Amy, Part 2

Amy, Part 2


When September came, the students returned to campus, including Amy. I thought it might be awkward seeing her after three months of no contact. On the other hand, Amy had such great social graces (and managed to hide from the world what a slut she could be), I figured things would probably go smoothly.

Amy arrived for our first meeting. We hugged in greeting, and I kept back so my boner would not poke Amy in the stomach. Amy gave me her sly grin as she sat down, but we both were totally business, at least outwardly. We talked at great length about her proposed project comparing women’s age at first marriage in different countries and the reasons for any differences.

“Speaking of which,” I said casually, “are you keeping with your commitment to date older men?”

“Kind of,” she replied with a grin. “Last May I had amazing sex with this older guy. But other older guys couldn’t compare. All summer it was one or two dates and no spark.”

“Well that’s a shame,” I said insincerely. “You are young, smart and beautiful. Economic research says you will do well in your career.”

Amy got up to leave, gathering her books and backpack from the floor. I doubt it was an accident she bent over at the waist with her bum pointed in my direction. Her short dress rose tantalizingly close to exposing her ass, but no such luck. Amy turned as she slung her backpack over her shoulder.

“Hey, by the way, nice file cabinet. Adds to the salvage store décor.”

“It used to be fine. Last spring I nailed something up against it, bent it to Hell.”

Amy burst out laughing, “Good one! You are so bad.”

“That’s not what you said last year,” I grinned at this lovely young woman.

“No, its not, she said,” returning my smile. It was the exact opposite of bad.

With that, Amy walked over to me, put her free hand around my waist and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Try to keep being a good boy this year too!” she said as she smiled, opened the door and left.

Amy enrolled in my labor law class for fall semester. In class she resumed sitting in the front row and wearing no underwear. Her legs were spread at a 45-degree angle every moment of every class. She smiled slyly at me each time she caught my eye. She giggled as I stumbled for words when asking her questions.

But it was torture. I had to stop using the chalkboard because every time I turned back to face the class my eyes fell to Amy’s exposed pussy. I’m sure the rest of the students noticed. It wasn’t fair! I had fucked that tight pussy, shot my semen deep inside it. It ached to be so close to that pussy again with no chance tapping that again. As the semester progressed, Amy and I both began to act more like that amazing fuck in my office had never happened. I was a little sad but not at all surprised. It was a one-time thing. That’s how the stars aligned.

But as I said earlier, Amy would have a September surprise for me as well. I was giving an exam to Amy’s class that afternoon, and I had just finished copying the exams when there was a knock on the door. It was Amy.

“Professor, can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure,” I said, “Do you have any questions?”

“No, I just need to calm down. I am really nervous about the exam. Can you help me?”

“I guess, come on in,” I said, still not suspecting anything. It didn’t register that she had again closed the door when she walked across the room to where I was standing. Without a word, she stood in front of me, smiled, and began opening my pants.

“Amy, what are you doing?” I stammered. This girl always caught me off guard.

“Relaxing,” she said nonchalantly as my cock sprang from my underwear. “This is how I relax.”

With that she swallows my cock down her throat. Her lips move along the shaft of my cock while her hand plays with my balls. I found myself surprised that a classy girl like Amy gave the best blowjob I had ever experienced. She could make me drop my load in seconds if she had a mind to. She licked, caressed, sucked, or bit every erogenous zone of my body. The head of my cock, the shaft of my cock, my balls, my sack, my taint, my asshole; the list goes on. This girl could make a fortune if she made a video of how to give head.

I could not hold out very long against such an amazing onslaught. “Amy, I am going to cum” I muttered, not believing how good my cock felt in her mouth. “Yeth pweez,” she hummed, her mouth still full of my cock. As she felt my body tense, she slid me out of her mouth and continued to stroke my cock furiously. With a gasp my cock began to shoot ropes of sticky warm cum across her face. I held her head so she couldn't dodge my load, but it wasn’t necessary. She took it all in the face, smiling all the while, licking my cum from her lips.

When I was spent, she pulled my underwear into place and pulled up my pants. All with my cum covering her face. While I was buttoning up she went to my desk and grabbed a tissue and began wiping the sticky load from her face and neck. “That’s better,” she said, giving me a peck on the cheek and leaving my office, still wiping cum from her face.

The exam later that day is a blur to me. Amy sat in the front row, calmly writing her exam, looking up and smiling innocently at me from time to time. Her blouse had several faint stains near the top that were certainly from my splooge. Once Amy looked up at me and licked her lips lasciviously. I’m sure I blushed.

Thankfully, Amy aced the exam. I didn’t want to face the dilemma of having to give a poor grade to the woman who sucked my cock right before the exam. I still didn’t know why she wanted a facial before the exam, but I wasn’t really complaining. I encountered Amy a couple times in the next week and once again she was her urbane, dignified self.

Then about two weeks later she pokes her head in my office again, “Are you busy right now?” I wasn’t. In fact I was playing with my cock through my pants remembering Amy’s expert blowjob. “Oh, hi Amy, please come in.” She came in and closed the door again and came right to the point. “I have another exam today and I am really tense. You helped me relax last time, and, it was kind of a good luck charm.” Caught off guard again, I said nothing intelligible as Amy came around my desk and knelt in front of my chair. She opened my zipper and pulled my cock out of my underwear. As she began sucking me again, she said, “Maybe stand up so we don’t get anything on your slacks.” Still speechless, I stood up.

