Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 4

Tyshawn sat in his chair, trying to come to terms with what he had done. He did not know what to do. He felt like he should apologize but how do you apologize for rape? Kaylie wouldn’t even accept his apology for knocking her down, it would be ludicrous to think she would even listen to him after what he had done. He heard something to his right and he turned to see Hank Jackson, the janitor.

Hank knelt down in front of Tyshawn and grabbed his strong shoulders. This boy was ripped, he thought. He waited as Tyshawn’s head lifted slowly and their eyes locked.

“Son, you are going to be fine. I know what she said to you and anyone would have done the same thing. You just sit right there and let Hank take care of it. Yes, you will be fine.” Hank said to the boy. Tyshawn felt an involuntarily wave of relief pass over himself.

Jesse saw the battery finally give up as he was capturing the scene on the desk. He turned the camera off and went to put it back in the case. He zipped up the case and then walked over to where Hank was talking to Tyshawn. He waited patiently, rubbing his rock hard cock through his pants.

Hank stood up and saw Jesse standing next to him.

“The battery’s dead in the camera, Hank.” Jesse said.

“That’s fine son, I think we got enough.” Hank responded.

“Shit yeah, I got some great stuff.” Jesse said.

Hank saw the boy rubbing his crotch and he laughed.

“You have a problem, son?” Hank chuckled.

“Jesus, Hank, my dick is so hard after watching that it hurts.” Jesse said and rubbed his crotch again.

Hank looked back over and saw the teacher and young blonde still laying across the desk. Neither of them had moved. He looked at the girl’s ass and the teacher’s open legs and he felt his own cock start to harden again.

“Jesse, go ahead and get your nuts off in one of them, your choice.” Hank said and motioned to the desk.

Jesse moved quickly to the desk and tore his pants off, his cock springing out and slapping against his belly. He walked up between Sarah’s legs. He grabbed her legs and lined himself up against her open pussy.

Sarah felt someone touch her butt and then something enter her. It did not hurt at all and she felt skin touch against her butt. She felt a rhythm start and realized someone was fucking her again. Her mind moved to Kaylie again. Was she alright, she wondered. She turned her head to the right and was inches from Kaylie’s face. She saw the girl’s eyes closed, her mouth slightly open and her face covered in drying tears. She reached over and pushed some of the hair out of Kaylie’s face. Sarah then became aware again of someone fucking her again as she felt her legs being pushed back against her chest.

Jesse was now pressing the teacher’s legs back and pounding into her sweet pussy. His cock felt like it was long enough to come out of her mouth. He saw her reach over and comfort the girl lying next to her. Her pussy felt so warm and tight around him he was in heaven.

Hank watched as Jesse was ripping into the teacher and he walked over to the desk. He looked down at the young blonde girl and her nice ass sticking up. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, allowing him to look at her blonde pussy. He let go and loosened his pants again, freeing his now hard cock. He opened her ass cheeks again and placed his cock against her pussy. He pushed slightly and he popped right into her moist hole. He slid into the teenager easily until he was flat against her smooth ass. He thought he heard her grunt but she didn’t move. She must either be a slut or Tyshawn must have really opened her up, he thought. He usually had a rough time getting into the students at first before they became accustomed to his size, but this girl swallowed him right away. She was still tight, though, and he felt like he was in a warm glove. He held himself in her completely for a moment and then began his fucking motion.

Kaylie’s abused mind was out of control. She opened her eyes as she felt something large slide into her pussy. This one was even larger than the boy. Her sore body began to respond. She was hit with a mini orgasm, a convulsion rippling through her. How could this be happening to her? She was being raped, this should not be. Hank slapped her ass and a moan escaped her lips. She lost the ability to think straight and felt an orgasm rip through her. She tried to push up but the large thing in her pussy held her down on the desk. She felt herself shake for what seemed like a minute as the orgasm raced through her.

Hank was really fucking this little girl now and he felt her flinch again. She was starting to get into it. He increased his pace and then he felt her pussy clamp down on his dick. He stopped and let her finish. He felt like his dick was being massaged by her as her body lurched. This was nice.

Kaylie finished her orgasm and slipped back into semi-consciousness. Her face turned and dropped to the side. Hank continued to hammer into her and Sarah watched as Kaylie’s head moved slightly as Hank pounded into her. Jesse was getting close but he didn’t want this to end. He felt his cum fire up through his dick and shoot into the teacher. He held her and shook for a couple of seconds. He pulled out and wandered to a chair. His cum started to seep slowly out of Sarah as her legs fell against Kaylie.

