Lisa (Jessica) - Chapter 7a - Jessica

“You double crossing bastards!” Riley yelled as he drew back his arm and landed blow upon blow on Scott’s face and head.

“No!” Jessica yelled and tried to run to Riley and stop him but Josh had sensed she’d try to get involved and hung back, blocking her way.

“Stay out of it Jessica!” Josh said, “I want to go help Jim and Scott but you have to promise me you’ll stay out of it.”

Jessica shook her head as she saw Scott covering his head with his arms and working to buck Riley off of him. Jim almost fell from the second punch Angus landed but pulled himself together at the last second and dodged Angus’ next punch.

“I knew you guys were shitheads but I never thought you were backstabbing shitheads!” Angus growled, dodging Jimmy’s swing and landing another of his own.

Josh pushed Jessica out of the way, and threw himself against Riley, knocking him off of Scott.

When Scott sprang to his feet, Josh retreated again to block Jessica as she tried to move toward the men.

“Stop! Stop!” Jessica yelled but they didn’t pay her any attention.
Tears came to her eyes as she saw blood pouring from Jim’s nose, and gashes on Scott’s face. Jim and Scott began to land some good punches and despite the initial upper hand that Riley and Angus had gained from the surprise attack, the fights seemed evenly matched.

“I’m going to pound your pompous fucking face in you double crossing sack of shit.” Angus yelled at Jim, the dull sound of flesh hitting flesh accenting his point as Angus’ fist made contact with Jim’s face.

“Good luck.” Jim said through split lips. “I have a few bones to pick with you too.”

“Oh my God, stop!” Jessica yelled again. Josh had diverted his attention from her and committed himself to the fight with Riley. Riley was working hard to fend both Josh and Scott off.

Jessica tried to grab Josh’s arm but he shook her off.

Suddenly Jim charged Angus and the two of them crashed against the sofa, knocking it back. They landed on the floor, struggling.

Finding himself at a standstill with Josh and Scott, Riley kicked out his leg and landed it in the middle of Scott’s chest, sending Scott flying. Then turning without warning he tackled Josh sending the both of them smashing into the wall behind them. Jessica could hear the swoosh of the air being knocked out of Josh.

Scuffling, grunting, muffled thuds as punches and kicks landed filled Jessica with horror. Her pleas for the men to stop fell on deaf ears and she felt a growing sense of fear that they were going to kill one another. Frustrated, Jessica clutched her hair and screamed at the top of her lungs, but the men were completely oblivious.

Jessica was desperate but not nearly as desperate as when Angus won the upper hand against Jimmy and stood over him volleying kick after kick into his stomach and ribs. Jessica’s eyes strayed to the gun rack. She ran to the rack, grabbed a rifle and fired into the ceiling.

Through the shower of dry wall particles that fell around her, Jessica saw the men freeze and look over at her. A sudden rage overtook her. Jim was clutching his chest, his expression conveying the magnitude of his pain. Angus had frozen mid kick. Blood poured down Josh’s face from the gash on his forehead and he looked crooked as he froze against the wall. Riley still pinning him there with one hand and his other hand frozen in the punch that he’d been about to land to Josh’s face.

Scott had been in the process of getting up and froze in a kneeling position, looking up at her in obvious surprise.

Jessica lowered the barrel of the gun and swung it between Riley and Angus and with a pronounced pout she said, “You promised you were only going to talk!”

Turning slowly, hands raised, Riley took one look at Jessica and despite how pissed off he was he couldn’t help but be disarmed by her. There was an earnestness about her that took the steam out of his anger. The other men seemed to be calming down also. Angus stepped forward, raising his hands slightly, Jim staggered to his feet, clutching his chest, Josh pushed off from the wall, hands slightly raised, Scott slowly got to his feet.

“That was before I found out that these assholes nearly left with you and were willing to kill Angus and me in the process.” Riley said, his eyes slipping from Jessica’s face to the gun she held, and back again. “And it really fucking pisses me off that the only people here that don’t find you with a loaded gun unnerving are Angus and me.”

“Grow the fuck up Riley.” Jim wheezed, clutching his chest, “Like it or not, you’re playing catch-up. You can be as pissed off about it as you want but it doesn’t change that fact. Blowing up about it all the time, isn’t going to get you any closer to Jessica.”

“Grow up?” Angus demanded, “That’s fucking rich … Fuck, we’re the ones who covered our obligations with the clan. We’re the ones who always had to work … giving you all the time in the world to make Jessica fall in love with you. And for that, yeah, fuck, you better believe I’m going to blow up.”

“Do you honestly think being home more often would have changed anything about how you dealt with Jessica? Changed your attitude toward her?” Jim panted, running out of breath from the effort of speaking, “Be honest with yourselves …” Jim added when Riley looked like he was going to argue, “We asked you to go easier on Jess many times. Being home more often would’ve just given you more time to beat the shit out of her.”

Seconds ticked by before Riley exhaled and said, “Shit.” His shoulders sagged. He suddenly felt very tired.

“Put the gun away.” Angus said to Jessica, “We’re done fighting.” As Jessica returned the rifle to the rack Angus looked Jim over with an increasing sense of horror. “This is so fucked. Fuck Jim, I’m sorry.”

Jim nodded, “’K.”

Returning, Jessica stopped and looked around at all the battered faces. Her face, already reflecting her distress with the situation, grew more and more glum as she moved her eyes from Scott to Riley to Josh to Angus , but when they settled on Jim there was no denying her sadness, incredulity and disappointment. Jessica went to Jim, slipping under his arm and melting against him … cupping his bruised and bloodied face gently with her hand.

“You should sit down Jim,” she pleaded.

Tilting his head slightly he pressed his lips into the palm of Jessica’s hand and kissed it. Pulling her tighter against him he shook his head, “I’d rather stand for now.”

“Jess …” Riley said, shame overwhelmed him. He’d never felt anything like it before not even when he knew he was using his friends to do his dirty work with Jessica. “… I’m sorry.”

“You should never, ever, fight like this Riley.” Jessica replied. She looked around at the men, before swinging her eyes back to Riley, “You’re the only family you have left … no matter how much you disagree you can never turn on each other like this again. Please … promise me.”

“I don’t know if I can Jess.” Riley said, “I don’t know how not to be pissed about all the secrets, the inequality in our relationships with you. I don’t want to make a promise I might break.”

Jessica nodded and let her head fall against Jim’s shoulder and she looked even more disappointed.

“So now what?” Angus asked. He wanted Jessica in his arms, he wanted her to stop looking like he and Riley had betrayed her.

“Jim?” Riley asked when the ensuing silence stretched.

Jim shrugged and winced from the pain, “You tell me.”

“I have no fucking clue.” Riley replied in a despondent tone. He felt so out of his element.

“I think you do.” Jim said.

Riley shook his head.

“Jim, you always have a plan.” Josh said, bereft of ideas himself.

Jim’s laugh quickly turned into a coughing fit. Jessica struggled under Jim’s arm, trying to hold him up as his coughing became increasingly painful.

“You’re sitting down.” Scott said, pulling Jessica away from Jim and taking her place as Josh moved under Jim’s other arm. The two of them guided Jim to the sofa and helped him sit. As he tried to stop coughing and catch his breath Jessica slid onto the sofa beside Jim and wrapped her arms around him, comforting him as his coughing fit slowly subsided.

“If you do have a plan,” Riley said when Jim didn’t look like he was going to say anything else, “I’d like to hear it.”

Jim shook his head. “The only plan I had going was for Jess. It was supposed to be a tailored version of marriage … a way that maybe she could call herself our wife within the confines of our situation.” He said locking eyes with Jess as he spoke, “With the hope that eventually you’d be willing to marry us by your definition. No Jess … don’t worry or feel bad.” He added when Jessica looked despondent about how her stance on marriage was being received. Pulling her to him, Jim looked around at the men, “But I don’t see how it could ever work. It was based on honestly, respect, and love and considering how little of that we have amongst ourselves there’s no way Jess could believe in it enough to bother marrying us.”

“Well, maybe we need the same plan for ourselves.” Scott said.

“There’s no fucking maybe about it.” Josh said, “What was the plan?”

Jim shook his head, “It can’t be my idea. This’ll have to be a group effort … only way all of us can really commit to it is if we all have a say in it.”

“Makes sense.” Scott said, “But if that’s the case I want Jess involved in it too. This has to be all or nothing … marriage material.”

Jim nodded. “And we have to think long term. I don’t think it’ll be marriage material if we don’t think longer term.”

“What does that mean?” Angus asked.

“It means we have to consider what will make Jessica happy in the long run. Five years, ten years, twenty years, a life time from now, what will Jessica need to be truly happy.” Jim replied.

“Fuck.” Riley growled, “That’s what got us here in the first place.”

“What do you mean?” Jim asked when Jessica turned her face into his chest and groaned softly. Angus, Jim, Josh and Scott looked back and forth between Jessica and Riley.

Riley sighed. “Jessica already took a look into the future and worried that we’d force her to have kids.”

“What?” Jim gasped.

“Yeah, that’s what I said.” Riley added, when the other men stared at Jessica in slack jawed shock. “She thought that eventually we would want kids and we’d make her have them. I was doing pretty good at convincing her we wouldn’t do that until I realized she’d probably have your kid Jim. If none of the rest of us were here, she’d have your kid. I can fucking guarantee it and it fucking pisses me off.”

“It’s not true!” Jessica said sitting up, looking around at the men with the horrified look of a person falsely accused of murder. “I don’t want kids, honest.”

“You don’t want kids because you’ve never wanted kids, or you don’t want kids because of our situation?” Scott asked unable to hide how hurt he felt. “And be honest. I’m trusting you to be nothing but truthful Jess.”

Jessica blinked at him … “Our situation.” She said quietly. The reactions of the men around her … all of them clearly hurt, made her heart hurt. She sagged against Jim.

Angus’ groaned as his expression contorted into a frozen mask of pain. Jessica looked around at the other men, so surprised by how badly Angus was taking this. The other men, particularly Riley, were watching Angus with trepidation. Sliding off the sofa Jessica went to Angus and slipped into his arms. Melting against him, Jessica cupped his face in her hands. Angus wrapped his arms around her and held her hard against him.

“Please understand that kids need so much. All the things that I had growing up … I just can’t … I don’t want to bring kids into this world without that.” she said, looking into his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“What if it happens by mistake? An accident. Will you want to get rid of it?” Angus asked in a sad, pain filled tone.

“Oh, Angus. Is that what happened between you and Beth?” Jessica asked.

“Would you get rid of it?” Angus repeated.

“I don’t know … I’m sorry, but I don’t know what I’d want to do. My goal is not to get pregnant. I have the pills and unless you make me stop taking them, that situation will never happen.”

“Fuck kids.” Angus grumbled, “I just want you. That’s all. What kinds of long term things would make you happy?”

Jessica didn’t know what to say. Aside from the whole pregnancy thing she hadn’t thought long term.

“She likes to shower alone.” Josh said when Jessica didn’t respond. “She’ll want that long term.”

“You do?” Angus asked staring at her in startled surprise.

“How do you know that?” Riley demanded from Josh.

“She asked that from us, a long time ago. On our nights with her, she showers alone.” Josh replied.

“Was that because of all the things I did to you in the shower?” Angus asked, guilt rolling over him in waves.

“Some of it.” Jessica said. “But it was just nice to have some privacy. It was the only time I ever got any.”

“Privacy.” Angus repeated. “Showering alone. You got it. From now on you shower alone when you’re with me.” Angus said.

Riley nodded, “Me too.”

“And she needs to go out.” Jim said as he wheezed. “She can’t spend the rest of her life in this house, on this property … she needs to go shopping, out to restaurants, dancing … long term she needs a real life.”

Scott nodded his agreement. “And you don’t need to worry about her being recognized.” Scott added when both Riley and Angus looked like they were going to argue. “I checked it out before planning to have Jess ride at the track. No one is looking for her … they’ve given up … they’re just waiting for to find a body.”

“Fuck Scott can you be any more insensitive?” Josh demanded when Jessica’s face went pale.

“Sorry Jess, baby, I’m sorry.” Scott said moving to Jessica and Angus and wrapping his arm around her shoulder, giving her a hug, and kissing the top of her head while Angus still held her. “I just meant that it’s safe for you to go in public, no one will be looking for you.” Scott kissed the top of her head again when Jessica nodded, but she was still pale. Wanting to comfort her more Scott pressed harder against her as she stood wedged between him and Angus and something about the moment … Angus holding Jessica, Scott holding Jessica, gave Scott an idea that stunned him. His mind raced … he was amazed they hadn’t thought of it before. Temporarily left speechless by the idea Scott watched Riley and Angus struggle with the idea of Jessica going out in public. Expressions of anger, worry, fear, rolled over their faces as silence ensued.

“Okay.” Riley finally said. “I give the fuck up. You three are way beyond me in anything related to Jessica … if you say she should go out, okay. But, I want her to be with us. Not alone, at least not at first. Understood?”

Jim nodded and panned his eyes to Angus who still looked unreceptive to the idea. “Angus?” Jim asked.

Angus thought about it for a long time before nodding. He locked his eyes on Jessica’s, “But like Riley said, not alone. Do you understand Jess?”

Jessica nodded. In truth she was as thrown off by the idea as Riley and Angus were. She never, ever, imagined that she’d be going out in public with the men much less alone.

“And I want you to be our wife when we do.” Riley added. “By whatever way Jim was thinking … if you accept it, when we go out I want it to be very clear that you are taken. Do you understand Jess … ”

Jessica nodded, her eyes wide … to Scott it was hard to tell who was more overwhelmed by the idea of going out in public, Jessica or Riley and Angus.

Scott cleared his throat, “Good. I have the perfect first place to take Jess. A pool hall I always go to. We can go tomorrow, early in the day so it’ll be quiet. Do you know how to play pool Jess?”

Jessica shook her head, “Not really.” She replied and her look of surprise quickly morphed into excitement.

“Perfect. It’s something we can all teach you, together.” Scott said, “Which is something we have to start doing more of … things with Jessica, together. Including fucking her.”

“What the fuck?” Riley demanded not sure he’d heard Scott right.

“That’s the ultimate thing we can all do together with Jess.” Scott explained, “It’s the most intimate.”

Anxiety rolled over Riley, worry about how he’d compare to the others consuming him, but when Angus said, “Holy fuck yes!” and he looked at Scott with awe, Riley began to rethink the idea.

“But not with each other right?” Angus demanded. “We’d all be there, but the sex would be with Jessica … I’m not fucking any man, not even you guys.” He growled his face twisted in revulsion.

“No, not with each other …” Scott said. There were a lot of things he liked about sex but man on man was not one of them.

“Besides, I don’t think our sexual preferences match too well.” Jim said trying to stay calm. He looked at Angus and Scott. “I haven’t quite made it to the point of making Jessica scream …” he added, and for once it was him turning red rather than Jessica.

Josh groaned. Here he was trying to quit having sex with Jessica and now they were all going to do it together? At the same time? But if that was what she wanted then he would do it … he just wanted to make her happy. “Jessica?” Josh asked, “What do you think?”

Jessica looked around at the men clearly surprised. “I never thought about it. But if you want to have sex with each other I don’t mind.”

“No, not that.” Josh said. “I mean. Do you care if we all have sex with you at the same time?”

“Oh.” Jessica said and stopped to consider it. She imagined all of them touching, probing, fucking, her at the same time and her pussy tighten. A thrill swept through her. “No.” she said in a breathless whisper, “I think it would be fun.”

Jessica’s obvious arousal brought the men to full erection … Jim gasped, pain shooting through his chest as his muscles constricted.

“Why the fuck didn’t we think of this before?” Angus demanded in a low guttural growl as he pulled Jessica harder against him, thrusting his leg between hers … pressing hard against her pussy.

“I’m fucked if I know.” Scott said in an equally guttural tone and moved up behind Jessica sandwiching her between him and Angus.

Riley and Josh moved closer to the trio their heavy panting joining Angus, Scott and Jessica’s but everyone paused when Jim gasped in pain.

“Jim!” Jessica exclaimed and pushing back into Scott she managed to look over her shoulder, around Scott, and see Jim sagging on the sofa, one arm wrapped around his chest, the hand of his other one pressed firmly on his crotch where his cock strained against his pants. “We can’t do this until Jim gets his chest checked …” she said looking around at the other men … her arousal still clearly evident on her face but her eyes filled with worry, “Riley, please help him.”

Riley struggled to gain control of his urge to strip Jessica down and fuck her. With a grunt he nodded, “I’ll get my first aid kit from the car.”

“Wait.” Jim gasped, “You can do that later … right now we have to finish settling things between us. Fucking Jessica together, while a great idea, isn’t going to help us fix the problems between us, and it’s not going to make Jess our wife. Besides which, I agree fucking Jess together is going to be … hot, but I still want my one on one time with her.”

Scott nodded, “Me too.”

“That’s just going to keep putting you guys ahead.” Angus said.

Jim shook his head. “Ninety percent of the time we do things together. And since all we’re going to do for the clan anymore is intelligence gathering, Josh, Scott and I can rotate in for that work. We’ll all get a shitload of time with Jess. But if we don’t get past our secrets and resentments all the gangbanging in the world isn’t going to improve things for us.”

Riley nodded. “We need an oath. Something like the pledge we made the clan when we came of age … but this time we’d commit to one another.”

“To be honest, and committed to one another. Forever.” Angus said, “Do you think you could commit to something like that Jess. Would you be my … our … wife?” Angus asked studying Jessica’s face. For much of the conversation it was still riddled with lust but Angus’ question sobered her.

She wanted to make this oath with them. But she also planned on turning them in at some point. Did she really have to? She closed her eyes. The final betrayal of her family. Would she be able to live with herself? Starting a new life with the men that killed her family? Enjoying it? No longer planning to turn them in?

Just when she thought the surging guilt within her was too much, a thought occurred to her. If the way she understood Jim’s idea was accurate, this oath would be a new beginning for them. For all of them. Was there any longer a point in holding them responsible for something that happened so long ago? Wasn’t it her parents who always said move on. Forget the past and build a future? Could they have meant it for this situation too? She hoped so. Because, she wanted to try. She still couldn’t marry them but she could go into the pact Jim had described. She was a different person now from what she had been when her family was alive and they were different men now too.

Opening her eyes she nodded. The men seemed to relax, sexy, lopsided smiles settling on their faces. Jessica felt a warmth spread through her … it was odd to realize that these men really loved her, even Riley and Angus.

“We’ll write the oath in a minute.” Jim wheezed, “But we need to know how we’re going to symbolize our commitment. What do each of us need to remind us of our oath and commitment to one another?”

“A tattoo.” Angus answered, “Of something meaningful to us.”

“Like what?” Josh asked.

Angus shrugged, “I don’t know. We’ll think of something. Jess, would you get a tattoo? Something to mark you as our wife and symbolize your commitment to us?”

“Yes.” Jessica said, “And Josh could come up with a design for a tattoo.” She added smiling at Josh. “He’s a great artist.” She explained when the men looked surprised.

“Not that great.” Josh said looking embarrassed by the praise.

“Great.” Jessica added.

“You’ve seen his art?” Riley asked.

Jessica nodded, “He’s making a comic. It’s very romantic. He’ll have it published one day.”

“Really?” Scott asked, “Does it have sex scenes?”

“Not yet …” Josh said, “but it will.”

“Can we see it?” Riley asked.

“I’d rather you didn’t.” Josh said, embarrassed. “It’s … personal.”

“How the fuck are you going to publish it if you won’t even let us read it?” Angus demanded.

Josh nodded. “Okay. Let me add the sex scenes first.”

“And you can come up with a tattoo design then?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, sure I can.”

“Good, and then we can get Corey to come over and do the tattoos for us.” Scott said.

“Corey?” Angus demanded.

“Yeah, Jess is allowed in public now remember … that includes our friends.” Jim replied.

“Right … forgot.” Angus replied.

“What else is a good symbol?” Jim asked.
“Rings.” Riley said, “I want wedding rings. Are you okay with that?” he asked Jessica.

“Yes.” Jessica said, giving Riley a smile. The genuine enthusiasm of the men had her feeling warm inside, feeling wanted. It felt good.

“Jess, what about you, what kind of a symbol makes the commitment mean more to you?” Scott asked her.

“When I was a kid, my friends and I used to make blood oaths.” Jessica said. “We’d prick the tips of our fingers and press them together.” Jessica added when the men looked perplexed. “I always felt closest to those friends.” Jessica continued. “But, if you do that … you have to promise not to fight anymore. You can’t fight with the person you have a blood oath with.”

“We won’t fight any more Jess don’t worry.” Jim said, “Part of our oath is honesty … if everyone sticks to the oath there will be no resentment and no need to fight.”

“Is that true?” Jessica asked, looking around at the other men, “Do you promise not to fight?”

“We promise Jess,” Riley said, the others nodding agreement.

“So a tattoo, rings and blood oath? Is there anything else?” Jim asked.

“I’ll get a paper and a pen so we can write down the oath.” Scott said when no one had anything to add.

“I’ve got a needle in the first aid kit.” Riley said, “We can use it for the blood oath.”

While Riley and Scott were gone Angus slid his hands onto Jessica’s ass and squeezed, pulling her in, he growled in her ear, “And when you’re our wife we’re going to gangbang this sexy ass. I can’t fucking wait …”

“Fuck Angus …” Jim gasped, doubling over as his cock, still hard from the earlier gangbang discussion, strained against his pants, “don’t get her worked up again … not now.”
Angus chuckled, his hot breath on her ear causing shivers of anticipation to engulf her making her pussy even more wet. Sliding his hand along the inside of her leg, he pressed his hand firmly against her pussy,“Too late Jim …” he grunted, “Isn’t it Jess … your pussy is wet and needy, ready to be eaten … why don’t we take a little snack break.”

Jessica whimpered, she wanted that so badly, she wanted him touching her … she rocked her pussy harder on his hand.

“Fuck yeah.” Scott said returning from the kitchen with a pen and paper but dropping them unceremoniously on the coffee table and moving to Angus and Jessica.

Jessica’s clear willingness to participate propelled Josh closer. But he stopped a few feet away. She was willing to participate, she wanted it, that was clear. And so his promise to protect her was still being respected, but it occurred to him that they were a mere few minutes away from making the oath together. And he couldn’t, in good conscience, make an oath with Jim without telling him about Pam. To be completely fair to Jim it would have been better to tell him when he was physically healthier. Giving Jim the chance to kick the shit out of him … but he couldn’t put Jim in a position in which he’d have to break the oath. Decision made, he no longer felt horny, just nervous. About both Jessica and Jim’s possible reactions … neither would be very happy with him.

“Holy fuck …” Riley exclaimed slamming the door behind him. He was too horny to care about being compared to the other men. Dropping the first aid kit on the coffee table he moved to the foursome also but then Jim gasped in pain as he shifted on the sofa, cutting through Jessica’s lust filled haze.

“Wait.” She panted, her tits heaving against Angus as she tried to catch her breath. Pushing back from Angus she looked over her shoulder at Jim, “We can’t do it now … Jim can’t join in.”

“Sure he can.” Angus said sliding his hand up under her shirt, under her bra, squeezing a tit … bringing his mouth to hers, kissing her hard. Fingers in her hair, clutching and holding her in place as his tongue fucked her throat. She felt one of the men press up behind her and she certainly hoped Jim really could join in because she didn’t think she could stop any more than the men could.

“And we’re not married yet.” Jim said. “Don’t you want the group fuck to seal the marriage? Doing it now won’t mean the same thing.”

Jessica felt hands pulling at her clothes. God she wanted to be naked so bad … to have the men naked, to feel their hot skin and hard muscles on her, under her, in her … Oh God she was going to explode, but when she opened her eyes she saw the bruised, cut and bloody faces of Angus, Riley and Scott and it cut through her lust. Jim was right, this would be so much better once they took the oath, once they were all cleaned and bandaged up, once they were all committed to one another and ready to celebrate it with celebratory orgasms. Despite being completely ineffectual, Jessica planted her hands on Angus’ chest and pushed.

“Wait, please …” she said, looking down at Scott and Riley as they knelt on either side of her, lifting her feet to get her pants off, “Angus, we should be married first.” she said as he took the hem of her shirt and whipped it up over her head. Scott was busy undoing her bra.
“Don’t worry baby, we’ll fuck the shit out of you when we’re married too.” Scott muttered with a throaty chuckle. Jessica looked around for Josh, suddenly realizing he wasn’t undressing her and she found him standing slightly off to the side, watching her.

“Josh, what’s wrong?” she panted as Riley swallowed her left tit with his mouth, Scott the right, and she felt three of Angus’ fingers slide into her pussy. He took her swollen and throbbing clit in his teeth and chewed. A blinding pleasure rocked her and Jessica threw her head back and screamed as her pussy squeezed hard, soaking Angus’ face with her juices. Her pussy still pulsing Jessica straightened intent on taking Angus’ cock in her mouth. She slid her hands down Riley and Scott’s chests … rock hard abs and behind the waistband of their pants … her finger tips brushing the head of each man’s cock, moaning at the wetness of their precum. “Josh, come closer …” she said, starting to sink to her knees, “I’ll take care of you and Jim in a minute.”

Josh watched Jessica sink lower, looking up at Angus who had guessed her purpose and stood, pulling his cock out of his pants. She opened her mouth wide. On the sofa Jim was watching Jessica, Scott, Riley and Angus and he was panting hard, clutching his chest with one hand, rubbing his cock over his pants with the other. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to feel Jessica’s mouth on his cock right then.

“Christ Josh,” Jim said, “We need to say the oath first, stop them!”

Jessica had just taken Angus’ cock in her mouth and she was stroking Riley and Scott’s cocks hard and fast. The three men where moaning progressively louder.

“There’s only one way I can think of to stop them.” Josh said, “But you’re not going to like it.”

“For fuck sake Josh just do it.” Jim said.

Josh nodded, took a deep breath and said “Jim, I raped Pam .”

Jessica screamed, “No!” on Angus’ cock … letting go of Riley and Scott’s cocks, she planted her hands on Angus’ thighs to push herself away from him. It took little effort because Angus, like Riley and Scott had heard what Josh had said and stood dumbfounded, staring at Josh. Jessica scrambled to her feet, and positioned herself between Josh and Jim, holding her palms up to Jim.

Jim was stunned. Everyone, except for Josh was looking at him, waiting for him to do or say something. But he couldn’t. He was numb inside. He felt nothing, he could say nothing.

“It’s not exactly like it sounds,” Jessica said. Jim sat wide mouthed, and pasty white, staring at Josh and then he slid his eyes to her.

“You knew about this?” Jim demanded.
“Yes. I’m so sorry.” She said going to Jim, sliding on his lap, straddling him, cradling his face in her hands. “I know what it looks like … with Pam killing herself, but it’s not necessarily a cause and effect situation.”

Jim brought his hands up to rest on Jessica’s naked hips and stared at Jessica. The fact that she was naked on his lap worked its way through his surprise muddled mind and made the whole conversation surreal. “But you have to admit that it’s suspicious.”

Jessica nodded. “But it’s not like Josh just raped her out of the blue … they were secretly dating.”

Jim turned his eyes to Josh in surprise.

“Tell him Josh. Tell him how you were dating Pam … it was for a few months, right?” Jessica urged.

“Josh …” Jim urged also when it looked like Josh wasn’t interested in defending himself at all.

Finally he nodded. “Yes, we were dating for about two months.”

“And did you rape her like you raped me? Just couldn’t stop? No real violence?”

Josh looked up at Jessica. “Jessica, I don’t think there are different grades of rape.”

“Trust me Josh, there are.” Jessica answered and worked really hard at not looking over her shoulder at Angus. But Angus knew what she meant and groaned. “What I mean is that it was more like a … What do they call them in those magazines?” Jessica asked Scott who had moved closer. Riley too … Angus stayed where he was.

“Date rape.” Scott said.

“Date rape.” She repeated. “That’s it. It doesn’t change the fact that it was rape … but it’s not like some stranger beat her up and raped her at knife point …”

Angus groaned again. He never had a knife but he sure was a stranger who beat her up and raped her. Damn it he felt like his guts were being ripped out.

And suddenly Jim realized he had a problem. When he found out that Josh had raped Jessica, he had barely reacted. No righteous indignation, no anger. Now, when his shock about Josh raping his sister wore off, he was certain he’d be indignant and angry at Josh. Jessica would surely have to wonder why he cared more about his sister’s rape than hers. Jim couldn’t do that to her. Every fiber of his being rejected that option. No matter how awful it was that Josh raped Pam, Jessica was right, it didn’t necessarily follow that Pam killed herself because of it. The two could be at worst loosely related and at best not related at all. Pam was dead. Jessica was very much alive. And Josh was one of his best friends. No matter what, he was going to have to forgive Josh. At all costs, their group of six had to stay together.

“It’s okay Jess.” Jim said when it looked like she was going to launch into another argument in defense of Josh. “I had no idea that you two were dating.” He said to Josh. “But I remember how upset you were at her funeral. And I don’t think it was just out of guilt. Pam was always a little off. I think I’m in shock right now so I’m not feeling much one way or the other, but if I get upset later I will honor the oath and work it out with you. Thanks for telling me about this.”

Riley and Scott exchanged an incredulous look … both looked to Angus but he was staring at Jessica’s back and seemed oblivious to the conversation.

“What the fuck?” Riley demanded under his breath.

Scott nodded, “Kinda kills the mood.” And he began gathering up Jessica’s clothes.

“And Jess, this is exactly the kind of thing that we have to tell each other. I’m sure the guilt was eating away at Josh. And you. You just aren’t allowed to know these kinds of things and keep them to yourself. Do you understand?” Jim asked.

“But Jim.” Jessica said, “I understand when it’s my secret. But I can’t go around telling other people’s secrets. It’s rude, and no one will trust me.” Jessica replied.

“You have a thing about rudeness don’t you?” Riley demanded.

“Yes I do.” Jessica replied. “It’s rude.”

Riley snorted.

“Fine. You have a point.” Jim said. “But when everyone is living up to the oath then no one should be keeping secrets. Under that premise, if you’re keeping a secret it will be your own, and that’s not allowed. Got it?”

“Yes.” Jessica said, exhaling in relief. As it’d become clearer that Jim wasn’t going to hurt Josh or even really be mad, Jessica had settled lower onto Jim’s lap and become aware of his hard-on. Straddling Jim, her legs and pussy lips were spread and she could feel his bulging crotch pressing against her meat. Inadvertently she’d started rocking her hips and though it caused him pain, Jim was rocking his.

Scott hesitated, thinking he could easily get back in the mood watching her sex ass move up and down on Jim’s lap, but Riley’s growled, “You are fucking kidding me!” snapped him out of it. Moving behind Jessica, her clothes draped over one arm, Scott wrapped his other around her waist and lifted her off of Jim.
“Gonna get you dressed babe.” He said into her ear when both she and Jim looked at him in surprise. Placing her on her feet he crouched next to her and held her pants open for her, winking when Jessica looked down at him, her eyes sliding between him and Riley. “I got you out of them, it’s only fair I get you back in.” he said as Jessica leaned on his shoulder and lifted her foot. Pulling her pants up once her second foot was in the second pant leg, Scott buttoned her pants and pulled her shirt over her head, “I only know how to get bras off … don’t really need it right now anyway.” He added with a lopsided grin. Jessica melted into his arms, but she looked at Riley with concern. He looked angry and the way he scowled at Josh sent fear rippling through her. She’d been so sure Jim would be the one angry at Josh that she’d never considered the other men’s reactions.

“Back the fuck up Jim. You’re letting him off on this?” Riley demanded. Riley stalk closer to the sofa and stood glaring down at Jim. “He killed Pam Jim … Pam, your sister. You remember her right? She’s the one you thought you let down. You blamed yourself for her death for the longest fucking time … you moped around for months after the funeral. Your fucking parents … they were never the same after that … and you’re going to just let him off the hook?”

“Riley, please …” Jessica began, trying to go to him, but Scott had his arms around her and wouldn’t let her go.

“And you …” Riley said turning on her, his expression so livid Jessica shrank back against Scott, “We’ll have a talk about you and secrets don’t you worry … right now though I want to know why you’re going so easy on him Jim?” Riley cast a disgusted look at Josh, “And how are we going to deal with things like this after the oath?”

“After the oath, we’ll all be subject to consequences, just like Jess is.” Jim said when Riley had finished his rant and stood glaring at him, “But I am letting Josh off on this and you should too.”

“Yeah, you were always a bleeding heart. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” Riley growled after a moment of quiet disbelief, “But just because you’re too much of a pussy to make him pay for what he did, doesn’t mean the rest of us won’t.”

“I think you should reconsider that.” Jim said now just as pissed off as Riley.

“And why’s that?” Riley demanded.

“Because Jessica had the same if not worse done to her and she’s still alive.”

Silence hung in the air. Riley slid his eyes to Jessica.

“Fuck … Jess … I’m sorry.” Riley stammered.

All Jessica could manage was a nod. It was overwhelming to know that Jim was forgiving a horrible crime against his sister because of her. She was thankful for Josh’s sake, but she felt a little like she was stealing Pam’s justice from her. But it didn’t take her long to realize that she was sacrificing her family’s justice … Pam’s was just one more sacrifice. All this sacrifice had to be worth it in the end. For her sake, her family’s sake and Pam’s something good had to come out of this even if it was just that the six of them lived happily ever after. Scott’s hug had become increasingly stronger as he buried his face in her hair.

“I’m so fucking sorry.” He murmured in her ear. Jessica leaned back into him, lacing her fingers in his short hair and caressing his head.

“Thank you.” She replied.

“Shit Angus, are you alright?” Riley asked. Scott turned toward Angus, taking Jessica, still wrapped in his arms, with him. Seeing Angus Jessica gasped. Face red, vein bulging on his forehead, Angus was glaring at Jessica.

“Angus …” she said patting Scott’s arms until he let her go. “Are you upset about the rape thing?” She asked, moving to stand in front of him.

“You mean, am I upset about being the stranger who beat the crap out of you and raped you? Maybe I should be happy that there was no knife involved?” he demanded, “Does that make me more acceptable to you on your sliding scale of rapist ratings?” he added.

“Are you mad at me or at yourself?” Jessica asked stunned by his anger.

Angus paused. “I guess myself.”

“Then why are you acting like you’re mad at me?”

“I don’t know. Sorry. But Jess, you said so yourself, the things I did to you were way worse than what the other men did, even Josh. How can I ever make up for that? How can I ever be equal?”

Jessica slipped into his arms. Bringing her hands to his cheeks she gently ran her thumbs over the cuts and bruises, trying to soothe him. “We talked about this, remember, in the car?” she began, her cheeks turning pink when Angus’ expression made it evident that he remembered the car clearly. “I’ve moved on. And so have you, and this oath is a new beginning for all of us. Let’s just start over okay, clean slate for all of us.”

“Okay.” Angus said the tension leaving his body. Jessica felt him melt around her. Pecking his lips she turned so she could see the other men. She looked around at the them. The blood on their faces was drying, eyes, lips, cheekbones were swelling and apart from the dejected expressions on their faces, they looked tired and broken. She wished they could take a break to clean up and rest but she recognized the wisdom in completing the oath before anything else.

“This oath symbolizes a new beginning for us.” She said holding Riley’s gaze, then Scott’s, Jim’s, Josh’s, looking over her shoulder at Angus, and then reversing the pattern, “In my mind, we go forward from today by letting go of the past. We have an opportunity for a new beginning, let’s use it … please.”

“Starting from scratch?” Angus asked into her hair.

Jessica nodded, “Complete scratch.”

“I’m in.” Scott said. Jim, Josh, Riley and Angus agreed too.

“Josh.” Jim said. “You must have been feeling like shit for a long time about Pam.”

Josh nodded. “I’m sorry Jim. You have no idea.”

Jim stuck his hand out, “I appreciate it. I’m not sure that I should be the one to offer forgiveness … you didn’t rape me. But for what it’s worth, I forgive you.”

Eyes rimmed red, Josh shook Jim’s hand. “Thank you.” Josh said.

“One more thing,” Jim said once both he and Josh composed themselves, “Before we write and take the oath … Jess, you hate the name Jessica. It’ll take some getting used to but we can go back to calling you Lisa.”

Jim’s question was met with stunned silence. The men were taken aback but Jessica looked completely derailed. Her reaction cut the men to the core. Guilt weighed down on each of them as they remembered everything they did to make her accept her new name. It was clear Jessica remembered too.

“Jessica … Lisa … fuck … I’m sorry.” Angus said in a dejected tone. God, if there was one thing she had to resent all of them for, especially him, it was that. They’d taken her very identity, the one thing that she’d clung to with such veracity.

Riley groaned. Just like all the other horrible things they’d done to her, he had given the order to change her name. It occurred to him that she could change her mind about the oath, now, remembering this. She could change her mind and he couldn’t blame her.

Scott and Josh shifted their eyes between Jessica’s frozen expression and Jim’s earnest one … once again struck dumb by Jim’s abilities to think of everything. The biggest freedom they could give her … her identity back, Jim was without doubt a genius.
Jessica gaped at Jim. Her initial response to Jim’s question was astonishment. Her name, the first battle she’d had with the men. The first thing they’d taken from her … arguably the most damaging thing they’d done to her, and she had all but forgot about it. But her second response was a fierce and absolute repulsion. Her mind reeled. Lisa was a different person. She existed at another drastically different time in her life. She was Jessica now and to change that was just as much a personal assault on Jessica as the first name change had been.

“I resented the name for a very long time.” Jessica finally said shuddering at the memories of that time. “But Lisa belonged to my parents, my brothers, to my old life … she doesn’t belong here. I’m Jessica now and I want to stay Jessica.”

“But you resent it.” Riley said.

Jessica shook her head, “No. I don’t resent it. I don’t think we would be where we are if I was still Lisa, and I like where we are. Please, I just want to be Jessica … your Jessica.”

“You’re sure?” Angus asked.

Jessica nodded, “I’m positive.”

“Okay.” Jim said, “So to recap, we’re going to do as much together as we can. Riley and Angus, you should join us for workouts and target practice …”

“And fucking.” Angus said, “We fuck Jessica together from now on.” He continued in a low, sexy, growl in Jessica’s ear. Jessica shivered in anticipation and pressed herself back against Angus as hard as she could. Feeling his cock straining against her, and his arms, his body, so strong and powerful holding her, made her want him so bad.

“Fuck yes!” Scott hissed. Riley and Josh grunting their agreement.

Jim nodded his agreement, then cleared his throat, “We’ll keep our assigned days with Jess. One on one fucking when it’s our day is fine, but no tag teaming. More than one of us with Jess means all of us… to keep things fair. Angus, Scott … no experimenting on your own, it’s all of us together or only one of us.”

“Sure thing Jim.” Angus replied.

“No problem Jimbo,” Scott added locking his eyes with Jessica’s when she glanced at him, “We’ll wait for the rest of you to make Jess’ eyes roll to the back of her head … curl her toes … squirt across the room …”

A collective groan from the men and a very distinct moan from Jessica had Scott, Riley and Josh moving toward Angus and Jessica while Jim sat on the sofa panting and frustrated with his inability to move.

“Fuck guys … can we finish this fucking oath first?” Jim demanded. “And I want my fucking ribs taped up before Jessica squirts anywhere.”

“Guys.” Josh said grabbing Scott and Riley’s arms before they made it to Angus and Jessica, “Jim’s right. Let’s make Jess our wife first.”

Struggling for control Riley and Scott stopped. The sound of panting filled the room. Angus worked hard to control his need to strip Jessica down, bend her over and fuck her ass, and it wasn’t long before he realized he was going to fail unless he got some distance from her. Looking around his saw Riley staring at Jessica and he realized that it was still Riley’s night with Jessica and once again he’d managed to get in Riley’s way.

“This is going to fucking kill me.” Angus said into Jessica’s ear, “But it’s still Riley’s night with you … you should be with him.”

Jessica nodded and moved to Riley who more than willingly pulled her into his arms. But then he looked around at the other men who were still struggling to get themselves under control and it occurred to him that if they were going to share Jessica sexually, all of them at the same time, it would get pretty ugly if they thought only of themselves and spent the time jockeying for their turn with her. To avoid any future issues, he thought it best if he start to set an example of sharing now. The men were seating themselves, Scott in the armchair, Josh and Angus on dining room chairs that they’d hauled into the living room. The only fair thing to do seemed to be to let Jessica decide who she wanted to sit with. First anyway. Maybe she’d rotate. God, she’d have to rotate when they were having sex … The mechanics of how that was going to work escaped him. But for now, he’d stick with seating arrangements and hope he could avoid feeling jealous if she didn’t pick him. Man, if he got jealous over that he was afraid to see what he’d do during sex.

He took a deep breath and exhaled before asking, “Jess, who do you want to sit with?”

The other men looked at him in surprise. But Jessica didn’t miss a beat.

“Jim.” She said. But froze when she saw the looks on the other men’s faces.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Are you always going to pick Jim first?” Angus asked.

“Um. No.” Jessica said carefully. She realized that she had to be careful with how much attention she paid Jim. Even a new beginning wouldn’t remove old resentments. And then a thought occurred to her. She loved them all. And she honestly enjoyed the company of each of them. But in her heart of hearts, Jim was her best friend. She looked at Angus, and then at the others. How was this going to work? Couldn’t she love one of them in a different way? Just as a friend?

“I picked Jim because I want to make sure he’s okay.” She added. “Although, I guess you guys are pretty battered too.” She said raising a hand to Riley’s face and gently caressing his bruised cheek.

Angus felt like shit … Jim was practically an invalid because of him and he had the nerve to be jealous of Jessica wanting to comfort him. He was beginning to get a good picture of how much of an asshole he really was and he didn’t like it. He was relieved Jessica seemed capable of seeing past that. “Jess, Jim’s hurt way more than we are. Just go sit with him.”

“Okay. But aside from that, we do have a problem.” Jessica said.

“What problem?” Angus grumbled.

Jessica took a deep breath and looked up at them. “Okay. I don’t know how to explain this so that you all can truly know what I feel and believe me when I say that I love you all equally … but I’ll try because I want to be as honest as possible. You men, are all friends, right?” she asked.

“Right?” she repeated when all she got were stares. The men nodded their acknowledgement. “Okay. You all love each other, you’d do anything for each other … but wouldn’t you say that Angus and Riley are ‘best friends’.”

Angus and Riley exchanged looks.

“Jim, Josh and Scott, I’m not sure really who’s best friends between the three of you. From what I’ve observed I’d say that the three of you are best friends. You have the same interests … same humor, that kind of stuff. And I don’t think any of you get jealous of each other because you have best friends in the group … or do you?”

Jessica didn’t wait for a response because she could tell that Riley was just about to interrupt her.

“So … so I think that subtlety may be what you’re picking up between Jim and I. I see part of Jim like I see all of you. My soon to be husbands. And then there’s part of Jim that I see more like my … “ Jessica shrugged. “brother I guess. He’s my best friend just like Riley is your best friend Angus … And Scott and Josh, like you’re best friends.”

“So you feel like you’re having sex with your brother?” Josh asked.

“Oh no …” Jim groaned and closed his eyes.
“No, no, no, no …” Jessica said shaking her head emphatically while twisting up her face in disgust. “For me there are two Jims … Jim my boyfriend, and Jim my best friend. I guess that’s probably why it took us so long to be intimate to begin with. I don’t think either of us could see ourselves having sex.”

“Are you trying to explain that you love Jim more?” Angus demanded.

“No!” Jessica replied.

“I think I get what you’re saying Jess.” Riley said.

“Then enlighten us.” Scott said, “’Cause I’m completely missing it.”

“Okay … Angus you know how we just hang out sometimes. Have a few drinks, shoot the shit? And you know how it’s perfectly fine if the other guys are there … but somehow it’s not quite the same as when we’re alone? I mean, I don’t know about you but there are lots of times I’m glad it’s just us.”

Angus nodded.

“Well, that’s what Jess means. There’s something between them at a friend level. Hell, Jess could be a man for all it matters … or Jim a girl. They’re just best friends.”

“I’m not going to favor anyone.” Jessica said, looking around at them. “Or at least I’ll try not to. But there’s that friend part that I won’t be able to change and trying to hide it will be totally against the oath. Will you guys always be upset when I pick Jim? I’m going to be as fair as I can.”

“Trying to be too fair could turn it into reverse discrimination.” Scott said. “You know … not giving Jim his fair share just to make sure no one thinks he’s getting favors.” Scott added when they all looked at him like he was nuts.

“I hadn’t thought of that …” Jessica said glancing at Jim, distress dancing across her face.

“It’s not your responsibility Jess.” Jim said. “Guys, you’re going to give her a fucking ulcer if she thinks she has to keep everything perfectly even. Just let her do what comes naturally for a while. If it becomes too one sided, we’ll talk about it and adjust. But her point about being best friends is valid. Because she is my best friend.”

“I’m not getting it.” Josh said. “Jess, you told Scott and I that we’re all friends, and that as time goes on we’ll get to be better friends. Isn’t there a chance that we’ll all be best friends?”

“That’s true.” Jessica said. “We are all friends and we keep getting to be better friends .”

“But there’s something different about Jim?” Angus asked in a quiet voice. He looked sad. They all looked sad. Jessica nodded and looked down at her hands.

“Can you give us some examples?” Scott asked. “Examples of things Jim did that makes him your best friend?”

“Okay. Remember when you decided to take me off the leash?” Jessica asked.

“How can we forget?” Angus asked scowling at Jim. That had been one of the times that Jim had been more frustrating than usual.

Jessica hesitated as she looked back and forth between Angus and Jim. The hostility rolling off of Angus was overwhelming. She didn’t understand why Angus was so mad but she instantly wished she hadn’t brought it up.

“Yes, we remember.” Riley said working hard at not letting his anger show. “Go on, what about it?”

“Maybe that’s not a good example …” Jessica muttered, looking at the men and seeing unhappy faces on all of them.

“Never mind us, just keep going Jessica.” Scott said.

“Jim?” Jessica asked. Jim was already pale from his injuries, and fatigue, but now he looked downright sick.

“Keep going.” He wheezed.

“Okay. Well, Jim was working at that for a really long time. Really early on … before I realized that Jim cared about me, he promised me he’d get me off the leash. He knew I hated it. I thought he was crazy. It took him a long time to convince me that things would be better if I co-operated. I thought he was just trying to hurt me somehow. But over and over, time after time, he told me what I could do differently so that you could trust me off of the leash. I couldn’t understand why he bothered. But he kept saying that things could get better for all of us. That’s all he’s ever tried to do. Make me happier. Make us …” she swept the air with her hand to indicate all of the men, “happier. It wasn’t easy. I think he could have made his life easier if he hadn’t bothered. And there are hundreds of examples like that, where Jim could have taken the easy path but he didn’t. He fought for me.”

“Like the time with Ebony.” Scott added. Scott looked at Riley and Angus. “That time Jessica rode Ebony and fell off, remember?”

“Fuck yeah.” Riley said.
“Vividly.” Angus added.

“Well, there’d been a misunderstanding. Jim hadn’t really told Jessica she could ride. But he took the heat for it. Remember when we thought he was the dumbest person on the face of the earth?”

“Jesus Christ Jim.” Riley stated, staring at Jim in complete amazement.

“All of that shit. You went through all of that shit on purpose?” Angus demanded.

“We were assholes to you.” Riley said quietly, replaying all of the times they’d bullied, berated, fought, with him.

“And I was a chicken shit.” Josh said. “There were times I considered arguing for Jessica but then I thought about how Riley and Angus treated you when you did, and I chose not to. Jim, I’m sorry.” He said looking at Jim with reverence. And then he turned to Jessica, “I see why Jim’s your best friend Jess. You won’t hear any complaints from me when you want friend time with him. I promise.”

“Me too.” Scott said.

“I don’t understand why you did that Jim.” Angus said. “To do it now, I can understand. Hell, I’d do it now. But back then? Jessica was the enemy, we intended to torture and then kill her. None of us could have imagined … this …” he opened his arms to encompass all of them.

“Jimmy did.” Jessica said. “That’s what I mean about vision. He knew even back then that we were meant to be more to each other. He told me so. I thought he was either crazy or he tricking me to break me down. But again and again Jim would tell me that we had to change things. Time and time again he’d stand up for me when it meant pain for him. I couldn’t help but love him. He’s my best friend.”

“Okay. Okay.” Riley said raising his hands in surrender. “I get it. I really get it. I won’t hold your friend time against you … or at least I’ll try not to.”

“How the hell are we going to tell the difference?” Angus asked, looking at Jessica. “I’m sorry, but lover wise, soul mate wise … and if there was a way to measure up to Jim on the best friend front I’d include that too but I’m not sure that’s possible … but in all other ways I want to be equal. How do we know when your time with Jim is a friend thing and not a love thing?”

“I don’t know.” Jessica said.

“We could just tell you.” Jim said. “When we’re doing something together that’s friend only, then we’ll just call it friend time.”

“Do you have a lot of these ‘friend’ times?” Angus asked suddenly seeing this label as an excuse to exclude him and the others.

Jim exhaled in exasperation. “I don’t know.” He said. “Why don’t we see how it goes and adjust if we have to?”

“What kind of friend things do you do?” Riley asked.

Jim shrugged his shoulders, gasping in pain almost immediately. “Normal stuff. Play cards, watch TV, sing, dance, hang out …”

“You did all of that on your nights alone? In your room?” Scott asked.


“Maybe you can do them out here now. You know, we’ll stay out of it, but you don’t have to hide away in your room.” Scott continued. “I would really love to see it happening.”

“Okay,” Jim said looking at Scott in a way that made it obvious that he couldn’t see the point behind his request.

“So we can learn.” Angus said for Scott. “I’d like to see it too. I have no clue how to be friends with Jessica.”

“It’s not hard Angus. You just have to be creative.” Jim said.

Angus thought about that. How could he be creative? Finally he snickered. “I haven’t got a fucking creative bone in my body.”

“That’s not true.” Jessica said. “You made such a beautiful dinner for us that one night. That takes creativity. And yesterday … in the car. That took creativity. But to be honest, I’d just be happy spending time together. One on one, and all together. That doesn’t take a lot of creativity. Working on the cars with you … maybe even doing some handiwork around here ”

Suddenly a thought came to Angus. The perfect way to excite Jessica. He’d get her a car of her own to work on. Some broken down jalopy that she could restore. That would be perfect! Suddenly Angus had some hope.

“That’s okay Jess, I have just the thing.” Angus said and smiled at her. Really smiled at her. He felt relieved and excited. It was perfect. Tomorrow he’d go and find one … and haul it back here so she could start working on it.

“You do?” Riley asked surprised. “I can’t think of a thing I could do.”
“What was all that Kung Fu shit back at the clearing?” Angus asked.

“Oh yeah.” Josh said, “Jessica was saying that she’d taken some self-defense courses. You could help her practice … couldn’t you Riley?”

“You mean put some Kung in her Fu?” Riley asked with a laugh. “Yeah. I could do that. “ Riley watched Jessica’s face light up. She looked really excited. “Just curious though, why are you interested in fighting?”

Jessica shrugged. “I don’t know. My parents always had me in self-defense classes. I guess I kind of enjoyed it. Though it didn’t really help me any.”

“I don’t know about that.” Angus said. “Your head butts damn near broke my nose.”