It is hard to describe how amazing Amy was with her mouth and tongue. Knowing just where to touch, knowing just where to flick her tongue, knowing just how hard and where to bite to send waves of pleasure through my body. The most unbelievable oral experience ever. Once again, I was ready to cum fairly quickly, and Amy took my cock out of her mouth so she could take it in her face. She opened her mouth as my cock began to shoot hot sperm across her lovely face. I covered her face with another thick load, and Amy smiled through the whole climax.

I have to say, there are worse things in the world than having one’s cock serve as a beautiful young girl’s study break. Amy’s looks were quite unforgettable, and her technique giving head was even more so. Remembering her lips and tongue on my cock, feeling the large loads she coaxed from my balls…made it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

But Amy was good. She could attend my class, participate in discussions, ask questions without the slightest hint that she had had my balls in her mouth. She smiled and greeted me in the hallway when walking with her girlfriends with complete nonchalance, while all I saw was my sticky load painting her lovely face.

But, I still couldn’t figure out why I was her relaxation. There were plenty of boys at the school who undoubtedly had bigger cocks and bigger youthful loads than me. I wasn’t complaining, but the academic in me couldn’t let go of the curiosity.

Amy was also teasing me a bit. She was a frequent visitor to my office, with class issues, questions about her project and the like. I never knew when she stopped by whether it was for academic reasons or carnal ones. My cock stiffened regardless. More than once I had to take care of myself, shooting cum across my desk, when Amy left me blue-balled after a routine visit. She would leave with a little wave and a smile on her face—a smile that said “I know you are going to be jacking off in five minutes.” Sometimes she raised the back of her short skirt as she left, flashing her tight little ass at me, and revealing her lack of underwear as she slid through the door.

Once, I broke my cardinal rule of not making the first move when her relaxation visits became too far between. Amy was sitting across the desk from me, leaning over and showing me the latest results from her senior project. Not accidentally I think, she wore a loose top and no bra so I could see her small breasts and erect nipples. I was paying no attention to what she was saying. I went across the room and closed the door. Without a word, I went to where Amy was sitting, grabbed her by the hair pulling her out of the chair and onto her knees in front of me. Rather than being shocked, Amy was smiling up at me.

“Would you like me to suck your cock, sir?” she asked.

Without saying a word, I opened my pants, grabbed her hair roughly in one hand, my hard cock in the other, and forced my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I moaned and threw my head back as I reveled in Amy’s incomparable head technique. I was more aggressive this time, trying to take back control as I held her head in both hands and roughly fucked her face.

Amy seemed to enjoy it all, as she slid my cock out of her mouth to lick and suck my balls. She stroked my wet cock as she looked at me with those blue eyes and said, “I’m going to put your cock down my throat, and you are going to shoot your load straight down my throat.” It was an amazing feeling as my cock slithered down her throat, Amy not gagging a bit as she swallowed me whole. I was close, and it didn’t take many strokes in her tight throat before my cock did as she ordered, and emptied my load down her throat. Just when I thought this girl could not give better head, she gave me better head.

“That was amazing,” I panted, as I buttoned up and pulled up a chair beside her.

“Thank you, Professor,” she said, “I’ve had a lot of practice.”

“Yeah, I have a question about that Amy,” I said, coming to my senses faster than I would have liked. “Why an old guy like me? Why now? Why not last year? You must have your choice of any number of young studs with large cocks they would love to give you.”

“Oh you know. Guys hit on me all the time. And truthfully, sometimes at a club where nobody knows me, I have taken a guy into the men’s room and gone down on them. Only two or three times I guess. But the truth is, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I guess I am what they call a cumslut. I love making men cum, I love watching them cum, I love wearing their cum, I love eating their cum as often as I can.”

“Amy, I don’t know what a cumslut should look like, but they don’t look like you.”

“Thank you Professor. Part of being a really good cumslut is to not look the part. Guys cum harder when they are surprised. You did,” she grinned.

“But again,” I pressed, “Why me? Why now?

“You’re right, Professor. I could easily line up ten guys a night and blow them all. But then my cover is blown, so to speak. I am not prim upstanding Amy any more. I am the slut who will suck off anybody. Not a good look on campus or anywhere else.” She leaned back in her chair, “And that is why I visit you. You give me what I want and you’re safe. Last semester you fucked me up against that filing cabinet. It was really hot. I see that stain in the carpet never came out. But all summer, I never heard a peep from anyone about that. I didn’t tell anyone, and neither did you. So I knew I could do you all I wanted and you would never tell.” I knew Amy was smart, but she seemed to have considered all the angles.

“That makes sense,” I said, still foggy and weak kneed. It was easy to ask inappropriate questions in that condition. “So this cumslut thing. Is that something you choose to be, or are you born that way?”

“I don’t know about other girls, but I was born like this. I know now I was a cumslut from the day I was born.”

“That’s a pretty bold statement. What makes you think that?”

“I guess I am like an addict. Addicts pretty much know they’re an addict the first drink or the first hit they take. Although in retrospect it was an awful experience, the first time I tasted cum I knew I wanted more. A lot more.”

