Vacation to Tobago Island

The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

Thirty-two year old Sam Stevenson saved his money for a couple of years to afford the vacation that he wanted. He had long wanted to go to the island of Tobago. Finally he was on the trip of a lifetime. A whole week in a one bedroom condo on the beach in Tobago and he had plenty of money for site seeing, fishing and bar hopping.

Sam was from a small Arkansas city that had very few minorities so as he saw that over 90% of the non-tourist people on the island were black, it gave him an unusual and funny feeling. Very polite blacks served him at the airport and the resort desk, cared for his room, drove the taxies and on and on. He got a strange feeling that this was what being a plantation owner must have been like. He had to admit to himself that he liked the feeling.

On the second day of his trip at just about sunset, he was walking back from town to the resort after having dinner in a small local restaurant. As he was passing an ally to the side, a young black girl came walking out with her head down and she was crying loudly. Sam looked at her. She was about 5’1” and skinny. The first and very obvious thing was that she was naked. Her almost coal black skin was clear of any blemishes. Her even blacker hair was done in rows and pig tails. She had thick lips and a wide nose but Sam thought she was cute. Her breasts were almost non-existent, surely no more than A-cups. Her pubic mount was cleanly shaven, or maybe she had not grown any hair there yet. She was carrying a thin summer dress but had nothing on.

Sam couldn’t help but stop and look at her. “Are you alright, little girl?” She looked at him and walked toward him without making any motion to cover herself. As she got closer he could see that her face and chest was splattered with cum. In broken English she said to Sam, “I don’t understand. I did the man real good. I sucked him and I fucked him but after he cum, he grab the money back and ran off. That was $60TTD (60 Trinidad, Tobago dollars were equal to about $10 US) and it was the money to buy the food for my family. Neither my father nor my mother can find jobs. My two brothers are too little to work. Now I not know how we will eat.”

She walked right up to Sam and stood close in front of him. Without even thinking about it, he put his arms around her and consoled the young naked black girl. Sam Had never touched a black woman before. “You need to put your dress on and cover up. What would people think if they saw me with you like this?” Sam was a good foot taller than the girl so she had to lean her head back to look up at his face. “I suck you and fuck you real good for only $60 TTD, Mon. I be real good to your cock. I can see and feel in your pants that you like me.”

Sam had not realized what a hard erection he had from looking at and talking to this little hooker but there was no doubt that his manhood was very interested. From her looks he was worried that she might be underage and he could get into a lot of trouble with the law. He knew he should say no and leave her to her way but the more he thought about it, the more his almost painfully blood filled cock took over and made him willing to take the chance. “OK, we can go to my room and we can do something. Put on your dress. What is your name?” Her reply was Monique. “You cannot take me thru the lobby. It is not allowed. Tell me your room number and I will go around back and find the room.”

Sam had not been in his room more than a couple minutes when there was a light knock. He opened the door and there was Monique. She quickly entered the room and shut the door. She hardly had time to say what a nice room it was before she had finished getting back out of her little dress. “Do you like me? Do you think my body is good for sex?”

Sam reached for his belt and started to unbuckle it. “Let me do it, Mon.” Monique slowly undressed Sam. As she uncovered his six and a half inch prick, it jumped out and bounced up and down. “It is so very nice. I am going to have much fun with it and you be feelin real good.” Monique dropped down, put one small hand around the shaft and slipped her lips over the head.” Sam knew that she had already been fucked and had cum drying on her face and chest and in her hair. “Let’s take a shower first. That will be fun.” He took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

Sam adjusted the shower temperature and they walked into the large enclosure. Sam took a bar of soap and started washing the leftover cum off of his tiny guest. Monique took the soap long enough to get her hands soapy and then reached out and wrapped one hand around Sam’s hard shaft and ran her fist up and down the length of it. Sam moaned. It had been almost two weeks from when he had last been with a woman and his cock and balls were ready to spray his seed at the slightest invitation. Pre-cum was almost dripping from the end of his rod.

Sam rinsed the soap off of Monique’s childlike body and then reached down and picked her up with ease. She could not have weighed a hundred pounds. He lifted her to where her budding breasts were level with his mouth and sucked one nipple in between his lips. Monique jumped and moaned at the pleasurable feeling. No-one had ever tried to make her feel good. All the men she had been with were only interested in getting their own pleasure from this tiny little street whore. She put her arms around his head and pulled herself tightly to him. After a couple of enjoyable minutes of nursing on each of Monique’s mounds, she was breathing hard when Sam set her down. Sam was surprised at how large and hard her nipples had gotten.

