Wife gets a little extra and gives a little extra Part 1

Post time2-02-2021, 16:32

I am married with a few kids, and Im not going to beat around the bush my sex life fucking sucks, and I cant blame my wife fully cause I have alot to do with it. I have a below average dick and last no more a few minutes at most so its no wonder I get her pussy like twice a month if im lucky. Anyway I started looking into ways to improve my status and came across some extensions and thought hmmmm I wonder will cathy my wife like it if I turned my 5 inch dick into a 7.5 inch thick dick??? So yeah I bought that shit and some lub after a few days it came in the mail, I was def looking forward to using it and I didnt tell her just figured id give her a pleasant surprise. So the day was here I was so horny thinking about how she would react to this new dick, I did wonder what if she doesnt want to use it, I reallly didnt care just wanted to try. I had been trying it on all day posing and all that anyway cat came home and I did my normal stuff greeted her with a kiss grabbed her ass and told her lets take the kids next door to play for a little while, she looked at me and grinned and said im down its been a while any way. So we sent them away next door, and as we walked back to the house I walked behind cat mesmerizing about fucking the shit out of that fat ass, cat is 5'5" 115lbs 27" waist 34" hips tits that grew from a small b cup to a full c after the kids. She was in her work clothes which was a business suit nothing sexy, I suggested to her that she should take a shower before get cleaned up before we get going she was like alright so I figured that would be my prep time to get my dick nice and hard and get that extension on it was a soft plastic very realistic feel and look, I watched some porn put it on put my boxers on to hide it even though you could tell the difference. she got out the shower I walked up to her kissed her fully lips and told her I got some lube today no more dry pussy for youuu i giggled. She was laughing and agreed I wanted to get started so didnt let her dry off, I started caressing her ass and kissing her ever so gently I told her to put her hands against the sink counter and bend over so I could eat her pussy, which I loved to do, her pussy was so fat and taste amazing so I eat that pussy as often as I could which wasnt often, she bent over being kinda shy like always, she wasnt very sexual and not opened minded about anything sex wise thats the reason I didnt want to tell her about the extension. She always complains that she doesnt like me eating her out, butevery time I would do it she would say it tickles and wiggle around bite her lip and get so wet so I never really understood her saying she didnt like it, I think that was just her low self esteem coming out in her. I really wanted to eat her fresh pussy but I took my time I wanted her to get wet and horny so this huge dick I aquired wouldnt turn her off. I told her to arch her back more ran my hands up her legs and kissed her legs up to her ass licked the lips of her pussy all the way around she started wiggling around I slowed down then licked the area between her asshole and pussy she squeezed her own ass grabbed my ass and moaned llike she never has her pussy was crazy wet and I havent even tasted that clit yet, it got me so horny my dick was throbbing in the extension. I finally dove my tongue inside her pussy fucking her with my tongue, it was so delicious I love it then moved up to the clit played with it then started rubbing my fingers around her asshole sticking my finger little by little in her ass she kinda backed off little but I was persistant and kept it nice and easy and she started to enjoy it I got up admired her ass then grabbed some oil rubbed it all over her ass and moved in close and rubbed my new dick on her ass while massaging her back and ass. I noticed she started to grind her ass really hard on my dick and moaning she seemed to enjoy it and didnt say anything about it feeling bigger, so I figured alright here we go she is nice and wet and horny as hell so I dropped my boxers told her to stick that ass out and open her ass cheeks with her hands rubbed so lub that I didnt need this time around my dick then put the head of the extension on her pussy and slowly started getting it in, she pushed back to fuck me then stopped and grabbed my dick and turned around and looked and I thought damn she is done now she isnt going to want to fuck my with this on, She asked me what is this, why are you wearing this i dont want that I want the real thing, then I was like well you really seemed to enjoy grinding on it didnt you, why dont you just give it a try I think your going to like it, she was like that shit is big its going to hurt, and i was like well relax and we will just take it easy untilyour pussy starts enjoying it,,, she was quiet then rubbed her pussy which was literally dripping down her thieghs and rubbed her juice on my dick extension and said ok but I will control the pace until I can handle it..So we moved to the bed she told me to lay down being directive was a first for her I wa getting so excited, she