Incestuous Harem's Passion 1: Naughty Jealous Passions

Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter One: Naughty Jealous Passions

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

December 17th, 2026 – Detective Nelson Tucker

I snapped pictures with a telephoto lens, aimed at the targets of my current investigation. From the backseat of our unmarked car, I could see him, Clint Elliston hugging his wife, Pam. He was a tall, young man in his twenties, dark hair, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He stood before a black SUV. His wife was shorter, a petite, Japanese woman with sleek, black hair.

Beside them stood his “cousin,” Melody Samuels. I had my suspicions on the sandy-blonde woman and her true relationship to Clint.

The young man had pissed off people in Sacramento. Powerful people with his rhetoric, his desire to change laws and upend relationships. Bigamy. Incest. He wanted to make both legal in not only California but the entire country.

“Okay, thanks,” my partner, Detective Sunny Salvage said, lowering her cell phone. She slipped it into her jacket pocket. She was young to be a detective, only twenty-three, a rising star in Sacramento P.D. She glanced back at me, her round face peering through the gap between the driver and passenger seat. She had a legal pad in hand.

“Your contact at the State Department?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she answered. “They have no records of a George Philip Samuels ever applying for a visa. He's not Canadian like it says on Melody's and Leann's birth certificates.”

“Still doesn't prove that they're Clint's sisters and not his cousins,” I said. I had my suspicion, but in California, first cousins could have sex and even marry. Siblings, even half-siblings, could not. “He could have crossed the border with his driver's license. No one cared back then.”

“True,” Sunny said. She glanced out at the SUV where our target stood talking with Pam and Melody. “We'll have to catch him with Zoey or Alicia. No getting around him there.” Those two were Clint's “official” sisters. The names on the birth certificate's for both women's children were another Canadian they couldn't locate.

I shook my head as Clint climbed into his black SUV, his wife and cousin slipping into the back. “His entire family,” I growled. “That's fucked up.”

“We'll nail his ass,” Sunny said, flashing a vicious grin.

She was young but bloodthirsty. I loved it. I took another picture as my partner started our car. I set my camera down as she backed our car out of the space. We would follow him at a discreet distance. Eventually, he would fuck up.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, set on silence. I pulled it out and swiped the screen, seeing it came from communications. “Detective Tucker.”

“Detective Tucker,” the cool voice of the communication officer reported, “you have a message. Identification has tracked down the person who took the photo. Texting you the information.”

I smiled. “Thanks.” I hung up. “New plan. We have a lead.”


June 3rd, 2017 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

The day was warm. I grinned as Zoey arched her eyebrows at me as I led her to this small alcove outside our college. It was by the main HVAC unit, drawing in air to keep the school inside warm or cold. No one came back here.

“We could be doing this inside,” said Zoey, my older sister. She was a busty girl with brassy hair, a year older than me.

“You're about to graduate,” I said. “We're not going to have much time to have fun outside of school.”

“Or inside,” she said. “Where we won't get caught.”

“But it's such a nice day,” I said, giving my big sister a grin. The last six months had been wild. At the start of my junior year of college last September, I had to change my family's life. I had claimed all the women in my family into an incestuous harem. It started with Melody. I thought she was just my cousin then, but it turned out she was my half-sister.

When we discovered our mothers, who were sisters, were lovers, it changed everything.

Melody and I dominated our mothers, then we seduced Alicia, discovered bratty Lee was a masochist, found out that Pam was our long-lost sister, seduced her mother, and lastly invited Zoey to join the fun. I had a different relationship with each of the women in my harem. I loved Melody and Pam as my girlfriends, Alicia was my special princess, Zoey was my fuck buddy (along with her best friend), and my mom, Aunt Vicky, and Lee were my sex slaves.

“You know you want to take off your top, give our brother a titty fuck, and have fun out here,” Melody said. Her sandy-blonde hair fell in a braid down her back. She wore a maternity dress, her pregnant belly swollen with our first child. She was almost due, two weeks away, and looked so hot with her hands holding her belly.

“You're the exhibitionist,” said Zoey.

“You're the stripper,” countered Melody with a big grin on her face.

Learning my older sister was a stripper and not working at Dairy Queen had been a surprise. I was angry at her for keeping it from the family. She had agreed to join the harem and obey, not as a sex slave but as someone following the rules.

“That's just for money,” Zoey said. She looked around as I sat on the chair I had Lee set out ahead of time. I'd have to give her a reward for doing a good job. Maybe I'd shove a vibrating butt plug up her ass and send her to classes with it buzzing away.

