Freshman Girl

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Freshman Girl
By: DamonX ()

"No. No. No. Maybe if I was drunk. No. No."

Reaching my hands up and placing them lazily behind my head, I reclined
against the large oak tree at my back and continued to check out the
steady stream of girls walking past me.

"No.Yes. No." I said to myself, as a trio of eighteen year olds made
their way past, casting a few flirtatious glances my way.

I loved the beginning of the College year. No studying, the weather's
nice, and best of all, the place is filled with new impressionable
freshman girls. I think deep down inside, that's what made me decide to
come back to complete my Master's degree. Not a thirst for knowledge or
a desire to make more money (although that was a nice bonus), but to
get one last chance to de-virginize a few young coeds. I was however, a
little disappointed at the new crop so far. I had been sitting by that
oak tree for almost an hour and I had only picked out a handful of
decent girls.

"Oh well," I muttered to myself, standing up from the soft grass. "Let's
see how the dorms are."

It was getting late in the day and I still had a lot of unpacking to do
so I decided to head back to my room. As I neared my building I noticed
a cute little blonde girl holding a large box and struggling with the
door. I quickened my pace to make it in time to play the part of the

"Here," I said, sliding my key into the door. "Let me get that for you."

"Thanks," the girl said quietly, still struggling with the load in her

I held the door open as she walked through, stumbling forward as the box
began to slip from her hands.

"Whoa," I said, grabbing the box and preventing her from falling flat on
her face. "Why don't you let me help you with that."

"Oh it's okay," she said meekly, regaining her footing and pulling the
box out of my arms.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll be okay."

"Don't be silly," I said snatching the box back. "You look like you're
about to die. What floor are you on?"


"Perfect. Me too."

With that, I took off up the stairs.

"So what's your name?" I asked as the girl followed close behind me.


"Hi Nicole, I'm Damon."

"Nice to meet you," she replied softly.

I could tell she was quite shy.

"First year?"

"Yeah," she said. "How can you tell?"

"You freshmen stick out like a sore thumb around here," I returned,
flashing her a smile.

Nicole smiled a little herself, and turned away slightly as her face
began to turn a light shade of red.

She was cute. Not hot, but definitely cute. She was short, about 5'2,
with shoulder length blonde hair and a round, cherubic, innocent
looking face.

"Okay, I said as we reached the top of the stairs. "Lead the way."

Nicole walked past me and made her way down the hallway towards her
room. As she walked, I continued to check her out. She was a little bit
round, but definitely not enough to be considered chubby. Her breasts
were fair size and her ass looked great in the pants she was wearing.
Round and plump, it still looked firm as it fought against the tight
material hugging her curves.

"Well, this is me," she said stopping in front of one of the doors.

I walked in and set the box on the bed.

"There you go," I said, taking a quick glance around. "If you need any
more help I'm just down the hall in room 325."

"Thank you", she said smiling coyly.

"No problem. Maybe I'll see you tonight. There should be some good

"Okay," she said. "I'll see you later."

I smiled to myself as I left Nicole's room and headed towards my own.
This was going to be easy!

* * * *

After I got back to my room, I unpacked the rest of my stuff before
calling some friends. As it turns out they were going to a party off
campus, and after a few minutes of persuasion they convinced me to go.
I quickly got dressed and headed out to meet them, stopping briefly to
knock on Nicole's door.

I gave the door a few raps with my fist but there was no answer.

"Oh well," I thought to myself. "I have all year."

The party turned out to be a bust. The house was tiny and too packed to
even move. There were hardly any girls there and the one that were
there, all seemed to have boyfriends. Nevertheless I was still quite
intoxicated when I decided to leave early. After saying goodbye to my
friends I took off, embarking on the 30 minute walk back to campus. By
the time I reached my building I was still feeling the effects of the
alcohol, but had sobered up considerably. All around, I could hear the
sounds of people partying, making me feel a little lame for packing it
in so early.

When I reached my room I had barely put the key in the hole when a voice
yelled out to me from down the hall.


I turned to see Nicole making her way towards me, with one hand on the
wall for support. It looked as though she had had maybe a bit too much
to drink, but I could tell she wasn't in pass-out mode yet.

"Hey cutie," I said as she approached me. "How was your night?"

"Good," she said. "I'm a little drunk though!"

"Yeah I can tell," I said with a laugh.

Nicole had changed her clothes from earlier and was now wearing a little
pink skirt with a white tank top. She had also put make-up on and was
looking even better than before.

"So what are you doing now?" I asked, opening my door.

"Nothing. Just looking for something to do."

"Want to come hang out for a while?"

