This Stays Between Us, Right?

I was sitting on my couch as I did just about every Friday evening. It was about 8 pm, I was eating a slice of cold pizza and drinking Bud from a bottle, engrossed in some television show on the Spike channel. The doorbell startled me when it rang out of nowhere. My first thought was that it was my daughter, but that quickly subsided when I remembered that she would just use her key or barge in, no need to ring the bell. Besides, since her mother and I split up nearly 3 years ago, Cindy would rather stay at her mothers on the weekend. Not that I blamed her, I lived all the way on the other side of town now.

Not expecting company I sat for a moment before rising, giving a fast stretch and opening the door. Standing there was an unexpected surprise, a pretty little red head with wide green eyes, a curvy little body, and a nice little rack, make-up streaming down her face. With no rain in sight, I quickly sensed she was distraught.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, “Can I do anything to help?” It was apparent that there were many things that I wanted to do to her and I made no attempt to hide that as my eyes left her face and focused on her breasts, then made their way down her half-zipped coat to her pleated skirt and back up again.

A small smile crept across her face and stayed as she spoke, “Mr. Anthony, is Lucinda here? She told me I could come over after the game and we could hang out. You know, talk and stuff.”

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed before. I felt like kicking myself. I had just checked out my daughter’s childhood and best friend Brittany. However, it HAD been at least 3 years since I had seen the girl and wow had she grown! The once awkward and shy 13-year-old girl had definitely turned from a duckling to a swan!

“No Brit, she isn’t here. It is a Friday night, after all. Are you sure she told you to come here?” Brittany nodded. “Well, no sense in you standing outside, come on in and have a seat while you wait.”

Brittany took a seat on the black leather sofa and glanced over at my plate briefly. “Are you hungry?” I asked, “Can I get you something? A piece of pizza?” she shook her head. I offered her some soda but I got the same response. “How ‘bout a beer” I half joked. Her eyes lit up and she nodded. My eyes slipped again from hers and watched her cleavage jiggle for a moment, before I shook my own head as if to rid it of those thoughts and made my way to the kitchen. I turned back to the curly redhead and reminded her “This stays between us, right?” She nodded again and I went to get her a beer, thinking of those plump, firm tits jiggling underneath her jacket.

I came back in the room and took a seat next to her on the sofa, handing her the opened beer and a damp cloth for the make-up running down her cheeks. “Thanks,” she said before taking a swig off her beer and taking off her jacket. Boy, this keeps getting better and better, I thought to myself.

“You’re a cheerleader, huh? Cindy never mentioned it to me.” “No?” She replied, “I’m not sure how much longer I will be doing it anyways.” Her eyes fell as she spoke and instantly I remembered the child this young bombshell had once been.

Instinctively, I placed my hand on her thigh and pulled it back as soon as I had realized what I had done. Almost embarrassed at myself, I asked, “What’s wrong sweetie? What’s going on?” Like most of the women I had come to know in my life, Brittany had tried to pretend at first that she was fine by telling me it was “nothing”, but I persisted. “Oh come on, you used to come to me all the time when boys would tease you or when you were upset with your parents. I can probably help if you let me!” I exclaimed.

A small smile crept over her lips again and she finally gave in. “My boyfriend broke up with me last night.” She paused for a moment when I muttered “Dumb kid” and looked up at me. I knew she wanted me to ask why, so I obeyed. “Please don’t get upset with me Mr. Anthony, and please don’t tell my parents!” I promised her I wouldn’t, almost sure, she was going to tell me she fucked the boy and then he broke up with her. That wasn’t what she said, however. “Well it’s just… that… I was kind of pressuring him to take my virginity.”

I nearly spit out the sip of my beer I had just taken but managed to get control of myself as she continued again. “I really liked him, too. However, all we ever did was kiss a little bit and he touched my boobs once. So many other girls are having sex. I want to be one of them. I want to know what it feels like. I want to know what the big deal is. Am I not pretty enough to be fucked?” She asked.

“Of course you are,” I answered almost automatically. “Any boy in his right mind would be stupid not to want to touch you.”

“Really?” She questioned, scooting herself closer.

“Yes really.” I reassured the girl, not knowing exactly what I was doing. “Hell if I wasn’t so old and you weren’t so young I would love to be the one to show you exactly what you were missing.”

