Yet another office affair...

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Yet another office affair

It's all about her cumming for me you know Don't get me wrong, I love cumming, i love filling a girl's pussy with my cock and feel her walls stretching as I enter her and fill her with my seed But for me, it's nothing unless I can feel her shake, writhe and moan uncontrollably until she explodes Only then I know for a fact that I have made a woman mine.

Now you all know about office affairs When a marriage is weak, a pretty lady finally gives in to a guy she found attracted to One of the dozens that already tried before only to have their efforts fruitless The affair can be quick to consume. It could take the right smile, the right words, the right way to make her feel wanted, needed, understood, or simply to have the right looks One week or two, sometimes even one day or two and the affair simply Pops! and one day the two people that were supposed to be friends at the most end up fucking delightfully in the most awkward places at the oddest hours.

There are other times When the affair needs time When it needs dozens of attempts, where the girl is trying wit all her might to respect her husand and not enjoy the love, attentions and mind-blowing sex this new person is so desperately trying to give her.

Finally the most exciting affairs are not the ones that were perfectly planned, fought for or sought after The best affairs are the ones that happen by accident.

My secretary Karen is a beatiful, sexy girl She is small but has the most beautiful round tits and ass you could ask for. Her whole body is poetry and more than once I found myself fantasizing about having my way with her. But my wife knew her and came often to visit me, because we worked in the same building. So I decided from the very beginning to keep my relationship with Karen strictly professional And for more than two years, it was so.

My job requires often visits to my customers onsite and I ussually made appointments in a way that after a visit I could skip returning to the office and head straight home Unless my wife didn't bring her car (and since she loved visiting her friends before coming home) That ussually didn't happen.

That was my routine. But one day on the way over to my client, I received a call from them telling me that They had an emegency and had to re-schedule.

"Not a problem". I said and began driving back to the office

I checked my watch. I could still make it on time to make back to the office and thought about it a bit and I decided to go make some personal errands early and then head straight home.

I called my wife and told her my plans she seemed really happy with my call and told me she would visit her friend Belinda on the way home

"Okay babe I'll probably go to Dave's to watch the game, so call me when you get home"
"Will do sweetie". She said and that was it.

I was just about to return home when I remembered that I had forgotten about a file I was going to need next day so I decided to make a quick stop to the office.

It was almost 6:30 p.m. The cleaning staff were already finished on my floor. And the cubibles were desserted.

I entered my office took the file and was almost out when I heard a faint noise that caught my attention I stopped frozen and looked around, then I heard another noise, It was distinctly the moan of a woman having sex and it came from the adjacent office which belonged to my boss!

My heart sped up. The guy was known to be a player but I never expected to find him red handed with a girl on his office.

I knew it was wrong but we shared a bathroom so I decided to take a closer look.

It took me forever to take each step carefully stepping so they wouldn't hear me I stepped in the bathroom and ever so carefully I opened very slowly his knob and what If my heart was racing before, It almost stopped when I saw who was in there: It was Karen, my wife and my boss in a threesome!

My heart was at full speed now and I backed off for a moment when a combination of surprise, pain, loss, anger and affliction surged up and down my spine and my chest and my brain burned with a million thoughts inside my head.

What to do now? I thought about the implications of storming in that room I thought about my job, I thought about my marriage, I thought about all my life as I knew it, that would end in a split second from the very moment that I entered that room.

I took a moment to compose myself. I decided to watch again, perhaps I saw wrong, perhaps it was another woman and I confused her with my wife I peeked and I saw them again.

God were they enjoying each other! Karen had her eyes closed, and her legs wide open, receiving licks from my beautiful wife, who was being impaled from behind by my boss I've seen this a million times in porn flicks. Never once thought I would see my wife's doing it to the object of my lust Karen. Much less would I believe to see my boss thusting with lust at full speed. It was my wife alright, Jessica, the love of my life, the woman who I've trusted my life to, now turned into a sex object pleasing two people that worked with me day in and day out for a long time.

Jessica was cumming soon, I could see it, her eyes closed tightly and stopped licking Karen to gasp for air, she began moaning, first humming then screaming, and as her orgasm was increasing in strenght Karen went down to lick on her tits and viciously rub her clit to make her cum even harder.

"God yes I'm cumming.oh god! oh god yes, yes fuck me harder! yes!"

My cock was hard as a rock, and I just realized it. I was watching my wife being fucked and I was getting excited!

But that was it, I couldn't take this anymore. I had to do something I took a big breath, this was it, this was the end of it all. But I had to. And then I jumped when someone touched my shoulder and I almost screamed but was shut with a finger put on my lips

It was Amanda my boss' wife and she was crying

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