“And this is for fun,” Melody said and then pulled off her maternity dress. Her round belly came into view first, ripe and swollen with our daughter. Next, she revealed her tits as she pulled the dress over her head. Those beautiful, twenty-year-old breasts were plump and round, looking firm, her nipples bigger than they were six months ago when I first made love to Melody. I grinned at her pregnant beauty. My queen squeezed those perfect breasts, wearing only a thong. “Get those tits out and love our brother.”

Zoey rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She looked around. “It is kind of hot.”

“Kind of?” Melody asked as her hands slipped down her round belly. She caressed over her pregnant stomach and reached down to her thong. She peeled it off, exposing her shaved twat, her pussy lips tight and juicy. She wiggled her body, her stomach swaying, her firm titties jiggling. “It's fucking hot!”

“Yeah,” Zoey groaned, staring at our pregnant sister. “Fine. Let's have some fun. I'm about to graduate. You'll have to find another busty sister to give you a titty fuck at school.”

“Maybe there's another one out there,” said Melody. “A busty, Japanese sister. That would be hot.”

I smiled. Our departed father had claimed both our mothers as his sex slaves. Mom and Aunt Vicky knew he had a thing for Japanese girls. They found him lovers. There might be more sisters out there, but we only knew of Pam. We were lucky to have found her and her mother, Mrs. Hiragawa.

Zoey pulled off her belly shirt, revealing her large tits constrained in a leopard print bra. Her brassy hair spilled about her lush and beautiful face. She had a hungry look on her eyes, her hips swaying in her low-riding jeans. Her thong peeked out, red and exciting.

“Cute bra,” said Melody, her hands fondling her tits.

“Bought it last week,” said Zoey as she reached behind her. “Stefani chose it.”

“She has great taste,” said Melody, licking her lips.

Zoey winked as she undid her bra next. She had the biggest tits in the family, larger even than our mother's. It was hot watching her large breasts coming into view. They were soft and beautiful, swaying with her every moment. I could see why she made money stripping.

I had hot sisters.

She licked her lips and arched an eyebrow at me as she squeezed her fingers into her tits. She kneaded them, squeezed them. My dick throbbed and ached as she sauntered to me. Her hips swayed from side to side, clad in those tight jeans.

“Mmm, I'm going to give you such a hot titty fuck,” she purred. “Your cock's going to be molten between my titties. I'm going to work them up and down. I'm going to make you cum so fucking hard, bro.”

I grinned at her. “Big talk. You better deliver.”

“Or you'll spank me?” she cooed as she sank down before me. “You'll bend me over and spank my ass until I beg for your forgiveness.”

“I like the sound of that,” purred Melody. “You have a hot ass, Zoey. It should be red more often.”

Zoey's smile played on her sultry lips. “I'm not Lee. I don't fuck up. When I give a titty fuck, my brother is satisfied.”

“Do it,” moaned Melody, her eyes smoldering. “Give our man the most amount of pleasure you can!” She squeezed her tits hard. Her fingers massaged her breasts, sliding up to her pink nipples. She latched onto those hard nubs and squeezed them.

Zoey ran her hands up my jeans to my crotch. Her fingernails rasped across the denim. The scrape was incredible. My dick throbbed at the feel. I smiled as she reached my hardon's bulge. She squeezed my cock. She massaged me. Teased me. She stroked up and down my shaft, teasing me.

She massaged the tip through my jeans. My dick throbbed and ached. My balls were full of cum that would fire out of me. She grinned at me and licked her lips. She had such pouty lips. Then her fingers unsnapped my jeans.

The zipper rasped as she drew it down. She opened my fly, her hand reaching into my jeans to pull out my cock. I groaned as she tugged down my pants and boxers. I lifted my ass, helping her out. My hard dick came into sight, kissed by the warm, late spring sunlight.

“God, I love that cock,” Melody moaned. She squeezed her nipples. “Anyone could come across us, Zoey. Isn't it hot? We could get caught loving our brother.”

“Mmm, we could,” Zoey said. “God, you two have my head all screwed up. I'm so wet, you know that?”

“Perfect,” I said. I grabbed a fistful of her brassy hair. “I want to feel those big tits sliding up and down my dick. I want you to make me cum.”

“Yes!” Zoey hissed, her breasts jiggling.

“Ooh, go for it,” Melody moaned, her right hand sliding down from her tits to her stomach. She stroked across her belly, touching her swollen roundness. She was heavy with my child, proof of our incestuous love. She reached lower, heading for her shaved cunt.

As Zoey lifted her tits, Melody reached her pussy. My half-sister fingered her twat, hazel eyes smoldering. Zoey piled her tits around my cock. Her huge breasts swallowed my shaft. Her soft boobs felt amazing on my dick. She squeezed around me, a big grin on her face.

She slid her tits up and down my dick. Her hard nipples rubbed into my stomach. Zoey gave me such a sultry look as she worked her tits up and down my cock. She massaged me. The precum leaked out of me, staining her soft flesh.