Brittany managed to get closer still, so that her tits pressed up against my arm and her mouth was near my ear. “I’m not that young, Brian.” It was the first time I had ever heard the girl use my first name. “I am sixteen now, you know. And I don’t think that you’re old either. In fact I think you’re very sexy.” She hissed her words into my ear sending chills through my body and making my member get harder than it had been in a long time.

“I don’t know, Brittany” I scooted away from the girl a little bit, “This just doesn’t seem right. If anyone found out I could get into a lot of trouble.”

“Nobody will ever find out. This stays just between us, right?” Using my own line on me, Brittany practically crawled on top of me and began to kiss me. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I parted her pretty little lips with my tongue and began to explore her mouth as I pressed my lips down hard on hers. My hands immediately grabbed her tight ass and squeezed, and she let out a moan of pleasure. They made their way up her waist, grabbing onto her blouse and taking it with them as they climbed further up her body.

I stopped kissing her for a minute, to make sure she really wanted to do this, and when she answered me back with a kiss, I pushed her away from me a little bit and pulled the shirt up over her head.

Her tits looked even better in her lacy little bra and I stopped to admire them a bit. “Do you like what you see?” She asked, and I did. I hadn’t seen a pair quite so young in a long time and I couldn’t wait to play with them. I grabbed them in my hands and felt their curvature as I squeezed them. Her nipples poked through the lace and I rubbed my thumb over them. Brittany closed her eyes and when she did that, I flipped her around so that she was on her back on the couch.

I kissed her again, then made my way down to her breasts, kissing and licking each nipple through the fabric. “May I take it off?” I asked and she nodded, smiling sweetly again. With one hand, I undid the clasps and then slowly pulled the straps down from her shoulders. Her breasts were a firm 34 C and I almost began to drool I wanted to taste them so much! I pinched and rubbed one nipple as I sucked and bit and licked the other one. Having Brittany squirm underneath me almost made me erupt in my pants and I switched breasts and began to tease the other one doing all I could not to release on my leg.

I could smell her sweet pussy getting wet and knew I could no longer wait to taste her juices. I knelt down next to the couch and slowly spread her legs open with both hands. I teased her a bit, running my fingers up her thighs and around her panties before bringing them back down again. I enjoyed listening to her breathing get heavier as she anticipated her pretty little pussy being played with, and then seeing her spread a little farther apart when I moved my hands away.

Finally, the teasing became too much for me and I stripped her of her panties, pushed her skirt up a little bit and spread her legs back open. Her pussy looked good enough to eat. It was glistening from all of the teasing, and I could tell from the little bit of hair that was there that she was definitely a redhead.

“You shave?” I asked her, pleasantly surprised that a girl so young would know to do that already. She responded, “I saw my mom do it. Thought that was what girls were supposed to do.” I smiled, “Good girl. May I taste you?” And she nodded again, with that sexy little smile on her face.

I licked her pussy from the bottom all the way to the top, spreading her lips apart with my tongue and then stopped to suck on her clit a bit. She tasted so fresh and so delicious I couldn’t help but to unzip my pants and begin to stroke my cock a bit while I slurped up her juices. My tongue played around her pussy lips, and I kissed her opening before I licked it. Her squirming and rapid breathing excited me even more! I backed my head away from her pussy and took in her scent as I admired the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I wanted to see her protector of innocence, her little hymen, so I spread her opening apart just a bit.

Slowly, I inserted my finger into her pussy and Brittany gasped and clenched her already tight pussy around my finger. Moving my finger in and out of her pussy, I began to suck on her clit again, using my teeth to scrape it a little bit and my tongue to flick it. I wanted Brittany’s first orgasm to be on my finger so I could lick it off before sticking my hard cock into her, stretching the hymen and destroying her innocence. The faster my finger fucked her tight pussy and the harder I sucked on her little clit, the more she wiggled and squirmed. Her moaning was the sexiest sound I had ever heard as she came all over my finger with her body twitching violently.

Before I even had a chance to lick up the juices from her orgasm, I heard a voice behind me, “What are you doing?!” The voice demanded. My daughter was home. Brittany and I were truly fucked now.

Part two coming soon!

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