Annie and the wolf

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My life had never been particularly easy, my parents died in a car crash when I was only three, so I didnt completely understand losing them but it didn't make not having them any easier.

I ended up in the care of my grandmother, a women pushing 90, she did her best to raise me and I didn't ask much, so when it came to clothes, I got simple, bulky and somewhat dumpy plain dresses.

The bulky dresses did afford me one advantage, hiding my body. I was never proud of how I progress physically faster than girls my age, I was 13 and already a size 32E breasts, having to wear an ugly off-white bra, but again, it's all my grandmother could afford. At age 10 my breasts budded, by age 11 I was already wearing a cheap training bra and by 12 I was 38C.

I never made many friends at school, mostly being shunned and insulted, being called fat because of my ugly dresses. Part of me hurt, the other was glad that no one knew about my body, I felt awkward and even slightly ashamed, since I didn't know anyone to talk about this sort of thing.

Until one day

I often chose to walk to school, hoping to prolong my time away from others. My walk took me through a small wooded area, some dirt had been tread upon a long time ago to make an unclear path, I noticed new tracks, left by tires and at first though someone had come through on their bicycle.
But I began to hear sounds, sounds like grunting and panting.

I wasn't exactly dressed for exploring the woods, my bulky dress on, plain bra, old fashioned underwear called granny-panties, plain sneakers and my dark brown hair tied in a bun but I was interested to know what was making that sounded, walking through the brush slowly, I heard the noises coming from a cluster of trees, slowly poking my head out, I blushed at what I saw, a woman was laid atop a motorcycle, her blouse open, her breasts jumping as she moaned, her head rolled bag and legs spread wide, her skirt hiked up, a man was thrusting into her, he stood naked, I saw his clothes inches from him in the dirt, from behind I could only see his muscles of his back, his legs, his arms, his buttocks squeezing tight with each thrust, I didn't know the woman, not that I knew many people in the town, I was mesmerized by all this and dared a closer look.

Walking silently as possible to the next tree, brush nearly catching my dress, I caught a side view of the mans face, he was handsome, with rugged features, dark eyes, a devilish grin, sweat formed on his brow as he thrust again and again. I felt myself quiver and my own virgin pussy tingle.
The woman cried out "ooohooh..god yesmmm" and part of me ached, wanting to be that woman.
When I looked back up at the man's face I saw he was looking at me, smiling, still thrusting deep into the woman, he didn't speak, but held up on hand, one finger, indicating I should wait.

I didn't move, couldn'tdidn't want to. I was amazed, I wanted to know this man and yet terrified to the core, he was a stranger, he might be a murderer or worse. I watched on as he bucked and thrust and finally grunted, releasing into the woman, after he slid out of her, I saw his member, it was big, I'd never seen a real man's penis but it was tremendous, nearly seven inches long and more than an inch and a half wide. Glistening with cum and pussy juice.
The woman buttoned her blouse, fixed her skirt and said "well..good day" I recognized her now, she was the math teacher for the younger children at my school. I couldn't believe it.

But as she walked off to the school, the man spoke, his voice confident, strong, powerful.
"Well, gonna play hide and seek or are you gonna show yourself?"
I shuddered but knew I would never be able to outrun him and I didn't want to.

I stepped out from behind the tree and blushed slightly, looking at the ground, he smirked wide and whistled "Mmmsexy thing".
I felt myself go even redder in the cheeks, looking into his eyes, like dark pools of water, I asked " me?"
He nodded "Of course, who else would I be talking about?" he stepped towards me
I felt my back stiffen and I said "No..I'm uglyfat..all the boys say so"
He laughed a little, I thought if wolves could laugh, that is what it would sound like.
He reached out and gently held my chin in his hand "Think I can't tell what a pretty lady looks like..?"
I felt frozen, in fear, in lust, in desire, I didn't know but I spoke "I'm 13not..not a lady"
His right hand holding my chin, his left reached out, finding my hip and gently rubbing slow circles that made my knees weak, I let out an involuntary purr of pleasure and he smiled "You're a ladya fine one.."

With that he leaned in and kissed my lips, his breath warm, his face a little sharp from his thin beard, he took my first kiss, sucking and caressing my lips with his and I felt my lips trying to return the passion he gave, my body quivered with feverish delight and I wanted to reach out and slide my arms around his neck, hold him close but I just stood there.

He pulled his lips back and smiled at me "Pretty lady like youdeserves a real bed..not the back of my bike like that cheap floozycome on" he went to his bike, dressing quickly, he sat in leather and denim atop the gleaming machine that only moments ago acted as his impromptu bed for the teacher and himself.
He gently tapped the seat behind him, I looked at him, the seat and made my choice.

(tell me what you guys think of part one, if you liked it, let me know and I'll post part two soon).

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