Hank felt the cum rush up his cock and splash into the young womb. He then grabbed the teacher’s legs and pulled them across the young girl’s back. Sarah’s legs were now wrapped across Kaylie’s back and Hank was massaging her ass as he finished in the young blonde.

Hank held himself in the young girl, until his balls were emptied for the second time. He stepped back, slid his soft cock out of her and looked at Jesse.

“Wow” Jesse said. “We got some great stuff and that pussy was incredible.”

“Yes, indeed it was but now we have to clean up.” Hank said.

He put his cock away and fastened his pants. He lifted the limp teacher up off of the girl and carried her over and sat her in a chair.

“Jesse, put her clothes back together.” He said.

Jesse fastened her bra back together and started to button her shirt. Hank walked over to the girl on the desk and looked at her. She was not moving, cum running down her smooth legs. He looked over at Tyshawn sitting in the chair, staring straight ahead.

Hank walked over to Sarah as Jesse was trying to tuck in her shirt. Her limp body was making that task very difficult. Hank lifted her up into a standing position. Jesse finished and sat down. Hank looked into Sarah’s eyes. She looked defeated and the spark he saw earlier was still gone. She was still pretty but definitely defeated.

“Ok, sweetie, we are going to head on home now and get you all cleaned up.” Hank said.

Sarah stared at him and nodded slowly.

“Jesse, you put all your stuff up and then you get to carry her to the car.” Hank said and motioned over to Kaylie, now lying limp again on the desk.

“Tyshawn, you alright, son?” Hank asked.

Tyshawn looked over at him and shook his head up and down.

“Ok, you grab all the stuff and let’s get out of here.” Hank said.

Hank picked up Sarah and threw her over his shoulder. Jesse picked up Kaylie and did the same with her. Tyshawn picked up Jesse’s bag, Kaylie’s books, Sarah’s purse and his notebook and followed Hank out of the room.

Hank led them out of the building and into the parking lot. He spotted Sarah’s car and walked over to it.

“Tyshawn, get her keys out and open this up.” Hank said.

Tyshawn unlocked the doors and Hank dropped Sarah into the back seat. He walked over to Jesse, took Kaylie from him and motioned for him to get in the back seat. Jesse climbed in and Hank put Kaylie next to Jesse and closed the door. He thought it would be a miracle for Jesse to keep his hands off those two.

“Tyshawn, get in the front and wait for me.” Hank said.

Tyshawn crawled into the front seat and closed the door. Hank started to walk back into the school. He needed to clean up the room and then lock up. Then he had to get the girls to the teacher’s house. He had to get the girl cleaned up before he could deliver her to her parents. He had lots of time since he knew from his research today that Miss Sarah Johnson lived alone. Yes, his plan had worked to perfection. He would deliver the girl home. She wouldn’t be a problem, and then they could have some more fun with Miss Johnson. Yes, this was going to be a very successful project, he thought and whistled as he walked back into the school.

Hank cleaned the classroom quickly and locked the school. He returned to the car and Jesse was miraculously behaving himself in the back seat. Hank drove towards Sarah’s apartment. He knew the general area but he would have to search a little for the exact address. Hank didn’t hang out in the lily-white part of town too often. He adjusted the rear-view mirror so he could see what was happening in the back seat. He noticed the young girl was still out of it, her head leaning over against the door. Her hair he could tell was stringy with sweat and her shirt was in shambles, he would have to get her a new one. Her titties were hanging out. Her little skirt was pushed up almost to her waist as Jesse had her legs spread and he was rubbing the inside of her thigh.

He noticed Miss Johnson was more alert and staring straight ahead. She looked to be in much better shape. Her face and hair were still a little wet but her shirt was respectable and her skirt looked to be fine, although it too was pushed up rather far as he could see the tops of her stockings. Jesse’s other hand was exploring the inside of her thighs also.

Jesse was leaning back with his eyes closed. Hank smiled, he looked awfully happy. Hank turned onto the street where the teacher lived. He noticed an apartment complex up on the left, that must be it. He turned into the first lot and looked for the numbers. He saw the sign and he was in the right place. Her apartment was right straight ahead on the second floor. He parked and looked around the parking lot carefully before he made any movement to get out. This was the dangerous part of his plan. He did not need anyone to see him carrying two white girls up the stairs, one half-naked.