“You like that, huh?” she asked. “You like your big sister's huge tits on your cock. Mmm, yeah, you like it. You're a pervy brother making your big sis fuck your dick out here.”

“Such a perv,” moaned Melody, her fingers plundering her bred pussy. Her left hand squeezed her tit, massaging it. “Ooh, yes, look at him just loving what you're doing.”

“You're tits are amazing, Zoey. Any brother would want his busty sister to do this.” I peeled off my t-shirt. “Damn, I'm going to cum all over your tits and face.”

“Yes,” Zoey hissed, her hands squeezing her breasts tight around my cock. “You know I want that. You know I want to have your jizz showering over me.”

The pressure on my cock felt amazing as she worked those lush tits up and down my cock. She felt amazing. My cock throbbed and ached in the grip of her tits. Her breasts massaged me with their pillowy softness. They teased me, sending pleasure through me.

My dick throbbed as her tits swept over my spongy crown. My cock twitched and throbbed, the pressure building and building every time her tits slid up my cock. Her nipples rubbed into my stomach, twin bullets. Her cheeks flushed scarlet. Her brown eyes smoldered.

“You're going to cum all over my big tits, aren't you?” Zoey asked. “All over your big sis's tits.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Melody hissed, pussy juices spilling down her thighs. “Oh, damn, make him cum. I love watching him cum. It makes me so hot.”

I grinned at her. “God, you are such a sexy queen.”

Melody grinned at me, her fingers plunging deep into her cunt. “And you, my hot king, need to cum on her titties so I can lick them clean!”

“Yes!” I groaned. “I want that. I want to watch you lick them clean while riding my dick. I want my queen happy.”

“Good, because I'm carrying another of your princesses,” she moaned.

Zoey squeezed her hands tighter around my cock. She worked her tits faster and faster. She then ducked down and sucked on the tip of my dick for a moment. It was such a delight to experience. I groaned, my chair creaking as I arched my back into it.

The pressure built and built in my balls. She sucked for brief moments before her silky tits engulfed my dick. That massaging pressure built and built the ache at the tip. I was coming closer and closer to erupting.

I would spray my jizz across her face. It would rain down on those lush tits. I would coat my big sis with my seed. I groaned, holding tight to her brassy hair. My balls tightened. My cum boiled in the depths of my nuts.

“Fuck, Zoey,” I groaned as her lips sucked on my cock again before popping off. A hot shiver ran down my dick to my balls. “I'm going to cum on your face.”

“Do it!” Melody moaned. “Just flood her face. Coat her with all that fucking jizz. It'll be so damned hot. Oh, my god!”

My pregnant half-sister shuddered. Her body trembled, her round tits and swollen belly shaking. Juices gushed down her thighs. I shuddered, my dick throbbing and twitching, on the verge of erupting. Zoey slid her tits up again, engulfing my dick.

Massaging my tip.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled. “Zoey, you fucking busty, beautiful sister! Love you!”

I exploded.

My cum fired out of my dick. Hot spurts erupted from the spongy tip. My creamy seed spilled over her face, coating her features in my spunk. I growled as the pleasure slammed through my body. The stars burst before my vision, dancing around her face as I basted her cheeks and forehead. Cum splashed down onto her tits.

The pleasure peaked in me. That wonderful moment of incestuous rapture. I groaned through my teeth, reveling in the pleasure of jizzing on my older sister in the middle of the school day. I panted, slouching in the chair.

“Damn, you are an amazing sister,” I panted.

“Yes, she is!” Melody moaned. She ripped her fingers from her pussy and walked towards us in that cute way pregnant women moved. Her swollen, teenage belly thrust out before her, smearing her cunt cream across her stomach. “You took that little, red pill.”

Thanks to Mrs. Hiragawa, one of my sex slaves, I had access to an experimental form of Viagra. It worked even better than the blue pill. Let a guy keep going and going. My dick was hard. It was a necessary drug to keep a harem of my horny women satiated.

“Of course,” I said as Zoey stood up. She rose, her tits and face coated in cum. It ran off of her.

Melody swiped up the cum off her half-sister's face. She popped my jizz into her mouth, suckling hard on it. She shuddered. When she finished, she said, “Cum is important to a pregnant girl.”

“Lies,” Zoey said. “You're just a horny bitch that loves our brother's jizz.”

“Big time!” Melody stopped in front of me, her cute ass right before my face. Her blonde hair fell in her braid down her back. I grabbed it and tugged her back.

My pregnant half-sister sank down onto my cock. She groaned as her hot pussy nuzzled into it. Then she impaled herself down my dick, engulfing me in her incestuous twat. Her flesh felt incredible about me. That wonderful delight engulfing me. It was amazing.

