Dad Doesn't Stand A Chance: Part 5

Please read Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed.

I woke up the next morning to incessant knocking on my bedroom door. It was barely 8 in the morning and as you can remember, my night wasn’t filled with too much sleep. Finally irritated enough, I wrapped my covers around me and answered the door. It was Tom and he was in a fantastic mood. Ugh. I hate morning people.

“Come on Sivart. You’re pissing the day away.”
“Shut up Tommy. It’s not even 8 yet. Leave me alone.”

Sivart. It had been a while since anyone called me that. It was Tom’s nickname for me ever since we were kids. Travis spelt backwards. I always thought it to be cute and big brother-ish, but I never let that on, lest it lose its intended appeal, which was first and foremost, to annoy me. I retreated back to my bed and got under my quilt. It was a cold morning and having no clothes on didn’t help. My windows were blurred wet and the weather outside was dreary. A perfect sleep-in day. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to think so.

“Dude, get out of bed already. You can sleep when I’m not here.”
“I wish you weren’t here right now! Seriously man, it’s so early.”
“Come on, aren’t you going with me to take Ashley home? We could get some breakfast, maybe pass by Dad’s place.”

Oh yeah, that bitch was hitting the road. Good riddance. I wasn’t too keen on seeing Thomas Sr. either. It’s not that I don’t like my father, but I feel like he tries too hard when we’re together and it makes me uncomfortable. I would’ve much preferred to stay in bed until my alarm went off at 11:30. I don’t like to sleep past noon during the holidays.

“Don’t make me drag you off the bed man. You know I will.”
“Tommy, come on, I’m tired.”
“You can sleep in the car. I’m gonna give you five seconds.”
“Tom, I’m not playing.”
“5, 4, 3…”
“Alright. Here we go.”

He grabbed me by the forearm and started yanking me off the bed. Needless to say, I put up a strong fight, stemming from the fact that I was both sleepy and stark naked and more than likely, spotted with cum stains. When my head hit the floor, only my now exposed cock and upper legs remained on the bed, my feet still hiding under the sheets. Upon noticing that I had gone commando, Tom let out a hearty laugh and helped me up. He didn’t seem too taken aback by the sight and looking back now, I wasn’t too embarrassed either.

“Duuuude. No wonder you didn’t want to get out of bed. Had a fun night?”
“I don’t know. I like to sleep naked. It feels good.”
“— and Dude, where are your pubes?”
“I shave ‘em.”
“What? Real men don’t shave their pubes bro. It looks like a vagina.”
“Shut up. You shave yours.”
“Only cus Jen wouldn’t touch it if I didn’t. I don’t do that shit anymore. See.”

He pulled his basketball shorts sufficiently down to reveal his course, dark pubic hairs, slightly exposing the top of his thick flaccid cock. The elastic of his shorts safely tucked the rest of his inches away while he used his hands to demonstrate the length to which his cock hair had regrown. He was a free baller, never wearing boxers or jocks, and during our basketball games, his fat stick would swing from side to side, plopping up and down, much to the delight of the many girls who would come just to see him play. He loved the attention, and if I had a dick as big as his, I wouldn’t hesitate to show it off as well. He reached into his pants to adjust his balls and then pulled them back up.

I loved our relationship. He took his big brother duty very seriously and never left me in the dark about any questions I could possibly have about girls, sex, or puberty. He was an open book to me. It was “us against the world”.

“So you got a girlfriend yet? Got lucky?”
“Not yet – I find a couple girls cute but I don’t know.”
“No worries Sivvy. You’re a handsome young dude. It’ll happen.”
“I don’t know. My dick’s pretty small.”
“Are you kidding man? From what I see, you’re in a good shape. You jerking everyday?”
“Yeah – once or twice.”
“Good. Then it’ll get bigger. Not as big as mine though. I’m still your big brother.”
“Haha you ass.”
“Like a donkey. Aite, so I’ll leave ya to sleep but when I get back, you better be up man. Or I’m getting the water bucket.”

He gave me a sly smile and left closing the door behind him. I thought I might as well take a shower since I was already up, not wanting to risk him coming back, finding me still naked, and still covered in dry cum. After I got clean and brushed my teeth, I grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and jumped back into bed. It was raining heavily outside and I rolled over, listening to the rain drops hit the window. There was a soft knock on the door and I heard Ben call out to me. I guessed that he had been waiting for Tom and Ashley to leave before coming out of his room.

“Hey champ. You awake?”
“Yeah, come in. What’s up?”
“Nothing, you dawg. How was your night?”
“Standard. Yours?”
“Haha, bullshit. Come on, you gonna hold out on me?”
“I know Ashley was with you last night.”
“With me? Nah. She was in her room.”
“Come on champ. I snuck by around 2, and she wasn’t there. I thought my son picked up where I left off huh…”

Damn. I contemplated telling him about Tom but decided to reserve that card for another time. I went along with it, hoping to stir some of that horniness in him seeing that it was the first time we were alone since our new found freedom.

“Okay, you got me. I was horny and I told her to come over after you guys went to bed.”
“That’s my boy. How was it?”
“Loose, wet and full of cum after I was done with her.”

