Cindy's new roommates

My name is Cindy. I’m 20 years old, 5’4” and weigh about 120 pounds. I have light brown hair that I keep a little bit longer than shoulder length 34c tits and I exercise regularly to keep my body in good shape. About a year and a half ago my boyfriend kicked me out of his apartment when he caught me cheating on him. Breaking up didn’t bother me, we weren’t really going anywhere together anyway. But I wasn’t making much money and I had to find something right now so I wound up having sign a one year lease on a single bedroom in a four bedroom house. The owners have an arrangement set up so that each room was rented under a separate lease. Everyone shared the kitchen and living room, and the water and electric were split up four ways. It wasn’t an ideal situation but it was all I could afford at the time unless I wanted to move back in with my mom and step-dad. And that wasn’t about to happen.
I met two of my room mates, Bill and Josh, when I toured the house. They were working-out in the garage which has been converted into a rec-room of sorts. The garage has a connecting door going into the kitchen and they had a weight bench, pool table, an old couch, stereo system and an extra refrigerator out there in addition to the washer and dryer. Bill and Josh are both tall, really good looking and muscular, in their mid twenties. They told me that they worked in construction and that the third room mate, Andrew, was into marketing.
Anyway, I didn’t have much to move and the guys seemed happy to give me a hand with the heavy stuff when I offered to buy the beer for the night. It only took me a couple of hours to get moved in. After a quick shower I threw on a pair of daisy dukes and a tank top. I followed the music out to the garage where Bill and Josh were playing pool and drinking a beer. I joined them and after a few beers I noticed that they were paying close attention to my cleavage whenever I bent over to take a shot. I liked the attention so I started trying to give them a better look but my playing, which isn’t very good to begin with, began to suffer. After one particularly bad game Bill began to stand behind me and help align my shots. The nearness of his body to mine was getting me excited. His hands ‘accidentally’ brushed across my breasts a couple times as he helped position my hands and I could feel my nipples harden, straining against the thin material of my top. I finally made a shot and spun around excitedly to give Bill a hug. When our bodies pressed together I could feel a solid bulge in the front of his shorts. Bill put both of his hands on my ass and squeezed, pulling me tighter against him. I tilted my head up and our mouths met in a passionate kiss, his tongue darting between my parted lips.
Just then a car pulled into the driveway. It was an older model with a few dents and spots of gray primer all over. The engine stopped and a large black man in his early thirties stepped out. He was wearing baggy jeans and an old t-shirt and looked like he hadn’t shaved in three or four days. He walked right up to Josh and they shook hands, “What’s up,” Josh said. “This is that new chick we told you about, Cindy.” To me he said, “Cindy, this is Andrew.”
I was confused at first. They had said Andrew was into marketing so I had expected him to drive a nice car and come home wearing a suit. And I honestly thought he was going to be white. My confusion cleared up quickly when Andrew said, “Y’all check it out, this is some killer shit.” He then pulled a large bag weed out of his pocket. They had never mentioned exactly what kind of marketing Andrew did but it obviously wasn’t used cars. Bill closed the garage door and latched it while Andrew took out some papers and rolled a joint. He lit it and we passed it around a couple times. Then one of the guys suggested that we shoot a game or two as teams.
They paired me up with Andrew, stating that his skill would make things pretty much even. I was really buzzing, and couldn’t make even the easiest shots by now but the guys insisted that I keep playing. When I was leaning over the table, trying for a fairly difficult shot I heard Andrews voice from behind me saying, “Hold on girl, don’t shoot that thing yet.”
Looking back I asked, “What’s the difference, I ain’t gonna make it anyway?”
Andrew was standing a few feet behind me staring at my ass with a big smile on his face. “I don’t care about that, girl. I just want to enjoy the view a little longer.”
Josh piped in from the other side of the table, “Shit, it’s looking good from here too.” When I turned to look at him I could see that he had a perfect view of my cleavage from where he was standing.
I looked back at Andrew, “Maybe you should help me with this one.”
He checked with the other two and they said okay, so Andrew stepped up behind me and helped position my hands on the stick, leaning against my body in the process. A soft moan escaped my lips when he pressed his hard cock against my ass. Even with Andrews help, I blew the shot. It was Bills turn next. I stood next to Josh sipping my beer while Bill looked over the table. I felt a finger tracing up and down the center of my ass moving steadily lower. I spaced my feet apart slightly and Josh let his finger slide into the crevice between my legs. He ran his finger back and forth pressing against my slit while Bill shot and missed, Then Andrew made a few shots before it was Josh’s turn. When he took his turn at the table, Andrew took over with me. He cupped my ass with both of his large hands and pulled me to him. Leaning down, he kissed me, snaking his tongue into my mouth.
