The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 21

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Hey you guys know the drill; I don’t own the Naruto series.
Maybe you guys were mad that I left the chapter in a cliffhanger, well maybe I’ll just leave this chapter in a cliffhanger . . . . . . no I’m just playing.
The majority of this chapter is a fight, I hope you guys like the fight and the fighters.
NOw ReaD
Hope you guys like it
Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 21
Kisame reached for his sword, “I’ve had it with these two . . . . . . . . I’m going to finish this” said Kisame as she swung his sword at the two girls.
Before the sword came upon either of the girls it stopped completely, a hand was holding it in place just inches away from Saya’s face.
Two figures stood in front of the girls facing Kisame.
“Aren’t you a little to old to be playing with little girls” said the figure holding Kisame’s sword. Kisame looked at the figure, the person had dark black hair, and it was tied up in a long ponytail that hung high from his head and down to his back, and he had dark green eyes. He wore a small dark green body armor that covered his chest, stomach and back, and he also had some shoulder guards. He only wore a black short sleeve shirt under the armor; he had many seals going up and down his arms. He had black pants and the usual black sandals, and two broadswords hanging from his waist.
The moment Kisame looked in to his eyes he could feel him piercing in to his soul with out any effort. He tried to put more force in to the sword but he still couldn't move it.
“I don’t know who you two are but you guys stepped in to the wrong battle” said Kisame as he looked at the other figure.
The other figure was about two inches taller then other one; he was six feet four inches. He too had long hair but unlike the other one he had his loose. His hair was blood red, much of his hair lay on his back, and some of it went over his shoulder and lay in front, his eyes were the same color. On his upper body all he wore was a black open vest that showed off his well-toned body. He had gray baggy pants he had a red sash around his waist that had a long end that hung down. He had black sandal as well, but form the top of the sandal to the end of his pants which ended in his shins he had small red sashes covering them.
When Kisame looked him in the eyes the feeling was similar to that of the other guy, but at the same time it was different. When he looked in to his eyes he felt like he was being swallowed completely.
The one holding the sword brought up his other hand in which he held an apple and took a bite of it, “ . . . . . well . . maybe . . . . . it’s best . . . . you don’t know who we are . . . . . or else . . . you wouldn’t want to fight”.
A huge roars and booms sounded through the sky as lightning and thunder came crashing down somewhere close by.
‘What is up with that’ Kyuubi thought about the thunder.
“Very well if that’s the way you want it” said Kisame not knowing that the two figures were Kyuubi and Hachibi.
“Who are you guys?” asked a confused Emi.
“Don’t worry were here to help you” said Kyuubi.
“Are you daddy’s friend?” asked Saya.
“You mean the one he talks to?” Emi asked Saya.
“Yes I’m the friend he . . . talks to” replied Kyuubi, Kyuubi created a barrier around the girl stopping the rain from pouring down on them.
Kisame quickly took back his sword and swung it again only to be block by one of Hachibi’s swords. He tossed his apple high in to the air and unsheathes his other sword and with it he slapped Kisame’s sword down making him stumble allowing him the chance to give him a roundhouse kick to the head. When Kisame hit the floor he turned in to water.
“Water clone . . . . . . . well looks like you have some moves after all” said Hachibi.
“Those little swords don’t measure up to mine” said Kisame from behind Hachibi swinging his sword and striking him on his side. Hachibi quickly turned in to mud; the mud then began to crawl up Kisame’s sword. The mud then started to cover Kisame’s body completely.
“My swords have been sought out by demons and gods alike wanting to wield their power, with these swords I can’t harness power that your sword can’t even imagine” replied Hachibi.
Once the mud completely covered Kisame’s body it began to suck him dry of his chakra.
Some muttering could be heard through the mud, and then suddenly the mud started to freeze. Once the mud was completely frozen the ice just shattered.
“I hope you got more then that” said Kisame as he shifted trying to find a good footing in all the mud and water that is being created by the rain.
“Oh . . . I got more all right” said Hachibi. Both Kisame and Hachibi were completely drenched; they each made sure that they didn’t slip because any mistake could cost them big. Hachibi brought his hands together and some performed seals.
“Earth Storm Jutsu” big chucks of rock were pulled out of the ground and began to rotate around Hachibi increasing in speed and once they were at top speed they were launched at Kisame. At this moment Hachibi tossed his sword high in the air pulling down on the handle as he tossed them making them spin in the air and caught the apple that he had tossed up before and took another bite of it.
Kisame started destroying the rock with his sword, being distracted Kisame lost track of Hachibi. Kisame looked around and in the process getting hit by some rock. While being tossed back Kisame felt a jolt of pain on his back, he looked back to see Hachibi fist right on his mid back.
Kisame quickly turned around and counter, still with the apple in one hand Hachibi dodge giving Kisame some room to perform a jutsu.
