Sarah discovers masturbation

I grew up a very normal kid or so I thought, I don't remember being curious or even caring about anything that had to do with sex until this one day when I was playing in the garage and as I was going through some boxes I found a dirty magazine hidden way at the bottom of one of the boxes my dad kept there, I was a little shocked to see a naked woman in the cover but being young and naive and also like most little girls very curious I just had to see what was inside, I opened the magazine and right away in the index there were pictures of naked people having sex, I immediately closed it a little shocked and a little nervous that someone might walk into the garage and see me looking at this dirty magazine but I knew I had to see more, I hid the magazine under my shirt and went into my room, I locked the door and I couldn't believe how fast my little heart was beating at the thought of looking at these pictures.

I opened the magazine once again and I started looking at the pictures in the index page and started reading the headlines, my mouth was wide open when I saw men as well as women totally naked, one of the things that I saw and immediately caught my eye was a picture of two naked women together in bed and also a picture of a woman alone in her bed playing with some kind of plastic toy, I wanted to see more. As I was about to turn another page I heard my mom called my sister's and my name. Jennifer, Sarah dinner is ready!!

As fast as I could I hid the magazine in the bottom of my underwear drawer and headed downstairs for dinner, I knew well if I didn't another Sarah dinner is ready would follow and after that my mom would be at my door making sure I headed down to dinner, normally I would've waited until she came and got me but this time I wanted her no where near my room and that magazine that made me feel both dirty and exited, as I walk down the stairs I could feel a weird new feeling between my legs, it was almost like I had peed in my panties a little, a little weird but I payed no attention.

As we had dinner my mom like always tried to start conversation with everybody at the table, like always my dad was buried in his newspaper and both me and my sister Jennifer had very little to say, what was different this time was the itch I had in my stomach to eat as fast as I could and head back upstairs to get a good look at those pictures in the magazine, I could not stop thinking about the naked girls kissing in one of the pictures, I had way more questions than answers about that but I wanted to find out more about it and the girl with her legs spread wide open and that huge plastic toy buried deep into her pussy was getting me so distracted that I couldn't even think about eating my meal. Why would she stick some plastic toy inside her pussy? and how in the world could she get that huge thing in there? but what puzzle me the most was the look of pleasure and satisfaction she had on her face, How could she possibly be enjoying that? Even though these 2 pictures caught my eye first the other pictures with men and women having sex did not go unnoticed, I knew a little bit about sex but I had never really believed that a man sticks his penis inside a woman but here was the proof, I saw it with my own two eyes this guys were pushing their huge hard penises inside these girls and they seem to be loving it. My mind was wondering away from the table when suddenly without even noticing I was done with my dinner and my mom's voice brought me back to reality. Sarah darling do you want some dessert? I made key lime pie, your favorite!

Normally that would have been the highlight of my day but not today, today I declined telling my mom I was very full and I would just go upstairs and start my homework, amazed that I passed out on key lime pie she told me to go ahead and start my homework.

As I walked up the stairs again I noticed that weird feeling between my legs, some kind of humidity and stickiness I couldn't really understand but I also remember thinking that it felt good in a way, I felt my heart racing again at the thought of looking at that dirty magazine. As I closed the door and locked it behind me I could not hold my excitement at the thought of finding out the secrets this magazine held.

I got the magazine out of my underwear drawer and I sat on the floor with my back to my bed and I rested the magazine on top of my legs, i opened it and went right past the index page which I had seen before, I couldn't wait to get to the good stuff.