"Sure!" she said enthusiastically, skipping into my room and sitting
down on my bed.

Closing the door, I walked over and put on some music.

"So did you have fun?" I asked, sliding onto my bed beside Nicole.

"Yeah it was ok," she answered. "I did something bad though."

"Really? What?"

"I kissed a guy."

I let out a laugh and slumped back on the bed. Nicole turned and glared
at me with a fake scowl.

"What's so funny?" she demanded trying not to crack a smile herself.

"Nothing. It's just that I wouldn't describe a kiss as something "doing
something bad."

"I think my boyfriend would though," she said reverting back to the shy
girl I had met earlier that day.

"Oh you have a boyfriend?" I asked, trying to hide my disappointment.

"Yeah. We've been going out since like grade 9."

"Wow. That's a long time."

"It is. That's why I feel kind of bad for kissing that guy tonight."

The was a bit of an awkward silence before I spoke.

"Don't worry about it," I said nudging her playfully with my foot.
"You're in college now. You have to see what's out there."

"Yeah, I guess," she said quietly turning to look at me with her
adorable blue eyes. "Thanks for helping me earlier by the way. That was
really nice."

"No problem," I stated nonchalantly. "You can pay me later."

Nicole smiled at the joke but still gave my leg a light slap.

"Jerk," she said blushing. "How about I owe you one?"

"How about you give me a kiss instead."

Nicole's eyes widened and her face turned a deeper shade of red.

"I..I can't."

"Come on," I coaxed. "Just one little kiss. It won't hurt."

Nicole sat there staring at the wall for a moment before turning to face

"Okay," she said finally. "Just one."

I smiled and sat up, taking her hand in mine. She licked her lips
nervously as I leaned in pressing my mouth to hers. Nicole closed her
eyes and I could make out a faint moan as our lips touched. After a few
seconds she opened her mouth up a little more allowing my tongue to
slip inside. Gently I placed my hand behind her head and kissed her
deeper, our tongues dancing together in a wet embrace. She tasted
sweet. Almost like candy. I decide to go a little farther.

Nicole shivered as I placed a hand on the bare skin of her leg. At first
she did nothing, but as I began to slide it a little further up her
leg, she dropped her hand onto mine, stopping my exploration.

"We shouldn't be doing this." she said, pulling her mouth away from

"I'll stop whenever you say," I said quietly, leaning back in to kiss
the soft flesh of her neck. "Do you want me to stop?"

Nicole closed her eyes and moaned softly as I continued kissing her

"N..No," she murmured.

I smiled to myself.

"Here," I offered. "Why don't you lay down. It will be more

Nicole nodded and laid down on the bed, resting her head on one of my
pillows. I crawled up beside her, propping myself up with one arm.

"Damn, you're cute,"I said, looking down into her eyes.

Nicole blushed again, turing her head to the side in mild embarrassment.
I reached down and placed my hand on her chin, gently turning her face
back towards me. She bit her lip nervously as she gazed back up at me.
I smiled at her once more and began to kiss her again.

She was a little more receptive this time, kissing me back and reaching
a small hand up to gently grasp at my shirt. I ran my hand up the side
of her body, lightly touching her. Slowly, I slid my hand over her
breast. I was expecting her to stop me again, but Nicole remained
laying there passively as I continued to explore her body. She even let
out a sexy little moan into my mouth as my fingers brushed over her
nipple. Gently I squeezed, causing her to squirm under my touch.

"Are you okay," I asked looking down at her with concern. "I don't want
you to do anything you don't want to do."

"I'm ok," she answered shyly. "This is fine."

We resumed kissing as I placed my hand back on her leg, gliding my
fingers over her smooth skin. When I reached the hemline of her skirt,
however, her body tensed up again.

"Relax," I whispered, kissing her ear as I slowly moved my hand up under
her skirt.

I could feel her body loosen up a little, but she was still laying there
like a board. To coax her along, I took one of her hands and placed it
between my legs, letting her feel the hardness contained within my

"Do you feel that?" I asked, pressing her hand against my dick. "Do you
feel how hard it is?"

"Uh huh," Nicole whimpered as I continued to lick and suck at her ear.

"You did that. You're turning me on so much."

Nicole moaned and began to grasp at my cock, massaging it with her
fingers through my pants. I then slid my hand farther under her skirt
grazing the outside of her thigh until my fingers came in contact with
the soft material of her panties. I let my fingers linger there for a
few minutes as we kissed, before moving my hand between her legs.