”Swamp Mist Jutsu” thick dark black mist began to cover the area.
‘Does this idiot really think he can beat me like this?’ thought Hachibi.
“It’s over for you . . . if I don’t kill you this black mist will, once you start to breath in the mist it will fill up your lungs and stay in there with out letting any air in” said Kisame as he slowly and quietly made his way towards Hachibi.
Hachibi couldn’t see anything in the black mist, he only knew of Kisame’s presence when he was hit on the side by a powerful kick, at this point the mist finally was starting to disappear, and before he was pushed away from the impact Kisame grabbed his hand pulled him back kneeing him in the gut. Hachibi could feel the black mist in his lungs.
While Hachibi was in pain Kisame elbowed him on the head knocking him to the floor.
“Water Prison Jutsu” Water started surrounding Hachibi as it trapped him a bubble of water.
“Well, how about this . . . . . you can either die from drowning in water or you can die from drowning in the black mist” said Kisame.
With the area now clear of the mist everyone else could see the way the fight was going.
“Well it took you long enough to get control of the battle Kisame” shouted Zetsu.
“I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to handle this if it was you fighting” Kisame shouted back.
“I doubt that” replied Zetsu.
On the other side the girls looked worried.
“He needs help” said Emi to Kyuubi hoping that he would go to help him.
“I can’t help him” replied Kyuubi.
“Why?” asked Saya.
“Because he said he wanted to handle this himself” answered Kyuubi.
“But look at him he can’t handle it” said Saya.
“Yes he can . . . . . don’t worry the battle is not over yet” said Kyuubi.
In this instant yet another roar of thunder crossed the sky and crashing in the same place as before. Everyone was looking at the sky as the thunder was seen for only a second.
“Hurry up and finish him so I can get started on that other fool” said Zetsu to Kisame as he got every one’s attention back to the field.
“Yeah yeah . . . . I got it” answered Kisame.
“So . . . any last words?” Kisame looked at Hachibi as he asked the question.
Hachibi nodded and said, “Sphere Destroyer Jutsu” Hachibi started to turn in to a sphere of mud occupying all of the water prison, then in less then a second sharp jagged rocks shot out from every side of the water prison and piercing Kisame in the legs and arms and stomach defusing the jutsu in the process.
Hachibi suddenly appeared in front of Kisame and started his assault with only one hand. He landed a couple of punches on his sides and then punched him in the face sending him sliding across the ground.
“WOW he’s really good” said Emi.
“Yeah it almost looks like he isn’t even trying” added Saya.
‘I think I’m going to have to get involve in this . . . . . I don’t think Kisame will be able to handle this guy alone' thought Zetsu as he got ready to blindside Hachibi, he performed some seals.
Kyuubi saw Zetsu begin to move, he knew he was going to interfere with the battle. Zetsu was supposed to be his fight. He thought about doing something, but he also wanted to see what Hachibi could do having to fight both of them.
Hachibi was about to take the final bite of his apple when he was hit with a paralysis jutsu, Hachibi couldn’t move his body making his apple fall out of his hand.
“MY APPLE . . . . . .i had one bite left” yelled Hachibi as he looked at the now dirt covered apple, he looked up and saw Zetsu walking up to him, his feet sinking in to the muddy ground as he took each step, his cloak as soaked as Kisame’s. It looked like he was getting ready to strike, but Hachibi didn’t give him a chance.
Hachibi smirked and without any seals, “Cerberus Chakra Control” black chakra began to pour out of his body and started to form in to something just in front of him, once complete the chakra had taken the form of a three headed demon dog the same size as Hachibi.
“CHARGE” yelled Hachibi, then in the speed of light the demon dog charged at Zetsu, moving so fast Zetsu had no time to react as the dog was already attacking his chest, however it was not biting or anything like that. Zetsu looked and saw the dog entering his body forcefully through the chakra points in his chest.
Zetsu stopped half to Hachibi; Zetsu then turned around and started walking towards Kisame.
“My body . . . what did you do” said Zetsu.
“Well thanks to the chakra that has entered your body I can now control you and your chakra through your chakra system, so all I have to do is stop any chakra that you are using to keep me in this jutsu and I’ll be free again” Said Hachibi as he stopped any chakra in Zetsu’s body from being used allowing him to move.
Hachibi began to walk towards Kisame also, who was still on the ground trying to recover from the attacks on him.
Zetsu pick Kisame up and retrained him, he held him still for Hachibi.
“Now it’s time to finish this one off” Hachibi said refereeing to Kisame and yet again perform another jutsu with out seals.
“Cerberus Devour” said Hachibi as his hand became ghost like then he shoved them in to Kisame’s body, they just went right though his clothes and skin and in to his insides. Hachibi was quickly absorbing Kisame’s chakra.
“I could always use the extra chakra” said Hachibi as he smirked.
