Jill becomes a Hot Wife Ch 2

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Jill becomes a hot wife

Chapter 2

Well it’s been a couple of years now since Jill found her hot sexual desire that day at the mall. She had no idea that voyeurism and exobitionism could lead to so much fun. She always felt that was something weirdoes and perverts did. But now she knows the real joys of being a hot sensual wife and it has really changed her for the better. It had a few bumps in the beginning as she started to feel that I did not love or respect her because she did not understand how I could watch her have sex and not get mad or jealous. I explained to her that because I loved her so much and my love ran so deep that to see her having great pleasure was very exciting and that at first it did hurt but watching her enjoy herself was something that ran deep and took over. It wasn’t until she experienced something similar that she started to understand and wow she really took her sexuality to new heights.

A little over a year ago after having several mall and shopping encounters we had a couple of friends over for a barbeque. They were a couple about my wife’s age in their late thirties as I am 14 years older than Jill. We get the strangest looks from people when we go out because Jill looks like she is in her mid twenties. Anyway while I was getting ready to grill some tri tips Jill and her friend Renee decided to get in the hot tub which was just below the deck on the cement pad. So mine and Joes view from the deck was perfect. I could hear them talking as well and it was not long before they started feeling their drinks and started talking about their sex lives. When Jill told Renee what she had seen and done at the mall a few months ago, Renee’s’ reaction was that of surprise but she wanted to hear more.

The more Jill talked the more Renee listened and she became so worked up you could see her starting to squirm in the tub. I heard her tell Jill that she could never do that and Jill quickly replied, “I did not think I could either until it happened. “ “I just got so hot and caught up in the moment that I just let loose. “

Renee replied, “I can see how, because just listening to you has made me wetter than I have been in a long time. Have you ever tried watching someone with your husband? Or even watching another couple?

“No” said, Jill. “I have never even thought of that and my husband said he was not interested in being with anyone else.”

“Maybe that is just because the opportunity has not been there. If it was the right person and time it might be different. I do not know because I have never done anything like that. I was just curious as to why it’s only been Randy doing the watching and why you have not tried it.”

I could tell by the look on Jill’s face that she was thinking about it. As she became quiet for a few minutes, then began telling Renee about another encounter where I was late and I and found her in the men’s bathroom being fucked and sucking several guys at the mall. Before she finished the story Renee called her husband Joe down to the hot tub. As he got near the tub Renee took her top off and startled Joe as she pulled him into the tub clothes and all. She helped him get undressed, actually more like trying to rip his clothes off. Then she took her panties off and laid them on the rail of the hot tub. She commanded Joe to lick her wet pussy while Renee told her stories. Joe took to his hot little wife, which was quite unlike her, like a duck to water. She was not like this before but he liked it and was not going to complain. He dug into that wet muff like it was the last pie in a pie eating contest.

Jill continued her story and I watched from above. Renee had a nice little body with small breasts. She was not as tall as Jill. About 5’6” compared to Jill’s 5’10” with long legs. Jill sported 36c’s that were all real and Renee looked to be about a 34b cup. Jill’s did not sag like a woman that just turned 40 either.

I was enjoying the view and Jill did not even skip a beat in her story as Renee continued to grind her bare shaven mound into her husbands face as his tongue went up and down between her pussy lips, he would stop now and then and push his tongue deep into her throbbing pussy licking up all the juice he could. Then he slid his tongue slowly up to her clit and lightly sucks it into his mouth as he circled his tongue around its stiffness. Her whole body began to tighten and she began to convulse as she had the best orgasm she could remember. She rolled over and Joe shoved his now swollen shaft into her still spasming wet cunt. Renee reached over and pulled Jill’s top off and began sucking her round firm breast.

Until now I had not seen Jill with another woman and judging by the throbbing in my groin I was liking it quite well. Jill kept telling her story although every now and then her voice would change and skip as her own pussy would spasm. Renee sucked viciously back and forth on Jill’s hard nipples. I watched Jill’s hand slide into her panties and she began to finger herself. Then she waved me to come down with her free hand and without hesitation I was down the steps and standing beside her. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock and licked the pre cum off the head. Then she sucked it deep into her throat and then pulled away and told Renee to take over so she could try watching.

As Renee took my balls in her hand and swallowed my cock with the same vigor as she was sucking Jill’s titts, I was thinking that this was the first time Jill was watching me and the thought was making it hard to hold back from cumming. Jill was very hot about it as well as she pumped her clit with her fingers and was moaning as she began to cum.

