William and Ann 10

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William and Ann
Chapter 10

After Larry left the house, the children resumed playing together. Ann returned to William’s lap and wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing her moist crotch into his. Natalie sat in silence beside them, squeezing her thighs together, imagining what it must feel like to have a boy’s penis pressed against her privates.

Ann was dry humping her brother and felt the stiff rod aching to get out and re-enter her maturing vagina. She thought about how tantalizing it would be to have her friend actually witness the lewd act of William impregnating her right there on the couch. She wiggled her top off and smothered his face with her blossoming cleavage. He used his tongue to lick her chest and then gently sucked and nibbled on her areolas. Natalie could barely control herself from jumping in and receiving the same treatment.

William and Ann were so deep in love with each other and that hunger they felt for sexual pleasure overtook any inhibitions they may have felt knowing they had an invited audience. Will rocked back and stood up with his little sister tightly wrapped around him. He looked over to Natalie and told her to follow them. With his hands securely supporting Ann’s ass, he walked to his bedroom and tossed her playfully on his bed. Natalie sat in the beanbag chair at the foot of the bed.

Ann’s panties were quickly stripped with her legs in the air as Will removed his clothes and joined her on his bed. She spread her young thighs and put the soles of her feet together, allowing full access to the tender touch of her brother’s fingers entering the folds of her labia in search of her clit. They kissed passionately as he continued to make circles around the clitoral hood. The warmth of their bodies emanated through the room and mingled with the smell of raw sex. Natalie kneeled on the beanbag to get a good view of the action on the bed. From her vantage point, she was only able to see the bottom of William’s feet and his stiff dick laying on Ann’s thigh. She also could see Ann’s chest drop and rise as she breathed deep with satisfaction. Will’s hand blocked any good view of her friend’s pussy, but she wasn’t too concerned about that. She had her own pussy and knew what they looked like.

Will moved down further on his bed and positioned himself with his knees on the ground so he could begin eating his sibling’s juicy pussy. This also put his ass directly in front of Natalie. It wasn’t just coincidence, then, that she felt compelled to take matters into her own hands. Without Ann seeing what was going on, Natalie reached around and stroked her first cock as William ate out Ann. Being a typical teenage boy, William was not about to turn down a beautiful young teenage girl tugging his penis. He spread his knees apart and continued to lap up the slimy goodness leaking from Ann’s parted vagina. Natalie felt the pre-cum drip on her index finger and released her grip. She wanted to be sneaky, so flipped onto her back and moved her head between his legs and engulfed his bobbing penis into her mouth. She knew it was safe because it had only been in Ann. Natalie knew she was only supposed to watch, as Ann told her, but since Ann was pre-occupied, she felt this to be the perfect time to take advantage of the moment. William moaned as she literally sucked him into the back of her throat. She nearly choked. Natalie had no experience in sucking cock, but thought that a girl needed to be like a Hoover. It was almost painful to Will as the sensation of this girl’s mouth vacuum-sealed his dick and her teeth lightly bit the base of his shaft. He realized he had to keep this action a secret, so he only grimaced as he munch on Ann’s splayed womanhood.

Finally, in an act of desperation to keep from cumming too soon and to relieve the pressure she had built up along his entire shaft, he tapped her on the forehead until she released him. He crawled back on the bed and between Ann’s legs. His penis wet with Natalie’s saliva, he quickly entered Ann hoping she wouldn’t notice. He then leaned back down and kissed her again which transferred some of her juice into her mouth. Natalie got up and moved to the side of the bed wanting to get the best view possible as these two siblings openly committed incest before her eyes. She watched Will thrust the cock that was just in her mouth into her friend’s unprotected pussy. She wondered if the pre-cum that had gotten on her finger still flowed from his tip.

Beneath the heaving boy, Ann felt her greasy hole get stretched again as William forced her to taste her cunt on his mouth and tongue. His body pressed and rubbed against hers and she wrapped her legs around his lower back to allow him deeper penetration. From the corner of her eye, she could see Natalie ogling them. It made Ann feel a bit superior to be seen in such a grown-up predicament by her friend. Thinking about it made her slightly more lubricated.

William was enjoying the eyes on him, as well. Knowing the same girl watching him now had just been slurping on the cock sliding inside his sister just seconds earlier. As he stuck his tongue into Ann’s mouth, he imagined it was Natalie’s mouth. This caused the blood to constrict a bit more in his penis and he grew ever harder. His thrusts became a little more forceful. The feeling of his sister’s nipples rubbing his chest, the tight, heavily lubricated pussy rhythmically squeezing his entire cock, and the thought of being watched by this gorgeous friend of Ann’s was quickly bringing William to a rapidly approaching explosive orgasm.

All too soon, Ann sensed that nervous twitching that signaled the expected release from her brother. She closed her eyes in order to concentrate on trying to feel William’s sperm fire into her womb. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she anticipated the blast of the potent serum entering her and possibly impregnating her while her friend looked on.

William clenched his teeth and grunted as he held himself tightly against his little sister, shooting his thick cum into Ann. His entire load was jammed inside her as blasted it deep into her young cavity. His spunk was clinging like snot to smooth walls of the teen’s vagina. Some stuck to his shaft as he extricated himself from her, which was immediately noticed by Natalie.

Without permission from Ann or William, Natalie took his creamy cock in between her thumb and index finger, slid it up toward the head to collect the remaining cum at the tip and pulling out late-coming semen to the swollen tip where she, without a second thought, took the head into her mouth and cleaned him with a tongue bath.

Seeing her brother’s cock in Natalie’s mouth upset Ann, and she slapped the back of her head. “What the fuck are you doing? I told you not to touch!”

“Sorry Ann, I couldn’t help myself. You two looked so hot! I think I even taste you on his cock.”

“Yeah, well, no one told you that you could share him with me. He’s mine! Now, get the fuck out of my house.”

“Okay. I said I was sorry.” Natalie was looking to William for assistance, but he knew not to mess with a good thing, so he remained silent, though he wasn’t complaining from her post-coital blowjob.

As Natalie was heading down the driveway with her purse, Larry was returning from the video store. He asked where she was going and if she wanted to stay for the movie.

“I’m going home”, she replied.

“Well, would you want me to drive you? It’s too late for a girl your age to be out.”

“Sure. I’d appreciate it.”

Even though it was just two blocks to her house, she knew he was right. Besides, she was still horny and thought she may have a chance to play with Larry. She knew he was fucking Ann, so why not see if he would fuck another girl her age.

As she got into the passenger’s side, she leaned over and kissed him. It totally took him by surprise, but Larry was also not going to let the moment go by without trying to take advantage of it. He smiled ear to ear as Natalie took her fingers across his crotch to locate his cock. What kind of a guy would he be if he didn’t allow this young nymph to explore and learn? He returned her kiss, this one on the lips, and noticed a slight taste of bleach. He had no idea that the lips he kissed had just been wrapped around his son’s cock minutes earlier. Under a microscope, it was highly probable that one could actually witness William’s sperm being transferred from Natalie’s mouth into Larry’s.

Meanwhile, back inside the house, William stayed quiet, realizing that if he spoke up on Natalie’s behalf, it would mean the end of his sexual relationship with Ann, and he didn’t want that. Ann lay beside William in a cuddling embrace, feeling safe, loved, and completely happy. William had enjoyed the newness and sneakiness of having Natalie around, and it didn’t hurt that Natalie was really cute. However, how many boys were lucky enough to have unprotected vaginal penetration with their sister? He wasn’t about to look his gift horse in the mouth. He pulled Ann closer to him, causing his prick to slowly reawaken.

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