Jessica dipped her head. A slight smile curved her lips and it was easy to see that she liked Angus’ praise, “I’d like to keep your nose out of it.” She said to Angus with a giggle. Looking at Riley again she added, “I like the sport of it I guess. I would really appreciate you teaching me Riley, if you would.”

“You got it. We’ll include self-defense with our work outs.” Riley said kissing her forehead. “If you want to sit with Jim Jess, go ahead.”

“Okay.” She said rolling onto her toes and pecking Riley’s lips and moving to the sofa and settling next to Jim.

“I’m fine Jess.” He wheezed. Jessica looked tired. Really tired. They’d been at this for over an hour. Slipping his arm around her, he pulled Jessica to him. “So to wrap up. We’ll do as much together as we can, still have one on one time, and we’ll start to take Jess out. We follow the same veto rule as we established before. And since we’re doing intel only, Josh, Scott and I will rotate in for work. Sound good?”

Everyone nodded.

“We can rotate into work, but for the next two weeks none of us are going anywhere. I’m going to call Paul and tell him we’re on vacation.” Riley said.

“Good.” Angus said.

“Okay, so Scott you got that paper and pen?” Jim asked.

“Yup.” Scott said taking it from the coffee table.

“Ok. Leave a line long enough for us to all sign our names.” Jim said, “How do we want to word it?”

“We commit the following to one another …” Scott began, writing as he spoke and then glancing up, pen poised over the paper, waiting or instructions on what to write next.

“To be honest and devoted to one another.” Angus said. “All resentments voiced and addressed.”

“To treat each other fairly.” Riley added.

“To honor and protect one another over all else.” Josh said.

“To never leave one another, promising to resolve any and all disagreements using the veto rule.” Jim added.

“To cherish Jessica with every fiber of our being.” Scott said, holding Jessica’s gaze before adding his line to the oath, the other men grunting their agreement.

“To build a life together that surpasses any we would have had independently.” Jessica added. “Filled with more love and happiness than we could have ever imagined.”

“Do you really mean that?” Angus asked quietly.

“I do.” Jessica said. “This is our version of marriage Angus. Marriage is a union that makes all party’s lives better than what they would have been without the marriage. And the cherish one Scott … we have to all cherish one another. You’re all committing to one another and you all deserve to be cherished.”

Scott nodded, crossing out the sentence and rewriting it to include all of them. “Ready?” He asked when he finished. Riley took the needle out of the first aid box and cleaned it with antiseptic. The men moved to the sofa and stood semi-circle around it. Jessica stood next to Scott. Josh to his right, then Riley, then Angus, Jim looked up at them from the sofa.

“Can you do it yourself?” Riley asked Jessica, handing her the needle.

“Yes … I’ll try not to faint … kidding!” she said with a laugh when Riley looked horrified. “I’m sorry … it was a joke.”

Riley shook his head, “Jokes like that are liable to earn you a spanking.” Riley said while his mouth shifted into a sultry crooked grin, “But it won’t be on your ass.” He added looking pointedly at the v between Jessica’s legs.

Jessica followed his gaze and although her cheeks blushed she looked back at Riley in a way that left little doubt that she wanted that kind of spanking.

“Looks like we have ourselves a naughty girl.” Angus said, taking a good long look at the arch in Jessica’s pants that covered her pussy. Sliding his eyes up to hers, impressed by the depth of lust he saw in them and frustrated that he couldn’t just get to the job of spanking her, he added in a deep guttural tone, “Prick your finger baby so we can pledge our oath and fucking consummate our marriage.”

Jessica shuddered, her whole body shaking at the tone of Angus’ voice.

“Let me help you babe.” Scott said in an equally sexy tone. Taking her hand he held a finger up. “Go ahead.”

Jessica pricked her finger and a small bubble of blood balanced on the tip of her finger. She passed the needle to Scott who pricked his finger and passed it to Josh. Once all the fingers were ready Jim held up the paper with the oath and they all read it aloud together. They read it slowly, clearly, and despite the raging hormones that had been rampant moments earlier, everyone sobered, saying the words with conviction. Looking at one another the men and Jessica finished the oath in a hushed reverence. Turning to Scott Jessica held her pricked finger up and when Scott held his up they pressed the bloody tips together. Minutes later they had all exchanged blood.

“You sign first.” Jim said handing the paper to Jessica. Jessica signed with the pen but then pressed her bloody finger under her name, leaving her fingerprint.

“Good idea.” Josh said and the men did the same.

When everyone had signed Scott pulled Jessica into his arms and dipping her he kissed her. Long and deep. “Our first kiss as husband and wife.” He said in a breathless murmur when he finally lifted his lips from hers, “Thank you baby … with all my heart, thank you.” It occurred to him that there was no reason to not hold off on the gangbang, now that they were married, but Jessica looked tired.

Jessica barely got “Thank you too,” Out before Josh took her from Scott and pulled her in for a deep and thorough kiss.

“You’ve made me so happy Jess. Thank you.” Josh panted against her lips.

Jessica nodded, leaning against him, panting too. Riley held his hand out to her and Jessica took it, melting into his arms. “Thank you Jess, for making this oath with us, for letting us call you our wife.” He kissed her, gently, it was easy to see that fatigue was overtaking her. When he passed her to Angus she was fighting to keep her eyes open.

Angus dipped her, threading his fingers in the her hair and holding her in place as he kissed her slow and deep. “I’ll show you the full extent of my appreciation tomorrow Jess.” He mumbled against her lips, feeling tired also. “But I am happy that you accepted me as your husband … more happy than I think you’ll ever know.” He helped Jessica sit on the sofa next to Jim and slide under Jim’s arm. She looked up at him, and they kissed.
“Thank you Jess … for accepting me as your husband.” Jim said brushing his lips over hers.

Jessica raised her hand and caressed his battered face, “Thank you too.”

Riley looked down at the paper containing their oath and signatures.

“We should get that framed.” Riley said.

“I’ll get a frame tomorrow.” Angus said.

“Can you come up with a design for the tattoo?” Scott asked Josh.

Josh nodded, “After I get some sleep.”

“We’ll get the rings tomorrow too.” Jim said, “In time for the pool hall.”

“I highly doubt you’re going anywhere tomorrow.” Riley said. “You won’t be doing much for at least a week or so.”

Jim nodded and then looked down at Jessica in surprise. Her eyes were closed and she snored softly.

“She’s wiped.” Riley continued watching Jessica too. “Look, I know she’d want to be with you tonight.” Riley said to Jim, “How about I put her in your bed while we get cleaned up? I’ll bandage you up and you’ll be good to crash too.”

“Thanks.” Jim said.

“You work on Jim, I’ll take her to Jim’s room.” Angus said to Riley and gently scooped her off the sofa. Laying her on Jim’s bed fully clothes, he pulled the blankets up to her chin. Kissing her lips gently, he stood. Watching her sleep it finally sank in that she had really agreed to be his wife. It seemed so surreal … but he knew the tattoo and rings would make it real. Watching her sleep, Angus realized that for the first time that he could remember, he was excited about the future. Turning the light off, he left the room, leaving the door slightly open. He was bone tired too and headed to the bathroom to clean himself up. Scott and Josh were already there.

“She’s out?” Scott asked, looking at Angus’ reflection in the sink mirror.


“Good, she’ll need her rest for tomorrow.” Scott continued, “Can’t wait to finalize our marriage gangbang style. It’s going to be fucking awesome.”

“Fuck yeah.” Josh agreed .

“Fucking right.” Angus grunted in agreement. “Don’t know how much of it I’ll see.” Angus added staring into the mirror and barely seeing out of the slits that remained in his swollen eyes.

“Could use a coupla sirloins for those.” Scott said.

Angus grunted his agreement, “Will stick with ice for now. Hope Jess doesn’t mind fucking zombies, that’s what we look like.”

“Guess we should wait to take our wedding pics.” Josh said with a laugh.

“Beauty and the beasts.” Scott added with a chuckle.

“One of you guys calling Corey about the tattoo?” Angus asked as Scott and Josh moved toward the door.

“Already did.” Scott said, “He’ll be here tomorrow around six.”

Angus nodded.

“Night.” Scott said as he and Josh turned to leave again.

“Wait.” Angus said. Jessica’s explanation about how she felt about Jim ran through his mind. And then Riley’s description of the friendship he and Angus shared. It made Angus realize that he’d been nothing but an asshole to Scott and Josh for years. And Jim, of course. Somewhere along the way he stopped being a friend. He was tired, dead tired, so he wasn’t sure if the sudden guilt he felt was because his defenses were down, but he felt like he had to acknowledge his bad behavior. “I know relationships aren’t my strong suit.” He said when both Scott and Josh waited for him to continue. “I have a way of fucking things up. But I want you to know that I’m committed to this. To Jessica, to you. I’ve apologized to Jess but I haven’t said sorry to the two of you for the shit I’ve put you through. I am sorry. That’s it …” he added when Scott and Josh stared at him, clearly taken off guard.

“Thanks Angus.” Scott said putting his hand out and shaking Angus’ hand.

“Yeah, thanks.” Josh agreed shaking Angus’ hand also.

Angus nodded and after a moment that should have been awkward but surprisingly wasn’t, Scott and Josh left. Angus turned to look at himself in the mirror and despite the bruises and cuts Angus liked what he saw. For the first time that he could remember in a long time, he wasn’t angry and bitter. There was no part of him that felt resentful. He went to bed feeling unwavering optimism for the future.

The next day, Riley followed Angus off the porch. The spring in Angus’ step reminded Riley of Angus when Angus and Beth had first started dating. When Angus had thought he’d found the love of his life. Riley was glad that Angus was willing to put himself out there again, make himself vulnerable again. He’d really doubted that would ever happen again, but here Angus was, his heart on the line and happy. They both moved purposefully from the porch. They’d put off doing their chores all morning in the hopes that Jessica and Jim would get up and they could get on with the group fuck. But it was noon and Jessica and Jim were still in Jim’s room. Scott and Josh had taken their chances and done their chores first thing in the morning and in hindsight both Riley and Angus wished they had too. But the time they’d spent waiting had been good too. Sitting around, the four of them, Josh, Scott, Angus and Riley, shooting the shit, relaxing. It’d been a really long time since they’d done that. But by lunch time Riley and Angus grudgingly acknowledged that they couldn’t wait with the chores and made Josh promise to come and get them as soon as Jess and Jim got up.

“See you in a bit.” Angus said turning to Riley, “What?” he added when he realized Riley had been observing him.

“Nothing really … just glad to see you happy. Wasn’t sure you’d ever take the risk again.” Riley said.

“The risk?” Angus asked, bewildered.

“Of getting hurt again.” Riley said.

Angus shrugged. “Kinda a no brainer.”

Riley nodded.

“What?” Angus asked again, “You don’t think it is?”

“I do. But things are a little different then when we talked about this before. Our options if things don’t work out aren’t the same as they were back then.”

Angus nodded. “I know. If she leaves us now …” Angus paused. With a shake of his head he continued, “beating and killing aren’t options anymore Riley, I know that. But honest to God I don’t feel like I’m taking a risk.”

“Neither do I.” Riley said with a grin, relieved that Angus had truly thought things through.

Angus grinned back, “So let’s get these motherfucking chores done so we can fuck our wife when she gets up.”

“Fuck yeah.” Riley agreed and they moved in their respective directions. Riley to the dog kennels, Angus to the garage.

“They live!” Scott said when Jessica and Jim came into the living room.

“What time is it?” Jim asked.

“Two in the afternoon.” Josh said. “We’ve been waiting for hours.”

“We were pretty sure you weren’t busy fucking.” Scott said nodding at Jim’s chest. “The next conclusion we came to was that you were dead. Another half hour and we were coming in your room to check on you.”

“We slept like the dead.” Jessica said, stretching while she went to kiss Scott good morning. She paused when she was about to turn to Josh. Scott was looking at her in a strange way. He looked happy, but at the same time like he needed something.

“Are you okay?” Jessica asked.

“Better than okay.” Scott said, running his eyes up and down her body. When they returned to Jessica’s there was something in them that was familiar and made her heart pound, her body tingle, but there was something different there too. Something that made Jessica feel warm inside.

“Um …” Jessica said, unsure what she was supposed to do.

“Josh is waiting.” Scott said with a smile.

“Mornin’ babe …” Josh said, twirling Jessica into his arms and bending her back into a long, deep kiss.

“Morning …” Jessica said in surprise when he lifted his lips off of hers and smiled down at her.

“This is our first good morning kiss as husband and wife …” He said looking incredibly happy despite the bruises on his face. Jessica swallowed. Josh was, different. Playful, happy, carefree, looking at her like Scott had been. Jessica started to think that maybe she was dreaming. Things seemed surreal. Scott and Josh seemed the same, but at the same time different. Jessica looked at Jim, who stood frozen in the living room, trying not to move too much for fear of the pain that movement would cause, to Scott, who looked like he’d just taken some happy pills, back to Josh who was smiling like a simpleton.

“Am I still asleep?” Jessica asked.

Josh laughed and planted his lips on Jessica’s again. “No wifey, you are not dreaming. This is what happens when you make us the happiest men in the world!” And he kissed her again. Jessica giggled as Josh’s lips travelled from her lips to her cheek, to her neck. When he lifted his head to look down at her, she brought her hands to his cheeks.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” She said.

“Better?” Josh asked. “Baby, I’m better than better. I feel like a new man!”

“You’re a new man that’s going to be a dead man if you don’t go get Angus and Riley like you promised you would.” Scott said.

“Shit … right.” Josh said. “I’ll be right back.” He said pecking Jessica on the lips, righting her onto her feet and heading for the door.

Jessica looked after him for a moment, stunned. He was a completely different person … overnight. She looked at Scott, who winked and moved closer to her.

“Josh finished his design for the tattoo. It’s on the coffee table …” he said in a low, sultry voice. He continued to stalk toward her, slowly, purposefully. Jessica watched him, and waited in anticipation. It was like Scott was a new man too … the same but different enough that Jessica felt unsure what he was going to do next. Her body tingled … anticipating a kiss, a touch, several touches … she felt hypnotized. Yet, she wasn’t entirely sure that that was Scott’s actual intention. Jessica couldn’t seem to stop looking at Scott, until Jim gasped.

“Jim!” she exclaimed when she’d finally forced her gaze from Scott. Jim was stooped, pain etched on his face. She rushed to his side and stuck her head under his arm. “Lean on me …”

“I got him Jess.” Scott said appearing under his other arm.

“Do you want to go to the sofa?” Jess asked. Jim nodded and lent on Scott and Jessica as they helped him to the sofa.

“We should rebandage your chest.” Jessica said dropping next to Jim on the sofa.

Jim nodded, but pointed at the coffee table. “Pass me Josh’s design.”

Scott passed Jim the paper.

“I’m sure Josh will explain it better, but that’s basically Jessica in the middle.” Scott said pointing at a heart. He moved back so Jessica could look at the picture too.

“I’m the heart?” Jessica asked, her heart warming at the thought.

“You sure are.” Scott said and took Jessica’s hand in his.
“And those ties show the connections between Jessica and each of us.” Scott continued. Jessica looked at the heart and saw what looked like rope running from it in five directions. At the end of each rope was a symbol.

“Horse for you Scott?” Jessica asked, running her finger on the picture of the horse. “Dog for Riley … “Jessica traced the rope down to the dog, “Book … comic book I guess? For Josh … and a car for Angus, and music for Jim.” She ended, her finger stroking the music sign.

“And the ties run between each of us too. The perfect circle.” Jim added.

Just then the front door opened and Angus and Riley followed Josh in.

Jessica looked up and her breath caught in her throat. Angus and Riley had the same serenely happy, mellow, looks on their faces that Josh and Scott had. Any traces of anger, stress, seriousness, were gone. Jessica barely recognized them.

She looked to Jim, still not sure that she was actually awake, and saw to her relief that he seemed as surprised by Riley and Angus as she was. She wanted this to be real, and Jim’s double take confirmed that she wasn’t imagining things.

“Jess.” Riley greeted her, “You okay?” he asked Jim.

“I’ve been better.” Jim said with a grimace, “but you two look … great.”

“We feel great.” Angus said, watching Jessica rise from the sofa and move toward him. When Angus opened his arms to her, she went into them slowly. Even with his face battered, Angus looked younger. Much younger. She looked at Riley, and he too looked younger. Jessica stopped and pinched her arm.

“Stop that! What the hell are you doing?” Angus demanded covering her pinching hand with his and pulling it away from her arm. She looked up at him, mystified. He’d been commanding … in tone, and in look, but it was still different. It was if his anger, bitterness, was replaced by something else that Jessica couldn’t quite identify. Jessica panned her eyes over to the other men and they were looking at her in the same way. They disapproved of what she’d done, that was evident. But they looked at her like they … loved her. Unconditionally loved her.

Jim chuckled. “Jess thinks she’s asleep. She’s trying to wake herself up.”

“Is that it?” Angus asked, smiling and pulling Jessica to him. “Trust me, you’re awake. Let me prove it to you.” He said and brought his lips to hers. Kissing her, slowly, deeply, longingly. When he finally came up for air, both he and Jessica were out of breath.

“Believe me?” Angus asked, panting.

Jessica nodded.

“Would you prefer to be dreaming?” Riley asked, suddenly wondering if she was regretting the whole wife thing.

“No way!” Jessica exclaimed, still magnetized by Angus’ eyes but when Riley exhaled with relief, she looked over at him.

She put her hand out to Riley and Angus grunted and reluctantly let her go.

“You guys, seem … different.” She said moving into Riley’s arms. “In a nice way. I just don’t want it to go away.”

“Things are different.” Riley said locking his eyes on her mouth and moving in for a kiss. “Way different.” He brought his lips to hers and kissed the breath out of her. By the time he was done her legs felt like jello. “Are you okay?” he asked, lifting his lips and staring down at her while she hung in his arms. His eyes held hers with an intensity that made her gasp. When she didn’t immediately answer, their intensity grew and suddenly Jessica felt like she couldn’t catch her breath.

“I … I can’t breathe …” Jessica said in a breathless whisper.

Riley’s eyes moved from her eyes, down the length of her body that hung between them. Jessica could feel them. Feel them on her. As they moved back up to meet her eyes, Riley balanced Jessica against one arm and moved his other hand to press gently but firmly, fingers spread as far as they could, against her chest. “That won’t do.” He said and lowered his lips close to hers. “Breathe Jessica …” he whispered, “Relax … “ and his lips were on hers again, kissing her in a way that reverberated down to her soul. He pulled her tight against him.

Suddenly Jessica’s mind went blank and she was kissing him back with everything she had. Despite the haze of lust that consumed Jessica she became aware of a hand pressing on her right shoulder and another hand on her left. And two on her lower back. That was a lot of hands. A hand moved under her chin and pulled her lips from Riley’s, turning her face toward … Scott. He locked his lips on hers as Riley began to kiss down her neck and chest. Jessica moaned as he continued down to her stomach.

Another hand took her chin and pulled her lips from Scott’s. Jessica’s head arced over to her right and Josh brought his mouth down on hers. Electricity shot through her as his tongue introduced itself to her tonsils. And then Scott’s hand slid up under her shirt, under her bra and cupped her breast. Josh slid his hand up to her other breast, Riley slid his hand down the front of her pants. The jolt of pleasure literally knocked her off of her feet and she heard Angus chuckle behind her.

“I love your ass.” He said, kissing her over her pants.

“Let’s get her pants off.” Riley said having unzipped them but still completely unsatisfied with his access to her pussy.

“And then her ass is mine!” Angus muttered, helping Riley peel her pants and underpants off.

“Her shirt too … “ Scott gasped as his hand strained against the confines of her bra and shirt while pulling her nipple.

“God your nipples are hard!” Josh hissed into her ear as he and Scott worked her shirt and bra off. And then she was completely naked.

Riley pushed her back, her bum balanced on Angus’ palms and Angus pried her cheeks open, lowering his face between them. Jessica came, hard, as Angus slid his tongue into her hole.

“Good God …” Riley moaned, pushing her legs as far open as they could go, staring at her pulsating pussy, and then diving in face first. He moaned repeatedly as he reveled in her juices. Jessica’s legs jerked as her sensitive clit found itself in Riley’s teeth.

“Look at that face …” Scott said, pulling hard on her breast, and watching Jessica’s head loll from side to side, pleasure evident on her face. “Hook her knee.” Scott said to Josh as he hooked his elbow under Jessica’s knee and pulled her bent knee toward him. Josh did the same and lowered his mouth over her breast.

Jessica panted and then noticed that her hands were resting on Scott and Josh’s chests. She began to slide her hands down, down, down, until they hit the waist band of Scott and Josh’s pants. Without hesitating she slid them behind the waist band, into their underwear and wrapped her fingers around their erect cocks.

“Oh shit! Jessica!” Scott hissed as she began to stroke he pumped his hips in rhythm with her hand.

“Harder Jess … faster Jess!” Josh panted and gyrated.

Jessica rolled her head, wondering how she could get her mouth onto Riley or Angus’ cock when her eyes fell on Jim. He was sitting on the sofa, watching the men working on Jessica, and he was panting. He’d worked his cock out of his pants and he was rubbing it, intermittently cringing in pain from the movement it caused on his chest.

“Jim …” she gasped just as Scott and Josh ejaculated in her hands, and another orgasm rocked her.
Angus slid his fingers in her asshole, Riley was finger fucking her pussy while kissing her jerking thighs and both Scott and Josh were pressing their sperm covered, partially erect cocks into her side as they pulled her nipples with their teeth.

Pleasure started to work through her again and she had to fight hard to focus.

“Guys … Jim … he’s by himself on the sofa and he’s trying … trying to jerk off.” She gasped as both Angus and Riley increased the number of fingers in her openings as well as the speed and strength with which they thrust. “Take me over so I can suck him off …” she said.

“Right … shit …” Scott muttered looking over at Jim. “Guys, guys!” he said flicking Riley and Angus on their heads when they weren’t paying attention.

“What the fuck?” Angus demanded, anger flashing across his face as he glared at Scott.

“Jim … let’s take Jess over there.” He said nodding at the sofa. “Josh and I will hold her ass up and she can suck him off while you two fuck her.”

“Fucking great idea.” Angus said with a throaty laugh. Standing he took Jessica with him. Suddenly Jessica found herself flipped onto her front. Scott holding one arm and one leg, Josh, the other side. They carried her to the sofa where they lowered Jessica between Jim’s legs and she swallowed his cock.

“Oh my God!” Jim hissed as pleasure shook him. Jessica rested on her elbows, sucking with everything she had, Jim’s hands stroking her head.

Scott and Josh held her by her legs and Angus thrust into her asshole. Riley crawled under her and lined his cock up with her pussy. Angus squatted, and Scott and Josh lowered her onto Riley and then Jessica’s body was being slammed in every orifice. Scott pressed his cock against Jessica’s hip, between her thigh that he pulled toward her side, and her hip bone. He began to thrust. Josh copied him. The sounds of men moaning, flesh slapping, and Jessica sucking filled the room.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Angus yelled as he came in her ass.

“You’re so wet … so tight … Christ!” Riley growled as he came.

“Before you come, aim at her.” Scott said to Josh, “we’ll spray her with our cum.” Josh nodded.

“Oh Jess … Jess…” Jim started to moan and pushed her head harder against his cock. “Jesus … swallow Jess, swallow!” he yelled as he spewed his cum into her mouth. Jim moaned as he felt her throat working to swallow.

“Now!” Scott said, pulling his cock back. “Angus … you got her legs?” he asked.

“What? Yah, okay.” Angus muttered and took Jessica’s legs from Scott and Josh, pushing his now semi soft cock further into her ass.

“Get her face …” Scott said and both he and Josh moved up and shot their loads into her face, completely covering her, and most of Jim.

“Sorry about that …” Josh said to Jim, pointing at the cum on his stomach and chest.

“I don’t care.” Jim said, stroking Jessica’s head as she kissed and licked his cock. “Get her pussy up here, on my mouth.” Jim said. “Time to return the favor.” Jim said when Jessica looked up at him.

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked as sweat beaded on Jim’s forehead.

“Pussy … now.” Jim said.

Jessica noticed that Scott was hard again.

“If you turn me around, I can suck Scott off at the same time.” Jessica said.

“I like the way you think.” Scott said with a chuckle, and helped Angus turn Jessica so that her ass was up. Angus held a leg, and Riley held the other, each knelt on the sofa as they pressed her pussy up against Jim’s face.

“Ahhh,” Jessica moaned as Jim’s tongue began its work, his teeth nipping her meat and clit.

Scott knelt on the sofa beside Jim. She braced her hand on Jim’s thighs and took Scott’s cock in her mouth.

“I want her tits.” Josh said bunching her tits together, and kneeling on the other side of Jim on the sofa he slid his shaft between her tits and began to pump.

“Watch this.” Angus said to Riley as he watched Jessica’s ass shake while Jim went to town on her, and she sucked Scott hard, and Josh fucked her tits with everything he had. He slide his fingers between her butt cheeks and into her hole. Jessica jerked.

“You do it too.” He told Riley. Riley did the same, and soon they were pulling her hole open, spitting into it, and fingering her non-too gently. And Jessica moaned. As much as she could with Scott’s dick in her mouth. And suddenly she came. Her whole body convulsed, tightening everywhere. The sound that escaped her made all the men cum too. Riley and Angus lowered Jessica from Jim’s mouth, and she slid down onto his lap. She relaxed onto Jim’s lap, panting. She eyed Scott and Josh who were adding a chorus of their own panting to hers. They seemed to be semi erect. She hadn’t had intercourse with them yet. Them and Jim. She pushed up into a sitting position on Jim’s lap. The men watched her. She was breathing so hard, trying to catch her breath, wanting to suggest the next positioning but then she gave up, shook her head, and slid off of Jim and the sofa, onto the floor between Scott and Josh. Taking each ones’ cock in hand she stroked.

“Move closer …” she managed between gasps for breath.

“Jess.” Scott growled as he moved closer to her.

“I’ll ride you.” She said, “Josh, do you mind going in my bum?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Mind? Fuck no …” he grunted and moved behind her.

“Riley … come here, go … in my … mouth.” She said, a thrill running through her as Scott stroked her meat, dipping his finger into her. And Josh rubbed around her bum hole.

“Angus, come here.” She said motioning with her left hand, “I can give you and Jim a hand job.” She grasped Angus’ cock as he slid it into her hand, with her right hand she took Jim’s and began to stroke.

“Holy shit.” Jim moaned.

“Ready?” Scott asked Josh.

Josh put his hands under Jessica’s armpits and Scott on her sides.

“Now.” Josh said and they lifted her onto their rock hard cocks.

Jessica moaned as they lowered her and their cocks filled her completely.

“Oh mother fucker …” Josh said, as Jessica began lifting and lowering herself, they helped her up and down with their hands.

“You’re so fucking full.” Scott whispered in her ear. “Two cocks in you like this … God I can feel it, there’s no room in you! I can feel Josh’s dick, sliding inside your ass, practically rubbing against mine … Christ Jessica.”

Josh kissed her neck and shoulder blades, nipping every now and then. Scott nipped her nipples. Riley stood watching Jessica. Her hands were working, her body was rising and falling, yet she looked, serene. He’d forgo the blow job. God knew he didn’t need it after all the orgasms he’d already had. But Jessica suddenly opened her eyes and leveled them on Riley. She watched him for a moment and when it was obvious he wasn’t going to do anything, she opened her mouth.

God, she had a beautiful mouth.

He shook his head. “I’ll just watch.” He said.

“You want it … “ Jessica panted, lowering her eyes to his now fully erect cock.

Oh yes he did. But despite the obvious pleasure Jessica was having, Riley could also see that she was getting tired. She was giving it her all, but her eyelids were starting to droop. There was always next time. For now, self-service would do. Just watching Jessica almost got him off, add a stroke or two from his hand and he’d be fine.

Jessica raised her eyes back to his. She couldn’t understand why he’d said no when his body, and his eyes so definitely said yes. And then she realized that maybe he wanted her to ask him properly. Like a proper slave.

“Please Master, let me suck you off.” She asked. Slowly, clearly. Her eyes glued to his. That did it. Fire flared in his eyes as he stalked toward her.

“Master?” Scott asked, thrusting harder, trying to keep claim on his small sliver of her, Josh threatening to take up all his space.

“Yes …” Riley said, looking down at Jessica as he slid his cock in her mouth, caressing her head before holding it firmly and pulling it toward him to better imbed his cock in her throat. “Jessica is a very good slave …” he muttered.

“I like that.” Scott leaning over and sucking on her neck and then moving his mouth to her ear. “You’ve been a good slave for me too, haven’t you? Though I didn’t think to word it that way …” He turned his head to watch Jessica’s lips up close, as they wrapped around Riley’s cock …. As his shaft slid back and forth between them. Holy shit he was going to explode!

Josh leaned against Jessica’s back, practically face to face with Scott. “Our own little sex slave …” Josh said, “Christ, fuck Jess, I’m going to … shit!” he moaned as he came.

“Jess …” Scott exclaimed, cumming as well.

Suddenly Riley came in Jessica’s mouth and the gulping sounds she made, as she worked hard to keep up with the flow of his cum, brought Angus and Jim to climax and they showered Jessica, Scott and Josh with their sperm.

As Scott slid out of her, he brought his hand to her clitoris and the second stroke brought Jessica to the climax she’d been building too. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked her and she had to spill Riley’s cock out of her mouth and collapse against Scott’s chest to ride out the sensation. Jessica ran her hand on his shirt. She realized that while she was completely naked, the men had only kicked off their pants and underwear. They all still wore their shirts. She wanted to feel their skin against her … not their shirts. Even as blissful exhaustion crept over her, she slid her hands under Scott’s shirt and rubbed his hard abdomen.

“Not fair …” she muttered into his chest. “I want to feel your skin.”

“What’s that baby?” Scott muttered into her hair.

“Take off your shirt. You all still have your shirts on …”

“Hang on Jess.” Scott said and worked his shirt off.

Jessica fell against his warm torso as he flung his shirt away and sighed. Josh pressed up against her back … and she could tell he’d taken his shirt off too.

“Is that better my little slave girl?” Scott asked.

Jessica slid her head up and down slightly on his chest in an exhaustion filled nod.

“Thank you … master.” She said, and was about to fall to sleep when she realized that Jim still hadn’t been inside her.

“What’s up babe?” Scott asked, moving back a little when Jessica, with the strength of a kitten tried to push herself away from him.

“Jess?” Josh asked, sitting up, and watching her fight to sit up. He reached around her waist and pulled her up against him. Jessica flopped back against him and with great effort turned her head toward Jim.

Jim was watching her and couldn’t believe it when she looked him in the eye and said, “Jim’s turn …”

Realization hit him. All of this frenzied work she’d been doing. She was making it even. “Christ …” he muttered. “No Jess!” he practically barked when Jessica tried to get up. “That’s enough for now.”

“But …” Jessica muttered, fighting hard to keep upright, and her eyes open.

“You were great Jess. Take a rest.” Jim added.

“Next time …” Jessica said, her head lolling and she finally gave up on trying to get up, sagging against Josh. “You’re first …” she added before slipping into oblivion.


“She’s completely out.” Scott said, gently pushing Jessica’s hair away from her eyes. Having just awaken from a sex induced coma himself, he had tried to rouse Jessica after all the men had awaken and Scott had reminded them that Corey was supposed to be coming by that evening to tattoo them. And all of this before they went out to play pool. Though none of them were able to see the exact time, they were all fairly certain that time was running out for lazing around in the living room, naked.

Scott tried to shake her gently again, but she continued to be completely motionless and unresponsive. They lay in a giant heap of naked bodies. Jessica had her head on Scott’s chest, her butt was being affectionately stroked and kissed by Angus, her legs on Josh. Riley was pressed up against her stomach, lips kissing her gently. Jim was the only one not in the pile but he’d dozed on the sofa and then spent a lot of time looking at the comatose naked pile of limbs, dicks, butts and tits before him.

“How long were we out?” Riley asked.

“I don’t know for sure.” Jim said, “But it was a long time.”

“That was unfucking believable!” Angus said, relishing in the softness of her butt cheeks. “I can’t believe how into it she was. She was an animal!”

“She worked real hard, that’s for sure.” Jim said. “If she keeps that up she’s going to burn herself out.”

“You’re right.” Scott said. “She did put a lot of energy into it.”

“I’m exhausted and I didn’t do half the work she did.” Josh said. “We should slow it down next time.”

“We’ve gotta tell her that things don’t have to be so even.” Jim said. “No way she can enjoy it as much as she should if she’s trying so hard to make sure we each get a turn … at everything.”

“Holy shit.” Angus said, replaying the whole thing in his head. “Everyone did get an equal turn didn’t they?” he asked.

“Except for Jim. You didn’t get intercourse.” Josh said, replaying it like Angus had.

“That’s what she was trying to do at the end?” Riley stated in exasperation. “Goddamn it!”

“Damn it Jessica …” Scott muttered against her hair.

“We gotta tell her to stop.” Angus said.

Jim laughed. “And how well do you think that will work?” he asked. “She obviously feels like it’s her responsibility to treat us all equally. There’s no way she’s not going to try.”

“Then we’ve gotta take her control of the situation away from her.” Angus said. “She orchestrated everything we did. This master and slave thing … if she’s a real slave, she can’t decide a thing. We just make it plain to her that when we have sex, she doesn’t get any choices.”

“We’ve just finished giving her freedoms Angus.” Josh said, “Do you think she’d going to like losing them, even for sex?”

“So long as we don’t extend it beyond sex.” Scott said, “She’ll be fine. She likes things a little rough … I think she likes to be sexually dominated.”

“Are you sure about that?” Jim asked.

“Oh yeah.” Riley and Angus said at the same time.

“We can try that then I guess.” Josh said, running his hands up and down her legs, “But if she’s at all unhappy about it …”

“Don’t worry Josh, our whole goal is to make her happy. And trust me, orgasm after orgasm … and sex where her pleasure is the most important, not ours … will make her happy.” Scott said.

“Christ …” Riley said, “When did you say Corey’s coming to do the tattoo?”

“At six.” Angus said.

“What time is it now?” Riley asked.

“Dunno,” Jim said, “I can’t see the clock. But it’s gotta be late.”

“I’ll check.” Angus said giving Jessica’s butt a parting kiss and getting to his feet. “It’s fucking five thirty.” He growled from the kitchen.

“Fuck!” Scott groaned. “Jessica …” he said a little more loudly than he had before and shook her a little more forcefully.

“How are we going to fit in the tattoo and pool tonight?” Josh asked, giving her thigh a brisk pat.

“And I want to show Jessica the car I bought her too.” Angus added.
Just then Jessica’s stomach growled … loud.

“And she hasn’t eaten anything …” Josh said.

“Well, I don’t know if I’d say that …” Scott said in a lazy drawl, a smile spreading across his face. “She sure had a lot of our cum.”

“Scott!” Jim barked. “Let’s try to keep a semblance of decency here can we?”

“What?” Scott asked in mock innocence.

“You are a pig.” Josh said.

Angus snorted as he worked his way around from pile of clothes to pile of clothes trying to find his pants. When he did, he pulled them on. “I’ll make dinner.” Angus said, buckling his pants and then hunting for his shirt.

“I’ll re-bandage your chest.” Riley said, kissing Jessica’s belly and then rolling to his feet and repeating Angus’ earlier search for his own pants and shirt.

“Jess … come on baby, time to wake up. In a matter of minutes Corey’s going to show up and we’ll still be here in our birthday suits. You wouldn’t want that would you?” Scott asked.

“Oh no …” Jessica muttered, raising her fists to her eyes and rubbing.

Angus returned to kneel near her butt, Riley near her belly. She opened droopy eyes to look at Scott. She smiled, red spreading across her cheeks and she said in a shy voice, “Hi.”

Scott kissed her. “That was awesome Jess … don’t be embarrassed.”

Jessica slid her hands down her face and pulled them back reflexively. “What? …” she asked but her voice trailed off when she realized what the sticky substance was.

Scott chuckled. “We’ve definitely claimed you as ours.” He said running his thumb over her cheek bone, rubbing the cum into her skin. “I love to see you covered in my spunk …” but when he leaned in to kiss her, Jessica moved back slamming into Angus’ chest. He had slid up the length of her body, and propped on an elbow looked down at their artwork as well.

“Whoa Jess …” he said sliding his hand down her arm. When she turned to look at him, he leant down to kiss her forehead, but Jessica pushed herself into the floor and brought her hands up to his chest and tried to push him back.

“What’s wrong?” Angus asked suddenly worried that maybe she hadn’t liked the group sex at all. That somehow her efforts had been something else that he hadn’t recognized … which seemed impossible … or that in retrospect she was disgusted by the whole thing and wanted nothing to do with them anymore.

“I should clean up before you kiss me …” Jessica said, but her words were slightly slurred. Her jaw was sore. She had the urge to rub it but Angus had resumed leaning into her so she used them tried to push him back again.

“Jessica …” Riley said rising to his knees to loom over her, “Did you not learn anything the other day in our bathroom?”

“Yes, but …” Jessica said staring at him in disbelief.

“But what?” he demanded.

“But that was different. That was sweat … this is … “

“Sperm.” Riley said. “Our sperm … on you. Claiming you. That’s exactly what we wanted to do. But that’s irrelevant. It could be shit all over you Jess … blood, sweat, sperm, shit … we don’t care. You are what we want. So, you’d better let them kiss you Jess, or we’ll be doing the bathroom scene all over again. Except this time it will be here, and it will be all of us …”

Jessica felt tingles running through her. She couldn’t believe she wanted it again … now … with all of them.

“Doesn’t look like much of a threat …” Josh said with a laugh. He’d slid closer to her, her legs still on his lap. He watched unmistakable lust spread across her face. He pressed his hand against her ankle and then began to slide his hand slowly but firmly up the inside of her leg. As he got past her knee, and moved up her thigh, Jessica’s legs began to spread and her eyes locked on his. A small moan escaped her, but then as her legs tried to spread further, she gasped.

“You do want it … “ Angus whispered into her ear, relieved. He began to nibble on her ear, bringing a hand to one of her breasts. Scott had already claimed the other.

Riley leaned forward and licked her chin, up to her lips, and then slid his tongue between them. Jessica relaxed into the kiss, slid her hands down Scott and Angus’ chests, and as Josh’s fingers began to stroke the part between her other lips she tried again to spread her legs, and pain shot through her. She tensed … she was sore, but she didn’t want to stop.

“Jess, are you okay?” Josh asked, bringing his hands to her hips, rubbing. Jessica, of course, couldn’t respond. Riley was passionately working at giving her a tonsillectomy with this tongue, Scott and Angus were working her breasts and nipples with single minded dedication, and Jessica’s hands were stroking their cocks with slow, hard strokes.

“Guys … stop.” Josh said. “Guys!” he said more firmly and tried to push Riley and Angus back.

“What’s wrong?” Jim gasped from the sofa …”Josh, what’s going on?”

“Jess is in pain … every time she tries to spread her legs she tenses up.” Josh said.

“Stop them then.” Jim said panic growing in him as he watched Scott, Angus and Riley becoming more animated. It was like watching wolves tearing apart a deer. A willing deer mind you … but if Jessica was in the kind of pain he thought she was, having two of them entering her and the third in her mouth was going to be excruciating.

“Riley! Stop!” Josh yelled, and pushed Riley as hard as he could, knocking him backwards.

“What the fuck!” Riley yelled, sprawled on his back, panting and staring at Josh like he wanted to kill him.

Scott and Angus looked up in surprise.

“Something’s wrong.” Josh said. “She’s in pain!”

The sounds of panting filled the room as everyone looked at Jessica.

“It’s okay.” She managed to gasp out … her voice slurred. Her hands hadn’t stopped stroking Scott and Angus, “I’ll be okay … keep going …”

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Scott asked. “Jess …” he said when Jessica didn’t reply. He grabbed her wrists and forced her to stop stroking him. “Jess, what’s wrong with your voice?” He repeated in a tone that got Jessica’s attention.

She shook her head. “Nothing.” She mumbled. “It’s my jaw … it’s sore.”

“Jess, stop.” Angus said, taking her hand and sliding his cock out of her grasp. Leaning forward he brought his hand to her jaw and rubbed gently. “No wonder … fuck, you worked it hard.”

“That’s not all that hurts.” Josh said, rubbing her thighs. “Where else are you sore Jess?”

“Um.” Jessica said, taking stock of her body.

“I’m guessing here.” Josh said, laying his palm on the soft curls between her legs and pressing gently.

“And your ass.” Angus sliding his hand down to her hip.

“Christ Jess … you’ve been prodded in every hole you have.” Scott said, “I can’t believe we were going to go at you again. Sorry.” He leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

“It’s okay … I want to … “ Jessica said.

“Good, cause you will … a lot.” Angus said in a guttural voice.

“But not now!” Jim wheezed. “Corey is going to be here any time. You’re all buck naked … I’m half naked, and we need to get cleaned up.”

“Any minute?” Jess squeaked and turned into Angus, pulling her legs up and trying to hide. Pain shot through her … she was sore and her muscles were tired, but it felt good, satisfying.

“Easy Jess …” Angus said with a laugh.

“Jim is overstating it.” Scott said. “Let’s get you into a bath. You can relax and soak a little. When Corey gets here he can start with one of us. There’s plenty of time before he gets to you.” He crouched behind her, sliding a hand under her head. Jessica slowly rolled away from Angus, toward Scott. Scooping his other arm under her legs, Scott clutched her to him and stood up. He kissed her nose. “Group sex … I can’t believe it took us this long to think of it.”

Jessica giggled as he kissed her again and headed to the bathroom.


Jessica had no idea how long she’d been in the bath … but it had felt so good. Scott had run the bath, given her a couple of pain killers, and reluctantly left her alone. Now, fully dressed, clean, and feeling so relaxed that she felt like she was floating down the hallway, Jessica made her way out to the living room.

She stopped and took in the scene. Angus, Jim, Riley and Scott sat on the sofa watching TV. Josh lay on his stomach on the coffee table, Corey was leaning over him, focusing hard on his work. Once again Jessica had the feeling that she was dreaming. The scene in the living room, her feeling of complete relaxation, happiness, calm … it all felt so unreal.

“Jess!” Scott said noticing her. Jumping to his feet he jogged over to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
“Hey Jessica.” Corey said, raising his eyes from his work.

“Hi Corey.” Jessica said.

“Feeling okay?” Josh asked, raising his head from the table.

“I’m fine …” Jessica said moving toward the table, Scott following, arm still draped over her. “But doesn’t that hurt?” Jessica asked crouching down next to Corey and watching the tattoo outline appear on his shoulder blade.

“A little but it’s worth it.” Josh replied winking at Jessica.

“Don’t worry.” Corey said to Jessica. “I have a topical anesthetic I’ll use for you. You’ll barely feel it.”

“Why aren’t you using the anesthetic?” Jessica asked Josh.

“I want to feel it babe.” Josh said. “Means more to me that way.”

“Congrats by the way.” Corey said, flicking his eyes up again, “I hear that you all got married.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Jessica said.

“I’ll bring a wedding gift next time. Any requests?”

“Maybe we can jam together? That’d be fun.” Jessica said.

Corey chuckled, his face lighting up. “You got it. Hey, I also heard that your race at the track got … delayed.”

“Ah, yeah …” Jessica said, dropping from her crouch to her knees.

“Sucks …” Corey said and then leaned closer to her. “ It’s temporary right?” he whispered.

“I don’t know.” Jessica whispered back. “I think so.”

“Okay … Jessica …” Angus said overwhelmed by sudden and all-consuming jealousy. He reached down, took her by her elbows and lifted Jessica to her feet. “Come have some dinner. I have something to show you when you’re done.”

Corey rolled his eyes at Angus, and then winked at Jessica. “I’ll see you soon …” he said lifting the tattoo needle toward her.

Angus led Jessica to the dining table. He looked angry. Riley had followed them and he looked angry too.

“Why are you mad?” Jessica asked, remaining standing even when Angus pulled a chair and indicated that she should sit on it.

Angus stared at her, his mind going blank. She turned to Riley.

“I don’t understand why you’re mad.” She said.

Same blank look from Riley.

“Assholes …” Corey mumbled from behind them.

“Listen you little shit!” Angus roared at him, “You’re here for one reason and one reason only. Get the tattoos done and keep your fucking mouth shut.”

“You going to make me?” Corey demanded, standing.

“You bet I am!” Angus growled and stalked toward him.

“Whoa, whoa!” Scott said stepping between Angus, Riley who was following him, and Corey. “What the fuck?” he demanded from Angus and Riley, “You can’t get all caveman when Jessica is talking to other men.”

“There’s no reason for Jessica to talk to any men.” Angus growled.

“And just how are you going to prevent that when we go out?” Josh asked. He’d sat up, straddling the coffee table. He eyed Angus and Riley, trying to decide whether to stand.

Neither Riley nor Angus replied.

“What the hell was the point of our oath last night if nothing has changed?” Jim demanded.

“What the fuck?” Riley said. “Lots has changed Jim, I just don’t recall anything in the oath stating that Jessica was going to be best friends with Corey.”

Jim exhaled in frustration. “Christ Riley. We agreed that we were all going to trust one another and be faithful to one another. That implies that Jessica can be best friends with whomever she wants … she will always be ours. We also agreed that we’d go out in public with her, get her out for some fun. She is going to have to interact with other people to do that.”

“Let me be very clear about something.” Riley said turning on Jim. “Yes, we trust each other and are loyal to one another … and yes we will go in public with Jessica. Interacting with others to me means exchanging pleasantries. That’s it. Maybe, and I mean maybe, sometime in the future I can accept her being friends with other men within the clan … but that’s not going to happen overnight. If that’s not acceptable to you all …” he said scanning the men, and Jessica … his eyes unable to leave hers once they locked onto them, “then we’re not going anywhere.”

Silence filled the room.

“Okay.” Jim finally said. “Okay. We have to take things slow, that’s all. Can everyone do that? Just calm down and slow down?” He looked around the room. Corey was glaring at Angus and Riley but they were ignoring him and staring at Jessica.

“Jessica?” Angus asked.

She nodded.

“You don’t look very happy.” Riley observed.

“It’s not nice … when you attack people like that.” Jessica said. “Corey didn’t do anything wrong and neither did I. And if you do that in a public place, I’d really rather not go. People don’t deserve to be treated like that.” She continued, looking back and forth between Angus and Riley. “Especially when they’re here doing us a favor.” She pointed at Josh’s partially finished tattoo.

Angus felt like he’d been knifed in the gut. Jessica’s disappointment in him and Riley was palpable. He looked at Riley and the other men with an expression that made it clear that he didn’t know how to respond.

“Told you she doesn’t like rudeness …” Scott mumbled.

“Now might be a good time to apologize …” Josh said.

“Sorry Jess … sometimes I just can’t help myself.” Angus mumbled.

“I meant to Corey …” Josh said.

“Oh.” Angus paused. When Jessica looked unappeased by his original apology he lowered his eyes to the floor. “I’m uh, sorry Corey.” He mumbled, not looking at Corey, or anyone.

Jessica sighed. Angus snapped his eyes up to Jessica’s. Jessica scrutinized Angus and Riley’s faces and sighed again. Manners, without a doubt, were not their
strong suits. Even so, Jessica couldn’t understand their reactions. “If you think about it logically there’s no reason to be jealous.” Jessica began. “I’m married to the five of you. Don’t you think five men in my life is enough?” But as she said it she realized that the men already planned a sixth. Horror swept over her as she remembered all the threats years ago about Kevin. They hadn’t talked about him last night. In fact they hadn’t mentioned him in a long time and Jessica had forgotten about him. How was that going to work? She hadn’t married Kevin … she wouldn’t marry Kevin … she shuddered with fear. Did they expect her to?

“Jess, what’s wrong?” Jim demanded gasping as he tried to get up from the sofa. She suddenly looked terrified, sad, betrayed.

“Jess?” Riley asked.

Jessica looked around at the other men. They looked confused, even Corey. “What about Kevin?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“Holy fuck!” Riley exclaimed.

“Shit, fuck … shit!” Angus swore and slid his eyes over to Corey. He wanted him gone. This wasn’t the kind of conversation he wanted to have around anyone other than the men and Jessica but it occurred to him that if the tattoos weren’t finished Jessica may not feel that the oath was fully applicable so as much as he wanted to, kicking Corey out wasn’t an option.

“How could we forget about Kevin?” Scott demanded when Josh and Jim managed only to stare at Jessica, completely stunned.

“He’s not coming here.” Jim finally said, “Ever.”

“Isn’t that right Angus and Riley?” Josh asked.

Jessica still looked terrified. “You said he’d hate me and hurt me.” Jessica said her gaze settling on Angus and Riley.

“Jess,” Riley said, she looked so small, scared and vulnerable. He pulled her into his arms. “Kevin is in prison and when he gets out he’ll never come anywhere near you.” Jessica buried her face in his chest. She was shaking, her whole body vibrating. Holding her tighter he looked up at the other men. It was clear that Kevin had slipped off of all of their radars. He silently cursed Corey’s presence. He looked most surprised of all. It was common knowledge in the clan that Riley and his chapter were planning to free Kevin and Kevin would resume his rightful place as head of the chapter. Letting this information get out unmanaged was dangerous but to try and back pedal, even for the sake of appearances with Corey, was not an option. Jessica was terrified, letting her believe for one second that Kevin would be anywhere near her was cruel. But Riley knew how the rest of the clan would take it, how Kevin would take it. It would be an act of betrayal. Well, there was no other choice. Given how things had evolved with Jessica, Kevin could never come back. Even if he wouldn’t hate her or hurt her, the idea of bringing another man into the mix made Riley’s blood boil. And from the expression on Angus’ face Riley was sure he was feeling the same thing. In the long run, using Corey to pass the information on was the only option.

“Jessica …” Angus growled. “Look at me.” Jessica peeked up at him from Riley’s chest. “You better believe that the five of us are enough. There will never be anyone else. Ever. Including Kevin. You don’t need to worry. Trust us … please.”

Jessica nodded. Straightening in Riley’s arms, looking around at the men, “I believe you and I hope you believe me when I say that I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone other than you men. Friendship, yes, I have to tell you that I want friends. But I understand that it will take some getting used to for you. We can take it slow. Just please don’t be rude to people. It’s not their fault you feel like you do.” Jessica shook her head, “And Corey is here doing us a favor. You should be thankful to him, not rude.”

“Jess … I don’t know how to do anything different. I just get so … jealous … I don’t think that will ever change.” Angus said.

“Jealous of what?” Jessica asked, “We just agreed that I want no one other than you. Angus, thinking about last night, and this morning …” Jessica continued, her cheeks turning pink, her body responding to memories of the earlier interlude, “can you honestly believe that there is any part of me that is unsatisfied?”

“No.” Angus replied, Jessica’s response to the memories of the group sex so obvious that he had an instant hard-on. Fuck, why did Corey have to be there? “But Jess, it’s just a reaction I have … I don’t know how to change that.”

“It’s easy.” Jessica said, “Follow the same advice Jim gave me … it’s what helped get us here. Just do the opposite of whatever your instinct is … eventually it will become second nature.”

