Joan and Mary Ann

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Chapter 1
Joan and her cousin, Mary Ann, had met in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. They were both white and in their 50's, looking for some relaxation away from the stresses of work and families. Joan was the more attractive of the two, but no man would reject either of them. Both were conservative in their sexual practices, though Joan had had sex with a couple of men in the past couple of years unknown to her husband. They had enjoyed several of the parades. In the evenings, they went to Bourbon Street visiting various clubs to drink and enjoy the music. On Fat Tuesday, the street was packed with partygoers. Women were flashing their breasts and getting beads and other trinkets thrown from men on the balconies. Joan and Mary Ann were too reserved to do that, though Mary Ann did raise her jacket to reveal her shirt below. They had consumed several drinks during the course of the evening and were starting to feel the effects. They decided to try one more place before calling it a night. Music coming from one caught their attention and they went inside, found seats and ordered drinks.
They then got their first good look around and realized that not only was the band female but so were most of the customers. Some were even dancing very intimately. Mary Ann leaned across to Joan and said, "Oh my God Joan. This is a lesbian bar. They're going to think we are too." "It'll be OK," Joan replied, "We'll just have our drinks and then leave." Unfortunately for them, they were overheard by a group in the next booth who decided to have some fun. One of them intercepted the waitress with their drinks, who was a friend, and put a sexual stimulant in their drinks. She also arranged for a second round of spiked drinks to be sent to Joan and Mary Ann. They were just finishing the first ones when the waitress brought the second pair and told them it would be bad manners not to accept. Somewhat reluctantly, they took the drinks. Mary Ann said to Joan, "I'm feeling funny. I feel both woozy and hot at the same time." "Me too," said Joan. Just then, a couple of women walked up and one of them said, "Welcome to the Rubyfruit Jungle. I'm Carrie and this is Melinda. May we join you?" Joan and Mary Ann were too surprised to say no and Carrie sat by Joan and Melinda sat by Mary Ann. "Let us buy the next round," said Carrie. "We shouldn't," said Joan but her heart wasn't really in it. Somehow, this attractive blonde sitting next to her seemed to be turning her on. Soon, a third round of spiked drinks was delivered to Joan and Mary Ann. Both of them were feeling quite mellow at this point.
As Joan worked on her drink, she felt Carrie's hand caressing her thigh. She knew she should tell her to stop, but it felt so good. Carrie's hand moved up to the crotch of Joan's pants and started rubbing in circles. Joan couldn't help herself and gradually her legs spread apart to give Carrie easier access. Seeing this, Carrie leaned over and brought her lips to Joan's. Her tongue pried open Joan's lips and began french kissing her. Joan's tongue responded in kind. Carrie's hand moved up under Joan's shirt and pushed her bra up over her tits. She began stroking them and pinching the nipples. Joan was soon moaning in pleasure. "Lift your hips," Carrie commanded. Joan couldn't resist and felt her pants and panties being pulled down and off. Her shirt and bra were also removed. She was now fully exposed in a public bar to anyone who might look and and didn't care. Carrie put a finger against her clit and started rubbing it in small circles. Joan was fast coming to an orgasm when Carrie abruptly stopped. "I should let your friend do this," she said. For the first time, Joan realized that Mary Ann was also completely nude and in a similar state of sexual arousal. By this time, both of them so needed sexual release, it did not matter who their partner was. Although they would never have contemplated sex together under normal circumstances, they now moved together and began kissing and fingering each other. "Fuck me Mary Ann," begged Joan. Soon they inverted themselves so that each could lick the other's genitals as well as fingerfucking. Someone stuck fingers in both their asses, heightening the pleasure they were feeling. They each screamed as they orgasmed. As they lay back in the booth, beer bottles were shoved into both their cunts. Other women took turns sitting on their faces forcing them to lick their pussies. Meanwhile, an audience had gathered and took photos and made obscene comments about straight sluts. Their underwear was disposed of and the rest of their clothes cut down to brief tops and shorts forcing them to return to their hotel revealing pretty much all of their assets. They were still under the influence of the drugs once they got there. But what happened next is another story.