As I turned the pages a bunch of adds came first. I stopped and looked at some of them just because there were naked people in them, seeing a grown naked man with a huge erect penis made me very curious and I spent some time examining their naked bodies, same with the naked women, most of them had huge breasts and where either bending over and showing their butts or had their legs spread wide open, I remember thinking even though I have a pussy just like they do I can't help but to stare at the pictures and be mesmerized by the beauty of their wide open pussies, so shinny and so meaty, I had never seen my own pussy from that angle but I could have sworn that mine looked nothing like the girls in these pictures. I turned a few more pages with adds in them and suddenly I got to the first pictorial it was the girl alone playing with the huge toy. She was so beautiful and she was wearing different things in the first few pages and as the pages turned she had on less and less clothes, one picture that really caught my eye was her sitting naked on the floor with her legs spread wide open in front of a mirror looking at her self, opening her pussy lips and even sticking a finger inside her moist pussy. This immediately gave me an idea, I had a full body length mirror, I couldn't even believe that I wanted to do this so badly and as I moved in front of the mirror I left all my clothes behind, I took of my t-shirt almost instantly and as I was unbuttoning my denim shorts I undid my bra with my other hand I dropped my shorts behind me and as I sat down on the floor in front of the mirror I let my panties fall to the floor, by the time my back was against my dresser right in front of the mirror I was completely naked, I put the magazine on the floor right next to me and as I opened my legs to take a look at my pussy in front of the mirror I felt a wet stream roll down my ass into the floor. Did I pee? what was that feeling? I found out soon enough as I opened my legs and looked in the mirror just like the girl in the magazine, I was amazed to see my young pussy glistening and dripping wet just like the girl in the pictures, I could not help it and I had to touch it and see what it was.

My first thought was that I had peed on myself but as I reached down with my fingers and rubbed my wet pussy I knew this was not pee it was so slick and slippery and the way it felt as I rubbed my fingers up and down and in circles on my pussy. WOW! I had never felt anything like that, it felt so good that for a minute my attention was diverted from the magazine as I explored my moist pussy for the first time, the more I moved my fingers around my wet pussy lips the wetter it got, I played with my pussy with my eyes closed for like a minute or so and then I remembered the pictures in the magazine and I had to see what my pussy looked like, I used two of my fingers to spread my pussy lips apart and opened my eyes to look at my pussy in the mirror, Oh my god it looked just as wet and moist as the girl in the magazine perhaps even wetter I could see how pink it was and it glistened so much, at that moment I knew I wanted to experiment more it felt wonderful to rub it and to open it wide I was hooked, I remember the picture where she was sticking her finger inside and I knew I had to try it.

I opened my legs as wide as I could and started to rub my index finger up and down my by now dripping wet pussy, I loved the feeling of my finger gliding up and down between my wet pussy lips, I turned my head to look at the magazine and as my eyes made contact with the picture where she had her finger inside her pussy my index finger almost with a mind of its own started to glide inside my young pussy, I remember thinking, there is no way I can put anything in there! but to my surprise my finger slid in with very little resistance, I looked in the mirror and the sight of my finger being buried half way into my pussy knocked something loose inside my head because all of the sudden all I could think about was how amazing it felt and how all I wanted to do was to keep playing with my pussy and never stop. Another glance at the magazine made me realize that her whole finger was inside her and not just half, almost as a reflex I pushed my whole finger as far as it would go into my pussy and the feeling was even more amazing than before, at this point my hips where moving from side to side up and down increasing the sensations deep inside my young wet pussy, at that moment I felt as much as a woman as the model in the magazine, a feeling of accomplishment rushed trough me. If she can do it I can too!

As my index finger moved deliciously in and out of my dripping wet pussy I reached with my other hand to change the page and see what the model and I where going to try next, almost like a dare I couldn't wait to see what she was going to make me do next. The next page came into view and my heart skipped a beat as I saw what was coming next, I did notice that my pussy didn't mind as much as my heart and got even wetter. Extremely exited but also a little nervous I wondered if it was even possible to push 2 full fingers into my pussy like she did in the next picture. Only one way to find out. I took my index finger out of my pussy and I started to rub my wet pussy with my index and middle fingers lubbing them up with my juices, one more look at the picture of the model pushing two fingers deep inside her and her face of pleasure and I knew I wanted to try it, I pushed my 2 wet fingers into my pussy and the feeling of my tight young pussy spreading to accommodate the girth of my two fingers had my mouth wide open gasping for air as a long low moan escaped me and almost as an out of body experience I could hear myself saying. Oh my god that feels so good! the deeper my fingers got the better it felt, I was loving every minute of it, my pussy getting wetter and wetter I could feel juices running down my young ass and surely into the carpet, as my two fingers hit bottom I suddenly felt the need for more and immediately I thought I want 3 fingers knowing that the next picture in the magazine showed the girl using 3 fingers to finger herself, just a minute ago when she turned the page she thought OK I'll try 2 but when she saw the picture with 3 fingers inside her she thought no way and now all she wanted was to finger herself with her 3 fingers, without hesitation she stuck a third finger inside her without even loosing her rhythm this time it wasn't a low moan, this time I had to cover my mouth with my free hand as to not scream so loud everybody in the house would have come in running into my room and found me naked dripping wet with 3 fingers all the way inside my young pussy.