Angus nodded. Fuck he wanted her … she was wet. He knew she was. If Corey wasn’t there they’d just fuck her and be done with it. As much as he wanted to throw Corey out it was more and more obvious that this oath … the marriage, had to be solidified because without the certitude of Jessica being his wife he wasn’t sure that he could successfully ignore his instincts and that would be a disaster. The men had said before that Jessica didn’t like rudeness but he now had an appreciation for how much that was true. He never wanted her to look at him again like she had earlier with Corey. He had clearly disappointed her. With all his heart he wanted her to be proud of him. Fuck, he was in over his head. He was going to mess things up. Just as he’d resolved to take the chance on the consequences of not finishing the tattoo and just kick Corey out, it occurred to him that he should take Jessica’s advice and do the opposite. Apologize to Corey and just let him continue with the tattoos. It was such a foreign concept that every fiber of Angus’ being rejected it … plus he wanted her … he wanted to taste her, feel her, fuck her. Right then, right there.

“Angus.” Jessica said watching his face contort in a million different ways. It was clear to everyone that Angus was fighting an internal battle. It wasn’t lost on Jessica that this was completely unlike him. Her heart melted, moved that he was so obviously trying to change for her. And it was also pretty evident that he was horny for her. The huge bulge in his pants, hard to ignore, made Jessica so wet she was certain there was a wet stain on the crotch of her pants. “Maybe we should go work on your car for a while, until it’s our turn for our tattoos.”

“Shit, yes.” Angus growled and grabbing Jessica’s hand he pulled her out of Riley’s embrace intending to drag her out to the cars … it was perfect really because he also had the car that he’d found for her to fix out there to show her. But renewed disappointment in Jessica’s expression made him realize that just dragging her off to the cars was high on her rudeness scale. Opposite of what his instinct told him, that was what she said to do … right. Stopping he turned to Corey. “I’m sorry man.” Angus said sticking his hand out, “I was rude and out of line. I appreciate that you’re doing this for us. Please accept my apology.”

Corey looked at Angus for a moment and then scanned the rest of the men. They all looked as stunned as he felt. But not Jessica. She was smiling at Angus, like she was proud of him. Corey had liked Jessica when he’d met her the first time, but now he felt a whole new level of respect for her. “Welcome to the family Jessica. I think we’ve needed someone like you for a long time.” Then he swung his eyes back to Angus and shook his hand. “I accept your apology, and you’re welcome.”

Angus took Jessica’s hand again, “Ready?” he asked.

“Ready.” She replied with a smile and followed Angus out of the house. When she and Angus got off the front porch Angus pulled her into his arms.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered in her ear, “I have a surprise for you.” Angus swept her into his arms. Jessica squeezed her eyes shut and giggled as she bounced against his chest with each of Angus’ strides.

“Okay.” He said stopping in front of the broken down red corvette that sat on the grass next to the one they were currently working on. He lowered Jessica to her feet and steadied her. “Open your eyes.”

Jessica opened them and looked over the shell of a car before them.

“Oh Angus, another car to work on! We’re going to be busy.” She said eyeing the silver corvette next to the red one.

“We are.” Angus agreed, “but this isn’t any old car.”

“It’s not?”

“No. I bought this car for you.”

“Me?” Jessica exclaimed. “This is mine?”

“Yup. All yours.”

“Thank you!” Jessica said and launched herself at Angus momentarily forgetting her physical condition.

“Easy babe.” Angus said, holding her up when she gasped.

Jessica ignored the pain and landed a volley of kisses on Angus’ cheeks, lips, neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said between kisses.

Angus was laughing, and feeling high from Jessica’s obvious pleasure.

“Oh … oh, oh, when it’s done, can I drive it?” Jessica asked.

“Sure. That’s the point of having a car.” Angus said, somewhat surprised at himself. He hadn’t considered what she’d do with it when it was done and he’d certainly never imagined her ever driving a car.

“Have you ever driven before?” he asked.

Jessica nodded. “I had my license and my parents had my brothers and me taking defensive driving from the moment we could reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel.”

“Well in that case you don’t need to wait for this car to be fixed.” Angus added, “We have a shitload of cars. I’ll take you out some time soon and you can show me what you know.”

Jessica squealed with excitement and kissed Angus again. For his part, he had no idea where that had come from. The idea of Jessica behind the wheel of the car scared the shit out of him. But Jessica reactions to both the red corvette and the idea of driving made him feel happy in a way he never had before and he wanted more.

After peppering him with kisses Jessica turned her attention back to the car. “Can we work on it?” Jessica asked.


“Yes, now.”

“Okay.” Angus agreed. “I have something else for you in the back seat that you need before we can start.”

“What is it?”

“Go take a look.” Angus nodded at the car.

Jessica shuffled to the side window and peered in. On the back seat was a neatly folded pair of overalls and a large tool box.

“Those are for me too?” Jessica asked, clearly excited.

Angus nodded and opened the door. He pulled out the overalls and shaking them out he held them up in front of Jessica.

“They’re pink!” Jessica said in disbelief.

“Do you like them?” Angus asked. He was unsure about the idea he’d had. Pink overalls, pink tool box. But somehow he had the idea she may like the touch of femininity. Now he wasn’t so sure.

“Yes!” Jessica said, reaching out and rubbing the pink fabric with her fingers.

“And I got this on the back.” He said turning the overalls and showing her the emblazoned words he’d had patched on.

“Grease Babe.” Jessica read. “Oh Angus, I love it!”

“And,” Angus said reaching into the car for the tool box, “this.” He held up the pink tool box and watched Jessica’s face. If there was any indication that she thought it was tacky, he’d take it back. But the pure joy on her face removed all self-doubt.

“Let me … “ he said when Jessica tried to lower the box to the ground. Jessica slowly lowered herself into a crouch, opened the box and inspected the tools inside. Everything she’d ever need was there. And it was all brand spanking new.

“I love it so much Angus! Thank you!” Jessica said, looking up at Angus, her eyes and face flushed with excitement. Although Jessica’s expression was not similar in any way to the one she wore when she was sexually excited, it still caused Angus’ groin to react.

“Can we start? I have to put my overalls on … “ Jessica began to stand, but Angus gripped her forearm, pulling her back down to a squat.

“What’s wro … oh.” Jessica said when Angus’ expression made it very clear what he wanted.
“Did you notice what else is on the back of the overalls?” Angus asked, turning the outfit over.

Jessica looked at the Grease Babe logo and shook her head.

“Lower.” Angus grunted. Jessica’s eyes slid down until she noticed what she hadn’t before … an opening so expertly placed on the bum part of the overalls that it was barely visible.

“A bathroom door?” Jessica asked, pulling the fabric closer and inspecting the zipper. She opened and closed it, impressed with the cleverness of how it was hidden.

“It’ll work for that too.” Angus agreed, sliding his hand past her waist and grasping her butt cheek. “But it was actually meant to be an easy access hole.” He said, sliding his hand to the front and pressing it firmly against her crotch.

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed, her body tingling in anticipation of feeling Angus’ hand without her pants in the way. She began to part her legs and gasped as pain shot through her.

“You still hurt.” Angus said, a note of disappointment in his voice.

“I’ll be okay.” Jessica said

He pulled Jessica closer

He raised his hand to her jaw and rubbed. “You’re starting to slur your words again.”

Jessica nodded. “I guess the medicine Scott gave me is wearing off. But I’ll be okay.” She repeated, sliding her hand down between them and cupping the bulge between his legs.

“Can you spread your legs? Just wide enough for me to eat you out?”

Jessica was nodding, her body vibrating with anticipation.

“And then straddle me?”

“Yes …”

“Let’s get these off then.” Angus said, unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down. Jessica ignored the pain, especially when Angus discarded her pants, planted his palms on her thighs and pushed her open.

“Are you okay?” he asked, as his thumbs slid between her lips and pulled them apart.

“Yes … “ Jessica panted.

“You’re sure?”

“Oh my God Angus, yes … hurry up, please!” she pleaded, barely able to wait another moment. Angus chuckled as he lowered his face between her legs, his tongue and teeth sinking into her flesh. Jessica arched as wave upon wave of pleasure rolled over her. She sagged back, so relaxed she felt like falling to sleep. But she forced herself to wake up.

“You’re turn …” Jessica said, running her hands through his hair. Angus looked up at her but continued to chew on her until her legs began to twitch. Then he kissed his way up her belly, pushed her shirt and bra up and nipped her nipples.

Jessica kissed the top of his head.

“Take your pants off.” Jessica said, “my turn to return the favor.”

“You’ll do no such thing.” Angus said, rubbing her jaw again. “I don’t want to jump the gun on the other guys so all I’ll tell you right now is that waiting for me to tell you what to do is something you should get used to doing. What’s wrong?” he asked when Jessica suddenly looked concerned and looked past him toward the house.

“Nothing … except. Do you think they’re going to mind?”

“Who, the guys?”

Jessica nodded.

“Mind about what?”

“About this? I thought … aren’t we supposed to be having sex all together now?”

“Nah. Individually is okay. Just not a couple of us at a time. Don’t worry Jess, they’ll be okay. Where were we?” He asked, leaning back he struggled to undo his pants and pull his cock free. “Come here.” He ordered and pulled Jessica onto his lap, and drove his cock into her.

Jessica pushed herself against him, wrapped her arms around this head and did her best to ignore the protests of her muscles as she raised and lowered herself on him. Angus wrapped his arms around her and helped her move up and down.

“Jesus … “ Angus repeated as he thrust and thrust and then exploded. As the final pleasure absorbed him, Jessica flopped against him. Angus held Jessica tight, not letting her move.

“You okay?” he murmured into the hair on the top of her head.

“Never better. Can we work on the car now?”

Angus chuckled. “Sure. Let’s get those overalls on you.”


“It’s getting dark.” Jessica said. She’d collapsed onto her chest, Angus’ face still between her legs, her legs straddling his face. He continued to lick, to prod, even as she twitched. This would be the third time, in what Jessica estimated to be about an hour since they’d come out to work on the car, that Angus had ignored the twitching, her sensitivity, and had brought her to climax.

Angus lifted her a little, fingers of one hand holding his face’s place between her lips, fingers of his other hand thrusting into her.

“How dark?” he asked.

“The sun’s almost completely down.” Jessica replied, blinking into the bright spot light that shone down on them from the garage roof. It had come on automatically a minute before.

“One more time.” Angus said, and used his tongue to find her clitoris. Jessica nearly jumped off of him. Angus brought his hand up to grasp her butt and hold her in place. Jessica closed her eyes and found that she truly enjoyed the discomfort that Angus put her through to reach another orgasm. It hurt, but it didn’t. She spread her legs further and concentrated on the distant and fleeting beginnings of her orgasm, and began to rock against his face. Opening her eyes she saw her overalls crumpled in an heap next to her. They’d used the back door a couple of times but in the end Jessica’s mobility had been too restricted and Angus had pulled them off, leaving her buck naked.

She sighed. She knew that they would probably not have time to work on her car. They had done a little in the time they’d been outside, but mostly they’d had sex. Well, actually, mostly she’d had orgasms. Every now and then Angus would enter her and orgasm as well, but he never allowed her to suck or jerk him off. She’d tried to argue but Angus would always interrupt her by bringing her to ecstasy. And she’d forget what she’d been trying to do until the next time.

Suddenly a blinding pleasure shot through her and she collapsed onto the ground again. And Angus’ tongue slowed to small, gentle licks.

“I see that you two have been working hard.” Riley said.

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed, surprised, and inexplicably embarrassed she tried to roll off of Angus and into a ball but Angus held her still, only moving her slightly so he could look at Riley.

“In fact we have.” He said, “we were just taking a little … “ Angus paused, glanced at the pubic hair so near his face and chuckled, “pussy break.”

“You don’t say.” Scott added. Jessica dropped her head to the ground and groaned. Both Riley and Scott had had intonations to their voices that proved Jessica’s earlier concerns to be true. They sounded unhappy.

“And it’s my fucking night with her.” Josh added.

Jessica froze. There was no mistaking that. He was definitely upset. And suddenly she wondered if they were all outside, standing there looking at her and Angus. She didn’t mind the men … but what if Corey were there too.

“Sorry man,” Angus raised his hands in surrender and Jessica took that opportunity to scramble off of him, sit on her bum, pull her legs up to her chest and throw the overalls over herself burying her face into the pink cloth, too mortified to even check if Corey was there. Silence fell. Angus’ apology died when Jessica scrambled away, and now the men stood staring at her trying her hardest to hide herself.

“Jess.” Riley said. But Jessica gave no response. She was so busy trying to disappear she hadn’t heard him.

“Jessica,” Scott said and moved to squat in front of her, he placed his hand on her head. Jessica jumped from surprise and glanced up.

“Are you embarrassed?” Scott asked, surprised, when he saw her face flushed bright red.

Jessica nodded and as mortified as she was, she chanced a glance around. She saw Riley and Josh standing near the car, gaping at her, Angus still lying down, head tilted back to see her and Scott squatting in front of her.

“Where’s Corey?”

“Corey?” Josh asked moving forward and crouching too. “Oh Jess, baby, you didn’t think we’d bring him with us, did you? We kind of figured this was going on, no way would we have brought him. He’s back at the house finishing Jim’s tattoo up.”

“Thank God!” Jessica exclaimed and collapsed onto her back. “How embarrassing would that have been?”

“He would have got a good look at your backside.” Riley said with a chuckle.

Jessica rolled her head to look at him. “So, you’re not angry? Or upset?” she asked looking from Riley to Josh to Scott.

Angus sat up. “Yeah. Jessica was worried that we shouldn’t’ve been fucking … but I thought that it was okay so long as it was one on one. I guess I forgot the part about it being your night Josh. Sorry.”

“Jess was enjoying it.“ Josh said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

“’K but the problem with this kind of thing when it’s not your night, and it’s not all of us, is that you’re tiring Jessica out. She’s not going to feel like going at it later and Josh’ll get stiffed out of his night … no pun intended.” Scott said.

The men chuckled.

“You’re right. I’ll stick to my nights when I’m alone with Jessica.”

“To tell the truth Jess, if Corey still wasn’t in the house and Jim wasn’t out of commission, we would’ve been joining you.” Scott said, his voice turning lazy and sensual as he ran his eyes over her. For the first time Jessica noticed the tents in the crotches of Scott, Riley and Josh’s pants.

“I guess Jim would be upset if I helped you with those … “ Jessica said, eyes glued to Scott’s bulge.

“Against the rules.” Riley agreed but it was clear he was thinking of ignoring the rules.

“Once Corey leaves,” Josh said, “We’ll have all the time in the world.”

“Right.” Angus said. He was glad that he’d already had so many orgasms because he wouldn’t have had the discipline to wait. Even now he was feeling stirrings again. He had to change the subject, fast. “So Josh, are we okay?”

When Josh didn’t answer Angus Josh Jessica swung her eyes on him, and his expression made her gasp. Despite Jessica’s own sexual satiation she felt an immediate and overwhelming yearning between her legs. There was no doubt that the sexual Josh was back. Still in a crouched position, Josh began to inch toward her.

“Maybe Corey’d take a break for a bit. Come back later. That way we can include Jim.” Scott was saying, running his hand up Jessica’s. He held his other hand out and it took Jessica a moment to realize he wanted the overalls that she still clutched against her. She handed them to Scott and the looked around at the men. Riley was starting to undo his pants, Angus had gotten to his knees and crawled toward her also.

Jessica wondered belatedly, as she felt anticipation growing, if scientifically there was a such a thing as sexual waves. Radio waves, brain waves, there had to be sexual waves because she felt them rolling off the men and engulfing her. Scott pulled her against him, Josh took her ankles and gently pulled her legs apart. Jessica sighed when Angus took her breast in his mouth and Riley knelt beside Josh, taking over her left leg from Josh, and running his hand up it, ending with his fingers joining Josh’s to stroke her pussy meat and alternate dipping into her hole.

Jessica sighed, leaned her head back against Scott’s hard chest and watched his lips as he lowered his head towards hers. And suddenly she had a flash memory of Jim, sitting on the sofa, unable to join them earlier. The look on his face, his painful attempts to get his cock out so he could at least self-satisfy himself … and the way he looked at the end, when he hadn’t had intercourse with her. He was supposed to be first this time.

“Stop.” She managed to say even as Riley and Josh’s fingers worked their magic and pleasure mounted. “Stop!” she said louder when no one had heard her the first time. Scott was about to cover her mouth with his. “Stop please!” she repeated, and tried to push Scott’s face away, close her legs and sit up. But it didn’t work. It was like trying to move mountains. “Scott, please!” she said, catching his eye and holding it. “Jim. Jim is supposed to be here, and he’s supposed to be first. We can’t do this without him!”

But Scott just stared at her, lust clouding his eyes. He tried to kiss her again. She dodged his kiss and tried instead to plant her hands on Angus’ shoulders and push him off of her tit. But her efforts were futile. Desperation poured over her. They weren’t going to stop and Jim was going to be left out. Without thinking Jessica threw her head back and yelled, “Stop!” as loud as she could. Four sets of eyes looked at her, but their hands didn’t stop administering their pleasure and Jessica was about to reach orgasm. It had to stop. She couldn’t do it without Jim being included. With as much strength as she could muster she pushed back on Scott. Scott let her, suddenly realizing that she wanted something. Maybe a different position?

When Scott leaned back, Angus let Jessica push him from her tit.

“Hurry up,” he panted, “give me your other tit!”

Jessica sat up, and pushed Riley and Josh’s hands away and curled her legs up to her chest at least temporarily cutting off access to all her holes and her breasts. She was panting with the effort.

“No!” Jessica said when Riley reached for her knee.

“Jessica!” Riley said, desperate to get back to his probing. He’d been close to replacing his and Josh’s fingers with his mouth and he was literally drooling at the prospect.

“Jimmy.” Jessica said in a strangled voice. In truth she wanted the release just as badly as Riley wanted to give it. “We made an oath!” she added when Josh, Scott and Angus reached for her again. “He’s supposed to be first this time!”

Jessica’s words finally sank in, but Jessica’s obvious desire made her desperation to stop difficult to discern.

“You want us to finish.” Angus said looking her over and confirming for himself that everything about her face, her smell, even her body language despite the ball she’d pulled herself into, said that she wanted them to continue.

“Yes.” Jessica said, “but not right now!” she added quickly when the men reached for her at the same time. “Remember Jim, and our oath. We can’t do this without Jim!”

“Right.” Riley said getting to his feet, and finding his pants. “I’m going to tell Corey to hit the road and come back tomorrow.”

“No. No, Riley, that’s not nice.” Jessica said watching Riley fumble with his pants, trying to straighten them.

Riley froze with his foot part way through the pant leg. “Not nice?”

“No. Corey’s been here for hours, doing us a favor. We can’t just kick him out. We should be offering him dinner and beer.”

“You’re serious!” Angus said in disbelief.

Jessica nodded.

The men looked so pained by the idea that Jessica had to laugh.

“It’s not like we won’t have sex later. Lots of sex later. Look,” she added when the men didn’t look placated by her statement. “Corey is your friend and he’s only here for a little while. You should spend some time with him.”

“Jess, I don’t want to spend time with Corey.” Riley said. “I want to spend time with you. Every part of you. And I want to get rid of this.” He pointed to his erect cock.

“I guess we could self-service.” Josh said beginning to realize that Jessica was right.

“No. I want to get rid of this into you. Not some Kleenex or thin air. You.” Riley said.

“Well.” Jessica said thinking hard, trying to find a way to make it work out for everyone. “I could have sex with each of you, individually. I guess technically that would be sticking to the oath.”

“Holy shit. You really are into fairness.” Riley said.


“Don’t be sorry Jess.” Riley said pulling his pants on, resigning himself to the fact that he would be relying on his hands for satisfaction. “You’re right. We have to keep the oath in mind, be fair to Jim, and be nicer to Corey.”

“I kind of like the individual sex idea.” Scott said.

“Okay. Who’s first?” Jessica asked, looking around at the men, eager to please.

“You’re killing me here.” Angus said suddenly feeling guilty. Jim was right, she was going to wear herself out trying to make things right with them and keep things even.

“Shit.” Scott mumbled, coming to the same conclusion.

Josh nodded to himself, and got up to find his pants.

Jessica took one look at their faces and hung her head. “I can’t think of another way.” She said. “Sorry.”

“No Jess. You’re right.” Scott said lifting her face by her chin. “You’re right about everything except the idea of taking care of each of us individually. It’s not your job to make sure we all come out even. So we’ll self-service and wait for later to be with you all together. It’s the right thing to do.”


“You look unhappy.” Angus said.

“I feel like I’ve let you down.”

“You haven’t.” Josh said. “But you did make it obvious that we’re not as honorable as you are …”

“Honorable?” Jessica asked in a tone that made it clear that she felt anything but honorable.

“Out of the six of us, you’re the only one who actually remembered our oath and stuck to it.” Riley said.

“And we only made it last night fuck.” Angus added, disgusted with himself. “How pathetic is that?”

“This is our problem Jess, not yours.” Scott said when Jessica looked worried.

“That’s right.” Josh said, now fully dressed and squatting in front of her. “Let’s get you dressed.”

Just then Jessica’s stomach growled. Loud.

“Nothing like starving you too.” Angus mumbled, feeling like shit.

“And we’ll get you some dinner.” Josh added.

“I need to take a shower first.” Jessica said, standing and moving to Josh.

Despite feeling guilty, Riley and Angus rolled their eyes at one another.

Jessica saw them. “No, really I do!” she insisted. And then she realized how ironic it was. “Don’t you find it funny that when I tried to stay dirty so you’d stay away from me, you two,” she nodded at Riley and Angus, “were the most outraged by it?” She remembered the violence that they’d unleashed on her at the time. All of them had, but Angus had been the most incensed out of them, Riley a close second. “And now that I want to be clean for you, you don’t like it?”

Angus flinched.

“No. That’s not funny. Not at all.” Riley said slowly realizing the implications of her words. They’d punished her for not cleaning herself, and then they “punished” her for wanting to clean herself. Suddenly he felt sick and by the expression on Angus’ face, Riley could tell that he felt the same.

“I’m so sorry.” Angus said slowly sinking to his knees in front of her.

“No!” Jessica said looking from Angus’ bent head to Riley’s tortured expression. “I didn’t mean it like that.” She said, and then noticed that Josh and Scott looked equally upset. They had done their share of punishing her at the time. Not nearly as brutal as Angus, but they had participated. “It was just an observation.”

“It bothers you though.” Riley said.

“I feel gross when I’m dirty. I just don’t want to gross you out. If you really like me like that, then I guess it’s okay …”
“That’s not what I mean.” Riley replied. “It bothers you that we were so … awful to you then. And now, we’re forcing you to be dirty when you want to be clean.”

“I actually just thought about the irony of the whole thing now.” Jessica said. “Honestly!” When Angus flashed his eyes up at her. “I’ve gotten past it, past the past … remember? I just found it … odd. That you felt one way back then, and now you feel another.”

“Back then …” Scott started his voice coming out strangled. He cleared his throat. “Back then, we didn’t feel about you like we do now. Back then it was a power struggle. Now it’s … lust.” His voice faded. It was more than lust really. It still had to do with power … if he was honest with himself he knew that when he dominated Jessica, just like he was sure was the case for Riley and Angus, it wasn’t a power struggle but a power trip.

“I know.” Jessica said. “That’s why I don’t mind.”

“You’re going to mind though.” Josh said. “Especially when Corey goes home, and we’re alone, all together, and we begin to have sex and we tell you that you’re our slave. We’ve decided that Jessica. That you do way too much work, trying to make everything even for us. We’ve decided that when it comes to sex, we’re your masters and you’re our slave. You will have to obey us, you won’t have a say, your will will be taken away. Can you live with that?”

Jessica stared at Josh. At first she thought he was joking but the silence that followed and the expressions on the men’s faces made it clear that he’d been serious.

“Jessica?” Scott asked. He couldn’t read her expression and the suspense was killing him.

Jessica opened her mouth, but then shut it again obviously at a loss for words.

“That would be during sex only.” Scott said. “Otherwise you are our wife, as equal as we can make you. Just like the oath says. But during sex … we need to be your masters. Do you understand that?”

Jessica felt her heart pounding in her chest. For a moment there, for a very brief moment, she thought she’d lost the privileges that she’d just gained. But her mind latched on to Scott’s words. During sex. Yes, she could be their slave during sex. In fact, she enjoyed it … as the tingle in her private parts demonstrated. Just remembering being dominated by Angus, Riley and Scott made her horny.

Her worry had been for the rest of the time, during their non-sex life, but she realized that if they’d planned on dominating her in regular life, they wouldn’t be out here right now. Naked, and talking. If the men had no intention of honoring her wishes, they would have ignored her request to wait to have sex until Corey left, and when Jim could join them.

“Jessica …” Riley said.

“During sex only?” Jessica asked.

“Yes.” Riley said.

“Will you … hurt me?”

“Not like we did back then … but to get you off, yes.” Scott said.

“Jessica, I’m never going to hit you again.” Angus said, grasping her hand and dropping his forehead against her bare stomach. He kissed it and then looked up at Jessica. “If I hurt you it will only be like the car … like I did in the car. But you enjoyed that, right?”

“Yes, I did.” Jessica said running her fingers through his hair, and kissing his forehead. “Okay.” She said looking around at Riley, Scott and Josh, “I don’t mind being your slave when we have sex.”

“And if something bothers you, you can tell us to stop.” Riley said. “Like you did just now.”

“And hopefully I’ll be able to stop.” Angus said, “I can’t promise that I will always be able to. “I don’t want to promise something I can’t actually do.” He added. “Can you live with that?”

“Yes.” Jessica said. “I only want you to stop when the oath is being broken anyway.”

“Angus!” Jim’s voice yelled from the doorway. Jessica doubled over, suddenly afraid that Corey was coming out after all.

“Coming!” Angus yelled back.

“You go, we’ll get Jessica dressed.” Scott said, “Before Corey comes out here.”

Angus nodded, kissed Jessica on the lips and struggled to get his clothes on. Within minutes, he was walking back to the house while zipping up his pants.

“Here are your shirt and bra.” Scott said, passing them to Jessica.

“Pants and undies.” Riley added, handing them to her also.

“Thanks.” Jessica said.

Josh held Jessica by her elbow, helping her balance while she pushed her foot into a pant leg. And then tugged Jessica’s shirt down straight once she’d pulled it on.

Jessica leaned over and pecked him on the lips by way of thanks.

“You’re sure you’re okay?” Riley asked, cupping her cheek with his hand.

“Yes, are you?”

“I think so. But it’s going to be hard to have enough patience to wait for Corey to leave without kicking him out.”

“I have faith in you.” Jessica said.

“I’m glad one of us does.” Riley said, but then winked. Jessica slid her hand into his.

“Let’s do it.” Josh said and took her other hand.

Scott nodded and led the way to the house.

An hour and a half later Corey was reaching for the doorknob of the front door.

“Thanks again.” Scott said.

“No prob.” Corey said and turned back to Scott. “And a word of warning. Paul was not pleased about the week you’re taking off. You may want to smooth things over a little.”

“We’re taking two weeks, not one.” Riley said, “And I’ll smooth things over with him after our vacation … “ but then he paused, “unless you think there’s going to be a problem.”

“Paul is Paul.” Corey said. “I’m sure he’ll suck it up but I’d be careful. He’s still pissed about you guys splintering off. I’ll try to smooth things over a little for you.”

“Thanks man,” Riley said stepping forward to shake Corey’s hand.

“See you Jessica.” Corey said.

“Bye, and thanks.”

No sooner had the door closed then Riley spun around, his eyes falling on Jessica.

“Take your clothes off.” He commanded. Jessica looked startled. And so did Jim.

“Riley …” Jim began.

“Jim, you have no idea what we’ve been going through, waiting for Corey to leave … we have unfinished business with Jessica and now that Corey’s gone and you’re here, we can finish it. So, Jessica, take off your clothes. Now.”

Jessica looked around at the men and then remembered what they’d said about her role during sex. Pleasure shot through her.

“She’s sore from the gangbang earlier this afternoon and she just had a tattoo done, without anesthetic I might add,” Jim said casting an impressed glance at Jessica. Despite arguments from all of the men, including Corey, Jessica had said she wanted the tattoo to mean more and refused the topical anesthetic. She’d barely made a sound while Corey had worked on her tattoo and Jessica had blushed with pride when the men had praised how tough she was. “I hardly think this is the time …” Jim said but paused when Jessica began undoing her pants.

“Yes master.” Jessica said.

“You told her?” Jim asked. “About the slave/master thing?”

“Yup and she’s good with it.” Scott said nodding toward Jessica who now stood completely naked before them.

“That’s great.” Jim said, breathless as his cock strained against his pants.

“Yes it is.” Riley agreed, moving toward Jessica. “And Jim since you didn’t get your full turn earlier, you can start this evening off.” Jessica’s nipples stood fully erect and Riley couldn’t help but pull on them.

“I’ve never done the master thing.” Jim said.

“It’s easy.” Angus said kicking his pants off. “Tell her what you want her to do.”

“And if she doesn’t do it real fast, and exactly like you want it … there are consequences.” Scott added.

“Consequences?” Josh and Jim asked at the same time.

“Oh yeah. There are consequences for everything.” Scott said. “If she doesn’t obey. Like when you tell her to orgasm or not to orgasm. She’s already experienced the pain and pleasure of hot water on her pussy. And there are many, many other consequences.”

Jessica shivered with anticipation and then she came.

“Like that for instance.” Angus said so turned on by the look on her face, by her smell. “We never told you to cum Jessica. There will be a consequence for that … “ he added, running his eyes up and down her body, and his hand over his mouth. God, he couldn’t wait.

“But first, tell her what you want her to do for you Jim.” Josh said.

Jessica was moaning as Riley pulled harder on her nipples. He was eyeing her pussy and Jim knew that if he didn’t speak now he’d probably lose his chance.

“Straddle me Jessica.” He gasped. “Hurry!”

“Yes master.” Jessica said and went over to him. She undid his pants and his cock seemed to jump out of them. Parting her legs she moved onto Jim’s lap, and then slid onto his cock.

“Oh God.” Jim moaned in a strangled voice. Jessica pulsated on him, and he brought his lips to hers. When Jim came, Riley moved to Jessica, who still straddled Jim, and pulled her nipple again.

“So Scott, what was that you were saying about hot water?”

Scott chuckled while he moved to her other breast.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll show you.”

“Can you make it to the bathroom?” Scott asked Jim. “Good.” He said when Jim nodded. He took Jessica by her arm and reached down for her leg. “Pick her up with me.” He told Riley, who took her other arm and leg and they lifted her, and carried her down the hall to the bathroom, the others following.

“One of you get in the tub.” Scott said to Angus, Jim and Josh.

Angus moved to the tub.

“She’ll go between your legs.” Scott said as he led Riley over to the tub and they lowered her between Angus’ legs. “Hold her legs open.” He told Angus and Angus hooked his hands behind her knees, pulling her open.

“Now,” Scott said, turning the water on, “these are the rules.”

Jessica smiled while she lay on her back, looking up at the underside of her car. She couldn’t remember ever being this happy.

A week had gone by since she had taken the oath with the men, and Corey had tattooed them.

And it had a been a great week. They had had so much sex that Jessica felt so relaxed, it took all her effort to move.

They had not yet gone to play pool. Jimmy hadn’t been up to it. But they had begun working out together. Jim just watched mostly, but Jessica ran with the men, worked out with the men, and Riley had begun teaching her some more advanced fighting techniques. Well, their work outs almost always deteriorated into animalistic sex, but at least they tried.

She had been doing target practice with them too. The men had actually gone so far as to bring the guns and ammunition back into the house and while Jessica had always been great with a rifle, she was beginning to learn how to use handguns. In fact, Jim had bought her a gun belt, just like the cowboys used to wear. With two gun holders since Jessica insisted on learning to shoot accurately with both hands. Her left hand had some serious work to do … but she loved the challenge.

And, since Jim still wasn’t one hundred percent, Riley and Angus hadn’t seen her race yet. Sean and Corey had volunteered to take Ebony to the breeding appointment, so Ebony wasn’t due back for another couple of days. There were still so many things to look forward to. And now she had a little time to herself to work on the car. Progress had been slow to non-existent when Angus was around. She couldn’t believe how insatiable the men were … how insatiable she was. It was a wonder to her that any chores had been accomplished in the past seven days. They had taken to using the usual one on one schedule to determine who Jessica spent time with during the day and the nights were being spent together. This was her day with Scott and after helping him clean the barn and feed the horses, Scott asked her what she wanted to do. When her gaze had strayed to the garage, Scott had chuckled and told her to go ahead. This was the life. Absolutely, the best.


Angus stomped into the house. He’d been into town to pick-up another apparatus for their sexual exploits. He carried the large box under his arm and held it up when Riley, Scott, Josh and Jim looked up at him.

“Another fuck machine.” He said, “Now she can get it in the pussy, the ass, and the mouth at the same time.”

“Excellent!” Scott said and the others nodded in approval.

“Don’t you guys think we should back off a little?” Jim asked.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Angus demanded.

“You guys can’t honestly expect to maintain this level of sex with Jessica for much longer.” Jim said. “She’s going to start to resent it.”

“I think she’s enjoying it just fine.” Riley said.

“Besides, she’d tell us if it was getting too much.” Josh said. “That’s part of the oath.”

“Right.” Jim agreed. “I forgot about that.”

“Damn it.” Riley said, pulling the cell phone from his pocket. The vibrations making the same buzzing noise that the vibrators they used on Jessica made. The similarity made Riley’s cock start to awaken.

“Paul again?” Angus asked as Riley looked at the call display and then tossed the phone onto the coffee table.

“Fuck yes.” Riley said.

“I thought you told him we’d be off for two weeks.” Josh said.

“I did. And I told him that we’d only do info gathering jobs from now on. I think that pissed him off.”

“We have to figure out how to get out of this.” Jim said. “Permanently. I don’t think Paul is going to let us just do just surveillance.”

“If I can work up the nerve I’ll ask Corey or Sean about that.” Scott said. “I’m really not sure how they’d react but they might know how we can get out of the clan.”

“We don’t need to worry about that right now, do we?” Angus asked, examining the long dildo that he pulled out of the box. “Once I get this set up, there are some better things that I can think of doing … “

“You’re serious about that aren’t you?” Riley asked, leaning forward to look into the box at the engine that would be used to power the fucking machine while it banged the hell out of Jessica’s mouth.

“It’s a consequence. We told her several times that she was to do nothing, just let us pleasure her … follow our commands. But she tried to suck each one of us off several times this week, without us telling her to. Not that I don’t want her to suck me off … but we agreed, right? She works too hard, left on her own.” Angus said.

“We agreed.” Jim said. “I don’t think she trusts us to be as fair to each other as she would be. I really can’t believe that she’s misbeh … not listened.”

“Misbehaved is what you were going to say.” Scott said, “And that’s what it was. To be fair to Angus he told her several times over the better part of the week that if she kept doing that she’d be hooked up to all three fuck machines for the night. Either she didn’t believe him, or she really wants to be pounded in her mouth, pussy and ass for hours on end.”

“I’m pretty sure she didn’t believe you.” Josh said watching as the machine came together.

“You realize we’ll have to put plastic under her or she’s going to flood the floor.” Scott said.

“And when are we going to get turns?” Riley asked. “Not that watching her get fucked over and over by machines … and all that twitching she’ll do once she’s cum, won’t turn me on, but I’ll want some of the action.”

“Oh don’t worry you will get it. We all will. I figure we can use other toys on her, the ropes. We’ll make it an S&M night … but whenever there’s a break, she’ll be on the machines.” Angus said.

“God that sounds good.” Scott said growling in anticipation.

“Speaking of which,” Angus said, “where is she?” He looked toward the hallway, thinking she may be in the bathroom.

“She’s working on her car.” Scott said picking up the user manual for the fuck machine and beginning to read.

“She’s what?” Angus demanded.

“Working on the car.”

“But it’s your day with her. She should be with you.”
“She was. We cleaned the barn, fed the horses. Then I asked her what she wanted to do. She wanted to work on the car. So that’s what she’s doing.”

“What the hell?” Angus demanded .

“Is there something wrong with that?” Scott asked surprised by the unhappy look on his face.

“Set up the machines will you.” Angus said, and turning he stalked out the door.
He stood looking down at Jessica’s legs sticking out from under the car. She was wearing her overalls, which made him happy, and she was humming … which also made him happy. He just couldn’t understand why she was out here by herself working on the car. They were supposed to do it together. And besides, part of being fair was that she spent her days with the man she was supposed to be with that day. Not doing something else. He’d planned to just wait until she came out from under the car but after two or three minutes he lost patience.

“Jessica,” he said.

Jessica’s legs jerked followed by a bang. “Ouch …” Jessica muttered.

“Did you bang your head?” Angus demanded, squatting down.

“Yeah.” Jessica said, crawling out from under the car, rubbing her head.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Angus said, planting a kiss on the spot that she’d been rubbing. “You are a mess.” He commented, looking at her grease covered face. She was a mess, and she was happy. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah, there was a bit of a leak …” she said, “I don’t know how pink these overalls are going to stay …” she said with a laugh as she used her collar to wipe her face.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked.

“Um … working on the car?” Jessica said, spreading her hands to indicate the obvious evidence. The tool box, the tools, her overalls, her car, her dirty face. She looked at Angus like it was him who’d bumped his head rather than her.

“Thanks Jess. I gathered that. But today you’re supposed to be with Scott. You and I work on the car when we’re together.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jessica said but something in her tone and her look told Angus that she didn’t really know.

“So, you should be with Scott right now, and working with me on the car another time.”

“Yes. But Scott didn’t seem to mind if I worked on the car today.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad you love to work on the car Jess, but you and I both know that it’s not fair to Scott when you do that.”

Jessica stared at Angus for a minute and then she looked down at the tool she was holding in her hands.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll apologize to Scott.”

“But I still don’t understand.” Angus said. “Why are you out here on your own, working on the car? We work on it every chance we get when we’re together.” Something felt off about this and when Jessica flicked her eyes up to his and then back to her hands, he knew that he was on to something.

“Jessica …”

“Well, it’s just that, when we come out here to work on the car, we don’t really work on the car. We end up having sex.”

Angus gaped at her. Goddamnit Jim had been right again. Suddenly he felt angry. Jessica had not told him the truth. And despite the oath he couldn’t help but feel like she may have confided in Jim but not him.

“Not that I don’t love having sex with you!” Jessica said when it became obvious that Angus was upset.

“But not when we’re working on the car.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Most of the time I do. It just seems that all we do is have sex and never actually get to work on the car.”

“Really.” Angus said in a tone that implied his feelings were hurt. And they were. His heart dropped. Jessica had a resentment that she didn’t tell him about. That hurt twice as much.

Jessica brought her hand to his cheek and realized too late that it was covered in grease.

“Sorry …” she said pulling her hand back but Angus caught it and put it back on his cheek.

“Angus, it’s not just when I’m with you. The others are like that too. I think we just have too much fun having sex that we don’t fit anything else in.”

For a moment Angus looked relieved. It wasn’t just him, she felt the same about all of them. And then he realized that Jessica had transgressed the oath completely. He opened his mouth to tell her so but then realized that since it wasn’t just about him, that conversation would have to include the men. Shutting his mouth, he fixed his eyes on Jessica in a way that made her realize that she’d done something wrong.

“Get up Jessica.” Angus said. When Jessica blinked at him, he pulled her to her feet. “Get in the house.”

“Angus …”

“Now Jessica. Get in the house, now.”

Jessica took a quick look at her tool box, really wanting to put it away before leaving, but Angus let loose an impatient growl.

Jessica jumped a little and then scurried toward the house.

She walked through the door, Angus right behind her, and stopped.

The men had brought the bench press up from the basement. They had it in the middle of the living room, right in front of the sofa. They had position the fuck machines around it. One in the front, two behind, and Josh was in the process of lining the rear ones up. The men stopped and looked up at Jessica, and then at Angus.

Jessica stared at the men, and at the machines. She felt her heart pounding, pleasure beginning to spread from between her legs. Angus had meant it. He’d said it over and over, and Jessica had tried to explain why she couldn’t help herself. But now they really intended to dole out the consequences. She had no idea where the third machine had come from but she’d already experience the other two for short periods of time. And they’d been intense. Really intense. She wasn’t sure how she’d handle a whole night with them. Suddenly she realized why the men were being so quiet. They were waiting. They’d told her that they expected her to undress without being told, and to get on all fours. If she didn’t. If they had to remind her, they’d keep her on the machines for the whole following day. That, she was certain, she’d have a hard time handling. Afraid that the men would run out of patience and she’d run out of time, Jessica reached for her zipper.

Angus couldn’t figure out what Jessica was doing when she began unzipping her overalls but when she looked at the machines in a nervous way, he clued in. “No Jessica,” he said.

“No?” Jessica asked in disbelief, looking at the machines again.

“Yes … I mean, no, not now. Soon, but not right now.” Angus said going to her and taking her hand from her zipper. “We have something to talk about first.”

“We do?” Scott asked obviously disappointed by the change in plans. He and the others, had been watching Jessica in great anticipation. There was something so appealing about watching those machines ram into her, and watching her take them. The expressions on her face. The change in plans was almost painful.

“Yes. We need to talk about how Jessica is keeping a resentment from us.”

“She is?” the men asked in unison.

“I am?’ Jessica squeaked, completely taken by surprise.

“Why don’t you tell them what you just told me.”

“Oh.” Jessica said cluing in. “But Angus, I don’t resent that.”

“The hell you don’t.” Angus said so sharply that Jessica pouted.

“Why don’t you just tell us what you told Angus.” Jim said.

“Well, Angus was asking why I was working on the car when I should have been with Scott. And that we work on the car together, when he and I are together. And I … I mentioned that we actually have a lot of sex when he and I are together. And don’t really work on the car much.”

“Keep going.” Angus encouraged.

“There’s more?” Jessica asked.

“About the others.” Angus replied.

Jessica shrugged. “And I said it was the same with all of you.”

“Jesus Jess.” Josh said, “That’s exactly the kind of thing you have to tell us.”

“Jessica, why didn’t you tell us?” Jim asked.

“So, you didn’t already know about this?” Angus asked Jim.

“No! I’m finding out right now, just like you guys.” Jim said, annoyance obvious in his voice.

“Good.” Angus said, “Just making sure.”

“What the fuck? I swore an oath. You really think I’d screw it up already?” Jim demanded.

“No, I just thought that maybe you were waiting for Jessica to tell us herself. Which wouldn’t really be breaking the oath, but I would have preferred hearing it earlier from you than way later from her.”

“Why didn’t you tell us Jess?” Riley asked.

“I really don’t resent it.” Jessica said. “Honestly. I enjoy having sex with you.”

“But there are times you’d rather do something else. You have to tell us that or you will resent it.” Riley said.

Jessica was shaking her head. “Honestly Riley, I don’t resent it. Sure I’d like to do some other things but when we have sex, I don’t mind putting them off.”

“Maybe we should put some rules in place.” Jim said.

“Rules like what?” Scott asked.

“Like no sex during the day … only at night. Or something that would put some boundaries on it.”

Jessica shook her head again. “I don’t like rules Jimmy.”

“You don’t say.” Angus muttered and Jessica looked hurt again. “I didn’t mean it in a bad way Jess. Sorry.”

“Jess. There are five of us going at you all the time. Any time. All the time. You’re going to get tired of that soon. You need a way to stop the sex when you want to do something else.” Jim said.

Jessica tried to find an argument against that but when she really thought about it she realized that Jim was right.

“How are we going to do that?” Josh asked.

“Well.” Jim said. “When Jess wants to do things other than sex, she’s trying to do friend stuff with us. She and I have friend time … she should have that with all of us. How about when we go to do something … Jessica says if it’s friend time or sex time?”

“That might work.” Angus said. “What do you think Jess?”

“Okay.” Jessica agreed.

“Great.” Angus said, feeling better. And he could tell the other men felt good about it too. But their eyes kept straying to the machines. And then Angus realized that if Jessica called this as friend time they’d all be up boner creek, the only chance of release being at their own hands. “Um, Jess, this isn’t going to be a friend time is it?” he asked.
Jessica looked around at the expressions on the men’s faces and laughed. “You all look like you’re sucking on lemons.”

“Not funny Jess.” Scott said, “I’m going to get blue balls if you call this friend time.”

“Okay, okay, don’t worry this is definitely sex time.”

“In that case.” Angus said bringing his hand to her breast. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up … get the grease off your face. But when you’re done. Don’t bother getting any clothes on. Come out here, and get on the bench.” He said tilting his head toward the bench press. “You make sure you part your pussy lips and then back yourself up onto the two dildos with your ass and your pussy and then open your mouth wide for the third one. We’re not going to tie you on … at least not for the first little while. It’ll be up to you to stay still, no matter what … with consequences if you don’t. Got it?”

Jessica nodded.

“Then go. And don’t take too long or we’ll have to come and get you. The fuck machines will be the least of your worries then.” Angus added with a deep sultry growl.

Jessica jogged down the hallway.

“We’re not going to really keep her on those things for the whole night are we?” Jim asked, nodding at the machines.

“Nah.” Angus said. “Just for a bit. Quite frankly I’d rather be pounding into her then have some piece of machine do it.”

“Amen.” Riley said.

“I guess we better get naked.” Scott said.

“Should we feel the least bit weird about this?” Angus asked when they were all standing around, fully erect.

“Do you feel weird about it?” Josh asked.

“Oddly, no.”

“Good.” Riley said. “Hey do you have lube for those things?” he asked pointing at the fuck machines.

“Yeah, right here.” Scott said.

“Get it ready then. I just heard the shower turn off.”

And a few minutes later Jessica came into the living room. Fully naked. She walked to bench and kneeled on it. She grunted a little when Scott inserted the dildos into her pussy and rectum. Jim still sat on the sofa watching, and when Jessica opened her mouth for the last dildo, he came.

The other men held on for a few minutes longer, but once the machines were on and pumped into Jessica so deep and hard that she moaned and gasped at the same time, they erupted also.


Josh blinked awake. They were still on the floor where they’d finally passed out at the end of the night.

Jessica had her back pressed up against him, and her forehead pressed against Riley, who slept on her other side. Someone had thrown a blanket over them, which he appreciated. He looked over at the window, light was streaming in. And then he noticed the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs wafting from the kitchen. Life was great. And it was going to get better for Jessica. The men had decided that they’d take her to play pool in the afternoon. Daytime being a preferred beginning point for Riley and Angus. They had already decided that they would make sure that where ever they went, they would introduce Jessica as the wife of one of them. The wife of whoever’s stomping ground they were going to. In this case, Scott’s. And to help with the story, their wedding rings were back from sizing. Josh had just picked them up the other day. Jessica had spent a lot of time holding her hand in front of her, staring at the wedding band. The men had decided to customize the wedding ring and Josh had designed the setting to resemble their tattoo. Unable to represent the dogs, books, horses, cars, music in the setting itself, they’d had them engraved on the band. On the setting itself sat a red ruby encircled by five emerald green garnets. The ruby symbolizing Jessica as the heart, the five emeralds, in Jessica’s favorite color, representing the men.

“Morning,” Scott said, standing over Josh with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. He held the cup out to him.

“Morning, thanks.” He said sitting up, adjusting the blanket over Jessica and taking the coffee.

“Breakfast is almost ready.” Scott said before dropping to his knees and kissing the side of Jessica’s head. “Jessica …” he said quietly into her ear, “time to get up baby.”

Jessica moaned and pressed her face into Riley’s chest.

“It’s late,” Scott continued, “almost ten o’clock. We have a work out to do before we go to play pool …”

It took a few seconds before Jessica looked up at Scott.
“That’s today?” she asked and squealed when Scott nodded.

“Oh Christ, what the hell is that noise?” Riley asked still half asleep.

“We’ll go this afternoon after we’ve worked out, done some target and combat practice …”

Jessica squealed again and this time Riley clamped his hand on her mouth.

“Too high pitched for this time of the day.” Riley said.

“Sorry.” Jessica mumbled under his hand.

Riley moved his hand and kissed her, “Morning babe.” he muttered before stretching awake.

Jessica looked up at Scott, who was still kneeling at her head, and giggled, “Good morning, you look funny upside down.”

“Right back at you.” Scott said kissing her nose.

“How do you feel?” Jim asked from the sofa. He got up and limped over to where the men were standing.

Jessica paused to consider her body. It felt blissfully tired.

“Great.” Jessica said, “Very relaxed.”

“You should get cleaned up. Do you want to soak in the tub?” Jim asked.

“Is there time?” Jessica asked looking around at the men.

“We’ll make time.” Scott said. “You deserve it.”

“So, today is my day with Jessica.” Jim said. “I’d like to call tonight a friend night and take Jessica out. That alright with you guys?”

There was a moment of silence. Jessica looked so excited that even if they’d wanted to argue, the men felt compelled not to.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Scott said, “I’ll do the same on my next day with Jess.” He looked at Angus and Riley who seemed the most hesitant. “Think about what you can get out of it.”

Angus and Riley looked back at him with blank expressions.

“We can go on real dates!” Jessica said with excitement. She sat up, barely noticing that the blanket fell, exposing her breasts. She put a hand on Riley’s cheek. “We can go out for dinner, to movies … dog shows! Race tracks!” She added with enthusiasm, looking up at Angus.

“You really want to go to dog shows and race tracks?” Riley asked.

“Yup!” Jessica said bouncing with enthusiasm, her jiggling breast momentarily distracting the men.

“We better get moving.” Scott said, shaking his head, “Or we’ll be fucking around all day. Here’s your housecoat.” Scott said holding the silk wrap that he’d bought Jessica out to her. “Let’s eat, and while you’re washing up we can get the chores done. Then if you’re up to it, we can work out before heading to the pool hall.”

“Jess, I think you better declare this friend time.” Jim added watching the expression on the men’s faces, “or we’ll never get anywhere.”

“Okay.” Jessica said, standing, “I’d like today to be friend time.”

“You couldn’t have said that before you stood up completely naked?” Angus grumbled.

Jessica looked down at herself, at the men staring at her private areas, and grabbed the housecoat from Scott.

“Sorry.” She said, wrapping the housecoat around herself.

“So it’s friend time all day?” Riley asked disappointment evident in his tone.

“Guys, we had hours of sex. There’s no reason why you can’t keep it in your pants for one fucking day.” Jim said.

“Come have breakfast Jess.” Scott said, taking her by the elbow and steering her to the kitchen. “The sooner we get out and do stuff, the easier it will be. And I suggest that you wear something baggy today. Really baggy.”

Half an hour later Angus, Riley, Scott and Josh had eaten quickly and disappeared outside. Jessica and Jim finished more slowly, and cleaned up the kitchen and not long after Jessica was running a bath when Jim came in to use the toilet. Jessica was just about to pour bubble bath in to the tub when she realized that Jim would benefit from soaking in the bath as well. He wasn’t so crazy about bubble bath.

“Do you want to join me?” Jessica asked as he dried his hands.

Jim eyed the tub. A soak in hot water was more than enticing.
“Don’t you want to bath alone?”

“Not right now.”

Jim looked at the bathroom door.

“I don’t think the guys would appreciate that too much.”

“Well, it is our day together. And it’s friend time.”

