A Boy and His Powers

I couldn’t believe it. My uncle was dead. It was happening all over again. You see, when I was 4, my dad died from a heart attack. My family was devastated. Not having a father figure to look up to, my uncle became my surrogate father. We played ball, he helped my with projects. We became a team. Now, he’s dead too. Much before his time. Now it’s just my mom, my sister Amelia, and my younger sister Kim. When I went to the reading of his will, I found out that he had given me a chest. An empty chest. For months, it teased me. Then, on my 14th birthday, I had a breakthrough. My Uncle had given my mom a key to give me on that day. I had found a keyhole a month earlier, underneath some plywood attached to the bottom of the chest. Now I knew how to open it. When I did, I found a USB flash drive. This was the easy part. I had been a whiz at computers since I first touched one. (This would have some negative effects as I would learn later. Bullies can be very cruel). I easily bypassed the encryption and accessed the files. That’s when everything changed. I found a letter. From my uncle, it told me of his secret to success. (He was a millionaire). He told that it was a serum. He didn’t tell me what it did, just that I had to make and drink it. So I did (I’m almost as good at chemistry as I am in computers.) And then I drank it. So now, here I am. You might be wondering, “What happened when you drank the potion?” The answer is: nothing. Not even a tingly feeling. Little did I know that this was about to change.
A few days after my escapade with chemistry, I was still a normal geek. You know, getting stoned. But then, one hit me in the head, and something snapped. I turned back to my tormentor, Kenny (my next door neighbor), and stared right into his eyes. He laughed but I could tell that he was creped out. He made to throw another stone. I thought, “STOP” and somehow pushed it into his mind. Suddenly, he was frozen, not even blinking. I moved out of the way and pushed “GO”. He threw the rock at where I once was. I smiled. I could have fun with this.
(At this point, let me remind you that I am a 14 year old boy.)
Still under my control, I pushed him to open his front door. “SLEEP”. He collapsed to the floor. I stepped inside.
“Kenny”, yelled his sister, Brianna. I smiled. I hoped she would be here. She was 14, and she was H-O-T! She had brown hair that cascaded down to her small and luscious tits. Her brown eyes were just like chocolate and she had such a seductive voice. Then, her TWIN SISTER came out, of their room, looking worried. ”Where is he? He should have gotten back a half hour ago!”
“Don’t worry. He’ll probably get back soon” replied her mom. Her mom was just as sexy as she was. Her red hair went down to her plump and juicy butt cheeks, and her titties were almost as big as my head.
I swallowed, wondering if this was the best thing to do. But then, my lust took over. I stepped into their view and before they could say “What are you doing here?”, I had them under my spell. “SUCK MY COCK!” I commanded
Their mom, Natalie, went right for the prize. Pulling down my pants, she started sucking my 8’’ dick while pulling down her pants to show me her twat. I groaned as she sucked on the tip of my dick. Meanwhile Brianna began to take off her clothes. “DAMN! They’re even hotter than I imagined them to be!” Brianna’s nipples were already hard, and Bianca took initiative by sucking on them. I grabbed Brianna and slapped her on her teen ass. She moaned in ecstasy. Bianca joined in by licking her mom’s delicious vagina. “Oh god! You’re so big!” screamed Natalie as she deep throated my dick. She pinched her nipples which were as hard as steel. I slapped her ass and she moaned into my member.
"Don't you like it?" she said, her lips just touching the tip of my cock. "I want to make you feel good, darling." With, that, she once again forced her mouth over my cock, sliding her soft lips down the shaft, her tongue swirling over the tip. "God, it's great. Don't stop."
As I moaned with pleasure, Natalie pulled up, gasping for breath, her hands running over the taut flesh. "Do you like that," she asked. "You don't know how excited it makes me doing this." Then, once again, she took my cock into her mouth, using short, quick strokes, her tongue swirling over the sensitive tip, her cheeks sinking in as she sucked.I sat up, looking at Natalie, aroused by the sight of her mouth moving over my cock. Stroking up, taking a breath, she looked directly into my eyes as her tongue flicked the tip. Overcome now with passion, I pulled her head down, forcing the full length into her. I heard her moaning, her mouth and tongue and hands working on the rigid flesh. The feeling was incredible. Natalie's lips were at the base of my cock, her tongue massaging the shaft, her soft hair brushing my thighs. Her hands were moving on my balls, softly rubbing them, her fingers caressing the sensitive spot between my anus and my scrotum.
