My First Gloryhole_(1)

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My First Gloryhole

My first glory hole experience happened on the two month anniversary of my marriage. I was 19. It was in a ski town in northwestern Colorado about 45 miles east of where I live. I loved it.

I was seduced by my husband's best friend, Steve, five weeks after we got married. My husband and I and four other couples and three single guys all got together once a week and had a porno party. All of the men commented on the women's bodies and how they performed. We women mostly commented on the actors' cocks. The best place to rent porno's was at the ski town I mentioned above.

There were three other single guys in town that rented pornos there are also. Someone from our group would go over every couple weeks and rent them and the three other single guys would go over and rent them when we didn't. The Friday night before my two month anniversary the three other single
guys were going to go to the ski town on Sunday morning at eight o'clock to rent movies. The guys in our group told them to rent us ones with lots of cock sucking and anal sex and at least one with a gang bang. The three other guys had told us that one time when they went there was a woman in a video booth giving blow jobs and that she was good. They said they always checked the video booths when they first got there.

Steve said that his brother Larry and my husband were going up to do some archery season scouting for deer and elk Sunday morning. He said that the three other guys were always talking about how they would like to see me naked and feel me up and fuck me and have me suck their cocks. He said that, Bobby, one of the three other guys said he always looked for pornos that had a woman that looked like me in them and whenever has was fucking or getting a blow job he fantasized it was I he was with. He explained to me what a glory hole was and said that it was totally anonymous. He suggested that we go to the adult book store Sunday morning and get there about 10 min. before they
did and I could suck their cocks and let them fuck me and they would never know who I was. My pussy got wet just thinking about it.

Saturday night we all went dancing. I went braless. Bobby and his two porno buddies were there. The were sitting at a table at the back of the dance floor next to our booth. We were all in the corner circular booth at the back of the dance floor. I dirty danced with my husband right in front of their table. My hard nipples were obvious and my tits bounced and swayed as I did my dirty fuck dance for a few seconds facing them. I turned around and worked my ass like I was getting fucked doggy style. Steve was dancing with Jody and watched the whole thing. He said the expressions on their faces was priceless, especially Bobby's. Before the night was over I slow danced with Bobby. Everybody in our booth was out on the dance floor. It was about 1:20 AM and he was about half drunk. I was feeling no pain. I put my arms up around his neck and pressed my braless tits into his chest, moving them
around as we swayed to the music. His cock was standing straight up in his pants, hard as a rock. His hard-on accidentally made contact with my dripping cunt. I pulled away. I was fantasizing about sucking his cock through the glory hole. He pressed into me again and I let him keep his cock there for
a few second, savoring how it was going to feel cumming in my mouth. Tommy and Terry, his porno buddies were watching. Bobby's hands were at the small of my back. I felt his hands sliding down my ass and immediately reached back and pulled them up. I felt my skirt pull up with his hands and knew a few inches of my sheer white panty clad ass was exposed to Tommy and Terry. The song was almost over. I was incredibly turned on knowing that they could see part of my ass. Bobby gripped my
back and pressed his cock into me. My cunt lips were spread wide open and I could feel his cock on my clit. I pressed my cunt into his cock once and pulled away from him. I thought he was going to cum! He took me back to our booth and I gave all three of them a wet panty crotch shot. Again, Steve had watched the whole thing.

Jim, my husband, left at 6 AM Sunday morning. I showered, douched and gave myself an enema. I wore a short little sundress, naked underneath. I packed a damp washcloth and a towel in my purse. Steve picked me up at quarter till eight. I was really excited and horny as hell. We drove by the bookstore and there was only one car parked there so we parked a block away and slipped in the back door of the adult bookstore. That entrance led immediately into the video booth area. We entered the first booth.

Steve got his camcorder out and videoed me getting naked. He'd already made videos of me, but that's another story. I knelt down and looked through the glory hole to check out the situation.About 10 min. later we heard voices and I recognized the voices of Bobby, Tommy and Terry. Steve had a video playing in our booth with the volume turned all the way down. His camcorder worked really well in low-light situations and it recorded me perfectly. We could hear them working their way down the hall and checking each booth as they went. They saw that our door was shut and entered the booth next to ours.

I was standing in front of the glory hole with my naked ass facing it. I heard Bobby's voice say, "Fuck yes!" I felt his hand reach out and caress my ass. I bent over and spread my legs and felt his hand on my thigh. It went up and caressed my ass and then slipped between my legs feeling my pussy. One finger and then two entered my sopping wet pussy. I let him finger fuck me for a couple of minutes and then turned around so he could see the front of my pussy. He withdrew his arm and looked at my pussy from the front for a minute and then stuck his hand back through and finger fucked me again. I pulled away and bent over and let him see my tits hanging down in front of the hole. He felt my tits.
All this time he was telling me how incredible my ass, cunt and tits were. I turned to face him, being careful to make sure that he could not see my face, and let him see and feel my tits with my body in the upright position. I moved my tit towards the glory hole and stuck it through. He caressed it with both hands and then took it into his mouth. He sucked and licked and then worked my nipple. I pulled my tit out of the glory hole and move my mouth in front of it. He stuck his cock and balls through the hole. I cupped his balls in one hand and lightly traced my fingers over the entire length of his cock and cock head. I kissed the end of his cock and licked the back of his glans and the rest of his cock. I slowly took his cock into my mouth and licked around as I worked my way down the entire length of it. I moaned loudly as I did it. I could feel his cock hairs against my lips.