Hank did not see any movement for at least a couple of minutes so he felt he could get them up safely. He turned to talk to Jesse. Jesse was now rubbing the girl’s left tit. God, they were nice for a high school girl, Hank thought. Jesse also had his fingers buried in the teacher’s sloppy pussy. He could see she was going to need a shower.

“Jesse, hold on for a while son, we’ll have plenty of time for that. We need to get these bitches up into the apartment without getting seen. I will get the teacher, you get the little cunt. When I open the door you get out and get her up those stairs as fast as you can. You got it?” Hank said to Jesse.

Jesse stopped his groping of the two girls and nodded his head in agreement. Hank got out of the car and walked around to Jesse’s door. He opened it and the girl began to fall out. He caught her and held her up. Jesse got out and grabbed the girl by the waist and hoisted her up to his shoulder. Hank watched her tits bounce off Jesse’s back as he ran up the stairs with her. He told Tyshawn to get out and follow Jesse. He walked around to the other door and opened it. The teacher sat there.

“Miss Johnson, we are home now. Can you get out and follow me?” Hank asked.

Sarah looked over at him and swung her left leg out of the car. Her skirt was still gathered at her waist so Hank was given a nice show of her legs and the white skin over the tops of her stockings. She stood up next to him. Hank reached in and got her purse and gave it to her.

Sarah knew she was home but she still felt like she was in a fog. The janitor was with her, what was he doing at her house? She started to walk towards her apartment and she felt something warm and wet between her legs. She felt it also on her thigh and reached down to touch it. Her fingers came back coated with a white liquid. Sarah looked at it and the last couple of hours flashed before her eyes. She remembered losing her virginity to the janitor. She also remembered watching the boy’s cock slide in and out of Kaylie’s pussy. She then remembered getting fucked a second time and not knowing exactly who that was. She reached up and felt her hair and it was sticky and wet.

Hank followed the teacher up the stairs to her apartment. She looked to be coming out of her daze. A nice shower should bring her all the way back. How would she react? This was the unknown part of his plan. When the girls came out of shock what would they do? Hank had considered the possibilities and he figured there were two. He figured he would either be facing frantic, angry girls or a couple of black cock sluts. He was prepared for both. Sarah reached the top of the stairs and saw Jesse standing there with Kaylie slumped over his shoulder. Sarah got her key out of her purse and opened the door. They all went in quickly and closed the door.

“Jesse, drop her on the couch there.” Hank said and Jesse dumped Kaylie on the couch.

Hank walked up to her and sat her up, her eyes were closed.

“Teach, go and get me a cold washcloth.” Hank said.

Sarah scurried off to the bathroom and returned with a damp cloth. Hank reached out and Sarah gave him the cloth. He touched it to Kaylie’s forehead and wiped it across. Her eyes snapped open and darted quickly around. Hank continued to wipe off her face as he spoke softly to her. He knew this was a critical time.

“It’s ok, honey, you are fine. You are safe.” Hank whispered.

He could see her eyes calm down and focus on him. He continued to rub the cloth across her face and then her shoulders.

“You have been through a lot but you will be fine. Miss Johnson is going to help you get a nice shower and then you will feel good as new. Does that sound good?” Hank asked the girl.

Kaylie shook her head slowly up and down. Hank took her hand and gently lifted her to her feet. He walked her over to Sarah. Sarah instinctively put her arm around Kaylie.

“Now teach, you take her in the bathroom and you two take a nice warm shower. Take as long as you need. When you are finished bring her back out here. We will be waiting.” Hank said to Sarah.

Sarah nodded and led Kaylie down the hall. They went into the bathroom and Sarah closed the door behind them. She sat Kaylie down on the closed toilet lid. This girl was a mess. Her hair was matted to the side of her head. Her shirt was torn to shreds and all stretched out. It wasn’t covering any of her breasts. Sarah stared at Kaylie’s breasts. They were beautiful, round and firm and standing high on her chest. The nipples were dark and perfect. Sarah reached over and pulled the remnants of her shirt up and off.

