(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

We lay there for a time, not sure how long. Finally, Anna-Brooks spoke.

“Mike….that was….incredible.”

I smiled and chuckled. Truth was, I did not know I still had it in me.

“I know what it is…” I said, staring up at the ceiling.

“What is it then?” she asked, rolling onto her back & doing the same

“I allow you a safe place to be free.” I responded

She smiled and quipped “what are you, a park?”

I laughed and said “No silly. Unlike your boyfriend Jay, you know I offer you a safe place to let you explore the sexual part of your mind.”

Her silence communicated that he was right. Mike Roberts was Grand-Fucking-Daddy age, but just as he said, she totally free to let herself go. Hence the anal. Anna-Brooks was tired, like weary-tired, and she barely noticed that Mike had gotten up and gone in the bathroom, but she heard him rustling around, and looked up when he brought back a little bag and a cup of water.

“Here,” I said, “have a drink.” I helped her sit up. I motioned for her to have the whole thing, and as she drained it, I opened my little leather bag. I smiled at her look of curiosity and said “Look, I know, it’s not like we’re gonna stroll of into the sunset together, but really, let’s have some fun. Admit it, I was right…right?”

Anna-Brooks looked at the bag, then at me, and nodded.

With my fingers I lightly stroked along her thigh, then up across her pubic hair and said “I want to mark this in my own special way.”

“By shaving it?” Anna-Brooks asked “Because I…”

“Well no, not quite. Lay back on those elbows, relax, and watch.” I also handed her a mirror so she could see what I was doing.

I gave her tummy a cute little kiss as I moved between her thighs. Taking an eyeliner, I drew in the pubic hair above her clit a heart shape. From the bag I produced and electric trimmer. Flipping it on with a buzz, I went carefully to work, trimming away the excess inside the heart, then taking out an electric razor for the finish, removing the hair outside the lines, leaving the lovely heart shape.

As I trimmed and shaved, I gave her stomach, thighs, and shaved areas little kisses. A few times, I let my tongue flick her clit and by the time I was done, I could see her slit glistening. I had in fact heard a few light moans. She was enjoying it. So much so, I knew what she needed next

Anna-Brooks knew it wasn’t going to last, yet he was right; seize the moment, and enjoy it. She liked that he handed her a little mirror and marveled at how he expertly trimmed & shaved her pubic hair into that heart shape. HIS desired shape. Most notable was that the bottom ‘point’ of that classic heart shape was just above her clit. The finished product made her smile.

I smiled as I brushed off my work, and enjoyed that Anna-Brooks Cowan, 1/3 my age, eked out a tiny moan as I ran the back of my fingers up her slit. “Well my little pet, what do you think?”

Anna-Brooks had one leg hanging off the bed, with the other she had raised her knee. She observed it via the mirror, paused, and then smiled. “This girl likes,” she said, “Not sure what I’ll tell the BF, though.”

I ran my fingers thru the remaining pubic hair and down her slit again (again that little gasp/moan) and said “tell him whatever he needs to hear, just remember who gave it to you.” Seeing her nod I looked at my work again and said “Oh my, looks like I missed a spot.” And before she could react, I plunged my face right onto her waiting cunt, taking her clitoris full into my mouth as my tongue flattened against the upper part of what was now MY pussy. Her sudden deep gasp and yelp made me smile as I held her clit in my mouth, suckling it like a hungry baby on a nipple.

When Her Man plunged his face onto her, it took Anna-Brooks totally by surprise. So much so, that she gasp loudly. But she felt the suction on her clit, followed by a flickering tongue, she arched her back and yelled “GAh-h-hh…MIKE!” & found herself grabbing his head and holding him in place. Anna-Brooks’s hips seemed to go on autopilot and she began to grind against the wet sensation of her Man’s mouth, and she cried out a desperate moan. But she had no idea what was about to come.

After suckling this young lady’s clit I used my tongue to LI-I-I-CK up “my” pussy, then, just as she thought I was about to take her clit again, I instead thrust two finger inside her. Again, ‘my’ toy arched and groaned. I lifted may face off her and began to pump her with my fingers, fast and deliberate. She was calling out, so of course, I added a third finger, then asked “You know you like it, so tell me who owns this. Who owns it?”

Anna-Brooks thought she was going to cum right there, but hearing Her Man talk to her delayed it. “OH GAH MIKE…Y-Y-You…..” She was just gaining control when his fingers came out, and this ‘old man’ plunged his face back on her pussy, again taking her clit as before. She Screamed and her hips retracted and it made Anna-Brooks cum, quivering and shaking on Her Man’s face, only to have him react by doing it again, making her eyes roll back in her head.