He began tenting in his shorts as I relayed my imaginary night with Ashley, making sure to emphasize how young she was, how tight she was, how wet she was, all the things I knew turned him on. By the time I ran out of ideas, his thick snake was straining against the crotch of his pants, begging to be let loose, and I was pitching hard wood under the sheets myself. This was a good time as ever to make a move.

“Got you hard huh?”
“Haha yeah, my bad. Feel pretty backed up. Got used to all the sex, couldn’t get off last night. Blue balls.”
“Me too.”

I lifted the sheets up to reveal my hard 5 inch cock pushing at the slit of my boxers. He laughed and gave his cock a small rub on the outside of his pants before getting up. He said he was going to try to take care of it and that I should do the same, that it was no use walking around the house with boners, especially with Tom around. This was my chance and I pounced, saying that I had stolen a porn disc from Tom’s room and I was pretty sure the girls were young, tight and wet. He seemed interested and came back, pulling my computer chair around towards the tv, and watched as I set up the movie. When it began playing, I gave him the remote, and sat back on my bed, making sure that I could see all of him without him seeing me. He skipped a couple scenes until he came to a particular young brunette that he liked and watched as she was repeatedly split by one massive black cock.

He slipped his pants down and removed his shirt but kept his boxers on and slowly rubbed his aching cock through the cloth, not looking down or away from the tv. I was bursting by this point, but trying to keep my cool and waited for the perfect time to encourage him to get naked.

“Not working for you?”
“Hmm? Oh yeah. She’s hot eh.”
“Yeah, she is. Her tits look so juicy. You not jerking off?”
“Yeah, yeah.”

But he didn’t make a move to lose his underwear so I pulled the sheets off me and pulled my dick out making strong strokes up and down my young cock. He looked over and smiled but still didn’t budge, so I stripped my boxers completely off and threw them at his head. He laughed and threw them back at me and then stood up and slowly lowered his boxers down. His cock sprung free and swung around as he kicked them off and he sat back down on the chair, slouching and spreading his legs apart, letting his balls drop low. I stopped jerking my cock altogether and just marveled at his hot body and meaty cock.

I reached into the side drawer on the right side of my bed and pulled out a freshly opened bottle of lube, lacing my cock, making it nice and slippery. I called over to him to offer some, but instead of throwing it like he gestured, I motioned him across to the bed. He casually got up and walked to the side, slowly rubbing his cock, eyes set on the bitch on screen and stood there, hanging ever so close to my face.

I scooted around and patted the bed for him to sit, and when he got comfortable, I moved his hand and squirted the lube all over his thick 9 inch cock. He took a small sharp breath as the lube was a bit cold but as I rubbed it in, he loosened up again and seemed to be enjoying my small hands on his large member. I continued jerking it for a short time, before he took over and I was a bit disappointed to go back to my small dick. I wasn’t giving up now.

“How about I jerk you off and you jerk me off? It’ll feel like Ashley’s here.”

He didn’t say a word and kept pulling on his cock so I reached over and positioned his hand on my hard cock, and went to work on his dick with my own. It took him a few strokes but soon enough, he started pumping my cock, still staring at the screen. My hands let me down though and started getting tired and he surprisingly looked down and laughed at my inability to keep his dick bouncing.

He set down the remote and got to work on his aching cock, making long, solid strokes up and down while using the other hand to absentmindedly jerk mine. He wasn’t doing a particularly good job but I wasn’t about to remove his hand, so I just laid back and watched him in motion. He was glorious. Soon enough, his hips began pushing upward and he let out a few loud sighs as his cum streamed out, sliding down his shift, melting in with his wiry cock hair.

He looked over to me and smiled and then went back to monitoring the mess he had made. I reached down for my throbbing cock and began jerking it as fast as I could hoping to bust a nut while I still had the vision of him lying next to me covered in jizz. He stopped me. Slow it down, he said. Take slow, strong strokes, he said. He grabbed the lube and pasted some onto his palm and started to work my cock in sensual pumps. It was an amazing feeling and he continued until I finally blew my load all over his hand, my chest and stomach. He wiped my cum off on his legs and went back to flipping through the rest of the porn. His cock had deflated considerably but was still leaking clear cum which I longed to taste. I thought better now than never.

“Have you ever tasted cum?”

I asked him as I looked down making small circles from the spits of cum that were shot across my stomach up to my chest. He hesitated but then answered that he did taste his when he was younger out of curiosity. I squeezed my cock from the base to the head bringing up left over cum and collected it on my fingers and brought it to my mouth. I licked it and then put my fingers into my mouth. He looked at me with a strange expression that was neither judgmental nor particularly happy but lightened up when I casually commented that it seemed to have no taste. And then I just reached over and swiped some of his cum that was caught up in his pubes at the base of his cock and ran it on my tongue. He looked at me dazed, with his beautiful lips slightly apart unable to formulate a response. I returned the look and to be honest, I think that’s the part where a man and woman would probably kiss, but seeing as we were clearly not that conventional, I scooted down the bed and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

I turned the water on and peeked back around the door to ask if he was coming in, to which he shortly nodded.


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