The best delight ever.

I loved being in her twat. She squeezed around me with that wonderful pussy, her cunt taking every inch my dick. She gripped me. It was an amazing delight to enjoy. I slid my hands around her, stroking her pregnant belly. Our daughter grew inside of her.

This was so hot.

I kissed my lips against her shoulders. I nibbled on her skin as she beckoned to Zoey. Over Melody's shoulder, I watched my older sister deliver those lush and heavy tits to Melody. My half-sister moaned and lapped my jizz off those big breasts.

My dick throbbed inside Melody's cunt. I loved the feel of my pregnant queen around me. She wiggled from side to side as Melody lapped my cum off Zoey's big tits. Her pink tongue licked up my jizz. I groaned at the hot sight as she licked to Zoey's nipple, cleaning off a large glob of my pearly cum. Then she sucked.

Zoey cooed.

The fastener of a pair of jeans unsnapped. Zoey's face twisted in delight as Melody's right arm moved. I smiled, hearing clothing rustling then Zoey groaned. Her back arched. Melody sucked on the nipple and fingered our big sister.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Melody's hot cunt. I gripped her hips and worked her up and down my dick. She felt incredible around me. Her cunt squeezed about my shaft. This amazing delight gripped me. I groaned, holding her hips.

I pumped her up and down faster. I worked her bred twat on my dick. She moaned around our sister's nipple, loving her. Then Melody's head moved. She panted, licking up more cum. Zoey's face, dripping with jizz, twisted in pleasure.

“Ooh, you fucking beauty, yes!” panted Zoey. “Work those fingers in and out of my cunt. You are one naughty sister.”

“I know,” Melody moaned. “Mmm, bring that face down to me. I need more cum.”

Zoey lowered her head. I couldn't see, but I could hear Melody's wet lapping. Her pussy clenched around my dick as I worked her up and down. I gripped her, pumping her bred cunt up and down my shaft.

The pleasure built and built in my nuts. It was incredible to enjoy. An amazing pleasure. Hot blood pumped through my veins. My balls tightened. I loved the feel of her cunt, savoring the silky grip of her pussy. She massaged me as I pumped her cunt up and down the shaft. My arms flexed. She wasn't as light as she used to be.

She had our daughter growing in her belly.

My sisters were kissing now. They must be sharing my cum. They were both moaning. Melody's cunt squeezed around my cock. Her pussy slammed down my shaft. I lifted her up and growled as the pleasure engulfed my dick over and over.

My balls drank in the sensations, feeding the pressure. Every time I lifted her up and she slid back down my cock, the pressure at the tip of my dick increased. My spongy crown throbbed. It would explode into her cunt. It would spurt into her pussy. It would flood her.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “You're just so hot. I'll fucking explode in you.”

“Good,” moaned Zoey. She glanced over Melody's shoulder at me, her face now covered in far less cum. Melody had been hungry. “Flood our sister's cunt. Give her bred pussy all that cum she craves.”

“Yes!” moaned Melody. “I want it in me. I want to feel my king's seed in me through the rest of my classes.”

“God, you're a naughty queen!” I panted, my hands tightening. “Squeeze that cunt down my dick. I want to explode in you. I want to spurt my jizz into you. I want to baste your cunt.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Flood my cunt. Fire that spunk into me.”

My sisters kissed again. They moaned, both groaning. Melody fingered Zoey while I worked her twat up and down my dick. My half-sister's amazing pussy milked me. I came closer and closer to exploding in her cunt.

It would be amazing. A hot, silky pussy that would make me erupt. She gripped me. Held me. She massaged me. It was the best passion to experience. I groaned, my hands tightening on her. My arms burned from the exertion.

I pumped through the fatigue, needing to cum in my sister's bred twat. Both of them were moaning louder and louder. They were kissing with such enthusiasm. Melody's cunt grew hotter and hotter around my dick. That silky flesh teased me.

Pleased me.

Loved me.

She slammed down me. Her cunt engulfed my dick. As I lifted her up, her orgasm rippled through her cunt. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed. The pleasure shot down my cock as her bred twat massaged me.

“Shit!” I groaned.

Melody squealed into our older sister's lips. I pumped her convulsing pussy up and down my dick. The pressure built swifter at the tip of my cock. I groaned, squirming in the chair. My balls were ready to flood her. To give her what she needed.

Zoey broke the kiss and stared at me over Melody's sister. “Flood her! Fire all that jizz into her! Goddamn, do it!”

“Yes!” Melody howled, her pussy spasming with such hunger around me.

I impaled my sister's cunt down my dick. Her wonderful flesh rippled around me. She teased the tip of my cock. It was such a treat. An amazing delight. I groaned as my cum fired out of my dick. My balls erupted and basted her twat.

