Island fun

It was a beautiful sunny day on the beach of this remote island off the coast of South Africa. A young woman in her early 20’s, Aniyatia walked naked along the beach as her long blonde hair glowed on the sand and her sky blue eyes glistened in the water. She had a perfect body that was properly tanned and completed with a gorgeous ass and perfect tits. She then decided to go for a swim in the water. The cool water felt good along her body as she began to finger her pussy as it filled with water. She then moved to the beach where she laid on her back and sunbathed.

Out on the water, Japp Botha rode on his wooden sailing raft while his African slave Solomon Vandy fixed a broken screw in the water. The men were serial rapists and mass murderers who had recently escaped from the Veiberkaanse Prison just two days ago where they were serving life sentences for at least a hundred crimes. Jaap was a tanned Afrikaner that was extremely buff with shaggy platinum blond hair and blue eyes. He had a mostly hairless cock that was nearly 11 inches when throbbing hard. Solomon was a Mende man that was equally buff and skin that was as black as night. He was almost completely hairless all over and had a shaved head. When hard, he had a thick cock that was almost 12 inches long. The two men were naked as they had left there clothes upon escaping prison. It was Solomon who first spotted Aniyatia on the beach sunbathing.

“Baas, there is a pretty woman on the beach, our first victim no?” he said up to Jaap.

“Our first victim no doubt. Quite a hot blonde she is. Id love to give her a ride!”

Solomon came up onto the raft as water shone on his bare black body. “What should we do, baas. It’s been three years since we’ve been with a meva. I just need to get a good fuck!”

“Right you are, Solomon. You swim ashore and screw the bitch while I bring the raft in and convince her I’m there to save her! You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Solomon was at the front of the raft looking at Aniyatia sunbathing. Just thinking about fucking her was making him horny as he began to stroke his rock hard cock. “I’ll go ashore and give her a good fuck!”

Solomon dived into the water and quickly swam ashore. He quietly got to the beach and walked up to where Aniyatia was sunbathing. He noticed her nice cunt and couldn’t resist going in and touching it. Aniyatia woke up surprised and quickly tried to run away. Solomon laughed as he ran after her. He caught up to her and grabbed her around the torso and put his hard cock between her legs. He attempted to insert his cock into her wet pussy but she tried to push it out of the way. He then used his weight to push her down to her knees as he kissed her neck and fondled her nice tits. Aniyatia grew less resistant as he finally inserted his cock into pussy causing her to squeal out in pleasure.

“Oh yes! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!” she screamed.

Solomon kissed her and inserted his tongue into her mouth as he played around with her tits. He then pushed her into a doggy position and removed his cock from her wet pussy. Now covered in her nice pussy juices. He inserted his ragging boner into her tight ass. She screamed out as he fucked her asshole over and over again. After about a minute of ass fucking, Solomon began to cum loads of hot cum into her ass over and over again. Literal liters and liters of his hot cum went deeper and deeper into her ass. Solomon collapsed on top of Aniyatia still with his cock inserted deep in her ass and still grabbing her tits. The two lay there for several minutes until Aniyatia got up and punched Solomon in the face.

“How dare you rape me here on the beach!” She screamed.

“Oh please, meva. I now how much you enjoyed my giant cock in your tight pussy!” Solomon responded. He then grabbed her and fingered her pussy, “How about we fuck again. I got some more hot cum for you to take!”

Just then Jaap appeared down the beach after pulling the raft onto the shore. He stood tall with his hard dick sticking straight up.

“Excuse me, miss.” He yelled down the shore. “Is this kaffir bothering you?”

Solomon let go and Aniyatia turned to see who this man was. She became wet after seeing his awesome body. Perfectly tanned and extremely buff, not to mention getting turned on by his throbbing member. She saw that these two men were together but didn’t want to let Jaap know. She got up and walked down the beach towards him while Solomon sat on his knees and began to stroke his cock after seeing this sexy woman walk away. Aniyatia walked over to the smiling Jaap and got down on her knees to begin to suck his hard on. In one suck she took his entire 11 inches in her mouth as he moaned out in pleasure. It had been nearly three years since he’d been sucked off and he just loved her experience. Having not cum in a while it didn’t take long for Jaap to get ready to climax.

“Oh bitch I’m gonna cum. Take it in your mouth! Shit! IM GONNA CUMMM!” he yelled.

His cock convulsed and began pouring out loads of cum into Aniyatia’s mouth. The orgasm was so great that Jaap fell down on his side letting Aniyatia escape on the raft. Solomon ran over to the fallen Jaap after seeing Aniyatia escape with their raft. After helping him up, Aniyatia gave them the finger as she tried to escape on their raft.

“That bitch will have to pay for stealing our raft!” Jaap said angrily, “Let’s swim out and get her!”

“Good idea, baas!” Solomon responded.

The two ran out to a rock and dove into the ocean and began to swim quickly out to the raft. Jaap swam to the front of the raft and tried to get onboard while Solomon secretly swam to the back to fool her. Aniyatia prevented Jaap from getting onto the boat by dunking his head in the water but Solomon quietly got behind her and grabbed her and used his strength to hold her legs open while Jaap got on the boat. Dripping wet from the ocean, Jaap crawled over to Aniyatia’s open legs and began to lick her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. She moaned out in pleasure as his tongue felt extremely good inside her tight cunt. Solomon then proceeded to fuck her ass and play with her tits from the back while Jaap used the classic three finger fuck to play with her cunt while she continued to moan and got wetter by the second. After her third orgasm, Jaap and Solomon flipped her over while Aniyatia was know on top of Jaap while he fucked her pussy and sucked his tit while Solomon continued to fuck her from behind. By this time, Aniyatia has warmed up to her captures. She began to make out with Jaap and loved Solomon’s huge cock fucking her ass.

“OHHH GODDD! Your cocks are so nice! FUCK ME HARDER!! HARDER!!” She yelled.

There strong motions caused the raft to tip over and the three fell into the water as Jaap and Solomon blew their loads into Aniyatia’s various holes. They all laughed as they had enjoyed their extremely amazing fuck sessions.

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