I repeated the process. Anna-Brooks was pumping and grinding her hips into me, and her moans sounded almost like she was crying. Releasing her clit, I took the three fingers that had been in her and, flattening them out, I ‘popped’ the shaved heart area just above her clit. It wasn’t really a ‘spank’, more of a pop, but I knew it would send shockwaves through her body, and throw off any oncoming orgasm. She yelped when I did so, and I rewarded that with plunging my fingers back inside her and pumping away. “Where are my fingers?” I asked “What are they in?”

Anna-Brooks’s hips were writing side to side as she gave a groaning answer “They in-inside m-m-me…” then she understood. “They’re in your p-pus-pussy-ssss…” she groaned, and then her moan turned to a near shriek “Ahhh….MI-ii-iiii-ke…” she called. “P-P-Please…”

I began to ‘spank’ that pussy again and said “TELL me who owns this pussy – SAY IT” and when I heard her answer, I plunged my face back on her, taking in her clit and wildly pumping my fingers inside her, pushing Anna-Brooks Cowan over the edge.

Anna-Brooks couldn’t stand it – the ‘pussy-spanking’ had only held off the inevitable, but it she was fast reaching the edge. As her orgasm built she Yelled out her answer, “MIKE! MIKE OWNS MY PUSS-SS-SY!!” Her eyes were back in her head, so she wasn’t expecting it when Her Owner took her clit in his mouth and pumped her like that. The dam broke, and Anna-Brooks dug her heels in and lifted her ass and her man off the bed as she produced a screaming, shaking, convulsing wailing orgasm that lasted at least 10 long seconds, FINALLY collapsing onto the bed, spent.


After a cool down, we stood in the shower together, her back against my hairy chest with my arms supporting her breasts. Of course, I could not help but give them tweaks and tugs. Anna-Brooks would have to go soon, as her boyfriend would be due back in the next two plus hours. But my young and devilish neighbor surprised me as she turned around and kissed me, then kissed my neck, and then my chest, and then slowly got down on her knees and took my hardening cock in her handswell Hell, I figure we could spare another 10 minutes. The hot water rained down on us, my cock back in the familiar hold of her throat, her fingers casually rubbing her clitoris.

I liked how my mushroom head felt as it moved over the ridges on the roof of her mouth, then into that soft area behind. I would like to say I went for hours, but after everything above, it wasn’t long until I felt my orgasm building. She looked up at me with those doe eyes, smiled, and made that ‘Gwack-Gwack’ sound as she worked my cock, and with a loud, long grunt, I emptied myself into the open, willing throat of the young lady I now owned. Anna-Brooks Cowan carried a few more pounds than she should, but it didn’t matter, that voluptuous body just made her even more sexy. I liked that Anna-Brooks Cowan worked to get all my seed as her mouth gave my shrinking cock a few last pumps.

I helped her to her feet, and she showed me that last bit of my goo in her mouth, then swallowed it with a smile. Afterward, my ‘property’ toweled me off, the helped me dress, at least enough to be mildly unpresentable at the door. With a kiss and a promise to let me know when she would again be free, she was gone, and I lay down for a much needed/deserved rest.


The next day I was driving to my favorite little breakfast haunt when I got a text but it wasn’t until I got there that I saw the message “Just for you…” it was marked. It was the footage from her phone. I kept it on silent, and watched as I ate and enjoyed my coffee. Watching it gave me an idea for something to do after my meal, and Joan, my usual waitress, made an inquisitory remark as I paid the tab. Joan was a cute one, but a bit of a drama-queen, and I knew better than to ruin a good dining experience by flirting with the staff, not to mention this being the only decent breakfast place in this part of the so-called ‘forgotten coast.’

Anna-Brooks was both surprised and not when a courier again arrived. This time it was roses, along with a small box. Anna-Brooks was impressed – they were not only lovely, but she had rarely received flowers. She knew her boyfriend would never do that unless he had seriously fucked up, so it could only be from…her “Owner?” She was still rolling the implications of that around in her head as she enjoyed the roses. In it was a note saying “you can now call me ‘Sir.’ And that made her smile broadly. But the box was what brought the biggest surprise.

I smiled as I got the call, knowing the item had very much arrived. “Well Hello There.” I said as I answered. “I guess you opened the box.”

“Sir,” she said, “I was picturing lingerie.” Anna-Brooks responded.

“Well there’s nothing like being unpredictable,” I responded, “there by yourself, are you?”

“Yes..Sir…, Jay won’t be back for an hour or so.” She responded

“Great!” I said, “Hang up, go to your bedroom, and strip to you underwear, then call me back on face time. Do so now.”

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