I flooded her with all my spunk. My cum boiled into her pregnant pussy. I gripped her and filled her with hot jizz. Her flesh convulsed harder. The chair creaked beneath me as she squirmed on my lap, milking my cock.

“All that cum!” moaned Melody. “Holy shit, I love it. I fucking love this pleasure! Clint, you are a fucking stud! Goddamn, I love being your queen!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Zoey. “Such a stud and Ooh, Melody, yes. Your fingers! Your thumb! Shit!”

Zoey's face twisted with pleasure. We were all cumming together. Our passion echoed through the small area, rising over the hum of the HVAC unit. I groaned as my sister's pregnant pussy drained my balls.

My hands swept out to stroke her belly. Her due date was coming soon. My daughter with Melody and my daughter with Pam would be born within days of each other. I couldn't wait to have my first two children born.

I loved my incestuous harem. I would never give up loving my sisters, my mother, my aunt, and any other women that wanted to join the fun.


Tad Blake

“Goddamn,” I muttered as I leaned over the roof, watching as Melody slid off Clint's cock. I heard rumors she was secretly his sister, and this confirmed it. Zoey definitely was. The busty senior still had his cum dripping off her face.

It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. My dick throbbed as I thought of my own sister, Erica. What would it be like to have her pussy wrapped around my cock? To cum on her face? To breed her like Clint had bred Melody.

He was a stud. Already a legend. He had his cousin Lee willing to do anything for him. I'd seen her masturbating in public on his orders. Melody and Pam were his girlfriends, both so pregnant they looked about to pop. Now his older sister, Zoey, was giving him titty fucks.

Did that mean he fucked his little sister Alicia, too?

“Goddamn,” I groaned, so hard I wished my little sister was here. What would it be like to get it on with her? To sink into her?

The thought burned through my mind. It blazed hot. I wanted to find out. I wanted to have the courage to be like Clint and enjoy my sister. I squeezed my cock through my jeans as I watched his sisters getting dressed.

“Ooh, I love going to class with your cum filling my cunt, stud,” Melody said, her pregnant belly thrusting before her.

“God, isn't our sister a kinky one?” Zoey asked, covering her breasts with her bra.

“And I wouldn't want my queen to be any other way.”

Clint was the luckiest fucker in the world.


December 17th, 2026 – Detective Nelson Tucker

I knocked hard on the door, pounding on it with vigor. My knee ached from climbing the three flights of stairs to get to his apartment. In my mid-forties, and everything was falling apart. I struggled not to pant because spry Sunny hardly looked more than pink-cheeked from the exertion.

“Ted Blake!” I demanded and pounded again, shaking the door hard. We stood on the other side of it, not before it.

“Yeah, yeah,” a guy muttered as he came to the door. “Who is it?”

“Sacramento P.D.! Open your door!”

“Fuck,” he muttered. I heard a chain unlatching then he opened the door. A man in his mid-twenties stood there in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, a bottle of green beer held in his hand. He had black hair, blue eyes, and a goatee, a shade of stubble following his jawline. “Yes? Something, uh, wrong.”

“We need you to come with us. Have a few questions?”

The man's face paled. “About?”

“Just come along, sir,” Sunny said, her voice hard. With her sunglasses on, she looked older, more intimidating.

“Yeah, let me grab my wallet,” he said, trembling.


September 7th, 2017 – Tad Blake

“Can't we wait until we get home?” my sister said. We were in the dark gymnasium. Class was over and the college was emptying. “It's ten minutes away.”

“Because it would be hot to do it here,” I told her, pulling her to me. Erica felt so lithe in my arms. Such a cutie. She excited me. Classes were back in session. After witnessing Clint with his sisters last June, I had to have Erica.

I seduced her over the summer and took her cherry. It was wonderful being inside my sister. We'd been fucking like rabbits every day while our parents were at work. I fucked her in every room of our house, pumping my jizz into her mouth and pussy.

I was hoping to start her on anal soon.

“We have an hour before Mom gets home,” Erica said. “We could do it on the couch. I know how much you like doing it there.”

“But wouldn't it be hotter doing it in here,” I told her, stopping on the blue exercise mats. Our voices echoed through the empty room. It was cavernous, surrounding us in privacy. “At school.”

“Like Clint does with his sisters?” Erica asked, her eyes glinting with the light spilling from the far end of the gym.

“Exactly,” I told her, cupping her face. I brushed back her bleached-blonde hair. It seemed to almost glow in the shadows, catching the light. “Aren't you hotter than Melody or Alicia or Lee?”

A smile played on her lips for a moment. “Still, we could get caught. I don't want to lose you. I love you, Tad.”