As I watched Natalie, her lips tight on the root of my cock, I saw her right hand moving down, sliding between her thighs. Then she was moving her hand toward her pussy, inserting her fingers. I saw her hand moving as she worked her fingers inside herself, masturbating as she sucked me Watching Natalie masturbating, I became even more aroused. I could feel my balls tightening, the semen forcing itself into the back of my cock. I pulled Natalie's head tight, wanting the sensation of full penetration. Natalie was moaning constantly now, her right hand moving at her pussy, her tongue massaging my cock. Then I was coming. I could feel the jets of semen shooting out of me into Natalie's mouth into her belly as she swallowed the thick fluid. She began coming too, her hand moving up and down as she stroked herself. The vibration of her moans creating incredible sensations as I continued ejaculating. “UGH” I groaned as I cummed buckets right into her mouth, which she promptly shared with her daughters.
“It’s my turn” Brianna said. I was stroking Brianna's moist pussy, eliciting more moans and gasps from her. I looked closely at Brianna's vagina, fascinated by its smooth nudity. "I've never eaten a pussy. Brianna, lay down on the bed and spread your legs." Brianna's voice was husky with arousal. "Danny, are you really going to do that to eat me there?" "Yeah, and you're going to teach me what to do." I guided Brianna to the bed - on her back, lying on the edge of the bed, her legs spread, her feet on the floor. I knelt on the floor in front of her, positioning myself between her legs. I examined her pussy. Fascinated by the smooth skin, I touched the swollen labia. Brianna gasped, then moaned as I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit; her pubis becoming more and more moist as her arousal grew. "Do you like this? Does it feel good?" I asked. "God yes, don't stop," Brianna gasped, her voice trembling. Her rich scent was coming to me now, my arousal matching hers as I breathed in her pheromones. Using the thumbs of both my hands, I spread her lips, staring into her scarlet interior.
As I stared into Brianna's open vagina, Bianca pressed her naked body against me, her hard nipples rubbing against my shoulder. "Do it, Danny," she whispered. "Eat her pussy. "I bent forward, kissing and licking Brianna's tanned thighs, working up to her swollen labia. Holding my face over her vagina, I could feel the heat rising from her, the pheromones assaulting my nose. I lowered my head, my tongue gliding over her vagina, lapping at her nectar. Looking up, "Is this how you like it?" I asked Brianna. Her only response was to moan more deeply, grabbing my head as she arched her pelvis up toward me. Bianca was still rubbing her naked body against my back and legs. She had reached inside my swim trunks and was caressing my erect organ and balls as she kissed and licked my neck and back and ear. My tongue found Brianna's clitoris rising out of its hood. As I slowly licked around it, she began gasping more quickly, until her breath was coming in quick, short pants. I fastened my lips over the erect tissue, sucking deeply while I allowed my tongue to play over the surface. "Oh oh oh," she cried, hugging my head with her thighs while her body shook with the force of her orgasm.
As the grasp of Brianna's thighs on my head loosened, I looked up at her, her eyes closed, still panting, but more slowly now as she came down from her peak. "Danny," she whispered. "Let me suck you. I want to suck you please." I knew Bianca could taste Brianna's drippings smeared on my mouth as our lips and tongues worked together.
