Derek's Mistake.

"Don't trouble yourself, sweet heart," Derek watched as one of the house maids roughly scrubbed the kitchen floor. She was hired 4 months ago and was paid so little even though she worked harder than anyone else in the house did. Derek didn't even know she worked here until a month ago. He finally got a good look at her when she was sent to his bedroom for a clean up. And he'd been keeping a close eye on her since. She had the most beautiful face he'd ever seen in his life. And he'd seen thousands. She had large green eyes, light brown hair, and a lightly freckled face. He'd never talked to her before. He only wanted to talk to her now because they were the only ones in the room, but he'd heard her talk to other people before. She had the sweetest voice ever and her laugh sounded like heaven.

The girl looked up and hesitated before speaking. "It's what I'm paid for, sir. Your father hired me to clean the house and I take pride in what I do. I just can't get that darned stain off the floor. It's been there for months and I'm determined to take it out."

Derek smiled. "I admire your determination but it's all right for you to take a break, umm, what's your name?"

"Angel," she said softly.

"Beautiful name. Come and have a cup of tea with me. Please?"

Angel stared at him curiously. "Your father might get mad if he sees me socializing with you during my working hours." She stood up and balled her hands together.

"No he won't, don't worry about it. If he does, I'll tell him it was me who wanted to talk." He pulled out a chair on the kitchen table for her. "You still interested on that cup of tea?''

Angel slowly shook her head. "I'd be happy to talk to you but I hate tea. It has a horrid taste." Angel walked over to the chair and sat down. "What is it you wanted to talk about? It must be important because I highly doubt you socialize with the help unless you want something from them."

Derek chuckled. "Relax I don't want anything from you, I just notice you work harder than all the other women here and I thought you might want to get off your feet for a while and talk."
She eyed him. "Talk about what?"

"Anything. Like the basics. Where are you from, why do you even want to work here, and are you currently seeing someone?" Derek smirked which made Angel smile.

"Charming for you to want to know these things. Do you ask these things to all your female servants? Or am I just special?" She joked.

"Oh you're special. all right." Derek said and finally sat down. "I've kept my eye on you around here. You're a bit different than all the other maids here. You act as if I don't exist. Most of the women here notice me right away."

Angel smiled. "I've noticed you, don't worry. Just because I don't acknowledge you doesn't mean I don't think you exist. I'm just very dedicated to my work, which I probably should get back to."

Angel was about to get up but Derek quickly grabbed her hand. "No, stay and talk a bit more, breaks last at least an hour long, not a minute."

"Are you that lonely that you actually want to talk to the maid? There are other women here, you know? I'm not the only girl in the house."

"I know," Derek said. " But the other women are boring to talk to. All they want is to fuck and it gets annoying sometimes."

Angel blushed. "I don't want to talk with you if you use inappropriate language like that. I used to go to a convent and I don't appreciate that type of talk."

Derek was amazed by her innocence. "I'm sorry Angel. I promise not to swear anymore in your presence."

"Thank you. What's your name by the way? I've gotten to know nearly everyone in the house except you."

"I'm Derek Hernandez. And you've met my brother then?"

Angel nodded. "He was one of the first people to introduce himself to me. He seemed very nice."

Derek rolled is eyes. That was totally like his brother Adam to be nice to a girl he really wanted to get in bed with. Hopefully Angel doesn't fall for it because unlike Adam, Derek sort of liked the girl. She was very beautiful and she seemed nice. "Of course he would be the first to pick up on you. Don't get me wrong, Adam is a good guy but he only made a good first impression because he wants to get you to bed. He's been like that with 5 maids who have worked here before. Don't be offended though. Most girls find it flattering." He shrugged.

"Well even if he were trying to get me in his bed, it wouldn't work. I don't believe in sex before marriage, so he'd be rather disappointed."

"No sex before marriage? It seems hard having to be abstinent for that long."

Angel smiled. "For a typical boy, yes, but girls can be abstinent for a very long time. Me being one of them."

Derek teased her. "Abstinent girls can at least kiss a man without being married to him, right?"

Angel bit her lower lip. "It depends on the type of kiss."

"What if it were just a simple one on the lips?"

"Then that would be fine. As long as the kiss doesn't lead to anything."

"What if I were to kiss you? Just on the lips. Would that be all right?"

