Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke the next morning still on top of the sheets to the sound of Amber getting ready for school, noticing I was still naked from the night before I grabbed my underwear and slid them over my morning wood and went to check on her. As I rounded the corner I saw her pulling her shorts across her thick ass, I stepped back and watched as she pulled them tight and buttoned them and tugged at her zipper. “Good morning honey.” I said. “Morning daddy, you finally wake up. I tried to wake you when I got up but you didn’t move.” she answered. The thought of her coming in my room and seeing me sleeping naked just encouraged my limping dick to resume the upright position. I watched her thinking about the things she had done the night before and how she still acted and looked so innocent. She looked at her clock and said “I better go, I don’t want to miss my bus.” She walked toward me in a rush, I bent down and gave her our normal kiss goodbye. This time felt so different, like I was kissing a woman. I’m sure it was because of the thoughts I had going through my mind. I watched her thick butt in the tan shorts as she opened the door and went outside. I was going to be late for work if I didn’t hurry so I grabbed a quick shower and went to work.

My mind raced all day wondering if I should continue what I had started. I knew no one would ever find out but what if she figured out it was me, what would she do? Should I influence her to find interest in me then let her figure it out? What if she was interested in me, could I go through with it? With all possibilities going through my mind I decided I would not contact her again unless she contacted me first. It seemed like forever before the day was over. On my way home she called to remind me I had to pick her up from cheerleading practice at 7:00. I told her I would be there. Knowing I had some time before I picked her up I got on the forum, I had 2 new messages. Both messages were from her, I knew she had on there on her phone from school. I opened the first one. Then the second.

“Hey, just wanted to let u know I had fun lastnite. Cant wait to talk again. Bye.”

“Sent u a email hope u like it”

I quickly opened my emal to find 1 new email. When I opened it there was only a picture so I clicked it, my dick instantly got hard as I saw Amber on the bathroom counter legs spread pulling her white cotton panties to one side showing her slick cunt, her shorts hanging from her shoe of one leg. The picture was clearly taken by someone else. I looked closer and could see that is was Emily, a cheerleader friend of hers that had been over to our house many times before. Emily is a year older than her and a little skinnier than Amber but very attractive with her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My dick throbbed as I thought about the two girls doing that while they were at school. I stroked my dick through my pants as checked her profile, she still hadn’t made any posts but had a few visitors to her profile. Looking at the clock it was 6:15 so I turned the monitor off and took care of a few chores before I left to pick her up. I hadn’t been sitting there long when she came running up to my window “Daddy can Emily stay with me tonight? Her mom and dad are out of town and she don’t want to stay with her aunt. Please!” she asked bouncing up and down at the door. She stays over a lot so I knew her parents wouldn’t care. “If she calls her aunt and lets me talk to her and its ok with her.” I answered. She dropped her bag and bounced back in the, her cheerleading skirt bouncing just enough to show the matching blue panties. Shortly she returned with Emily, both bouncing with joy as they hung from my window. I handed her my phone to call her aunt. After speaking to her aunt we agreed she could stay. The girls threw their bags in the bed and climbed up in the truck, Emily at the window and Amber beside me. I watched as the seatbelts pulled their skirts up as they fastened them, noticing Amber had taken off her blue panties by the white cotton between her legs. As Emily wiggled around trying to fasten hers her skirt kept rising. I kept looking trying to see her panties, with one good twist I got the view I was waiting on. To my surprise I saw a pantiless mound with a small patch of hair between her legs. Forcing myself to turn my head before I got caught I faced the windshield as we pulled away. “Are you girls hungry?” I asked. After little debate we decided to eat at a small diner by the house. I followed the girls in the diner as they took their seats on the swivel stools at the bar, flipping their skirts up before sitting so they would hang around the cushion. “OOH this seat is cold” said Emily as she sat her bare pussy on the cold vinyl. I heard Amber whisper “If you had panties on it wouldn’t be cold.” “If you hadn’t throwed them in the floor I would have some.” answered Emily with a cute grin. I pretended I didn’t hear them but I couldn’t quit thinking about it. The girls spun on the stools and giggled between themselves as we ate, occasionally including me in the conversation. When they were done they hopped up and told me they would be in the truck. As I walked to the cashier I noticed some moisture on Emily’s stool from her hot young slit against the cool vinyl. I paid the ticket and made my way to the truck.

When we got home the girls rushed to Amber’s room shutting the door behind them. Curious if they were up to what I hoped they were I went strait to the computer where her profile was already pulled up and watched as the online now light lit up and a new message was sent.

“Hey, do you want to talk tonight? I want to take more pics if you want to see them. Let me know.”

It was obvious that she had let Emily in on her playing but how far would they take it. I wanted to wait to reply so I walked toward her room, thought I would see how she would act with the chance of being caught. I knocked on her door, I heard so shuffling before she opened it. Emily was sitting at the computer which was turned off, they were both still in their skirts and tops. Amber quickly took a seat on her bed sliding a pair of white panties under her as she sat down. As I looked around her room I saw her camera was still on laying on her bed beside her. “You know you need to take a shower, Emily you can take one too. Do you have any clean clothes or are you going to wear some of Amber’s?” I asked. “I’ll just wear some of hers.” she answered. “We’ll take showers after we finish our homework.” said Amber. I told her that was fine, I would be in my room if they needed anything pulling the door shut behind me as I left. I got me a drink and went back to my computer, I had a new message waiting.

“I took some new pics tonite, I put some in my album. If you like them I will email you some more.”

I clicked the window of her profile and chose her album, it had two new pictures I it. The first one was her from the front in her uniform still not showing her face, the next was from the back with her skirt pulled up resting on top of her thick cheeks bent over just enough to see the bottom of her pussy and her hands on her hips. I stared at the picture thinking how beautiful she was, how she was enjoying this. I felt like my little girl was exposing her curiosity right in front of my eyes, I knew girls did it but I didn’t know how far she would go.

“I loved the pictures! Who is taking them for you, your daddy. Ha Ha just kidding, although im sure he is aware of how beautiful you are since he is lucky enough to see you every day. I think my daughter know I like looking at her, she seems to tease me in her underwear and leaves her door open a lot when changing clothes but I don’t mind. She sees me in my underwear all the time. Do you ever do your daddy that way, if so I would like to hear about it.”

“LOL. I have a friend over tonite, would you like to see her too? I have never teased my daddy, it could be fun but I know he saw some pics of me naked on my phone once cause I caught him looking at them but I didn’t say anything I was afraid I was in trouble. He walks around in his underwear all the time. I can tell when he gets hard sometimes when hes around me. It used to bother me but now I understand I guess. He looks at teenagers on his computer a lot I have seen it on before. I will email you more pics, I hope they keep you hard for a while. I have to take a shower but you can talk to my friend while im gone if you want to.”

“I cant wait to see them, don’t forget one of your friend. Have fun in the shower. Don’t be teasing your daddy!”

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