Nicole gasped as I touched her, but made no move to stop me. Her
breathing quickened and her grip on my dick increased, as she slowly
moved her hand up and down, stroking my shaft. I pressed my fingers up
between her legs, feeling the moisture of her panties and the warmth
radiating from her pussy. Through the thin material I could make out
her engorged lips and thin, wet slit. Using two fingers, I pressed them
into the crevasse and stroked her through her underwear.

Nicole was still pawing at my cock through my pants, so I reached down
and unzipped my zipper, coaxing her hand inside. I closed my eyes in
pleasure when I felt the warmth of her hand encircle my bare flesh.
Slowly she stroked me in unison as she began to rotate her pelvis,
grinding her soft mound against my hand.

Subtly, I slipped a couple fingers under the elastic clinging to her
inner thigh, and pulled her panties to the side. Nicole suddenly
stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes with an expression of
seriousness and contemplation. I looked back at her, waiting for her to

"Go ahead," she said quietly.

I smiled, leaning back in to kiss her as I gingerly rubbed my thumb
along the top of her pussy searching for her clit. When her hand began
to move faster on my dick I knew I had found it. Slowly, and
deliberately, I pressed my thumb into her little fleshy button as two
of my fingers found their way between the soft folds of her pussy.

"Ohhh," Nicole moaned as I pushed my fingers in up to the knuckles.

It felt as if her whole body was shaking as she lay there passively
allowing me to explore her tight little eighteen year old pussy. With
every thrust of my fingers she became more and more wet, with her
juices running down my hand and dripping onto my bed sheets. Leaning
down I planted a soft kiss on her thigh. Nicole released her grip on my
cock and brought her hand to her face, gently biting her pinky finger
as she closed her eyes. I continued my way up Nicole's leg, encouraged
by her quiet sensual moaning.

Reaching up under her little pink skirt. I curled my fingers into the
waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. At first Nicole
resisted, but after a few more kisses on her inner thigh, she lifted
her hips, allowing me to slide the white underwear down her legs. As I
began to lift her skirt, however, she did stop me.

"Can we turn the lights off?" she asked looking at me, pleading with her
innocent blue eyes.

"Don't worry," I said assuring her. "You have nothing to be ashamed of.
You're beautiful. I want to see you. I want to see all of you."

Gradually she relented, allowing me to push her skirt up bunching it
around her waist and completely exposing her entire lower body to my
hungry eyes. Obviously embarrassed, and a little self conscious,
Nicole turned her head to the side, averting her eyes. Her pussy lips
were pink and engorged, with a light tuft of blonde hair situated atop
her juicy little mound.

"Mmmmm," Nicole purred, as my tongue flickered over her lips.

Enjoying her taste, I surrounded her little wet hole with my lips,
sucking her sweet nectar into my mouth. I then buried my tongue in her
pussy, forcing her legs out wide with my arms.

"Fuuuuuckk," she droned, running her hands through my hair.

Hearing such a nasty word coming from Nicole's innocent little mouth
turned me on even more and I continued eating her tight young pussy
with renewed passion, sliding a couple fingers inside her. As I licked
her, I tested the waters by running my finger down to her asshole.
Nicole immediately squirmed and shifted her hips, showing her
discomfort with that particular part of her body. I decided not to
press my luck, and returned my finger to her grateful pussy.

When I had had my fill, I kissed my way back up to Nicole's mouth,
pressing my body into hers. She wrapped her legs around my waist,
grinding her naked pelvis into mine. My cock was aching and straining
to break free and get inside that tight little cunt.

"I want you so bad," I hissed into her ear, thrusting my hips into hers.

I then grabbed her arms, pinning them over her head as I locked my mouth
onto hers. Nicole just moaned as she let me have my way with her body.
Placing my hands at her waist, I began peeling off her little white
shirt, pulling it over her head, up her outstretched arms and off. Her
bra was quick to follow leaving Nicole completely naked under me, with
the exception of the little pink skirt that was still bunched up around
her waist.

My hands and mouth quickly found Nicole's breasts, as I sucked one
nipple into my mouth as my hands caressed both of her round, succulent
tits. Her moaning became louder, as I gently pulled her nipple with my
teeth. I could feel her pussy pulsing as she writhed underneath me.

Rising to my knees, between her legs, I opened the button on my pants
and began sliding them down.

"Damon," Nicole said, with a concerned look crossing her face. "I'm
sorry but I can't have sex with you."

I froze. I was about to say something, when she spoke again.

"I'm not on birth control and I don't want to risk it."

I silently cursed myself for not buying condoms.

"That's okay," I said, running my hands along the outside of her legs.
"We don't have to have sex."

"Really? You're not mad?"

"Not at all. But just because we can't have sex, that doesn't mean we
can't still do other stuff. Right?"

"I..I guess so."

