Sharing a room with sister

When I was 17 my sister Jordan was 16 and we lived with our mom and dad in Syracuse, NY. We lived in a moderately sized home with 3 bedrooms; one for my parents, one for my sister, and one for me. My sister's room hadn't been painted since we moved in 7 years previous. So that winter, Jordan decided she wanted it to be completely redone. There was no guest bedroom so my parents suggested she sleep in my room as I had a king size bed. They thought that it was alright for us to sleep in the same bed because my parents were very trusting people, especially with us. Well, let me tell you, I was not so comfortable sharing a bed with my own sister even if she was deemed one of the hottest girls in the 10th grade. Though I won't deny having admired her looks a few times. She was about 5 foot 8, with dark brown, almost black hair, with a small number of cute little freckles and brown eyes. She had really started to fill out in all the right places when she was 14 and by now, I'd say she had average size boobs, so like B-cups. Her best source of sex appeal though was her long dancer's legs that gave way to a drop-dead gorgeous butt (or at least that's what I had heard other people say). She was extremely intelligent, really funny, shy, and a real sweetheart. I was 5 foot 11 with soft features, varying hues of brown hair depending on the season, brown eyes, and I had a creamy but not tan skin color. Now while I am not ripped, I am definitely fit, I am toned, and even though people don't notice it, I am deceptively muscular. The two of us were best friends, although we didn't always tell each other everything personal.

So in the last week of January, Jordan moved into my room. I told her I didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the bed together so she happily took the bed while I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. It was over a very long weekend that lasted 5 days so we didn't have to worry about getting ready at the same time in the same room in the mornings as she gets up earlier than me. On the first day of vacation, Thursday, she had a birthday party for one of her friends so she was gone all day. I had basketball practice all day so we only saw each other at night when I drove out to pick her up from her friend's house after my practice. We arrived home at around 9:15 that night to find the house to be empty. I found a note from our parents that said they decided to go on a 2 day trip to Lake Ontario. I was to look after Jordan and was not allowed to have any of my friends over (okay not that trusting). She was allowed to have one friend over and she could sleep over if she wanted(not fair). They also left us $50 to pay for our dinner for the two nights ahead. I immediately went upstairs, got undressed and got in the shower. I got out wearing nothing but my towel on my lower half. As I walked into my room, I see Jordan in nothing but a bra and panties. That was when I first started really realizing how hot my sister was. One thing I noticed was that right above her butt, she had dimples. I thought that was really nice to look at, and so did another part of me. At that time, she turned around and gasped covering herself up and just staring at me. She didn't say anything and just stared at my naked upper half. After a while the trance was broken and I left the room and closed the door, waiting outside. After about two minutes, I knocked on the door asking if she was done and the door opened. To my surprise she was still in her underwear. I apologized for walking in without knocking and she just waved it off, saying it wasn't a problem but that I had just scared her.

"Shouldn't you put something more on though?", I said.

"It's alright I was just getting ready to get in the shower, so if anything I should be taking more off!" She laughed.

She got in the shower and I got changed and went downstairs to watch something on Netflix. I was wearing gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I started watching "How I Met Your Mother", my favorite show. Jordan came down the stairs. She was wearing her blue bathrobe and from what I could tell just underwear underneath. I tore my gaze away and focused on the show. She sat down next to me on the couch but she laid on her back with her legs on the couch with a slight bend.

"What's this show?"

"It's "How I Met Your Mother", the show with Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin."

"Ohhhh okay I remember this show now!"

As we were watching I felt like she was looking at me. But every time I glanced at her she would look at the tv. I couldn't help but notice that her legs were slightly open, showing a bit of her panties. They were pink with red stripes sideways on them. My dick immediately started to get hard but very slowly. Just then she got up, took off her bathrobe, got back on the couch, but sat right next to me, laying her head on my chest. At that point I put my arm around her shoulder to make myself more comfortable. Somehow, I fell asleep like that, and when I woke up less than an hour later, my arm was still around her shoulder. However, my hand, was not in a place that a brother's hand should be on a sister. I was basically cupping her left boob in her bra. *SHIT*, I thought. The only thing was, she didn't seem to care at all, so I just left it there. She looked back at me, seeing I was awake. She smiled and kept watching the tv. Then I noticed where HER hand was. It was very precariously resting on my thigh very close to my growing erection. I decided to take things up a notch. I slowly and very lightly started to squeeze her breast and she seemed to be liking it, because she wasn't stopping, and her hand got even closer to my erection, which was now at full attention. Suddenly, she spoke.

