The widow

[b]Character and setting background for the story

Scene is Boston East Boston and Saugus Massachusetts

Chris drives his moms car most of the time and is Savin for his own car

Chris - college hockey star odd jobs and maintenance guy prior Navy 2nd class stationed in japan on destroyer as a gunners mateBC student double majoring mythology and teaching to become a mythology professor 23years old weapons expert martial artist and fraternity brother in ΧΛ

Anastasia - widow cougar extremely rich (owner of Spartan weapons systems leading suplier of arms to the USA) 40 yrs old body of a 25yr old extreme sex drive wicked kinky

Gina- Chris' best friend genius coworker tattoo artist met in the Navy from day 1 boot camp till their discharge dates in 2012 same rate and rank 24yrs old BC Student for graphic design and physics weapons expert sorority sister in ΔΓ

Johnny - Chris' boss owner of "helping hand inc (maintenance general and house work landscape company need it fixed a helping hand goes a long way) prior Navy boatswain mate chief petty officer

Coach Wolfe- Chris hockey coach life mentor and best friend of Chris deceased dad 48yrs old prior NHL star played for San Jose then was injured and his career was killed

Mom - Chris mom and greatest counselor she has never steered him wrong disable Chris pays rent buys food and all the house work he doesnt let her do anything although when he's at work she does house work and cooks when he pleads with her not to 53yrs old