Fuck she was cute.

Leaning back down, I kissed her for a few more minutes before making my
next move. I finally reached down, and freed my dick from the
constraints of my pants, sliding them down my legs and kicking them
onto the floor. Moving up the bed, I positioned myself near Nicole's
head. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock as I brought it closer
to her face.

"Open up baby," I said, coaxing her to part her lips.

Nicole looked up me with those child like eyes and obediently opened her
mouth. As I touched the head of my dick against her lips, she gave it a
kiss and began sucking and licking it in much the same way one would
suck a lollipop. Im my current position, Nicole could barely get her
mouth over the crown of my dick so I swung a leg over her chest,
resting my foot on the bed. I was now pretty much straddling the sexy
young coed, with my cock resting comfortably across her pouty little
lips. Again she parted her lips, this time allowing much more of my
cock into her mouth. I could tell she was quite inexperienced, so I
decided to take over.

Reaching down, I held her head in place and began slowly thrusting my
hips, sliding my dick in and out of Nicole's mouth. The underside of
my shaft was gliding over her tongue as she rested her hands passively
on my thighs. Slowly I started to build up speed, being careful not to
choke the poor girl as I fucked her mouth.

"Oh yeah," I moaned reaching forward to grab the headboard of the bed.
"Good girl. Suck that cock."

Nicole was accepting everything I was giving, staring up me with those
beautiful blue eyes as my balls repeatedly slapped her in the chin. I
could have easily fired a load down her throat, but I wanted to save
myself. I had other plans for Nicole.

With great reluctance, I withdrew my aching cock from her mouth,
dribbling saliva down her chin and neck.

"Thanks baby," I said leaning down to kiss her. "That was great. But I
want to do something else now."

"What?" she asked, wiping her spit from her chin.

"I want to lick you again. But this time from behind."

Nicole seemed unsure, but soon relented to my persuasion. After denying
another request to turn the lights off, I coaxed her onto her hands and
knees. Trembling with anticipation, I pushed her skirt up around her
waist again, revealing her beautiful, full, round ass.

"Damon," Nicole whined softly. "I feel kind of weird. Can we just do it
the other way again?"

"Just relax," I said, running my hands over her ass. "It'll feel good. I

With that, I leaned down and kissed her soft ass cheek, feeling her
shiver with anxiousness. I then gently spread her cheeks slightly,
getting a good view of her little pink ring.

"What are you doing?" Nicole asked meekly.

"Shhh," I said kissing her tender flesh again. "I told you I was going
to lick you. Now lower your head and stick your ass up in the air."

I made my words as gently as possible as not to scare Nicole off. And
they must have worked, since she did as she was told, dropping her head
down to the bed.

"Good girl," I said, giving her a light slap on the ass.

Nicole giggled a bit and looked back at me smiling. I then lowered my
head and ran my tongue along her little wet slit, eliciting more of
those sexy moans which I had become so accustomed to hearing. Stabbing
my tongue into her, I could feel the heat from her hot little hole on
my lips. I began giving her long, wet licks up the entire length of
her pussy, gradually getting closer and closer to her butt hole.

Nicole started to shift uncomfortably as I began to zero in on her ass.

"Oh!" she yelped as I startled her by running my wet tongue across her

"Don't lick me there," she begged, reaching back to cover herself up
with her hand.

"Don't worry about it," I said softly, pulling away her hand. "Just
relax and you'll like it."

Again, Nicole relented, giving me free reign over her backside. Lewdly,
I jammed my tongue into her hole, wiggling it around her tight little
star. She shifted her body forward trying tin vain to escape my nimble
tongue, but I grabbed a hold of her calves, fixing her in place as I
continued to lick her puckered little rosebud.

"Spread your ass for me baby," I suggested, slipping a finger into her

Reluctantly, she reached back, and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing
her most private area. I took a moment to take in the site of the young
woman in that nasty position. Her asshole was picture perfect. A tight
pink ring, glistening with my saliva, framed by a beautiful round ass.

I slipped another finger in her pussy to help take her mind off the
tongue bath I was giving her asshole, and it seemed to work. Her tiny
pucker relaxed enough for me to force the tip of my tongue inside her.
Nicole squealed at the feeling of my tongue in her ass, but was soon
moaning as I began tongue fucking her tight little butt hole.

Pulling my fingers from Nicole's pussy, I started running one of my
slippery digits over her asshole.

"Damon?" she asked, in a cautious tone. "You're not going to put that in
there are you?"

"Just one. Then you can see how it feels. If you don't like it, I'll
take it out. Okay?"