"Max, I feel really sore. Would you mind giving me a massage?"

I thought to myself about what could come of me agreeing to give her a massage and my hormone induced brain couldn't see anything wrong with it, so I agreed.

"Sure, do you have lotion or anything?"

"Yeah, let me just go grab it from my room."

She got up and went to her room. *Oh dear lord what have I gotten myself into*, I thought to myself. That thought immediately left my mind as soon as Jordan came back downstairs. She was in her bikini which seemed like it was getting a little tight on her. Not that I minded. It was a string tied bikini and I very much wanted to untie those strings to my viewing pleasure. I decided that there wasn't a good surface for her to lie on in the family room.

"Why don't we go up to my room?"

"Okay, sure!"

She went up before me, and I got a wonderful view of her butt. Her bikini bottom was beginning to ride up her butt so I saw quite a bit of cheek. *What a nice ass she has!*, I thought to myself. When we got to my room she handed me the lotion and I went and got some towels as to not get my bed sheets dirty. I laid one one the bed and I asked her,

"Where are you most sore?"

She answered saying that her upper thighs and her whole back including her shoulders were sore. I told her to lie on the towel on her stomach, and she did. I got to work starting with her shoulders. It wasn't long before my dick started to slowly harden.

"Can you slip the bikini straps to the side so I can get to your shoulders more?"

Without saying a word she slipped the straps to the side. After a while I started to move toward the middle of her back. The same situation with the strings popped up and I asked her if she was comfortable taking her top off completely if I looked away, and she said yes. So I looked away as she reached behind her back and untied her top sitting up slightly to get it off all the way. She then told me it was okay to look now. Her boobs must have been pretty squished so she was always adjusting on the bed. As I massaged her back, my hand slipped and I think I touched the side of her left breast very slightly. She flinched but didn't say a thing. I then moved my hands to her side and started to massage the side of her rib cage and the side of her stomach. I started to move towards the sides of her breasts. I was definitely touching boobs now. About a minute passed and I moved down to her thighs. At one point I sneakily brushed my finger across the fabric covering her mound. At this she quietly gasped. I allowed this to happen a few more times before I asked her another question.

"Would you like a butt massage?", I laughed.

She giggled and said, "Just don't be too rough!"

"You might need to move those bottoms down a bit."

She contemplated this for a moment. "Sure, why not! I bet you've seen your fair share of female butts before!"

She was right, but not in the way she probably thought. I had never done more than kissed a girl before, and the only asses I had ever seen were on porn sites.

She moved the garment down almost all the way off her butt, but not quite all the way. As I got to work, I nearly passed out with joy because I was groping my gorgeous sister's ass, and even better, it was with her permission! As I continued, I spread her cheeks enough so that I could see her sphincter clearly. I could barely stop myself from shoving my finger in it. She began to moan and I slowly, cautiously started to pull her bottoms down the rest of the way. She flinched, and I immediately stopped. She then said something unexpected.

"Don't stop, please"

I needed no more encouragement. I pulled them off down to her ankles. She kicked them off and they landed on the floor. I noticed something. She was stark naked now, and she seemed to have no problem with it either. I went back to rubbing her ass, trying to work my way closer to her pussy. To my surprise, she turned on her back, baring everything and said, "Massage my boobs now, Max." I didn't need to be told a second time and I immediately placed my hands on her breasts and she gasped ever so slightly. I started to knead them thoroughly. At some point her hand moved to her shaven pussy. She put me in a trance as I watched her play with herself. My dick was harder than ever as I watched her play with her clit. She grabbed one of my hands and put it right on her labia. The two of us were overtaken by lust and I decided to act. I pulled my hand away and pulled her to the edge of the bed as I got on my knees. I stuck my face in between her thighs and started licking. This finally sent her over the top as she orgasmed. I stood up and went to the bathroom so that I could relieve myself of a certain white army. As I stroked myself, I heard the door open, and in walked Jordan, still fully naked. She spoke when she saw what I was doing.