Angel hesitated and looked at Derek's lips. He looked very handsome. He was very tall and muscular, he had dark hair that was held in a small ponytail at the back of his neck, and he had beautiful blue eyes. "I guess one kiss would be all right" She said softly.

Derek smiled. "Can I kiss you then?." He asked.

Angel nodded slowly.

And Derek slowly leaned forward to her and pressed his lips against hers. She just sat there but then Derek kissed her again without taking his face away from hers. He kissed her lips a couple more times before putting his hand on her cheek and bringing her lips in better contact with his own. Her lips were so sweet. He parted them slowly with his tongue and slid it gently against hers. It took her a few seconds to finally respond back. She put her palms on his shoulders and held on tightly to him, holding him close. Derek began to respond violently, and he was already getting hard. Without removing his lips from hers, he got her to stand up and straddle his lap. Her leg was lightly brushing against his groin and he moaned. Angel's small hand rested on his chest as she kissed him and she could feel his strong steady heart beat. And then unconsciously her hands went lower on his body until she felt the massive bulge against his pants.

Abruptly, Angel pushed herself off of him and backed away. "I'm so sorry but I can't do that with you. I-I have to get back to work. Thanks for the break." Angel left the room quickly before he could speak.

Derek was breathing harshly. For a virgin, she had a very passionate kiss. But he was very disappointed. He still had a hard on and he didn't have no one to get rid of it. Derek looked around the kitchen real quick and pulled his pants down grasping his 10 inch cock in his hand and stroking it. There was no way in hell he was going to go around the house with this.

While Derek stroked his thick cock, his thoughts were all on Angel. In her old maids dress, she looked like she had a lovely figure. Though her breasts weren't so large they felt very supple when they were against his chest. She looked to only be a few years younger than him and she was quite short. But she was so damn beautiful. He pictured her fully naked in his mind as he stroked himself. He was so close to climaxing but then he heard the kitchen door open behind him. He turned quickly to see Angel standing there again. And she was directly in his way when he came. All his thick cum went all over her dress.
Angel gasped and Derek quickly apologized. "I'm so sorry, Angel!"

She just stood there awkwardly with his cum all over her and Derek couldn't help but get hard again. But he ignored his hard on and pulled his pants up. He got a few clean towels and went to clean her dress. He was so embarrassed. "Please forgive me, Angel. I just couldn't help myself. You were so arousing when you kissed me."

"It's okay," Angel said in a thick voice; she sort of sounded turned on.

And Derek asked her a question. "Why did you come back in the kitchen anyway?"

Angel blushed. "I- " She took a long pause. "I really liked your kiss. I was feeling moisture between my legs when I kissed you then I felt your thing in your pants and it was hard. I got a little freaked out, I'm sorry I left like that."

Derek smiled. "It's all right, sweet heart. And the moisture you felt is normal."

"I liked how you made me feel." She said shyly but honestly. "I came back to ask you if you could do that to me again. I never felt anything like that before. Please?"

She looked so innocent asking him that. He couldn't say no. "Okay, sweetie. But how exactly do you want me to make you feel?"

"I want to feel the wetness between my legs again. Can you kiss me like you did?"

Derek nodded his head. "Yes, sweetie. And I could make you wet other ways too without you losing your virginity."

Angel looked confused. "You can?"

Derek nodded.

"Can you do that to me too then? Please?" She talked in a small voice. Derek had never been more turned on in his life. "Yes, but not in the kitchen. Come with me quickly to my bedroom."

Angel nodded. "Okay." Derek grabbed Angels hand and led her quickly to his bedroom. When they were inside, Derek quickly locked the door. He turned to her and started kissing her before she could say a thing. He slowly pushed her against his working dress and lifted her to sit on top of it. He held on tightly to her butt and poked her tummy with his erection. She gasped and pushed herself against his erection, not knowing it was just getting him harder. Derek groaned and started unbuttoning the back of her dress. Angel breathed roughly against Derek's neck. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna make you feel wet again, sweetie. Just like you wanted."

"I have to be naked for it?", she asked. Derek nodded.

"You'll still be a virgin like I promised though, sweet heart, I swear. I won't hurt you. I know you don't know me but trust me. Please?"

"Okay," Angel breathed resting her forehead on his shoulder as he unbuttoned her dress. When he undid all the buttons, he slid her dress down to her waist, exposing her white creamy breasts to him. Derek saw that Angels face was red and she looked ashamed of herself.