Sarah knelt down and lifted Kaylie’s right foot. She untied her tennis shoe and slipped it off. She pulled her little anklet off and rubbed her bare foot gently. She ran her fingers up Kaylie’s calf and rubbed gently. She dropped her right foot and picked up her left. She removed the shoe and anklet and gently massaged her foot and calf. She set her foot down and stood up. She reached over and put her hand on Kaylie’s cheek. She saw Kaylie’s eyes focus on her.

“Sit here for a second, sweetie, while I get the shower ready.” Sarah said and rubbed the girl’s soft cheek.

Kaylie nodded slowly. Sarah stood up and began unbuttoning her own shirt. It didn’t seem to be torn which Sarah considered a miracle after the way Tyshawn had pulled her across the room. She took the shirt off and her yellow bra was still in place. She unsnapped and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Sarah looked down and saw that her panties were missing. No telling where they ended up. She kicked off her shoes and started to slide her stocking down her left leg. She removed it and then slid her right one off as well. She unclasped her bra and dropped it in the hamper. She stood naked in front of the mirror. Her body showed no signs of her ordeal except for her sticky, matted hair and the cum smeared around her pussy.

Sarah turned on the water in the shower and adjusted it to as hot as she could stand it. She turned, took Kaylie’s hand gently and helped her stand. She noticed the hand was a little swollen and remembered she had hurt it this morning. That seemed so long ago. She looked at Kaylie as she rubbed the girl’s hand softly.

“Sweetie, does your hand still hurt?” Sarah asked.

Kaylie nodded. Sarah turned the hand around and didn’t see any breaks in the skin, just a bad bruise.

“We’ll get some ice on it after your shower, ok?” Sarah said and Kaylie responded with a nod.

Sarah reached down and unsnapped Kaylie’s jean skirt. She unzipped it, knelt down, and pulled it down her legs. Sarah was looking right at Kaylie’s pussy. It was red and swollen and the sparse blonde hair was matted down with cum. She could see drops still leaking slowly out. Sarah stood up and helped Kaylie in the shower. Sarah got in also and turned to face Kaylie, her back to the shower head. She reached down and hit the button and felt the warm water hit her back. It felt soothing and wonderful.

Sarah turned Kaylie around until her back was to the water. She moved her head back a little and let the water hit her on the top of the head. She reached down and grabbed a cloth and squirted some of her face soap into it. She touched it to Kaylie’s face and washed her face thoroughly. She squirted some bath soap on the cloth and continued down to her shoulders and then her arms. She moved back and soaped her breasts. Sarah lifted them and washed underneath. They were so soft and firm. She ran her fingers over the nipple and felt it harden quickly. She knelt down and washed the girl’s flat stomach. She ran the cloth around her hips and then her upper thighs. She went up and down each of her legs. Sarah then placed the cloth directly over Kaylie’s sore pussy.

She heard a soft moan from Kaylie and looked up to see the girls eyes were closed and her mouth partially open. Sarah ran the cloth up around the sides. Then she opened the soft lips and washed the inside gently. She ran the cloth up and brushed it against the girl’s clit. She heard another moan and the felt Kaylie’s hands grab the back of her head. Sarah didn’t know what to do as she felt her head being drawn closer to the girl’s crotch. Her lips were only inches form Kaylie’s blonde pussy. Sarah didn’t have time to think clearly and her instincts took over, she moved forward and gently ran her tongue over the girl’s clit.

Sarah’s thoughts were fighting within her. Part of her was concentrating on helping this poor girl. She wanted to comfort her and make her feel better. She seemed to be doing that but her conservative nature was rebelling. This was wrong; she was between a student’s legs and licking her pussy. This could not be right. Sarah continued to battle with her feelings as she felt the pressure increase on the back of her head.

She heard Kaylie’s breathing increase and licked again. Her nurturing instinct took over and Sarah’s focus turned to just wanting to make this girl feel better. Kaylie started to move her hips into Sarah. Sarah responded by running her tongue down between the girl’s lips and then slowly back up to her clit. She had never done this before so she tried to do things she thought would feel good to her. She knew she was doing it right as she could feel the girl’s legs tighten up. She took her clit in between her lips and sucked gently, drawing it into her mouth. Sarah could tell the girl was close. She bit down soft on her clit and Kaylie went into convulsions. Sarah held onto the back of Kaylie’s legs as the girl’s orgasm ripped through her. Sarah pulled off just as Kaylie was coming down and stood up.

