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I came out to my car to go to work. I noticed a thick letter under my wiper blade. I got in my car and opened it. Here’s what the letter said:
Dear Sir:
“I think it’s time I let you know that I have been lusting for your wife Liz, for a long time now. I can’t tell you who I am. I’ll just say I’m Mr. X, but I see her every day as we work at the same place. Many men work here so you’ll never know who I am. I see her and I start getting an erection. To me, she is the hottest woman I‘ve ever seen. She’s friendly, sweet smile and those big tits look so lickable. I like her legs and such a nice ass. I love her blond hair, so sexy, and when she walks it swings across her shoulders.
It started out with just some business talk, while we walked, but when our eyes met, we both paused and had ‘that’ kind of reaction to each other. My dick and her pussy got a charge that made us suddenly take a breath. She started fanning herself with her pretty hand, and I put my hand in my pocket to pull back my erection. She stopped talking to me mid sentenceand looked at me in a strange way.

We both began to breathe hard. Our eyes froze on each other. We both knew we should….. just turn and walk away, but we just couldn‘t. No one was around and there were no cameras in the corner of that dead end hall. We just both ended up walking there. Maybe we both knew it was hidden and private there, I don’t know. I leaned against the corner, closed my eyes and whispered: (“we need to go back to work, but my legs won’t move.”) then I smiled. She smiled so sexy and stepped forward to me and messed with my shirt, playing with my top button. She unbuttoned it and took one finger and played with my chest. She whispered: (“why do we always want the things we can’t have?”)

She paused, looked around and continued: (“…I have to admit, I’ve been noticing you for quite a long while. You always smell so good, and that ….well…a…it gets ’things’ flowing inside me. Of course we ’should’ just walk away from this, were both married and…..and…could you …just ….(gasp)….hold me for a minute.”)
I held her for the shortest minute in the world. I smelled her hair and she felt my hips. She stepped back and fanned herself, I held my boner back in my pocket, and she smiled at me and adjusted her panties. We walked away.
We both trembled in our stomachs, as we went back to work. My heart pounded as I felt the hot flashes from our little meeting. I had to have her.
Liz told me later……
My pussy stayed wet all day, all I could think about was us getting together and how glorious the sex would be. I had to have him.
I had to stop reading. The letter was making me so fucking mad, but yet I had a huge boner. I put the letter in my coat pocket, and went to work. At lunch time, I went out to my car and continued reading the letter.
Mr. X, continued……
Damn…Liz was messing with my mind bad. I knew she wanted me too now, and I had to find a way for us to have an affair. Day after day went by and we kept meeting in our little spot at the end of the hall. She stopped wearing a bra and panties. She wore a thick sweater over her blouse, buttoned to hide her hard nipples sticking out. I wore a shop coat to help hide my constant boners.

At our meetings, our hands went crazy feeling each other. Up under the sweater and her blouse my hands went. I felt the most beautiful, warm tits in the world. She could un zip me fast now and feel my warm boner. She would quick bend down and give me quick suck on the head of my dick. We would have to stop and calm down before returning to work. WHEN and WHERE… were our thoughts all day long.
I had to stop reading again. I couldn’t go into work with a big boner. This guy was my fucking with my wife!…and I was getting a boner reading about her affaire! I thought about tonight. First fucking her real good, then shoving the letter in her face!…or just packing her shit and throwing her out. I could try and find this ’Mr. X’ and do some ass kick’in on him and her too!
After work I was back in my car to keep reading.
Mr. X, continued…..
I had to find a empty conference room, a store room, a place for us.
I got it!
…my SUV. I had blacked out windows and I knew where to park next door at a closed business. Now I knew where, next was when. I told Liz at our little spot. She gasp real big and said quietly: (“after work!…I want you right after work!”)

I pulled up to the back door to our offices, Liz came out all excited, got in and laid a kiss on me that made me see stars. Our hearts both pounded together and our breath went away. She took my hand and put it on her tits. I finally got to feel those beautiful tits freely. Her hand went for my instant boner, and squeezed it so good. I had to stop us so I could drive next door and park.
We scrambled to get in the back. I already had the seats down and a big soft thick pad and blanket in place. As we laid down her hands pulled at my belt to undo it. I ran my hand under her skirt to take off her panties. She had none on. Her mouth was on my dick in a flash, licking and sucking. I had her skirt up and was diving in to taste the pussy I had dreamed about.

Dual moans filled our ears and fast breathing. She was so wet, my tongue quivered as it sunk in her slit. I felt her soft lips around the head of my dick, making all wet. “ …now…now , she said and turned around and put my dick in her warm pussy. We kissed with our tongues sinking deep in us. I held both her bare tits under her blouse and bra. Her pussy was nice and tight as my boner pushed in as deep as it would go. We began to moan loud and tremble. All I remember her saying was “OH YES BABY!” Our body’s took over fucking us deep and fast. Our moans got louder as her sweet legs wrapped around me. The SUV began to rock violently as we were out of control fucking. My balls hurt already from being so full for so long. She squeezed my dick over and over with her pussy, a moan with each squeeze. We both felt like we would black out. It was here. We locked our body’s up and yelled our moans. She shook hard with her climax as I unloaded a huge shot of cum in her.

Our hips were fucking us fast and deep. We both kissed every where on our faces fast. The cum kept jolting us with each shot. We tried to suck air, but it was gone, used up moaning so loud. Her pussy kept squeezing my dick as she moved her pussy around on my dick. Cum was every where, flowing between her legs and all over us. Our voices let out little noises of pure pleasure, over and over again. We still jumped with my dick and her pussy still trying to cum. We lay in a steam bath of heat in the SUV. We lay there for longest time.

It was dark now. We lay locked together. We still felt little pulses from my dick and her pussy. I barely remember letting her out of the SUV, I was in like a trance of euphoria. I watched her wobble to her car, She was so beautiful, even with her hair all crazy looking.

I think we belong together Sir, you may want to plan for a different future for yourself.

I have to have her.”

Mr. X

When I got home, I was shaking, holding the letter in my hand. I was raging… MAD !

I was met by at the door by Liz. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered:
(“…so…how did you like my new little porn story I wrote and left on your windshield?”)

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