“An awful experience?” I asked. A month’s supply of my testosterone was now churning in Amy’s stomach, so I was still pretty dumbfucked. Made it easy to ask intrusive questions without knowing I was being intrusive.

“Yeah, I was 14. I had been on a babysitting gig and the dad was driving me the few blocks to my house. He was pretty drunk. I was looking out the window trying to ignore him when he said ‘I need you to do something for me.’ When I turned to look he just grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto his cock. I guess I didn’t notice when he was pulling it out of his pants. I tried to resist, I had no idea what was going on, but he was pretty strong. I tried biting his dick but it didn’t help. You know, it didn’t occur to me at the time, but I was actually kind of turned on by him being rough. He was pretty drunk so he came almost instantly. For a second, I was grossed out. But it was warm, salty, sticky and a bit grainy. I loved it. I closed my lips around his cock and swallowed his whole load.”

“Oh Amy, I’m so sorry. That is awful. What a sick man. I hope you reported him.”

“I mean, how sick is that? This guy is raping me and I am trying to suck him dry. I don’t know why, but I didn’t care. But I knew at that point that I absolutely loved what came out of his dick and I was going to get more. So, no, I didn’t report him. I actually blew him about three or four times over the next month or so. Must have surprised the Hell out of him,” she laughed. “Then he started talking about fucking me and I didn’t even know what that was, so I never saw him again.”

Amy’s eyes changed from kind of angry to wistful. “That started a bad time. I felt really guilty and trashy. Mom was always telling me that my first sexual experience should be special. And mine was being face fucked and raped in the front seat of a neighbor’s car. And worst, I kind of liked it. I went back to this horrible man for more. I felt like trash.”

“Amy, I’m sorry,” I stammered, the gravity of Amy’s story brought me back to earth pretty quickly. “I’m so sorry that happened to you. I didn’t know I would be prying so with my question.”

“That’s okay Professor,” she sighed. I’ve never told anyone other than my therapist about that experience. Not my Mom. Certainly not my Dad. He owns too many guns. Not even my closest girlfriends.”

“So if I am not prying, and I know I am, how did you go back to loving cum? Didn’t that experience send you the running from the idea?”

“Well, it wasn’t pretty, but my parents sent me to a therapist because I seemed so unhappy. Boys asked me out all the time, but I never went. I knew I would end up sucking their dicks, word would spread that I was a slut, and I would just feel worse. So I was miserable.” She shifted in her chair. “The therapist told me I had to be myself to be happy, and a cum lover is what I was. I didn’t believe her. I asked her what would happen if being myself meant I wanted to suck cock. Any cock. Every cock. She told me that I could not be orally promiscuous. I had to be discerning in choosing men I want to do. Picking a devoted boyfriend, hopefully one who understands it is an affliction, not a relationship. Picking men on the side that would give me a positive, not demeaning experience as I satisfied my need. Men that would respect who I am and not spread rumors about me. Men like you.”

“I’m flattered, I guess Amy. What you have done for me is unbelievable, and I would never do anything to hurt you. Is it just me? Not that it matters.”

She smiled. “Actually, there are four other professors I do. One is female. Turns out I eat a mean pussy too.”

“Amy I love your, shall we say, “visits.” Who wouldn’t? But surprisingly, I am having some moral qualms about taking advantage of a woman whose desires were first kindled by a sexual assault. And clearly I am not someone given to a lot of moral qualms.”

“Professor, that was my whole issue with my life! Basically a rapist taught me what I love. I was sick, I felt awful about myself. But I learned that while he gave me my first experience, he didn’t make me love eating sperm. If it hadn’t been him, it would have been my boyfriend at 15 or 16. I am wired to swallow cum. I don’t feel guilty or bad, so why should you?”

With that she came around my desk again, put her hand on my cock, which was amazingly growing hard again through my pants, and put my hand on her blazing hot crotch. “Professor,” she said in her best baby voice, “don’t you want to give little Amy another mouthful of jizz? She wants it so much!”

That girl is insatiable, I thought to myself. “Amy, the way I feel right now, I don’t think I could cum again for a month. You got it all.”

“Hmmm, I’d love to try, and I love your taste. Let me tell you about the graduation gift I am planning for you.” I could feel my cock stiffen as she spoke. She turned her back to me and bent over as she lifted her short skirt. She spread her ass, revealing a beautiful, tight, pink asshole. “You’ve cum in my mouth, you’ve cum in my pussy, but there is still one hole that hasn’t had your jizz. I was going to give it to you on graduation day. I know how much you love ass.”

Almost unable to speak, I stammered, “I love ass. It is my favorite.” I couldn’t take my eyes off that beautiful butthole. I remembered how it tasted.

“Good,” she said, sliding her middle finger into her ass with ease. “So you have something to look forward to. She wiggled her bum as she played sliding her finger in her ass. “So you let me visit and give me your cum whenever I want, and you can do what you want with my ass on graduation day. Okay?”

Almost hypnotized, I grunted my assent. Amy looked back at me over her shoulder as she played with her asshole, “By the way Professor, are you hard again?” Actually I was and said so.

“Excellent!” Amy said as she turned back to me and slipped off her dress. She was naked underneath.

“Just to help you concentrate,” she said, as she pulled my still sticky cock from my pants.