“They’d never believe that we just had friend time.” Jim said.

“We could leave the door open. If they finish chores early they’d see that we’re not doing anything.”

“And so you’d have a friend bath with one of the other guys?” Jim asked. “I didn’t think so.” Jim said when Jessica didn’t answer right away.

“Well, I would. But I’m not sure they could have a friend bath.”

Jim nodded. He looked at the door again.

“What the hell.” He said going to the bathroom door and opening it. “That’s what the oath is for right? Working through things like this?”

Jessica put the bubble bath away without adding any to the water and climbed in. Jim undressed, leaving the bandages around his chest on, and climbed in sitting at the opposite end of the tub.

They arranged their legs so that they could both slide down into the water.

Closing their eyes they relaxed.

Riley, Scott, Josh and Angus had decided to get the chores done as fast as they could and try to convince Jessica to pause friend time long enough to fuck before going to the pool hall. They’d worked like demons and now stalked back into the house all sweaty and filthy. They moved to the bathroom with the intention of cleaning up fast and finding Jessica. They got to the bathroom door just in time to see Jim and Jessica sitting across from each other, water filling the tub.

They froze. Riley raised his hand when Angus moved to go around him.

“Friendship time my ass!” Angus grumbled.

“They’re not doing anything.” Josh pointed out.

“Yet.” Angus growled.

“Jessica showers and baths alone.” Riley added, “Remember?”

“It’s friend time.” Josh tried again. Which earned him glares from the other men.

“They did leave the door open.” Scott said.

“There’s plenty in the tub that we can’t see Scott.” Angus said, “He could be getting her off with his big toe. An open door isn’t going to show that.”

“Look. They don’t know we’re here. The water must be too loud. Why don’t we just watch for a bit. See what they’re really going to do?” Scott asked. “I mean we wanted to observe their friend time anyway.”

“Okay. ” Angus agreed.

“Shhh.” Riley said signaling the men to move away from the doorway when Jim sat up and turned the water off. Riley chanced a look into the bathroom just as Jim settled back against the tub and closed his eyes. Minutes passed with neither Jessica or Jim moving, with their eyes closed it was almost as if they were asleep.

“It’s too quiet in here.” Jim said.

“Yeah. It’s creepy.” Jessica agreed.

“I wish I’d thought of bringing some music in.” Jim said.

“We could make our own music.” Jessica suggested.

“Yeah, yeah. We could play the concert game.”

“Oh yeah. That’d be fun!” Jessica said a huge smile swallowing her face.

“And this time we can sing for real rather than whispering.” Jim added.

“You don’t think the others will think we’re nuts?”

Jim shrugged. “They might. But who cares. They wanted to see what we did when we were alone. We won’t have any real instruments to play and we don’t need to whisper anymore, but it’s close enough to the way we’ve played this game up until now.”

“We could play air instruments. Practice our fingerings, like we usually
do but without the real instruments.” Jessica suggested.

“Good idea. Okay. What’s the size of the audience?”
“Fifty thousand.” Jessica said.

“Fifty? I think I’m getting stage fright.” Jim said and Jessica laughed.

“Which play list?” Jim asked.

“What do you want?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Let’s do the most recent.”

“’K. With the Glee version of Sing, Lady Gaga and Rhianna?”

“Yeah, that one. Pink too.”

“Okay. And remember to keep your eyes shut!” Jim said nudging Jessica with his foot.

“I’m just curious to know how you could be so sure that I’d opened my eyes without opening yours?”

“Okay. I opened them. I could tell you were looking at me … I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s creepy feeling like someone’s watching you when you have your eyes closed. That’s why I opened mine in the first place.”

“Well, you keep your closed and I’ll keep mine closed and then there’s no one to look at you. Deal?”


“What are you wearing?”

“Ah …” Jessica tried to picture what she’d be wearing on the imaginary stage. “Underwear, bra and panties, Lady Gaga style.”

“Not a good idea.” Jim said. “This is supposed to be friend time. Bra and undies isn’t going to keep it that way.”

Jessica giggled.

“It never bothered you before.” She observed.
“Well, sex wasn’t such a big thing between us before. I have a feeling I’ve lost some of my discipline and I’m not really ready to test that theory right now. Especially since the guys can come in any minute and I don’t want to screw things up.”

“Okay you’re right.” She paused for a moment. “Now that you mention it, you’d better have a shirt on and those leather pants you always wear need to be a lot looser around the crotch and butt.”

Jim laughed. “You have a pretty wild imagination.”

“I think that’s the problem. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination now to see the sexy you.” Jessica said.

“Okay, shirt and loose pants. And I think you’d better stick to something a little more Britney style. Just to be safe.”

“Right. Three quarter top, not so tight pants. Does that work? What about instruments?” Jessica asked.

“Do you want to alternate? Drums and guitar?” Jim asked.

“Okay. You start with guitar, I’ll start with drums.” Jessica said. “Close your eyes.” She ordered waiting to see Jim comply before closing hers. “We were just introduced, lights are going up.” Jessica said holding her arms up like she was holding drum sticks in them. And then, as if responding to some silent signal, Jim began pretending to play a guitar and Jessica started drumming. They were both really putting their whole bodies into it, Jim wincing in pain a few times when he moved too much. And then they sang. The men stood, stunned. They were so good.

The first song was so angry and Jessica and Jim looked like they were going to kill someone. They moved back and forth, toward one another and away. They were so convincing that even Riley and Angus, the only two of the four men who could see them from the bathroom doorway, could imagine them on a stage, dressed, singing to the crowd.

When the song ended Jessica and Jim fell back against the tub panting. The men had almost clapped, remembering at the last second that Jim and Jessica didn’t know they were there. Jessica’s breasts heaved, and had bounced while she’d played but oddly neither Riley or Angus became aroused, both too distracted by the singing. Then, without any noticeable communication Jim and Jessica began playing again, this time Jessica had the guitar and Jim had the drums.

Scott nudged Riley’s arm and when Riley looked at him Scott pointed at his own eyes with two fingers and then into the bathroom. Riley nodded, Scott and Josh were tired of not being able to see Jim and Jessica.

Riley put his finger to his lips and then gestured for the men to move forward.

Jim and Jessica’s singing drowned out any noise the men may have made while they quietly made their way to the tub and assembled around it.

For half an hour Jim and Jessica kept their eyes closed and sang, alternating between invisible instruments. Song after song sung with so much emotion that Jessica and Jim were starting to look like they’d run a race. Finally they collapsed against the tub panting and laughing. Jessica opened her eyes and screamed.

Angus dropped to his knees next to the tub and grabbed Jessica’s arm before she slid under the water.

“What the hell?” Jim demanded sitting up and blinking at the men surrounding the tub.

“Sorry!” Josh kept saying, extending his arms out and waving his hands at Jessica, as if signaling down would somehow lower her fear.

“Jesus Jess! We didn’t mean to scare you!” Scott said dropping to his knees next to Angus and taking her hand.

Riley looked between Jessica’s terrified expression and Jim’s angry one and couldn’t think of a single acceptable thing to say.

“How long have you been here?” Jim demanded.

“The whole time.” Riley said. “We were done early. We came in and saw you …”

“You two are great.” Josh said looking between Jessica and Jim.

“We are?” Jessica asked, sitting up.

“Yes.” Angus said and turned his eyes to Jim. “Is that something you and Jessica do a lot? That game?”

Jim nodded.

“I’m sorry …” Angus said, guilt rolling over him. He was so sure that the friendship angle that Jessica and Jim used was bullshit. “I truly believed that you were going to … that your ‘friendship’ was exaggerated.”

“We all thought that.” Riley said when Angus seemed to be severely hard on himself.

“Jim didn’t want to take this bath.” Jessica said when silence had fallen and everyone looked like they were mentally beating themselves up. “He was afraid you’d interpret it as favoritism …”

“Jessica,” Scott interrupted. “I think what we just witnessed goes a long way in explaining what you couldn’t possibly do with all the words and time that you could find.”

Scott, Riley, Angus and Josh nodded their agreement.

“Could we see that again, but not in the tub? With real instruments?” Riley asked.

Jim exhaled, finally finding a way to talk himself out of the anger and betrayal he’d been feeling. What Scott said had made sense. They needed this. To see unguarded moments between him and Jessica. It had made a big difference. He could tell just from the looks on the men’s faces.

“Sure.” Jim said, “If Jessica is up for it. But it would really be better with some additional instruments.”

“There’s no way that Scott and I can keep up with you guys.” Josh said when Jim had looked between them.

“Maybe with Sean and Corey then.” Jim said. “Jamming with them was what Jess wanted as a wedding present.”

“Could we really?” Jessica asked, excited.

“Sure.” Riley said laughing. Jessica’s ability to get excited about everything was contagious.

“Well. The water’s getting cold.” Jim said. “Are we gonna work out before we go?”

“I don’t think there’s time.” Scott replied. “It was almost two when we came in. We’ll just have time to get washed up and we should head to the pool hall or it’ll be heading into peak time when we get there.”

“Right.” Riley said and went to find a couple of towels. He handed one to Jim, and wrapped the other around Jessica’s shoulders when she stood up. He lifted her out of the tub. “Remember, baggy clothes.”

“Okay,” she said with a giggle. After planting a kiss on his lips she scurried after Jim to his room.

An hour later Riley stepped out of the car. He looked at the neon light on the pool hall and took a deep breath. He and Angus looked at one another, and then at Jessica who stood next to them completely giddy with anticipation. They’d taken two cars. Angus, Riley, Scott and Jessica in one, Josh and Jim in the other. Jessica had been so excited on the drive in that the half hour drive had passed quickly. She’d stared out of the car windows, excited by every little bit of scenery. It was enough to make them feel guilty. Almost three years of never leaving their property had obviously deprived Jessica of the kind of stimulation that she loved.

Scott unfolded himself from the car, slammed the door and took Jessica’s hand.

“Are you ready?” Scott asked.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Jessica said, excited.

Jim and Josh had parked next to them.

“Let’s do it.” Jim said.

Jessica giggled with excitement as they walked toward the building. With her free hand she grabbed Riley’s hand and squeezed it … hard. When he looked down at her, she was smiling like crazy.

“If we fuck this up she’s never going to forgive us.” Angus whispered to Riley.

“I’m well, aware of that.” Riley muttered back. “I guess we better not fuck it up.”

Inside the front doors Jessica blinked. There were people, everywhere. Scott had said it was would be a slow time since it was a week day, and mid-afternoon, but to Jessica the thirty or so people scattered around the pool hall was a crowd of gigantic proportions.

There were several pool tables, flashing neon lights, music was blaring. There was a large bar at one end with a whole wall of bottles filled with alcohol and a man and a woman working behind it.

As they paused inside the doors a few patrons looked up at them. To Jessica’s surprise they seemed to do a double take. The males looked cautious, some even looked concerned. The females had an altogether different reaction that Jessica thought only occurred in the movies. They looked the men up and down in a way that gave Jessica the very distinct feeling that at any moment they would eat the men up. Jessica looked the men over. There was no doubt about it, they were hot. The five of them, huge, muscular, incredibly handsome, despite their bruised faces. The reactions of the females nearby was pretty easy to understand but Jessica couldn’t figure out why the males seemed threatened by the men. Jessica had half expected to look up and find the smiles the men had on a few moments before replaced by their usual anti-social scowls but she was surprised to see that they were incredibly relaxed. Excited even. Jessica got the feeling that she wasn’t the only one to consider a night of pool as a treat. It was so nice to see the men look so laid back that Jessica squeezed both Scott and Riley’s hands tighter with excitement. Both winked at her so it was with trepidation that Jessica watched Scott’s expression change from mellow to pissed off. They’d moved further into the pool hall when Scott squinted and mumbled, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” under his breath. Following his gaze Jessica noticed a young red haired woman with a tight shirt, shorts and apron heading straight toward them. She walked with purpose and had a smile frozen on her face, and the closer she got the angrier Scott looked. A few patrons at the pool tables nearby moved to tables further away and it dawned on her that the last minute reminders to Riley and Angus about not going all “caveman”, as Jim called it, around other men, was unnecessary. Angus, Riley, and it appeared Jim, Josh and Scott too, looked hard pressed to get any males to stay within ten feet of them.

Scott wrapped an arm around Jessica’s shoulders and pulled her against him. In a low voice he said, “This woman is bat shit crazy Jess. Don’t take her seriously, k babe?”

Jessica nodded as the woman stopped in front of them. Looking at her, Jessica couldn’t understand why Scott seemed so unhappy to see her. She was very pretty. Jessica loved the way her hair was done, her make-up, her jewelry … she wore long hooped earrings and Jessica could remember having had a few pairs like those herself. She wished she’d asked to get her hair and make-up done before coming the pool hall. She’d forgotten how much she enjoyed getting her hair done with her mom, sharing make-up, jewelry and clothes.

“Scott!” The woman exclaimed. She looked very happy to see Scott, and then when her eyes travelled over the other men she seemed even happier.

“Alice,” Scott said, sounding less than enthused. “Why are you here? I thought you only worked nights.”

She didn’t seem to notice Scott’s disappointment. But the other men did … Riley, Angus, Jim and Josh looked at Scott in surprise. “I’m working a double … we’re short staffed.” She replied.

“Great.” Scott mumbled.

“A woman you don’t like? Put that down in the history books.” Angus muttered.

“Shut up.” Scott muttered back. “Ignore him …” he added when Jessica looked between him, Angus and Alice. Kissing the side of Jessica’s head as he held her closer, glaring at Alice he said, “We’ve got the back room booked.”

Scott couldn’t believe that of all the waitresses that worked in this place Alice had to be the one working a double. Over the years Scott had fucked around with many of the waitresses who worked at the pool hall but that had stopped when he and Jessica had become intimate. There had been a few waitresses he had steadfastly avoided. Alice was one of them. And while he had maintained a civil relationship with the ones he’d screwed around with, Alice had begun to take on an almost stalker status. And now that Alice was very evidently in attendance, he worried about having Jessica anywhere near her.

“Okay,” she said pouting at the tone Scott had used. She panned across the men again, at which point she finally noticed Jessica. Alice’s eyes slid down to where Scott’s hand clasped Jessica’s.

“And who are you?” she asked in an ice cold voice. But then she noticed that Jessica was holding Riley’s hand also. “Dear?” she added in an attempted sweet voice.

“Alice. This is my wife, Jessica.” Scott said.

“What?” Alice said, the chill back in her voice. Her eyes slid to where Jessica and Riley’s hands connected.

“Yes. Jessica and I just got married.” He held his ring finger up.

“Well, isn’t that wonderful.” Alice said in an even chillier voice. “You know where the back room is.” She stated and turned away.

“What did you do to her?” Riley asked.

“Nothing.” Scott said, “She just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.” He gently tugged on Jessica’s hand until she looked at him, “I know that seemed rude but babe you have no idea how much trouble I’ve had with her.”

“Trust me Jess, she must be a real pain in the ass, Scott is never rude to women.” Jim said.

“They’re his Achille’s heel.” Josh added with a laugh.

“Haha, fuck off.” Scott said, scowling at Jim and Josh. “Don’t listen to them Jess.” Scott panned his eyes on Jessica with dread, prepared to try and assuage any jealousy Jessica could have. He had experience in that, talking his way out of women’s jealousy, but he never really cared that the other women believed him as much as he cared about Jessica believing him. He found it ironic that all the words he’d said before to so many women he was now going to repeat to Jessica but this time he needed her to believe him. But to his surprise, Jessica didn’t seem the least bit jealous. Curious, yes, jealous, no, and that both surprised and disconcerted him. “I’ve lost patience with her, that’s all, just forget about her, okay?”

“Okay.” Jessica replied smiling shyly as she lifted onto her toes and pecked him on the lips. She had to admit that the way Scott looked at her right then, like he cared about her, wanted her, needed her, in comparison to how he’d looked at Alice, made her feel warm and special and caused a strange tingling in her tummy that she’d never felt before. The usual and ever present tingling between her legs was there too of course and Scott picked up on it. He slid his arm around her and pulled her in for a real kiss. Riley still held her one hand but Jessica slid the fingers of the other into Scott’s short hair and leaned into the kiss, pulling him down harder on her mouth. The fact that Scott wanted her sexually too, over such a beautiful woman, made the tingling in her stomach intensify. Her knees felt weak, and when Scott finally let her up for air, Jessica glanced around at the other men and was surprised by how happy she felt to see the same needs, desires, feelings on their faces as well. She leaned in to Riley and pecked his lips. Looking up at Jim, Josh and Angus, feeling shy again and unsure why, she said, “Thank you for bringing me out … I really do appreciate it.”

Clearing his throat Angus said, “You’re welcome Jess, but we’d better get to playing pool. I’m not sure how long we can maintain friend time if we don’t.”

“Fuck yeah.” Scott agreed. “The room is this way.” He added, leading the way to a private room at the back of the pool hall. More than satisfied that Jessica wanted him, Scott was unsure how to feel about her lack of jealousy. It was refreshing … in a way. But he didn’t know how to interpret it. Did it mean she wanted him less than the other women had, or that because she had four other men in her life she needed him less, or was she just not the type to get jealous. By the time they were in the room and Jessica was looking at the pool tables with unbridled excitement, Scott determined that nothing about their relationship was ‘normal’. The way they’d come to know one another, their marriage, his desire to commit to one woman, Jessica’s apparent lack of jealousy …there was nothing usual about his relationship with Jessica. And he was fine with that, he could definitely live without the drama.

They hadn’t been in the room more than a minute when the door opened and a blonde waitress scooted in. She wore the same outfit as the red head had and looked just as beautiful.

“Hey Scott,” she said and pecked him on the cheek, ‘I hear you’re married.” She ended, her eyes landing on Jessica.

“Sue, this is my wife Jessica.” Scott said.

“Hey honey. Pleased to meet you.” The girl said extending her hand.

“Thanks … Sue.” Jessica said, taking her hand.

“Let me tell you that you’ve made about every woman in this place envious.” Sue said and Jessica finally noticed the way Sue looked at Scott like she wanted to eat him up too. “Especially Alice. Boy she’s fit to be tied.” She said with a laugh. “And who are these fine gentlemen?” Sue asked turning to the other men. Inspecting the men again, putting herself in Sue’s position, Jessica was left breathless. She could see why men would be weary of them … they looked dangerous. Even without trying, they looked scary. But from a woman’s point of view … sexually, Jessica knew firsthand how that same dark and dangerous mystique would make a woman breathless and wet. Jessica felt the warm tingling inside intensify especially when none of the men seemed to notice Sue. With the exception of Scott, the other men moved around the tables setting up the balls, finding cues and preparing to play.

“They’re my brothers.” Scott replied, really kicking himself for bringing Jessica there. He’d really thought it would be another group of waiting staff though in retrospect he hadn’t considered the repercussions of bringing Jessica to his old stomping ground.

“Bring us a couple pitchers of beer.” Scott told Sue who looked put off by the lack of attention from the men, “Jess, do you want to try a rum and coke or stick with red wine?”

“Rum and coke please.” Jessica said with such enthusiasm that she startled the pinched expression off of Sue’s face. Sue looked her up and down, and then couldn’t help but smile.

“Sure thing sweetie. Lime or lemon on the side?”

“Lemon please.”

“Gotcha.” Sue said and giving a final appraising look at the men she disappeared through the door. It occurred to Jessica just then that the men could have any woman they wanted. They could have Alice, Sue, any of the women who drooled at them when they’d entered the pool hall. She couldn’t understand why they wanted to share her. Especially since she didn’t have her hair and make-up done. She knew she was pretty when she could groom herself the way these women did … she had been very pretty before she’d been kidnapped. But even then, why would five men who had women falling at their feet want to share one woman? It was on the tip of her tongue to ask them but then they were looking at her and the reason didn’t matter. The way they looked at her left no doubt in her mind about how they felt about her and a warmth consumed her. Stronger than her sexual need for them, this one made her feel loved. Wanted. Needed. It was overwhelming.

“Jess, come over here. We’ll show you how to play.” Angus said. Riley stood next to Angus waiting for her also and Scott followed Jessica to the table. Jim and Josh had set themselves up on the other.

“We’ll play a round.” Riley explained as he handed Jessica a cue, “and then Jim and Josh will rotate in for the next round, k?”

Jessica nodded.
“This is how you hold the cue.” Riley said turning Jessica in to him and helping her adjust the stick in her hands. “Fuck,” he added, watching her fingers wrap around the long, hard length of the cue, “I love watching your fingers hold long hard sticks …” he said his voice deep and throaty in her ear. Jessica leaned back into him, tilting her head into his lips,

“I prefer when it’s your stick their wrapped around.” She said and giggled when Riley groaned.

“If we weren’t in a public place, friend time would be over.” He said, his breath hot on Jessica’s ear. Jessica whimpered, right then she wanted friend time to be over.

“Jess …” Jim said. Jessica looked at him and whimpered again, it was clear he wanted it as badly as she and Riley did. “We can fuck as much as we want at home. This is your first time out, enjoy it.”

Jessica nodded, the expressions on Josh, Scott and Angus’ faces making it hard to get a grip on her urges. She turned her face in to Riley again, “Let’s play Riley … Jim’s right, I really want to get the most out of being away from home. But I promise when we get home friend time will be a distant memory.”

Riley nodded, kissing above her ear. “I’ll fucking hold you to that. Bend over the table, I’ll show you how to break.”

A shiver ran down Jessica’s spine as he bent her over the side of the pool table but as soon as he began instructing her, Jessica focused on learning. They began to play but were interrupted on a steady five to ten minute interval by waitresses wandering in to meet Jessica and eyeball the men.

“At this rate we’ll only get one game in.” Josh said to Jim as he watched the latest waitress depart.

“Tell me about it. At least Riley and Angus are keeping their cool.”

Josh looked over at Riley and Angus. Riley was showing Jessica how to take her next shot, bending against her in ways that Scott as her husband, should have taken exception to, and Angus was leaning against the wall, watching them. They looked pretty relaxed. But then, the door opened and a buff blonde haired man walked in.

“Hey Scott,” the man said extending his hand to Scott, but looking Jessica over.

“Uh oh,” Jim said as Riley and Angus visibly tensed. Scott shook the man’s hand, and pulled Jessica against him.

“Randy.” Scott said.

“I heard through the grapevine that you finally gave up the life man …” Randy said.

“Jess, this is Randy, the bartender. Randy, my wife, Jessica.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Randy said shaking Jessica’s hand and whistling. “I was wondering who could cause Scott to give up his Casanova ways and now I completely understand …” Randy continued, his eyes roaming over Jessica.

“I’m Riley.” Riley said taking Jessica by her shoulders and pulling her behind him.

“These are my brothers.” Scott said. “Riley, Angus, Jim and Josh.”

“Oh, hey.” Randy said looking around at the men, sizing them up, and realizing that they were less than pleased with him. “Another round of drinks?”

“Good idea.” Scott said.

“What’s Jessica drinking?”

“Rum and coke, thanks.” Scott said and Randy disappeared.

“Rum and coke?” Riley asked looking down at Jessica, “You’re going to get trashed.”

“At least she won’t beat our pants off.” Jim said and got back to his shot.

“I feel fine.” Jessica said with a huge smile, and then hiccupped.

“Sure you do.” Angus said but smiled too, “Your shot.” He said to Riley.

Before Riley could take his shot the door opened and a handsome, red haired man came in. He wore a suit and tie.

“Scott, good to see you.” He said in a deep voice, shaking Scott’s hand. “I hear you’ve gotten married.”

“Zach.” Scott greeted the man, and after shaking hands he held his hand out to Jessica. “This is my wife Jessica,” he continued, pulling Jessica into his embrace, “and these are my brothers, Riley, Angus, Jim and Josh.”

Zach nodded at each man as he shook their hands and Jessica noticed that while Jim and Josh smiled, nodded, shook hands amicably with Zach both Angus and Riley were far less enthused. And while Zach seemed genuinely happy to meet Jim and Josh, when he got a good look at Riley and then Angus, he seemed to hesitate. He seemed weary of them and once again Jessica couldn’t fathom why. While Angus and Riley seemed less excited about meeting Zach, they were both relaxed. Yet something about their body language most definitely had an effect on Zach. Jessica looked back and forth between Zach and Riley, Zach and Angus, and she realized, with a squeeze of the heart, that Riley and Angus probably never made friends easily. And it was clear to Jessica that it was more than their lack of social skills. Scott, Jim and Josh lacked those too, at least from what Jessica had seen with the neighbors and Corey. But this was something else. Men feared them. Jessica’s heart broke for them. When Zach settled his eyes on her, Jessica mentally willed him to warm up to Riley and Angus.

“Jessica, Zach owns this place.” Scott said.

Zach smiled, “I’m pleased to meet you Jessica. I’m certainly glad Scott has been finally tamed by a nice young woman such as yourself.”

“Thank you,” Jessica said blushing, which seemed to take Zach by surprise, and he smiled more. “You have a great place.” She looked Zach over. He seemed very business-like. He flicked his eyes up and from the way his smile wavered Jessica was sure that Riley and Angus were moving into anti-social mode which made Jessica’s heart drop. She wanted to find a way to make Zach like them like he liked Scott. She studied Zach again and her eyes settled on his tie pin. It had a logo on it that Jessica recognized from some of the dog tags of new dogs Riley bought sometimes. “Is that the Allaway Kennels logo?” Jessica asked pointing at the pin.

Zach looked down in surprise, “Yes it is.”

“Oh. Riley buys from them all the time.” Jessica said trying to look over her shoulder at Riley but Scott was in the way.

“He does?” Zach asked looking up at Riley in surprise, “I’m part owner of Allaway …”

“Really?” Jessica asked excited, “Riley trains dogs.”

Zach was nodding, “I’m part-owner of the kennel but I show dogs full time.” He said, “I think I may have bought some of the dogs you’ve trained.”

“Could be.” Riley said moving closer, “And I do buy and sell at Allaway all the time.”

“Are you RM Training and Breeding services?” Zach asked suddenly looking incredibly at ease with Riley.

Riley nodded, “I am.” And he seemed suddenly very at ease with Zach.

“I’ve bought many of the dogs you’ve trained and bred. Best show dogs I’ve ever had.”

When Riley’s face lit up in surprise and pride Jessica clasped her hand together, pressing them to her mouth she could barely contain her relief.

“Let’s let them talk business babe.” Scott said into her ear, and he sounded impressed, “And get back to playing.” Jessica nodded, even happier when Zach and Riley moved to a side table talking like they were old friends.

“You did good Jess.” Jim said smiling at her as he came to take Riley’s place in the game. He’d never seen Riley so completely disarmed with a stranger before.

“Yeah.” Angus said watching Riley and Zach, clearly surprised, “It’s a small world.”

The game continued, Josh standing by leaning on his pool cue as he watched them play. A few minutes in Josh pointed at the ceiling and said, “Hey that’s the song you two were singing earlier.” He looked between Jim and Jessica. Scott paused mid-shot as everyone listened and sure enough it was the latest Lady Gaga song playing.

“You two sang it better.” Angus said, bending for his shot.

Jessica looked at Jim, a huge smile on her face. Jim winked at her, also pleasantly surprised by Angus’ compliment.

Riley and Zach sat talking for half an hour before Zach had to excuse himself. He left Riley with his business card. They played pool for another couple of hours before deciding to call it quits.

“Thanks man,” Randy said when Scott left a huge tip. “Come back again.”

“We will.” Scott promised and they headed out to the parking lot.

“’K guys,” Jim said when they got to the cars. “Jess and I are heading for dinner from here. Josh has to go home with you.”

“From here? You’re not going home first?” Riley asked, surprised.

“No, it’s easier to go from here. We’ll see you later.”

“Bye.” Jessica said kissing Angus, Riley, Scott and Josh and getting in the car door that Jim held open for her.

“Are they okay?” Jessica asked as Jim pulled out of the spot … the men still stood, gaping at them as they drove away.

“They’re fine. It’s just best to make a quick getaway before they have too much time to think.”

“I guess we managed that.” Jessica said looking over her shoulder out the back window at the men who grew smaller as Jim sped away.

“Okay. So we have about twenty minutes before we get to Spandelli’s. And I’ve got a lot to tell you before we get there.”

“Okay.” Jessica said. Looking at Jim in surprise. There was something about the tone of his voice that she hadn’t heard since … since they almost ran out on Riley and Angus. “We’re not running away are we?” Jessica asked, horrified.

“What? Running away … no!”

“Thank God.” Jessica said, throwing her head back against the head rest.

“Why would you think that?”

“Just your tone. You sounded serious and nervous. Like when we were going to run away before.”

“Really? Well, okay, I am a little nervous. Listen Jess, I’ve been thinking about the next step.”

“Next step?”

“For you. It’s great that the guys are willing to take you out now. But they’ll take you out as their wife. You are always going to be someone’s wife and not just yourself.”

“Okay …” Jessica said.

“So, there’s this place I’ve hung out at on and off over the years.”


“Yup. It’s a bar. There’s a band there … well, one band that split into two … and the second band needs a lead singer. Badly. So, I told them that my sister could help them out.”

“You have another sister?” Jessica asked in astonishment.

“As far as the folks at Spanelli’s know, my sister is you. Your jaw is hitting the floor.” He added when Jessica sat staring at him. Jessica’s mind went blank. All she could do was stare at Jim as he slid his eyes between her and the road trying to gauge her reaction. Unsure how to interpret Jessica’s expression Jim waited for her response. They drove in silence until Jim pulled into to the bar parking lot. He cut the engine and turned in the seat to look at Jessica. She still looked so surprised that he took rubbed his hands on her arms, “Jess, are you okay?”

Jessica nodded, “I’m just … I never expected anything like this. It’s so … amazing. Jim, you do know you have a gift right? Like my brother and uncle, you have a way of thinking of things no one else thinks of. I really wish we could have met under different circumstances and you could have met my uncle and brother. You would have gotten along really well.”

“I wish that too.” Jim said with one of his lopsided smiles. “But we have what we have and I’m determined to make the best of it.”

“Me too.” Jessica said, her heart melting again. She wondered if this was what it felt like to be in love. She’d loved Jim for so long but this felt different. And she was surprised to realize she felt it for all the men … it had started at the pool hall. It felt all consuming and the more it ate her up from the inside out, the more convinced she was that she was in love.

“So you’re up for it?” Jim asked.

“Riley and Angus agreed to this?” Jessica asked her voice belying the fact that she was astounded at the prospect.

“No. They don’t know yet.”

“Josh and Scott?”

“They don’t know yet either.”

“So we’d be keeping a secret?”

“No.” Jim said and took her hand in his. “If they ask what we did tonight, we tell them. If they don’t, there’s no reason to raise it with them until we’re ready.”

“That sounds like a secret to me.” Jessica said quietly.

“How can it be a secret if we’re not purposely keeping it from them? Not purposely telling them, isn’t the same thing as purposely hiding it.”

“You’re splitting hairs Jim.” Jessica said. “And what you just described is exactly what you were adamant I wasn’t allowed to do. I’m supposed to tell you everything … unless it’s someone else’s secret.”

“I guess I am splitting hairs.” Jim said his face becoming serious. “And you’re right Jess. You aren’t allowed to keep secrets. But, in reality this isn’t a secret. It’s something you and I did on our night out. You don’t tell the other men every detail of what we do together … this is the same thing. Sort of.”

They stared at each other.

“It feels different.” Jessica finally said.

Jim nodded.

“That’s why you were so nervous.”

Jim nodded again.

Jessica could hear the music blaring inside the building. They were playing dance music. The really great dance music, not the techno stuff. And Jim was planning to let her go in there and make music too. It was so tempting.

“What did you mean by ‘until we’re ready’? To tell the others … you said when ‘we’re ready’.” She added when Jim looked at her with a blank expression.

“I thought we’d give it some time. Let you make friends. And then, I’d leave a note or something telling the guys how to get here. Tell them to come in unnoticed and just watch … kind of like what happened today in the tub.”

Jessica knew in her heart of hearts that she should just say no. Jim’s plan went against everything they’d sworn in their oath. And Jim’s seriousness … the gravity with which he was treating this reinforced that to Jessica.

“They’ll be mad.”

“Probably.” Jim said. “Though they may surprise us.”

“But you think it’s worth taking the chance?”

“There are some very musically talented men and women in there Jess. You’ll like them. And you need a chance to stand on your own. To have your own friends, do your own thing, without me or any of the other men around.”

“You’ll be there though, right?.” Jessica said feeling a little scared about being alone with strangers.

“Not really. I’ll be with the other band. We’re usually downstairs or in the back. But you’ll be fine Jess. They’re good people.”

Jessica paused. Temptation was starting to win out over her sense of what was right. She wanted friends. She looked at Jim with a growing sense of awe.

“How did you know you think of this?”

Jim shrugged. “It just makes sense. Women like to have women friends. My sister and mom showed me that. And you need some men friends that are just friends. The way things are going you’re going to go through life thinking the only thing men want from you is sex.”

Jessica sighed. “What if that’s all they want from me here too?”

“I’ve told everyone that you’re married. And me too. Told them that my wife and your husband are off in some war somewhere. That puts us off limits. But the truth is that you have the right to say no to anyone you don’t want to have sex with. That includes any of us men.”

“There’s a war?” Jessica asked.

“Several.” Jim said. “Iraq, Afghanistan … you should start reading the paper.”

Jessica nodded. “And I don’t want to say no to you or the men.” Jessica said, “But if I did, I’m not sure it would go over that well.”

“They’d very sexually frustrated that’s for sure.” Jim said, “But the point of our oath was to allow us to be honest with one another and to have our needs met. If you want to say no, say no.”

Jessica studied Jim for a minute before nodding, “Well I don’t want to … but I know what you mean about male friends. I miss my brothers and their friends. They were nice, included me in everything and I liked having both male and female friends. The other problem with all of this though is that I’m not a singer. You and I play and sing together but I’m not trained in it, what if I’m not what the band wants?”

“They’ll want you, trust me. Forget for the moment that they’re desperate, but you’re a great singer. You heard Angus and the other men earlier. I wouldn’t send you in there if I didn’t believe you were very talented.”

“Thank you.” She smiled at Jim, feeling that warm tingling intensify, “So, why did your friends’ band break up?”

“A relationship gone bad.” Jim said with a laugh, “As is almost always the reason a band breaks up. The lead singer and the piano player were dating. And then they broke up. It was a real messy break up.” Jim said. “It sucks the most for the other band members though. There’s a competition coming up that the band was entered in. The grand prize is a three year record deal. When they split half the band went with Carl … the lead singer. And other half of the band went with Tracy and she can’t sing worth shit. Now the two bands are competing against one another. It’s kinda ugly.”

“So everybody hates each other now?” Jessica asked.

“Just Carl and Tracy. Everyone else is tense. Some things were said that weren’t nice. It’s a shame really.”

“Well, why would the other band want your sister as the lead singer?” Jessica asked when Jim nodded. “Won’t they be tense around me too?”

“They’re desperate Jess. The competition is in four weeks and they can’t find a decent singer anywhere. Also, like I said, they’re actually really nice people. They’ll treat you well Jess. And you’ll fit right in. Tracy gets along with everyone but Carl. Rachel is pretty relaxed. She’s a keyboard player like Tracy. Mark plays drums. He’s a part time bouncer at Spanelli’s too. Tom is the bass guitar player … a good guy and Dave. Well, Dave I think you’re really going to like. He’s the lead guitarist … pretty good singer and he has a streak of the devil in him. I can see you two getting along real well. Oh and did I mention that they love to play Euchre?”

Jessica looked at the neon lights again.

“I should say no.” She said. “It’s not worth breaking the oath for my benefit.”

“Even if we were breaking the oath, it would be worth it. But Jess, we’re not breaking it, we’re bending it. And you’re not the only one who benefits from this. I do, the guys do. Without this, you’re going to end up resenting us. It may not be soon. It could even take years. But you will.”

“But …”

“And. You don’t even know if you’ll like it. Maybe tonight you’ll meet everyone and decide you don’t really want to be in the band. If that happens then we can tell the guys what we did. They can’t be mad if we did it once and told them right away.”

“I guess it can’t hurt to try tonight.” Jessica said, at this point wanting it too badly to listen to her inner voice that kept warning her that it was a stupid thing to be doing.

“That’s my girl!” Jim said. “These people have nothing to do with the clan so I’ve massaged the truth into an acceptable story. I didn’t give anyone a name for your husband, or any details about him. So embellish whatever way you want. I told them that Riley, Josh, Scott and Angus are our brothers and on the strict side. So we’re being careful around them. That’ll explain why we’re not always available. I even bought my own cell phone …” he said pulling it out of his pocket, “so they can reach us. I told them that the guys’ hobbies are their careers. So, Riley trains dogs, Angus, auto-mechanic, Scott, horse trainer and Josh a comic writer. And I’m a struggling musician.”

“What am I?”

“Also a struggling musician but while your hubby is away your bros are old fashioned and won’t let you ‘work’.”

“Okay.” Jessica said, looking back at the bar and taking a deep breath. “We’ll try tonight and see how it goes.”

“Good. Here.” Jim said opening the glove compartment and pulling out a purse. “This is your purse. There’s money in there … a hundred bucks,” Jim said fanning the twenty dollar bills out for Jessica to see. “And I’m going to give you the cell.” He said slipping it into the purse. “Just in case of emergency. Our cell number is on the display if anyone asks for it.”

“You’ve thought of everything.” Jessica said, astounded.

“Everything except a way to have the guys here with us right now. And how to make you look older. The fake id Corey made up for your race is in your purse too. You’ll need it. ” He said looking at her critically. “It has you as twenty one years old. You look like you’re eighteen, nineteen maybe. We may not even make it through the door.”
“I am twenty-one though, right?” Jessica asked thinking for a minute. The last thing she’d been tracking were her birthdays.

“Yeah. I guess we never made any attempt to remember much less celebrate your birthday. When is it? You were eighteen when … when we got you.”

“August 15th.”

“In four months.” Jim said, suddenly excited. “We’ll have to plan you a twenty-first birthday party.”

“Really?” Jessica squealed, also excited.

“You better believe it. So, are you ready?” Jim asked, nodding his head toward the bar.

“You think the others will come around … eventually?” Jessica asked, looking worried again.

“They have for everything else. Now, plaster a smile on your face and let’s get in there before the night runs out on us.”

Jessica was so excited that her body was shaking. Jim held her hand up to the door but forced himself to let go before they entered.
“Hey Jim!” the large black man at the entranceway bellowed over the music. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, huge muscles rippling underneath it as he moved forward, hand extended.

“Nick,” Jim said, shaking his hand.

“This is my sister, Jessica.” Jim said putting his arm around Jessica and pulling her forward.

“How’d you do Jessica?” Nick asked, smiling in a friendly way, but shifting his eyes over to Jim to see if he was serious. “Jim, you know I love you man, but I can’t let your sister in. She’s a baby. No offense.” He said quickly to Jessica.

“She’s twenty-one man,” Jim said with an easy laugh. “Show Nick your id.” Jim said to Jessica.

Jessica fumbled with her purse. She was so nervous. She couldn’t understand how Jim could be so calm. Nick eyed her with increasing reassurance that he was right. She was young, and she was as skittish as hell. Finally Jessica extracted the id card and passed it to Nick.

Nick looked at the card, lifted his eyes to Jessica, looked at the card, looked at Jim.
“Okay.” He finally said. “You have id, you must be twenty one. You be careful in there.” He said turning his eyes to Jessica. “If you need anything, come and see me.”

Jessica nodded as Jim shook Nick’s hand again and guided her inside.

The inside of the bar was like nothing Jessica had ever seen. Strobe lights, loud music, people thrashing around on a huge dance floor. A stage was at one end of the dance floor but protruded out like a cat walk. Instruments stood in the dark on the stage. The music was blaring from the sound system. Off the left of the stage was a dj booth with a figure swaying back and forth over the computerized music mixer.

“Over there.” Jim said and pointed to a table just to the right of the stage. Jessica saw a large table with several women and men around it.

“Get separated from the herd?” The black haired woman asked when she noticed Jim. She had a smile on her face even though her tone was hard.

“Be nice Tracy.” Jim replied, and to Jessica’s confusion he sounded friendly and actually didn’t look upset in any way. “Is that the way to talk to the person who brought your savior?” Jim added and pointed at Jessica.

“Oh, hey, you gotta be Jim’s sister.” Tracy said in a much friendlier way than she’d spoken to Jim.
Jessica nodded.

“Jessica is it?”

Jessica nodded again.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Jim said looking at Jessica. “I’ll be downstairs …”

“Slumming …” Tracy muttered under her breath.

“… if you need anything.” Jim continued but threw a glare at Tracy.

And then Jim was gone. Jessica stared in the direction that he’d disappeared into the crowd. When Jessica looked back at the table all of the occupants were looking her over.

“Hi, I’m Rachel,” the lady with dirty blond hair said leaning forward with her hand outstretched. Jessica moved to the table and shook her hand.

“Jessica,” Jessica said. And she was smiling so hard she thought her lips would fall off her face. She couldn’t believe that she was making friends. Women friends. And she was all by herself, none of her men in sight.

“I’m Mark,” the tall, slim, blond haired man said extending his hand.

“I’m Tom,” the man with the curly brown hair said, shaking her hand.

“Dave … “ the other man with black hair said and he was grinning like crazy too.

“Here we go.” Mark muttered. “Watch out for Dave. He’s always up to no good and you look corruptible.”

“Hey, that’s uncalled for!” Dave said, looking deeply hurt, but then he looked back at Jessica and smiled. “Jim already told me that you’re up for pretty much anything. I’ve been waiting for someone who’s not a stick in the mud.” He pretended to glare at the other people.

“Watch out for Dave.” Mark reiterated.

“And this is Kyla.” Tracy said pointing to a red haired woman. “She’s the lead singer for another band in the competition but she came out to sing for us tonight so we wouldn’t lose our turn to those jackasses downstairs.”

“I don’t think you’re including Jim in that category are you?” Rachel asked, eyeing Jessica.

“Oh no, no, of course not.” Tracy realizing her mistake.

“He can be a jackass at times.” Jessica agreed with a smile.

Tracy smiled in relief.

“So you take turns …?” Jessica asked pointing at the stage.

“Yeah, the owners, Lilly and Stephan, are really great at supporting us for the competition. They always let us practice here, sing for the crowd. When we split up, they let us alternate nights.” Dave explained.

“Why don’t you just alternate sets?” Jessica asked.

“On the same night?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah. Wouldn’t that give you more practice time?”

“Hmmm. I like you.” Dave said. Then he stood on his toes, pointing his fingers at Jessica and yelled at the top of his voice, “I like the new girl!”

Jessica looked around in surprise but it seemed like most people were ignoring Dave, and a few rolled their eyes and laughed.

“Yeah. Why didn’t we think of that?” Tom asked.

“Because those jerks will never go for it.” Tracy said. “That’s why.”

“Did you ask them?” Jessica asked.

“No, but we don’t have to. They’ll never do anything that will help us out.”

“Um. Jimmy brought me out to help you.” Jessica said.

“Touché,” Mike said. Tom and Rebecca smiled what appeared to be knowing smiles and Dave gave Jessica the thumbs up sign.

“I guess that’s true.” Tracy said.

“It can’t hurt to ask.” Rebecca said.

“It can if Tracy asks.” Dave said, earning him a withering look from Tracy.

“Okay, he’s right Trace. Communication between you and Carl is not so hot.” Rebecca said.

“Sounds like a job for ‘the new girl’” Dave said, yelling ‘new girl’.

Jessica laughed.

“I’ll ask Jim about it.” She said.

“Okay.” Tracy said. “So, yeah, Kyla came in case you didn’t make it. Are you up to jamming with us? This is our set list.” She handed Jessica a package of papers.

Jessica looked them over.

“I know most of these.” Jessica said. “I can give it a shot.”

“Jim said that you play drums, piano and guitar?” Rachel asked.


“’K, good to know. Well, we’re on in about twenty minutes. We’ll do hair and make-up in ten. You good to go?”

“Ah, yeah, but I think Kyla should still join us. I don’t know all the songs, and if I stink you still need a singer. Plus, the more the merrier right?”

“I like the new girl too …” Kyla said and the others laughed. “So kid, are you really married? You don’t look a day over eighteen.”

“I’m twenty-one!” Jessica said in a panic.

“Chill Jessica.” Mike said, holding his palms up to her.

“We could care less how old you are … to get in here you could say you’re fifty for all we care.” Rebecca said. “But to get married … you sure don’t look old enough for that.”

“Oh I’m married.” Jessica assured them. She held her ring finger up.

“Marriage …. Uhh.” Tracy said with an exaggerated shiver of revulsion.

“Hey, just cause you’re not relationship material doesn’t mean the rest of the woman race isn’t.” Tom said.

“Relationship?” Tracy asked. “Relationship? I’m not talking about any stupid relationship. I’m talking about sex … pleasure your partner, not yourself, sex. You don’t get it from your boyfriend, forget about it from a husband. Am I right Jessica?

“I take offense to that!” Dave said. “For myself and all my brethren. We very much care about the sexual pleasure of our women. Married or not. But for the record. Tell her Jessica. Is your man a good lover or not? Does he care about your pleasure or just his own?”

Jessica blinked.

“Holy crap guys.” Rachel said, “Look at the poor thing, you’re embarrassing her. You barely know her for half an hour and you’re grilling her about her sex life?”

“Oh shit! Sorry.” Tracy said. “That was just rude, forget I said anything.”

“It’s okay.” Jessica said. “Really.” Jessica paused, her mind racing. The men definitely went out of their way to make her feel good. Now. Not necessarily early on. Surely Tracy was exaggerating. She had to be. “Actually my husband is really … good. I enjoy myself.”

“Point for the Y team.” Dave said.

“Count yourself lucky.” Tracy said to Jessica.

Rachel and Kyla sighed. “When your hubby gets back from that there war, we’ve gotta meet him.” Rachel said. “See the man who puts other men to shame.”

Jessica let out a nervous laugh, looking around at Tom, Mike and Dave. They didn’t seem insulted, but she couldn’t see how they wouldn’t be.

“Hey we better hustle.” Kyla said. “We’re on in ten.”

“Come on!” Tracy said grabbing Jessica’s hand and dragging her to the back of the bar and into the ladies room. Ten minutes of fawning and giggling Jessica followed the band onto the stage with her hair pinned up, and make-up caked on. She was in seventh heaven.

Jessica barely made it to a microphone before the light on the stage lit up and Mike, on the drums, led into the first song. From that point on the night went by in an exhilarating blur. Jessica sang and played with the group. They were called back on stage for encores four times at the end of the night. By the time the lights came on, and Jessica finished helping to dismantle the instruments, and scrubbed the make-up off her face, Jessica was delirious with happiness. She was so hyped, chatting excitedly with the other band members that she barely noticed that Jim was limping when he approached.

“Did you see that?” Jessica demanded, running into Jim’s arms, almost planting a kiss on his lips but at the last minute kissing his cheek.

“I sure did.” He said. “You were great!”
“So can you be back tomorrow for practice?” Tracy asked.

Jessica looked to Jim for help.

“Like I said Tracy. She won’t be able to be here real regularly. We’ve got our brothers to deal with. How about next week? We can be here in the day time, stay all day and night?”

“Okay, that’ll do. Thanks for helping out Jessica. Tonight was great.”

“Thank you!” Jessica said and nodded goodnight to the band.

When everyone had left but Jim made no sign of moving from the spot where they stood Jessica finally noticed the look on Jim’s face. He looked uncomfortable.

“Did I do something wrong?” Jessica thinking back to the dancing and acting out of lyrics that she did with Dave and Tom while they sang. Looking back she could understand if Jim hadn’t liked it. They’d known each other for a few hours but it felt like they’d known each other forever. The dancing reflected that.

“What? No, what makes you think that?”

“The dancing, and singing, well, the dancing.” Jessica answered.

Jim chuckled and then grimaced.

“No, that doesn’t bother me.” Jim said, “I’m your brother when we’re here, remember? You were great tonight, real great.”

“So what’s wrong then?”

“I have a goddamn cramp in my leg.” Jim said, trying to lower his weight onto his left foot and then gasping. “I think I was sitting for too long. Damn it!”

“Do you want me to massage it?”

“No, it hurts like a bitch. Touching it won’t help. And to top it off I can’t drive home.”

“Oh.” Jessica said. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. We can’t ask for a ride … we can’t bring anyone here within a hundred miles of our place.”

“So no cab …”


“Well, I can drive.” Jessica said.

“You know how to drive?”

Jessica nodded. “My parents had us in self-defense driving classes for as long as I can remember. I even had a license.”

“You can drive a standard?”

“Self-defense driving is kind of pointless if you can’t drive any old car. We learned standard.”

“Okay, you drive.”

Jessica helped Jim hobble out to the car.

“Everything okay?” Mark asked. He and Tom were still loading their van up.

“Got a cramp.” Jim said, “That’s all.”

“Sign of old age buddy.” Mark said laughing and returned to his work.

“You remember the rules of the road, right?” Jim asked as Jessica barreled out onto the main drag.

“In theory.” She said. She looked at the expression on Jim’s face and laughed. “Tell me them as we go along.”

“That’s great.” Jim said. Then he raised his arm and pointed out the windshield and yelled, “Red light means stop!” Jessica slid to a stop but from the way Jessica snickered he realized she did it on purpose. He had a feeling about this ride. By the time they’d reached the highway, that thankfully was long and straight, Jim knew he’d been right. Jessica drove like she rode horses. Hard and fast. Christ he almost shit himself twice.

“Remind me to wear a diaper the next time.” Jim stated and Jessica laughed so hard Jim thought they’d go off the road. “Concentrate on driving will you?”

“Okay.” But Jessica didn’t seem any more focused than she had been to that point.

“So, what do you think?” Jim asked after a few minutes of silence. She sure seemed to enjoy hanging out with Tracy and the others.

“That they don’t make diapers big enough for you.” Jessica said and went into another fit of laughter.

“Have you been drinking?” Jim asked. It never occurred to him to ask how much she’d had.

“Nope.” Jessica said and sighed. “I had a great time Jim but I don’t feel right about not telling the men.”

“Well, we never said we wouldn’t tell them.”

“You’re just recovering from having the crap beaten out of you by Angus, and I’ve just moved from punching bag of the day to much, much, much … much,” she stated again for emphasis, “loved,” she added, using one hand to show quotes, “wife. I don’t know if we should push our luck. Or Angus and Riley’s boundaries. I know Scott and Josh would be fine with it … but Angus and Riley? And to tell Scott and Josh without telling Angus and Riley … that’s just worse than not saying anything at all.”

“Well, that’s my suggestion. If they don’t ask, say nothing. Just until after the competition. And then we can tell them.”

Jessica thought about it for a minute. “They aren’t going to see it that way you know. They’ll think we kept a secret from them.”

“Did you have fun tonight or not? Do you want to have your own friends, or not?”

“Yes. I did and I do. You’re right. I guess omission isn’t that big a deal.”

“It’ll test our conflict resolution skills anyway. Always need to practice those.”

“It’ll test the oath too. I’m not sure that you and I should be the ones breaking it. It’s like adding salt to a wound.”

“You’re right. Let’s see how things go. They may ask what we did right off and that’ll solve the problem for us.”

Jessica nodded.

