The DJ Catches Her Girl. Pt. 2.

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It had been a great two weeks with Helen, I had enjoyed taking her out sightseeing in my car, places not normally seen by your regular tourists. Helen had liked that, she wasn’t as much of an all-day sunbather as her mates were.

The rest of her gang, soon realised that we were an item, they had seemed a bit shocked that straight-laced Helen had a girlfriend, but they appeared to accept it with good grace, if not a bit of piss taking.

I quickly found that I had allowed my feelings to get carried away, something I avoided with holiday-makers, I was falling for this girl. It somewhat shook me when I realised. Shit! The last thing I needed was a permanent relationship and a long distance one at that. No way, was I about to leave Portugal, I loved my DJ work too much besides all the other perks of living there.

Helen was only halfway through uni, and she was fast approaching the peak of her athletics career. There was even a good chance of her making the British team.

What hadn’t occurred to me, was that Helen was maybe brighter in the head than me. She was two steps ahead of me. She had said to me, towards the end of her holiday, “Dina, I know you’re falling for me, I can see it in your eyes, the way you talk and the way you want to look after me all the time. I also know that it’s not what you want, you don’t want to be tied to one person. I actually understand, even though I know that if our circumstances were different, I would want nothing more than to be with you. But, I’m not going to ask, and I’ll say no if you do, I would be very happy if you were to want us to just stay good friends.”

I had felt bad but at the same time relieved.

Our last night together had been wonderful, not just all about passion and sex, but something much more, it had nearly broken my heart. In the end, it had been a very tearful goodbye.

It was almost two months since she had left, and I hadn’t so much as looked at another girl.

Romero, my gay waiter friend at the club in Praia Da Rocha, had been quite concerned for me, tutting away like an old woman. “It’s about time you got back to normal,” or something along those lines, he’d said several times. He’d even gone out of his way to point out a few likely prospects to me, but nothing had got me going.

It was getting close to the end of the season, not so many punters, less late nights and I actually got a night off. Next week, I had a weeks holiday and I was trying to decide whether I should go and visit Helen.

What did I do on my night off? You might think I’d enjoy a break from the tourists, but no, instead, I went to the main karaoke bar. I fancied myself as a fairly decent singer, mostly country type music.

There was the usual crowd of dreadful singers, a few reasonable but only a couple who were any good. One was a fairly old guy, but he knew his fifties and sixties, he certainly went down well with the crowd.

The other, a very pretty dark haired girl, perhaps eighteen or nineteen years of age, she had taken some persuading to get up and sing. She was with two other girls who had been urging her to sing for ages. Anyway, finally, she got up on stage. I could see that she was extremely nervous, the song had to be restarted when she made a hash of the beginning, but it did sound as if she had a nice voice.

Pepe caught my eye and beckoned me up, she had chosen one of the sings I quite often did, Patsy Cline’s version of ‘Have you ever been lonely’.

“Fuck Pepe, do I really need this?” I thought, but I got off my ass, walked over and took a mic. “Okay love, it’s you and me.”

She let me start, before joining with me. Pretty quickly her confidence grew, then she really started singing, and I do mean singing, her voice was amazing, even better than mine, I grudgingly admitted. The second verse, I just let her sing, before rejoining for the remainder of the song.

We brought the house down, but even then, she smiled very shyly. I invited her to the bar to have a drink with me.

Turned out that just like me, she also sang mostly country, she had, in fact, got a huge cd collection, she had started collecting seriously since she was about sixteen.

When I say sang, it meant at home, she’d never been on a stage before.

I fetched the songbook and asked which songs she knew. Before long we had a sizable list of numbers we were both familiar with.

We did a couple more together, which both received stupendous applause. Then Pepe asked if he could join us. He knew I was on holiday the following week and asked if I was going away at all.

Then he told us that he wanted to make us an offer, he wanted us to do an hours show for five or six nights, using the karaoke for backing music, he would pay us the going rate. Adding that we could, if we wanted, rehearse in the mornings.

I told him that we’d let him know tomorrow.

Dawn said she wasn’t sure that she could do it, saying that it was a bit different singing a couple of karaoke songs to doing an hours show, and for nearly a week.

Two or three Malibu’s later, and I was winning her over.


Pepe had gone to town with a huge poster, even a good photo he’d taken when we were on the karaoke. It said, ’ Dawn & Dina, Double Dynamite Country Duo’, it went on to say, we were appearing nightly, for a one hour spot.