"Lie down, now it's your turn," I told Bianca, pushing her back onto the bed next to Brianna. "Danny, you don't need to," Bianca protested." But I want to," I said, pushing her onto her back. "Now lie back and enjoy yourself. "I reached my arms under Bianca, cradling her soft butt in my hands. Leaning forward, I began licking and kissing the inside of her knees, then moving down her thighs. I looked up at Bianca, her head thrown back, eyes closed, her hands on her breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples, moaning softly. Brianna awake now, her eyes bright, watched Bianca masturbating her breasts. "Play with her breasts," I told Brianna. "Her nipples are very sensitive." Her eyes looked into mine, then, brushing aside Bianca's hand, she placed her hand on Bianca's left breast, gently squeezing the full flesh. Bending forward once more, I allowed my lips and tongue to caress the soft skin of Bianca's thighs. Moving forward, I finally reached her vagina. I licked the moist, silky hairs outlining Bianca's labia, eliciting deeper moans and gasps of pleasure. Spreading her swollen labia with my fingers, I stared at Bianca's distended clitoris. Looking up once more, I saw Brianna sucking and caressing Bianca's swollen breasts. Extending my tongue, I licked around and over Bianca's erect clitoris. As I pressed my lips over her nub, sucking and licking, she cried out, "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD DON'T STOP PLEASE DON'T STOP. "Bucking her legs out of my hands, bracing her feet on the floor, Bianca arched her body, forcing her steamy vagina into my face as she convulsed in orgasm.
Then Brianna's bright blue eyes looking into mine, she reached down, taking my cock in her fingers. Slowly, she lowered herself, until the head just touched her labia, then slipped the tip between the slick lips. Moaning softly, she rolled her hips, sliding her labia over the cockhead till it was wedged against her clitoris. She moaned so deeply I thought she was going to have another orgasm. Then, adjusting her hips so my cock was positioned to enter her, she slowly lowered her body, enveloping my erect organ in her warm pussy.
As my cock slid slowly into Brianna's interior, I gritted my teeth, trying to keep myself from coming. Luckily, once my cock had fully penetrated her, she paused, breathing deeply, her eyes out of focus. Calming myself a little, I reached my hands up to her breasts, squeezing her hard nipples. Brianna looked into my eyes, a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth. Then she slowly raised her hips, causing excruciating sensations in my cock as it slid along the slick walls of her pussy, until my cockhead was just inside her entrance. I looked up at Brianna, seeing that same enigmatic smile on her face. Then, she pistoned down, forcing my cock into her depths, voicing a low - almost coarse - grunt as she reached bottom. I gasped as electric shocks arced through my being at the sensation of my cock being driven inside the tight glove of Brianna's vagina.
Again, Brianna paused, resting on me, her breathing ragged. I reached for her, my hands on her surprisingly slim waist. Concerned about her, I said "Let me""No," Brianna said. "It's just that it's so good. I want to I'm almost ready. "Again, Brianna raised her hips, halting with the tip of my cock just touching her entrance. Looking at me her eyes out of focus, she drove her body down, forcing me into her, spreading the tight walls of her vagina with the hard flesh of my cock.
Up again, then down, Brianna continued stroking me inside the tight confines of her pussy. Her strokes becoming quicker now, up down up down. My hands on her hips, I was thrusting up into Brianna on each of her downward strokes. She was breathing erratically, gasping, her body shaking spasmodically, causing fantastic tremors in her fleshy breasts. "OH OH OH," Brianna gasped, her vagina contracting around my cock like a warm fist, as incredibly, she peaked again. "I'm gonna come," I gasped out. "Yeah," Brianna gasped. "Go on. I want I want you to come in me. "Sitting on my hips, she rested for a moment. Then, she was again stroking her tight vagina up and down my cock, increasing the pace as she responded more and more ardently, moaning deeply. I lifted my hips, meeting each of her downward drives, seeking to push my cock deep into her being. "OH YES OH YES OH YES," Brianna cried, grinding her hips into me, her vagina tight, squeezing my cock. Close to coming, I could feel my balls tightening, the semen forcing itself out of the inflamed testicles into the back of my cock, ready to explode into her pussy. I pulled Brianna tight to me, wanting the sensation of the fullest penetration, squeezing her tits, ramming my cock into her. Then, my cock was exploding in her vagina, hot jets of semen boiling into her. This brought on another convulsive orgasm for Brianna, milking my cock with tight vaginal contractions as I flooded her pussy. "Mmmmph Mmmmph God God," was all she could moan as she ground down with her butt while I rammed up into her.
Exhausted, I finally fell asleep.
The next day, I found myself back at school. I realized that my adventures didn’t have to stop here. With my newfound powers, I could do anything, anyone I wanted!

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