So it's all about a normal guy named Chris he was not the coolest kid in his child hood didnt get all the girls never vrry popular bit of a geek ar heart but he had a great upbringing his mom raised him with respect for anyone whom deserved it and was raised to have the upmost respect for women in general she went through a rough patch with his criminal father had h deported back to Greece and she divorced him when he was 2 they lived in east Boston until he was about 14 she sent him to live with his dad for a few years in Greece he went to school and worked as a carpenter and all around handy man with his dad and played soccer which gave him an awesome build he was cut like a diamond strong as an ox and since he was half Italian half Greek he was a charming and was very sociable fluent in english French Greek Italian spanish latin and German and spoke enough Japanese mandarin and Russian to get by and live in a city all this on insistence of his grandmother who taught him all but English he left Greece after his father passed away in an accident and left him everything and once he was done with high school he made th trip back to the states back to east Boston and decided to join the navy on his 18th in September and left for boot camp that same winter on the plane to boot camp he met an attractive Tom boy girl by the name of Gina the 2 became best buds and ended up in the same division and then the same classes in there rate school which was to be a gunners mate or a weapons expert(GM for short)they both got orders and to their surprise they were sent to the same ship as unclassed GMs they flew off and stayed in Japan for 4 years Chris had become a member of the ships special forces squad for boarding other ships and Gina was a rescue swimmer as secondary duties they were alway hanging with each other and were called the Boston Gunner Twins they both made rank within 4 years and left the navy honorably as 2nd class petty officers with high honors and multiple letters of commendation and navy marine corps achievement medals they were requested to stay and continue as sailors but both longed to return home after processing out in silver dale Washington and becoming civilians again they went back to their beloved BeanTown and found a job through a helping hand inc owned by Johnny treyview he was prior navy and was more than happy to hire them then both applied to college and after scoring immensely high on the SAT exams they were both excepted to Boston College under their majors and attended that coming fall and worked I've the summer the next 2 years Chris and Gina did amazing at school joined a fraternity and a sorority continued to hang out Gina was an artsy type and started to do tattoos and Chris let her do the practice work on him Chris had become the star of the hockey team in his freshman year leading bc to win the bean pot which is the NCAA Stanley cup scoring the winning goal as an alternate originally just a bench warmer he wasn't supposed to play but the captain was injured and rushed to the hospital as a result Chris gain his moment in the sun and took it and fucking kicked ass he triple deked the goalie and score the winning goal with .02 seconds left on the clock resulting in 2-1 win over BU but enough about that the story continues in Chris's end of freshman year after hockey season ended and Chris was workin through the summer his boss usually let him use the truck Chris inherited abunch of tools from his father and always had them on his jobs there was a peculiar job in Saugus that Gina and Chris were needed at so they took their notebooks and their measuring tapes since they figured at first they didn't need anything but some hand tools so Chris borrowed his mothers car and drove from east Boston to Saugus which is about 20min away they arrived at a very large mansion belonging to a widow who needed some work done thy pulled up to the security gates and identified themselves and were told to head to the entrance to the garage to their amazement it wa an underground garage parked next to a 1961 Pontiac GTO in mint condition bothe gawking at the car were interupted by an abrupt throat clearin wich brought them both to reality and there was a burly tough looking bald headed man with an ear piece who looked like a mercenary and he said chris ?and gina? They replied yes with a bit of surprise in their voice FOLLOW ME he boomed as the garage made his voice echo they both chime sir yes sir like scared boot camp recruits and followed the security officer as they walked about 100ft they saw and marveled at the amazing vehicles from porches to Ferraris from the 30s to the 2000s and both looked at each other and mouth god damn! As they arrived at an elevator the guard swiped a card and the elevator bell binged and a second later the elevator arrived the duo stepped in as the guard mumbled something into his cuff 3 bings later they arrived in an enormous round room with staircases leading to an upper level and then Chris saw it the perfect female figure her red hair gleaming in the sunlight from the sun roof windows the gold necklace and rings gleaming her diamond tennis bracelet glittering his draw dropped as she came into clear view she had the looks of Diane Lane with the body of a pornstar pert rack easy 36 C cups nice waist and amazing hips with a booty that had just the right bubblicious bounce to it she was dressed in a tennis out fit wearing a short white skirt a pink striped wicked tight shirt and a pair of white trainers with a nice visor and her hair in pony holding a tennis racket and chris immediately got a raging hard on which pluckily he was able to conceal under his tool belt and gina giggled at him he said shut it she did the woman walked right up to them and said greetings I'm Anastasia Polemistis call me Anastasia immediately Chris said your Greek? Do you speak Greek? She spoke up and said yes I do but I don't have time right now u must be Chris and Gina my workers I have a tennis lesson so you two take your round about through the house what ever is busted needs work be it painting machine work or any type of repairs catalogue it anything you need or if you get lost the house is controlled by an artificial intelligence system named archemedes just ask for him and he will turn by turn direct u I will need you to greet him so he recognizes your voice. Each greeted him and in turn archemedes chimed no in a smooth robot voice welcome Chris welcome Gina anything you need just ask and with that anastasia walked off they looked at each other grinned And said lets hit it they walked arond for about 5 hours and archemedes said it is lunch time please head back to the main hall and into the dining room and Lunch will be served as soon as they got to the dining room and sat down Anastasia pulled up a chair next to Chris quite close for comfort and started to ask about them she wanted to know all about them chris explained how he grew up in the slums of the east Boston projects and wasnt very sociable for fear of his well being and how he moved to Greece and then joined the navy and met Gina who then explained her upbringing on the other side of east Boston the heights projects and her struggles through school her acceptance to Boston Latin academy and her parents passing away after her 17th birthday in an accident which resulted in her joining the navy to serve her country and how they now live together with Chris's mom in east Boston Anastasia was staring intently at the 2 and then after the stories she explained herself and some rules she was apparently married to Athanasios Polemistis an inventor she married him at a the young age of 15 and moved to the states