He frowned. "You don't have to be ashamed of yourself, sweet heart. You're very beautiful. " Derek lifted her chin with his finger and kissed her lips.

She smiled a little and kissed him back, folding her arms behind his neck. Derek cupped a breast in his hand and bent his head to take the hard pink nipple into his mouth. He suckled her softly and heard her moan. She was so sexy. He swirled his tongue in slow lazy circles over her nipple and it was driving her mad. She curled her toes and held on tightly to Derek's shoulders
"Ohh, Ohh," she moaned. Derek gave her other nipple the same treatment

Derek heard her loud gasps and couldn't take it. He wanted so badly to be inside her tight hot hole. But he made a promise.He stuck his hand under Angel's thick dress and rubbed her slit with his thumb. She made a small high pitched sound and hugged him tightly as he played with her tight tight pussy. Derek stuck a finger inside her and wiggled it gently. She tightened around his finger and moved her hips, trying to get his finger deeper inside her. She was so wet. Derek took his finger out of her hole and licked her creamy juices right off it. "mmm," he moaned.

Angel watched him with half open eyes, then she kissed him. Her little tongue went right into his mouth, driving Derek very mad! She was the loveliest thing ever.

Derek lifted her off his desk and carried her to his giant bed. He laid her down and took off the rest of her dress, and she wasn't wearing any bloomers. He looked at her, confused.

Angel answered his unasked question right away. "I- I don't wear bloomers because that maids dress makes me hot enough as it is."

Derek moaned and laid on top of her and kissed her, making sure not to let any of his weight on her. "You're so beautiful," he told her between kisses."

She felt his lips move to her neck, then to her shoulders as he finally went back to her breasts. He put his mouth around one of the nipples while his fingers played with the other. And Angel moaned so loud he was afraid his father would hear them from across the mansion. But Derek wasn't going to tell her to quiet down. All the sounds that came out of her mouth were beautiful.

Derek brought his lips even lower. His lips made small kisses against her flat tummy as he found his destination. He gave her pussy a light kiss and licked the slit.

And Angel sat up quickly. "What are you doing?" her green eyes looked afraid.

"I'm not going to hurt you, darling. I promise. Just lay back and enjoy."

Angel hesitated but then she layed back down.

Derek started kissing her pussy again. She smelled so good. Like nothing ever before. It's been a while since he'd eaten pussy and he knew this one would be good. He used his thumbs to open her little pussy and he stuck his large tongue inside. She was so wet. It would be so easy for his cock to slide right in. But he wouldn't do that to her unless she asked him. Derek moved his tongue in circles inside her hole. She was breathing very hard and unevenly. Her small hands balled up at her sides. She moaned once more.
Derek licked her clit rapidly while 2 fingers penetrated her tiny pussy. It looked like this was too much for her to handle.

As Derek's thick fingers glided inside her, he heard Angel's final cry as she had her first orgasm. She looked very afraid. "Don't be afraid sweetie just let it happen."

When she was finished her breath was coming out unevenly. And she just layed there looking up at the ceiling. She turned to see Derek looking at her intently. He sat on a chair looking both relaxed and pleased with himself. "I should probably get back to work," she said softly.

Derek frowned. He wanted her to stay longer but he knew she had work to do. Instead of letting her go, he said," No, you've worked hard enough. Please stay with me, Angel. Only to keep me company in this lonely damned— I mean blasted house. Please?"

Angel hesitated but then nodded her head. "Can I have my dress back, though? I won't be here with you if all you want is to see me naked."

Derek smiled then handed her the maids dress. He gave her his back as she put the dress back on. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Derek was curious.

"No," he heard Angel say. "A few men have showed intrests in me before but I never thought that dating stuff was for me. I was more into art than I was men. And I still am."

He chuckled and turned around. "Aw, so you're more into art then you are into me?"

Angel grinned and nodded her head. "Yes, I love painting. I used to be a painter in my teen years. But my father said it was stupid. He told me painting wouldn't take me anywhere in life. For times I thought he was wrong but I know he's right. He always was." Angel looked sad now.

"Don't be sad darling, your smile is more beautiful. And all dads are pains. My father never believed in me when I told him I wanted to have a career as a hunter. I've always been into nature so I thought hunting would come easy to me. And he was wrong. I was a hunter for 3 years but I had to quit because my father didn't approve of it."