“So what happened between Tracy and Carl?” Jessica asked. “Tracy is really bitter.”

Jim shrugged. “I haven’t been around for a while. I called Carl the other day when I had this idea. He told me that they’d broken up without a lot of detail but he feels enough good will toward Tracy that he told me that her group needed help. I called her and she was so bitter I couldn’t discuss Carl with her. But she jumped at the chance of getting help from you.”

“And what’s this thing about the bands alternating nights that they play?”

Jim shook his head. “Seems pretty petty to me. It’s nice of Lilly and Stephan to accommodate them. Have you met Lilly and Stephan?”


“You’ll like them. Real nice couple. They’ve had kind of a crappy deal in life. They have a couple of kids that are seriously handicapped. It turns out some medication that Lilly was on when she was younger caused some serious defects. They didn’t know that until after they had their second child.”

“That’s awful.” Jessica said.

“So their kids are in full time care but every year they do a fund raiser to help pay for it.”

“They have to pay for it themselves?” Jessica demanded.

Jim nodded. “No medical insurance will touch them with a ten foot pole. They have to pay it all themselves. They barely stay financially afloat. But every year all the staff at the bar get together and do a fund raiser. They’ve done car washes, bake sales, yard sales, shoe shines, pet sitting, kid sitting, you name it, they’ve done it. This year they want to do something different but they seem to be having trouble thinking of a theme. They only have a couple of weeks to figure it out and plan it. They’re getting a little stressed.”

“Why don’t they do a concert?” Jessica asked.


“Yeah. Sure. They have two bands on site. Why don’t you guys make up for one day and do a concert?”

“Well … that’s a great idea actually.”

“And …” Jessica said, a great idea suddenly popping into her head. “Why doesn’t all the staff record a song … like a theme song, and sell the cds? I know the perfect one.”

“Are you going to keep me in suspense?” Jim demanded when Jessica didn’t continue.

“Sing. It seems like the perfect song.”

Jim ran the words through his mind.

“Holy shit. That’s better than perfect. I’ll suggest it to Tracy and Carl.”

“At the same time, why don’t you suggest to Carl that your band and his alternate sets rather than nights? It seems more fair.”

“You’re just full of good ideas tonight, aren’t you?” Jim asked with a laugh.

“Tonight?” Jessica asked, feigning insult.

“Funny.” Jim said with a laugh. “Turn right here. And be careful, this road has a lot of wild life crossing it.” Jessica swung on to the side road and within ten minutes, they pulled into the driveway.

“Well, it’s after two in the morning and they’re still up.” Jim said when Jessica came around the car and he put his arm over her shoulder. Sure enough the light in the living room was still on.

“Probably watching TV.” Jessica said.

“Probably waiting for us to come home.” Jim said with a shake of his head.

When Jessica pushed the door open and helped Jim in, it was plain to see that the men were struggling to stay awake. Angus, Josh and Scott were practically passed out on the sofa. Angus flopped his head to the left so he could look at the door. Josh and Scott didn’t even notice their entrance. Riley was snoring in the arm chair.

“What the hell happened to you?” Angus asked.

Scott and Josh looked over at them. Angus had already heaved himself off the sofa and was moving toward them. When Jessica sagged under Jim’s weight, Josh practically threw himself off the sofa. Scott not far behind him.

“I got a cramp in my leg, that’s all.” Jim said. Angus and Josh took over for Jessica and half carried Jim to the sofa.

Riley jerked awake, rubbed his eyes and stretched.

“Damn good thing you were able to drive home.” Angus said once Jim was eased onto the sofa.

“Are you kidding?” Jim said, grimacing at the pain while he straightened his leg. “No way could I drive.”
“So how the hell did you get home?” Angus asked.

“Jessica drove.” Jim said and had to laugh at the expressions on the men’s faces.

“You’re kidding.” Josh said.

“No. Jessica drove. And just for the record, she drives like she rides.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Riley demanded.

“I take it to mean fast and hard.” Scott said and winked at Jessica. She giggled and moved to the kitchen to get ice for Jim.

“Holy shit. Jim you should have called us. One of us would have come to get you.” Angus said. He turned his eyes on Jessica as she came out of the kitchen with ice. “You haven’t driven in three years, you can’t just get in a car and drive on the highway without any practice.”

“She was good.” Jim said grimacing again while shifting his leg. “Real good. Trust me, there was nothing to worry about.”

Riley pushed himself out of the armchair.

“That was dangerous. Where’s your common sense?” he demanded looking between Jessica and Jim.

“You know if Jim says Jess drives like she rides then I’m not worried.” Scott said.

“Me neither.” Said Josh.

“Driving a car and riding a horse are not exactly the same thing.” Riley said. “Next time, call us.”

“You know. Rather than stand around speculating about Jessica’s driving, why don’t you let her show you?” Jim said.

“Okay.” Angus said, “Let’s go for a ride.”

“Really? Now?” Jessica exclaimed her face radiating with excitement.

“Really.” Angus said and couldn’t help but smile.

“Excellent.” Jim said, “I’m starving. Why don’t you guys pick up something to eat?”
“Oh, there was a pizza place just near the highway!” Jessica said.
“Good. Get something with lots of meat on it, and extra large.” Jim said

“There isn’t enough room in the car for all of us.” Riley said. “And I’d really like to go.”

“You guys go ahead.” Josh said, “I’ll stay with Jim. But I want pizza too.”

“Well, let’s go then.” Riley said, “And Jess, a hot compress is better for Jim’s leg than ice. Come on and I’ll show you where it is.” Riley held his hand out. Jessica took it and followed him back into the kitchen.

A few minutes later they were barreling down the side road toward the highway. Angus sat in the front seat, beyond impressed with the confidence with which Jessica drove. And each time she changed gears, he would feel a pull in his groin. Cars and Jessica together would never be the same for him again.

Riley and Scott were in the back. They’d been quietly observing Jessica also.

“So, she’s like this on a horse?” Angus asked over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah.” Scott replied.

“When is your horse coming back?” Angus asked suddenly really interested in seeing Jessica ride.

“Two days.”

“I don’t know about you Riley, but I’m ready to see Jessica ride.” Angus said, earning him an excited sideways glance from Jessica followed by bouncing on the seat and the ever present squealing.

“Yeah.” Riley said. “I’m ready for that too.”

There was something guttural in his tone and Jessica felt a pull between her legs. The atmosphere in the car suddenly became sexually charged.

“Uh … guys, I really need to concentrate on driving.” She muttered.

“Sorry.” Riley replied.

“You know Jess,” Scott said in a tone much the same as Riley’s. “You called friend time yesterday. If we were to be technical about it today is a new day …”

“That’s …” Jessica paused, a jolt of pleasure derailing her thoughts when Angus rubbed her thigh, and then slid his hand between her legs and rubbed at the V of her pants. “That’s true.” Jessica managed. “Maybe we could wait until we get home? I’d really like to avoid killing all of us.”

Angus gave a laugh from deep within his chest and pressed his fingers firmly against her pussy.

“I’ll wait.” He purred into her ear, leaning so close that she felt the hotness of his breath. “But when we get back, your pussy is mine … first.” He added as an afterthought.

Jessica nodded.

Slowly, reluctantly, Angus removed his hand from the V but he kept it resting on her thigh.

“Um,” Jessica said, clearing her throat she continued, “What kind of pizza do you want?” She could see the restaurant not far in the distance.

“We can get a couple of extra large meat combos … if you’re okay with that.” Riley said.

Jessica pulled into the parking lot and killed the engine. “Combos are good.”

“Wait here, I’ll go order.” Angus said giving her thigh a squeeze before getting out of the car.

Jessica scanned the parking lot and there wasn’t another car around. At three in the morning Jessica vaguely wondered how much business the pizza place had.

“We’re parked now.” Scott said from behind the driver’s seat. “No need to focus anymore.”

“Valid point.” Riley added. And Jessica jumped when his hands came from behind her seat and slid down the front of her shirt, inside her bra, and cupped her tits. “Easy Jess, I didn’t mean to scare you …” he said and pressed his hand firmly over her pounding heart.

“It’ll be twenty minutes.” Angus said, getting back in the car and growling when he took in the scene. “I guess we’re not distracting you from much right now …” Angus said sliding his hand between her legs again.

“Let’s get her in the middle.” Scott said leaning between the seats and unbuckling her seat belt. “I need one of her tits, and maybe she can suck me off.”

“What …” Jessica began as three sets of strong hands began to shift her from her seat, but she had to pause when pleasure rocked her. “What about Jim and Josh?”
“Shit.” Scott hissed as they turned Jessica onto her stomach and over the back of the seats.

“This all together rule is going to fucking kill me!” Riley said.

“To hell with the rule … “ Angus growled, his eyes firmly planted on the prize between Jessica’s legs, his hands working hard to get her pants off.

“I’ve got an idea. What if … what if, us three get you here, now. And when we get home Jim and Josh get their turns?” Scott asked.

Jessica threw her head back and moaned, barely able to focus. They had shifted her between the seats, her torso in the back with Riley and Scott, and her lower half in the front with Angus and Angus was wasting no time diving face first into her all too ready pussy. He’d positioned himself under her and pulled her pussy onto his face, gripping her ass cheeks in his hands.

Riley was taking her left breast into his mouth, Scott was pulling on her other one.

“I …” Jessica began, realizing that Scott was waiting for her to say something. “I don’t know. I can’t think …” Jessica arched her back as Angus slid his fingers into her pussy and anus holes and pulsed. His teeth nipped her clitoris.

“Fuck it.” Scott said, heaving up to undo his pants, “they’ll have to understand.” And he pulled his cock out. He brought it to Jessica’s lips and she eagerly took it in her mouth. “Oh my God Jess, suck it, that’s it … Oh God, that’s it!” Suddenly Jessica’s mouth tightened around his shaft and he knew she was coming. Her teeth scraped him a little, and he erupted. He held his hand under her chin. “Swallow … all of it … that’s it … lick it clean.” He muttered when Jessica was done swallowing.

“Fuck me … Oh God Jess that was good.” Scott said falling back against the seat. Jessica turned to look at Riley.

“Master, can I suck you off too? Please?” Jessica asked.

Riley’s eyes flashed. “Pretty clever Jess. You may think asking permission is a loop hole but it’s not. You’re only to do what we tell you. This time though, I’ll let it pass. Suck me off slave …” he said and pushed his cock between her lips.

Angus for his part had continued licking and biting Jessica’s pussy and now that the pleasure of the orgasm had passed, she was very sensitive. She jerked each time he touched her clitoris. Angus chuckled with pleasure and proceeded to focus his attention on her sensitive nub. Jessica arched as he slammed his fingers into her as well. It made it hard for her to concentrate on sucking Riley’s cock and almost impossible to avoid scratching it with her teeth. But that didn’t seem to bother Riley as he began to thrust into her mouth, harder and harder.
Scott had brought one hand back to Jessica’s breast and the other he planted firmly on the back of her head, holding it still for Riley.

“Uh!” Riley finally exclaimed and both Scott and Angus groaned with pleasure at the sounds of Jessica gulping down Riley’s cum. “Your mouth … God I love your mouth!” Riley exclaimed, pulling out of it, and then running his hand over her lips, wiping them clean, he collapsed on the car seat.

“My turn.” Angus said, and taking Jessica by her hips he pulled her toward him and then drove his cock into her pussy. Jessica gasped from the force of it. Scott and Riley pushed Jessica up toward Angus and held her down on Angus by the shoulders as he drove in again and again.

“You’re so wet … so hot … holy fuck.” He muttered in her ear. “Jesus!” he growled driving in harder, and putting his lips to Jessica’s neck he nipped her, hard.

“Ow!” Jessica yelped, and convulsed, her pussy tightening and driving Angus over the edge.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Angus yelled and then collapsed on Jessica. Scott and Riley lowered her to rest on half of each of their chests and silence hung in the car as they all gasped for breath.

“That was fucking amazing.” Angus muttered.

“Mhmm,” Jessica agreed, nodding, her eyes drooping.

Riley chuckled, “We’d better get that pizza and get home before she falls to sleep.”

“Right.” Angus said dropping onto the passenger seat and pulling his shirt up to wipe his completely soaked face.

“Your shirts not going to cut it Angus.” Scott said, “You’re drenched.”

“And I can smell Jessica on you.” Riley added. “I’ll go in. They have to be about ready.” Riley said. He gently shifted Jessica completely over to Scott, grabbed his pants and got out of the car to put them on.

Scott laughed, “Those pizza guys must really love getting a view of your ass Riley.”

“Funny.” Riley said before slamming the door shut and heading into the pizzeria.
“Jess.” Scott said, wrapping his arms around her as she sagged on his chest. “Do you want me to drive home?”
“No … no.” Jessica said rousing herself. “I’ll be okay.”

Angus pulled her back into the front of the car.

“Her shirt …” Scott said handing it to Angus, who helped her put it on, and then helped her struggle in to her pants. She was settling back into the driver’s seat when Riley got back into the car with the pizzas.

“Seat belt.” Angus said while buckling his own. Jessica straightened her shirt before buckling.

“We just screwed Jim and Josh over.” Scott stated.

“No,” Angus said, “we just screwed Jessica over. ALL over.” He added with a grin when Jessica glanced at him with an agreeing smile.

“I think they’ll be okay.” Jessica said. She wasn’t positive about Josh but given that she and Jim had what constituted a secret they were keeping from the men, Jessica knew there was no way Jim could complain.

“Maybe we need to discuss loosening up that rule. We’re not always going to be all together all of the time.” Riley said. “And I can’t handle waiting to fuck Jess until we are.”

“Amen.” Angus said.

Jessica turned the car on, finally feeling calm enough to drive.

“That okay with you?” Scott asked, putting his hand on Jessica’s shoulder just as she’d turned to shoulder check before backing out.

“Oh yeah. That would be way better. It’s really hard to try and stop things once they’ve started and I don’t want to feel guilty about breaking the rules.” Jessica said, and turned back to the road, putting her hands firmly on the steering wheel and trying to focus on driving.

“Tell me about it.” Angus mumbled, “What?” he asked when Jessica gave him a ‘give me a break’ look.

“You feel guilty about it?” she asked.

“Obviously not enough.” He said with a laugh.

They’d pulled into the driveway and were walking toward the house when Angus had an idea.

“Hold up.” He said, stopping Jessica in her tracks by snaking an arm around her waist. Jessica bounced back against him.

Scott and Riley stopped and waited for Angus to continue.

“Tomorrow is my day with Jessica.” Angus said, “So I’m going to take her to the race track with me.”

“You are?” Jessica exclaimed and throwing her arms around his neck she hugged him.

Angus chuckled as he lay a kiss on the top of her head. “Yes I am. You can help me fix up some of the cars. I do that every now and then. The thing is, we need to get there pretty early in the afternoon. Given that it’s practically four in the morning now … we’re not going to get up till noon, and that’s being overly hopeful.”

“What’s your point?” Scott asked.

“I want Jessica to make tomorrow … today I guess, friend day.”

“You do?” Jessica asked completely incredulous.

“Don’t sound so surprised.” Angus said, patting her butt firmly.

“I’m surprised too.” Riley said, “You’re the last person I’d expect to be calling a friend day.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Angus said in a grouchy voice, “You’re both comedians. We have to get out first thing tomorrow so there’s no time for group sex. Friend day will get us out unimpeded… so to speak.”

“Okay.” Jessica chirped, “Today is friend day.”

“But … “ Angus said pulling her back against him as she’d begun to move toward the porch again, “Jim and Josh need their turn. So, they have to get it before we go to bed … since later they can’t.”

“Okay.” Jessica said.

“Are you sure Jess?” Scott asked, tilting his head while looking her over. “It’s been a long day and you look a little bushed.”

Jessica shrugged, “I’ll be fine. Really I will.” She added when Riley looked at her with skepticism.

“Alright.” Angus said and they moved to the porch again.
“So tomorrow the track, day after Riley and I will come and watch you ride.” Angus said.

“Yay!” Jessica exclaimed as they walked through the door, “Thank you!”

“Thank you for what?” Josh asked grabbing a box of pizza from Riley and heading for the kitchen.

“I get to go to the race track with Angus tomorrow!” Jessica exclaimed, pulling away from Angus and following Josh into the kitchen, “And then Riley and Angus will come and watch me ride the next day.”

“Really?” Josh asked, obviously impressed by this himself. “One slice or two Jess.” He asked.

“I’ll start with one.” She said.

“Take two.” Jim said limping into the kitchen behind the other men, “There may not be anything left if you don’t take it now.”

Josh put two pieces of pizza on a plate and Jessica took it to the table. The men joined her and silence ensued while everyone stuffed their mouths.

Jessica only managed to eat one piece and then she started to sag in the chair.

“Shit.” Angus muttered observing Jessica and wondering if he should just leave the sex thing for the following morning. So they’d go to the track later … big deal.

“What?” Josh asked, looking at Angus, Jessica who was almost asleep, Riley and Scott.

“What’s up?” Jim asked. Casually at first but when Jessica suddenly nodded and roused herself, pushing herself off the chair, he knew something strange was going on.

Jessica moved toward Josh.

“We had sex with Jessica in the parking lot of the pizza place.” Angus said pausing as Jessica straddled Josh’s lap. Josh leaned back, looking at her in surprise. Jessica smiled and brought her lips to his, sliding her tongue between his lips and her right hand down his pants. Josh moaned. With her left hand Jessica reached out blindly, knowing Jim was sitting next to Josh and finding his chest she slid her hand down his chest and into his pants as well.

“Whoa. What’s going on?” Jim asked, his cock jumping to attention despite his intellectual concerns with the situation.

“We thought that since we had sex with her, you guys should get your turn now.” Scott said.

“What?” Jim demanded. He grabbed Jessica’s wrist and held it so she’d stop stroking him. Josh was completely into his kiss, his hands were up Jessica’s shirt, inside her bra, and by the rocking of his pelvis he was enjoying what Jessica was doing with her other hand.

“She’s calling today a friend day, after this.” Angus added, “She and I have to get out of here fast first thing after we wake up.”

Jessica and Josh had stopped kissing long enough for Jessica to remove her hands from both Jim and Josh’s cocks and lift them over her head while Josh pulled her shirt off.

“There are a couple things wrong with this.” Jim said, grabbing Jessica’s arm when she lowered it. Josh tossed her shirt away and brought his lips to her tit.

“We know.” Riley said. “We have to talk about the group rule. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out very well.”

“That’s not what I was going to say.” Jim said. “Josh stop for a minute.” He added when Josh began undoing Jessica’s pants. “Josh …” he yelled, “Stop!”

Josh had opened Jessica’s pants and was in the process of sliding his thumb behind her panty line, between her lips when he stopped, looked over at Jim and blinked.

“Number one … Jessica was half asleep. She’s had a busy day, she needs to sleep. And two, she’s not supposed to go at us like this unless we tell her to. Remember the whole slave thing?” But the look on Riley, Scott and Angus’ faces made it clear that they knew all too well. “You told her to?” Jim exploded.

“We want you guys to get your fair turn, that’s all.” Riley said.

“It’s okay Jim … I want to.” Jessica smiled a lazy smile as she rubbed his chest, but she fought to keep her eyes open.

“You’re drop dead tired.” Jim said. Jessica looked at Josh who had stopped sucking her nipples and was studying her face too.

“You guys want it too.” Jessica said sliding each hand down into the respective pants of Jim and Josh.

“Jessica, you’re beat.” Josh said, grabbing her arm.

“But you’re stiff. Both of you. I can take care of that and then we’ll go to bed.”
Jim and Josh looked at each other. It was true, their boners were about to split their pants.

“And I’m ready too.” Jessica added. “I’d really like it if we did it. Now.”

“Jesus Christ.” Jim muttered and then turned his eyes on the others. “Don’t ever do this again.” He said but he got to his feet. “Do you want top or bottom?” he asked Josh.

“Bottom.” Josh said with a grin. He lifted Jessica off of himself and once she was standing, pulled her pants off.

“Over the back of the sofa.” Jim said, his voice catching, horniness overwhelming him . Josh scooped Jessica up, carried her to the sofa, planted her on her knees, facing the back of the sofa. Lifting her he slid her forward so the back of the sofa was under her stomach, parted her legs and reached between them and stroked her. It took less than a few seconds before Jessica moaned and seeped onto Josh’s fingers.

“Now,” Josh said to Jim and raising Jessica by the hips he slid into her and pumped. Jim slid his cock into Jessica’s mouth and the two of them got into synchronized pounding. Moaning loud as they came moments later.

“Jess …” Josh moaned, leaning over her back, still in her, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her back. Jessica licked Jim clean as he caressed her head.

“Pull her up Josh.” Jim said, supporting Jessica’s head as she fought to stay awake. “She’s fading.”

“I’m sorry …” Jessica muttered as Josh pulled her onto his lap.

“Don’t be sweetie, you’re exhausted.” Josh said kissing her cheek.

“I just feel so relaxed…” she said, fighting to keep her eyes open.

“Don’t worry Jess, we’re going to bed now.” Jim said, leaning over the back of the sofa and kissing the cheek that wasn’t pressed into Josh’s chest.

“Guys,” Scott said. Jim looked up to see that Riley, Scott and Angus were pitching tents and moving toward him, Jessica and Josh.

“You’ve gotta be kidding.” Jim said, “She can barely keep her eyes open, go jerk off.”
Scott stopped and blinked. “No, I don’t expect to have sex with Jess.” He said surprised that Jim would think that. “I just want to make sure we’re okay. After the whole parking lot thing.”

“I’m okay.” Jim said, looking at Josh.

“Me too.” He said pulling the arms he’d wrapped around Jessica tighter and kissing her head.

“This whole have sex together thing was to keep us all equal. If you guys feel fine with dropping that stipulation then I have no issues.” Jim said.

“I guess I’m feeling pretty equal right now.” Angus said and much to his surprise he realized that it was true.

“Me too.” Riley said.

Scott and Josh were nodding.

“Okay, but remember the friend rule. Jessica can call it any time. Even in the middle of sex if she wants to. We have to honor it.” Jim said.

“I didn’t’ think I’d be able to stop once I got started.” Angus said, “But I’ve done it a few times now. I’m not saying it’s easy, but doable. If she calls friend time, I’ll make it a friend time.”

“Ditto.” Riley said.

“Course.” Josh and Scott said.

“But sometimes, like now when she’s obviously too tired to breathe much less fuck, you will have to call friend time. Not her.” Jim said. “Think about it.” He added when Riley, Angus, and even Scott were looking at him like he was crazy. “When has she ever said no … I mean since we had the oath?” Jim added when all the men opened their mouths to point out that she had been less than willing in the early days.

“I guess that’s true.” Riley said, pleasantly surprised by the fact.

“She likes to please us.” Jim said.

“And that’s a problem how?” Angus asked.

“That’s a problem because she will do it to her own detriment. Look at her. She’s exhausted. But if you woke her up, she’d keep on going.”

“We’ve come a long way.” Riley said staring at Jessica’s naked body being clutched against Josh.

“Don’t use that against her.” Jim said.
“I get what you’re saying.” Angus said. “I’ll watch out for her more.”

“I mean she trusts us … you will?” Jim asked in astonishment.

“Yeah. We just wanted to keep things fair. But you’re right. Jessica’s well- being is more important than making sure we all get equally fucked.” Angus said.

“Okay then.” Jim said, astounded. He looked at Josh, Riley, Scott. They all looked just as impressed with Angus as he felt.

“Why don’t you take her to bed.” Riley said. “God knows she deserves a good nights …” he looked at the clock, “days sleep.”

Jim scooped up his pants. Josh got up, Jessica cradled in his arms and handed her to Jim.

“Good night sweetie.” He whispered and kissed her cheek.

“Night babe.” Scott said, kissing her cheek too.

“Love you Jess.” Riley took his turn, pecking her on the cheek.

“Night. Baby … see you tomorrow.” Angus said, planting a kiss too.

When Jim disappeared down the hallway Angus exhaled.

“If you’ll excuse me. I have to go to my room and pull dick.” He said and disappeared down the hallway.

“Don’t look at me.” Josh said when Riley and Scott glanced at him. “My dick has been sufficiently pulled, and I’m not pulling yours.”

“Night.” Scott said with a laugh and headed to his room.

“Night.” Riley said but paused after his first step toward the hallway. “What’s happening with that comic of yours? Did you add the sex scenes?”

“Did I ever.” Josh said.

“Good. I’ll read it tomorrow.” Riley said and disappeared down the hallway.

“Great.” Josh said and fell back on the sofa too tired to bother going to his room. The lights were still on but he didn’t care about those either. Being sexually serviced on a regular basis definitely did wonders for his ability to sleep. He closed his eyes and was out in seconds.


It was one o’clock the next afternoon when Jessica ambled down the hallway, Jim’s hand in hers. They’d slept well, awoken late, showered, dressed and now come looking for food.

But the relaxed feeling they both shared came to an abrupt end when they came into the living room and found Angus, Scott and Josh looking hostile and Riley sitting on the sofa looking severely pissed while talking on the cell phone. Angus was pounding his right fist into his left hand. Scott was flexing his hands into fists over and over again and Josh stood stock still, muscles coiled, staring at Riley.

“No. We still have a few days off. And as I told you, after that we do surveillance only.” Riley wasn’t yelling but his voice was hard. Hard, angry and cold. Jessica shivered. She’d heard that voice many times before. Not lately, thank God. But she sure wasn’t going to forget it. And she really didn’t want to hear it again.

Jim noticed her reaction and pulled her to him.

“And I told you. We don’t work for you. We’re independent. We work when we want to.” Riley listened for a second. “Fuck you Paul. Fuck you!” and he hung up.
“Mother fucker!”

“What’s going on?’ Jim asked. Riley looked up. Seeing Jessica in Jim’s arms, watching him, afraid, cooled his anger. He never wanted there to be a reason for her to be afraid of him or the other men again.

“It’s fucking Paul!” Angus growled and began to pace. Scott joined him. Jessica looked around the room and felt a strange sense of déjà vu. It was familiar but different.

“Jess, are you okay?” Riley asked in as gentle a tone as he could muster.

“Yes.” She said. “Are you?”

Riley nodded. “I’m just majorly pissed.” He said.

“Paul insists that we go in the field?” Jim asked.

Riley nodded. Silence filled the room.

“What do you think he’s going to do about it?” Josh asked.

“Nothing.” Riley finally said. “He’s going to do nothing. He’s just blowing smoke.”

“I’d like to blow his fucking brains out.” Scott grumbled, kicked the sofa, turned in a circle, bringing his hands behind his head and staring at the ceiling.

“Scott …” Josh said in a low voice and nodded his head at Jessica when Scott scowled at him.

“Shit. I didn’t mean that Jess. Just a figure of speech … not.” He ended so quietly Jessica barely heard him.

“So this is bad?” Jessica asked.

“Damn ri…” Angus began but Riley interrupted him with a shake of his head.

“No, it’s not bad.” Riley said. “He just thinks he can bully us into caving. He’ll get the picture soon enough.”

“Who is he exactly?” Jessica asked.

“He’s the head of the clan.” Josh said.

“I thought Corey and Sean are the heads of the clan” Jessica said.

“They used to be. Kind of. When Kevin went to jail we kind of splintered and everyone had their own local leader. But since then Paul has taken leadership of the chapters in this region.” Riley explained in a tone that made it clear that he didn’t approve.

“Do you think he’d come here?” Jim asked.

Riley looked startled. “I don’t think so.” He said.

“He better not come anywhere near here.” Angus grumbled.

“What if he does.” Scott asked, eyeing Jessica. “I don’t want him anywhere near Jess.”

“He’d be coming to … hurt you?” Jessica asked looking around at the men, alarmed.

“Who knows.” Riley said deciding that trying to downplay the truth was counter- productive. He’d wanted to keep Jessica from being scared but she more than anyone needed to know the truth so she could be prepared. “He might just come to talk. Or he might come to do something a little more persuasive.”

“Riley. We’ve told Paul to never come here. If he shows up, it won’t be for coffee and conversation.” Angus said.
“Okay.” Jessica said and she seemed to be thinking. Then she seemed to have decide something because she gave a little nod and her face settled into something that looked like a cross between anger and determination. “Well, if he comes here, we’ll fight him. Would it be just Paul?”

“No way!” Angus thundered rerouting his pacing to stand before Jessica and Jim, glowering. His body vibrated as he stared at Jessica. His expression confused her. He looked angry, horny, frustrated, yet in a strange way satisfied. And he was all four …Jessica’s bravery frustrated him but he couldn’t help but be impressed. Not that he’d ever tell her that for fear of encouraging her to put herself in danger.

“No … Jessica!” Scott groaned. He looked like someone had run him through with a sword. Worry settled over him. The last thing he wanted to ever see was Jessica going up against Paul.

“Figures you’d come to that conclusion.” Josh said shaking his head. Nothing seemed to scare her like it should.

Riley stared at her wondering how to manage her lack of self-preservation given their oath. The men all seemed equally set against Jessica involving herself in any way with Paul but if she managed to somehow convince them … especially Jim, Josh and Scott, she could vote herself into dealing with Paul. That, without a doubt, could never be allowed to happen. Paul was a homicidal maniac. Jessica wouldn’t stand a chance.

Jim tightened his arms around her. He worried about Paul paying any attention to them. He knew it was bad news. He hoped Jessica would listen to reason if it came down to a confrontation with Paul but Jim wasn’t an idiot. Paul had many resources at his disposal. He, the other men and Jessica only had themselves. If Paul decided to be an asshole he worried about their ability to protect Jessica.

“Why not? I can shoot. You’re teaching me how to fight … “

“No Jessica.” Riley said, “And that’s final.”

“I agree that she won’t fight, but Jessica needs to be able to protect herself.” Jim said.

“There are five of us. I think we have it that covered.” Angus said.

“There were upwards of twenty people protecting Jessica and her family the day we attacked.” Jim said. “Jessica needs to be able to fend for herself.”

“You’re right.” Riley said looking at Jessica in an appraising way. “Today Angus and Jessica are going to the race track. Go, have your fun, but tomorrow we stop dicking around and start some serious training.” Riley got up from the sofa and moved to stand next to Angus, staring down at Jessica. “But Jessica it’s not going to be the half assed training we’ve been doing so far. It’s going to be hard. You’ll have to run harder, do more push-ups … real push-ups. We’ll teach you hand to hand combat and while your sharp shooting is great it would give you diddly in a fire fight. Every morning we’ll train. Early. And hard. But understand this Jessica, all of this is to help you disable someone and then get the hell away. This is not for combat. Understand?”

Jessica was nodding and leaning back into Jim as Riley loomed over her, leaning in.

“Jessica.” Angus moved closer and cupping her face in his hands. “What we are telling you right now is that if Paul comes here, you do what you have to do to get away and then you run. Do you understand that?”

Jessica nodded.

“Say it out loud.”

“Yes, Angus, I understand. Self-defense only.”

Silence hung in the air while Angus’ eyes stared into Jessica’s. After half a minute Jessica couldn’t stand it anymore. She slipped her arms around his neck and leaned in, burying her face in his chest.

“I didn’t mean to make you mad. Sorry.” She said.

“I’m … I’m not mad.” Angus said, “I’m just concerned.”

“Jessica hasn’t eaten yet.” Jim said while rubbing her back. Hoping to change the subject. They hadn’t had this kind of intensity in a long, long time and he wasn’t too pleased to see it’s return.

“Shit yeah. Sorry Jess. Come have some breakfast and then let’s get to the track.” Angus said taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen.


“You drive well.” A female voice said from behind Jessica.

Jessica turned, pulling her helmet off, and found a blond haired women, dressed in a red and blue race suit smiling at her. Jessica was feeling so high right then she didn’t think there was anything that could beat the day she’d had so far. Working with Angus on a cars, racing the latest one around the test track when Angus told her to give it a test run. But now, now there was a woman amongst all these men at the track and she had gone out of her way to speak to Jessica.

“Thank you.” Jessica beamed.

“I’m Nina,” the woman said extending her hand.

“I’m Jessica.” Jessica said, taking her hand.

“And I’m Angus.” Angus said from behind Jessica. Jessica jumped. Angus had materialized out of nowhere. He hadn’t been there when Jessica pulled in.

Nina extended her hand to Angus. Jessica looked over her shoulder when Angus didn’t extend his hand back. He looked distinctly uncomfortable, but after catching Jessica’s eye for a second Angus sighed and extended his hand.

“Angus.” Nina said in a tone she hadn’t used for Jessica, “Pleased to meet you.”

Nina ran her eyes over Angus in what Jessica judged to be a very appreciative way. Jessica felt a strange gnawing in her stomach as Nina raked Angus’ body with her eyes. There was something about the way Nina looked at Angus that was indescribably different than the way the women at the pool hall had. Jessica had a sudden and incredibly strong need to claim Angus as her own.

“Angus is my husband.” Jessica said, holding her hand up to show Nina her wedding ring. Nina blinked, sliding her eyes from Jessica to Angus.

“I’m sorry.” She said, “You look so young, I thought perhaps you were related in some way.” She blinked again and then smiled. “So will you be racing Jessica? You have a natural talent for it.”

Angus cleared his throat. “You’ll have to excuse us. We have things to do.” Angus said and taking Jessica’s elbow he guided her toward the garage.

They walked quietly. Jessica disappointed that she wouldn’t have a friend in Nina … even if Angus had been inclined to let her, Jessica wasn’t sure she wanted Nina around. She still had remnants of that gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach and it didn’t feel good. And disappointed that she apparently would not be allowed to race. They’d reached their work section and Jessica reached for her gloves.

“Are you upset?” Angus asked. Jessica looked up at him. He looked upset.

“No. Upset about what?” Jessica asked moving closer and bringing her hand to his face, caressing his cheek, trying to rub away the sad expression on his face.

Angus shrugged. “Nina … I guess I was a little rude.”

“Actually you weren’t. Surprisingly …” she added with a smile. Angus smiled too but it slipped away seconds later.
“Then why do you look sad?”

“I do?” Jessica asked in surprise.

“You do.” Angus said his voice softening further and he brought his hand up to her cheek. Jessica was at a loss for words. Angus’ eyes stared into hers, he’d moved closer and pulled her against him, but neither his eyes nor his body indicated a sexual intention. He looked … emotional. Like he loved her. Really loved her.

“I guess … maybe … Angus, will I ever have any friends here?”

Angus paused. And then he shook his head. “I don’t think so Jessica. I just don’t have it in me. Not with people outside the clan. Sorry.”

“Not even girl friends?”

“Not even. Sorry.”

Jessica nodded. “I’m just glad that you’ve brought me here Angus. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.” He searched her face again. “That’s not everything Jess, you still look sad.”

“Really?” Jessica was stumped. “Honestly Angus, I can’t think of anything else.”

“Nothing to do with racing maybe?”

“Oh.” Jessica said both in realization and surprise. A subtle change in Angus’ expression, tone and demeanor told Jessica that even if Jessica hadn’t had an issue about racing, Angus did.

“Jess, I sent you out there to test drive the car, not run the Formula 100. I almost had a heart attack … are you insane, what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that it’s a race car.”


“So … to test a race car you have to race it.”

Angus growled under his breath.

“Right?” Jessica asked when Angus’ arms slid around her and locked in place.

“You scared me.” Angus said.


“And, you impressed me.”

“I did?”

Angus nodded and slid his eyes down to her mouth, his expression changing rapidly to one of lust.

“Angus … it’s friend time, remember?” Jessica reminded him, almost reluctantly. But there were people all around. This was no place for them to degenerate into a sexathon.

“Right.” Angus muttered and forced his eyes back up to hers. “You impressed me Jessica. You used to race motor bikes, right?”

Jessica nodded.

“But not cars?”

“No, just motor bikes, cross country, not on a track.”

“Okay.” Angus said with a nod to himself, “I may not be able to give you friends here. But if the other guys are okay with it, I’d like to teach you how to race. Cars … on a track. And then you can race here.”

Jessica screeched and threw herself into Angus’s arms, wrapping her legs around him she pulled herself up to his face and assaulted him with kisses.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you …” she muttered between pecks.

“Good.” Angus said, laughing. “Let’s finish this one up and go home. There are some things I’d like to do to you that can’t be done here… assuming friend time doesn’t extend into tonight?”

Jessica giggled. “Nope. Tonight is sex time.”

“I can’t wait.” Angus growled and with obvious reluctance he put Jessica down.

“Me neither.” Jessica said.

Angus looked at the car, then back at Jessica.

“Fuck it. We’ve fixed three cars today already. Do you have an overwhelming urge to finish this one?”

“No, I’m good.” Angus grinned, tossed down the wrench he was holding, grabbed the screw driver from Jessica’s hand and threw it in the tool box too, and taking Jessica’s hand dragged her to the parking lot.

When they pulled into the driveway there was a brand new silver four by four Ford sitting in the driveway. Angus cut the engine and pushed Jessica down onto the seat so quickly it took Jessica several seconds to figure out how she’d gotten there.

“Stay down.” Angus growled. “If I’m not back in five minutes, get out of here.” And then he was gone.

Jessica looked at the empty driver’s side just as the door closed with a minute click. She saw the keys still hanging in the ignition.

“What the fuck?” she heard Angus’ muffled voice.

“Nothing’s wrong, let her up.” She heard Scott saying and then her door opened. She blinked at Josh.

“Come here Jess, everything’s okay.” He held his hand out to her. Taking it she got out of the car and looked around. All the men were standing around the car, looking at her and Angus was glaring at them.

“We didn’t mean to scare you.” Riley said.

“Well, you failed. What’s with the SUV?” Angus growled.

“In an effort to help Jessica protect herself as much as possible we’ve taken a few steps.” Riley said. Jessica noticed for the first time that Riley was holding a couple of items in his hands.

“Such as?” Angus asked.

“We’ve hidden caches of guns and bullets around the grounds.” Scott said. “I’ll take you around to show you where they are.”

“We’re also going to show Jessica where all the traps are, so she can navigate around them if she has to.” Jim said.

“And, we’ve all got cell phones.” Riley said raising his hands he stepped forward and handed a cell phone to Angus. Jessica had slowly made her way around the front of the car, Josh’s hand in hers, Josh trailing behind her. Riley moved to her and handed her a phone. Jessica stared at it.
“That’s your number on the front.” Riley said. Jessica looked up at him and blinked. “It’s better if we can all communicate with one another.”

“That’s a good idea.” Angus said quietly.

“Thanks …” Jessica said, still stunned.

“And …” Riley added when he noticed Angus eyeing the SUV again. “Jessica needs to be able to make a quick, reliable and safe getaway … therefore she needs a quick, reliable, and safe vehicle.” Riley raised his hand to the SUV.

Silence hung in the air.

“That’s … mine?” Jessica finally managed to ask in a quiet, shocked voice.

“Yes.” Riley said.

“That’s fucking genius!” Angus bellowed and a smiled split his face. He stepped forward, shook Riley’s hand, Scott’s hand, Jim’s hand, and then walked toward the SUV letting a long whistle escape him. “Fucking great!” He added again this time close enough to Jessica and Josh to shake Josh’s hand.

“Check out what we put in the trunk.” Josh said, grinning like he’d just been praised by a hard to please parent. He pointed the remoteless key chain at the back of the SUV and a few beeps emitted from the vehicle. “These are yours babe.” Josh said dangling the keys in front of Jessica. Jessica took them and stared from the keys, to the phone, to the SUV, completely dumbfounded.

Josh laughed, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in to plant a kiss on her head. “Come on.” He said and guided her to the back door of the SUV. Angus followed. Opening the door they found an empty compartment. Josh lifted a flap of the carpet, grabbed a hook that folded flat onto the floor of the trunk and lifted. The floor lifted to reveal a hideaway and in it a big metal box. Lifting the lid, Josh said, “Tada. Jess this is your very own arsenal.”

Jessica stared down at several guns of varying sizes and shapes. Josh picked up a smaller metal box and waved it in front of Jessica. “Bullets.” He said.

“Don’t worry Jess.” Riley said moving to stand behind Jessica who stood staring at the contents of the box. “We’re going to teach you how to use all of those guns. By the time we’re through you’ll know them like the back of your hands.”

Jessica looked up at the men.

“I don’t know what to say.” She finally said when she could get her lips to work.

“There’s nothing to say.” Riley replied, the smile sliding off his face. “Quite frankly I wish none of this was necessary. And Jess, I really don’t think you understand how hard the training will be. We’re going to treat you like one of us. Like your life or death counted on how well you were prepared. We intend to ensure that you end up on the life side of the equation.”

Jessica looked from one man to the other. And each one of their expressions looked the same. Pained, desperate, terrified … ashamed. Jessica’s throat clenched and she felt her heart suddenly grow heavy. Tears sprang to her eyes but she fought to keep them from falling. Clearly this thing with Paul was far more serious than they would admit and she felt scared for them. And she was touched that they were trying so hard to protect her but she honestly couldn’t see herself leaving them to their fate with Paul and running away. All this work they were doing to protect her, she hoped it would protect them too.

“I …” Jessica began, looking back at Riley, but her voice came out strangled. “I understand. But the training will help you too, right? Help you come out on the living side too?”

“It will Jess but that’s not at all the point.” Riley said, “I want you to listen to me very, very, carefully.” He moved closer and took Jessica’s face in his hands. “I said this already but I’m going to say it again because you need to be very clear on this point. The training we’re going to do … the fighting, the shooting, all of it, is for no other reason than to get you out of any unexpected or bad situations. That’s all. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but …”

“There’s no but in this Jessica.”

“It can’t hurt though right? Practicing with me? It’ll make you better at fight…” Jessica cut herself off. The idea of the men being involved in a fight of any kind was as disturbing to her as it appeared the same thought was to the men when it pertained to her. “Better at staying on the living side of the equation?”

Riley stared at her. Finally he sighed. “Yes. Yes, it will help with that.”

Jessica smiled.

Scott cleared his throat.

“Jess, Angus. Why don’t you come with me. I’ll show you where we stashed the guns.”

Riley dropped his hands.
“Then can I take my car for a ride?” Jessica asked waving the keys around. “We could probably all fit in it at the same time. It’s really big …” she added looking at the SUV again and taking in the extra-large cab for the first time.

“There are two rows of seats in the back, extended cab.” Jim said, “we’ll all fit.”

Jessica clapped her hands. “We’ll start at the barn.” Scott said, grabbing one of Jessica’s hands mid clap and pulling her behind him.

“I’ll come too.” Jim said, “we can go over the traps after.”

“Don’t take too long.” Riley said, “Dinner’s almost ready.”

An hour later the men were setting the table while Jessica showered.

“I have something to ask you while Jessica’s not around.” Angus said, “I don’t want her hopes raised before I know that you guys agree.

“Okay. What is it?” Riley asked.

“I want Jessica to race cars for me.” Angus said.

“What?” Riley demanded.

“You heard me. She ran the test track today. And she was really good. She used to race motorbikes so she’s definitely got it in her. And you guys have her lined up to race your horse … I just think she’ll enjoy it.”

“Will she ever.” Scott said.

“What a great idea.” Jim said, suddenly having a few great ideas of his own.

“So you’re okay with her horse racing?” Josh asked.

“I still want to see it first. But yeah.”

“Exactly how is that helping to keep her on the living side?” Riley demanded.

“With the right training and safety measures in place, it’s pretty safe. And, I think it will make her happy.”

“I’m up for it.” Scott said, “But just like you and the horse racing, I’d like to see it before giving final approval.”

Josh and Jim were nodding agreement.

“Riley?” Angus asked when he hadn’t reacted.

“I don’t know.” He said. “I guess I need to see it too. That’s the best I can do.”

“Sounds fair. And, I want Sean and Corey to bring some of the women from their clan over … to hang out with Jessica.” Angus said.

“Did you bump your head or something?” Riley asked eyeing Angus with suspicion.

“No!” Angus grumbled his face turning bright red. “Jessica needs some girlfriends. And I don’t mean just any of the girls from the clan. Not Be.. not the bitch, and not anyone that’s like her. I think Sean has a sister, if I remember right she seemed nice enough. And maybe some of her friends.”

Jim was staring at Angus in surprised awe. “You’re serious!”

“Of course I am.”

“Well, it’s Jessica’s birthday in a few months.” Jim said. “I was going to suggest a party … invite Sean and Corey to jam with Jess. Like she said she wanted.”

“Yeah, for her birthday maybe.” Angus said, “But I’m talking about sooner than that and leaving Sean and Corey out of it. Well, I guess they could come hang with us. But I’m talking about just girl time. So they can do what they want to do without us. So?” he asked when the men continued to stare.

“That sounds great.” Scott said. “I think she’ll love that.”

“Yeah.” Riley finally said. “She will.”

“When do you want them over?’ Josh asked. It was Riley’s day with Jessica the next day. And his the following. He was willing to volunteer part of his day.

“I’ll aim for the next day I have with her.”

“She is going to love that.” Jim said.

“Fuck is she ever.” Scott agreed.


“Harder Jess … you have to hit harder and faster.” Riley said. Jessica dropped her arms and stood panting. She nodded and when Riley lifted the blockers, she threw herself into a series of quick punches, spun around and kicked one of the blockers that Riley held against his chest.

“Better.” Riley said, “Do it again.”

“Riley …” Jim said, not for the first time. “Ease up will you?”

“When I want your opinion Jim, I’ll ask for it.” Riley said, irritation evident in his tone.

Jessica moved back and bounced lightly on her feet, keeping her hands up in boxing position as she did.

“It’s okay Jim … I’m fine.” And Jessica attacked the pads on Riley’s hands again.

Jim shook his head and nodded at Scott who raised his own set of pads up.

Riley had been true to his word the previous evening when he’d warned them that they’d have an early and brutal morning. Jessica had finished her shower the previous night and then been almost impossible to calm down when she found out she’d likely be race car driving for Angus … and probably have some girl from the clan come over.

And then of course Angus had reminded Jessica that she’d called sex time for the evening. Jim’s injuries were so much better now that he could participate normally. More slow than the other men, but he wasn’t stuck on the sofa any more.

That had led to a night of unbridled fucking and they ended up passed out on the floor. And Riley had roused them early, as he’d promised. So they’d run. Hard. Worked out. Hard. Practiced shooting. Hard. And now they were fighting … Hard. The whole time Riley had acted like a drill sergeant. Not unusual back in the days when they had used to all work out together. But now with Jessica, it seemed too brutal. He pushed Jessica and pushed Jessica. It was too much for the other’s. Each one had asked him to back off, more than once. But besides Riley, Jessica was the only one who didn’t seem to mind. In fact she seemed to relish it. Which should have made Riley’s militant treatment of her easier to take but somehow Jim doubted that Jessica had the boundaries required to know when enough was enough.

“Good job.” Riley finally said, dropping the blockers. He looked at Jessica with approval. “That’s it for today.” He stepped in and kissed her. “Why don’t you go shower. We’ll head out to the dog auction after breakfast.”

“Okay!” Jessica said in a cheery tone, no indication that she’d just been run through the ringer.

The men watched her disappear into the house.
“What the hell is your problem?” Riley demanded when she was completely out of sight. He glared at all of the men but then settled his gaze on Jim who had been the most annoying.

“Why are you being so hard on her?” Jim demanded. “Christ you’d think she’s being punished for something.”

“Really?” Riley asked, surprised, looking toward the house, “Do you really think it was that bad?”

All the men spoke at the same time, garbling their words. Jim and Josh said yes, Angus said no, and Scott said maybe.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Angus demanded. “Jessica is tough. Fucking tough. Tougher than probably anyone I know. A little hard training is not going to break her.”

“And,” Scott added, “Riley warned her. Several times that it would be hard. I really doubt she saw this as any kind of punishment.”

Riley was still staring at the house.

Jim exhaled. “You’re right. Riley, I’m sorry I didn’t really mean to imply that she felt punished. It’s just … I guess I can’t see myself ever being that … hard with her. She seems more fragile to me than that.”

Riley swung his eyes back to Jim.

“That’s the problem Jim. She seems pretty fragile to me too. But to keep her safe, help her defend herself, she can’t be fragile. She needs to be strong enough to get away.”

“I personally think she already is strong enough.” Josh said. “She just needs the skills, which we’re teaching her. Riley, I don’t think she needs you to run her into the ground in order to prepare her to defend herself.”

“Guys. I think Jessica will say something if it’s too much.” Scott said.

Riley nodded, but he wasn’t completely convinced.

Jim felt like shit. He could tell that Riley was worried now. Unsure of himself.

“Never mind Riley.” Jim said, “Scott’s right. She’ll say something if it’s too much. Just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“Sean and Corey will be dropping Ebony off just after lunch.” Scott said, trying to change the topic, “I can wait till my day with her, but you guys will come see her ride right? There’s another race in a couple of weeks I’d like to register her for … assuming you okay her riding of course.”

Riley nodded but seemed distracted.

As they headed to the house, Jim mentally kicked himself for opening his mouth and making Riley doubt himself. But then he realized that Riley had all day to work it out with Jessica. Riley had today, Josh the next day. Scott’s turn again and then it was his. And he had a lot planned. A lot to fit into one day. He’d called Carl to relay Jessica’s suggestions both about sharing the performance evening, and the idea about the cd and the concert to raise funds for Lilly and Stephan. Carl had loved both ideas and he’d put things into motion to make both happen. And then Angus’ suggestion about racing gave Jim another idea. He wanted to help Jessica experience everything she ever wanted in life. He’d find out what she’s always wanted to do and fit something new in every morning that he had his day with her. He smiled to himself. He’d wanted to bring Jessica to the next level … cater to needs that weren’t being currently fulfilled. The bar, the friends, the singing, all of that was to that end. Now he knew what else he had to do. Jessica’s happiness was all that truly mattered to him and he was pleased to realize that the same was true of the other men. And in their limited ways they were doing their best for her. The last thing he should be doing was undermining their confidence in their efforts. He promised himself that he’d think long and hard before interfering again.


Riley looked over at Jessica.

She was in the passenger seat, looking out the window. They had packed up a couple of the dogs that she and Riley had been training in crates and they sat on the back seat of the car. When Jessica had found out that the point of today’s trip was to possibly sell the dogs, Jessica had gotten quiet. But now she looked happy enough, watching the country side roll by.

“Jess.” Riley said.

Jessica looked over at him, a smile plastered on her face.

“You understand that the whole point behind training the dogs is to sell them, right?”

Jessica’s smile faltered. But she nodded and forced the smile back. “That’s your work, I understand that.” She said. “But how do you keep from getting attached to the dogs?”

“I guess I don’t let myself get attached. Business is business …”
Jessica nodded. “I know.” She said reaching out to take Riley’s hand.

“And about this morning. I’m sorry if I was … over the top. With the training …” he added when Jessica looked confused.

“Over the top?”

“Too hard on you. I wasn’t … punishing you …”

Jessica looked even more confused. “Did I act like I thought you were punishing me?”

“No. No. But Jim thought that maybe you’d interpret it that way.”

Jessica pondered that.

“Because you were so strict about the training?”

Riley nodded.

“Actually, I kind of liked that. You were treating me the same as the men. I took that as a good thing.”

“You liked it?”

“Yeah. I did.”

“So, you don’t want me to stop … or tone it down?”

“No. Please don’t.”

Riley smiled. “You’re unbelievable, do you know that?”