The guys had me so excited by this point that I was ready for anything. Josh missed his shot and the stick was handed to me once more. Bill said, “Let’s make this more interesting. If you miss a shot you have to take something off.”
“That’s not fair,” I said. “You guys are wearing more than I am, and I suck at this game.”
Andrew put his hand between my legs and pressed his fingers up against my pussy. “And I want to see you suck at something else real soon.”
I almost came right then but he took his hand away and turned me toward the table. Well, I didn’t make my shot. As a matter of fact, I accidentally sank the 8-ball. “That’s it, take it all off sweetheart.” Josh yelled out, and the other two nodded their agreement.
“That was only one shot,” I argued. “Why should I have to take everything off?”
Andrew told me, “That 8-ball cost you the game baby. Lets see that body!”
I started to take my top off slowly, “Let’s have another game then,” I said, “to give me a chance to win some clothes back.”
Andrew said, “I’m okay with that. Every man for himself. Every time you make a shot you can put something back on”
He paused and all eyes were on me as I pulled my tank top over my head, exposing my firm tits. Then I turned my back toward them as I pealed my tight shorts and panties down my thighs. I bent down as I went, and gave my ass a teasing little wiggle as I stepped out of my clothes. I stood and turned, facing them once more giving them a clear view of my shaved pussy. Then Andrew continued, saying, “And whoever sinks the most balls gets to be first to sink his cock into that fine looking pussy.”
“What if I win?” I asked, teasingly. “What do I get?”
Bill piped in with, “Then you get to pick who you want to lick you pussy.”
I smiled at that. I knew that there was no way I was going to win but at least they were willing to humor me. Josh broke while I stood between Bill and Andrew who both let their hands roam freely over my body. The guys all played well, hoping for the prize of first crack at my pussy, which they were fingering constantly as the game continued, even when it was my shot which, I’m sure you can imagine, was very distracting. I didn’t make a single shot, though I did have three orgasms leaning over the table with three or four fingers pumping in and out of my wet cunt.
In the end it was Andrew who won with Josh coming in a close second. Andrew wasted little time unzipping his pants and ordering me to my knees in front of him. “Get down there and suck my dick, bitch!” he said as he pulled his thick cock through the opening in the front of his boxers. I eagerly followed his command, anxious to feel a hard cock between my legs. I took the tip of his cock between my lips and sucked him into my mouth. As he began to harden, the head inched its way toward the back of my throat until I could feel him beginning to block off my airway. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft taking him as deep as I could with every stroke. Once he reached full size I could only get about half of his cock into my mouth in that position, leaving a good five inches of meat for my hand to stroke.
Andrew had a hold of my hair and he pulled my head back suddenly causing his cock to pop out of my mouth. “You got two more dicks to suck.” he told me, turning my head so that I was facing Bill. He had his shorts off and his seven inches of man meat was just inches from my lips. As I opened my mouth to grant him passage Andrew pushed my head toward Bill and his cock slammed roughly into the back of my throat. I had never been handled rough like that before but I it sent a shiver of excitement through my body. I began to moan happily as Bill took control, thrusting his cock deeply in and out of my throat. As he began thrusting hard and fast I felt hands on both of my tits, their strong fingers finding and then pinching my nipples. With a cock stuffed deep in my throat and both of my nipples being pinched and twisted my pussy began to convulse in orgasm without so much as being touched. I lost control of my senses and only the three sets of hands on my body kept me from collapsing on the floor.
Once I regained my senses Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth and was quickly replaced by Josh. Josh has the thickest cock I have ever seen. It isn’t as long as Andrew’s but it is as big around as a beer bottle and a good eight inches long. I opened my mouth wide to take him in but I couldn’t take it very deep so I concentrated on swirling my tongue around the tip and sucking it as hard as I could. My nipples were still receiving a great deal of attention, the pinching and twisting giving way to pulling and stretching. When Josh had had enough of my oral ministrations, he pulled back and grabbed one of my tits in each hand, squeezing my sensitive glands roughly. “Oh, god!” I cried out as my pussy began to spasm again. “Somebody fuck me, please!”
