A happy ending_(1)

The Happy Ending

12:01 AM: Phone rings, " Hey Wes, want to come over tomorrow morning and watch some Netflix?" It was Tuesday my favorite day of the week, mainly because I got to hang out with my beautiful friend Nicole. “Of course I would what do you want to watch” I said. She replied with you know me i'm fine with a cheesy horror film or some anime. Sounds good to me i said with excitement. We were both excited to see one another, she told me to be over at about 9:30am before her room mate woke up for work.

Let me give a little de***********ion of Nicole because my god does she deserve it! She is every bit of the word sexy. I would say she is about 5’6”, Slim tight body with ravenous jet black hair. She always wears tops that show off her chest and it was clear why, because her tits were perfect. They always stood proud and didn't sag one bit. Her nipples were pierced and it drove me insane seeing them whenever she would just wear a tank top, which was often. She has a beautiful face with a smile that could silence a room. You would never know but she is fair skinned and tattooed all over which is a big turn on for me!

The next morning I wake up and get ready to go spend time with the woman who makes me happy every day, If she only knew how I really felt. I go to the bathroom to shave and hop in the shower being sure to give special attention in certain places, ya never know what might happen. I got dressed and started the 20 minute drive to her place. Once I arrived I jetted up the 3 flights of stairs until I reached her door. I sent her a text letting her know I arrived so I wouldn't wake up her sleeping roommate.

She came to the door and let me quietly. She was wearing pajama pants and a nice fitting tank top that showed off the metal bars in her nipples perfectly. Once inside we went to her room and hung out until her roommate left for work. We tried to take a nap but the excitement of me being under the covers with Nicole kept my mind racing! As we lay in bed talking and laughing we hear the front door open and close. Finally her roommate left and we can go in the living room and watch some TV with the sound up loud and no interruptions. We both walked into the living room and turned on the PlayStation so we could watch Netflix.

While we looked through the Crappy horror films she made herself some coffee, she is not a morning person. We looked for a few minutes then settled on a horrible movie starring Justin Long called Tusk. As we sat on the couch watching this terrible movie i decided to be bold and move my hand next to hers. To my surprise she opened her hand and grabbed mine. I've wanted to hold her hand and be more than just a friend for a while now so this felt great! It was crazy how something so small could make you feel so happy.

As the movie progressed we got more comfortable on the couch and were in a position as if we were cuddling. My left hand still being held tightly by hers but my right hand had made its way to her leg and was gently rubbing her thigh up and down slowly but making sure to not go to high and push my luck. A few scenes had passed and she had actually put her hand on my lap as well. I wanted to make a move but I also didn't want to ruin the friendship I have with her.

The movie was just about finished and I looked at her beautiful face and smiled. She returned the smile and kind of inched her way closer to me. Make a move I kept hearing in my head, Make a move! Fuck it i said to myself and went in and kissed her. There was so much passion and feelings in that first kiss. Once we stopped we just looked into each others eyes and smiled wide. That was it, we started kissing aggressively and groped each other like a couple of teenagers. As i put my tongue in her mouth she would suck it into her mouth and not let it go almost as to give me a tease of how she sucks dick.

We broke the kiss and both sat up on the couch. The next words she said put everything into motion. “My back hurts”. Would you like for me to rub it for you I asked? She smiled ear to ear and said I would love that. She then got up and walked to her room and I followed. She climbed into her comfy bed and I grabbed some Cherry Blossom lotion from bath and body works from under the sink. I ran back to the bed and hopped on it and asked her where exactly it hurts.

She pointed towards the middle of her back and i said, okay i can fix that but this tank top is going to have to come off. She then sat up on the bed and took it off in one swift motion. Never in my life have I seen a more perfect set of breasts. Her skin is perfectly smooth and pale, Her nipples are the perfect size about a half dollar size with those sexy metal bars running through them. They sat so proudly on her chest fuck they were perky and amazing! To be honest they had me completely mesmerized.

She laid back down on the bed and I proceeded to squirt some lotion onto my hands. By this time I was rock hard from the kissing and seeing her amazing tits. I purposely spread her legs apart and place my leg in between so I'm sort of straddling her from behind. I made sure to rub my hands together to make sure the lotion wasn't cold. I then applied it to her back and began to apply some pressure.

