Faith, Hope and Charity : 2: Smoking in the Boys Room

Hello again readers
Where we left off last time, the trinity of Faith, Hope and Charity had been born all bonded by our mutual love of debauchery , and of course us all being in the same school and grade.

I am Charity Jones, your humble author. At this point in my life I was sixteen an at the beginning of my incredible journey into both womanhood and sluthood. I have sparkling blue eyes and corn-silk blonde hair. My pin up figure over the year hasn’t changed much, my hips aren’t as small as they were when I was 16, and my bust was smaller in my teens, but I haven’t changed much since. A prodigious 32DD on a tiny 5’ 2” frame.

Faith O’Reilly is my best friend and foul mouthed opposite to my sugar sweet personality. She’s taller at 5’8” with a slim athletic body with perky little 32B breasts. A natural redhead with emerald green eyes and freckles in all the right spots. She drinks, smokes, smokes pot and is as much a sexual dynamo as I

Hope Jenkins was the final part of our dirty tribunal. She fit right into the middle of Faith and I. She was petite at 5’ 4” and she was a bit curvier then I but her boobs were a bit smaller than mine., measuring in at 34D. Her eyes were an ice blue, her hair was pitch black and her skin was pale as snow. Nowadays she would be called a goth, but in our story she was in her teens in the eighties in a small Texas town.

The three of us had united over our love of cock, namely the school geek, Beeder, and his truly colossal one. We had already sort of met at the strip/sex club the Zebra club where Hope had acted as a fluffer to a massive gangbang of Faith, the preachers wife, my momma Dee and myself; but with all the cum flying it was not the best place for making proper introductions.

Picking up from the last memory, I had just made the first team on the cheerleading squad and my winning personality and attention from all the boys had won a spot for Faith on the second team, which suit her just fine. Even after much cajoling we even managed to convince Hope to sign up as the team manager despite her complete lack of interest in anything outside of the sexual or intellectual

The next few weeks were standard high school stuff; attending classes, attending practise, hanging out at the mall, gossiping with one another, sleep-overs, passing notes in the class. What wasn’t standard were our weekly “ tutor” sessions with Beeder every Monday night which mainly involved sucking and fucking him off in three to one, or 4 to one odds if Momma was involved, and the weekends were black cock adventures with Marcus, Denny, or Bill, or any combination thereof

During our practises we always caught the attention of the football team, and being young hormonal teens we sure enjoyed the attention. They always managed to take time to talk to me after a furious display of me bouncing around for not mysterious reasons. This made some of the girls jealous, but it sure didn’t bother Faith and I as she managed to get extra customers for her pot sales too . The truly dreamy Chet Baker took a direct interest in me and he was the high school crush; captain of the football team, all American sculpted features, blonde hair, blue eyes, came from a wealthy family. I was the envy of all the girls just talking with him.

It was near the end of September when Chet asked Faith and I to come “ smoke a bowl” with some of the team and check out the aquatic facilities that were being built. Faith and I shared a knowing look , boys were so see through, all they wanted to do is get us high and maybe try to grab some boob. We were game for that, plus it gave me a chance to try flirting with Chet some more. We pulled Hope out of the pages of a dead French poet and dragged her along with us.

The building was spacious and hadn’t been fully filled out yet, the empy pool was there but the bleachers were still missing. The roof wasn’t fully put in, and there were no lights or sprinklers or firearms. The boys toured us around, bragging about games or how much they could drink, running around in the empty pool. You know, high school hijinks.

Faith broke out the weed and we all smoked up and had a good time. Chet sat beside me and we dangled our legs off into the empty pool end. We talked about the upcoming games and the movies in theatres and about what music we liked. He was such a sweetheart and we clicked so magically with each other. The weed was definitely kicking in and he was getting over his shyness and slided a bit over to me. Despite the sheer number of cocks that had plowed my pussy, ass and mouth over the last four months I felt shy like a virginal daisy.