When Jill’s jittery voice moaned, “ I’mmmmmmm cccuuuummmmmmmming, ohhhh shit! That was all I needed as I blew my load into Renee’s mouth as she swallowed every drop.

Joe, seeing his wife swallow a load from my cock as Jill fingered herself to an orgasm, now was bursting his cum juice into Renee’s wanting pussy.

This was all new to Jill, being on the voyeurs end anyway. But she really liked it as well, as she was showing. She instructed me to fuck Renee from behind, while she was sucking Joes cock. Jill climbed out of the hot tub and pulled up a more comfy lounge chair above us on the deck. She disappeared into the house for a moment and returned with her vibrator in hand.

I was now hard again and moved behind Renee as she was taking all 8 inches of her husband into her throat. I slid my hard shaft into Renee’s tight wet cunt as she let out a delightful moan. As I began to fuck her I could see Jill sliding her vibrator along her wet slit and circling her clit while licking her lips as she watched us. Her other hand was twisting her nipples which were as hard as rocks.

Joe was already building up to dump his load as he watched his wife get fucked from behind and Jill working herself over. I was slamming my cock hard into her and could feel my balls hitting her shaved mound. With each of her moans Joe started to tighten up more as he began to unload into her throat. His cock swelled as he jerked forward into her mouth. With each plunge into her mouth he shot a stream of hot cum and Renee swallowed every last drop as it squirted out of his shaft.

I could feel Renee rubbing her clit with her fingers and her pussy was convulsing as I felt her pussy tighten again and again as she began to have a massive orgasm that caused her to scream with delight. Just then I felt my own cum building and began to slam her harder and harder as I felt my cock swell and release with every stroke it felt like I could not stop cumming. Both of us collapsed into the hot tub together.

Joe had pulled a chair up next to Jill and was watching her show. I do not think she noticed him at this point as she was so worked up into a frenzy building up for a great climax. She asked him to suck on her nipple hard. He did not hesitate as he quickly took her hard nipple into his mouth as she used her vibrator rubbing circles around her ridged stiff clit.

Renee climbed out of the tub and walked up to the deck and knelt down on the other breast of Jill. As she began to suck on that hard nipple I saw Jill’s body really begin to tense up. I knew she must be getting close to a big orgasm. I could feel my cock starting to throb again and decided to get in on the action as I have always loved the taste of Jill’s juices, comparing them to peaches and cream. I knelt down between Jill’s legs and raised her heels up high to expose her dripping wet slit. I could see the milky white cream seeping out her sweet hole as she continued with her toy. I slowly took my tongue and began to lick up the juices of her pleasure. As my tongue found her sweet hole I shoved it as far in as it would go and found it to be full of honey as I sucked as much out as she could give. This sent her over the top as she tightened up so hard that the only part of her touching anything that was not flesh was the back of her head. She exploded into my mouth and I tried to take it all but I could feel it all over my face and running down my chin. I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Renee asking me to move because she wanted a mouth full as well. I stepped aside and saw Jill had taken Joes cock into her mouth and was vigorously sucking on his swollen shaft.

Jill was in such a frenzy as if she was cumming non stop. I could see Renee sucking up mouth full’s of her sweet nectar. Jill reached over and grabbed my cock and began sucking one then the other and continuously going back and forth. She was in a constant state of ecstasy that I had never seen before. She was moaning and her body was numb with pleasure. Her orgasms were cumming in waves one right after the other and each was stronger than the last until with one last scream, filled with pleasure, every muscle in her body from head to toe, tightened and she came so hard and squeezed her legs so tight that Renee’s head and face almost turned blue. Joe began to shoot his hot cum into her mouth and I was so hot with seeing it all that I shot my load all over her face. Renee pulled away with her face soaked in Jill’s cum as Jill collapsed in exhaustion. She licked her lips and said, “That was sooo soooo sweet Jill has the sweetest pussy I has ever tasted. What a pleasure to have such an appetizer before dinner.”

The BBQ was good and pre heated by now so with my knees wobbly I thru the Tri Tips on the grill and we had a great dinner and all enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing in the hot tub.

A lot has gone on since that first day at the mall, till now, and there have been many adventures in the last 2 years. Those are for another day though. But I will say this and that is Jill is one hot wife now and getting hotter all the time.

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