Jessica shrugged, her cheeks flushing pink. “So what kind of dogs are you hoping to buy?” Jessica asked, trying to distract Riley. She felt pride swell up in her, but she didn’t want to linger on it. For reasons she couldn’t understand, she felt shy about his praise.

“Guard dog material.” Riley said, “Big dogs, smart dogs. Let me know if you see any while we’re there.” Jessica nodded.

An hour into the auction Riley was getting a better appreciation for what Angus had meant about girlfriends for Jessica. He observed Jessica as they made their rounds and Jessica was polite and friendly with everyone he introduced her to … or who introduced themselves to her. But she seemed to have a special interest in the women. And often she’d look at Riley like she was afraid he’d put a stop to the conversations that she was having with them. And each time Riley left her and her acquaintance alone, Jessica looked noticeably relieved.

They’d run into Zach at the auction also which had delayed the visit. Riley had spent a good extra half hour or so looking over dogs with him. Zach bought a couple that he hired Riley to train for him. So by the time Riley squeezed Jessica on the shoulder to indicate that it was time to go he had sold both dogs he’d brought, bought two new ones, he had Zach’s two to train and Jessica had gabbed with a total of twenty people. Riley had counted. Half had been men, half had been women, and she looked happier than a pig in shit.

“It was a pleasure to meet you.” A short, plump, black haired woman named Janice said and handed Jessica her business card. She eyed Riley appreciatively which Jessica was becoming accustomed to. Women had done the same all afternoon and Riley had shown little interest, much to the relief of the little gnawing that appeared each time in Jessica’s stomach. It seemed that the slightly older women had that way of looking at Riley and Angus that somehow unsettled Jessica. She concluded that it had to be the maturity that made the difference between the way Alice and Sue from the pool hall had ogled the men versus how Nina from the track and Janice and the other women at the auction ogled Riley. Rather than lighthearted flirtation, it seemed like a promise of carnal pleasure and there was little doubt that the women knew how to provide it. They were confident in their sexuality, and Jessica got the impression that they were looking for more mature men who were also confident in their sexuality. Riley and Angus fit that bill and while Jim, Josh and Scott did also Jessica got the sense that women like Janice and Nina would overlook them due to their age. They had no idea what they were missing out on with their biases but Jessica was definitely not going to point it out. In any case, at the auction, Riley, was showing no interest in anyone other than her. That intensified the warm internal glow that seemed to be her constant companion now and made her feel loved and wanted, and happy.

As they drove home Riley studied Jessica, shifting his eyes between her and the road, wondering what she was thinking about that put such a serene smile on her face. Jessica spent most of her time looking out of the window but halfway home she noticed Riley studying her.

Jessica smiled at him, but the way Riley’s eyes travelled over her face, scrutinizing every detail, made Jessica wonder what was so interesting about her face to warrant that kind of observation. “Do I have mustard on my mouth?” she asked in suddenly realizing what it could be. Sitting upright, she pulled the visor down and looked in the mirror.

“No … no mustard.” Riley said with a laugh, remembering the earlier enthusiasm Jessica had had when they’d bought sausages from a street vendor. As he had then, Riley once again marveled at how much he liked Jessica. More than loved, need, wanted, he just plain old liked her. She had a way of seeing everything as fun, and a way of including everyone around her in it. It was easy to be happy around her.
“Phew!” Jessica said, shut the visor and turned back to Riley, eyeing him with curiosity, “Everything okay?”

“Yup. I’m just wondering what’s making you smile so much. I want to make sure it never stops.”

Jessica giggled a little but then looked up at him in a shy way. “You are. You and the other men. You make me feel like I’m special, and important to you, and it makes me happy.”

“Well,” Riley said in pleasant surprise, “you are. Both of those things and more.”

Jessica slipped the shoulder strap of the seatbelt off snuggled in under Riley’s arm.

“When the girls from the clan come over … what kinds of things do you want to do with them?” Riley asked.

Jessica’s face lit up. “Oh … well, whatever they want.”

“I imagine they’ll say the same thing … so it may be a good idea to have something planned.” Riley said.

Jessica nodded. “Well, maybe if they want to watch a movie … I’ve been dying to watch the Twilight series again but the guys don’t really like to watch it with me.”

“Why not?” Riley asked.

Something flickered behind Jessica’s eyes as she turned them on Riley.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Riley demanded.

“Well …” Jessica said in an overly sweet voice that Riley had never heard her use before. “You haven’t watched the movies before. I’d really love it if you would.”

“Jessica, are you trying to sweet talk me into it?”

“I’m just saying that it would make me really, really, really, happy.” Jessica said, wearing the most angelic expression that had ever graced her face, folding her hands together and pressing them against her one cheek while batting her eyes at Riley.

“Okay …” he said laughing, “Those movies must be awful.”

“They’re not!” Jessica said moving from Riley’s embrace back completely into her own seat, a pouty expression replacing her earlier angelic one, making it clear that she felt gravely misunderstood.
“Oh my God.” Riley said. “I’ve heard men talk about the wiles of women but I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever seen evidence of it until now. You can stop trying to put one over on me Jess. I’ll watch the damn movies with you and not because of those faces you’re pulling, or your batting eyelashes … Christ.” He shook his head and laughed. “Just have the decency to tell me why the other guys don’t like them.”

“They say they’re chick flicks.” Jessica muttered, dropping her pretenses completely and slouching in her seat, folding her arms across her chest and pouting.

“Chick flicks?” Riley asked, confused. “They’re pornos?” he asked sounding both relieved and eager.

“No. You mean skin flicks.” Jessica said with a giggle, and she giggled harder when Riley realized his mistake and looked completely defeated. “But, we can watch those too if you want.” Jessica said taking his hand. Riley glanced at her and felt much better when he realized that she was serious.

“So, what are chick flicks?”

“Well I guess they’re movies that are mostly liked by girls.”


“If you don’t want to watch them with me, that’s okay.”

“No, I’ll watch them with you. I said I would and I’m a man of my word.”

Jessica squealed, and moved closer to Riley so she could kiss his cheek and lay her head on his shoulder again.

“Thank you Riley! Tonight? Can we watch them tonight?”

“Ah. How many movies are there?”


“And they’re two hours each?”

Jessica nodded.

“How bout we watch one tonight and I’ll watch the other two with you later. If Josh and Scott don’t care we can watch them over the next couple of nights.”

“Thank you Riley!” Jessica said, kissing his cheek again, and burrowing her head into his chest.

“So if you’re watching the chick flicks with me, what will you do with the girls?”

“Well, I’d love to go shopping. Get my hair done. Maybe have a slumber party …” Jessica said bolting up, “could we do a slumber party?” She asked completely beside herself with excitement.

“I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one Jess. In case you haven’t noticed we seem to have developed a pretty routine bed time ritual. Somehow I don’t think visitors would be too crazy about watching us devour you on the living room floor.”

“Right.” Jessica said with a smile, “That could be a little unnerving for a guest.”

“Now there’s an understatement.” Riley said as they pulled into the driveway. “All kidding aside, I’m starting to wonder about our bed situations. We have bedrooms that we never sleep in and a hard living room floor that we always sleep on. Maybe we should set up a massively huge bed in the living room …”

“Do they make beds that big?” Jessica asked, closing the car door for Riley once he slipped the leads on the new dogs and they jumped out of the car.

“I doubt it, but I’ll see what I can find out about it. Look, I’ll go put the dogs away. Why don’t you go get cleaned up. I’m sure dinner is almost ready.”

“Okay. See you in a minute.”

Jessica ran up the porch, through the front door and skidded to a halt. The men were standing in a semi-circle, near the door, looking at her. They must have heard the car drive up.

“Um, hi.” Jessica said not certain what the smirks on their faces meant.

Jessica heard the door open behind her. Riley came in and shut the door behind him.

“What’s going on?” he asked, coming to stand behind Jessica, hugging her.

Jessica shrugged and looked back at the men.

“We were just waiting for Princess assiceJ to come home.” Scott said in a low, husky tone. In a second the sexual tension hit Jessica like a wall of bricks. Jessica finally noticed the bulges the men’s pants and she realized that it wasn’t just Scott who was raking her body with his eyes. Angus’ eyes seemed frozen on the spot between her legs, and he ran his hand over his mouth. Jim held her eyes but the intensity had Jessica’s legs quiver. She slid her gaze to Josh, who was panting like he’d just finished running. And Riley tightened his arms around, her. His hard member pressing into her back. Jessica moaned, instantly in full blown need of the men. But then Scott’s words registered.

“Josh!” she exclaimed. “You finished it?” Suddenly that excitement overshadowed the other. “You really finished it? Can I read it?” she asked when Josh nodded unable to quite shake his lust … confused by Jessica’s sudden change in gears.

“This is what he added.” Jim said holding out the stack of papers, opened to a page. Jessica paused, and looked at Jim again. His voice had been as guttural as Angus’ on Angus’ most horny day. It seemed so odd, coming from Jim. Exciting, but odd. “Look at it.” Jim ordered, waving the papers at her. Jessica blinked in surprise. He wasn’t angry. At least she was pretty sure he wasn’t, but something was … different. “Please.” Jim added, suddenly realizing how he’d sounded. “I’m sorry Jess.” He took a step closer, “but this comic … moved me. Please read it.”

He held the papers up. Jessica took them and looked down at the image of Jessica, the only real fictation being her single digit hands, with her legs spread and Josh shoving his one hand in her pussy, the other in her anus. Riley looked over her shoulder and gasped, pressing his erection even harder into her back. Jessica gasped also, and then her eyes went further down the page. Suddenly the other men appeared in the comic … and they did things to her … things that she was pretty sure the real men were about to do.

“You … you read it?” Jessica asked Jim.

“We all did.” Jim said. “Except for Riley. We read it hours ago. We’ve just been waiting …”

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed as the men moved on her at once. Riley ripped her shirt open, her bra disappeared, her pants, underwear, all disappeared. And then Riley had her against him, her legs were open, and hands, fingers, toes, lips, teeth, tongues, were everywhere and above the noise of her heart pounding hard and the overwhelming lust in her entire body Jessica heard a noise that she could only compare to what the dogs in the kennel made when it was feeding time. And that fact alone would have brought blinding release to her but then she heard Scott growl, “pull her nipples, hard!” and suddenly someone was pulling her nipples, hard enough to make her gasp. “Tap her G spot … hard!” And suddenly the fingers that were invading her holes began to press harder, faster, deeper. And just when she thought she could take no more without exploding, a hand slapped her firmly on one buttock, and Riley bit her neck. Then the hand slapped her on the other butt cheek. And Riley bit her neck again, another slap, and Jessica screamed. She screamed so loud, so hard, as wave upon wave of blinding pleasure rolled over her.

“Holy shit!” Riley said.

“Jessica ” Jim and Josh exclaimed simultaneously, her screaming breaking them out of their frenzy.

“Her pussy is pulsating!” Scott said, “She’s a fucking meat grinder … quick, fuck her!” Scott said. Jessica felt herself being lifted upright, the fingers and hands vacating her holes, and then a cock filling her anus.

“Oh shit Jess.” Riley mumbled in her ear as he thrust into her. And then she felt a cock enter her pussy, stretching her, and then Josh was up against her, kissing her, as he too thrust into her.

“We got her.” Angus said, and Jessica felt hands holding her legs, lifting her while Riley and Josh found their rhythm and pounded away.

“Holy shit!” Josh said moving his lips from Jessica’s lips to her ear. “You are a fucking meat grinder … shit, shit, that feels so … oh shit!” he yelled, and he came.

“Jim … take her.” Josh said with a final kiss to her lips, he pulled out. “She’s still pulsating, get in there!”

“Jess …” Jim said, sliding into her and coming face to face with her.

“Jim …” Jessica moaned.

“Are you okay?” he gasped as his cock convulsed with her pussy.

“Oh yeah … please, don’t stop.” Jessica said, and nipped his neck.

“Angus …”Riley said, sliding out of her anus. Jessica felt hands moving again and then Angus replace Riley.

“Babe!” he whispered in her ear.

“Angus …” she leaned her head back into the nape of his neck.

“Hold on guys.” Scott said, “I’ve got a vibrator … we’ll get her off again.” Jessica felt Scott’s fingers pry her lips open, around Jim’s cock and then she felt the vibrating head press on her clitoris. She jerked. Her hips, her legs, her whole body convulsed.

“Come on Jess.” Scott muttered and kissed the closest piece of exposed skin, “Concentrate baby. Feel it. Find the pleasure … come on.” And then it was there. Slow at first but building so rapidly that Jessica began to scream again but this time it was unlike her usual screams … it was high pitched and blood curdling. Pleasure beyond anything she’d experienced so far consumed her and Jessica lost all control.

“Don’t do that … don’t do that …” Jim said looking down at her torn between the pleasure that he felt mounting and the horror he felt about the sounds of Jessica screaming. “Don’t scream like that … Jess!” And finally he resorted to kissing her, hoping to silence the piercing sounds that came from her lips. He managed to smother her screams but not stop them, so he kissed her harder. And deeper. And then he came, she came and Jessica seemed to melt against him and Angus.

“Jess, are you okay?” Jim asked.

“She’s better than okay.” Angus growled into her other ear, “She’s fucking awesome.”

“Jess?” Jim repeated.

“Yes … great.” She panted.

Jim sighed with relief and lowered his head against her forehead.

“Scott …” she said.


“Scott. Scott’s turn.”

Jim and Angus looked at one another. That was very un-slave like. They looked down at Riley, Josh and Scott.

“Jess …” Scott said rising to his knees.

“Oh.” Jessica said realizing her mistake. “I’m sorry masters.”

“Give her a break.” Jim whispered.

“You’re a naughty slave Jessica.” Scott said. “But I’ll make you a deal.” He tilted his head to the side and Jim reluctantly pulled out of Jessica and switched places with Scott. “Riley will put the vibrator on your clit for me. If you can control your legs, your body, without our help, for the time it takes you to cum … we will skip the hot water consequence. But if you can’t then we go to the bathroom. Deal?”

“Yes master.” Jessica said.

“Let her go.” Scott said, and hands lowered her legs so her feet were on the ground. Scott slid into her, and she could feel Riley finding her clitoris. And as soon as there was contact from the vibrator, Jessica convulsed, knocking the vibrator away.

“Holy shit.” Angus exclaimed.

“Oh yeah …” Riley muttered as he found her clit again and she convulsed again.
“I think somebody’s going to go for some water torture …” Scott muttered into Jessica’s ear.

“Concentrate Jess.” Josh urged, running his hand along her leg.

“I’m I’m sorry master … but I can’t … it just happens …” she said as her body continued to jerk.

“Are you okay Jess?” Jim asked. “Maybe we should stop.”

“I’m cumming …” Jessica said. “I’m starting …”

“That’s it baby …” Scott said as he thrust into her, harder and harder, and with another ear piercing scream, Jessica came again. “Fuck you’re fucking great Jess.” Scott said, kissing her lips.

“That’s it, right?” Jim asked. Jessica looked completely wiped out.

“Not quite.” Angus said. “We have a trip to make to the bathroom.”

“Oh God. Jess, are you okay with that?” Jim asked.

Jessica looked at Jim and smiled. “I’m fine Jim … thanks.”

“Why don’t you get in the tub with her Jim?” Scott asked. As they all got up. Angus lifting Jessica, pressing her, back against him, hands behind her knees.

“What?” Jim asked in a strangled voice. Angus turned to Jim and pulled Jessica’s legs as far open as he could.

“Come on Jim. You’re as into this as we are. Jessica told us what to do next. She has some consequences coming to her and I think you’re just the person to mete them out.”

Jim hesitated. He hated himself for not having the discipline to insist that they stop. Jessica was so obviously spent. How could they in good conscience keep going? But part of him knew that she knew the rules and that as in all other things, Jessica was going to keep pushing the boundaries. They needed to have some semblance of control over her, otherwise she’d work herself to death trying to make things even.

“Jim.” Jessica said reading all of these thoughts in his expression. “I’m okay. Really.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. Let’s hope this will be the last time we have to do this.” He said, and without consciously planning to, he reached out and stroked Jessica’s exposed pussy meat. Jessica gasped with pleasure and that put Jim over the edge. “Be a good slave and learn your lesson.” He said and smiled a toothy grin. Jessica had never seen him do that before, never seen him look so sexually dangerous before. Her body shuddered, and she orgasmed.

“I think you turned her on.” Riley chuckled.

“Hmmm.” Jim said. “Maybe before we go to the bathroom, I’ll help myself to a taste of that wetness. You sure smell good.” Jim said, leveling his eyes on Jessica, and she came again.

“Holy fuck …” Scott said, his mouth watering as Jim’s face disappeared into the pink flesh between Jessica’s legs. Jessica moaned, her eyes rolling back. She wondered vaguely, as pleasure mounted, if anyone had ever been permanently scarred by having too many orgasms. Her body twitched again as Jim nipped her clitoris and she had an image of her body permanently twitching after this. But then she remembered the dildo marathon Scott had put her through. She’d been normal after that. As Jessica orgasmed again she wondered if she was going to break the record of that night. Part of her really hoped so.


“Jess, I’m just cleaning, you gotta open your legs babe.” Scott said gently, his soaped hand poised over her pelvis. Jessica’s head lolled against Jim’s chest but she seemed to be completely out of it.

“Maybe she’s really hurt down there.” Jim said guilt riddling his voice like it did the rest of him. The water had gotten really hot, really fast and of course Jessica couldn’t hold still so Jim had held her under for a long time. Way too long. He was shocked at the urges he’d had. They’d been all encompassing, overwhelming. He wanted Jessica, his slave, to comply to orders. He’d loved the scene, the water pounding down on her pussy, he’d loved the feel of her legs straining against his hands, her head on his torso. He’d loved her uncontrolled twitching and her fruitless efforts to control it. He’d loved her smell. He’d loved hearing the words Scott had her repeating …”I will be a good slave, I will be a good slave …”

“She’s fine.” Scott said but he didn’t sound so sure. Jim looked around and Riley, Angus and Josh stood staring at Jessica, apparently unsure also.

“I … I couldn’t stop.” Jim said and his voice cracked. “I just had to … to control her.”

“Welcome to our world Jim.” Angus said and attempted a smile but he couldn’t put his heart into it. Even he felt that maybe they’d gone too far.

“And you like this world?” Jim asked, astounded. He felt like shit.

Jessica stirred against him.

“Jess?” Jim ran his hands down her arms and he leaned forward to see her face.

Jessica had heard the conversation, heard the pain and guilt in Jim’s voice, but was so completely relaxed that it was a struggle to wake up. But she forced herself to. It had certainly been a side of Jim she’d never seen before. But one that she liked … as long as it was restricted to the bedroom. She tried to force her eyes open. And then she remembered that Scott was trying to wash her. With great effort she let her legs flop open.

“That a girl.” Scott said, and began to wash her pussy, and her butt.

Jim sighed in relief and fell against the back of the tub.

“I like it Jim.” Jessica managed to mumble. “I like it a lot. If I didn’t, I’d tell you.”

“Okay, baby.” Jim said relief evident in his voice, and kissing the top of her head.

“I’ll go reheat dinner.” Angus said when Scott finally rinsed Jessica off.

Josh held her towel, and draped it over her when Riley cradled her in his arms. “Let’s get you dressed.” He said when her eyes managed to open enough to see him. He took her to his room.

Half an hour later they’d eaten dinner and Jessica sat on the sofa reading the novel Angus had bought her weeks before and she hadn’t had time to read . Jim dropped onto the sofa beside her and stroked her hair when she lay her head on his lap.

“She seems to have her second wind.” Angus said. Riley nodded, noting that himself. It appeared that movie time would go ahead. He and Angus finished putting the dishes away and then moved to the living room where Scott and Josh had also migrated to.

“Movie time?” Jessica asked when she saw Riley approaching.


“Movie time?” Scott asked in a cautious way.

“Yes.” Jessica said, “Riley and I are watching a movie.”

“Which movie?” Josh asked.

“Twilight.” Jessica said with a big grin.
“Okay … well, I told some guys from the pool hall that I might make it out to play a few rounds.” Scott said getting to his feet, “so I think I’ll go and let you enjoy your movie.”

“Yeah, I’ve got some stuff to do in town too.” Josh said, also standing and beginning to inch toward the door.

“Actually, I’ve got some motor bikes to go look at. I figured I’d get a couple for Jess and I to use at the track out on highway five.” Jim said.

“Really?” Jessica asked in pure excitement.

“Really … and she’s already said she’s good at riding.” Jim said when the other men looked like they weren’t crazy about the idea. “She hasn’t exaggerated anything that she said she could do. And …” he added when Angus opened his mouth to speak, “Scott’s got her racing horses, you have her racing cars … motor bikes are hardly a stretch.”

“But the clan tends to use the track at highway five.” Riley said.

Jim nodded. “We won’t mingle with them. Don’t worry, we’ll keep to ourselves.”

“Fine.” Scott said, edging to the door himself when Jessica got up and pulled the Twilight DVD out of the stand. “Angus, you wanna come with me?”

Angus shrugged. “I haven’t seen the movie myself. Maybe I’ll stay and watch too.”

“I don’t know Angus.” Jim said, “You may really, really, really want to go with Scott … to play pool … which is really important.” Jim added when Jessica squinted at him.

“Unlike you yahoos, I’m sure that Angus has very good taste in movies. He’ll be thankful he stayed.” Jessica said feigning indignation but then she laughed. “It’s a chick flick Angus. You really don’t have to stay. Riley will suffer enough for the both of you …”

“What?” Riley demanded and the look on his face was so comical that Jessica broke into a fit of laughter.

“Thanks Jess but I think I’ll stay and shoulder part of Riley’s load.” Angus said.

“Suit yourself.” Scott said. “See you in a couple of hours.” And he headed out the door.

Jim followed him and Josh took up the rear. Before shutting the door Josh paused. “Whisky enhances the viewing pleasure.” He said to Riley and Angus. “The bottle should do.” And he exploded into laughter before closing the door.

“This movie cleared the room.” Angus said to Riley and he looked pretty scared.

“We can watch something else if you want.” Jessica said, “It’s okay.”

“No. We’re watching this. Christ Angus you’ve looked down the business end of many loaded guns and never blinked … you’re going to let a chick flick beat you? “ Riley demanded.

“Fine. Fine.” Angus said. “Let’s do this.”

Jessica popped the movie in the dvd player and settled on the sofa between Riley and Angus. Riley wrapped his arms around her torso, Angus pulled her legs onto his lap.

“This is friend time, right?” Jessica asked suddenly realizing that things could go in a completely different direction quickly.

“During the movie?” Riley asked. “Definitely.” He answered when Jessica nodded.


Jessica sighed a wistful sigh as the credits on the movie rolled.

“I don’t get it.” Riley said. He had to admit that he didn’t pay as much attention to the movie as he probably should have. He’d read Josh’s comic after dinner and his mind kept straying to the images, story line, and fantasies that it had provided him. He’d developed a boner which he tried to hide from Jessica by shifting her off his lap and onto his side. “That’s a really weird vampire movie.”

“It’s not your usual vampire story which is part of what I like about it. I don’t like the conventional vampire stories.”

“Not surprising.” Angus said. “Nothing about you is conventional.”

“Thanks?” Jessica asked not entirely sure Angus had meant that as a compliment.

“So you like that they can come out in the day time, and that they eat animals rather than humans?” Angus asked.

“Well, yeah. But I’m more interested in the love story.”

“Love story?” Riley asked looking confused. “I guess I should have paid more attention ‘cause I missed that part entirely.”

Jessica looked surprised for a moment. “Yeah I guess you won’t really get the love story part until you see the next two movies.”

“Two? There are two more movies?” Angus asked in a pained voice sending Jessica into another fit of laughter.

“We’re watching them over the next two nights.” Riley said while constantly shifting Jessica away from his lap when she shifted back while laughing.

Angus sighed. Well, there were worse things they could be doing. And then it occurred to him that there was probably some significance to the fact that Jessica like these movies for the love story. He watched Jessica’s giggles fade away. She slid her hand down Riley’s arm, and pulled it tighter against her, and she seemed to snuggle down against Riley before leaning her head back, closing her eyes and smiling.

“It’s just the romance of the movies that I like.” She said.

“I, ah, I guess your folks were pretty romantic?” Angus asked, rubbing her thighs as they relaxed on his lap.

“I guess they were.” Jessica said, opening her eyes but seeming to look inward rather than at Angus. “I never thought of it that way at the time. But my dad always got my mom flowers. They always held hands … went on dates even after they had us kids.”

She sighed, eyed Angus and asked, “I take it your parents weren’t very romantic?”

“No, I already told you the nature of my parents relationship. I guess Riley’s folks were a bit better.”

“My folks?” Riley asked when Jessica looked over her shoulder at him. “No. You’d have to call their story the ‘tale of love lost’.”

“That’s so sad.” Jessica said, squeezing Riley’s arm, and holding her hand out to Angus, squeezing his hand when he took hers.

“Were you happy kids? Did you have any carefree moments at all?”

“I think we were as happy as we knew to be.” Riley said.

Suddenly the door opened and Scott, Jim and Josh came in.

“Everything okay?” Jim asked when he noticed the demeanor of the three on the sofa.

“Peachy.” Angus said.

“You guys timed that perfectly.” Riley said. “Back exactly when the movie ended.”

“Yeah, well …” Scott said.

“You going to do that for the next two nights while we watch the other two movies?” Angus asked and it was his turn to laugh when he saw the expressions on Jim, Josh and Scott’s faces.

“Seriously though … everything okay?” Jim asked lowering himself onto the armchair and scanning Riley, Jessica and Angus.

“Just discussing love stories, romance, and our parents.” Riley said.

Jim did a double take and looked the three over again, wondering if they were deflecting the question.

Josh dropped onto the sofa next to Angus and Scott went to the kitchen to get a chair. Bringing it back into the living room he dropped it next to the armchair and sat.

“I guess screwing you every second that we get isn’t exactly romantic.” Scott said. And then he made a face at Josh. Jessica had noticed Josh moving in the corner of her eye and turned to see him rubbing his thumb on his neck, slide his eyes over to Jessica and drop his hand as soon as he saw Jessica watching him.

“Lipstick …” he muttered when everyone looked at him like he’d lost it … again. “On your neck …” he added looking back at Scott.

“What?” Scott asked, a look of horror on his face as he clamped his hand on his neck. Jessica had just managed to see the outline of red lips on his neck before his hand hid it. “Damn Alice!” He growled sitting up and rubbing hard on the lipstick. “She jumped me as soon as she knew you weren’t with me.” Scott said to Jessica. “She’s annoying and I’ve told her to back off. Honest.” He added and then looked at Jessica as if he expected some response from her. Looking around she noticed the other men doing the same.

“Um, okay … “ she wasn’t sure what they were expecting from her and Scott still looked … strange, so she threw in a smile.

Scott felt both relief and disappointment at Jessica’s nonchalance about the lipstick. He was glad Jessica seemed to believe him, but, and he’d never been one for theatrics, he was somewhat disappointed that Jessica wasn’t the least bit jealous, again. He knew she cared about him. A lot. But apparently not enough to be jealous.

“Anyway.” Scott said, showing his neck to Josh, who confirmed the lipstick was gone, “what I meant to say is that the norm that we grew up with was that men could have their flings when they wanted to. Marriage was less an act of love than an arrangement to further the cause. I don’t think any of us really learned much about love and romance. But we do love you and I hope our love of having sex with you doesn’t diminish that.”

“I know you love me.” Jessica said. “And you have all been romantic, having sex doesn’t diminish that in my eyes. Besides, I like the sex as much as you guys do.”

“Well, that’s good news.” Angus said, “Cause didn’t you say that friend time was over after the movie?”

“I did.” Jessica said with a smile.

“Come here, wifey wifey …” Angus muttered, taking her by the hips and sliding her toward him.

“I’ll bring you some flowers tomorrow …” Josh said, standing to remove his pants. “To throw some romance into it …” he added when Jessica looked at him clearly confused.

“I’ll give you a fucking green house.” Scott said, also disrobing.

“I guess I’m left with chocolates.” Jims said, already free of his pants.

“Ditto.” Riley said, sliding his hands down her top.

“First one to make her scream gets to eat her out.” Angus said sending shivers of anticipation through Jessica. She watched the men advance on her. To hell with romance, she thought, she’d take this intense pleasure over romance any day. And then fingers were in her, and she felt a scream building.


“No Jessica, you need to move faster than that.” Riley said for the hundredth time. “Anticipate your opponent’s next move and get out of the way. Fighting with knives is not the same thing as fists. One wrong move and you’re dead. Try it again.”

Jessica nodded at Josh who was bouncing on the balls of his feet in front of her. He advanced on her again, pretending to hold a knife and he lunged. Jessica parried that and two more attacks, but then was too slow to move when Josh thrust the imaginary knife forward into her stomach.

“Okay. That’s enough of that for today.” Riley said. “We’ll have to work on that … remember your torso, including your stomach needs to stay protected. You get stabbed anywhere on your neck, chest or stomach you’re dead. And the stomach is the most painful place to get it. We’ll keep practicing Jess, but as a rule of thumb don’t use a weapon. It can be taken from you and used on you. It ups the ante in the fight. ‘K?”

Jessica nodded.

“Why don’t you use the punching bag for a bit, then we’ll call it a day.”

“Come on Jess.” Josh said and moved over to stand behind the large bag and braced it.

“Should we be bothering with this?” Scott asked. “The point is that she get away, not stay and fight.”

Jessica began punching the bag.

“Harder Jess. I know it hurts your hands but punching hurts.” Riley instructed. They had consciously decided to not use boxing gloves, to make it more real.

“She may need to use a knife to get away.” Angus said.

“Plus, if she’s cornered.” Jim added shuddering at the image, “She’ll need to fight her way out anyway.”

“I guess.” Scott said.

“We need to cover all potential situations.” Riley added. “That’s it Jess, you got it.” And he felt encouraged. She definitely had it in the punching and kicking department.

“Shower time.” Riley finally said and Jessica gave the bag a final roundhouse kick.

“Shit Jess, I actually felt that one.” Josh said slinging his arm around her shoulder as they moved to the house.

An hour later Josh was driving Jessica’s SUV down the highway.

Jessica was bouncing up and down in her seat. Josh had convinced her to let him drive because he had a surprise for her.

“How much further?” Jessica asked again.

“Half a minute sooner than the last time you asked.” Josh said with a laugh.

“Hey. You weren’t upset earlier, about the knife thing?” Josh asked.

“No. I’ll get it eventually … will you help me?” Jessica asked.

“I’m not coming at you with a knife Jess. Sorry.”

“Not with a knife! Just practice the moves.”

“That I can handle.”

“So … are we there yet?”

“Actually, here put this blind fold on, we’re almost there.”

Josh held a rag out to Jessica.

“Seriously?” Jessica eyed the cloth.

“Seriously … put it on.” Josh said waving it at her.

“Okay, okay …” Jessica took the cloth and tied it around her head.

“It sounds busy.” Jessica said, clutching Josh’s arm as he led her from the SUV. She could hear people, music, other loud noises that she couldn’t quite distinguish.

“It is busy.” Josh agreed and then he pulled her to a stop. “Ready?” he asked and when Jessica nodded he pulled the cloth from her eyes.

“An amusement park?” Jessica screamed when she looked around and saw speeding, twisting, spinning rides everywhere.

“Apparently it comes to town every year for a couple of weeks. I thought you’d like it.”

“Like it? Like it?” Jessica asked, “I love it! Amusement parks are one of my favorite places! Thank you Josh!” she threw herself on him and peppered him with kisses.

“You’re welcome. I kind of thought,” Josh began and then looked embarrassed, “that in movies people go to amusement parks on dates. It’s kind of romantic, right?” He finished the question by lowering his head, a shy look on his face. Jessica was so surprised she didn’t say anything at first. Josh looked up at her.

“Oh my God Josh, it’s so romantic.” She took his face in her hands and caressed it. “You are so sweet. I’m so touched …” and she kissed him.

“I’m gonna win you a gigantic stuffed toy at a game too.” He said his face swallowed by a huge smile.

“Let’s go on some rides first!” Jessica said. “What’s your favorite?”

Josh shrugged. “What’s yours?”

“Anything fast and scary.” Jessica said.

“No surprise there.”

“So, what’s yours?” Jessica persisted.

“I don’t really have one.” Josh said getting that embarrassed look again.

“Hey, it doesn’t have to be fast and scary. Whatever your favorite is, I want to go on it.”

“Well, I actually don’t know.”

“Ferris wheel?”

“I don’t know.” And Josh looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

“Josh.” Jessica said, pressing herself up against him and forcing him to look at her. “Have you never been to an amusement park?”

Josh shook his head.

“Never? Ever?”

He shook it again. Jessica’s heart clenched. As big and muscular as Josh was, he was looking at her like the little boy she could picture him being … sad, hurt, and confused about why he couldn’t go to the fair when all the other kids went.

“Oh baby,” Jessica hugged him. “Look, I know you wanted this to be romantic but would you be upset if we saved that for next time?”

“Why?” Josh asked looking even more confused and hurt.

“Because today I want us to be kids. We’ll relive our childhoods. We’ll go on all the terrifying rides, and we’ll eat cotton candy, candied apples, popcorn, caramel popcorn, and any other crap available until we want to vomit.”

“Okay.” Josh said his smile returning.

“’K. Rides first. Do you have a strong stomach?”

“I think so.”

“Okay, our first ride is the tornado cyclone of death.” Jessica said pointing at a ride that was going in about ten different directions at once, with people’s screams emanating from the ride.

“Holy shit.” Josh gawked at the ride.

“When you get off that ride you’re an honorary member of NASA.” Jessica said with a laugh, “No spaceship ride will top that.” She moved toward the line, dragging Josh by his arm. “Do you want to try something else first?”

“No … no. If you’re not scared, neither am I.”

“How old are we?”


“We’re kids … how old?”

Josh shrugged. “Ten maybe?”

“Perfect!” And then it was their turn. Josh looked petrified while the attendant was strapping them in. “You’ll love it.” Jessica said patting his hand. “Trust me.”

As they whirled around Jessica screamed and held her arms up in the air. Josh freaked the first time she did it and grabbed one of her hands.

“It’s okay.” Jessica said, “It makes it more fun … put your arms in the air!”

Josh looked skeptical but eventually lifted his arms… he didn’t scream but he sure looked like he wanted to.

“Again!” Josh said when they exited the ride.

“Come on!” Jessica said and pulled him to the back of the line.

Hours later they lent against the side of the SUV.

“Best video ever!” Jessica said waving a DVD that they’d made at a booth where people can record their own music videos. They’d done Close your Eyes, an Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford song and they’d been really good.

“Are you hungry?”Josh asked. They’d called the men to tell them they wouldn’t be home for dinner.

“Are you kidding? I think I’m going to hurl.” Jessica said clutching her stomach. They’d eaten so many different kinds of junk food she really thought she’d be sick.

“I never want to see cotton candy or candied apples again!” Josh agreed.

“But I love the stuffed animals.” Jessica said looking at the mound of giant stuffed toys piled in the back seat of the SUV. “So no dinner. What do you want to do instead?”

“Whatever you want to do. I’m sorry you missed watching the second Twilight movie with Riley and Angus.”

“Are you kidding? This is way more fun than watching some movie I’ve seen a million times.”

“I’m sure Riley and Angus were disappointed.” Josh added.

“Yeah, right.” Jessica said and they burst into laughter.

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Well, as a couple of ten year olds I think we’d love to go to an arcade. Tell me you’ve been to an arcade …” Jessica said in horror when Josh looked as unsure as he had about the amusement park. He shook his head.

“None of you?” Jessica asked. “None of you have been to amusement parks or arcades, or had any fun at all?”

Josh shrugged, “Our parents didn’t believe in them.”

Jessica looked at him for a long time. Then she moved into his arms and hugged him. “I guess your childhoods were a little more challenging than mine was. I’m sorry.”

Josh shrugged again. “Lemons and lemonade, right?”

“Right. Okay, let’s go to an arcade. There was one near the pool hall we went to with Scott. I’ll teach you how to play all the games … and … oh, dance dance revolution. You’ll love that!”
“Okay.” Josh agreed with enthusiasm. Jessica giggle. For a grown man he sure managed to look like a real ten year old. This time Jessica drove which was good because Josh hung out the window for the whole ride, green and ready to puke.

It was two in the morning when they pulled into the driveway.

They staggered into the house, leaning on one another, the toys piled high in both of their arms, and they were laughing hysterically.

“What the hell?” Angus asked, pushing up from the sofa and eyeing the toys.

“Are you drunk?” Jim asked as they dropped all the toys on the floor and broke into fits of laughter, Josh collapsing onto the floor where he stood, Jessica collapsing on top of him.

They were shaking their head.

“You look drunk.” Riley said.

“We’re on a sugar high.” Jessica managed to say before erupting into another fit of laughter. “Oh, you guys have to come too.” Jessica said remembering that they’d never been to an amusement park or an arcade either. “To the amusement park.” She added when they looked at her with blank stares. “And the arcade … and you have to be ten years old.”

“Ten?” Jim asked starting to laugh … their laughter was contagious and pretty soon everyone was laughing.

Jessica looked around at the men and sobered a little. “You guys have never been to an amusement park or arcade either?”

“I’ve been to arcades.” Scott said.

“As a kid?” Josh asked in surprise.

“No, as an adult.”

“Well the amusement park is what I always thought it would be.” Josh said. “You wouldn’t believe some of the rides they have there. It’s a miracle there isn’t vomit covering a ten mile radius.”

“Speaking of vomit.” Jessica said getting to her feet, “I have to go to the bathroom and get rid of some of the crap in my stomach. Ugh.”

“Are you okay?” Jim asked as she passed him.

“Fine, just full of sugar. I thought it’d clear by now but it hasn’t. A finger down the throat and I’ll be as good as new.”

“You’re going to make yourself vomit?” Riley asked.

“Yup. If the models can do it, so can I. You got a bed?” Jessica asked looking at a large mattress on the floor.

“No. Just a few self-inflatable mattresses. They inflate and deflate in seconds.” Riley said. “I figured it was better than nothing.”

“I’ll be back in a few minutes then …” Jessica said skirting the mattresses. They were covered with sheets so they looked like one large mattress.

“Take your time Jess.” Scott said. “We’ll be going right to sleep.” Jessica turned to look at him. There’d been disappointment in his voice … she felt a pang of disappointment too. Some good sex would have ended the day perfectly.

“It’s too late.” Riley explained. “We have to get up in four hours to work out … then you ride. And then the girls are coming … it’s just too much.”

“Go on Jess.” Angus said with a laugh when a series of emotions played across her face. Disappointment, excitement, and all the ones in between. “We can miss one night of sex, it isn’t going to kill us.”

“Maybe it won’t kill you …” she muttered as she wandered down the hallway.

“So you’ve been at an amusement park and an arcade until now?” Angus asked.

Josh nodded. “There are some rides out there that I’m not sure should be legal. And of course, those are the ones Jessica wanted to go on. And dance dance fucking revolution?” Josh said getting to his feet, glancing down the hallway and then lowering his voice, “Jessica is a freaking tyrant on that game. I swear we danced on that thing for hours. It was fun, but she takes that shit seriously. Consider yourself warned.”

“Should she really be forcing herself to vomit?” Jim asked as the sound of her heaving wafted down the hallway.

“Oh yeah. I’m right behind her. Ugh. Cotton candy and candied apples, they look innocent enough but have more than two or three and you’ll be sorry …”

Josh disappeared to the bathroom and soon his heaving could be heard. As well as the shower running.

“Guess she’s showering.” Angus said.

“So tomorrow night we’re doing the date dinner?” Scott asked.

“Yeah. Jessica can buy a new dress when she goes out with the girls, and then we’ll have a late dinner.” Riley confirmed.

“With no sex.” Jim added, not sure that even he could stick with that promise.

“Right.” Riley said with little enthusiasm.

“Maybe a quicky before we go to sleep …” Angus said looking at the mattress.

Jim exhaled. “Let’s give her fifteen minutes once we’re in bed. If she’s still awake, then okay.”

“Deal.” Scott said, pretty sure he could keep her up for fifteen minutes.

“Just remember, the longer you keep her up, the more tired she’ll be tomorrow. She may not ride that well.” Jim added, interpreting Scott’s expression correctly.

“Damn it.” Scott swore but when Jessica came into the living room in her pajamas there was no denying that she was ready to crash. Eyes drooping she crawled onto the middle of the mattress. Scott lay on one side of her, Josh on the other. Jim by her head, Angus by her feet, Riley at an angle by her feet as well and within a minute of settling down, she was completely out.


“So here.” Angus said holding his arm out. Hanging from his hand was the purse Jim had given her the other night. Jessica slid her eyes to Jim who nodded at her. “I was going to get you a purse but Jim said he had one for you.” He tried to keep his eyes on her face. She was dressed to ride, riding boot, jeans … they made her look so sexy. He had to stay focused.

“Thanks Angus.” Jessica said taking the purse. It felt heavy but Jessica figured it was probably because her arms felt like rubber from the work out.

“I’m giving it to you now in case there isn’t much time between riding and when the girls pick you up.” Angus continued. “There’s a thousand dollars in there. Cash.” Angus added when Jessica’s head snapped up in surprise. “Spend some of it on a dress for tonight. Something really beautiful and formal. And the rest you can spend on the spa and anything else you want. Are you okay?” He added when Jessica looked like she was going to faint.

“That’s a lot of money.” Jessica whispered.

“It is.” Riley added. “So don’t lose it. But it’s all yours. Have fun with it.”

“Thank you!” Jessica said and went to melt into Angus arms. Angus held her tight, he wished they could go back to earlier that morning when Angus had waken Jessica by eating her out. He could still remember the small mewing noises that had escaped her before she’d woken up. And the taste of her. Man he wanted that again, but they were about to go out and watch her ride Ebony. No way would she go for that right now.

“You’re welcome.” He muttered in her ear and then reluctantly let her go. She moved to Riley.

“Thank you!” she said sliding into his arms.

“You’re welcome.” Riley said, burying his nose into her hair and inhaling. They’d woken up late, had some spectacular yet fast sex, and went out work out. They’d had to cut their work out time in half in order to ensure enough time to ride before Jessica went for her girl time. Despite that Jessica had insisted on practicing fighting with a knife. And regardless of the fact that she was improving quickly, it disturbed Riley that she wanted to learn it so badly. She seemed obsessed with the one thing that Riley expected her to have the least reason to need. But maybe it wasn’t the actual fighting that she was obsessed with. Maybe it was just the challenge of overcoming something she was having difficulty with. She certainly showed that tendency with some of the other training things they’d done, like firing a machine gun. If she was the least bit less than good at something she insisted on working on it until she improved. But still, it made him uneasy, and now that he had her in his arms he was reluctant to let her go. But when she pushed off of his chest, he let her. He’d have tonight to hold her. Hold her without sex, but hold her none the less.

She moved to the other men and hugged them all in turn.

When she was done she slid the cell phone from her pants pockets and plopped it into the purse.

“I’ll leave it here on the sofa.” She said depositing it near the arm of the sofa and then she beamed at the men. “Should we go ride?” And then she paused and
looked at Riley and Angus from the corner of her eye. “Do you know how to ride?”

“Yes we do, thank you very much!” Riley said with indignity when Jim, Josh and Scott howled with laughter.

“Why is that so funny?” Jessica asked.

“Even when they did ride, they weren’t very good at it.” Josh said.

“Hey!” Angus snapped in mock anger, “Not all of us can be bow legged freaks!”
Jessica squinted her eyes at him, and then looked down at her legs.

“It’s okay Jessica,” Angus said, “it works for you.”

“Almost convenient even,” Scott said, but Jessica looked lost.

“Ignore these ignoramuses.” Jim said. “We’ll see how witty they are when they fall off their horses. They’ll wish they were bow legged then! In fact, I think we should give them old Rusty and Meghan to ride.” He added with a laugh as they moved to the door.

Angus had taken one of Jessica’s hands, Riley the other.

“Those horses are like a hundred years old!” Riley protested. “Horseback riding is like a riding a bike guys … you don’t just forget it. I think we can handle horses with a little more life in them.”

“Speak for yourself.” Angus said. “I’ll take the oldest, slowest horse you have.”

“What the hell is that?” Riley demanded as they neared the barn and a loud thumping was coming from within it.

“That’s Ebony.” Scott said, sliding the barn door open.

“What the fuck…” Angus asked as they stopped in front of a stall and with every loud thud, the stall wall shook.

“He can smell Jessica coming … he’s excited.” Jim said.

“I know exactly how he feels.” Scott said into Jessica’s ear as he pushed between Jessica and Angus, on his way to the stall. Jessica smiled when he air blew her a kiss, and winked. A flash of the interlude they’d had that morning came to mind and she felt a jolt of pleasure.

But then Ebony kicked the wall again, and Jessica forgot all about Scott. She dropped Riley’s hand and went to unlatch the stall door.

“Is it safe for her to go in there?” Angus asked, reaching forward and grabbing her arm. He pulled her back to him as the wall vibrated again.

“Angus she’s fine.” Jim said and pulled her away from Angus. She moved to the door and opened it. The black head of the stallion emerged and it ruffled Jessica’s hair with its nose. She reached for the halter and slid it over the horses head.

“Do you remember how to saddle a horse?” Jim asked Riley and Angus.
“Yeah, sure.” Riley said watching Jessica lead the giant animal out of the stall. He couldn’t believe she was going to ride that … it was a monster.

“This way then.” Jim said motioning Riley and Angus to follow him.

“Where’s she going?” Angus asked as Jessica led Ebony out of the barn.

“She likes to saddle him outside.” Jim replied.

It seemed to take forever to get the horses ready. By the time Angus and Riley led the two horses outside, Jessica was already on Ebony circling in small tight circles.

There was little doubt that the horse was eager to go. He snorted and stomped his feet, and sashayed from one side to the other but Jessica didn’t seem to notice or care.

“You sure this is a good idea?” Angus said, watching the constant motion of the horse that Jessica was managing.

“Trust me.” Scott said. “Do you need help getting up?”

“No. I do not need help getting up!” Angus thundered with indignity as he proceeded wedge his foot in the stirrup and toss his leg up over the horse. But it didn’t work. He tried three times before he sighed. “Fine, I need help.” Scott smiled and tried not to snicker out loud. Josh helped Riley mount his horse.

Jim moved toward Angus, rifle in hand, and then paused. “I’m not sure you should take the gun … you may shoot yourself by mistake.”

“Give me the damn gun!” Angus demanded and snatched it from Jim when he handed it to him. “Those wild dogs are still out there. Gotta be able to protect Jessica.” He grumbled as he slid it into the side of the saddle … secretly hoping that he didn’t prove Jim wrong and blow his foot off.

“Jessica has her own gun.” Jim said pointing at the rifle resting near her leg in the sheath.

Jessica began letting Ebony move in wider and wider circles.

“Are we ready?” Jessica asked.

“Let’s go.” Scott said and the group moved out to the field.

After fifteen minutes of travel Angus was even less impressed with Ebony.

“What the hell is that horses problem?” he demanded. “He’s uncontrollable … Jessica has to fight with him constantly.”
Scott watched Jessica reign in Ebony as he pranced left and right, and tried to speed up.

“You guys are too slow.” Scott said. “Jessica never rides him at anything slower than a canter. He wants to run.”

“Fucking horse!” Riley muttered as he hung on to his for dear life. “Fine … we can try a trot. Will that make him happy?”

“It’ll be way better than crawling along.” Jim added and the group sped up to a trot. Ebony was complacent for a few minutes but began his demonstration of dissatisfaction right after.

“Why don’t you and Jessica ride ahead.” Scott said to Jim. “We’ll meet you at the track.”

Without hesitating a second Jessica stopped reigning the horse in and took off, Jim following after her.

“Track?” Riley managed before his air ran out. He was holding his breath, watching Jessica practically fly away.

“It’s just an oval we dug up in the grass … put down some dirt.” Scott said.

It seemed to take forever but finally they crested a hill and saw the river … and Jessica and Jim trotting around the track, warming the horses up.

“Nice track …” Riley commented as they neared it.

“No fucking way Jessica jumped that river.” Angus said watching the water flow rapidly down between two shores that looked ridiculously wide.

“Trust me … she did.” Scott replied. Josh had ridden ahead to be closer to Jessica.

“Okay. We stop here.” Scott said. And he waved his arm at Jessica, Jim and Josh. Josh waved back. “So they’re going to finish the circle and pull up so they come across that line even.” Scott was saying. “Once they cross the line the race is on. They have to go twice around the track.”

“That horse is a fucking monster Scott.” Riley said.

“But you have to admit that Jessica is right at home on him.”

“He’s fucking huge and he’s fucking fast.” Angus added. “Yeah, she looks at home, but we already know Jessica has no sense of survival. She’d probably look at home sticking her head in a lion’s mouth.”

“Yeah, well they’re coming around the corner. Get ready ‘cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Josh and Jim fanned out on either side of Jessica and Ebony. They came up even and rounded the corner.

“Their speeding up.” Angus said, anxiety growing.

“Why are they speeding up?” Riley asked.

“They have to speed up to race.” Scott said. “Now watch.”

But suddenly all three figures sat up, slowed their horses and looked to the right over the river.

“What are they doing?” Riley demanded.

“Damned if I know.” Scott said following their line of sight. “What the hell are the horses doing down there?” He added when he saw the horses he’d put out to pasture running on the other side of the river.

Suddenly Jessica was turning Ebony sideways, pulling her gun and standing in her stirrups she aimed and fired.

“God damn dogs!” Scott yelled. The dog she’d fired at bowed to the ground, butt in the air. She’d hit its shoulder. But there was another dog chasing one of the other horses. Jessica sheathed the gun and took off toward the river, the horse more than willing to run full out.

“Where are Jim and Josh going?” Angus asked when they took off along the river.

“I guess they’re going around. There’s a crossing around the bend there.”

“So if they’re going around, Jessica’s going … shit!” Angus began but his heart nearly leaped out of his throat and Jessica and Ebony launched into the air over the river.

“Holy fuck!” Riley exclaimed, but Scott barely blinked.

“Jesus Christ, she better never do that again!” Angus growled when Jessica landed safely on the other side.

One of the mares ran out from behind a stand of trees, kicking her hind legs out as a little black dot followed her, nipping at her hind quarters.

“That damn dog is going to kill Nelly.” Scott groaned.

“Who the hell is that?” Riley asked. Scott followed where Riley pointed. To see a cluster of people at the fence on horseback, watching.

“The neighbors!” Scott exclaimed hope back in his voice. “They’re afraid to come over.”

“They should be.” Riley said but Scott fired his rifle into the air. When the three men at the fence looked over, he waved them over. Raising their guns in acknowledgment, all three turned their horses and disappeared momentarily only to come sailing over the fence moments later and then taking off toward Jessica and Ebony who were nearing the dog and horse.

“What the hell?”

“We need their help.” Scott said, “Jim and Josh are just crossing the river now, look.” He pointed over where they crossed. “I’m going over too, you guys come as fast as you can. And remember, be nice. We don’t want to make the neighbors suspicious … plus Jessica will be really pissed.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Riley said.

“I’m serious.” Scott said turning his eyes on Angus, “And I mean real nice not lightly veiled hostility.”