Chapter 2
Finally arriving back at their room, Joan and Mary Ann stood looking at each other trying to understand what had just happened. Mary Ann spoke first. "Joan, I don't know what happened but I enjoyed it. And I'm still horny. Are you game?" Joan nodded yes and they moved together, their lips pressing against each other. Their mouths opened and their tongues met passionately. After kissing and hugging for several minutes, they hurriedly stripped off their tattered remnants and fell onto the bed. Mary Ann took the lead, caressing Joan's breasts and pinching her nipples. Joan responded by leaning over and taking Mary Ann's left nipple into her mouth and started sucking it. She reached down with her left hand and began stroking Mary Ann's clit and sticking her finger into her pussy. "Oh God Joanie, you're making me so hot. Give me more," moaned Mary Ann. Joan shifted position to oblige her cousin. Using her thumb to continue rubbing Mary Ann's clit, she gradually increased the number of fingers she was using to fuck Mary Ann from one to four as juices from her cunt began to flow. Going for broke, Joan balled up her hand and shoved it into Mary Ann. Joan couldn't believe it. She always thought of Mary Ann as a dear friend and had never considered having sex with her or any other woman. And yet, here she was fist fucking her and enjoying it. Mary Ann was pushing hard against her hand. "Fuck me Joanie," she pleaded. Continuing to stroke, Joan leaned down and sucked on her clit. With a scream, Mary Ann came and her juices flooded across Joan's lips. Joan tasted them with her tongue and savored their flavor.
Joan crawled next to the collapsed Mary Ann and they exchanged caresses. After resting for a few minutes, Mary Ann moved down the bed and spread Joan's legs. Burying her face in her pubic area, she started licking Joan's clit and cunt. Joan moaned as she felt Mary Ann's tongue penetrating her. Mary Ann focussed her tongue to working only on Joan's clit and brought her fingers to Joan's cunt and ass. Pushing a finger into each hole, she started a fucking motion. Leaving one finger to work the ass, she inserted a second and then a third finger into her cunt. She could feel Joan getting wetter, so she decided to return the favor Joan had done her. She pulled her hand out of both holes, then stuck 3 fingers up Joan's ass and pushed her fist deep into her cunt. The sensation of being fucked in both holes was too much. Joan bucked against Mary Ann's hands and orgasmed like she'd never done before. She could hardly breathe and went limp on the bed. Mary Ann laid beside her and they exhaustedly went to sleep.
Late the next morning, they awoke in each other's arms and exchanged a kiss. The effect of the drugs had worn off, but they now had a completely different relationship. No words were needed. They arose to shower together. They kissed and hugged as they soaped each other's body and rinsed clean. Joan gor a gleam in her eyes as she washed Mary Ann's pussy area. "Let's do something wicked," she said. "What?" asked Mary Ann. "Let's shave each other." Mary Ann thought this was a great idea and they spent the next hour trimming and shaving each other. They ended by rubbing oil over the shaved areas. "Oh baby, you feel so good" Joan said. After exchanging another kiss, they helped each other dry off and get dressed. In honor of their changed status, they decided to go braless so they could enjoy each other easier.
After grabbing something to eat, they went shopping. They found a lingerie shop and modelled different items for each other. They made several purchases including some outerwear that was provocative to say the least. They decided to wear some and dispose of the clothes they were wearing. Joan chose a black thong with a matching bra with nipple cutouts. Over them she wore black tight shorts and a clingy black top so her nipples were clearly visible. Mary Ann went with a red thong and matching push up bra. She donned a red skirt with high slits and matching top with a low cut cleavage to show off her boobs. They attracted a lot of attention walking down the street. They were passing by an adult store and Joan decided to go in to check on something. In they went and in a display case was what she was looking for. A variety of strap on dildos. They examined them, finally agreeing on a choice and bought it. They decided to return to the hotel to try it out.
Once back in their room, Joan said "It was my idea so I get to wear it first." They undressed. While Mary ann got in bed, Joan opened the box and strapped it on. It had a 10" cock that was about 2" around. "Do you want Momma to fuck you" she asked. "Yes, Momma. Come stick your big cock in your little girl" Mary Ann replied. Joan got beside her, kissing her, then moving down and working on both breasts with her mouth and hands. She felt Mary Ann's nipples hardening as a result of her manipulations. She moved one hand down to her cunt, caressing her lips and getting her moist. When she felt Mary Ann was ready, she climbed on top and positioned the dildo at her opening. Easing it in, she began stroking in and out of her love hole. With their lips kissing, their breasts rubbing against each other's, and her cock fucking Mary Ann, Joan felt she understand a little of what it must be like to be a man. To give pleasure to a woman. And from Mary Ann's actions, she was obviously being pleasured. "Joanie, that feels so good. Give it to me harder" Mary Ann cried. Joan picked up the pace, pulling out and then shoving it back in hard. Mary Ann wrapped her legs around Joan and made mewing sounds as she orgasmed from the fucking.
She gently kissed Joan as she recovered. "Now it's your turn" she said. Joan removed the strap on and Mary Ann put it on. No foreplay was needed as Joan was already wet from the screwing she'd just given. Mary Ann had Joan get on all fours and then mounted her from the rear doggy style. After awhile, Joan rested with her head on the bed while stroking her clit wth one hand. Mary Ann continued with her fucking as Joan neared her peak. Finally, with a muffled cry, she collapsed to the bed as she came. "That was as good as my husband ever gave me" she told her lover. "Let's get some rest. I want to go back to that club tonight and show those lesbians what 2 old white sluts can really do!"

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