"I bet you were a great hunter."

"I was," Derek said. "Usually I'm very clumby because I'm so big. But out in the large open feilds I was so graceful. I was very proud when I finally hunted my first deer."

"I wish I could still paint. The only reason I took this job as a maid was because my father left me and I needed a job where I could both work and live." Angel looked very depressed.

Derek frowned and took her into his arms. "Don't be so sad honey. Please"

Angel nodded her head but it only made tears come out of her eyes. Derek held on to her tighter, kissing the top of her head and rubbing her back. What kind of a man would leave this poor little girl alone to fend for herself? He was suddenly protective of her. Once she calmed down a bit, she pushed herself away from him.

"Sorry about that," She apologized. "My dad always did tell me I was a weakling for always crying."
"Didn't you have a mother, sweet heart? And crying doesn't make you weak."

"I never had a mother. She died in childbirth and my father always seemed to blame me for it. He never loved me. It's why he sent me to a convent and left me. I could have stayed there but I just couldn't do anything right. If I so much as tried laughing the nuns would beat me. My father told them specifically to hit me if I ever caused any trouble. And I always did, apperently. That's why I had to leave that place. It's why I came to work here." She said in a small hurt voice.

Derek could never picture Angel doing any thing bad in her life. She was too lovely and innocent for that. He couldn't picture her being beaten. He felt bad for her. No girl should have to suffer that much. He just stayed quiet.

"I really have to go now. Sorry for ranting." She walked to the door and pushed it open. "See you around."


The next day Derek looked all over the house trying to find Angel. But it was hard. She was always busier then a bee, moving rapidly among the mansion. But then he saw his brother Adam. Adam was sitting in the kitchen table, eating an omelet.

"Who made you that omelet?" Derek asked. "The cook usually doesn't cook breakfast on Mondays."

Adam talked with his mouth full. "That sexy maid Angel made it for me."

Derek rolled his eyes. "Have you seen her around? I need to talk to her about something."

"About what?" Adam glared.

"None of your business. Just tell me where she went."

Adam shrugged. "She said she'd be in her room. She had a bible so I'm guessing she's gonna read."
"Okay, thanks Adam." Derek started to walk away.

"Hold up," said Adam. "You aren't going to make any moves on her right? Because I called her first. She's mine, not yours."

"She was never even yours to begin with Adam. And I warned her about you. She's not going to fall for your dirty tricks; she's not stupid." And Derek quickly walked away.

He found the servants quarters on the west wing of the mansion. There were a bunch of women looking at him hungrily when he passed by them. Then he saw a little old lady and said. "Where's Angel's room? I have to have a word with her."

The little old lady smiled and pointed to a room all the way in the back of the hall. Those were the smallest rooms in the mansion. They were as big as his bathroom.

He walked down there and was about to knock but then he heard moaning coming behind the door. He pressed his ear against the door and listened. She was obviously touching herself in there and Derek quickly got turned on. He listened intently for a few more seconds before quickly opening the door.

And he heard Angel's small gasp as he barged inside her room. "Derek!" She exclained. "Get out of here, you have no right!" She threw a pillow at him and covered herself for she was completely naked.

Derek dodged the pillow and shut the door behind him. "I just had to see you Angel. I'm sorry. But I just had to." He got on top of the bed and started kissing her again.

She was surprized for a few seconds but then she started to calm down. She kissed him back gently. Derek brought down the warm blanket from her body and held her breasts possesively in his hands. Her hands held the back of his head and stroked his long untamed hair. He was wearing something similar to what he wore yesterday. A loose white shirt and a snug pair of pants. She could feel the familiar bluge poking against her tummy. But this time she felt a little braver. She cupped the heavy erection in her hand and softly stroked it.

Derek froze and let her touch him, afraid that if me made any sudden movements, she would stop. "That feels so good, sweet heart."

Angel slowly kept stroking him through his pants and then had the urge to try something different. She got on her knees and slowly pulled down Derek's pants. His large erection sprang free. Angel kept stroking him then she beant low and kissed the head of his penis. And he groaned loudly.