“I got it.” Angus grumbled. “I’ve been fine when we’ve gone out haven’t I?”

Scott nodded and then pointed in the direction of the river crossing, “Come on then.” He said over his shoulder before spurring his horse to a break neck speed.

“Jesus Christ …” Riley muttered as he spurred the old horse beneath him to a speed that seemed just the right mix between doable for the horse and one that Riley could actually stay in the saddle.

“Now I remember why I stopped riding.” Angus grumbled behind him as he too clung to the saddle while the horse struggled to run.

As they finally made it into the clearing they saw Scott, Jim, Josh and two of the neighbors riding around and corralling the scattered horses. They drove them into a bunch and continued to circle them. The horses were nervous but it seemed that the closer they bunched the calmer they got. The riders were whistling quietly and murmuring to the horses which seemed to expedite the process.
“Where’s Jessica?” Riley asked as he and Angus stopped their horses near Scott, who had dismounted from his horse and was examining the back end of a horse who moved around in a nervous side to side motion. One of the neighbors, an older man wearing a cowboy hat, leather jacket and cowboy boots, was holding the horse by a rope that had been lassoed over the horses head, and he was patting the horses neck and talking quietly too it.

“Scott …” Angus said when Scott hadn’t heard Riley or even noticed their arrival, “where’s Jessica?”

“She and Ricky are chasing down the other dogs.” The neighbor said.

“Riley, Angus,” Scott said finally satisfied with his examination and moving to stand next to the man, “this is Peter. He lives up the road.”

Peter moved forward and extended his hand to Riley. Riley looked at it for a moment and then lent down from the horse and shook it.

“Did the dogs do a lot of damage?” was all he could think to say.

Angus nodded and shook Peter’s hand when he was done with Riley.

“No, thanks to Peter and his son and grandson. They were able to shoot that one before he did more than scratch Rusty here.” Scott said, nodding his head toward a mound of fur on the ground, and then at the horse standing next to him.

“That’s great.” Riley said, looking off into the distance, trying to see Jessica.

“Well, we’re real sorry we didn’t get them earlier. We almost had them back on our land but somehow or another they got away. The good news is that the body we took to the vet last time tested negative for rabies. Seems they have some degenerative brain disease.” He added, nodding at the dog’s body, “makes them crazy but not contagious.”

“If it’s not contagious then how the hell do all these dogs have it?” Scott asked.

“Vet figures it’s from something they ate … kinda like mad cow.”

“What, like mad rabbit or something?” Scott asked.

“I guess. In all my years … and they’ve been a few, I’ve never seen nor heard of anything like it.”

“That’s disturbing.” Riley said finally paying enough attention the conversation to realize the implications. “Dogs don’t live as long as people … mad cow doesn’t take affect till adulthood for people. What the hell are they eating that affects them that fast?”
“Probably not squirrel.” The other man, whom Riley and Angus deduced had to be Peter’s son, said as he walked his horse up to them. “Steven …” he said extending his hand to Angus.

“Angus ..” Angus grumbled and then scanned the tree line again for Jessica.

“We found a few dead squirrels in our fields.” He continued after introductions with Riley. “Took them to the vet … no sign of the brain deterioration in any of them.”

“We haven’t noticed any dead animals on our land.” Scott said but then added, “We haven’t really been looking for any.”

“We figure there were only four sick dogs. One, your … Jessica, shot.” Peter said, clearly deciding that he wasn’t going to probe into the men’s relationship with Jessica. “One Steven shot and the two Jessica and Ricky are after. If they get them, then this should be over.”

“Unless some other animals eat whatever they ate.” Scott added.

“Hopefully that’s all gone too.” Steven said. “And given the way Jessica rides … and shoots …” he added looking very impressed, “the other dogs are as good as dead. Has Jessica ever tried her hand at barrel racing? Ricky does it, competitively. I know of a couple girls teams that could sure use Jessica’s speed.”

“As far as I know she’s never tried it.” Scott said and then followed Riley and Angus’ gaze when they both visibly relaxed. In the distance he could see two riders coming toward them.

Jim and Josh, still patrolling the horses kept an eye on the riders too.

Jessica and Ricky seemed to be chatting in a relaxed happy way, as if they’d always known one another. And then, as if by some unseen signal, they both spurred their horses into full run and thundered down on the horses and the men. When they pulled up both looked very excited.

“We got the wounded one.” Jessica said pointing at the dead dog that Ricky had draped in front of him.

“But the other one lost us in the underbrush.” Ricky added in the same breathless voice that Jessica had used.

“We were so close!” Jessica said.

Ricky was nodding, “Jessica nearly ran over the thing.” The awe obvious in his voice and expression, “But then we got to the Bendal property and that’s practically all bush.”

“Bendal property … “ Peter said, “You made it to the Bendal property?”

“That’s over ten miles away …” Steven added.

“You’re kidding, right?” Jim asked. He and Josh had come closer, keeping an eye on the horses.

“Nope.” Ricky said and looked at Jessica and Ebony with unmistakable worship.

“Ricky does race barrel racing.” Jessica said looking around at Scott, Jim, Josh, Riley and Angus. “Every weekend. Can we go see him?”

“Sure, when we have some time.” Jim said into the silence that had begun to stretch, “Things are a little crazy lately. Even today.” He added, pulling his cell phone out to check the time, “Your friends will be here in two hours Jess. We’d better head home.”

“Oh yeah!” Jessica exclaimed and looked perplexed as to how she ever could have forgotten that.

“Well, we won’t keep you then.” Peter said, moving toward the body on the ground. “If it’s okay with you, we’ll take the bodies to the vet again. You can never be too safe.”

“Sure, go ahead, and thanks again for your help.” Scott said, helping to hoist the dog onto Steven’s horse.

“I guess we’ll have to show you Ebony race another time.” Jessica said, after the three neighbors disappeared from view, and looking at the horses milling around.

“We pretty much saw it.” Riley said.

“And I can see why you’d want her to race.” Angus said to Scott. “I think I can handle watching her at the track … but I never, never, never, want you to jump that river again.” Angus said turning his attention to Jessica. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry …” Jessica said, “So I really can race?” she asked, clapping her hands.

“You don’t sound very sorry Jess.” Riley said but laughed despite himself. She looked ecstatic and despite the terror he’d felt as she sailed over the water he was reconciling himself to the fact that this was what made Jessica tick. “But that’s okay. I’m realizing that the scarier something is the more you seem to like it. Just please, use some judgment okay?”

Jessica was nodding, “So I can race?” she repeated. And squealed when Riley and Angus nodded. Scott looked like his face would split open and Jim and Josh looked pretty pleased too.

“If we don’t get these horses home and get you cleaned up you’re going to be late for your shopping and spa trip.” Jim said, bringing Jessica back to reality quickly.

“Jessica, Jim, take the lead.” Scott said, getting onto his horse. “Josh and I will flank the horses, and Angus and Riley can take the rear.”

“Can you keep up?” Josh asked, laughed, and then turned his horse and spurred him out of Angus’ reach when Angus made to go after him.

An hour later Angus eased himself away from the table where he’d put his newly cleaned saddle.

They’d returned quickly enough, Scott had gone about taking care of the injured horse. Jim and Josh got the other horses into the corral and calmed. And then began cleaning out the stalls. Riley’d gone to take care of his dogs and Jessica had been cleaning saddles with Angus.

But now she was rubbing Ebony down. And remembering the thrill of thundering down the field on Ebony’s back. The thrill she felt as she and Ricky sped after that poor, starved, crazed, dog. Her heart had pounded with excitement. She loved that feeling. And it suddenly occurred to her that usually when she felt that kind of a thrill, the men responded with sex. Rough sex, wild sex, make her scream kind of sex. But so far they hadn’t which both surprised and disappointed her. But, it was friend time so maybe it would happen later. Now she just had to shake her overwhelming horniness before going out with some girls she didn’t know. Actually, just the thought of that was enough to do it. She was excited about hanging out with girls only. Make-up, clothes shopping, those were all cliché girl things to do and she was finally going to do them!

Scott came up behind her and slid his arms around her, not noticing Angus in the corner or the fact that Jim and Josh followed him in, and that Riley trailed in a moment later. Jessica pressed her back against Scott, her body melting to conform and fit perfectly against him. He loved it.

“I wish you’d rub me down like that …” Scott said into her hair, “Hell, I wish you’d ride me like you ride him too.”

“That can be arranged.” She said laying her arms over top of his around her waist, and squeezing. “Do you want the saddle, bridle, and boots? The whole thing?”

“Sounds tempting.” Scott said, “But I think we should start slow … first you ride horseback naked … feel that hard rhythm pumping between your legs.” He slid his had between her legs and pressed rhythmically, “ … and then we fuck while riding the horse … and then maybe we’ll pretend I’m the stag and you’re the mare … get some good rear entry action going.” He pressed his thigh against Jessica’s butt “ … what d’you think?”

Jessica shivered with pleasure.

“I think that sounds great.” She said pressing her pelvis against his hand and when his other hand moved to her breast, she moved her hand over his and pushed it harder against her.

“So do I.” Angus growled, moving from the corner.

“Amen.” Josh added. Scott turned with Jessica pressed against him. Jessica looked at the men and felt every part of her quiver with anticipation.

“Bareback … naked … “ Jim repeated, stepping forward, looking like the idea more than appealed to him.

“I have a feeling friend time may be heading for an intermission.” Scott said, sliding his hand down her shirt, into her bra. “Are you okay with that?”

Jessica nodded with enthusiasm.

“Well then … I guess we’ll have to proceed with operation bare back .” Jim said, moving past Josh and Riley to place his hand on her pelvis and let it slide south … so his fingers slipped between the V of her thighs. Jessica sighed and then moaned. The pressure of Jim’s fingers helped elicit the moan but the toothy grin Jim was wearing made Jessica’s heart pound. Jessica had seen similar expressions on the other men … right before they devoured all of her sensitive parts. But Jim had always been less prone to such animalism. But it looked like he’d gotten over his reserved nature and that just made Jessica wet. Jessica’s eyes locked on Jim’s eyes, as they locked on her lips, while she licked them in anticipation. And then from the corner of her eye she saw Josh, Angus and Riley undressing before moving closer.

“Oh my God.” Jessica murmured as anticipation threatened to make Jessica explode out of her skin. She leaned back against Scott, letting him support her weight as she started to part her legs, her hand sliding against him, looking for his manhood.

“Jessica …” Scott growled catching her hand, “do you really want to go there? Just watching you ride Ebony like that … like he was a part of you …” Scott revisited the image of Jessica thundering down the field, sailing over the river… again. He felt the urge to control her course through him. “Put your hands behind your head. Now!” He barked.

Jessica raised her hands and laced her fingers behind her head.

“Maybe a lesson is in order.” Riley murmured, remember how he’d felt watching her jump the river too. He couldn’t stop her then, but he could take the terror he’d felt then and channel it into the sex they were about to have. And since she’d conveniently broken a slave rule … the opportunity was there without him having to explain that he was really trying to control her. Somehow he didn’t think she’d feel too good about that at this point.

Riley took one of her wrists, and pulled her arm out straight and snaked her arm out of her sleeve.

Angus chuckled a slow, guttural laugh and the expression on his face made Jessica’s knees weak. “Jess, somehow or another you always end up needing a lesson.” He was ready to teach her a lesson alright, and so were the others. Jessica shivered in anticipation. Jessica managed a nod between gasps.

“Jesus Christ!” Angus growled when Jessica’s expression told him and the other men that she wanted that lesson, wanted it bad.

“Get her pants off!” Josh growled, receiving her message loud and clear.

Scott pulled her back against him and lifted her while Josh and Jim struggled to pull her pants off.

“Skirts!” Riley said as they maneuvered the pants over her legs. “You should only wear skirts and no underwear and then we can take you whenever and wherever we want! No muss, no fuss.”

Once Jessica was out of her pants, Riley and Josh each took one of her legs and pulled them back at the knees, opening her. Jim slid his hand between her legs and rubbed. Jessica arched with the pleasure. Angus slid one hand between her bum cheeks and pressed his thumb against her anus, Jessica gasped with pleasure.

“Get her up on the fence.” Scott ordered. The men moved as a group, and Jessica found herself standing on the first rung of the stable gate. “Hang on …” Scott paused reaching for the riding blanket and hung it over the gate, “lift her onto it.”

Jessica was lifted and draped over the gate.

Scott slid into her anus and she gasped.

Angus knelt beneath her and thrust his fingers into her pussy, thrusting hard.

Jim and Josh stood on either side of her, holding her knees. Each guided her hands to their respective cocks and she rubbed. Riley came around to her head, and thrust his cock into her mouth.

Jessica tried to concentrate on not biting Riley, but it was nearly impossible and waves of pleasure rolled over her. Riley gasped as she nipped him, but he didn’t remove himself, and second later he erupted in her mouth and it took all Jessica’s remaining strength to swallow without choking.

“Angus …” Scott said, pulling out of her anus, and switching places with Angus. Jessica twitched as Scott continued Angus’ ministrations to her pussy, only this time concentrating most of his efforts on rubbing her clitoris. Her convulsions brought Angus, Jim and Josh to climax. Jim and Josh spraying Jessica with their sperm.

“Holy fuck that was great!” Angus commented when everyone was spent. They stood panting, looking at Jessica, who lay on the gate, panting.

“Let’s get her off of there.” Jim said suddenly realizing that it was probably not all that comfortable.

Riley, Josh and Jim lifted her front and handed her back to Angus who still had his softened cock between her butt cheeks. Angus pulled her against him, and then sank to the floor.

The other men came to join Angus and Jessica, and they ended up in a pile, Jessica in the middle.

“Fuck I love you.” Scott muttered, pulling her against his chest. “It’s funny.” He added with a chuckle … bringing his lips to the top of her head. “I’ve never needed to touch a woman as much as I need to touch you. Of all the women I’ve been with … I never wanted, needed, someone so much.”

Jessica stiffened in his arms and turned to look at him through narrowed eyes. Jessica was overcome by an emotion that she didn’t recognize or know how to deal with. It felt like the twisting of her stomach she’d felt with Nina at the track and Janice at the auction but much stronger and growing stronger. Images started running through her head. That Allison woman at the pool hall … the way women looked at all the men. The lipstick on Scott’s cheek the other night. And Scott’s words … how it was common in the clan for husbands to have affairs. Had he been trying to tell her something? Tell her that he still intended to be with other women even though she and he were … committed? She could feel her cheeks turning red and she felt a sort of fury within her. She looked at the other men. They hadn’t seemed interested in any of the attention other women paid them. But neither had Scott when she was there with him. Were they all doing it? Were they all with other women when they weren’t with her? Suddenly, all Jessica wanted to do was be alone.

“What?” Scott asked. “Are you okay?” he added when she brought her eyes back to him.

“How many women have you been with?” she demanded.
“Oh, lots.” Scott said in an offhanded way. “But none of them compare to you”

Jessica felt a strange pain inside and it seemed to grow and then mutate into something bigger. Jessica pushed away from Scott.

He and the other men were taken by surprise and too slow to grab her as she sprang to her feet, scrambled out of the mess of limbs that surrounded her, and moved to pick up her pants and shirt where they had been discarded. After pulling her shirt on, she tried to walk and pull her pants on at the same time. She hadn’t gotten far when Scott caught up to her.

“Where are you going?” Scott asked moving in front of her and watching her struggle with her pants. The other men surrounding her. Scott reached out and began helping her, but Jessica pulled away from him.

“I’m fine!” she said in a controlled voice.

“No you’re not.” Scott said when she almost lost her balance and he caught her by the arm. The other men all laying supporting hands on any exposed portion of Jessica they could find. “Just let me help you …”

“No, I’m fine!” she insisted, wrenching her arm from his grasp, contorting her body so none of the other men could continue to touch her, and trying to organize her underwear so she could successfully pull it and her pants up.

“Jessica, what’s going on?” Jim asked dumbfounded. Jessica gave up on her underwear and stumbled for the barn door pulling her shirt down to cover her private parts.

“Jessica!” Angus growled passing her in two long strides and grabbing her arm. “What’s going on? Why are you trying to get away from us?”

Jessica tried to get around him but he held her firmly in place. Finally she sighed and glared at him and the other men who had surrounded her again. Then settled her eyes on Scott.

“I’m glad you have lots of other women to sleep with!” Jessica said with anger, and as the words left her mouth sadness began to intermingle with it. She lowered her face and tried to move around Angus again, “I hope you enjoy them … now let me go. Please!” She was so angry, and so sad, she felt like crying. And that made her feel embarrassed. Obviously that wasn’t the reaction the men would expect. It seemed like they expected her to have the same attitude the clan women did and just ignore the indiscretions … or … a more horrifying thought occurred to her, they expected her to accept them? It was true that being monogamous had not come up in the oath. The men made it clear that they expected her to not see anyone else. But she already had five men. Was there a limit to the number of partners a woman was to have in the clan rules somewhere? Or worse yet, maybe the extra marital affairs were only okay for the men and not the women. Jessica fought hard to keep the tears from coming. She didn’t care what the clan norms were. She did not share her spouse … spouses, with anyone. And even though that obviously wasn’t fair to the men since she had multiple spouses and they only had one … that was too bad. That was their decision. God she had to get out of the barn and be alone! Jessica tried to move around Angus again.

The men gaped at her, completely at a loss to understand what was going on. But then Scott’s confusion change to horror as he realized what she had assumed. But then he realized why she was acting the way she was so when he lifted her chin he couldn’t help but smile.

“Jessica, are you jealous?” He asked, euphoric at the thought. So she did care enough about him to be jealous!

But then anger washed over Jessica’s face again and she wrenched her chin from his hand.

Anger, ten times worse than what she’d felt earlier coursed through her. Her suspicions were true … he was still seeing other women and for some reason that knowledge made her feel like she was being shredded from the inside out. She pushed Scott as hard as she could and tried to move past him.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” Scott said trying to contain her flailing arms as she tried over and over again to move away from him. Hot tears stung her eyes.

“Let me go!” she repeated as she continued the struggle, tears falling now.

“Listen to me Jess,” Scott said, “Jess, listen …” but the more he spoke the more she cried and tried to push him away.

The other men stood watching Scott and Jessica, trying to determine exactly what was happening.

Finally she gave up on pushing and took a step back and tried to lunge around him.

“Fuck it!” he said as he caught her around the waist and pulled her to him. “I guess I have to find a better way to get your attention.” He grasped her head in his hands and brought his mouth down on hers, hard. She tried to pull away but he held her so tight her efforts were futile. He pushed her down on the ground, thrust his way between her legs and entered her with a hard thrust. Still kissing her hard, he held her shoulders in place and held the thrust as far into her as he could. Against his lips, she gasped. He brushed his lips against hers as he pulled back with his pelvis and slowly but firmly thrust as far into her as he could again. “Do … “ he said, pulling back and thrusting again, “I …” he used his right arm to move Jessica’s right leg up onto his shoulder, and then he did the same with her left. He was pressed right up against her, his face touching hers. He could feel himself pushing against her cervix. “have …” he thrust again and Jessica gasped again. The sensation of his cock sliding against her cervix brought a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. “your …” thrust again, “attention … now?”

Jessica nodded.

“Good. Then listen to me. You are mine Jessica, just like I am yours. Nothing will ever change that.”

“What about the other women? I … I know it’s not fair …” she said, searching his eyes but then embarrassed by her selfishness she dropped her gaze to his lips. “I mean you share me with the other men … but ” her voice trailed off.

“Jesus Jess,” Scott whispered. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to know that she wanted him to herself. “I could never be with other women when I’m with you. There’s only you Jess. You are all I want, all I’ve ever wanted. And I haven’t been with a single other woman since we’ve … been together.”

Jessica exhaled and brought her forehead to his chest.

“Really?” she asked quietly.

“Yes really. And a long time ago, when I was with them … before us … it was nothing like this. There was never anyone who made me want to do the things I do with you. There was no kink and no emotion. I love you Jessica.”

“I love you too.” Jessica murmured.

“Someone want to tell us what the hell is going on?” Angus demanded. Jessica looked up and saw the other men standing around her and Scott, looking down at them.

“Jessica was under the mistaken impression that I … that we were still seeing other people.”

“Really?” Josh asked.

“How could you think that?” Jim demanded.

Jessica’s eyes slipped back down to Scott’s chest. She was embarrassed. “For some reason, when Scott made that comment about all the other women he slept with it just kind of occurred to me that maybe he meant it was a current thing. I mean, everywhere we go women notice you guys. Notice you a lot. And then Scott’s comment the other day about affairs and the lipstick on his cheek … I just suddenly got really upset. I mean, I don’t really care about what happened in the past. The past is the past, right? But now … when we’re married And I know it’s not really fair. I’m not sleeping with only one of you. I mean, you have to share so why shouldn’t I, right? But I just can’t.” Jessica looked up when silence followed her explanation and she wasn’t sure what she expected to see, but it certainly wasn’t the huge smiles plastered on the men’s faces.

“You’re … happy?” Jessica asked in surprise.

“Happy that you want us to yourself.” Riley said, “But not so happy that you’d really think we’d cheat on you.”

“Well, I guess I thought that maybe you didn’t see it as cheating.”

“Jessica.” Angus growled, dropping to his knees next to her and Scott, “Do you not remember what we said about you going with other men? Did that give you the impression that we’d condone cheating?”

“Well … I guess I thought that maybe you thought that different rules applied to you than applied to me.”

“You’re wrong.” Angus said.

“Really wrong.” Jim added.

“Angus, get behind Jess, let her lean up against you.” Scott said. Angus lifted Jessica against him and she was pressed between her and Scott, her legs still sticking up over his shoulders.

“And to prove it, I’m going to continue where I left off.” Scott said. “I never want you to forget me inside of you … I want you to feel it forever. When you look at me … I want you to feel me pressing all the way into you …” his voice was husky.

He pulled back and firmly pushed into her again pushing as hard as he could against her cervix. When she gasped and looked at him with that look between ecstasy and a silent plea for sexual release it took all of his self-control to refrain from assaulting her with a volley of thrusts. “Do you feel it” he growled as he pulled back and thrust again.

“Yes.” Jessica panted.

“Again?” he demanded as he thrust again.

“Y …es.” She moaned and when her pussy began to pulsate he did lose it and he thrust into her over and over again until he exploded, and then collapsed on top of her.

“Sorry …” he said when he realized that Jessica’s legs were squished between their chests.

“Who’s next?” he asked holding her legs up with his hands and pulling out of her.

“I am.” Riley said, and took his spot, sliding into her with as much force as he could muster and from the expression on her face he wondered if maybe he’d pushed too hard. But then her pussy tighten and Jessica moaned.

“Jessica ..” he gasped. “Look at me.” He said when she closed her eyes and arched her back. “Our parents may have been awful role models.” He said when she was staring into his eyes. “But I’d never expect you to settle for less from our marriage than what I expect. I’ve had very few relationships in my life Jess. And there’s only one that has ever mattered, or will ever matter, and that’s my marriage to you.” And Riley thrust again, “Do you understand?”

“Yes …” Jessica said, and this time when Riley thrust he came, the pressure of his cock on her cervix sent Jessica into waves of orgasm as well.

“My turn.” Josh said, tapping Riley on the shoulder when it looked like he was going to collapse on Jessica.

Riley kissed Jessica on the lips and pulled out … Angus holding her legs up from behind her.

“Oh God Jess.” Josh said thrusting into her. He followed with a volley of thrusts that sent both of them into simultaneous orgasm. “I …” Josh began, panting over Jessica as the pleasure continued to roll over them … Jessica’s pussy pulsating with surprising strength on his shaft. “I was nothing but a rapist in the past, as you know. The only real relationship I’ve ever had or ever will have is with you. You know that, right?”

“Yes … yes …” Jessica moaned, closing her eyes.

“Josh …” Jim said. Josh slid out of her and someone new slid in. Jessica opened her eyes to find herself face to face with Jim. He looked sad, hurt and Jessica felt guilt roll over her.

“I didn’t really mean it about you.” Jessica said feeling doubly guilty now. As much as she tried to treat Jim and the others equally … and as easy as it was becoming to do so, she honestly couldn’t believe that Jim would ever cheat on her. Ever.

Jim smiled. “That makes me feel better. But just to be perfectly clear, and so you don’t ever forget … you …” Jim said, thrusting into her hard and almost holding off on the next thrust when Jessica looked at him in complete surprise, but he couldn’t. “Mean …” he thrust again, “everything … to … me. Don’t … ever … forget … it!” Jessica gasped with each thrust and when Jim’s expression transformed into the horny, sexually charged one he’d had earlier she came. Jessica’s obvious pleasure brought Jim to his own explosion.
“I’ll take her.” Scott said to Angus. Jessica head lolled as Scott and Angus switched places, Jim pulled out and Angus slid in.

Jessica forced her eyes open when Angus didn’t move after pressing as deep into her as he could. She found Angus watching her.

“I’m sorry …” Jessica began thinking that maybe he thought she trusted him less than Jim. But Angus put a finger over her lips.

“I only had one other real relationship.” Angus said, “And Beth betrayed me … she killed my kid. She had an abortion that she never expected me to know about and then she tried to tell me that it hadn’t been mine … when I’d found out of course. So she was either the killer of my child, or a two timing whore and killer of some other bastards’ kid.” Angus said in an unusually calm voice.

“Angus!” Jessica gasped, bringing her hands to his face, caressing it. Her heart broke for him.

“It’s okay Jess.” He said turning his face so he could kiss her palm. “That’s all ancient history. The only reason that I mention it is to say that I know what it feels like to be betrayed. And I’d never, ever, do that to you. I may not be able to promise you total equality … the way that you want it, but in this you are completely equal. I expect from myself the same that I expect from you. Complete and utter devotion. Do you understand?”

Jessica nodded and kissed him.

“And I’m sorry Jess, but I’m real horny and kinda want to make the same impression on you that the other guys did … can you handle some more thrusting?” Jessica nodded, and Angus didn’t waste a second before thrusting hard and deep.

“Did that hurt?” Angus asked when Jessica made a noise.

“Only a little.”

“I can’t stop Jess.” Angus said delivering another hard and deep thrust. Jessica shook her head.

“Then don’t.”

So Angus thrust again, and again, and within minutes Jessica felt an orgasm growing.

“Come on baby …” Angus urged, “come on, cum now … now … before I do!” and he thrust harder and faster and a second after Jessica exploded, Angus did. Angus’ grinding slowed, and he collapsed on top of Jessica, which meant on top of Scott too.
He fought to keep his eyes open.

“Christ. Half an hour before you’re going out Jess.” Josh said.

“What?” Jessica squeaked.

“Shit.” Scott mumbled into her ear. “You go get cleaned up.” He said, “We’ll finish up in here.

Angus kissed Jessica and then rolled off of her.

Riley held out his hand. Jessica took it and he pulled her to her feet.

“Here.” Jim held her pants out in front of her.

“Can I help you put these on now?” Scott asked taking her elbow to stabilize her.

Jessica laughed. “Thanks.” She said sliding her leg into the pant hole that he held out for her.

Together with Jim, Scott pulled her pants up, buckled them and then his own as Jessica headed for the house.

Jessica had showered and dressed as quickly as she could. She was impressed to find that it had only taken her twenty minutes. She emerged into the living room with time to spare.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when she saw the men sitting around the living room looking unhappy. Her heart dropped, maybe her day out was cancelled.

“Nothing.” Riley said, getting to his feet. “It’s just a possible change in plans. We figure we’ll let you decide what you want to do.”

“Sean called.” Jim said, “He, Corey and some of the other guys thought they’d come with the girls and hang out here with us while you go out. And then maybe stay for a bit when you get back and jam.”

“Really?” Jessica asked. Surprised, excited, but wondering why the men didn’t look very excited.

“Yeah. But that’d mean we can’t do our romantic dinner tonight.” Scott said.

“Oh.” Jessica said.
“And, we couldn’t do it tomorrow night. We have plans already, remember?” Jim said. “I mean, I’ve asked the guys to come motor biking with us, but later, friend time …”

“We can do it on my night.” Riley said, “I don’t mind, but that puts it off for a couple of nights.”

“So, what do you want to do?” Josh asked.

“Would you be too upset if I said I’d like to jam tonight and do the dinner on Riley’s night?”

“No … whatever you want to do is what we want to do.” Angus said but Jessica was pretty sure she detected some disappointment in his tone.

Jessica went to Angus and slid into his arms. “Are you sure?”

“I won’t say that I’m not a little bit disappointed.” Angus said. “I was looking forward to tonight, but hey, what’s a couple more nights?”

“Thanks.” Jessica said, kissing him.

“So Jess, I told the guys that I also wanted to ask you what you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t? I want to try and fit it in tomorrow morning too, with the guys.” Jim said.

“What I’ve wanted to try?”

“Yeah, you know. Like riding horses, motor bikes, racing cars, that kind of thing.”

“Oh. Okay. Parachuting or sky diving.” Jessica said. “I’ve always wanted to try that.”

“Fucking figures.” Angus said.

“Okay …” Jim said gulping. “I honestly didn’t see that coming. But, okay. I’ll set it up.”

“Really!” Jessica asked, running over to Jim and hugging him. “I can’t wait!”

“Neither can we …” Josh said and looked a little green.

“Are you okay?”

“Just have a little thing about heights. But don’t worry, I’ll get over it.”
“Okay.” Riley said flipping his phone shut. “They’re on their way. Should be here in about twenty minutes.”

Jessica couldn’t sit still for the next twenty minutes. Finally cars pulled into the driveway and Jessica ran to the front door.

“Hey Jessica,” Corey said, slamming his car door shut and pointing at the four women standing near another car off to his right. “This is my sister Sara, that’s Sean’s sister Leah, and her cousins Amanda and Justine.”

“Hi,” Jessica said to the women and moved toward them. Jessica was relieved to see that they looked friendly. Very friendly. They were eyeing the men … particularly Riley and Angus in a weary way, but when they looked at her, they smiled.

Jessica was also relieved to see that they were about her age. One, Leah, looked a little older, but not by much.

“So ladies.” Angus said from behind Jessica, who jumped because she hadn’t realized he’d followed so closely behind her. “Rather than take two cars, maybe Jessica wouldn’t mind if you all went in her SUV. It’s brand new, and big enough.”

“Um, it’s okay with me.” Jessica said when the girls didn’t respond but gaped at Angus.

“Us too.” Leah finally said speaking for the girls.

“Good. So you’ll be back around … five, six?” Riley asked, sauntering up next to Angus.

“Yeah. Probably.” Leah agreed.

“Okay. Well, have fun.” Riley said. And Angus nodded.

“See you later, Jess, have fun.” Jim called from where he and the other men were helping Sean and Corey unload instruments. They all waved and returned to what they were doing.

The girls climbed into the SUV, and Jessica backed out onto the dirt road.

As soon as they were out of sight of the house, Leah looked over at Jessica.

“I don’t know how you did it honey.” She said, shaking her head, “But you tamed those two assholes.”

“I can’t believe it!” Sara said from the back seat, throwing her arm over the back of the front seat and leaning against it to look at Jessica, “Corey and Sean swore they’d changed but I didn’t believe it for a second. And if I hadn’t witnessed what I just did with my own two eyes and ears … I still wouldn’t believe it. How did you get past all their anger and meanness?”

“I, uh …” Jessica stuttered when all the girls were looking at her.

“I swore I’d never go near those two again … especially Angus.” Amanda said. “I almost didn’t come today. But. But … they were actually civil.”

“I don’t know …” Jessica said when they looked at her again.

“I heard that you married them.” Justine said, “All of them.”

Jessica nodded and held up her ring finger.

“Maybe that was it.” Leah said.

Jessica shrugged.

“What’s it like, being married to them? Scott, Jim and Josh, well they’re okay I guess … but Riley and Angus …” Justine shivered, “Are they mean? Do they make you do things you don’t want to do?”

“Ah, no.” Jessica said. Surprised at first by how much fear they had for Riley and Angus, but then reflecting on how they’d used to be … she could understand it. And in a way she felt relief. Relief because their meanness had not been reserved for only her. Others had felt it too.

“Well, you’re braver than I ever could be.” Amanda said. “If I’d had to marry them, I would be sitting in a corner crying.”

“Amanda …” Leah warned noticing how uncomfortable Jessica was beginning to feel. “None of that matters. They’re obviously very happy with their marriage … they’ve definitely become … nicer. Let’s leave it at that and focus on the fun we’re going to have today instead.”

“Good idea.” Sara said. “Whatever you did to make them more human, I’m thankful. And welcome to the family!”

Jessica smiled, and from that point forward, as Leah had suggested, all they focused on for the rest of the afternoon was having fun.

Four hours later, when they pulled into the driveway Jessica was so happy she thought she’d burst. It had been the best afternoon ever. They’d shopped for clothes, and makeup, and accessories, and shoes … and they’d barely fit it all into the back of the SUV.
Then they’d gone to the spa where they’d had everything waxed, massaged, cleaned, and relaxed. They’d sat in the hot tub for so long Jessica had barely been able to walk afterward. They’d talked about girl stuff. About boys in the clan that the girls liked, boys they wanted to kiss. And then they asked Jessica about kissing. Leah had rolled her eyes, but apparently she didn’t have much experience in that department either so she listened intently when Jessica described the different kinds of kisses that existed … and how they made butterflies swarm your stomach. Jessica had asked their ages and found out that her earlier guesses about their ages had been pretty accurate. Sara was twenty-one, like Jessica, Amanda and Justine were twenty-two and Leah had just turned twenty-three.

As Jessica gathered her bags from the back of the SUV, and the other girls transferred theirs to their respective cars Jessica smiled so much she thought her face would break. She felt like she had known these girls her whole life … almost like they were her sisters … which according to them they practically were. By virtue of being in the clan … and Jessica hadn’t considered herself part of the clan but, by marrying clan members apparently she was a clan member, Jessica was now related to these girls.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Jim asked. He and Josh showed up out of nowhere and took her bags.

“Great! Absolutely great!” Jessica exclaimed.

“You look great!” Josh said noticing the light smattering of make-up Jessica wore.

“You do …” Jim agreed.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Jessica said, wondering what they’d say when they saw her perfectly coiffed pussy … and felt her incredibly smooth from waxing, legs.

“Really? … Really?” Josh asked suddenly getting her meaning and letting his eyes stray to her crotch.

“You didn’t …” Jim asked.

“Not completely.” Jessica said. “But let’s just say, it’s neater now.”

Jim glanced around at Leah, Amanda, Justine and Sara who were still putting away their loot … oblivious to the conversation that he Josh and Jessica were having.

“Can we see?” Jim asked.

“Of course you can … oh, but not now!” Jessica added when Jim reached for her and she realized he’d literally meant now.

“Not here, in the bathroom …” Jim said, licking his lips.

Jessica giggled. “We have visitors … wouldn’t that be rude?”

“They don’t have to know …” Josh said.

Jessica giggled again and realized that Jim and Josh were serious.

“Um … how about later, once everyone’s gone home?” Jessica flicked her eyes at the girls who were now closing their trunks and about ready to return. “Please?” she added when it seemed nothing was getting through Jim and Josh’s one track minds.

“Okay.” Jim finally said, “Sorry … I guess I got a little carried away …”

“That’s okay. But let’s not say anything to the others until everyone’s gone home. I’m not sure I could get them to see reason.”

Jim and Josh nodded but didn’t seem interested in giving her any space.

In fact, when Leah asked, “where is everyone?” Jim and Josh practically glued themselves to either side of Jessica, wrapped their an arm around her back, each sliding a hand into one of the pockets on her the bum cheeks of her jeans.

“Out back.” Josh said, “We’re building a fire … having some roasted sausage for dinner. We figure we can have a campfire jam after.”

“Cool.” Leah said, and looked from Jim to Josh, and back again. Waiting for them to do something. The other girls did too.

“Go ahead on back.” Jim finally said, “we’ll take Jessica’s things in and join you in a minute.”

“Okay …” Leah said, looking suspiciously at the huge nervous smile Jessica had plastered on her face. “Are you going to be okay?” she asked Jessica.

“Oh yeah, yeah, fine never better.” Jessica said in a rush. “Go on back, we’ll be there in a minute.”

“You realize.” Leah said, looking pointedly at Jim and Josh, “that by marrying Jessica you made her part of our family. Which means, her happiness and well-being is of great importance to us. You’re not going to do anything that Jessica may not like, are you?”

“What?” Jim asked in surprise. “Of course we’re not.”
“Okay, fine. Just remember that no means no.” she said. “Come on, let’s go find the others.” She said to the other girls. With what could only be described as warning glares, the other girls fixed their eyes on Jim and Josh, winked at Jessica, and then moved past them to toward the back of the house.

“What the hell was that?” Jim demanded.

“I don’t know.” Jessica said equally, but pleasantly surprised.

“I do.”Josh said, “Jessica you look like you’re about to be eaten alive by a couple of sharks. They probably think Jim and I are going to ravage you against your will.”

“Oh, sorry.” Jessica said looking from Jim to Josh, “But I did kind of get the feeling that maybe you would want to have sex. And right now, I really don’t. To me this is friend time.”

“Right.” Jim said, “Guilty as charged and not really proud of it. I guess I’m curious about what you look like down there now, but we’ll wait. Look the real reason we came down here was to warn you that Corey and Sean don’t have exactly the same repertoire as we do. They play more country slash old rock type songs … some are almost hickish.”

“That’s fine.” Jess said, “I don’t care, just so long as we’re playing and singing, I’m happy.”

“Alright. Well head back with Josh then. I’ll take your stuff in.”

“Thanks.” Jessica said, kissing Jim. “And I promise, it’ll be worth the wait.”

Josh took Jessica’s hand and they went behind the house to the field where a huge fire danced in a fire pit and a surprisingly large group of people surrounded the fire.

“Jess, this is Don, Mark, Stan and Chris.” Josh said, introducing her to four men who sat near Corey and Sean.

“Hi,” Jessica said and looked at Justine tilting her head toward Mark. The boy that Justine said she liked was named Mark, and this guy looked young enough to be closer to Justine’s age. The other three looked to be the same age as Jim or Josh and Scott. Justine nodded.

“Pleased to meet you.” Jessica said and wondered how she could make it so Justine was sitting next to Mark.

“So how was your day?” Scott asked pulling Jessica onto his lap.

“Fine.” Jessica said and then noticed Angus and Riley staring at her. She vaguely wondered if they had some kind of built in pubic hair detectors because their eyes were raking over her as if they knew something was different. And Jim was still in the house, Josh had come with her … they couldn’t possibly have heard from either one of them about her modified pubic hair. “Better than fine actually.” She added.

“That’s great.” Scott said and squeezed her thigh. They knew. They definitely knew.

“I … I have some things to show you … later.” She added emphasizing the word later.

“Hey, are we going to roast those sausages or what?” Corey asked, “I’m fucking starving!”

“The sausages are in the cooler there, sticks are next to the coolers.” Jim said walking into the light of the fire pit. He had Jessica’s guitar in one hand. “Jess.” He lifted it, “I’ll put it over here till after dinner.”


Everyone was gathering around the cooler.

When Jessica moved to join them Scott wrapped his arms around her and held her in place. She looked at him in surprise, but he just winked at her.

“I got yours Jess.” Riley said so Jessica settled back against Scott.

“So, the girls mentioned some interesting wax jobs that you all had done.” Scott said into her ear.

Jessica nodded, took a deep breath, and brought her hand up to cup Scott’s cheek. “Scott, can we talk about that later? I’d really like to just hang out with our guests right now.”

He looked at her for a moment and then nodded. “Okay. This is your time … got it. But later …”

Jessica smiled. “Later. Anything you want. I promise.”

“Here Jess.” Riley brought her a roasted sausage.

“You know what?” Scott said when Jessica looked over at the fire with longing. “Can you roast mine for me?” Scott asked. “I’ll hold onto yours till you get back.”

“Sure!” Jessica said springing from his lap and moving to the fire pit.
“She didn’t want me to roast it for her?” Riley asked.

“I think maybe we’re smothering her a little.” Scott said. “Let’s hang back, let her enjoy herself. I have it on good authority that there’s some good sex time coming our way later.”

“Did she really wax her pussy?” Angus asked coming to sit next to Scott with his cooked sausage.

“Apparently.” Scott said.

“And we’re supposed to make it through the night knowing that?” Angus demanded.

“Apparently.” Riley said.

“She’s sure having a good time.” Jim said finding a space on a chair next to Riley and watching Jessica standing around the fire, joking and laughing with all the others who were roasting their sausages.

“Yeah …” Josh agreed, also finding a chair to plop into.

“She’s definitely smiling a lot.” Scott agreed.

“Okay, no smothering.” Riley said. “But I’m not promising anything once everyone leaves.”

“Ditto.” Angus said and bit into his sausage.

An hour later Jessica put her guitar down. They’d been playing and singing for an hour straight and were now taking a break for food, drink and bodily functions. Jim had gone to get her a rum and coke so Jessica had time to herself. She looked over at the far side of the campfire circle and saw the men still sitting there. They hadn’t moved for the whole hour. They watched, seemed to be having a good time but Jessica had the distinct impression that they were removing themselves from the evening.

Jessica moved to them.

“Hey.” Scott said. He’d watched her approaching and Jessica could see that he was steeling himself for something. The others seemed to be doing the same. Angus had downed his drink and produced a bottle of whisky to pour more.

“Hi,” Jessica said. She took the glass from Angus’ hand and slid onto his lap. He looked worried, holding his arms away from her and then waving them around parts of her body as if he couldn’t decide where to put them. Finally he settled on the small of her back and her knee. Jessica sniffed his drink, and took a sip.
“Yuck …” she said handing it back to him.

“Here Jess.” Jim said arriving with her rum and coke.

“Thanks.” Jessica said taking it. “So are you guys okay?” she asked. Angus sat at the end of their row of chairs, so sitting like she was she could see all of them.

“Yeah, of course.” Riley said.

“And you’re awesome.” Josh added. “You’re all real talented.”

“They are good aren’t they?” Jessica asked looking toward the now vacated chairs.

“You’re having a good time, right?” Scott asked.

“A great time. But it would be a lot better if you guys were having a good time.”

“We are.” Scott said.

“A great time, we’re having a great time.” Angus added.

“But you’re not really participating.” Jessica said. “It’s kind of hard to have a good time when you’re sitting on the outside watching.”

“Yeah, well … “ Riley said and Jessica got worried.

“You’re okay with this right? I mean, it was your idea.”

“Sure, of course we are. Do you really think any of this would be happening if we weren’t okay with it?” Angus asked.

“Then why are you guys sitting over here when all the fun is over there?” Jessica asked. “Are you mad at me?” Jessica asked when the men didn’t answer.

“Mad at you?” Angus barked, “Just how do you draw that conclusion?”

“I don’t know. You’re acting kind of weird, like you’re staying away from me on purpose. Maybe I did something? The jealousy thing, or the wax job? I promise, not all of the hair is gone …”

“Oh my God!” Angus growled, tightening his arms around Jessica and closing his eyes. Jessica looked at him in surprise.

“It’ll grow back …” she added quietly.

“That’s not it.” Angus said opening his eyes and Angus’ desire was smoldering in them … and Jessica could feel his erection against her. “All I want to do is jump you Jessica. Yes we’re staying away from you … so you can have fun. There’s nothing that I want to do with you right now that is appropriate around company.”

Jessica looked at the others and they looked equally aroused.

“Well, I guess you’re not mad at me then.” Jessica said with a light laugh.

“Not even close.” Riley said.

Jessica sighed.

“Isn’t there a way that you can think of me as just a friend for a while?” She asked. “Like you do when we work out? I mean, I really want you guys to join us. And have fun. These are your friends. Please?”

“I don’t think I can just be friends with you Jess.” Scott said. “I need to touch you all the time. I can’t just turn it off.”

“Could you just pretend that I’m a guy? One of you? Just for a few hours?”

“A guy?” Josh asked. “You’re kidding right?”

“No.” Jessica said, “I can even talk in a real low voice.” She added, lower her voice several octaves.

“Oh no, no.” Riley said, “Don’t ever do that again! Ugh.” He shook his head and shuddered.

Jessica giggled.

“Does this really mean that much to you?” Scott asked.

“Yes. I really want you guys to join us. I mean, Jim can do it.” Jessica said waving her hand at Jim who was standing and watching the whole exchange.

“But Jim also feels like he’s your brother half the time.” Angus said. “It’s easy for him.”

“I think you’re missing the point entirely.” Jim said.

“Then enlighten us oh wise one.” Angus grumbled.

“You can be in a relationship and have separate friendships too.” Jim said, “It all boils down to a little self-control. You don’t have to pretend Jessica is just a friend, or a guy, or your sister. Just let her make her friendships while you’re maintaining yours. If you concentrate on your friends then you won’t be horny all the time. Wise enough for you?” He asked when the men stared at him.

“Wise ass.” Riley mumbled.

“So what you’re saying.” Scott said, “Is that we treat Jessica as our wife but in a social setting … which translates to stop thinking about her being naked.”

“Ding ding ding … you get what’s being door number two.” Jim said pointing his finger at Scott.

“Hey guys, you coming?” Don called. Everyone had returned to their seats and had their instruments ready.

“Come on!” Jessica said jumping off of Angus’ lap, grabbing his hand and pulling.

“Okay, okay.” Angus said getting up and grabbing his chair. “I’ll try … but don’t blame me if I jump you in front of everyone. I’m kidding!” he added when Jessica looked back at him in horror.

All of the men moved closer and Jessica moved her seat between Angus and Josh before they started playing and singing again. For Jessica, the rest of the night went by in an ecstatically happy blur.


Jessica didn’t even hesitate. She just stepped right out the plane door.

Josh was glad he was attached to an instructor because if Steve hadn’t pushed him out the door right behind Jessica and her instructor, Josh wouldn’t have left the plane until it was safely on the ground. As it was, it took all of this self-control to keep from screaming as he and Steve plummeted toward the earth.

Josh watched the small dot below him, that he knew was Jessica and Ronald and his life flashed before his eyes. Oddly it seemed as though his life had started when he and Jessica began to get along because that’s all he could think about.

And foremost in his mind was how much fun they’d had singing and hanging out the night before. And then the mind blowing sex they’d had once everyone left, and in the morning. They’d pulled out all the stops … using vibrators, fucking machines, ropes. It’d been wild. And they’d had to skip their work out in order to get to the parachuting instruction on time.

Josh reflected on that. He looked up and saw the other men hurtling towards him and couldn’t help but be proud of them again. The instruction of the parachuting had included some very close bodily contact between them and their instructors. Not to mention strap adjustments that had been in the chest area. Jessica had worked with her instructor as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And luckily for her, the men were able to control themselves. Not once was there a tense moment. He didn’t know how they’d done it … but they had.

Suddenly he felt the jerk of the parachute as Steven pulled the chord, and the rest of the ride down was relatively peaceful and Josh could enjoy it rather than worry about impending death.

When Josh landed he could see Jessica helping Ronald roll up the parachute and she was laughing.

She stopped to watch the other men land and then she ran and jumped into Josh’s arms.

“Wasn’t that great?” she yelled and she had a crazed look in her eye that Josh was sure other people would mistake as being the result of a large ingestion of drugs. Cocaine likely … or maybe LSD. “And I’m so proud of you! You’re afraid of heights but you jumped anyway!” and she peppered him with kisses.

“To be honest, I was pushed.” Josh said and Jessica laughed.

“That was incredible!” Scott said, coming to join them.

“What a rush.” Jim agreed.

“I shit my pants.” Angus grumbled.

“Yeah. Jess that was an experience I’ll grant you that.” Riley said, “But next time I’ll be watching from the ground.”

Jessica jumped up and down, clapping her hands. She was so psyched.

“You sure have the right instincts.” Ronald said to Jessica, coming to join them with the other instructors. “You knew exactly when to pull the chord, you’re a natural.”

“You pulled your own chord?” Angus barked.

“She asked to.” Ronald said, “But I was the back-up … which turned out to be unnecessary. Great job.” Ronald said and patted Jessica on the shoulder. Jessica beamed.

“Okay.” Jim said, snapping his phone shut, “We gotta pay up now or else we won’t have time for the track.”

“Come with me.” Ronald said and Jim followed the instructors while Jessica and the men removed the overalls they were wearing over their clothes.

Ten minutes later Jim, Riley, Jessica and Scott piled into one of the cars, Josh and Angus were in the second. As they shut the doors Riley rolled his eyes at Jim again, and Jim winked at Jessica. Jessica for her part was very confused.

When they were leaving the house that morning everyone assumed they’d take Jessica’s SUV. But Jim insisted that they would not, arguing that after the track they would have to go their separate ways and so they needed a second vehicle. So the men agreed to take one of the cars, and the SUV. But again, Jim insisted on two cars. The men argued that the SUV was more fuel efficient than either of their piece of shit cars, but Jim had insisted, throwing in excuses like someone would throw odds and ends into a stew consisting of nothing but left overs. At one point he’d said something about the SUV getting too dirty on the dirt roads to the airport and the motor bike track.

Finally in exasperation, and due to lack of time for arguing, the men gave up and they’d taken the cars. Jim had winked at Jessica then too. And she had absolutely no idea why.

“So, sorry again.” Jim said as they turned onto the paved road, “But I only have two bikes. One of you can ride mine if you want.”

“It’s okay Jim.” Riley said, “I think we had enough excitement for one day. We’ll just watch.”

“I’m just worried about this track.” Scott said, “The clan uses it a lot. I don’t really want to run into anyone we know here.”

“They’re usually on the track.” Jim said, “Not usually too many spectators standing around. It should be okay.”

“If you say so.” Scott said.

An hour later the men had been watching Jessica and Jim circle the dirt circuit. Jessica certainly knew how to handle a bike. And as expected, she had no issues with speed. She had this funny habit of circling on the spot before taking off which created just enough dust that once it settled observers would get the impression that she had disappeared into thin air, when in reality she’d gotten so far so fast that it took a while to find her slight figure in the green and white riding suit, flying over the ridges of the moguls.

Watching the riders whiz by and handle the less than hospitable terrain held the mens’ attention and time slipped by unnoticed. At one point Jim pulled up alongside Jessica and motioned at his wrist. Jessica nodded and they slowed, and pulled over to the side. And then a group of four riders pulled alongside them and seemed to be speaking to them. Jim shook his head a few times but then Jessica seemed to be saying something and Jim looked like he was resigned to something. And then the four men took off. Jessica spun in a circle and took off after them. Jim shook his head, and followed her. To the men watching it became pretty clear that Jim and Jessica were involved in a race of some kind. The four other riders kept trying to stay in the lead. Jessica, with Jim struggling to keep up, made her way past three of them and then seemed to be having a standoff of sorts with the fourth. They were going at incredibly high speeds that in no way looked safe. Finally, rounding a corner, Jessica pulled through the turn, but the other rider slid out and hit the bales of hay that lined the inner wall of the track. Jessica looked over her shoulder, slowed and turned around. Jumping off her bike she ran over to the other rider and helped him up.

The rider dusted himself off, and Jessica lifted his motor cycle. Jim pulled up and said something that had Jessica holding her hands up to the dusty rider as if in apology and heading for her own bike. Soon she and Jim coasted over the entranceway to the track. The men went to meet them.

“What the hell was that about?” Riley asked. “You could’ve been killed!”