Kisame wasted not time in trying to get control of the situation, he used the support from Zetsu and lifted his legs up and pushed Hachibi away. He then managed to trip Zetsu and successfully escaped from his grasp. Kisame quickly grabbed his sword and swung it at Zetsu, the shards from the sword were impaled on Zetsu’s arm.
The sword then begun to drain Zetsu’s chakra, more specific it began to drain the chakra that was embedded in him by Hachibi. Once the chakra was all gone Kisame lifted his sword from Zetsu.
Both Kisame and Zetsu stood up straight, both were hurt, “Let’s see how you fare with both of us” said Zetsu.
“Do you really think I’ll make a difference” replied Hachibi.
“Do you think he can win against both?” asked Emi.
“We’ll see” answered Kyuubi.
“Are you as strong as him?” asked Saya.
“Let me just put it this way no matter what those two will die” replied Kyuubi.
‘They’ll die whether I kill them or he kills them . . . . . . . . . son of bitch is getting all the fun’ though Kyuubi.
Both Kisame and Zetsu charged at Hachibi, he took his fighting stance and waited. When they finally attacked Hachibi dodged all attacks with out loosing an inch of ground to either of them.
“You two are starting to bore me . . . . . . . . . “ ‘ . . . I think I’ll end this now’ Hachibi finished in thought.
He shoved his palm in to Kisame’s chest pushing him back, he looked back seeing a punch coming his way he ducked and thrusted he’s elbow backwards as he nailed Zetsu in the gut and then kicked him to the ground.
Kisame again was charging at Hachibi, Hachibi moving faster then Kisame could see and landed a chakra embedded kick to Kisame’s side and then kicked him on the other side, then with the same chakra in his fist he uppercut him sending him flying.
Hachibi turned around and looked at Zetsu, who was on the ground, he lifted his arms and in the process of waving them down he said, “Twin Blades” both swords came down from the sky spinning making them look like saws. The swords had chakra coming out of them making them as sharp as possible.
Once the swords came crashing down on Zetsu his body was no longer one whole but three pieces. Zetsu was barely alive as he looked at his body now in pieces, he looked at Hachibi and then fell dead, and blood surrounded his body.
Hachibi turned around and looked at Kisame, who was having trouble standing up, he had nothing left. Black chakra started to come out of Hachibi’s body again and formed in to the demon dog.
“Cerberus I think its time for your meal” said Hachibi as he pointed at Kisame.
The demon dog charged at Kisame, Kisame tried to defend against the dog but Cerberus was too much for him, with nothing left to defend the three heads started to tear apart Kisame’s body as they devoured it.
Hachibi turned around the other watching the battle, “Well that was that” he said.
Hachibi walked towards Zetsu and picked up his swords, he let the rain wash away the blood and then sheathed them.
This battle was over.
Kyuubi and the girls just looked at Hachibi; the girls looked at him in amazement, while Kyuubi just waited for him to approach them
Hachibi began to walk towards them and once near Kyuubi spoke, " . . . . I think we should get to a dry location" he said as he looked at the rain making the blood in the field spread out even more.
"WOW that was amazing" said Emi.
"Yeah can you teach me that" asked Saya.
“Maybe some other time we have to leave right now” said Hachibi.
“Wait we should go back and help daddy” said Saya.
“No, if we go you two will only get in the way” said Kyuubi.
“He’s right your father need to fight without any restraints” added Hachibi.
“Well what if you two go and help him” asked Saya.
“Yeah we don’t want anything to happen to daddy” said Emi.
“If he needs us he will summon us, if not we are to stay we you” said Hachibi.
“Your father’s orders are to protect you” said Kyuubi.
“Your father wanted us to protect you and to get you somewhere safe” said Hachibi.
“We can’t leave you two alone . . . . . we should go” said Kyuubi.
The four continued to head south.
“Where did you guys come from?” asked Emi.
“From here” said Hachibi as he reached for Saya’s necklace.
Emi noticed that she too had one, “Uh where did those come from” she said.
“It’s a small present from your father” said Kyuubi.
“We were summoned when you two little ladies started to expel some of our chakra from the crystals and that happened when you two got mad” said Hachibi.
“But if you guys are here how can daddy summon you?” asked Emi.
“Well you see these crystals are connected to your father through the seals on them, so any help you get from us or any extra chakra you get is because your father is lending it to you to protect you” said Kyuubi.
“Yes but you see the majority of our entity and chakra are with in these crystals, so I guess you can see that your dad really loves if he gives you so much power” added Hachibi.
“WOW” exclaimed both girls.
The girls could be happier with what Hachibi just told them, he was right their father loved them very much.

Well that was that
I don’t know much of Kisame and Zetsu so it was kind of hard to make jutsus for them.
So good fight? Or not?
Next time – Naruto v. Akatsuki, what will happen?
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