“Let’s see if you are telling the truth about being empty.” She ran her tongue from the base of my shaft to the tip, licking up the remnants of her earlier work.

“I love leftovers,” she said looking up at me and licking her lips. She slowly slid my cock into her mouth and down her throat, taking it all the way to the base. She slid me out of her mouth, leaving my cock slick with her saliva which she used to stroke me furiously.

“Oh Professor, there is definitely another load in those balls. I want it.”

With that she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and teased the underside with her tongue. Her right hand stroked my shaft. She made me stand again. The trousers, you know. I could feel my balls getting ready to fill her mouth again. This girl knew my cock so well now, she knew just what to do to get what she wanted. Suddenly I feel Amy’s finger slowly pushing into my asshole.

“Jesus Amy, what are you doing?” Of course I knew exactly what she was doing.

“Uhhhmmmm…Amy…” Now I was the one making those guttural sound one makes when their ass is being violated. Amy’s finger hit what must have been my prostate because I exploded in her mouth again, shooting a second load into her mouth as least as large as the first one.

“Oh my God Amy! Oh my God! That was amazing!” I whispered as she emptied my balls into her mouth.

“Show me my cum, baby.” I love to see a woman with a mouthful of cum. Especially when it is my cum. Amy stood and opened her mouth, showing me her beautiful mouth full of my seed.

“Swallow it baby. Let me hear you swallow it all.” I guess after a marriage to a prudish woman who wouldn’t swallow, the sound of a girl drinking my semen always sent me over the edge. She obliged, and I almost came a little more at the sound of my cum slithering down her throat.

“I knew you had more for me Professor,” she said, wiping her lips with her finger and putting the drips in her mouth. God this woman was hot!

“I’m late for class,” Amy said, hurriedly sliding back into her little dress. “You’re okay?” My dazed look must have looked like I was going to faint.

“I’m fine.” I said. “I’m just going to sit here for awhile. You go.” I couldn’t imagine how I could teach my afternoon class.

“Okay Professor,” she smiled. “See you soon! Remember our deal!” She flashed that beautiful little anus at me as she headed for the door.


The second semester was finally winding down, and graduation approached. I did not have to remind Amy of our bargain, as she kept talking to me about it, as well as wiggling her bum at me whenever she knew I was behind her. Any attempts to fuck her ass during her periodic visits were rejected completely.

“I am going to have a big surprise for you on Graduation Day, Professor! I hope you can handle it!”

“A surprise,” I answered in mock apprehension. “What could it possibly be?” Then I would concoct possible surprises. “You keep your graduation gown on?”

“Boring…Been done. Not by me, but it’s been done.”

“Are you going to make me do it on the platform as you walk by to receive your diploma?”

“That’s awfully fast, but then so are you.”

“Ouch baby. Just ouch.” I looked dejected. “I know! Your mother is going to take your place with me on Graduation Day!

“Ewww! There is an image I will never be able to erase from my brain.”

“Her or me?”

“Both of you! Gross…I can’t believe I came out of that woman sometimes.”

“Can you give me a hint at the surprise?”



“Okay, I’ll give you a hint: There will be props involved.”

“Oooooh, toys!”


“Butt plug?”

“No. A good idea but, no.”

“Not an inflatable girl doll!”

Amy laughed hysterically. “No, nothing inflatable. But I should have thought to bring one just to see the look on your face. I’m not telling you anymore. You’ll just have to wait and see. It will be something you've never done before.”

“Sadly, that covers a lot of ground for me, even at my age. Okay. I will just have to wait to the day to see what it is.”

“Why yes…yes you do.”

Finally the big day arrived. The campus seethed with parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. College staff struggled to herd students, most all of whom were hung over, into their proper alphabetical spot in line. Faculty lined up across the path in a much more leisurely line, as it didn’t matter what order we were in.

As I was finding a friend in line to sit next to during the grueling ceremony, Amy came running up to me, turning to motion a laggard group of people to catch up.

“Hi Professor! I’m glad I caught you before the ceremony. I want you to meet my family.” Before her family caught up, Amy drew me close in a friendly hug and whispered in my ear, “I am naked under this robe.”

Now it may or may not surprise the reader, but it was not at all uncommon for female graduates to wear nothing under their robes, or wear only skimpy underwear. I learned this the hard way several years ago when a Swedish student caught me for a similar hug and introduction. As I reached to hug her, one of my hands accidently slipped up the baggy sleeve of her academic gown, such that when I went to hug her, I got nothing but the naked skin of her back. I was appalled. She just smiled at me as she began the introductions. I tried to extricate myself from her gown as gracefully as I could. I think her parents thought I was a perv.

Amy’s parents arrived first, and they introduced themselves as John and Jeanette. A handsome couple, but Amy’s beauty came from another part of the genetic pool.

“How do you do, Professor,” John began, “Amy says that you are the best she’s ever had in the classroom.” I stifled a guffaw as I turned red.

“Well, I think the same of Amy. I have never had a better student in my office—or classroom,” I hastened to add. But John and Jeanette seemed oblivious to the double entendres flying about.

Jeanette started in, “Amy says you were able to show her things she’d never seen before, or to see things from a different angle.”