Our first night was magic, we sang to a packed house, God knows where they all came from, but they did.

The rapport between us was soon obvious to see, it was as is if we had been singing together for years, it was so natural. We were quickly becoming close.

We were halfway through another Patsy Cline number, ‘Always’. I got to the line, ‘I’ll be loving you, always’ when she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, to my credit, I didn’t stop singing, but it was like an electric shock had hit me. Then we were facing each other as we sang, she was clearly staring into my eyes. Was it just the song? I wondered, or was there some message she was sending me?

We ended up doing an extra half hour, the crowd just wouldn’t let us go, but finally, our first night was over.

Pepe was over the moon, thrilled to bits and he showed it with a nice bonus. Dawn couldn’t stop looking at her half of the money, “I’ll be rich by the end of the week!”

“Well, hardly rich,” I answered, “but it ain’t half bad.”

We sat in an alcove, while the karaoke carried on. Dawn’s hand came to rest on mine, “Dina, that was the best night of my life, I’m so glad that you insisted we should give it a go,” then she leaned and kissed my cheek again.

I turned to face her, I was about to speak but she put a finger on my lips, “Dina, I know. I know that you’re a lesbian, my friends didn’t waste any time in warning me, but I don’t care.”

She took a few moments to collect her thoughts, “I’m normal. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like that. What I mean is, I have a boyfriend, well sort of, nothing serious. I’ve never had any inclination to look at a girl before but now I’m feeling confused, I’m having feelings towards you that I don’t understand, maybe it’s just that we’re so good together, singing and that,” she trailed off, lost for what to say.

“Dawn, don’t worry, I’m not about to jump in your panties, we are good together, we’re a partnership but that’s all it is.”


The next evening, we were even better as we got used to working together, everything flowed, it was brilliant. Then in the middle of one number, the instrumental break, she took my hands and did a bit of a dance, I turned her into a spin and as she came back to face me, her arms went around my waist, for a second she held me tight, then giggled before singing the next verse.

At the end of our last encore, she turned to me and kissed me again, not on the cheek this time, but square on my lips. She held it for a second longer than was necessary, the crowd roared their approval, clapping and cheering us off the stage.

I told her I needed a smoke, I’d be back in a mo and took myself outside.

Two arms came around me from behind and squeezed my stomach, as a voice whispered, “I meant that kiss, Dina.”

I turned myself to face her, “You sure about this, baby? I wouldn’t want anything to spoil our friendship.”

“Dina, please will you just kiss me!” I took her in my arms as our lips met, her lips were so soft and I kissed her with tenderness.

My tongue pushed out to trace her lips, she opened hers to me with no hesitation. Our tongues wrestled with each other and I felt my passion rising. I slipped my hands under her top, to feel the smooth skin of her back. She followed my lead, and we both caressed.

I moved one hand around, following her bra line, until I came to her breast, I cupped it gently as she sighed into my lips. Her bra wasn’t tight, her breasts weren’t large, so my fingers pushed up from below, easing the cup of the bra off her breast. Then I was holding her beautiful small tit in my hand, I could feel her nipple in my palm, stiff and hard.

Now she groaned when I pinched her nipple. “Oh Dina, love me, please love me.”

“Would you like to come back to mine?” I asked.

She looked at me, a loving look, “Yes please, can we?”

For a while though, we didn’t leave. I pulled the hem of her skirt up, watching her face all the time. My hand went to the front of her panties and I rubbed my fingers along the crotch, she was soaking already.

“Fuck! You’re wet Dawn.”

“I know, I can feel it, can we go now?”


My apartment was modest but nice, I’d had more than two years to get it the way I liked.

“How do you fancy a shower? Before we relax, it was hot work in that bar.” I asked.

I could see that she was shy, apprehensive at taking her clothes off in front of another girl or maybe anyone for that matter. So I said for her to use the bathroom first, while I got the wine. I gave her two minutes head start, chucking my clothes in a cupboard, I went into the bathroom. She was in the shower, which didn’t have a screen, just a plastic pull-over curtain.

I eased it aside and I simply stood to stare at her body. She noticed me there, her hands automatically rising to cover herself, then she stopped and turned to face me square on. she stood still letting me feast my eyes. Finally, she said, “Well?”