I fingered myself for a few minutes feeling my tight young pussy relax more and more, the sight of my dripping wet pussy in the mirror stretched out to fit my 3 fingers made me push my fingers deeper and faster, I realized I loved to look at myself being so naughty and understood why the model had done it too. My mind started to race as I decided it was time to turn another page and find out what came next. Dare me to be really naughty baby! I found myself whispering to the model as the next page turned.

At first she was very disappointed to see the next picture as it showed just the models face with her fingers in her mouth but disappointment turned into a mix of disgust and excitement as she realized the model was licking the fingers that were inside her pussy, I don't get it this is gross she thought but her pussy was on fire at the thought of tasting her own pussy juices, it was as if her mind and body were in this battle but she knew her body was in control right now and without thinking she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and even though the feeling of having her young pussy empty made her feel sad the electricity of having her first taste of her own pussy juices more than compensated for the emptiness in her pussy, she immediately loved the taste of her pussy she licked and sucked her fingers like she was in the dessert and the last drop of water was on her fingers, as the taste wore off she immediately fingered her pussy again and brought her fingers back up to her mouth, it was intoxicating she could not get enough. Thank god my pussy gets so wet I want to eat my juices forever. She started to finger herself with one hand and as she brought her fingers to her mouth she used her other hand in her pussy never stopping the fingering or the pussy tasting she loved so much. the next picture showed the model pinching her nipples and even though Sarah didn't get it she thought I said I would do anything she does. OH MY GOD! as she pinched one of her erect nipples escaped her mouth, a shock of electricity run from her erect nipple straight to her pussy and she thought to herself. This woman is a genius!

Alternating between pushing 3 fingers deep in my pussy and licking my pussy juices off my wet fingers and pinching my nipples I thought I better turn the page quick before I can't take anymore.

As the next page turned suddenly the realization that this model was the same one as the one in the index page hit her like a train. Oh no she has that huge plastic toy deep in her pussy. She loved the way the picture looked but she was mortified at the thought of sticking something so long and thick inside her. Where can I get a toy like that? what could I use instead of a toy? How could I keep it hidden from my parents? as all these questions raced her head she realized she was actually considering doing it and the thought made her pussy drip more juices down her ass into the carpet.

I have to do it, it looks so amazing, I have to at least try. She got up from the floor and told the model. You are not going to win! What can I use? hair brush? not big enough. shampoo bottle? too big what? what? what can I use? Sarah stopped scanning her room for a second and read the captions in the magazine right below the picture. The model talked about how she loves to play with dildos, vibrators, plugs, beads but she also said when I don't have any toys around I can always use things from around the house. Candles, bottles, tools, cucumbers and like that Sarah knew what she had to do.

She put on her shorts and t-shirt without underwear and raced downstairs straight into the kitchen, her mom and dad where in the living room watching TV and her sister Jennifer was nowhere to be seen, probably in her room Sarah Thought. She headed straight to the refrigerator and as she opened it and saw 5 big cucumbers in the vegetable tray she felt her pussy get even wetter and felt her pussy juices running down her leg, she loved the feeling. She looked at all the cucumbers and found the one that looked more like the size the model in the magazine was using. A 9 inch long extremely fat. she worried about the girth but it excited her to no end also. she hid the huge cucumber in her shorts and the feel of the cold cucumber against her hot pussy made her knees buckle a little she wished she could just push it deep in her pussy right then and there but she started to head upstairs back to her room thinking. It'll be better in front of the mirror anyways.