Barely able to not laugh at these lovely people, I said, “Amy is the only student I have had who is flexible enough to get at any angle she wants.” I kept digging the hole deeper. Amy looked a little mortified. Amy’s grandparents soon joined the group. Her sister (a little younger but just as beautiful) was walking with them. Grandpa’s grin suggested he was getting the joke when her sister said with a similar broad grin,

“Amy told me that you are the hardest professor she’s ever had!”

“Well, your sister has worked under some of the hardest professors on campus and received rave reviews. But Amy can handle all of them. She loves it hard.”

Sister and grandpa were giggling and Amy was bright red. Luckily her parents and grandma were not in on the joke.

“But I got some great things out of having Amy working under me. She took me places I’d never been before, and peaks I will probably not rise to ever again.”

“Professor,” Amy’s mother said, “Amy said that you needed her to clean up some items left over from her project after today’s ceremony. Would you join us for dinner afterwards?”

“Yes, I have a long term project I want to finish, and I’m afraid there might be some surprises today. I need Amy to handle anything that comes up unexpectedly. As for dinner, I am planning on eating in my office.”

“Oh lots of things come up in Professor’s office. You guys should go get a seat for the ceremony,” Amy suggested. When her back was to her family walking away, out of earshot, we started laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh my God, Professor! You are so fucking bad! What if my parents had figured out what you were really talking about?”

“I would have said that I have no idea what they are talking about!” I pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “Please tell me my surprise today will be your sister joining us this afternoon.”

“You wish, bucko. History shows I am more than you can handle, so having my sister join would kill you for sure!”

“Probably true,” I lamented. However, the image of one sister sitting on my face and another sister riding my cock was now burning into my mind. It was going to be a long ceremony with this pole in my pants. Amy noticed.

“Well Professor, you’re out of the barn first.”

“Sorry. Just imagining doing you and your sister at the same time.”

“Just to torture you more, if I asked her she would probably do it. She and I used to have sex pretty regularly when I lived at home. Even doubled up on a couple of boyfriends. She knows I have been fucking a professor and this little conversation probably told her who it is. But someone has to spend time with my parents and grands. Too bad”

Now I was really hard. This ceremony could not finish soon enough…

After four hours of sitting in the sun wearing a long black robe and hard dick, I dragged my sweaty self back to my air conditioned office. I am really getting too old to sit in a seat more cramped than a discount airline seat and listen to inspiring speeches and the dirge-like reading of the 800+ graduates names. But the families love it, and after what they just paid for four years here, it is the least we can do, I guess.

As I was cooling off, Amy texted me,

“I am going to be another hour. Attending the awards luncheon with my family. Don’t start without me!”

Too late for that, I thought to myself. I had pulled out my aching cock almost as soon as I sat down and was stroking it thoughtfully as we texted,

“Too late! I am going to go home and shower. I’ll be back by the time you get here. Unless you would rather come to my house and hang out. More privacy.” My house was only four blocks from my office, a 1930’s brick and stone affair owned by the college. The master bedroom had a set of mahogany French doors that opened onto a small stone balcony overlooking the overgrown back garden. I had often fantasized about bending a woman over that stone railing and taking her from behind. The smoothness of the top of the stone railing suggests I may not be the first resident to think of this.

“Ooooh, good idea! It will give me a chance to shower before you indulge my fantasy. I’ll see you in an hour! Hope you’re ready!”

My curiosity and anticipation kicked into high gear again. I was thankful that I would finally find out what she had been lording over me all these months. Knowing Amy, it would be a good one, I thought.

I finished my quick shower and slipped into a pair of plain, blue medical scrub pants. The house was not air conditioned and the late afternoon was still quite hot. I decided to keep cool by wearing nothing other than the scrub bottoms. In those days I was fit enough not to be embarrassed by my physique. I went into the small library that smelled of old leather and even older paper. I poured myself a stiff whiskey and picked up an academic journal to leaf through while I waited. Surefire way to eliminate an erection…

Amy showed up shortly afterwards, still wearing her academic cap and gown, and carrying a canvas tote. I grabbed her about the waist and kissed her hard. I lifted up her gown to fondle her soft, naked ass, my prize for my service and patience.

“Didn’t believe I was naked underneath?” Amy said, breaking away from our kiss.

“Never doubted it,” I said. “Just wanted to take advantage of it.” Bringing my hands to the front of her gown, I pulled the long zipper down as far as I could reach. The black robe slid smoothly from her shapely shoulders and dropped to the floor with a whisper of fabric. Amy kicked off her shoes, leaving her standing naked in my library. I kissed her again, then bent to suck on her hard nipples. Amy sighed.

“Show me where the shower is. I want to be clean before we get dirty.” I pointed Amy towards the stairs. As she walked naked towards the stairs, I admired her thin body and tight little bum. I couldn’t wait for her to shower. I caught up with her on the landing, grabbing her arm.


“Yes, Professor?”

“Sit down on the top step. I need to take care of something.”

Amy sat on the edge of the top step and leaned back on her palms. I knelt a couple steps below. I spread her legs so I could see her already glistening wet pussy. As I bent down to bury my face in her pussy, Amy propped her legs on the balusters on each side of the stairs. This lovely girl with her legs in the air, leaning against the stair railings, her pussy already dripping on to the wooden landing. Could not be hotter.

I inserted a finger into her wet pussy as my tongue probed between her pussy lips for her clit. Amy gasped when my tongue found that pink knob of flesh. I thrashed her clit with my tongue.