had her back toward me bent over I was admiring her ass and pussy she put her legs under mine then looked back at me and slowly lowered her pussy onto my dick as the head of the extension disappeared into her pussy she took a deep breath and moaned hard and deep and she fucked the head of it for a minute, then I guess she thought she was ready and I watched the extension disappear in her wet pussy when she got half way down she popped up so fast and scream OMG! that dick is so big and took it slow again taking it half way she started getting crazy moaning and telling me my dick was so good and she kept saying yes baby yes baby its so good I love it I love it as she started speeding up but still only going half way I wanted so bad to just ram all 7.5" in her I was calm and enjoying her excitment over it, after 15 mins which is the longest we had ever had sex she started taking all of it in a slow sensual way then out of nowhere she started to fuck the shit out of the dick her ass was smacking pop pop pop and she was being extremely vocal a first, she couldnt help her self she then said im ready for you to fuck me baby, fuck me hard baby she said I want all of it deep inside my pussy she was already in a doggy style position I just had to get up now and I did in a heartbeat, I wasted no time and rammmed my dick in her fucking her as fast as I could and hard the sheets where wet my balls were dripping i was loving the decision to buy this extention I loved it I couild fuck her for hours and not cum and she def had her first, second, third and fourth orgasm ever. After an hour and a half of amazing sex with the extension she put me on my back and took it off sucked my dick so hard it felt amazing cause I dont get head hardly ever. She sucked and sucked trying to get me off after 10 minutes of sucking she said I know what he wants referring to my dick, so she straddled me and rode my dick in a sexy way rotating her hips in a circular motion I was suprising lasting longer than 15 minutes and she orgasmed again and again,then she got up and said I think you deserve a special treat she bent over stuck her finger in her ass and said why dont you put that in here, keep in mind I tried it once before and she hated it so this was suprising. I smiled and didnt rush to get it there I first kissed her ass then started eating her pussy and ass out she did not rush me at all she actually was beggin me not to stop but I wanted so bad to fuck that asshole, I dove in that wet asshole and she screamed pretty loud scared me really, I took it out and said im sorry Ill take it slow she yelled at me fuck that put that dick back in fuck my tight ass hard, in my head I wa like am I watching a porn right now, but no I was living one it was legit, I fucked her ass hard as I could she was pretty tight after a few minutes of working it loosened up and I started to really work that ass and then we both started getting into it, but as soon as we started peaking I felt myself about to cum I was pissed but hey it was a good afternoon. I told her and figured I would just cum inside of her like always but she took my dick and shoved it into her mouth sucking vigiously telling me she wanted my cum in her mouth another first, I blew a crazy load in her mouth she sucked it all up and kept sucking a few mins after I did and then we layed there and I said so did you like it? She looked at me and said Im sorry for not letting you do this early and thinking you had bad intention, she then closed her eyes and said it was amazing and then she told me I think without thinking I cant wait to tell britney about today, and then said in a studder I mean hmm and just laugh I was like no dont do that its embarassing , she shut me up and said why cause you took time to get something to please me its a very good thing bet she would love it to. we both got silent, and I thought maybe I can get a threesome someday, and apparently i said it outloud and didnt realize it and she said its possible she did say your hot and always ask about your dick but i never tell her how it is. I was like oppps did i say that,, then realzing what she said was like really??? but we quickly remember we got to get the kids and off we went but the thought was in the air now and as we started getting dressed guess who calls?? yup britney asking if we wanted to go over that weekend and hangout, I knew then I was going to fuck britney to but when I didnt know?? Cat told me when getting off the phone we are going to britneys tomorrow k racheal is going to watch the kids and drop us off over there so we can drink the date was set and I was excited for the night to come..Needless to say me and the wife sleep good that night. the next morning when I woke up I was feeling really good pleased and when I came completely too I looked down and my wife was jacking and sucking my dick it was an amazing good morning I told her to swing her ass around so I could taste that pussy she whipped around so fast, and our sex life was already drastically changing from using this extension I was amazed what some good dick did to my wife.

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