with him on a whim of a crazy idea he had about a weapon system that would conquer the market so he invented the Zeus Missile launcher a small camera controlled high explosive rpg that could eliminate an armored tank and it was the size of a 7-11 burrito and weighed about 17lbs at this moment both Gina and Chris started to ramble on how they were gunners mates in the navy and trained in a simulator in school on that weapon and how spartan industries created all the large weapons systems on the McGrath class destroyers anastasia was immensely happy that her late husbands company was so successful and 2 kids were so eager about it so as they started some more minor chit chat and finally finished and anastasia said to them you are welcome to stay weekends and use any of my recreational items from the game room to the indoor swimming pool under the condition they work from 9-5 each day they spend there after that they all separated and Gina and Chris kept in contact through walkie talkie a lil thing Chris did before leaving the uss croft was snag an awesome set of throat walkies that were touch activated on the neck so they didn't need to carry heavier walkies around so Chris was on the east wing and Gina said she was heading to the north wing towards the greenhouses Chris came across a very large master bedroom so he yelled out hey archemedes who's room is this? Archemedes replied Chris this is mistress Anastasia's room Chris double took and wandered inside to check it out see if any maintenance was needed he walked immediately across the from the door to the window and noted that the double pane glass inner glass had a large crack running through the middle he looked around also noticed that the ceiling needed stucco work which he also notated he turned and almost lost it as Anastasia was standing there in a robe and said in the most seductive tone any woman could muster can I help you with something Chris? Chris looked at her dumbfounded and Said .. Ah duh deh the umm crack window in the stucco in the boobs and replaced and done! She looked at him and raised an eyebrow she softly said "archemedes make sure miss Gina gets locked in the greenhouses for a while" and with that she grab his throat mic threw it across the room grabbed Chris by the crocth and the back of the head and kissed him so hard and shoved her tongue so far down his throat he was sure she was tastin his lunch after she relinquished her grip and threw him on the California king size bed he stammered misses Polemistis I can get fired for this she grabbed his collar drew him upto her face and said and who's gonna tell on you? Chris contemplated this and thought oh man a fucking cougar is throwin it at me like a pitcher to a batter and I'm not even swinging so Chris immediately said nobody unless you want us to get caught? With that anastasia ripped off his swearted too belt and pants left him with Avis boxers and tank top on she then removed her robe and was standing there in her pink lace lingerie Chris was in a daze he started to slowly remove his tank top immediately she snatched it and threw it to the side and she looked at him he was like a statue perfection his abs his biceps his pecs she immediatley had an orgasm just a small 1 and said to him "ooooh boy am I gonna love playing with my new toy!" he smiled at her grabbed her and started to violently kiss her she kissed back just at animalisticly and then she broke off and ferociously bit his neck and continued down his chest nibbling and gnawing on the way down until she hit his waistband and she ripped off his boxers and grabbed his manhood with extreme lust and started to stroke viciously and Chris was in heaven then outta nowhere her next step was a full throat fuckshe deep throated his cock licked the underside of his balls and Chris swore he could feel the split of her airway and her stomach pipe she came up and went back down effortlessly and just pounded away Chris tried to warn her that he was about to erupt like mount Vesuvius but she kept going then boom he pulsated and shot his load blow after gob of cum directly into her stomach and after what felt like 4 hours and 20gallons she Finnally let his limp dick slide out of her mouth and smacked her Lips and said "mmmm desert prepared by the finest " Chris was baffled when she got up got undressed completely laid down spread her legs and said "you want some desert to baby boy?" Chris looked down licked his lips and went to town he massaged her clit with his thumb and forefinger bit her labia and lapped her juices and with his free hand finger fucked her snatch like there was no tomorrw he sucked her clit nibbled and licked it till she squirmed wreathed and screamed so loud his ears hurt he started to massage her poop shoot and pressed lightly and pushed and as soon as he penetrate she let out a high pitched yelp and an orgasmed crashed over her like a tidal wave Chris's fingers were engulfed in her hot fuckhole as it contracted and her Kegel muscle became a vice and clamped down on them the whole time she was bucking like a wild colt and flailing like a seizure patient as it subsided she started to quiver and her pussy juice sprayed out like a shaken tonic bottle tht was open too soon and got all over Chris's face he looked up and she was breathing heavy as he licked his lips and wiped his face licked his fingers and asked her "you make desert your self?" they both laughed and made out and then anastasia looked him with an extreme hunger in her eyes and said "ready for round 3" Chris quickly responded "ding ding ding" with that she flipped him over and straddled him like he was wild bull and sat down and shoved his cock so deep in her pussy he was poking her cervix he let out a low groan as she growled loudly an began to ride him brutally bouncing up and down so hard that she must have bruised his thighs after a couple of minutes of this Chris decided its his turn to take control and grabbed her by the hips flipped her over on her knees and rammed her as hard as he could and pounded away she then bucked back and got him Ina reverse cow girl and he was bewildered on how fast and nimbly she did it the finesse was insane and she began to grind and bump him they both switched and Chris was on top he pounded her and she wrapped her legs around him and screamed IM CUMMING at the top of her lungs and at that precise second Chris's balls tensed he yelled oh fuck me too and gave one Final thrust as hard as he could and her pussy clamped like la fucking pit bulls lock jaw and started convulsing as Chris blew his load spurt after spurt gallon after gallon her pussy swallowing it like a champ after the ectsasy subsided and both of them had Finnally calmed down Anastasia looked at him and said "so if you want to make this a regular thing it's all up to you as a perk you can have anything money can buy on a whim as well as me whenever you want an you can stay here as long as you want oh and you can also share me with ure friends as long as I have the same privelage and this is not committed in any way I can fuck anybody and so can't you" Chris looked t her astonished and said "after that who would be stupid enough to say no on those conditions?" Chris looked at his watch and realized it was about 6 and he said omg i have to get home and drop my mothers car off and Gina must be freaking out!! and with that chris got dressed and ran out to the elevators called gina on the walkie and told her to meet him there. the duo met up and went down to the garage got in the car and left as soon as they pulled away from the gate chris realised Gina wad givin him a look of suspicion!

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