“We won't get caught,” I said. “No one's here. Everyone's gone home. We can enjoy each other. Have fun at school. Get wild like Clint does. You're a better little sister than his, right?”

“That's not going to work,” she said.

I slid my right hand from her face to her shoulder and then down to her breast. I cupped her round tit through her tight blouse and bra. I felt her hard nipple as I kissed her. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, feeling her tremble.

I knew I had her. I would do such naughty things to her. My body ached to rip off her clothes and unveil her nubile beauty to the world. I would feast on her. Make her cum so hard. Clint wasn't the only stud.

I would show him that I was just as dominating.

My hand slid down her side. I reached the hem of her shirt and then slid back up. This time, however, I was beneath her blouse. She shuddered and groaned as I caressed up her naked belly, climbing higher and higher. I reached for her breast. I was going to do such naughty things to her. My finger reached the bottom of her bra.

I pushed beneath her cup. She groaned, her arm going around my neck as I pushed up her bra. Her round tit filled my hand. I squeezed it, loving the feel of her in my hand. My finger rubbed across her nub, massaging her, teasing her.

She shuddered as I pinched and rolled her nipple. Her kiss grew so liquid and naughty. Her fingers tightened, gripping the back of my shirt. My dick throbbed. I wanted to do such naughty things to her. I wanted to devour her.

I broke the kiss. “Well?”

“Fine,” moaned Erica. “I can't say no to my sexy big brother.”

“Mmm, you're just my little sister-slut, aren't you?” I asked, pinching her nipple.

“Oh, god, Tad, you make it sound icky when you say things like that,” she moaned. “I love you, that's why I do things with you.”

“And I love your juicy pussy.” I pressed my forehead against hers. “I'm going to eat you out right here. I'm going to make you scream your head off. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful,” she breathed. “Oh, but I can't scream. We'll get caught.”

“Who's going to find us?” I swept my gaze out at the gym and the dark bleachers. “There's no one in here but us.”

“Fine,” panted Erica. “Ooh, this is exciting. It's making me so wet.”

“Let's find out,” I said and then ripped my hand out from beneath her top. I grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over, revealing her dark bra shoved over her round tits. The light flooding through the gym highlighted the curves of her breasts, leaving dark shadows between them. Her nipples puckered hard, pink and exciting.

I fell to my knees and unsnapped her jeans as she peeled off her bra and dropped it on the mats. I yanked down the tight pants she wore, exposing her dark panties. The details were hard to notice in the shadows between her thighs, but I could smell her spicy musk bleeding through.

My mouth salivated. This hunger filled my nose. I wanted to press my nose into her panties and breathe in her scent. But it would be hotter if she didn't have them on at all. I kept yanking her jeans down to her feet, pulling hard.

“Tad!” she gasped. “Not so rough. I—” She squeaked and fell onto her back, her jeans coming off in my hands.

“Erica?” I asked. “You okay?”

“Yes,” she groaned. “I fell on tumbling mats, but you don't need to be so aggressive.”

“Sorry, you're just so fucking sexy,” I groaned.

“You better eat my pussy well,” she told me. “I need an apology for being dropped on my butt. This is supposed to be romantic, not re-creating our childhood roughhousing.”

“Well, at least I know you won't be running crying to Mom,” I said, sliding my hands up her bare thighs. “Not when you're panting from all the orgasms I'm going to give you.”

“Hearing a lot of promises,” she purred, squirming. “I want to cum and cum. I love cumming on your mouth, Tad. Love you.”

“You can cum on my mouth whenever you want,” I said, my fingers reaching the satin fabric of her panties. I hooked the thin waistband and tugged them down.

She was shaved now, something she started doing for me over the summer. I loved just making out the folds of her pussy in the light flooding from the far end of the gym. I paused to admire her snatch. Her tight cleft. Her little clit peeking out. Her juices beading on her plump vulva.

Her spicy musk made me salivate. I slid my hands under her rump and pulled her to me. She gasped then groaned because I'd pressed my mouth into her cunt. I licked and lapped at her, rubbing my smooth cheeks into her face.

I'd shaved my goatee for her. She didn't like it rasping on her pussy.

“Oh, my god, Tad!” she moaned, her voice echoing through the room. “Ooh, yes, yes! You're such an amazing big brother. Every little sister needs her big brother to love her cunt!”

“Yes!” I growled, wishing I had more than one sister. If I did, then I could have a harem of sister-sluts to fuck. It would be so hot.

At least I had Erica to enjoy.

I thrust my tongue into her cunt. I swirled around inside of her, licking, lapping, teasing her. She gasped and shuddered, her thighs locking about my head. She gripped me tight. She humped her cunt against me, rubbing her hot flesh on my hungry mouth.

