Brotherly Love_(3)

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This all started when I was about 11 and my older brother was 15. I always liked him but never thought of him in that way. Anyway, I was out playing with friends when my brother heard me say fuck. We were a very strict family so when he said he would tell our parents I got scared and told him I would do anything if he didn't say anything.
That's when it started.

He said he wouldn't say anything if I let him hug me later on. I said sure as didn't think too much about it.

Later that day when I was going to bed he came up with me and told me to get into his bed. I jumped in and noticed he just had him pj bottoms on. He told me to hug him and as I did I noticed something really big was poking me in the leg. When I looked down I seen his cock. I had only ever seen mine before and it was not that big. I couldn't take my eye's off it. It was huge.
I looked up at him and he gave me that look to say it was ok if I wanted to touch it.
To be honest I was a bit scared but I eventually reached down to touch it and it jumped in my hand. It was really soft and hot.

He told me that I could rub it but I was getting scared so I told him I had to leave. He said that I didn't hug him and he would tell my parents but I didn't care and got out of him bed and left for my room.

For the next couple of days I hardly seen my brother but I couldn't stop thinking about his cock. I found myself jerking off thinking about it. I wanted to see it and touch it again but I didn't know what to do.

I decided that I would need to talk to him to make sure he wouldn't tell our parents. It was night time when I next seen him and I was heading to bed. I asked him did he tell our parents and he said no but he would if I didn't sleep in with him for a bit.
I said I would and we went to him bedroom.

I went to my room to get changed and when I came back into him room to get in bed I noticed he had no clothes on. He said he was too warm and that I could take mine off as well. I was kinda warm so I did and got into bed.

He started rubbing his hands over my body eventually going to my rock hard cock. I didn't think I was gay but lying naked with my brother was turning me on.

I decided to start rubbing his body knowing that I had to reach for his cock. I hadn't stopped thinking about it for the last few days and just wanted to feel it in my hand.. and maybe somewhere else.

As we continued my brother moved his body around so that his feet were at my head. He said that it's called a 69 and its easier to touch each other. It was easier to feel his huge cock and as we kept touching each other his cock was only a few inches from my face. I was engrossed in it and was licking my lips thinking about touching it with my lips when I felt something wet and warm wrap around my cock.

It was then I realised I was getting my first, and best ever blow job. As soon as I realised this I shoved my brothers pole into my wet hole and sucked on it like the lolly pop I had earlier. I don't know how long I was sucking when I felt I was just about to cum.
I was so engrossed in sucking my brother that I didn't say anything and just as I was about to shoot ribbons of my white salty goodness into him I felt him tense and at the exact same time we both came.

Both of our mouths got a meal and a half, swallowing down that delicious drink. We couldn't get enough and managed to take it all down, not spilling a drop.

We lay there for about 10 minutes after our massive cum fest just trying to catch our breath.

As I was about to get up I suddenly felt something wet at my asshole. I jumped and asked him what was he doing. He just told me to relax so I did.
I again felt something wet and I also felt both of his hands spreading my ass cheeks, so I knew it was his tongue.
This actually felt great and I found myself pushing my ass down to meet his tongue thrusts. This was going for a while and I could see that we were both getting hard again.

I moved a bit so that I could get to see my brothers asshole.

I spread his cheeks and looked at it. It was slightly brown, and shaped like a little star. There was no hair was it was gently opening and closing.
I looked delicious and I just wanted dive in but I didn't know if he would want me to.
I liked a finger and rubbed it on his brown star and it shot open, as if inviting me in.
Thats when I spread his cheeks as wide as possible and rammed my tongue in. I managed to get about half my tonge straight in which made me think he probably was used to having something bigger up there.

This was really getting us both off and I could feel I was getting ready to cum again.

Just then my brother moved so that he was behind me and I was lying on my back. He then started to rub his dick against me over and over again. I wanted it in me, I so wanted it. He was beginning to really tease me and I didn't know what he was waiting for.
I turned around and told him to put it in, and just then he stopped. He said that he shouldn't be doing this to me and that he was sorry.

I told him it was fine and I want it now. He said it's not right and was getting out of bed. I stopped him and begged him to fuck me.

"Please darren, fuck me" I said. "I need that cock of your's in me now and if you fuck me now you can do whatever you want to do with me from now on" I said. It was true, I so wanted to be fucked by my brother. He got back behind me and slowly slid his long pole into my waiting hole. It slid into me with ease, as if it was meant to be there.

He began pounding me, pumping harder and harder. I knew I was ready to cum again and shot streams of white rope all over him bed. I was just coming down from my orgasm when I felt my brother unleash his load into my ass, coating my insides. That triggered another load of cum onto his bed.

Just then the door opened and my mother walked in.

to be continued.

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