Every time I would press my hands into her with force my cock would press into her ass from behind. She didn't say anything but I made sure she noticed. I sensually rubbed her back for a few minutes then asked if it hurts lower. Nicole said it did so I pulled down her pants exposing her butt. I know that's not her back but hey, what's a guy to do?

I added some more lotion to my hands and proceeded to massage her butt cheeks. She let out a soft moan and that was the sign I needed. I then parted her ass and began to massage her soaking wet pussy from behind. she must have been enjoying herself because she was dripping. I quickly found her clit and began to rub it with her arousal. Her pussy was so slick I couldn't help but slide a finger inside her. Mmmm she let out a loud moan and spread her legs wider. I wanted more, no I needed more. I took my fingers and tasted them quickly. It was exactly as I had imagined and tasted sweet but not too much. Pussy has a distinct taste and I love it.

I let her know how good she tasted and turned her over on her back. Nicole looked at me and grinned. I could tell she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her! We then kissed again and she tasted her pussy from when I had licked my fingers. This must of turned her on further because she moaned more especially when I put two fingers back in her tight shaved pussy. Having watched my fair bit of porn and bring familiar with the female anatomy I began to stimulate her g spot. Up and down I fingered her gash until to my surprise my fingers started to make a sloshing noise and she let out the first squirt of many.

This was the first woman I've been with who squirted and it made me so turned on and excited. I continued to play with her clit and finger fuck her with my middle and ring fingers. It didn't take long before she squirted again and her legs began to tremble. All I could think was fuck this woman is amazing and sexy as hell! As much as i love pleasing my cock needed attention and was starting to leak precum. I whispered in her ear and asked if she would suck me. She giggled and positioned herself right above my dick. She then licked my thigh and started to massage my balls which were hot and full of cum. In one quick motion she took my entire length into her throat and began to suck me like I've never had before. She kept moaning and looking up at me as she was making those amazing sloppy slurp noises.

I swear it's as if she was trying to suck my soul out, she did not tire and she kept a vigorous pace. As good as her mouth felt I needed to feel her squirt on me. I pulled her on top of me so she was straddling my lap. Her perfect huge tits were now in my face and I could feel the warmth from her pussy. She reached back and aligned it with her dripping wet cunt. She sat down on it and let out a gasp and bit her bottom lip as she accepted me inside her. She began to ride me nice and rough while her tits were swinging in my face, it was so sexy how she handled my cock. Nicole began to increase her speed and then came that familiar sloshing sound as she squirted all over me. Feeling her warm cum all over drove me over the edge and i leaned her forward and pounded her pussy until she was squirting again.

By this point the bed was completely soak n wet but i wasn't finished. I threw her off of me and got down on my knees while she slid to the edge of the bed. I immediately began to lick up all her sweet cum and finger fuck her while i did circles around her clit with my tongue. She tasted so good I did not want to stop but i had to give her asshole some attention and licked and tongued that too. After she came I stood up and began to fuck her off the side of the bed. I could feel her tightening up Again and I knew she was going to squirt again so I grabbed her by the throat And squeezed the sides firmly. This made her eyes roll back and her pussy to start convulse and squirt.

I flipped her over and bent her over the bed so I could fuck get from behind. I'm not sure how but her pussy was even tighter now. She was moaning nice and loud now which did the trick I told her I was ready to cum and she got down on the floor and sucked herself off my cock. She is so fucking nasty I thought to myself as I bent down and kissed her so I could taste both of us. She then started sucking my cock as if it was the last time she ever would. I told her I'm going to cum and she continued to suck harder and deeper. Once she started to feel my cock twitch and swell she removed it from her expert mouth and aimed it at her massive tits.

She spat on my cock and began to stroke it quickly. Nicole knew just what to do to make me cum. She looked up at me and began to tell me to give her my hot cum and kept sticking her tongue out and rubbing my throbbing head all over it. As she massaged my aching balls with one hand she jerked me with the other. It was time, I could not hold it in any longer and let out a thick rope of cum all over her tits. She kept on stroking me and stream after stream of cum pumped out of me onto her tongue and tits. Nicole looked so satisfied as she was on her knees covered in my pearly cum. My knees became weak and I needed to relax so I hopped up on the soaking wet bed and laid with her until we had enough energy to go make breakfast. I love giving massages especially when there's a happy ending!

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