“Dawn, you’re totally fucking gorgeous, come on and make room for me.”

Her arms were around my waist as I hugged her to me, our breasts mashed together, or rather, hers disappearing into mine. We kissed again, this time with passion, our lust building fast.

I pulled her hand around to hold my breast, she broke from our kiss to look, as her hand explored and then massaged me. “I’ve never seen one close before and now I’m touching one, it’s lovely, so big compared to mine.”

I took her other hand and lowered it to my crotch. She didn’t hesitate, her fingers went straight between to feel me. She traced the lips of my labia, which, as I’ve explained before, (See Laura and the Female DJ) are very large flaps, then she was pushing her fingers inside. She was speaking, to herself or me, who knows? “I’ve got my fingers inside another girls pussy,” she giggles, “I love it, it feels so, Oh I don’t know, just so fab.”

She looked shocked when she found my clit, so I said, “Yeah, I know, it’s big isn’t it?”

“I never knew that they could be this big, I mean, mine’s only tiny next to yours.” She played with it, it almost like a mini cock, which it was, someone got my chromosomes muddled a bit, but then I’m not complaining.

Soon she had me writhing, my legs turning to jelly, as I gasped for breath. “Are you going to cum, Dina? I want to make you cum.” Dawn asked me.

“You bet I am, baby, don’t stop what you’re doing and bite my nipples please.”

Bloody hell, did I cum? More than two months with nothing and now my little singing partner was taking me to heaven. I’m not sure whether I squirted or I peed, but it poured out of me, just as well the shower was running because I don’t think Dawn noticed.

I came back down to earth, “Let’s get to bed, my love.” Grabbing the wine on the way, I led her to my bedroom.

“What a lovely room,” she said, “it’s so feminine, not what I expected.”

“Stop talking so much, and get your ass in there,” I replied. She crawled onto the bed, wiggling her ass at me as she went, so I grabbed hold of her hips before she could lay down and leaned to bury my face between the cheeks. My hands spread them wide as my tongue sought the little hole, to tease and press as I tried to penetrate her ass. My tongue wouldn’t go in but the following finger did, then two were gripped tight, as she shoved back against them, as they worked there way inside.

“I’ve never been touched there before, Dina, not even by myself, I didn’t think I would like it, but it feels sexy now.”

I reached under to find her clit, and there it was, not very big but just enough for me to feel it and then give it a rub. I felt her knees were shaking, so I withdrew from her ass and rolled her onto her side, then I lay down to face her.

Our lips came together and kissed, a long lover’s kiss, as we held each other in our arms. I felt dampness on my cheeks, so I pulled back from our kiss to look at her. There were tears running from her eyes and yet she was smiling at me.

She must have seen my querying look because she said, “You’ve made me so happy this week, Dina, I don’t want it to end. I’m crying because I suddenly realised it will end next week, I will go back to England and probably never see you again. For now, though, I want this moment to be ours, I want to hear you say you love me, just to give me something special to remember, can you do that for me?”

Fucking shit! Now I could feel my tears coming, my heart went out to her, and I did feel love. “Come here baby, I do love you.” Then we hugged and covered each other with kisses.

“Love me now please, Dina, touch me, I want to feel you touching my body, it’s all yours if you want me?”

I lowered my head to her small breasts, one was barely more than a mouthful but it felt delightful. Her nipple responded to my kisses and licks, I kept on teasing it as she sighed.

The muscles clenched when my hand caressed her stomach, I let my fingers twirl the small bush of hairs on her mound, then I could feel the top of her slit. I had to push her legs apart with my knee so my fingers could explore her lips. The lips were like two small wings, not large, but they felt soft and inviting. I eased them apart to allow entry for my fingers, and I dipped into her.

Her sighs changed, now she was moaning softly with her arms around my shoulders. Slowly I worked at her pussy, the wetness increasing in response. One moment, I dipped in, then would move to caress her clit, before dipping back again. Now I could feel her clit had grown.

I reached my free hand, took her arms from my shoulders, and guided her hands to her breasts.

I lowered my head down her body, my mouth to her pussy. My searching tongue quickly latched onto her clit and then I closed my lips and sucked. Her body jerked and I heard an “Ohhhh!”

I lifted one of her legs to my shoulder and then the other, she pulled her thighs tight around my head. I still had my fingers inside of her, now wanking her as deep as I could reach. My free hand caressed her ass, tickled her hole with a gentle pressure.

