he made a few heavy final thrusts. After he was done I pulled myself up and let his semi-hard and cum-soaked cock exit from me. I was so close to blowing now. I grabbed my dick and shuffled up forward and pointed my cock at his mouth. I jerked off heavily and let my cum explode straight into his mouth. He gulped it down quickly and took a few lustful licks of my shaft.

I rolled off him. We fell asleep quickly after, exhausted from the ordeal. When I woke up the next morning, Ryan had already gone home. Not a word was spoken about it since.

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Disclaimer Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel () Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words
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