Most of the boys were either trying to pry my attention away from Chet, or hanging out with Faith as she loosened her clothes to show more skin and get more attention. Hope was mostly invisible in the background as the couple non-alpha players just kind of made chit-chat with me.
“ So… ummm…I .. I was wondering”, Chet kind of stammered
“ Wondering what?”, “ I smiled playing dumb
“ If you , might, I don’t know, kind of might want to go see a movie..or something “
“ Yeah, I’d like that”, I said sliding my hand into his nervous slightly perspiring one
“ That’s great!” he all but squeaked out.
The captain of the football team and all around high school teen dream was shy. It was adorable. We both sat there grinning like silly goofs with butterfly’s in our stomach. Him, the shy super jock and me the blushing cockwhore. We were interrupted form our teen crush reverie by a blurt from Hope.
“ Marijuana makes me horny, “ Hope stated matter of factly and returned to her joint
She hadn’t said more then two words up until this point and this made all us all turn our heads. She was already unbuttoning her top as she took another toke. Faith broke the temporary spell and walked over quickly over to Hope and took her by the hand.
“ Hey Hope, why don’t we go discuss this in the …uhhhh”, Faith looked around , “ in the boys room”
The tall redhead pulled the buxom punk girl towards the washroom, the guys stood around looking a bit stunned. Then jokingly punching each other in the arms and pretend shoving each other towards the bathroom door, but none were brave enough to go in
“ Is your friend always like this?” Chet asked baffled
“ That bit about the pot is new to me”, I blushed back not wanting to share her other interests
“ So you boys going to come in here or what?” Faith hollered out from the bathroom.
The guys laughed nervously and high fived and put on their game faces and all but knocked each other out of the way in their mini-stampede to get into the boys room.
That left Chet and I alone to our own devices as we sat like the infatuated teens we were holding hands. We could hear the guys joking and laughing in the bathroom.
“ I hope you don’t think I’m too forward or weird”, Chet asked
“ Why would I think that?”, I asked right back
“ I’m usually not too good around girls, they tend to ask me out”
“ You get asked out my a lot of girls?” , I said teasing and a little jealous
“ Yeah, but they mostly want to drive in my car or hang out in my dad’s hottub”
“ A hottub, really”?” I teased right back
“ Yeah, my dad is really rich, but he has this reputation ---”
“ Fuck, I love these big cocks!” we heard Hope very loudly exclaim from the washroom.
That definitely stopped Chet and I in midspeech, our eyebrows raised and our eyes widened. Chet’s expression was more of shock , mine was more from surprise at Hope’s seemingly mindless nymphomania. Chet nervously squeezed my hand in his, I reassuringly put my hand on his. I suppose if he wanted to date me, he needed to see what my friends were like.
“ Come on, “ I said standing up and pulling him with me, “ let’s go see what they’re up to”
“ You sure?” Chet asked nervously
“ I’m sure”
I led Chet to the bathroom door where we could already hear the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. Steeping through the doorway with Chet in tow.
Before us was a scene of our typical debauchery in action; Hope was on all fours with a cock in her mouth while one of the boys had flipped up her skirt and was plugging her from behind. Faith was watching it the scene bare naked stroking a cock on either side, behind her stood one the other players who was rubbing his big dick between her glistening pussy lips. There were about 3 other guys in the room already stroking their cocks waiting for their turn.
“ Heya Char, come to join the party? , Faith asked nodding to me as the boy behind her nuzzled into her neck leaving her with a contented sigh.

“ I don’t know, we’ll see how Chet feels about it”

Chet was transfixed with the scene and didn’t know where to look, at Hope servicing the team on the floor or the spectacle Faith was putting on, or to keep his eyes on the floor.

“ Oh my god, I’m gonna, gonna cummm” , the guy getting slurped on by Hope moaned
Hope grabbed his as cheek as he tried pulling away and hungrily took his load down her throat. This seemed to be the switch and the other guy grunted and shook and I could tell he was pumping his seed into her pussy from behind. They pulled reluctantly away and Hope whimpered

“ Please, more cock, please”, she begged
Two of the other guys standing around quickly took up the empty spaces where the boys had just left and were eagerly pumping away at my raven haired friends respective holes front and aft. Faith meanwhile turned around and pushed the guy rubbing her clit with his big dick into one of the stalls and sat him down on the toilet, she proceeded to climb on top of him and shove herself down on his cock.

I was getting horny and tingly just watching the show and my nipples were getting rock hard and wanting to explode against my uniform. My loins were absolutely aching watching this display and I could actually begin to feel the moistness slowly trickle down the inside of my upper thigh. I looked to Chet and he was flushed in the face, I glanced down and saw the hardness in his pants.

I reached down and start rubbing his erection through his pants, and he started breathing hard. He looked me in the eyes and I smiled back and he groaned. I started rubbing harder and I could feel him wobbling in the knees.
“ Like my friends?” , I asked impishly
“ Oh yes”, Chet groaned
“ Like watching them get …fucked?” , I said with heavy emphasis on ‘fucked’

“ Oh yes” , Chet said wobbling some more

I leaned forward and whispered “ Want to see me get …fucked?”