“Whoooa, Geezus, Lick me…lick me…don’t stop licking me!” For once I was going to make Amy cum quickly. Tongue dominating her clit, finger pleasuring her cunt, I didn’t have to wait long.

“Uh…uh…uuuuh…oh…oh…unnnnh…yeah…YEAH!” Amy came hard in my mouth, her body trembling and twitching like she was on fire. She took her feet off the balustrades and sat up, her pussy dripping onto the polished wood of the stairs.

“Stand up,” Amy said commandingly, her German heritage flashing through. She grabbed the waist band of my pants, pulling the knot free as she drew me closer. Her face was a mask of determination as she leaned forward and bit the head of my cock through my scrubs. Hard. I cried out, more in surprise than in pain. Amy gripped my cock through my pants and grinned slyly at me. A wet spot at the tip belied the fact that my cock was starting to drip sperm.

“Ow! Amy, that hurt!” Amy’s smile got broader.

“I know. But you want me to bite you again, don’t you?” Actually, yes, yes I did want Amy to bite my dick again. This girl knew what she was doing when it came to sucking dick and eating cum.

“Yes, baby. Bite my cock again. Harder.” Amy obliged and sank her teeth into my cock through the scrub pants. I winced a bit, but my dick was so hard that Amy’s teeth barely made a dent. I loved it.

Suddenly Amy grabbed the waistband and ripped my pants down to my ankles. My stiff, bobbing cock almost slapped her in the face as she freed it. I didn’t see any teeth marks, which was a surprise.

Amy attacked my cock. The only word to describe it. She slapped my boner. Hard. It bounced off my thigh. She slapped it hard in the other direction. It was amazing. No one had done this before. It is a good move. Amy grabbed my cock at the base and squeezed hard. With the other hand she grabbed my sack above the balls and squeezed hard there as well. I don’t know what she was trying to do, but it worked. My entire being was concentrated on my penis and scrotum.

Amy took her tongue and began licking my balls, one at a time. She held each one in her teeth as she sank her teeth gently but firmly into my nut. Sounds painful, but it was amazing. As she starting running her tongue along my shaft, a finger from the hand squeezing my sack started snaking into my asshole. I felt like I was going to cum immediately.

“Amy, you’re going to make me cum,” I whispered. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

Amy paused her oral exploration of my cock head to explain.

“You’re not going to cum. You’ll see.” It was the most amazing feeling. Amy’s amazing tongue was swallowing my cock, her finger was all the way up my ass, playing with my prostate. My body shook and radiated like I was having a massive orgasm, total pleasure throughout my body. But my cock wasn’t pulsing and no sperm was shooting out. It just felt like it. It was amazing—feeling like you are cumming hard, but you aren’t.

“Amy, I…how…” I stammered.

“Don’t talk, don’t ask questions…I’ll take your load when I’m ready. And it will be a big one.” She released my cock and balls and withdrew her finger from my asshole. She slid her finger into her mouth and licked it clean while staring into my eyes.

“I love the taste of ass, too.” Amy licked her lips sensually. My cock pulsed as usual, it felt amazing, but nothing came out. Amy turned, bent over and grabbed her ankles.

“Fuck my pussy. You won’t cum.” I positioned the head of my cock inside Amy’s wet lips and pushed. I love watching my cock enter a tight pussy. In addition to giving the best. head. ev-er, Amy also had a tight, wet, hot amazing pussy. I was sure I was going to drop my load in her twat immediately, but I didn’t.

“See?” Amy said through her legs, still holding her ankles. “I told you you wouldn’t cum. But it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?” I slammed my cock into her pussy a couple times to test the theory. Unbelievable.

Amy took her pussy off of my cock and stood. “I’ve got to take that shower. We have a long night ahead of us. Could you get my bag downstairs? I forgot to bring it up.” I pulled my scrubs up and tied them, still sporting a pole protruding from the front. I heard Amy start the shower. I grabbed the bag and trotted upstairs, not looking inside. Big mistake. Amy took the bag and closed the bathroom door. So much for showering with Amy I moped. I went and got another drink.

I sat and quietly drank my whiskey while idly playing with the head of my cock through my pants. I stirred from my reverie when I realized that the shower had stopped, but I hadn’t heard Amy call or anything. I figured she was getting dressed or something. Of course, I mused, she won’t stay dressed for long.

I heard a sound from upstairs, faintly at first, then stronger. I couldn’t place the sound at first—sort of a repeated sound, not rhythmic. Like something being slapped. Couldn’t place it. I tried to find the source of the sound on the first floor, but it was clearly coming from upstairs. I mounted the stairs, looked in the bathroom and the extra bedrooms. The only place left was my bedroom. I pushed the door open cautiously, I didn’t know what to expect. The room was empty, but the mahogany French doors to the porch were closed. I had left them open. The sound was coming from there. It had to be Amy, she hadn’t left and she wasn’t anywhere else. I went over and flung open the doors.

“There you are, I couldn’t figure…”

“Quiet! Speak only when spoken to!” I was completely and totally stunned. Backlit by the setting sun was Amy. Standing legs apart. Black thigh-high stockings, a leather bikers cap, slapping a riding crop against her hand and—wearing a big black strap-on.