As soon as she locked the door behind her her clothes came off and as she looked at the pictures of the model fucking her huge dildo she realized she had a choice to make, in one picture the model was on her back spread eagle with the huge dildo deep in her pussy, in the other one she was on her knees sitting down on the dildo. I have to do them both so it doesn't matter which one I do first. She thought! Almost like an instinct she decided to sit on it. she got on her knees with her back to the mirror and for the first time as she looked back on the mirror she realized what a delicious ass she had, she loved the look of her pretty pink asshole glistening with all the pussy juices that had dripped down onto it and she loved how pretty and slutty her pussy looked opened up from all the fingering and rubbing she had endured, she positioned the big cucumber standing on the carpet and rubbed the tip on her pussy lips. OH MY GOD! It's so hard and slippery, she loved the feeling, she pointed the tip between her pussy lips just at the entrance to her dripping wet young pussy and started to lower herself never looking away from the mirror not even for a second, she wasn't sure if she could take this huge vegetable but she knew if she could she wanted to see it go into her pussy.

Little Sarah didn't know if she was more nervous or more excited but she knew she was going to give this her best shot. She lowered herself slowly onto the big thick hard cucumber and she could feel the tip opening her pussy lips and touching the entrance to her pussy and she loved the initial feeling. she lowered herself more and the tip opened her pussy up and entered her. OH MY GOD! IT'S SO THICK! she mumbled to herself not wanting to make too much noise. She started to move herself up and down on the cucumber fucking her wet young pussy with just the tip. She was on fire her pussy was dripping wet, her pussy juices running down the whole cucumber, she became wild with pleasure. I want it so bad! I want it all! I want this huge thick cucumber to stretch my little pussy wide and give me the fuck of my life!As the word life came out of her mouth she lowered herself down to the floor taking the whole length of the cucumber as deep as it could go on her novice cunt. She fell forward from the pain combined with pleasure and grabbed a hold of one of her stuffed toys and pushed it against her mouth to mumble her screams as the huge cucumber stretched her little pussy to the limit. She didn't move for a few seconds taking in the sensation of being so brutally penetrated, she slowly moved up and down feeling every inch of the massive cucumber deep in her. I can't believe I'm being fucked so deeply by a huge cucumber. She paused for a second and then she mumbled into the teddy bear covering her mouth. I fucking love it! I love how stretched out my pussy is! I want to fuck it deep and hard! and with that she pulled herself up until the cucumber was almost out of her pussy and sat back down all the way down until her beautiful young ass hit the floor, she lost her mind and started to fuck the cucumber like a woman that had been fucking for years.

Fuck me deep! Stretch my cunt! Deeper! Faster! Destroy my cunt! I fucking love it! Jumping up and down on the cucumber watching herself in the mirror watching it go all the way in and almost all the way out pinching both her nipples. YES I LOVE IT! IT FEELS AMAZING ALL THE WAY DEEP IN MY LITTLE PUSSY!

Sarah was trashing all over the place now fucking her young cunt like there was no tomorrow completely out of control, with all the movement the next page got turned and there she was the model kneeling down with the huge dildo all the way inside her and a finger deep in her asshole. Sarah saw this and without even understanding it she guided her index finger to her virgin little pink asshole and stuck her whole finger deep into her asshole as she lowered herself hard into the cucumber, she didn't know why but she loved it it made her pussy get wetter and wetter and as she started to finger her asshole she felt her pussy squeeze the cucumber harder and harder, she knew something big was about to happen. OH AM I? IS IT? OH MY GOD I"M CUMMING!!

Her whole body tensed up and she fell forward her young ass up in the air, her pussy contracted over and over again pushing the cucumber out into the carpet, she quickly replaced the emptiness in her pussy with four fingers and as the second wave of multiple orgasms hit her she added a second finger into her little pink asshole making her orgasms even more intense, she came and came for what seemed like an eternity, pussy juices running down her hand and dripping into the carpet, her 2 fingers from one hand fucking her tight little asshole deep and hard and her 4 fingers from her other hand stretching her pussy wide moving her whole body back and forth rubbing her hard nipples on the carpet adding yet another dimension to her orgasms, as the last huge orgasm raced through her beautiful young body, she collapsed on the carpet totally spent. She passed out for a few seconds only to come back to a totally different reality. Sarah knew that after tonight she would never be the same, as that thought crossed her mind a devilish smile covered her face and her mind immediately started to wonder what other secrets this amazing magazine contained and how would she make them happen!!

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