Kaylie looked at her, her breathing slowing down. She put her arms around Sarah and pulled her into a tight hug. Sarah hugged her back, feeling Kaylie’s soft chest pressing against hers. The girls held this position for 5 minutes as the warm water washed over them. Kaylie pulled her face back and looked at Sarah. She leaned forward and kissed Sarah on the lips. The young teacher felt love and pleasure course through her and kissed the girl back hard, their tongues wrestling in Kaylie’s mouth. Sarah’s mind was flying around; she went between guilt, embarrassment, pleasure, and love repeatedly. Kaylie pulled back from the kiss and then hugged Sarah tight. Sarah realized this girl was coping with her ordeal by reaching out to anyone for comfort. Sarah hugged her back and rubbed her hand down Kaylie’s back.

Sarah felt Kaylie break the hug and felt her lips touch her neck. She felt a tingle run through her as she felt the kiss of another woman on her body for the first time. Kaylie kissed down her neck to her shoulders. Sarah felt her head move farther down and then felt a kiss on her chest between her breasts. She felt Kaylie kiss around her left breast and then run her tongue gently across her nipple. Sarah heard a moan come from her own mouth as the pleasure ran through her. Kaylie sucked gently on the nipple until it was hard and then moved to the right breast, kissing on that nipple until it was also hard. Sarah felt small hands move up the side of her body and then cup her breasts. She felt her nipples being pinched lightly between Kaylie’s fingers.

Kaylie continued to massage Sarah’s breasts and kissed her way down to her flat stomach. She kissed down to the top of her clean shaven pussy. She ran her tongue down the side between Sarah’s pussy and her thigh. Sarah gasped as the pleasure shivered through her again. Sarah was in turmoil, she was being seduced by a teenager. She had never even thought about touching another woman and here she was naked in a shower with a young 14 year old girl kissing so precariously close to her pussy. Sarah felt her anxieties and worries slip away. She was now concerned only with pleasure and she wanted it now.

She grabbed Kaylie’s head and pulled her into her crotch. She wanted this girl to lick her so badly she could taste it. She spread her legs slightly. Kaylie took the clue and licked right across Sarah’s swollen clit. She felt her teacher’s body flinch. Kaylie remembered her first time with another girl. It was last year, at her friend Emily’s 13th birthday party. They had a big party but she was the only one to sleep over. The two girls talked well into the night which eventually led to a kiss. The kissing led to touching and the next thing she remembered was being between Emily’s pretty legs. It has been both of their first times so they was a lot of experimenting. They had gotten much better at it over the last year, practice makes perfect. Kaylie looked up at the teacher and decided she was going to give her the works.

Kaylie ran her tongue down between the soft lips of the teacher’s smooth pussy and then rammed her tongue as deep as she could. Sarah moaned as she felt Kaylie’s warm tongue run up into her. Kaylie sucked the little clit in front of her and then let it go. She bit lightly on one of Sarah’s lips and pulled gently. Sarah’s mind was having trouble processing what was happening to her. She had never had anyone do this to her. How did this young girl know exactly what to do? Sarah felt Kaylie’s warm tongue work its way around the inside of her pussy and then back to her clit. She felt Kaylie suck in her clit and run her teeth lightly over it. Sarah knew she wouldn’t last too much longer but she never wanted this to end. This was the most pleasure she had ever felt in her life.

Kaylie pulled back and lightly blew on her teacher’s clit. She licked to the right and left of it, teasing. Kaylie felt her teacher’s legs tightening up and felt her head being pulled in. She held back and continued to kiss around the throbbing clit. She stopped for a second and then sucked the clit into her mouth quickly and flicked her tongue across it. This last little trick pushed Sarah over the edge of her orgasm. She shook violently and lost control as the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt tore through her young body. Kaylie held onto her teacher’s hips and continued to run her tongue over her clit, driving her through her orgasm. She felt the pressure on her head release and she pulled away. Kaylie stood up and kissed Sarah again. The two women, now linked forever by the last few minutes, held each other tightly as the warm water splashed over them.

Hank was sitting in the teacher’s nice living room. She must be doing alright, he thought, as he looked at the furniture and felt the soft comfort of the couch. He looked over at Tyshawn. The boy looked sad. Hank knew he was a good kid and that he had just lost control after the girl pushed him too far. He knew Tyshawn was feeling guilty and weak.

“Son, how you feeling?” Hank asked.