Monique immediately dropped to her knees in front of Sam and slid her mouth over his erection. He felt it jump and grow as her lips slid down over the shaft till almost all of it was in her mouth and he felt it hit the top of her throat. She gagged slightly and pulled back. With one hand, Monique gently squeezed his balls as her mouth rapidly pistoned along the length of Sam’s excited manhood. The sight of her black lips sliding up and down the length of his white shaft excited him. He knew that she was young, maybe very young, but she was as good at sucking cock as any other woman that he had ever been with. Sam knew that he could not hold back for long and he was right.

Without giving her any warning, Sam held Monique’s head with just the head of his cock between her lips. His cock swelled and then pulsed as two, three, four big blasts of his thick white baby making fluids erupted into the girl’s mouth. Monique was experienced enough to know what Sam expected and she held in place and accepted his spunk as it filled her mouth almost to overflowing. Sam pulled away and Monique showed him her open mouth half full of is thick white ejaculate. “Swallow it.” Monique would rather have spit it out but she did as she was told and swallowed Sam’s load with one big exaggerated gulp. She made a face that showed that she did not enjoy it but then smiled up at him and then showed him her again empty mouth.

They both washed off and Sam led her to the bed. While Sam recovered they talked. Mostly Sam asked Monique questions. Why did she start doing tricks? “It is the only way to get money for my family.” Did her family know she was doing it? “Yes, it is not officially legal but street sex girls are accepted here and many of them start very young. I and the other girls have to suck off the policeman that works this part of town to keep from being taken in.” How long had she been a street prostitute? “About four months.” How old was she? “Old enough.” How many men had she been with? “Maybe fifteen or more.” How did she learn how to do the sex things that she had to do? “I just let the men do what they wanted to do and I learned.”

Monique noticed that Sam was starting to get another erection. “Mister, I want to be on top.” She reached down and stroked him till he was good and hard. Sam lifted her over him and she guided her cunt down onto Sam’s prick and slid onto it till the entire almost seven inches were buried in her snatch. She put her hands on his chest and started bouncing up and down on him with a long, deep fucking motion. He reached up and cupped her small breasts and pinched her nipples while she rode him. He looked down between them and enjoyed watching his white cock sliding in and out of her black cunt.

Sam took pride in how long he could last before coming. He almost never failed to give the woman the first orgasm. Monique rode his manhood for almost ten minutes and brought herself to two strong orgasms but she had not made Sam come yet. He could see that she was getting tired but was not going to give up till she got the job done. He lifted her off and had her get on her hands and knees. He got behind her and slid back in doggy style. Holding her hips, he slammed into her box over and over for another ten minutes. Monique came again. Finally Sam held himself deep in her fuck tunnel as he felt his cock swell and spray hot jets of man sauce into the little black girl’s baby hole. He held it deep in her till he started to soften. When he pulled out, Monique spun around and sucked his spent prick back into her mouth, cleaning it of their mixed fluids. Sam lay down and in a minute he was asleep.

The sun was coming in the window when he awoke only to find Monique cuddled up next to him, still asleep. His moving woke her. She looked at him and smiled. Then she kissed her way down his chest to his morning wood. Several minutes later she had another mouthful of Sam’s seed. She giggled, “That does not count as breakfast.” Sam asked her if she often stayed the night with the men that picked her up and she said that this was the first time. Then he asked if her family would be worried about her staying out all night. She said that she had called them after he fell asleep so they were not worried.

Sam called room service and ordered breakfast to the room. When there was a knock on the door, Sam had Monique, still naked, go and let the young black busboy in with the food. He could not take his eyes off of her, but he did not say a word. Sam had given Monique a US dollar to give to him as a tip. He thanked them and left.

As they ate, Sam said that he would be there four more days and he asked Monique if she would spend all of that time with him, showing him what there was to see and keeping him company including in bed. Monique said that she would like that but that she had to pick up men to make money for her family. Sam said, “I don’t want to think about this as paying a prostitute but when I have to leave I will give you $500 TTD to help your family. Monique squealed with joy and jumped up in Sam’s arms. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Sam returned the kiss. Monique loosened her grip but kept her legs around him. As she slid down, her snatch lined itself up with Sam’s erection and soon she was impaled on his rod for the first of many fucks that they would share over the next four days till Sam had to leave.

Monique knew that for the first time, she was going to enjoy being with a man. Sam knew that he would return home with completely drained balls and great memories of a great vacation.


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