Her body was now writhing under our combined touches, she was pulling at her nipples and then scrunching her breasts hard, while I continued below. “Dina, yes, oh yes, I’m cummingggggggg!” She wailed. Frantically, she bucked on my hand, her clit jammed between my lips. Her whole body went rigid, raised from the bed, as she pressed my head to her.

She collapsed back, holding me between her thighs. I let her rest a while, then moved alongside, to kiss her cheek, my hand gently stroking her breasts. She sighed, it was a sigh of pleasure. She turned her face to me, “Can I stay here tonight, Dinah, can I sleep with you please?”

I kissed her lips, then, “You can move in and stay here for the rest of your holiday if you want to, my love.”

She smiled at me, then grabbed hold of me hard, “Thank you,” and once more we kissed.


Our third night was swinging, we were trying a few new numbers, new to us that is. You would never have known it but it was as if we’d sung them for years

Then I did a double take, I faltered for few moments before I picked up the song again, I saw Dawn look at me, obviously puzzled, then she followed my eyes and saw. Helen was there watching the show, she was sat right at the back in the middle, it was surprising that I’d not seen her coming in. I’ve no idea how long she’d been there.

She hadn’t told me she was coming over, she hadn’t even said that she’d been thinking of it.

My heart surged and it surprised me. I knew my feelings ran very deep for her but I had come to terms with the fact that our relationship had been going nowhere, certainly not for the time being anyway. Now there she was, and here was myself and Dawn.

I had told Helen, sort of in passing, that I was doing this singing thing with Dawn but hadn’t said there was anything more to it than that.

For our encore, we closed the show with an up-tempo mix of Dwight Yoakam and Alan Jackson numbers, ‘Guitars and Cadillacs’, ‘Don’t rock the jukebox’, etc. This was a real rockin’ part of our show. Somehow, I forgot about Helen as we rocked, Pepe did a fantastic job of keeping the backing music going from one song to another. I think it was the best that Dawn and I had been. We hugged as we took the applause.

Then I saw Helen get up and leave, I couldn’t help my eyes following her. As we left the stage, Dawn took my hand, “Was that Helen?” she asked.

That shook me, I had never mentioned Helen to her, there’d been no reason to. “Yes that’s Helen, how did you know?”

“My friends told me about her, they’d been told by some girl here, I think her name was Ann.”

“Yeah, that figures, she always wants to cause me trouble.”

“Can I ask, or you could tell me to mind my own business, but did, or do you love her?”

I stopped and held her, “Dawn, I don’t know. We had a thing, yes, and I had feelings for her, but I don’t really know if I loved her, and that’s the truth.”

“Well, I can tell you that she loves you, I could see the hurt in her eyes when she watched us together.” Then Dawn was crying softly, “I think I’d better go.”

Helen’s voice broke in, “Dawn there’s no need for you to go, can we go somewhere quiet for a drink, we can talk together, can’t we?” When Dawn looked puzzled she continued, “Dina told me about you last week.”

I took them to one of my favourite local back-street bars, it had a nice secluded garden area. There was an awkward silence for a while, then Helen spoke.

“I had a few spare days come up and I decided to come and see you sing, I’ve never seen you sing before,” she said looking at me, then she looked at both of us, “you were brilliant together, in fact you were special together, you should make it a permanent act.”

She picked up her glass and knocked it back in one, then quickly poured another. “Dina, in case you hadn’t noticed, Dawn is in love with you.” She drained her glass again. Then she placed her hand over Dawns, “And I also love her, but I went back to England, with no promises, no ties, I didn’t even tell her that I loved her. Believe me, Dawn, I didn’t come here to cause you any trouble, I really did want to see her sing.”

Dawn leaned forward and kissed her cheek, then they hugged. Helen rocked Dawn’s body gently. I heard her, quietly speaking, “I’m not here to get in your way, Dawn. Dina never promised me anything, I didn’t ask her to. Now, do you mind if I get pissed?”

I sat and stared at them. I didn’t know what to think. I cared for both of them but with Helen gone for so long, my feelings had been buried. Dawn had brought a new zest into my life and, I had no doubt I was starting to love her. Helen’s sudden appearance had shaken me, old feelings being forced to the surface. Now I was in turmoil, I honestly didn’t know what I should do.