"Okay," she agreed, inhaling deeply as I pressed the tip of my finger
past her tight muscular ring.

"Relax," I reminded, pushing it in up to the second knuckle.

I began to wiggle it around inside her ass, marveling at the site of her
tight little butt hole hugging my finger.

"How is it?" I asked, moving the digit in and out, slowly finger fucking
her virgin asshole. "Do you want me to stop?"

"It's okay," she panted. "You can keep going."

I smiled and kissed her all over her tender ass cheeks, even rimming her
hole, licking around my own finger as it slid in and out. Nicole gasped
when I inserted another finger, burying her face in my bed sheets. Soon
I had two fingers sawing into her ass as Nicole moaned into my

"How about I put something else in there?" I asked optimistically,
twisting my fingers around inside her.

Nicole raise her head from the bed.

"You mean?"

"Yes, baby. I want to fuck your ass."

"Okay," she said after a long pause, surprising me with her response.
"Just go nice and slow."

Hopping off the bed, I dug a bottle of lubricant out of one of the boxes
sitting on the floor, as Nicole remained patiently on her hands and

"What's that," she asked.

"It's lube," I answered. "It'll make it a little easier.

I climbed back onto the bed and uncapped the lube, squirting a liberal
amount into the palm of my hand. I then applied the slippery substance
to my throbbing cock as I leaned over and gave Nicole's ass some more
lube of my own by giving her a long wet lick over her tight little

"Damon," she said as I was getting into position. "Maybe we shouldn't be
doing this. I have a boyfriend remember."

"Don't worry baby, you'll like it."

"Yeah, but.Oooooh!"

Nicole squealed with pleasure as the tip of my lubed-up dick touched her


"Are you sure?" I asked, rubbing my cock up and down her ass.


"Come on," I prompted.

"Okay, she said quietly. She sound unsure but it was good enough for

"Good, now try and relax again."

It took a few tries, but soon I was able to force my way into Nicole's
virgin asshole, slipping the head of my dick inside her.

"ughhhh..ughhh," she groaned as a few inches of my cock disappeared
inside her.

"Fuck baby, your ass is so tight!"

I gritted my teeth and pulled Nicole's hips back towards me, forcing her
ass to eat up more of my cock.

"Oh fuuucckkk," she squealed as I slowly began to move my hips back and
forth, moving my dick in and out.

My cock was barely even moving but it was enough to cause Nicole's body
to shake and squirm as she repeatedly gasped for breath. My hands dug
into her fleshy ass as I began to move faster.

"Oh yeah! I'm fucking your ass! I'm fucking your tight little asshole!"

Profanity began to spew forth from my mouth as I watched Nicole's
eighteen year old butt hole swallow up more and more of my dick with
each thrust. I was losing control.

"Where's my dick Nicole?" I asked, fucking her harder and harder.
"Where's my dick?"

"In my ass," she replied meekly, her face still buried in the sheets.

"Louder," I demanded, reaching forward and grabbing a fistful of her
honey blonde hair.

"In my ass!" she howled, as pushed my cock up to the hilt in her tight
little hole.

It was then that I felt a tingling feeling surge through my cock. I knew
I was going to cum.

"uhhhh, ughhhhhh!" Nicole groaned louder with every thrust.

With one hand I gripped her thigh and with the other I pulled her head
back by her hair, driving my dick as far as it could go into her
ravaged asshole. My balls tightened and my cock exploded, dousing the
inside of Nicole's anus with creamy hot cum. Her tight little ring
spasmed around my dick at the feeling of being internally assaulted by
streams and streams of the hot slimy liquid.

"Fuck," I muttered, as the intensity drifted away leaving me with
feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Carefully, I pulled my cock out of Nicole's abused, cream filled butt

"Thanks babe," I said giving her a light slap on the ass. "That was

Nicole quietly got up and began collecting her clothes. A closer look
revealed tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked, laying back on my bed.

"I shouldn't have done that," she stated, fighting back the tears. "I
feel so dirty!"

"It's no big deal," I offered, although I wasn't the one with an asshole
full of cum.

"But I'm going to have to tell my boyfriend! He's going to think I'm
such a whore!"

"Hey, hey, hey," I said, grabbing the frantic girl and pulling her
close. "You don't have to tell him. Everyone makes mistakes. It's not
the end of the world."

"Yeah," I guess", she replied meekly.

I embraced her for a few more minutes before she was composed enough to
gather up the rest of her clothes and head back to her own room. I said
goodnight and gave her a goodbye kiss before she headed out the door. I
had a feeling I'd be seeing more of Nicole.

"Ahhhh," I said to myself slumping down on my bed exhausted. "Freshman

The End

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