She brought the whole head in her mouth and sucked softly, the same way he did to her nipples. She stroked the shaft slowly which was driving him mad. He wanted to shove his whole cock down her throat and spend his seed there. But this was his sweet innocent little Angel. Hw wouldn't use her like that. Never.
Derek layed there feeling so contempt then Angel lifted her head from his penis and said, " I want you to do it, Derek."

He looked confused.

"I wan't you to take my virginity," She said softly. And she blushed bright red.

Derek smiled at her. "Why me, honey? I thought you didn't beleive in sex before marriage."

She looked down at her hands nervously. "But I was thinking about it last night. I figured I was probably nevr going to get married. So why not? And I'd rather have you than your brother. You're so gentle with me."
"You will get married one day sweetie, I swear. You're still a pretty young thing." He kissed her cheek. "And I'll be honored to be your first. But only if you're really sure."

Angel nodded. "I've never been more sure."

"Then all right." Derek brought her down to lay on hop of him and kissed her again. These were slow passionate kisses. Her long curly hair fell over her shoulders landing all over his chest. He kicked off his pants and held her close. With her soft careful fingers, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When all the buttons were undone, her small hands rested on his warm chest. His lips nibbled slowly on hers and he'd never been harder in his life.

Angel purposely rubbed herself against his large erection, knowing this pleasured him so much. Derek groaned and got on top of her. He rained kisses all over her face as his fingers went low to her tiny little hole. He stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and wiggled them. She was so wet. She breathed roughly and gazed right into his eyes. He was looking at her the same way, with his eyes half closed and his mouth slightly parted.

Her breath became uneven. She was very close to an orgasm. But Derek wanted her to orgasm with him, so he took his fingers out of her. He positioned himself in front of her. He licked his hand and touched the tip of his penis to add lubricant. And he stroked the head of his penis against her seam, not pushing himself inside her. He put part of his head inside her and she was so tight. He was afraid he was too big to fit inside her. He put more of himself inside her slowly and she moaned.
"Tell me when it's going to hurt. Please?" She said.

Derek nodded, "Okay sweet heart." He held himself in one hand and fully impaled her with one rough thrust of his hips. "Now!"

Angel gasped loudly and held on to him tightly. "Ohh, that hurts so bad."

"I know honey. The pain will all go away soon though. I promise. Then all I'll give you is pleasure."
Derek slowly kept on thrusting his hips, hating himself every time she sounded like she was going to cry. She felt so good around him. It was like a silken fist was holding on to him tightly.

"Oh," he heard her gasp. "That feels nice." She tightened herself around him.

And he groaned. He was already close to climaxing. He kept thrusting his hips back and forth, filling her all the way to the hilt. Angel moaned very loudly and dug her nails into his back. Derek had never felt more in bcontrol in his life. No girl had ever responded to his touch like Angel did. Nobody ever made him feel the way Angel did. He had a feeling nobody ever will. As he moved inside her lithe body, he realized he'd never felt more contempt in his life. All his life, he felt empty and lonely. But Angel made him feel differently. Even though he barely knew the girl, he felt he'd known her his whole life. She opened up to him so easily. He felt like he could trust her with his secrets.

Derek heard Angel's loud moans as her orgasm hit. She held on to him tightly and cried out his name. He'd never been more turned on in his life. He started cumming too. But instead of pulling out of her to release his life seed on the sheets, some deep animal part of him made him clamp his hips tightly to hers as he came. He quickly regretted it. He layed on top of her very still. What had he done? What the HELL had he done?!

Why did he cum inside her?! He knew damn well that's how babies are made. And he doesn't want a fucking baby! He blamed Angel for this. Why did she choose him to help lose her virginity? She should have gone right to fucking Adam!

He cursed at himself. "FUCK!" He gasped.

Angel breathed against his neck. "Don't say that."

He hated himself more than ever now. Roughly, he pushed himself off her and glared at her. She cried out in pain when he pulled out. She sat up, pulling the sheets up to her chest. "What's wrong Derek?" She asked in a small frightened voice.

"You're what's wrong Angel!" He knew he shouldn't blame her but he didn't know what to do. She could now be pregnant with his baby but she wasn't the one to blame. But he didn't want to blame himself. He quickly put his clothes back on and stared at her. "Get back to work ."

"Derek," she cried out. But he had already left the room. How could there be so much pain where there had been so much pleasure? She sat there in tears before she finally got up and went back to work.

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