Chet just groaned and leaned back, I could feel him stiffen even more in his pants and then my hand felt a dampness. I looked down and a wet spot was already spreading in his pants from climaxing in his jeans. I t was a shame, because I didn’t get to see his cock before he came, but he didn’t have the huge bulge I’m usually familiar with, so I guessed it wasn’t such a huge loss

Taking his groaning and creaming his jeans as consent, I twirled and pulled my top up and off and let my titties swing at the boys who weren’t occupied. I moved quickly towards them and dropped to my knees.

High school boys are so eager and I quickly found 3 cocks eagerly sticking in my face. I stuck out my tongue and rolled my face around in their cock and balls. They seemed to really love this. I sucked on the first one and start stroking the others. I alternated to the nest one and did the others, I could taste cum and Hope’s pussy on this guy’s dick and he was partly soft so I eagerly went to work sucking on him hard

There was nothing but slurping and groaning and flesh pounding going on in the confines of the dirty half dark boys room as well as the half pungent smell of marijuana in the air. I was half high and hornier then hell.
One of the guys grunted and spunked just as I was pulling away from him so he ended up painting his face with his white sticky seed. I laughed and turned to the next ockc, sucking hungrily as the cum dripped off my chin and onto my heavy boobs.
This went on for unknown how long but it must have been a while as soon another spunk and pussy juice coated dick was thrust in my mouth and I had already swallowed tow frothy loads. I felt a set of arms wrap around my waist and I was picked up and carried into a stall.

Once in the stall I was impaled by cock as I was sat down facing away from my mystery fucker. I couldn’t see Hope anymore , but I could hear the sound of feminine groaning and flesh slapping from the stalls on either side of me. I placed my feet on either side of the boys legs and started happily bouncing up and down on his cock

A couple boys moved to the front of the stall and I could see them trying to feed me their cocks but I couldn’t bend over enough to get close enough to suck them and the guy beneath me wasn’t helping as he was just eager to fuck my pussy off. He just pumped away and just about as I was about to cum he blew his load in my twat, I was disappointed and almost pouted but realized there were more cocks to play with.
I got up and pushed the boy out of the stall and motioned for the next one to come in, he sat down and started to grab at me.

“ Oh no, “ I said, “ I have a better idea”

I wiped my hand between my legs and came back up with a slimy hand of cum and juices and coated the boy who sat on the toilets cock with a liberal “ lube”. I then eased my self onto him and pushed my ass onto his cock letting him fill up my backdoor with his dick. With his dick in my ass, I braced my feet on the stall walls and opened my thighs wide.

“ Room for two at a time” , I evilly grinned at the next guy
He quickly moved in and fumbily pushed his cock into my pussy. As always having both my holes filled with cock set me off. Plus the tawdriness of fucking in a bathroom stall just heightened it for me and in a few strokes of the two boys stretching me wide I was already cumming. Fucking in bathroom stalls ever since has always been one of my naughty kinks.

“ Oh my god, we’re double fucking her!”, the boy plugging my pussy exclaimed
In mere minutes I was screeching again as another orgams ripped through me, the dirty fator of thos was really doing a number to my brain and I swear I didn’t stop cumming for the next hour. I guess even ther other girls were interested in seeing why I was flipping out my mind, because the fucking in the other stalls stopped

This must have gone on for two hours, whenever one of the guys would cum another would replace him. I probably took on all of the boys twice and a couple of them three times. What teenage boys don’t have in skill or stamina they certainly make up in recovery.

The last guy had me bent over the table and was fucking me when he came in my ass. He pulled out and slipped away and I sat down on the toilet lid which was already sticky with sperm and I let a couple dozen laods of cum drip out of my pussy and ass
I looked up in through sweat plasted hair and saw Chet watching me with what appeared to be absolute adoration in his eyes. His pants were down around his ankles and he was whacking off his penis in one hand, and from what I could see he was a bit on the smaller side. No matter, he obviously loved what he saw.
I stretched my legs languidly wide and showed him my red and swollen pussy and asshole as frothy white goo dribbled from both holes

“ Still want to date me?”, I said mischievously

“ Oh god yes, Charity”, he said groaning and shooting a load all over the floor.
He moved towards me but Hope was already crawling in to clean out my holes with her cum hungry mouth. God bless that slut.
For the rest of the year, once every month the guys would meet the girls in the boys room of the aquatic centre and fuck them silly. As for myself, Chet and I quickly decided to steady and he wanted to save his first time ( yes, he was a virgin) for his wedding night.
I would really try to be faithful to him, but a girl has needs… and well, I guess that can wait till the next part of my story

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