Her spicy juices spilled over me. I licked them up, reveling in the taste of them. They melted on my tongue, such a delight to enjoy. I flicked up to her clit, brushing her bud. She gasped, her breasts jiggling before me.

“Oh, yes, yes, Tad!” she moaned. “Oh, that's good. Mmm, you know what you're doing. Ooh, yes!”

My tongue plundered her cunt. I had spent the last month-and-a-half eating her cunt at least once a day. I knew what my sister liked. I couldn't get enough of her incestuous juices. It was so wild to enjoy my sister-slut.

My lips sealed on her bud. I sucked on her while my fingers kneaded her rump. My thumb slid across the lower swell of her butt-cheek. I brushed her taint, wet with her juices. I slid higher until my thumb was rubbing at the bottom folds of her cunt, right above her tight hole.

I thrust my thumb into her cunt, my dick throbbing in my shorts and boxers. She gasped, her pussy clenching about my digit. I pumped my thumb in and out of her twat. My little sister whimpered and moaned, her body shuddering on the mat.

I licked around her clit. I sucked on her bud. I savored how she trembled. She humped against me, grinding her hot pussy on my flesh. Her juices flowed, coating my lips and mouth. I loved the taste of her. The feel of her.

She was so exciting.

So delicious.

“Damn,” I groaned. “You're so wet.”

“You turn me on!” she moaned, trembling. My thumb slid deep as possible into her juicy twat, her cream soaking around it. “Oh, yes, yes, just like that. Ooh, you are going to make me cum!”

“Good!” I groaned, my dick aching. I wanted to fuck her so hard. To be in my sister at school.

I nibbled and sucked and loved her clit. My tongue darted around her bud. She shuddered, breasts jiggling. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter around my thumb. She squeezed and released me, her head tossing back and forth.

I flicked my tongue against her clit. She gasped, her back arching. Boobs heaved. Her thighs tightened about my head. She gripped me as she cried out in rapturous delight. Her pussy convulsed around my thumb.

Juices gushed out.

“Yes, yes, Tad!” she groaned. “I love it when you make me cum! Oh, god, big brothers are so sexy!”

I lapped up the cream gushing out of her. That wonderful, incestuous treat for me to devour. I licked it up, my tongue fluttering around the folds of her pussy, gathering up every drop I could while my dick ached more and more.

I had to be in her.

I had to fuck her at our college. I had to be just as cool as Clint.

I ripped my thumb out of her cunt and lifted my face from her twat. Pussy juices ran down my chin. I ripped off my own t-shirt and threw it off into the dark. Then I unsnapped my shorts. My sister's eyes gleamed with wet passion as she stared at me, rubbing her thighs together.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me!” she moaned. “Ram that dick in me. I love you, Tad! I never want to stop loving you.”

“Yes!” I groaned and thrust down my shorts. I peeled them down along with my boxers. My cock popped out, the tip aching to be in my sexy sister.

I wanted to breed her. She was scared to go off her birth control pills, fearing our parents' reaction. I didn't care. I just wanted to master my sister-slut. To parade her around the college pregnant and let everyone know what a stud I was.

Goddamn, she was just perfect little sister-slut.

I mounted her, eager to be in her. She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her pussy. I shuddered at the feel of her hot flesh against my dick's tip. She rubbed me up and down. The pleasure surged down my shaft to my balls.

I kissed her hard, letting her taste her spicy cunt, as I thrust into her incestuous depths. I entered my little sister. She moaned into the kiss, her arms hugging me tight. Her fingernails bit into my back, showing me how much she loved my dick.

I loved her pussy. So much.

I sank to the hilt in her, my balls resting against her taint. She squeezed her twat down around me, her hips wiggling from side to side. I savored being in her, soaking in her juices. She squirmed beneath me.

Then she broke the kiss and panted, “Please, please, I need to cum again. You have to move. You have to fuck me hard.”

“Yeah!” I groaned and drew back.

“Tad!” she gasped, squeezing her cunt around my dick. Her pussy held me tight as I pulled back farther and farther. Then I slammed into her. I filled her to the brim with my dick. “Yes!”

I kissed her hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I pumped away at her tight, young pussy. Fifteen and delicious. Her pussy held me tight. My balls pumped away at her. I thrust into her again and again, reveling in the bliss of her pussy around my dick.

She massaged me. Teased me. She held me in her tight embrace as I buried hard and deep into her cunt. My tongue darted around inside her sweet mouth. Her fingernails scratched at my back as she humped back into my thrusts. Her hips moved, meeting my rhythm.

My heavy balls smacked into her flesh. They made such a wicked sound. The echo rippled around us. I loved the wicked sound. I thrust into her cunt. I buried hard and fast. I pumped into her hard. I filled her to the hilt with my cum.