Steve had taught me to keep my mouth full of saliva and to twist my head back and forth while I bobbed up and down on his cock. And to alternately barely have contact with it and barely sucking
and then have full contact and sucked harder. I had learned to tell when a guy was going to cum and how to back off and keep him on the brink. (Jim loved it.) I brought him to the brink five times and he was begging me to make him cum. I bore down on him with my cock sucking mouth and let him shoot two blasts of cum into my mouth before I lightly backed off. He started jabbing his cock into my mouth and I bore down on him again and drained every fucking drop of his cum into my mouth. He was practically whimpering when I got done with him. He was babbling," oh fuck, oh fuck". I lightly licked and sucked on his cock and balls for about another minute before I took my mouth away from the
hole. He was telling Tommy and Terry that I gave the most incredible blow job he had ever had in his life.

Steve had gotten all of this on video. I repeated basically the same process with Tommy and Terry. I had spent about 45 min. sucking all three of them off. After Terry came in my mouth I immediately got up bent over and shoved my cunt up against the glory hole.They got the idea and my cunt was licked and sucked through the hole. I moved down so that my ass hole was directly in front of the hole. He licked my butt hole and finger fucked it and said to his buddies that I must want my cunt and ass hole fucked. I pulled away from the hole and let him watch me put lube on my fingers and slide them in and out of my ass hole. I moved my cunt back up to the hole and he fucked my cunt. I pulled away and moved back with my ass hole centered on the glory hole. His hard cock easily slipped clear up my ass. I rocked my ass back and forth on his cock and we built up a rhythm. He was pounding my ass deep and hard and fast and I loved every fucking second
of it. I could feel his orgasm building and I shoved my ass against the glory hole while he pounded the fuck out of me. He exploded inside of me, groaning and muttering obscenities. The entire episode took only about 10 min. He pulled out of the glory hole and was immediately replaced by a second cock that I had sucked.

I did not get any tongue action this time, LOL. He fucked my cunt for a few minutes and said he wanted to fuck me in my ass. I obliged, centering my ass hole on the glory hole. He pounded me so hard you could hear him slamming up against the wall as he fucked my ass hole. His expletives were so loud that I felt safe in telling him to come up my ass hole. I got 10 min. of hard cunt and ass hole fucking and another hot load of cum up my ass.

Bobby wanted to savor the feeling of his cock up my freshly fucked cunt, with no cum in it. He slid up inside my cunt, slowly savoring every inch as it slid into me. We rocked slowly back and forth and I loved it. I relaxed my cunt muscles as he slid into me and then clamped down on his cock as hard as I could when he pulled out. He was groaning and telling me what a magnificent cunt I had. He pulled his cock out of the hole and asked me to put my tit through the hole so he could feel it and suck on it again. He told me it was the most perfect tit in the world. He said there was a girl that he had always fantasized about feeling up her incredible tits and sucking on them. He said she too had the most
perfect tits in the world. He gently caressed my entire tit and then felt my aureole and nipple. He licked my entire tit. He sucked on my nipple. He stuck his cock back through the hole and I gave him one more slow Deep Throat suck. I backed my ass hole up to the glory hole again and he slowly slid his cock up my ass. I let him stroke my ass hole for about 2 min. before I started clamping my ass hole down on his cock on the out stroked. He pounded me deep and hard and fast, just a way I love it, before he started to come. He shoved his cock all the way up my ass and held it there while he was coming. He yelled," I'm coming in your ass Debbie". That sent me over the top and I had an incredible orgasm. We lingered like that with his cock throbbing in my ass and my ass and cunt spasming for close to a minute. I pulled my ass off of his cock and there was a slurping sound. I immediately turned
around and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked it clean. He was still hard and I wanted him to come in my mouth again. I gave him a savage, slutty blow job like I had never given before in my life. Within 3 min. I milked another orgasm out of his cock. He almost collapsed onto the floor.

I moved away from the hole so that I could not be seen. He told the other two guys that the entire time that I had sucked him off and fucked him that he was imagining it was I in the booth. He told them that he had been fantasizing about fucking me since he was 13. He said that he jacked off imagining seeing me naked and fucking me for years. The other two guys said that I was every guy's in town jack off fantasy.

They left the booth area to go rent videos. We heard the door chime a couple of times while we waited for them to leave the store. A few minutes later the door next to our booth opened again. A hard cock stuck through the glory hole. I sucked it off. The guy left and another cock stuck through the hole for me to suck. The door chimed and we figured that the three guys had left. Another cock appeared through the glory hole. I sucked it. Fast and hard wanting to make it come in my mouth as quickly as possible so we could get out of there. The door chimed again and we heard two more guys outside of the booth. They were talking about a woman being here and sucking cock. Steve had my washcloth and was cleaning up my cunt and my ass. I sucked off the other two cocks while Steve got my dress ready for me to put on. We made a quick exit then hurried to his pickup.

I had given nine blow jobs, all of them with come in my mouth. My cunt had been fucked three times as well is my ass hole, taking three loads of come up my ass. I sucked Steve off on the way home. Steve lives across the street from us and two houses south. We went to his house and were watching the video of me sucking and fucking naked in the video booth while Steve ass fucked me when the three guys called Steve to say they would drop the pornos off that they rented for us. Steve hid his camcorder in the living room to record them talking about their action at the adult video store. I hid naked in his bedroom. They talked about what a perfect body I have and what an incredible cock sucker I am. They said they'd never had their cocks milked with pussy muscles like mine before. None of them had ever ass fucked a woman before. They said it was like getting their cocks sucked by an ass hole. They laughed about Bobby calling the woman in the booth "Debbie". Bobby said that he would do anything just to get to see me naked. But, that's another story.

I love glory hole sex.

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