“I don’t know, that just didn't seem right. What’s going to happen to us?” Tyshawn responded.

“Don’t you worry, we will be fine. When the ladies come back out here I will show you. You just sit back and relax and let ole Hank take care of it.” He said.

“How about you Jesse, how are you doing?” Hank asked, turning toward Jesse.

“I am fine, I just need to bust a nut into one of those bitches soon or I will go insane.” Jesse said.

Hank chuckled as he watched Jesse rub his crotch and Hank noticed the boy did have a tremendous erection. He couldn’t blame him; he had been taping the whole thing.

“You don’t worry about that either, son, we will take care of that also.” Hank said and smiled at the boy.

Sarah pulled away from Kaylie and looked into her eyes. She could tell Kaylie was feeling better as some of the sparkle was back. Sarah reached for the shampoo and began to work on Kaylie’s long hair.

Sarah stepped out onto the bathmat, water dripping off her tight body. She reached into her linen closet and pulled out a towel. She dried her face and then wrapped the towel around her body. She pulled another towel out and then pulled back the curtain. She helped Kaylie out and then ran the towel softly over her body, absorbing as much water as she could. Sarah then dried her hair as best she could and wrapped the towel around Kaylie’s head and hair. Sarah grabbed her plush bathrobe and wrapped it around Kaylie’s body. She could see the girl shake her head, objecting to the bathrobe.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, you take the robe. I am just fine.” Sarah assured her.

Sarah grabbed another towel and wrapped up her own hair, securing it to her head. Sarah felt Kaylie move in front of her and the girl grabbed her head and pulled it towards her. She felt Kaylie’s lips touch hers in a soft, gentle kiss. Sarah felt her pleasure switch activate again and she kissed the girl back. Sarah somehow knew this was the girl’s way of saying thank you.

Sarah led Kaylie out of the bathroom, down the hall, and into her small kitchen. She prepared a small ice pack and wrapped it around Kaylie’s sore right hand. She could see the janitor and the two boys sitting in her living room. Her mind questioned that for a second but her body took over quickly and she led Kaylie into the living room.

Hank saw the girls emerge from the bathroom and enter the kitchen. He could see they were wrapped in towels and he thought that was incredibly sexy. Hank had always thought clean women were sexy women and he felt his cock twinge a little and start to grow. He watched intently as the girls left the kitchen and walked into the living room. The teacher was leading the girl, whose hand was wrapped in some sort of bandage. Hank remembered now seeing the tape of Tyshawn smashing her hand as he fell over her. He felt a little tinge of sympathy for the girl. He watched as they stopped directly in front of him.

Hank liked what he saw when he looked into their eyes. He did not see anger, he was happy about that and now he had to see what exactly he was dealing with. He reached out and took the girl’s hand and pulled her gently towards him. He put a hand on each of her hips and pulled her into him. He saw her spread her legs and sit down on his lap, straddling his legs and looking right into his eyes. She was waiting, wondering what he was going to do to her. Hank pulled the girl into him and hugged her tight. He felt her lay her head on his shoulder. Hank knew immediately that this girl had not had many hugs in her short life.

Hank whispered softly into her ear. “Sweetheart, I am glad you are feeling better. You just hold onto old Hank and he will make everything better.”

Hank felt her tighten her hug. He smiled and knew he had turned the corner with her. He whispered to her again.

“Baby girl, I know you are having trouble talking. That last word must have burned your lips something awful. That’s ok, it will get better. You see that boy over there to your left?” Hank felt her move her head to his other shoulder and glance at Tyshawn.

“You hurt him with that word, you hurt him deeply. He did not like what happened and he feels he hurt you also and now he feels bad about that. Darling, I want you to go over there and apologize to him for using that word. You apologize however you feel is best. That will make you feel better and also you will help that poor boy get over his guilt. Do you think you can do that?” Hank said.

Hank felt her head move slightly and then she pulled out of his hug and stood up. Hank looked at her in her robe and he thought she was incredibly fucking cute. He watched her walk over and stand in front of Tyshawn. She bent over and put her hands on his knees and then dropped to her knees in front of him. Hank watched her spread his legs and scoot closer. He saw her soft white hands open up Tyshawn’s pants and pull out his cock. It was soft and she dropped her head and kissed it gently. He saw the girl open her mouth and suck Tyshawn in. He saw her take his soft cock completely in her mouth and then slide slowly off. He saw that Tyshawn was starting to grow. He looked at the boy and he was staring at the girl, not believing what he was seeing and feeling.