I broke the kiss, panting, “Erica! My sexy sister-slut!”

“Yes!” she moaned, not caring about those demeaning words. Once I was in her, I could call her whatever I liked. “Oh, you're going to make me cum! I love cumming on your big dick!”

“Mmm, let me feel that tight cunt ripple around me!” I panted, thrusting into her depths. I rammed hard. Deep. I buried to the hilt in her. “I want you cumming, my little whore.”

“Tad! Tad! Love you so much! Keep thrusting into me. Ooh, your dick is stretching me out.”

I kissed her again, hungry. Her breasts rubbed into my chest. Her pussy clenched around my dick. The silky pressure of her tight cunt brought me closer and closer to exploding into her. I wanted to pump her full of my jizz.

Our passion echoed through the empty gym. It reverberated, haunting moans of incestuous passion. My balls smacked hard into her flesh. She gripped me tight. Hard. She clung to me. It was an incredible delight to experience.

I was lucky to get to enjoy it.

Her tongue darted around inside my mouth. She kissed me with such passion. Her pussy gripped me with hot silk. My little sister was so sexy. I couldn't take much more of being in her at school. Anyone could catch us.

She gasped, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. Her pussy squeezed tight about my dick as I rammed into her. The friction swelled. That wonderful bliss almost overwhelmed me. I groaned, thrusting hard and fast into her as she trembled.

Her fingernails bit into my back.

Her pussy exploded in spasming passion around my cock.

I broke the kiss, staring down at her twisting face as her orgasm rippled through her body. She bucked beneath me, pressing her round breasts into my chest. Her pussy sucked at my dick as I buried over and over into her writhing folds.

“Yes, yes, you little sister-slut!” I gasped. “You want my cum flooding into you.”

“I do!” she moaned. “Oh, Tad! Oh, I love you! Give it to me! Flood me with all your cum! Yes!”

I buried hard into her, the pressure hitting that wonderful peak. I erupted. My cum fired fast and hard into her cunt. My jizz flooded her. Fired into her. It was incredible. Spurt after spurt of amazing jizz erupted out of me and into her twat.

I groaned, my heart pounding as I pumped her full of my spunk. Her pussy writhed around me. She gasped and moaned, bucking beneath me. My balls unloaded into her as the pleasure slammed into my mind.

“Oh, yes, Tad!” she cooed, holding me tight. “I love it when you cum in me!”

“Goddamn, you're the best sister in the world!” I groaned as her pussy wrung the last drops of my cum out of my balls.”

“I know,” she said, hugging me tight, her cunt still rippling around me as my pleasure died into heavy breaths.

I savored being in her for a minute or so before rolled off her, panting from the joy we just shared. The naked gym mat felt cool against my hot, sweaty back. My dick throbbed, softening. My sister's juices soaked me. She groaned and rolled into me. She kissed me with hunger.

“Tad,” my little sister panted. “Oh, my god, it was fun, but we can't do that again at school.”

“Why not?” I asked her. “It was hot.”

She bit her lip. “I don't want to get caught. You're not Clint. We'll get in trouble. I just know it. I love you, and I don't want anything to ruin what we have.”

“Will you do anal?” I asked her, my hand sliding down her back.

“Yes,” she moaned as I cupped her ass. She pressed her tits against me. “I will. Just let's get out of here. A janitor or someone could walk in here. We'd be screwed.”

“Isn't that what we just did?” I asked her.

“Ugh, don't be a smartass now.” She sat up. “Where're my clothes?”

I grinned as I watched her moving around. I would get her to have more sex at our college. I just knew it. I would have such a wild time with her. I couldn't wait to pound her in the middle of the cafeteria or something. To be bold like Clint. It would take time, but I knew Erica would come around.

She was such a sexy sister.


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I fought my delight as I watched Tad and his little sister Erica get dressed. Tad was a senior like my Master, Clint, while Erica was a sophomore like Alicia. Though one with an actual pair of boobs. I was getting boobs. I rubbed my belly. I wasn't showing with Clint's child yet—I only at four months—but I would start soon. I couldn't wait to be paraded around the college campus, my brother showing off that he had bred me with his hot dick.

I kept my phone recording the pair as they exchanged a final kiss and then headed out. I was so glad I snuck behind the bleachers when I noticed Tad leading off his sister. I had a nose for naughty, kinky sex.

My hot brother was inspiring so much incest.

I knew I would be in trouble for being late, but when I showed my Master the hot incest video, I was certain he would forgive me. Oh, he would still spank me for being late, but he would let me cum. We would watch the video together. The whole family, maybe. All of us loving and shuddering and watching the hot delight.

My pussy dripped juices. I never wore panties. I scrambled to my feet to rush out of the school and get home. Tonight was going to be so hot!

To be continued

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