Jessica pulled her helmet off and shook her hair out. “It was just for fun. Honest Riley, it was safe.”

“Jessica …” Jim grumbled and that caught everyone’s attention. Jim didn’t often grumble. “I don’t care how good you are at riding. I don’t want to see you doing those speeds again, do you understand?”

Jessica nodded. Privately she was glad that she’d decided to play things down and not show off with some of the trick jumps she usually did. The way Jim was looking at her she was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to let her ride again.

Just then the four riders who had raced Jim and Jessica pulled up and removed their helmets. Jim groaned, and the men were instantly tense. Jessica looked at them in surprise.

“Gentlemen.” The rider who had wiped out said to the men.

“Kurt.” Riley said in a tone that did nothing to hide the hostility that he felt. Jessica blanched. “How’s Paul doing these days.” He added, planting his eyes on Jessica and he was glad to see that she understood what he was trying to convey. For all intense and purposes this was the enemy.

“Fine.” Kurt replied, “If you ever bothered to talk to him you’d know that for yourself. But, I’m not here to discuss Paul with you.”

“You’re not?” Angus asked in obvious surprise.

“No. Do you remember Anthony? Of the central clan?”

“Yes.” Riley replied, not liking where this was going. He slid his eyes over to Jessica. He didn’t want to discuss clan business in front of her.

“Well, lately his crew has been around. A lot.” Kurt said. “And they’re always challenging us to races. I don’t know if you’re aware but Paul’ sister married Anthony …” Kurt paused. Finally Riley nodded. He’d heard. “Well, ever since that development there has been a redirection in hostilities. It seems now they consider the winning of motor bike races as the appropriate way to settle disputes.”

“Are you saying that because of Paul’ sister, Anthony no longer wants to whack Paul and his clan?” Scott asked.

“Our clan.” Kurt said emphasizing the word our and sweeping his eyes over the men to include them. An amused look played on his face. “And that is what I’m saying. They’re always just little impromptu challenges, but Anthony’s riders are … good.” Kurt said. “They’re always kicking our asses.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Angus demanded.

Kurt turned his eyes on Jessica. “Jessica is good.” Kurt said. “The kind of good that would kick their butts.”

“No!” Riley thundered as he moved to stand between Kurt and Jessica. The other men moved too and Jessica couldn’t see anything but their backs … and she was distressed to see that their entire bodies had gone rigid. It reminded her of the times they’d been furious with her … except this time they were straining their tightly coiled muscles at someone else.

“Why not?” Kurt asked.

“No.” Riley repeated.

“It’s just for fun.” One of the other men said.

“You come anywhere near her again and I’ll kill you. Do you understand?” Riley growled. Jessica shrank. Riley sounded absolutely terrifying.

“Get out of here!” Angus yelled in an equally terrifying voice, and Jessica flinched.
“You’re making a mistake.” Kurt said.

“You’re the one making the mistake.” Scott said in a calmer but strained voice, “If you don’t leave now, you’ll see what kind of a mistake you’re making.”

“This isn’t over.” Kurt said and Jessica could hear the crunch of their bike tires on the dirt.

The men stayed rigid as they watched the four move away.

“We’ll move to another track.” Jim finally said.

“You bet you will.” Riley said.

“I’m sorry.” Jim added.

Suddenly the men relaxed.

The men turned to look at Jessica.

Riley half expected her to be angry about how rude he’d been but Jessica seemed pretty shaken. Good. At least she’d understood the gravity of the situation.

“If you ever see any of those men again,” Riley said, his eyes boring into her, “you turn around and run. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Jessica said.

“We’re not fucking kidding Jessica.” Angus said advancing on her and grabbing her arm, “Those men are dangerous. Incredibly dangerous. Do not let them anywhere near you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Angus I understand. Do they want to hurt you?” Jessica asked, fear gripping her. The fact that the men considered Paul and his men dangerous terrified Jessica.

“Angus you’re scaring her.” Jim said, getting off his bike.

“Good.” Angus said, but loosened his grip on her arms and rubbed where he’d squeezed. “Sorry if I hurt you.”

“You didn’t.” Jessica said, getting off her bike too and moving into Angus’ embrace, “But I am worried. Do they want to hurt you because you haven’t been working?”

“I don’t think so.” Angus said, but looked over at Riley.

“They’re supposed to be on our side.” Scott said kicking the dirt. “But I’m not so sure.”

“They … they took over Sean’s control, right?” Jessica asked.

The men looked at her in surprise.

“You have a good memory.” Josh said, exhaling, trying to get rid of some of the tension that he felt.

“Yeah, they muscled in … in a quiet way. No one got hurt. Physically anyway.” Riley added.

“And now this Anthony guy is trying to muscle in on Paul?” Jessica asked.

“Jesus … you picked up a lot.” Angus said blinking down at her.

“It looks like it Jess.” Jim said. “But I guess Paul’ sister is making it hard for Anthony to do an all-out take over.”

“Good for her.” Jessica muttered. “Sorry …” Jessica added when the men looked at her in surprise.

“You have an interesting way of looking at things Jess.” Scott said shaking his head.

“I’ll come back later and move our bikes to another track.” Jim said, “But right now Jess and I have to go, or we’ll be late.”

“Okay.” Riley said, eyeing Jessica. “So if you see those guys again you’ll…?”

“Run away.”

“And the next time you ride, you’ll …?” Angus asked.

“Um … slow down?” Jessica asked with uncertainty.

“Never mind riding.” Riley said, “Anything. Anything you do Jessica, don’t take any unnecessary risks. Got it?”

Jessica nodded.

“Repeat it.” Scott said.

“No unnecessary risks.” Jessica said, “I promise.”

“Okay. Well, we’ll hang out until you leave.” Riley said, “Just in case Kurt and his goons try anything else.”

Fifteen minutes later Jim was watching the men get smaller in his rearview mirror. Jessica sat in the passenger seat, thinking.

“Don’t let Kurt ruin your day.” Jim said reaching over and taking her hand.

“That’d be easier to do if I knew you guys weren’t in some kind of danger.”

“We’re not. Really!” he said when Jessica looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Whatever is going on is between Paul and Anthony. Trust me.”

“Okay.” Jessica said, thinking it over. Jim seemed pretty sure. So she decided to push her concerns away, and a huge smile replaced her concerned expression.

“That’s better. Having a good day?”

“The best!” Jessica exclaimed. “I can’t believe this is all real! Everything is so … so, great!”

Jim chuckled, and brought her hand to his lips. “I’m glad that you’re happy.”

“You’re happy too, right?”

“You better believe it!”

“So, what was all that stuff about the SUV this morning?” Jessica asked, “And all that winking?”

“Oh. Well, those new cars all have built in GPS systems. So, you’re traceable. Not what we want until we’re ready.” Jim said.

“You didn’t want the men to be able to follow us?” Jessica asked, guilt rolling over her.

“No, not yet.” Jim looked at her, obviously confused. “Are you upset by that?”

“Well, I thought we weren’t trying to hide things from them. Not actively hiding things from them. Jim, we have to tell them. And soon. Please. I don’t think I can take the betrayal that I know they’ll feel when they find out that we kept this from them already.”

“Okay, look. We’ll make the CD today, have our night out and tomorrow we’ll tell them. Okay? If they flip, then I guess Tracy will have to deal with not having a lead singer for the competition.”

“Oh drat.” Jessica said feeling guilty again, “Do you really think they’ll get mad? I mean, we jammed with the guys from the clan, went sky diving, motor biking … “

“Kept it a secret from them …” Jim added.

“It wasn’t a secret.”

“They’ll see it that way though. I think they’ll be at least a little ticked.”

“You’re right. Okay. We’ll wait until after the competition …”

“Sorry Jess.” Jim said looking at her guilty expression. “I should never have put you in this position.”

“It’s okay. I decided that on my own.” Jessica shook her head. “No use worrying about it. Let’s go make a cd!” Jessica said forcing a smile. Jim smiled back but felt guilty too. He figured he was probably in for another good beating. And he deserved it. Crap.


“Hey Jess.”

“Great job Jess.”

Jessica waved her hand in an embarrassed way as the two waiters patted her shoulder as they passed by.

“Looks like you made quite an impression.” Jim said with a smile.

“We … we made an impression.” Jessica said.

“Hey, I only sang with you. You’re the one who managed to fire everyone up into an angry mob of second rate singers.”

“Second rate?” Jessica demanded, ”They were great!”

Jim chuckled, “They were, I’m just kidding.”

It had taken three hours but they had managed to cut a great single for the charity event. All of the staff had assembled at the studio and the first couple of takes had been on the pathetic side. People not used to singing, and others who were shy, simply hadn’t put any heart into it. Jessica had urged them to feel the emotion behind the words, and then she and Jim had actually done a run through of the song on their own to demonstrate the intensity required. By the end Jessica had hyped them up to a screaming mass of protestors furious with the injustices done to disabled people. And the single had been great. And then to make the cd even more worth buying, the two bands had worked together to put a few more songs on it.

This seemed to lead to an uneasy truce between the bands, and they now sat around a long table back at the restaurant, eating dinner. And staff kept greeting, congratulating or joking with Jessica as they went about their business.

“So we’ll alternate playing tonight?” Carl asked Tracy, getting up from the table.

“Okay, sure.” Tracy said standing also. Carl held out his hand, and after a moment of hesitation Tracy shook it. Everyone around the table grinned.

“Let’s go practice.” Carl said to his band and Jim pushed his chair back from the table.

“Have fun.” Jim said kissing Jessica on the forehead, “See you later.”

“Bye.” Jessica said and went back to concentrating on the food on her plate.

“Jess, do you know this chick?” Tracy asked elbowing Jessica.

Jessica looked up to see a red head standing with her hands clenched, staring at her.

“Um, no.” Jessica said.

Her expression looked sad, and strained, and nervous.

“Where’s Jim?” she asked in a tense tone, her eyes flickering around the room, but always settling back on Jessica as if expecting her to disappear.

“You know Jim?” Jessica asked in disbelief. The woman nodded.

“Okay. I’ll go get him.” Jessica said starting to get up.

“No, no, no,” the woman said reaching out as if to grab Jessica’s shoulders but then pausing and simply holding her hands out. “that’s okay. I’ll just sit here with you.” She said and dropped into the chair next to Jessica that Mark had just vacated. The woman watched Jessica sit, her eyes constantly slipping away and flitting around the room in a nervous way.

“So, what’s your name?” Jessica asked, studying the woman. Jessica couldn’t guess an age for her. Something told Jessica that she was supposed to be a young woman, but the dark circles under her eyes, the worry etched onto her face, made her look much older.

“I’m Be … Anne.” The woman said, “I’m Anne.”

“Hi Anne,” Jessica said,“I’m Jessica and this is …”

“I know. I know you’re Jessica.” The woman interrupted.

Jessica exchanged glances with Tracy, Dave, and Rachel. Something was off about this woman. A scary off.

“Are you okay?” Jessica asked finally seeing nothing else that could be said, “You seem a little off.”

“No. I’m not okay. My boyfriend’s best friend raped me. Got me pregnant. I did what I thought I should … but it was wrong. Everything was wrong, and now I’m the outcast. Again.”

“Holy cow.” Jessica said, reaching out to grab Anne’s hand. “Did you call the police?”

“The police?” Anne asked her, looking at her in obvious confusion, “I couldn’t call the police. No, no police.”

“Jesus Christ!” Jim suddenly bellowed from behind Jessica, making her jump.

Jessica looked over her shoulder and saw Mark standing next to Jim. Mark looked like he was ready to hurl himself in front of a bullet. His eyes were on Anne and Jessica realized that he had gone to get Jim.

“Beth what the fuck are you doing here?” Jim demanded.

“Beth?” Jessica asked turning back to the woman, her mind going blank.

“Beth-Anne actually.” The woman said, and she was now holding tight to Jessica’s hand.

Suddenly Jessica felt things falling into place … practically hearing a clicking sound as each reality became clear. This was Beth. Angus’ Beth. And she’d been raped by his best friend.

Oh no.

“Jim … Jim.” Jessica said looking back at him, but he was moving forward. He reached down, pulled Jessica’s hand out of Beth’s and yanked Jessica up by her arm and shoved her behind him.

“You have a lot of fucking nerve!” Jim was yelling at Beth. Beth stood up too but she looked broken. Tears welled in her eyes, Jessica peeked around Jim.

“Jim, I think Josh may have raped her!” Jessica said.

“Josh?” both Jim and Beth said at the same time.

“You know … he used to have some issues. At night … controlling himself …” Jessica said quickly.

“It wasn’t Josh.” Beth said between sobs. “Josh wouldn’t hurt a fly. It was that asshole Kevin. Kevin raped me and said he’d kill Angus if I told him.”

A collective gasp came from those around the table, and in the general vicinity. Jim swore under his breath as he looked at all the people who had overheard the conversation.

“You stay here!” Jim said over his shoulder to Jessica, “And you come with me!” He grabbed Beth’s arm and dragged her to the front door. Jessica followed.

Outside he dragged her over to an empty corner of the parking lot.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Discussing clan business in a public place like that?” Jim growled sounding so angry that Jessica hesitated to let him know she was there.

“It’s not clan business, it’s my business.” Beth said. “Angus hated me when he found out about the abortion. Hated me. And so did everyone else. And now I finally worked my way back into their good graces, and now everyone is friends with Jessica.” Beth noticed Jessica and looked around Jim. “And now they hate me again. Angus told them to not talk about me to you, to not invite me anywhere. I love to shop, I love spas, I love to sing and dance … They all came to your place last night and left me home alone! Please, please, I can’t go through this again!”

Jessica felt tears pooling in her eyes as she stepped closer.

“I told you to stay in the bar!” Jim said turning on Jessica.

“Jim, can this be true?” Jessica asked, going into his arms. Jim looked like he was going insist that she go back into the bar but then he exhaled and pulled her against him.

“I don’t know.” He finally said eyeing Beth who was now full out crying. “But it’s convenient that the would-be rapist is behind bars where we can’t ask him.”

“He was an asshole!” Beth yelled, “He was an asshole, and Angus became an asshole too. But, now I hear that he’s changed …” Beth looked at Jessica again.

“Did you tell Angus any of this?” Jessica asked.

Beth shook her head. “I tried. I tried but he wouldn’t talk to me and then when he got wind that it hadn’t been his baby … it was a thousand times worse. I swear, if he could have killed me by looking at me, I’d be dead right now.”

Jessica nodded and mumbled. “I know what you mean.”

Jim looked down at her in surprise and then looked angry again.

“What do you want Beth? Other than to fuck things up for Angus again? And how did you find us?”

“I, I followed you. Last night when I couldn’t come to the party … I followed Don and them out to your place, parked the car off the road and waited for you to leave. I’ve followed you all day.”

“Why?” Jim demanded.

“Because. Because I’m lonely …”

“Oh my God. You can’t honestly think that we’re going to … to, hang with you?” Jim asked in disbelief. But as he spoke, Jessica began to pat his chest.

“She could Jim. Not with us specifically, but with the crowd.”

“No!” Jim said.

“I’m sorry Beth, but I don’t think I can be your friend.” Jessica said and her heart broke to say it. “To be honest I think you and I being friends will lead to more problems when Angus finds out. But … I’ll see if Tracy will let you onto the band. You could hang out with them whenever you want.”

“Thank you!” Beth wailed.

“Are you crazy?” Jim demanded.

“Maybe.” Jessica said, “But honestly Jim, do you think that Angus would have done what he did to Beth if he’d known the truth? His heart was broken for the wrong reasons Jim. Here’s a chance for him to know the truth.”
“He’s going to kill us.” Jim said in surrender. Jessica tried to smile, stood on her tip toes to kiss Jim’s cheek, and then moved to put her arm around Beth.

“Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up, and then I’ll introduce you around.”

“Thank you.” Beth sobbed.

Jim followed close behind the pair wondering what the hell they’d gotten into.

Weeks had gone by in a blur. They were the happiest days of Jessica’s life, despite the fact that the men had gone back to work. Doing surveillance only, but battling with Paul about it all the time. They took turns going out, each one rotating out.

And despite the joy in Jessica’s life, her guilt grew more and more each day. Guilt because she hadn’t yet told the men about the bar … or Beth. The competition had come and gone, and their group had won. Beth had fit in like a duck on water and was great friends with the band. She’d even kind of started dating Tom. She didn’t play an instrument or sing but she had a natural talented for choreographing dances. She would lip sync on stage and dance with the band. And Jessica had been unsuccessful in keeping arms-length from Beth. She was a very nice lady, once her nervousness was gone. It turns out she was the same age as Angus and she seemed to take the age difference between Jessica and herself as a reason to mother Jessica. She always seemed to be hovering over Jessica. And Jessica, to her shame, kind of liked it. It was like having an older sister, or a mother again.

To add to her guilt, Jessica wondered if Angus would love Beth again, once he knew the truth. Maybe Beth was Angus’ true love and the only reason he was allowing himself to share Jessica with the other men was because he was so heartbroken that he thought that was the best he could do. Over and over Jessica tried to find ways to tell Angus about Beth. Until that came out, she and Jim couldn’t tell the men about the bar.

Jessica sat on a rock in her overalls, drinking water and watching Angus work on his car. She contemplated again how to tell him everything. If she wasn’t such a big chicken she’d just blurt everything out and be done with it. But deep down inside she was terrified that Angus would turn his back on her just like he’d done with Beth.

“What’s with you?” Angus asked.

“Huh?” Jessica asked. Angus lay under his car, looking at her.

“You’re looking at me funny.” Angus said, sliding out from under the car, wiping his hands with a cloth while he stalked toward her.

“I am?” Jessica asked.

“Yes. Yes you are.” Angus said reaching her, sliding an arm under her pit, and another under her knees he lifted her, took her seat on the rock and balanced her on his lap. “So what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong …”

“Jessica …” Angus said in a warning tone.

“Okay, okay. Lately I’ve just been wondering something.”

Angus cocked an eye at her.

Jessica took a deep breath. “What if … what if the reason Beth had an abortion isn’t what you thought it was? What if it was something else entirely and you had no reason to hate her, and you could live happily ever after with her?”

Angus stared at her. He looked so utterly surprised that it took him a full minute to begin to look taken aback. And another minute before his face began to turn red.

“Are you okay?” Jessica asked bringing her hands to his face.

“I never, never, ever, want to hear her name come out of your mouth again. Got it?” Angus bellowed.

“But Angus …”

“No. No. I said never again. Do you understand Jessica?”

“Yes I do. But that’s not really fair.” Jessica said.

“Not fair?” Angus demanded.

“Please Angus.” Jessica said, kissing his cheek, “That was part of your life. You went through a lot of pain. I want to be able to share that with …”

“No.” Angus said and stood up suddenly, catching Jessica just before she fell. He righted her in front of him. “I’m not going to talk to you about this. I think you’d better go get cleaned up. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Angus …”

“Go! Jessica, now!”

Jessica took a step back. Angus was furious. Furious. Jessica noted with some relief that he didn’t look like he hated her, but he was definitely not happy with her.

“I’m sorry.” Jessica muttered, took the risk to step in and peck his cheek and then turned and headed toward the house.

Angus closed his eyes, feeling rage, and pain and hurt, rolling over him.

Jessica was right. It’d been the blackest time of his life. And he couldn’t bring himself to share it with her. Maybe that was wrong. He just didn’t know anymore. But he couldn’t let her go like this. He’d taken his hurt and turned it on Jessica.

“Jessica.” He said, “Jessica …” he strode in the direction she had gone and rounded the car in time to see her nearly halfway through the clearing. She hadn’t heard him. He decided to pack up and go in to talk to Jessica.

He was about to turn back toward the car he’d been working on when he heard a growl. Spinning he scanned the area. And then he saw it. A dog … or what used to be a dog. Right now it looked like a demon straight from hell. It stood in the tree line, not far from him. It was looking at Jessica, growling, teeth bared. His skinny body, bones protruding, fur sparse, was quivering.

He couldn’t believe he’d left the gun leaning against the car he’d been working on. Maybe if he ran he could make it to the gun and come back … but a second look at the dog was a reality check. It seemed to be salivating as it took a step forward.

“Jessica, run!” Angus yelled as the dog lunged forward in a dead run.

Jessica looked back just in time to see Angus fly through the air and tackle a dog as it ran toward her. Instantly the dog grasped Angus’ arm in its mouth and tore at it.

“Angus!” Jessica screamed and began to run to him.

“No! Jessica! Run away … go get help!”

Jessica slid to a stop and bent down to pick up a rock. She hurled it at the dog. It bounced off his head he didn’t seem to notice it.

Angus looked up and saw Jessica running toward the cars they’d been working on. What the hell? She was screaming for help while she ran.

“Mother fucker!” he swore as the dog seemed to sink its teeth even deeper into his arm. Luckily it was his left arm. Now that Jessica was safely out of the dogs reach Angus let go of its body with his right arm and began punching it in the head, with as much force as he could muster. Despite the situation and the loud growling of the dog, Angus could still hear the sound of running feet. The men were coming.

“Just a minute more …” Angus was muttering to the dog, “and you’re going to be nothing more than a dead sack of dog shit. Maybe I’ll stuff you and keep you as a memento … “

“Angus!” Jessica’s voice shrieked from behind him … nearby. He looked up. Jessica stood not a foot away from him, legs planted a foot apart, a rifle raised to her eye, nozzle point at him. No, not at him, but just near him. Suddenly the gun jerked, a shot echoed through the air, and the tugging at his arm stopped instantly. He heard a thud. Looking down he saw the dogs’ body lying beside him, legs twitching. He looked at the blood pouring out of his arm, and then back up at Jessica who was now walking toward him with the rifle lowered. From behind him he heard Riley say, “Shit!” in a surprised tone.

Angus watched Jessica walk up to the still twitching dog, put the rifle to its head and fire. There was a final convulsion and then the dog lay still.

“Angus, are you alright?” Jessica was crouching beside him, clutching his damaged arm. She looked up as Riley came to kneel beside her.

“He’s losing so much blood!” she said.

“He’ll be okay!” Riley said, taking his belt off and then looping it around Angus’ arm above the torn flesh, he pulled it tight.

“Are you crazy?” Jessica muttered to Angus, leaning over and laying a volley of kisses on his cheek. “You can’t just tackle a wild dog!”

“It was coming after you Jess … you were supposed to run. What the hell were you doing with that rock? And the gun …”

“You attacked the dog?” Josh asked. He was staring at Angus.

“Yeah, well. It not a big deal .”

“Are you kidding?” Jessica replied. “The dog was running at me and then from nowhere Angus flew through the air and tackled it! It was definitely a big deal!”

Angus smiled at Jessica’s colorful account.

He looked up to see Josh staring at him in awe.

“It wasn’t that big a deal, really.” He said not sure he deserved the reverence that was settling onto Josh’s face.

Riley patted Angus on the shoulder of his uninjured arm.
“Let’s get this fixed up. At least we don’t need to worry about rabies.”

“There’s that.” Angus agreed and kissed the top of Jessica’s head when she stuck it under his arm and tried to shoulder his weight.

Inside Jessica helped Riley clean the bites, disinfect them, and then bandage it.

“Jess.” Jim said motioning her over with his head. “We’re going to be late to play if we don’t get out of here in at least an hour.”

Jessica looked over at Angus. Feeling guilty again.

“Okay.” She said. She sighed. She liked going to the bar. She liked her friends, she liked Beth, she liked the music, the dancing. She was so selfish that she just couldn’t give it up, even when Angus lay on the sofa, arm torn up because he’d protected her. “I’ll get cleaned up.”

She went to the sofa and crawled onto it, right next to Angus.

“I um, I have to go get ready for my friend time, with Jim.” She said. “Will you be okay?”

“Do you mean, ‘would I prefer you stayed here with me and coddled me for the night but I’ll live with the fact that you’ll be out?’ Then yes, I’ll be alright.” Angus said.

Jessica giggled, kissed him on the lips and headed to the bathroom.

She smiled while she showered. Now that Angus was injured, maybe she could finally get him and Riley to watch the last two Twilight movies with her. Something always seemed to interfere with that. Not that she minded because it was always something exciting and fun, but she was beginning to realize that unless something like this happened, she’d never get around to watching the movies with the men.

Exactly an hour later, Jessica was chatting with Tracy and Dave at the bar. Jim had disappeared with his friends.

“Jessica …” Beth said, out of breath.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked eyeing Beth. She looked scared.

“What’s going on babe?” Tom asked reaching out for Beth.

“Oh … nothing.” She said looking at Tom in surprise. She hadn’t noticed his presence at all. “I just need to chat with Jessica for a second … excuse us.” And she pulled Jessica with her over to the wall near the bathrooms.

“What is it?” Jessica asked.

“It’s Paul, and his men. They’re coming here. Now.”

“What? Why?”

“Anthony has challenged Paul for his territory.”

“Oh no!”

“In a motor bike race. Whoever wins, wins everything.”

“Oh no …”


“Why are they coming here?”

“Kurt told them about you. Said you were really good on a bike.” Beth said and looked Jessica up and down as if she had a hard time believing it. “They’re going to ask Jim to let you ride for them.”

“What? That’s crazy. He’ll never agree … and how did they know we were here?”

“I told them.” Beth said.

“You what?”

“They were going to go to your place. Talk to Riley and Angus. Can you imagine how that would have ended?”

“Oh my God!” Jessica said. “Oh my God! But Beth, Jim won’t say yes either. They’ll kill him too! Maybe they’ll let Jim ride for them?”

“They don’t want Jim. They want you.”

“He won’t agree!” Jessica repeated.

“But Jim brings you here. He’s different with you … he might say yes.”

Jessica shook her head. Remembering how upset Jim had been with her race against Kurt, she was certain he’d say no.

“They can’t talk to Jim Beth …”

“They’re right there …” Beth said motioning toward three large men who had stopped several tables away and stood staring at Beth and Jessica.

“Fine.” Jessica mumbled, took a deep breath, set her shoulders back and marched towards the men.

“Mr … Paul,” Jessica said at a loss for what to call him. “I’m Jessica. I believe we have some business to discuss?”

Paul looked behind her.

“Where’s Jim?”

“He’s busy but not necessary for this discussion. I make my own agreements.” Jessica said, impressing even herself with how self-assured she sounded.

“Okay.” Paul said after Beth had nodded her agreement. “Where can we talk?”

Jessica looked around the bar. “Maybe outside would be best.”

“After you then.” Paul said and swept his arm past him, toward the door.

“I don’t know what Beth told you, but this contest is very important.” Paul said once they’d found a quiet place outside the bar to talk. Jessica studied Paul. He was old. Well, not old, but older than any other clan member she’d met. He had grey hair and was surrounded by two brick walls who were younger than he was by far, but looked no less serious them him.

“Beth mentioned that.”

“There are no rules … it’s to the last man … person, standing.” Paul added.

“And it’s just me?” Jessica asked.

“No. I have a team of my best riders. I believe you’ve already met Kurt …” Paul said with a smile.

“When is it?” Jessica asked.

“Two days from now.”

“That soon?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”


“Good. Abe here will give you the directions.”

“You haven’t heard my terms yet.” Jessica said. Paul froze and his eyes took on a dangerous glint.

“You have terms?” he asked, his voice ice cold.

“Yes I do. If I win this for you I want you to leave my men alone. Let them out of the clan.”

“No one leaves the clan Jessica.” Paul said in a terse tone. “Not alive anyway.”

“Okay fine. Then let them do surveillance only. That’s what they’re doing now but I hear them arguing with you about it all the time. No more field work for any of them. Agreed?”

“I don’t negotiate.” Paul said in a cold, hard voice. His expression changed entirely to one that radiated danger. Paul had Angus and Riley beat in the intimidation department and every fiber of Jessica’s body told her to get the hell away from him. But the likely outcome of her leaving kept her there. And the thought of the men getting hurt stirred a fury in her that overpowered her fear. She jutted her chin out and squared her shoulders.

“Then I don’t ride.”

“I’ll go to Jim and he’ll make you ride.”

“Maybe Kurt didn’t relay the nature of the response he got from Riley when he suggested I race with him. But it was an emphatic no.”

“This won’t be a suggestion and it won’t be Riley.”

“Then expect a fight. It doesn’t matter who you ask, they’ll say no.”

“Is that so?” Paul demanded and stepped forward, pressing up against Jessica and glaring down at her.

“Back off Paul.” Beth said and moved next to Jessica.

Paul snapped his eyes over to Beth. Fury rolled off of him and his two goons moved beside him. Beth and Jessica were surrounded. Jessica could only see Beth out of the corner of her eye but it didn’t look like she was wavering.

For her part, Jessica thought her heart was going to pound its way right out of her chest.

“Your services are no longer required.” Paul finally growled out to Beth. “Leave.”

“I’m with Jessica. Where she goes, I go.” Beth said and there was a tense moment where Jessica was certain that the goons would tear Beth and her into tiny pieces. But then Paul turned his gaze back to Jessica.

‘Well, in for an ounce in for a pound.’ Jessica remembered her father’s favorite saying. She leaned closer to Paul, and shoved her face close to his.

“Those are my terms. Accept them, and you’ll win the contest. Go to the men, expect violence.” She said.

“Then your ‘men’ will end up dead.”

“Maybe. But they’ll take a few of your men with them.” Jessica said. “Seems a waste considering that the race is supposed to avoid bloodshed. I wonder what your sister would think of that? I know Anthony would be thankful to you for killing off your own followers for him.”

Paul blinked. “I think you’re overestimating your husbands’ abilities. They’ll be dead, and you’ll ride for me.”

“Then you’ll have a fight with Sean and Corey’s faction.” Beth said. “Jessica is under our protection as are Riley’s men.”

Paul didn’t bother acknowledging Beth. He stared at Jessica but Jessica sensed that he was calming down.

“Then we’ll take you right now. Talking to Jim was for courtesy sake only.”

Jessica shrugged. “Same result. You don’t think they’ll find me? And quite frankly Paul, a willing participant does so much better than an unwilling one. It’s your call. Your territory at stake. For a minor inconvenience to you, I can guarantee your victory.”

Paul stared at Jessica for a long time. Finally he sighed, stepped back and looked at his goons. “Do you believe the balls on this girl?”

Chuckling he looked back at Jessica.

“Okay. Deal. But what do you get out of this?” Paul asked.

“Peace of mind.” Jessica said.
Paul nodded.

“Abe will give you the instructions.” He said nodding to the goon on his right.

“And I need riding gear and a bike.”

“You have your own riding gear and bike.” Paul said.

“And I can’t use them without the men knowing.”


“And helmets with communication devices in them. The team and I have to be able to communicate.”


“And the men can’t find out that I’m racing for you.”

Paul nodded. “Only the five of us know. I’ll keep it that way until the race.”

Jessica nodded.

“You may want to keep it that way after the race too.” Jessica said. “There’s no accounting for what might happen out of anger.”

Paul paused but then nodded.

“Later.” Paul said and turned away.

Abe handed some papers to Beth and then he and the other muscle man followed Paul.

Jessica forced herself to stand until their car disappeared into the distance and then her legs gave out on her.

“Holy shit Jessica.” Beth said, grabbing her before she hit the ground. “What have you done? No one talks to Paul like that and gets away with it. I thought he was going to kill us for sure.”

“Well, he didn’t. But I’m not worried about Paul. Do you know what will happen if the men find out about this?”

“I can imagine.” Beth said.

Jessica shuddered.
“I need help. You have to tell Leah and the others to invite me out to go shopping again. They have to be my excuse to disappear for a few hours.”

“You think you can do this without the men knowing?”

“I intend to try.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll talk to them.”

“Tonight. You have to tell them tonight. Plans have to be made by tomorrow at the latest.”

“Consider it done.”

“Now let’s go pretend like we’re having a good time.” Jessica said heading back into the bar.


“Is everything okay?” Jim asked, leaning on his elbow looking down at Jessica.

It was three in the morning and they were all lying in a jumbled mess on the mattresses in the living room.

Jessica had made it through the motions of singing and dancing without much effort. And then they’d gotten home and the sex had been great even if Angus was limited to using one arm. Jessica had managed to forget about the lie she was planning to pull on the men. But then, as they lay together in a mound, enjoying the afterglow, Scott had mentioned that Paul’ men had come by the house earlier for an odd visit and Jessica almost hyperventilated.

“What time were they here?” Jessica managed.

“Around nine. Look Jess, I’m sorry I said anything.” Scott said, “It was nothing really, just weird that’s all.”

Nine o’clock. She figured that was around the time Paul came to the bar. That jerk had sent his men to the house as insurance.

Jessica closed her eyes. Maybe she’d gotten in over her head. What if she lost the race? What would happen to the men?

“Jessica.” Angus said and he had a tone to his voice that made Jessica’s eyes snap open. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier about … her. I don’t know why I have such a hard time sharing …”

“It’s okay Angus.” Jessica said reaching up for his good hand. “Don’t worry about it at all. I’m sorry I said anything.” God she was an awful person. She had so many lies going on at the moment that she felt beyond guilty. How were the men ever going to trust her again?

“Jess … what’s going on? You sound … nervous.” Josh said.

“I do?” Jessica asked surprised. Well, if she ever had any delusions about being a secret agent or spy in a future life, they were gone. She apparently was an open book.

“Guys, it’s almost four in the morning and Jessica started her day yesterday at seven … and it included parachuting, motor biking and God knows what else.” Riley said. “I think she may be tired.”

“Yes …” Jessica agreed quickly, “Yes, that’s it, I’m tired, beat, wiped. Can we go to sleep?”

“Okay …” Jim said slowly and Jessica could tell from his expression that he wasn’t buying it.

“Oh Jess, we almost forgot to tell you. Leah called earlier and asked if she and the girls could have another shopping and spa day with you tomorrow.” Scott said.

“Really?” Jessica asked but her surprise sounded fake to her. Jim narrowed his eyes. “I’d love that, if you don’t mind?” Jessica said.

“Not a problem.” Angus said since it was his day with her, “Maybe another jam session later that night. What do you think?”

Jessica swallowed hard and felt like crawling in a hole. Angus was trying so hard to make her happy. Even the other men looked away, feeling for him as he struggled to make whatever he thought was wrong, right.

“Sure Angus, that’d be great. Thanks.” Jessica said and then faked a yawn, “Can we go to sleep now?”

Everyone settled down and despite Jessica’s worries, she fell to sleep instantly.

The next day Jessica was more in control of herself. The men took that as a sign that she’d truly been fatigued but they were still worried that it could be something else … like disappointment. They had conferenced while Jessica showered and realized that there were a few things they’d promised her that still hadn’t happened.

The general consensus was that Jessica would be back to normal after what had been promised her was delivered.

One promise was Josh publishing his comic book. He’d submitted it weeks before but not told anyone. Expecting an answer any day, Josh took Jessica with him to the post office. He parked in front of the building.

“Be right back.” Josh said and closed his door.

Another was the race with Ebony. They just hadn’t gotten around to rescheduling it. That morning Scott announced that it was rescheduled for two days from then, and Jessica had shown the expected joy about it.

Angus had decided to officially create a racing company. A company of two. He told Jessica he’d call it J and A for Jessica and Angus, and split the wins with her fifty-fifty. Jessica had been running trial heats, and doing really well. And to Jessica’s joy but Angus’ annoyance the woman who had approached Jessica earlier about racing, continued to do so. After a while Angus realized that this woman thought that having Jessica race for her would give Jessica a sense of girl power. Angus had experienced great satisfaction when he informed the woman that Jessica was part owner of the company and raced for herself. He was pretty sure he’d never seen a jaw hit the ground so hard before. But Angus hadn’t booked her into a full race yet. He’d hesitated because even in the trials Jessica seemed almost too hungry for it. Ready to do anything to win. It had worried Angus at first but he finally concluded that Jessica was exhibiting signs of a great racer. So now, within a week, not only was Jessica going to race a horse, but a car too.

Jessica was excited about all the upcoming activities but even they couldn’t wipe away the guilt she felt. Looking at the building that Josh had disappeared into she berated herself again. She was a bad, bad, wife. She was lying to her husbands. She contemplated what she could do about that. And it dawned on her that there was only one thing she could tell the men about. The bar, and what she did there. As far as the race went, she realized that they could never, never, know about it. They’d pick a fight with Paul and get themselves killed. Okay. Jessica felt better about that decision. Now she knew what she would and would not tell them. And the reason for not telling them about the race was good enough that Jessica could let the guilt about it go.

The bar though, she had to tell them about the bar and about Beth. But how? How would she tell them. Then she realized the only option she had was to go to the bar after the race. To go to the bar, text the men about where to find her and then just hope that what they saw would be enough to minimize the anger they’d feel toward her, and Jim. Jim. Crap. She’d have to get him to the bar too. It wasn’t their normal night to go. Well, she’d text him too. It was the only way it would work. They had to see it with their own eyes, words wouldn’t be enough. Suddenly Jessica realized that Josh was back. He slammed the door behind him and waved an envelope in front of her face.

“We did it … We did it!” Josh said, excitement oozing from every pore.

“Did what?”
“My comic! Penthouse is going to publish it!”

“What? What? Really?” Jessica asked grabbing the envelope from Josh’s hands.

“Dear Mr. Smith, we are pleased to offer you a two year one hundred thousand dollar contract to publish a series of your comics …”

“Mr. Smith?” Jessica asked looking up at Josh with a smile.

“Too much?” Josh asked. “It’s not like my first name is John …”

Jessica laughed and threw her arms around Josh.

“You did it, you did it, you did it!” she peppered him with kisses. “I knew you would! I’m so proud of you!”

“I only did it because of you. I can’t believe it! You and I will split the money!”

“What? No. Josh, you wrote the comic, it’s your money.”

“I never would have if you hadn’t pushed me to. So half is yours. No more arguing!”

“Okay … okay …” Jessica said with a laugh and kissed him some more.

“Hmmm.” Josh said planting his hands on Jessica’s head and holding it still for a long, tongue involved, kiss. “You know, I need some new material for my comics … why don’t we start working on it now … in the back seat.” He tilted his head to the back of the SUV.

“In front of the post office?” Jessica asked.

“Er, right. Okay, let’s go find a back road somewhere.”

“Okay.” Jessica said, more than game. And they headed for the closest deserted road they could find.

After having sex for the better part of two hours, Jessica and Josh finally went to the comic store that they’d wanted to shop at earlier. Finally by dinner time they returned home. Josh opened the door for Jessica, and she walked through and froze. The lights were out, candles decorated the entire room, and all the men except for Josh stood looking at her, in tuxedos. Jessica’s heart, knees, and conscience melted in successive order.

“You guys …” she whispered. “You guys! Everything is so, beautiful. And you guys … you’re so handsome! And … yummy.”
“I’m glad you think so.” Angus said with a chuckle, moving to her and taking her hand, “But this is the romantic, no sex night we promised you ages ago. So yummy, while flattering, is not exactly what we were going for.”

“Sex free?” Jessica squeaked.

“That’s what the man said.” Riley said, smiling a crooked and cruelly sexy smile.

Jessica turned to look at Josh who winked at her. He’d known it was going to be sex free but got his and her sex in. And Jessica was thankful that she’d gotten her rocks off because it would have been downright painful if she had to spend the night with the men looking like they were without any sexual release.

“Let’s go get cleaned up.” Josh said taking her by her elbow. “And you can put your fancy dress on, I’ll squeeze into my tux.”

“You knew …” she whispered to Josh while they went down the hallway.

“Course I did. Why do you think I insisted on giving you all those orgasms, including the three in a row … I mean other than the fact that I’m a considerate lover.”

Jessica laughed. “Thanks Josh. I think I’d go crazy tonight otherwise.”

Josh pecked her on the lips. “Glad to be of service …”

Later that night, Jessica twirled on the living room floor with Scott. It had been a spectacular evening. She couldn’t believe how special the men were making her feel. They treated her like a princess. They’d pulled chairs out for her, stood before she did, sat after she did, they were completely debonair.

“I love you Jess.” Scott said, kissing her on the lips, pulling her tight against him, but continuing to circle the floor.

“I love you too Scott. A lot. More than anything.”

“Thanks Jess, ditto for me.”

“And um, if you thought that there was a chance that maybe you were going to be mad at me soon, for an indeterminate amount of time is there something in particular you’d want me to do for you?”

“Mad at you?” Scott asked holding her away from him so he could look down at her.

Jessica nodded. “Nothing serious. At least I don’t think it’d be serious. But you know, maybe you won’t want to look at me for a while …”

“Jessica, what the hell are you babbling about?” Scott demanded. “I’m always going to want to look at you.”

“Okay. Then, can we kiss for a while?” Jessica asked. “No sex, just kissing?”

“I’m game.” Scott said and pulled her against him. Jessica melted against him and enjoyed Scott’s tongue exploring her mouth. If he wasn’t going to say what he wanted to do, Jessica decided to go with what she wanted.

By the time Riley cut in, Jessica was breathless.

“Hey you.” Riley said pulling Jessica to him.

“Hey. Thanks for this evening. I love it.” Jessica said.

“I’m glad.”

“And, I’m sorry.”


“Um. For anything that I have ever done to hurt you. And anything that I may do in the future … like in the next twenty four hours or so …” Jessica added when Riley stared at her. “Never mind.” Jessica said. “Can we kiss?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Riley asked starting to look concerned.

“Great, great.” Jessica said, panicking when Riley slowed the dance to a stop and looked at her. Jessica latched on to Riley’s lips and melted against him. After a moment of hesitation, Riley began kissing her back. It didn’t take long for Jessica to wish that they hadn’t called off sex night.

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.” Jessica and Riley parted to find Angus standing next to them, clearing his throat. “I thought I’d wait for you to finish but you weren’t coming up for air. So … may I?” he asked Riley.

“Right … thanks Jess.” Riley gasped and went to get his glass of wine, downing it in one swig. “How are we going to sleep tonight?” he asked the others who were also drinking.

“I don’t know, but after all the build-up we’ve been giving this, we better stick to our word.” Jim said.

“Shit.” Scott said, and watched Jessica melt against Angus.

“Jessica, can you accept that I just can’t talk to you about … her?” Angus asked. He’d debated bringing her up again but he felt like he had to.

“Sure Angus. Sure. And, um, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Nothing.” Jessica said and then shrugged when Angus looked at her funny. “Everything? Just, tomorrow, promise you’ll remember that I said sorry, okay?”

“Jessica …”

“Can we kiss now?”

“Are you trying to distract me from some …” Jessica covered his lips with hers and slid her tongue between them.

“My turn.” Jim said after Jessica and Angus kissed for a good fifteen minutes.

Angus turned hoping Jessica didn’t notice the bulge at the front of his pants.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Jim asked pulling Jessica to him.

“What do you mean?”

“The guys are saying that you’re apologizing to them for everything and nothing at the same time. Are you feeling that guilty about the bar thing?”

Jessica exhaled. “Yes. But I feel more guilty about Beth. Angus is going to be furious.”

Jim nodded.

“And Jim, what if Angus and Beth breaking up was a mistake?”

Jim did a double take. “What are you talking about Jess?”

“Do you really think that Angus would have broken up with Beth if he’d known the truth?”

“Are you suggesting that Angus may want to go back to Beth when he learns the truth?”

Jessica nodded and dropped her head.

“Are you worried that Angus will leave you for Beth?” Jim demanded, lifting Jessica’s chin so she’d look him in the eyes.

Jessica nodded.

“Have you been paying any attention at all to what Angus has been saying to you, and proving to you, over and over again over the past few months? Angus has completely changed … for you. Not the kind of behavior usually exhibited by a man in love with someone else.”

“But Jim, he’s been operating under the wrong assumptions. He has no reason to hate Beth now. And … I’ve known about this for almost two months now and haven’t told him. What do you think he’ll think of that?”

“Jess …”

“And as much as I don’t want to lose Angus, I want him to be happy Jim. But I’m scared that I won’t be strong enough to do what’s right. What if I make it harder on him?” Jessica asked, tears welling to her eyes.

“Jessica, listen to me … Angus is a grown man. He can make his own decisions now, just like he could have then. He obviously didn’t dig far enough into everything that happened. He just chose to take what he saw on face value and crucify Beth for it. But he has come a long way since then. He’s a very different man. And he loves you. He may be upset at first, but he’ll get over it. Trust me. And he’ll still want you. Understand?” Jim asked, wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

Jessica nodded. Sniffling she leaned her face into Jim’s chest. She considered apologizing to him in advance, for what was to come, like she had with the others but decided that she was a blubbering idiot at this point. And, given how involved he was in the bar and Beth fiasco, he of all people would have to understand what she did and why.

Instead she looked up at him.

“Can we kiss for a while too?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” Jim said and set about making Jessica forget about why she was crying in the first place.

“May I?” Josh asked, tapping on Jim’s shoulder.

“Already?” Jim asked.

“It’s been half an hour.”

“Oh, sorry. Thanks Jess.” Jim said, kissing her forehead and switching off with Josh.

“Don’t tell me that you expect me to be mad at you too.” Josh said after looking at her for a moment or two.

“Um, well, maybe.”

“Care to tell me what I’m supposed to be mad at you about?”

“Well, I guess there are several possibilities.”

“Seriously Jess? Me? The bastard rapist. Mad at you the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met?”

“We’ll talk again tomorrow.” Jessica said, giggling despite herself. “But for now … kiss me?”

“About time …” Josh said and devoured her mouth.

Another hour later and the candles were half burnt. The wine was almost all gone, and Angus and Josh had begun to set their bed up on the floor.

“Good night sweetheart.” Scott said when Jessica emerged from the bathroom, her beautiful dress, gone, now clad in comfortable pajamas. Jessica climbed in under the blanket.

“We’ll be with you in a minute.” Riley said, “Just need to change.” And the men disappeared down the hallway.

Jessica snuggled down under the blanket and in moments was fast asleep. The men returned and arranged themselves around her.

“We can have sex in the morning, right?” Angus muttered.

“Right.” Riley agreed and soon they’d all passed out.

But the night wasn’t a good one. Jessica kept having nightmares that the men were furious with her. That Angus accused her of lying about Beth so Jessica could keep him to herself. Jessica was devastated. She cried, and begged for forgiveness. She tried to explain things but they wouldn’t listen.

Jessica awoke exhausted. And she found the men already awake, watching her.

“You were having nightmares Jess.” Josh said and his tone and the haunted look on his face made it clear to Jessica that they thought they were the same dreams she’d had when they’d kidnapped her.

“Oh no. They weren’t those kinds of dreams.” Jessica said quickly, sitting up. “Honest … they weren’t.”

“You were crying Jess. And begging for forgiveness. And you kept saying please over and over again.” Angus said.

Jessica nodded.

“They were just bad dreams.” Jessica said, running her hand lightly on Angus’ bandaged arm. Angus looked down at his arm.

“Were the dogs in them? Attacking you?”

“No.” Jessica said, “But it was kind of that idea. Sorry if I kept you up all night.”

“Not all night.” Riley said, sliding his hand under the blanket and finding one of her breasts. “Do you think some morning sex might help you feel better?”

“Oh yeah.” Jessica said and smiled. But Jim, Scott, Angus and Josh still looked at her with concern. “Really, it will help. I’m sure being sexually frustrated didn’t help me sleep better …” she added.

“Okay.” Jim said, reaching for her other breast, “But just remember the sacrifices that we’re willing to make to help you out.”

“Okay, I’ll try.” Jessica giggled as Josh stuck his head under the blanket and worked his way up Jessica’s thighs.

The morning went by quickly. Great sex, a hard work out. Jessica put her everything into the fighting and felt the satisfied exhaustion of her muscles. She pushed thoughts of what was to come out of her mind as she got ready for the girls to come and get her. She just kept reminding herself… when her thoughts slipped in, that the men would never know about the race. That was the important thing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take the SUV?” Riley asked, obviously surprised when Leah said they’d take her car.

“No, we’re good Riley, really, thanks. See you later.”

Jessica kissed the men good bye and got in the car, breathing a sigh of relief when they were finally on the road.
“Everything that you need is in the trunk.” Sara said. “The helmet. Your race suit. You can put it on before we get to the track.”

Leah snapped her phone shut. “Corey is about to call the guys to tell them about the competition. He was waiting to hear that you’d left … just in case they get overly cautious. You may want to turn your phone off.” She said to Jessica. At just that moment it rang. Jessica looked at the call display … it was Jim. Jessica pressed the power button.

“Thanks.” Jessica said.

“No. Thank you.” Amanda said, “For doing this for the clan. No one wants another blood bath …” her voice trailed off.

“No biggy.” Jessica said, “This will be a cake walk. Really. It’s just real important that the men don’t find out. I’m afraid that may lead to a blood bath.”

“Gotcha.” Leah said. “They’ll never know.”

Jessica nodded and relaxed into the car seat.

A few miles from the track, Leah pulled over and Jessica dressed. She got back in the car, even putting her helmet on. She couldn’t take any chances on being recognized.

Half an hour later Jessica was at the track, meeting the team. Leah and the girls stayed down at the garage, to avoid being seen also. But they could see the track from the garage door.

“Hey Jessica. It’s good to have you on board.” Kurt said. “Guys, this is Jessica. She’ll take point.”

“What the hell? Some chick?” A black haired, pock faced man said. “No fucking way.”

“Fucking way.” Kurt said. “Paul has made her the lead, and you’ll listen to her.”

“Forget it.” Jessica said to Kurt. ‘We don’t need him. He can get himself killed if he wants to … but the rest of us need to ride loose but in formation. Everyone has to have someone to guard.”

Jessica looked at the remaining men, the black hair man shaking his head but not leaving.

“This is what I suggest we do.” Jessica said moving to the blackboard and picking up a piece of chalk.

“God damn it, her phone’s off.” Jim said again, snapping his phone shut in anger and almost hurling it to the ground.

Angus, Riley, and Scott also closed their phones.

“The others aren’t answering either?” Jim asked. The men shook their heads.

“Well, they went shopping. They probably turned off their phones on purpose.” Josh said.

“I can’t believe this shit.” Riley said looking over the track. He finally dropped onto the bench. “Thank God Jessica isn’t here. Can you imagine if they decided they wanted her riding in this bullshit competition?”

“It’s kind of weird though, don’t you think?” Josh asked. “The day we see Kurt at the track he mentions wanting her to ride to beat Anthony’s riders, and all of a sudden the territory competition is a motor bike race? Seems off.”

“Yeah. Seems Paul’ sister didn’t want her brother killing her husband and her husband killing her brother.” Angus said.

“Speaking of which.” Jim said, nodding at some seats closer to the track. The men looked down and saw the back of a man that they recognized as Anthony, sitting ramrod straight in the stands. Next to him was a slight figure. A woman. And she was holding his arm. And then to her left, sat Paul. And the woman was clutching his arm too.

“Great. We get to stare at them all afternoon.” Scott grumbled.

“You do realize that if we off them both, right now. We’d save us all a lot of time.” Angus said.

“As tempting as that is.” Riley said, “We’re trying to simplify our lives, not complicate them. Let’s just hope this goes the right way, and we can go home and fuck Jessica without so much as a second thought.”

“And if it doesn’t go the right way?” Angus asked.

“We brought our guns, didn’t we? But I doubt anything will happen here. Anthony won’t make a play here, now. Just like Paul won’t. It’ll come later.” Riley said.

“Hey.” Corey said, sitting down next to Scott.

. continued in 7b

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