“Amy, what the he…”

“I said quiet!” she snapped, smacking the crop against my arm. The crop left a large red welt on my arm. It hurt. She moved the mound in my pants with the end of the crop.

“Pants!” Not wanting another welt, and frankly getting into Amy’s German Barbie character, I quickly dropped my pants and kicked them aside. My cock remained at attention.

Amy walked towards me, grabbed my cock and pulled. “Hmmmph…” she said. Suddenly she raised the crop over her head and brought it down full force on the head of my cock. I was about to cry out, but Amy looked sternly at me and placed the crop threateningly against my cheek. The head of my cock stung badly. But I was finding myself liking it.

“Against the wall!” Amy pointed with the crop to the wall at the end of the patio. “Hands against the wall! Legs apart!” Amy used the crop to spread my legs farther apart. She grabbed my sack and squeezed.

“So we do not misunderstand each other…these are mine. Do you understand?” I nodded. “I will do what I want with them and you will not object, yes?” I nodded again. “Why did you come here tonight? You may speak.”

“I live here.” Thwack! The crop slaps against my ass. I can tell sitting down is going to be tough for awhile.

“Such frivolity will not be tolerated! If you live here, why are you naked against the wall of your own house?”

“I like being naked?” Thwack! Thwacck! “Ok, ok. The hottest woman I have ever known was supposed to come over and let me drill her pussy and ass.” She reached between my legs and grabbed my dick. All of the swats with the crop were definitely putting a dent in my lust. “This little thing?” she asked, wagging my semi hard cock with her hand. “No woman will feel such a small member. Not even in their anus.”

“I haven’t had complaints.” Thwwack! This was getting old.

“Bend over the railing. Now!” I expected a thorough spanking with that damned crop. I was thinking of ways to get that crop away from her and turn the tables. But she didn’t spank me. She got on her knees, spread my ass and began to rim my asshole. Damn. Amy’s tongue talents extended to eating ass. I love this girl…Once her tongue was established on my anus, she reached between my legs and began stroking my engorged member.

“Amy, don’t. You’re going to make me cum. I don’t want to.” Thwaack!

“Silence, fool! Your ejaculation will come when I want it. Now spread your ass!” I obeyed, and I felt the cold tip of the strap-on pushing up against my asshole. Amy pushed, nothing budged. She pushed harder. Still nothing. Amy stopped and pushed two fingers in my ass to loosen my anal sphincter and give her access to my rectum. Now she pushed with the strap-on and my asshole began to give way. The strap-on wasn't that thick but felt huge in my bum. Amy kept pushing. I was grunting and trying to breath deeply to relieve the pressure. Didn’t help.

“You came here tonight to put your tiny cock in my ass, yes or no?”


“You thought I would let you in my asshole for free, didn’t you? You didn’t think I would be giving it to you in the ass, did you?”

“Yes. And no.” Finally the strap on was all the way in, as I could feel Amy’s warm thigh against my bum. She started sliding in and out of my ass. I helped by moving my hips against her thrusts.

“You like it in the ass, don’t you? Tell the truth!” I had to admit, once she got all the way inside, I liked it. The shaft was designed to curve and worked my prostate. It felt good. It felt better when she pushed it all the way in, leaned around and stroked my cock with her hand. “This is what you came here to do to me, no?

“Yes. And I’m going to.”

“Perhaps,” Amy said, as she jammed her plastic dick inside me with violence. “But, tiny though it is, your cock is bigger than mine.” She slid lowly out of my ass. “I have a bigger one. I am going to get it.”

That’s it, I thought. As she turned to go, I saw my chance. I grabbed one wrist and spun Amy around and roughly grabbed the other. Arms above her head, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her roughly. Rather than protesting, Amy was smiling. An excited smile of someone who is getting exactly what she wants.

As I held her arms above her head, Amy raised her feet off the floor and wrapped them around my waist. I probed with my cock until I found her hole and I jammed my cock deep inside her, with vigor. Truthfully, I kind of lost it. I was slamming my cock into Amy’s pussy as hard as I can. I am grunting, panting sweating as I am fucking Amy harder and faster than I have ever fucked anyone. Amy is smiling and talking smack quietly during my frantic, hard fucking.

“Why are you upset Professor? Did I hurt your big boy feelings when I spanked your little dick?” I have Amy pinned, arms over her head, pretty much holding up her ass with my cock, and Amy is now glaring at me defiantly. I am slamming her pussy so hard her ass is bouncing off the wall.

“Fucking me as hard as you can still isn’t going to make your pencil dick get any bigger. Keep going bucko, I’ll tell you when I feel something.” It’s crazy. I’ve never wanted to hurt someone with my dick. I know Amy is just talking shit, but it is making me wild. The harder I fuck her, the calmer her voice gets. Driving me nuts.

I let go of Amy’s arms and grab her ass. I carry her over to the stone railing and set her ass on the cold stone. My cock never left her pussy. I put my arms around her hips and flexible Amy puts her black stockinged legs on my shoulders. For the first time I notice her stockings are real silk. Really hot. But, it is a precarious position. If my hands slip, Amy tumbles the 15 feet or so into the garden below. Even more precarious, Amy throws her head back, moans, and her leather cap falls into the garden. Soon she is back, looking right into my face, talking calmly.

“I know what it is Professor! You’ve never been fucked in the ass, have you? You took my dildo like a champ. You liked it, didn’t you?”