Kaylie felt the black cock harden in her mouth. She could not process the fact that this same cock had raped her violently a couple of hours ago. She was simply trying her best to make this boy forgive her for calling him that horrible name. She knew it was bad as soon as it left her lips. She had heard her parents use it often but that was the first time she had said it. She knew as the cock separated her lips again that those same lips would never utter that word again. But for now she had a job to do and Kaylie Smith had no experience at all to call on for this particular job. She would just have to figure it out.

Tyshawn looked down at the blonde girl. He watched her take his hardening cock in her mouth and swallow it whole down to his pubes. He felt himself hit the back of her throat and slide right past. No girl had ever done this to him, this girl was special. His cock was completely hard and she continued to work her magic. He felt her tongue lap around the head and then run down the length of his shaft. Then she swallowed him again and he felt her lips meet his pubic hair. Tyshawn kicked his head back and enjoyed the fact that his entire cock was buried in this cute little mouth. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

Jesse was now rock hard and stroking his cock through his pants. He watched the girl take Tyshawn deep and he had never seen anything so hot. He felt like he was going to cum just watching so he pulled his hand away. He looked over at Hank and met his eyes.

Hank saw Jesse look at him and he could see desperation in the boy’s eyes. Hank looked back at the teacher and she looked back at him. Hank reached out his hand and she walked into him, putting her little white hand into his. Hank pulled her onto his lap. She opened her legs and straddled him, her hands on his broad shoulders. Hank pulled the towel and took it slowly off her body. He saw her tits for the first time. They were not as large as the girl’s but still beautiful. They stood up nice and proud and were just about a handful which is just about all you needed. He saw her little nipples poking out and he took one of them in his fingers. He squeezed lightly and looked into her eyes. He saw her eyes roll back a little and her head bobble. He smiled, he had this one too. This was working out just fine. He pulled her head to his shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“Darling, I need you to go over there and help poor Jesse. He has been a good boy and he needs a reward. Do you think you can help him?” Hank whispered and tweaked her nipple again.

Hank felt her twitch and heard a soft, deep moan come out of her that sounded a lot like “Yes”.

Sarah pulled away from the janitor and she felt him release her nipple. Her breast bounced slightly as he let go. She got up and walked over to Jesse, her towel staying with the janitor. Jesse watched the teacher get up and start towards him. He sat up and ripped his hard cock out of his pants. He had watched this white bitch walk into class this morning and now she was going to fuck him. He had never been more excited in his life. He watched her approach him and then spread her legs and move over him. He saw her slick pussy open up over his cock. She reached down and grabbed him and lined him up with her opening. Jesse leaned back and felt her warm pussy touch him. He fought hard not to cum right then.

Sarah felt the hard black cock touch the inside of her pussy. She felt her juices coating it as she rubbed it gently across her lips. She lined it up and slowly lowered herself. She felt it pop into her tight pussy and she gasped. She continued to lower herself slowly and felt the cock opening her up. She felt her lips adjust quickly to the girth and the small jolt of pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as she slid her body down.

Jesse could not believe how tight and hot she was. He felt like he was sliding into an oven. He had laid his dick into many girls but none of them had ever felt this soft and warm. He felt her legs touch his and then settle onto his lap. She was sitting on him and he was completely buried in her. He was in heaven. He looked in her eyes and he saw they were not really focused on him. She seemed to be in a sort of trance. He laughed to himself, a black cock trance. He saw her tits in front of his face and he reached out and took one in his hand. It felt firm but yet very soft and the nipple was like a little rock. He ran him thumb across it and he felt her body twitch.

Hank watched the teacher sit on Jesse’s cock and watched the cute girl swallow Tyshawn. He smiled and leaned back on the couch. His plan had worked to perfection. He had a couple of black cock sluts on his hands and his mind was racing with all the possibilities laid out before him. Not only were these two hooked on black cock but they were hot. Holy shit, a teacher and a young teenager, he could not have done better if he had tried. Yes, this was going to be fun. Hank saw the teacher now bouncing violently on Jesse as he held a nipple in each hand. He turned and saw the cute blonde bobbing quickly on Tyshawn, his entire length on display as she licked the head and then quickly disappearing down her throat. Hank closed his eyes and settled back into the soft couch.

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