I picked up my glass, “Come on you two, let’s all get pissed.” I think it was maybe five bottles of wine later, before we staggered down the road, arm in arm, back to my place. I can’t say that I remember anything else.

I woke in the middle of the night, I needed a pee. I was lying in between Dawn and Hellen, I had to gently move their arms which were laying across me before I could get out of bed. Clothes were scattered everywhere, the lights still on in the living room, I noticed as weaved my way to the bathroom.

When I got back, Dawn was cuddled up to Helen, so I lay beside them and dropped straight back to sleep.

Daylight was shining brightly through the curtains, when I became vaguely aware of someone leaving the bed, I turned on my side, my arms wrapped around a body, and I drifted off again.

I felt a tickling sensation at my tits and between my legs, it was pleasant and soothing, so I just enjoyed it, still half asleep. My body was beginning to send signals to my alcohol dulled brain, I thought I must be having a nice dirty dream, I sighed.

I felt myself twitch as something warm touched my pussy and I felt hot breath at my crotch. Then a bite on my nipple followed a wet tickle across both tits. Shit! This was nice, please don’t stop this dream.

I heard giggles, where the fuck did they come from? Then I opened my eyes. Dawn’s face was there looking up to me as she sucked on my tits, her hands everywhere. Then with a shock, I realised that there someone else pushing my legs apart, before I felt the tongue slide inside and along the length of my pussy lips.

My clit was throbbing, I felt hot lips surround it, to then slide up and down. I was surging to a climax, my hands clutching at the sheets, as I reached my orgasm. I shuddered under the relentless touch of the two girls which never stopped until I began to relax.

Two faces came above mine, I watched as they kissed each other, it was a long kiss and beautiful to watch. Then they were both kissing me, four lips pressed to my mouth. They lay their heads on my breasts and they kissed again.


After we had all showered, Dawn knocked up scrambled eggs on toast. A steaming pot of coffee on the table to wash the paracetamol down. They both looked pleased with themselves as I tried to get my throbbing head around what was going on. They laughed at the look on my face, “Shall we tell her?” Helen asked Dawn.

“We’ve had a little chat while you were still sleeping and we’ve come to an understanding,” said Dawn.

Helen took over, “We both love you, but I have to go back tomorrow, probably won’t be back for another six months, but Dawn has decided that she’s going to stay out here and I think she’s right.”

Dawn interjected, “If you are willing, we want to share you. I want to live with you and Helen can come anytime she wants. What do you think?”

I burst into tears and sobbed. Deep inside, I had been so worried at what to do, I didn’t want to hurt either of these girls. Relief washed over me, I wanted them both so much. Could it work? I knew I had to try. I held my arms out to them, they both rushed to me and we cuddled. They kissed me, they kissed each other, we all kissed.

Helen was the first to speak, “Have you taken Dawn to our spot down the beach yet?”

I shook my head.

“Well come on then, let’s pack up a few things and get down there, and besides, the water will do your headache good,” she looked at Dawn, “I want to tell Dawn all about our first time together, how the naughty physio took advantage of me.” (See Pt. 1)

We drove to my spot in the nature reserve, the beach there was as deserted as always.

They took advantage of me, again, I didn’t mind at all.


I was back to five nights on my disco and the one night at the club. Dawn helping when she could, they offered her a job behind the bar but I asked her to wait, I had other ideas.

Helen was now back in England.

Word of our success at Pepe’s place had spread and I hadn’t been idle. I’d been checking out on buying a backing track player and finding out exactly what tracks we could get. I wouldn’t need an amp or speakers, etc. I already had all that. I was pleasantly surprised at the final cost, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as I expected.

That evening, sitting on the balcony with a decent bottle of wine at hand, I told Dawn my plans. I told her that I wanted us singing together again, professionally. I would drop the club night, it wasn’t my favourite anyway.

I told her that I’d spoken with my bar owner and it turned out that he had been about to ask me whether we would consider singing there for two or three nights, with the disco on the others. I said we might, provided, he didn’t mind us doing one night a week for Pepe.

Her beaming smile stopped me talking, “What?” I said.

“Dina, nothing would make me happier, I haven’t stopped thinking about anything else since we finished at Pepe’s place.”

She came and sat on my knee, her arms around my neck, “Why don’t you take me to bed and fuck me with your new toy?”

It was the first time I had heard her swear, my bad influence I knew.

The end.

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