This girl is really getting to me, and I don’t know why. I am grunting and roaring and trying to fuck her harder still, to no avail. We both shift our grips to clasp our hands behind each other’s necks, making it easier to hold on. That brings Amy’s calm, expressionless face within inches of my sweating, grunting, puffing face. Amy’s hips absorb each thrust of my dick. To look at her face, you wouldn’t even know she was being fucked. Still driving me nuts.

“That’s why you’re trying so hard! You liked it in the ass! You’re fucking me dreaming of some guy doing you in the bum, aren’t you? You’re afraid you’re actually gay, huh? You think fucking me hard will prove you’re not gay? You know you are going to find some hung dude to fuck you, don’t you? Ha! Hot Professor discovers he likes it in the ass! Hahahaha!”

That’s it. I shrug Amy’s legs off my shoulders onto the ground and stand her up. I grab her hair roughly.

“Turn around! Bend over! Do it!” Amy obeys. But she’s smiling. She is making me do exactly what she wants. Still holding a handful of her hair, I retrieve the riding crop from where it had been dropped. And I go nuts. Craziest thing. Thwwaak! I spank her ass hard with the crop. Amy flinches, but keeps smiling at me. Thwwaak again! Amy now sports two bright red welts on her ass. Still smiling.

“Is that the best you can do? No wonder you like it in the bum! Can’t even spank a girl’s ass!” You’re such a little bitch. I thought you were a man.” I spank her three or four more times with the crop before throwing over the rail in frustration. Amy is still smiling at me, even though her ass must be aching. Next I start spanking her ass with my bare hand. Much more satisfying to see my red handprints adorning her pert little ass.

“That’s it bitch! Spank my ass, make me pay!” Amy is clearly loving every minute of this, the satisfied smile never left her face. Soon her ass is completely red from the crop and my palm. I get behind her, grab her hair and push her head down. I push her legs with my foot to spread her legs a bit wider. Amy rises on her tip toes, showing me her wet cunt and pink ass. My cock is about as hard as it has ever been. Pulling her hair with one hand, and guiding my cock with the other, I push deep into her pussy; her tight, wet pussy.

“Ohhhh!” we say, almost in unison. That stroke was almost electric. I slam my cock inside her a few more times. But that is not what I am here for. I slide my cock out of her cunt, nice and wet and glistening. I place the tip of my dick against her asshole. Amy draws a breath sharply in anticipation. I push. Hard. No going slow to stretch her hole, no giving her time to relax or gape. In less than a second, I am balls deep in her ass.

“Owwww! Damn it!” Amy shows her first sign of pain or discomfort.

“Shut up, you little bitch!” I surprise myself. I don’t talk like that during sex, even when talking smack. This time I meant it. I slid my cock halfway out and slammed it back in. Hard.

“Hey! That hurts!” I thrust into her rectum again.

“I know. Get used to it!” Another thrust. Amy pulls her hair free of my grip and looks back at me. She is smiling again. Her hand slips between her legs to play with her clit.

I grab her hair again and resume fucking Amy’s cute little ass. She is moving her ass with me as her sphincter begins to relax. Beads of sweat appear on her forehead.

“Oh God, oh God, Professor!” Amy’s body is racked with a massive orgasm. Her sphincter squeezes my cock as she cums. One more like that…

I pull her hair hard, pulling her head back and arching her back. I slide all the way out of her ass and roughly shove my cock back deep in her rectum.

“Do that! Do that!”

“Come on Amy, you little slut. Give it to me! Give it!” Amy’s body convulses with another hard orgasm, squeezing my cock with her anus. That’s all I can take.

“Ahhhhh! Jesus! Fuck! Yeaah! Fuck!” as I explode into her ass. My ball contract and my cock pulses, filling her ass with my semen.

“Ohhhahhh! That’s it!” Amy cries out as my cum spatters against the walls of her rectum. I grab her hair, push all the way in and hold my cock deep in her ass as my balls empty into her tiny bum.

“Mhphmm” is the only sound I make as my cock shoots rope after rope of cum deep inside Amy. I can’t remember cumming that hard, before or since.

Suddenly it’s over. Both of our legs collapse, my spent penis slides form her asshole and we crumble onto our backs on the cold stone patio. We are both panting like marathon runners and sweating profusely. It takes us several minutes to catch our breath.

“What the hell was that?” I ask. “When you said props were involved, I never saw that coming.”

“Hahahaha!” Amy started giggling. “That worked so much better than I planned!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I promised you an assfuck. I have spent most of the semester trying to think of a way to get you to drop every inhibition and fuck my ass violently, like an animal, no reluctance or hesitation. I think it worked, didn’t it?”

“God yes. That was indescribable where you took me. What made you think of the Annie Lennox thing? Fantastic.”

“Funny you should say that. I saw that music video in a bar and I knew instantly that would work.”

“Hahaha! Did it ever!” It was my turn to giggle.

When we had calmed down, we peeled ourselves off of the patio deck and went inside to shower. We cleaned each other thoroughly, and I silently marveled at the amount of cum oozing from Amy’s stretched asshole. We dried off and climbed naked into bed, but not before I got an ice bag to put on Amy’s welted bum. I felt bad. But not that bad. It was exactly what she wanted.

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