"Max you just made me feel the best feeling I've ever had, without any reward."

"No trust me, I got something out of it too don't worry sister!"

"I still feel like I owe you though, and I mean, you DID get to see me naked. I think it's only fair you return the favor."

"We'll there isn't much more to see than you're seeing right now, but--" She cut me off.

"Oh my god Max, sometimes I wonder how you get such good grades. I'm offering to help you get off!"


She laughed then stopped immediately and frowned.

"Max, this is incest. We're brother and sister! We shouldn't be doing this but I want it so badly! I'm so confused! She quickly left the bathroom and into my room where she was staying. I got up still no clothes on and stood in the doorway of my room. I stopped and looked. Jordan was sitting on the bed, hugging her legs. She was crying. In this moment I felt very sad. It was painful to see my sister cry. Especially because he only cried when something was really bad. The only other time I had seen her cry was when our dog Molly was put to sleep. I felt a new feeling come over me. I started to feel protective and I walked over and sat down on the bed next to her and put my arm around her shoulder and hugged her. The feeling of our bare skin touching gave her goosebumps. I turned her head to face my own, and I spoke.

"Jordan, you are the smartest, sweetest, and most beautiful person I know. The decisions you make are your own, and if you want something, go and get it. Don't be afraid to do what your heart desires. It pains me to see you cry like this. I know society doesn't like what we did and what we were going to do, but society should mind its own business, because if something feels right, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. And I want you to know, that I love you, no matter what. Not just as a brother, but as a friend too."

She smiled, and she leaned in and kissed me. She pulled away to see my reaction. I didn't give her much time to figure it out, as I kissed her back. This lasted until we were lying down on the bed, facing each other. We kissed again, this time more passionately. She broke the kiss and told me to sit up. I obeyed as she wrapped her hand around my dick slowly stroking it. She spit on it and went faster. Leaning over it, she licked from the base of my shaft, to the tip of my helmet. On her way back down, she put the head in her mouth and started taking more and more of my rock hard dick as she went. I was in euphoria. She didn't get all of it in her mouth, but she did pretty well for her first time giving a blowjob. I began to feel that sensation in my balls as she sucked away.

"Jordan I'm gonna blow my load soon!"

I orgasmed and shot my seed into her mouth. She got most of it, but the last few spurts she let land on her face. I was so horny still that my erection didn't even go down at all.

"Jordan, are you a virgin?"

"Yes, but I don't want to be after tonight. I have loved you for a very long time Max, as more than my brother. And I always thought it would be nice to lose my virginity to you, but tonight has confirmed it. Max, I want you to be my first. I want you to take my virginity."

"And I want you to be mine."

She looked at me with a face full of surprise.

"You're a virgin? But who wouldn't want to have sex with you? You're so hot!"

I was pretty sure I was blushing, but I didn't care. I was about to lose my virginity to the girl of my dreams. I knew she had already broken her hymen because I saw her masturbating with a hair brush once so it had to have been popped before.

I asked her one last time, "Are you sure that this is what you really want? You can back out now if you'd like."

"I'm positive!"

With that, I laid on my back, while she mounted my hips, sitting right in front of my dick. She lifted up a little and I aimed my dick at her hole and she slowly sat on it. I was in pure ecstasy and I'm pretty sure she was too, because she was moaning loudly. She gradually got faster and faster, riding my dick harder and harder. She started to moan louder and louder. I even began to moan some too. I felt the pressure in my balls rising, and I warned her that I was gonna pull out soon so I could come but she said that she was on the pill so I need not worry about it. We orgasmed together and I came, rope, after rope, after rope. She collapsed onto me and I pulled the covers over us, leaving myself inside her.

"I love you Jordan."

"I love you too Max."


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