Still gripping my tits, Josh pulled me to my feet and turned me to face the couch where Bill was sitting. “Suck that cock, slut!” he ordered as he maneuvered my face in the direction of Bills lap. I immediately took Bills cock into my mouth and he grabbed my hair firmly in both hands and used it as a handle to guide my movements. While this was happening Andrew was standing beside me tweaking and pinching my nipples alternating from one to the other. Josh ran his fingers up and down my wet slit then began working them inside me, not one at a time but all four together stretching me open until his thumb was pressed firmly against my asshole. Once he had penetrated me as deeply as possible without using his whole fist, Josh began to pump my pussy vigorously with his hand. The combined sensations I was receiving from all three men were overwhelming and once again I found myself in the throws of a powerful orgasm. My pussy convulsed, gripping Josh’s hand so tight that he couldn’t move it for several seconds. When my muscles relaxed he pulled his fingers out of me and told Andrew, “I think this little cunt’s ready to get fucked.”
Andrew stepped behind me and positioned his ten inch fuck stick at the entrance to my pussy and shoved it in. With one powerful stroke he reached to the depths of my being. The tip of his cock slammed into my cervix then pulled back for another stroke. Bill had his cock buried deep in my throat as Andrew began to hammer away at my pussy without mercy for what seemed like a good ten minutes bringing me to one climax after another. When I felt Andrew’s cock spasm I tried to tell him not to come inside me because I hadn’t been on birth control for a few months at the time but Bill kept his tool lodged deep in my throat. I came again as Andrew sprayed jet after jet of hot semen into my womb.
As his orgasm subsided Andrew slowly withdrew his softening cock from my pussy. I could feel his plentiful seed dripping from my gaping hole as Andrew pulled me away from Bill and turned me to face him. Pushing me to my knees he told me, “Bitch, you need to clean this shit up,” as he guided my face toward his come coated cock. I felt like such a slut as I opened my mouth to take him inside once more, licking and sucking our juices from his shaft until it was nice and clean. When I finally let his tool slip from my mouth Josh was there to take over. He guided me over to the pool table and pushed me onto my back. As I spread my legs wide he stepped between them and started working his thick cock into my juicy cunt. I loved the feeling as he stretched me open a little bit at a time stuffing his cock deeper inside me.
Once he had his full length inside me he began to fuck me, pounding my cunt hard and fast from the start. I was moaning loudly as he hammered away at my pussy, my body bouncing back and forth on the pool table in response to his powerful thrusts. I had orgasm after orgasm, one starting as soon as the previous one diminished. After a few minutes he slowed his pace, drawing his cock out slowly and stopping when just the tip was inside me, then he thrust back in with all his strength. “Yes..” I panted between his thrusts, “Shove it in me! Make.. my.. pussy.. take it.. all!” He started pumping into me faster and I knew he was about to explode. “Oh god, yes!” I cried. “Flood my pussy!” Then he began to pump a huge load of hot come into my aching cunt.
Josh kept his thick pole lodged deep inside me long after his orgasm, slowly regaining his breath. Then, with his cock still inside me, he picked me up off of the pool table and moved me to the couch where someone had spread a couple of towels. Finally he withdrew his giant staff from my pussy. Come poured out of me like water from the kitchen sink. When Josh stood I sat up and took his as much of his shaft as I could into my mouth, sucking lovingly until I had removed all traced of come from his wonderful cock.
Once I had finished with Josh, Bill stepped up and slipped his cock easily into my gaping hole. I could feel the first two guys‘ come oozing out around his shaft as he pumped in and out a few times. Then he pulled out suddenly and moved up to offer his cock to my mouth. It was coated in thick white cream and I opened wide, taking his cock to the back of my throat and sucking hard as he pulled back. There was an audible popping sound when the tip of his cock left my mouth. I let the tangy juices play across my tongue as he moved back down and stuffed his cock back into my pussy. Three or four strokes and again he pulled out. I swallowed what I had in my mouth just in time to take his shaft between my lips again. He thrust into my mouth a few times while I sucked the cream coating off, then returned once more to my sloppy pussy. Three more times Bill fed me the come coating from his cock before he finally started fucking me hard and fast. He had great staying power and I had three or four more orgasms before he pulled out again. This time when Bill moved his cock to my lips he started spraying his own come into my mouth. I closed my lips over the purple knob and ran my tongue around the tip as his seed flooded my mouth. When he stopped spurting I sucked hard, trying milk his cock of every last drop before swallowing his tasty come.
After taking a few minutes to recover my senses I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I got back to the garage Bill informed me that we were out of beer so I put my tank top and shorts back on, not bothering with the panties, and we jumped into his car to make a beer run. It was only a few minutes before we were back with two twelve packs. The garage door was open and I could see two more black men talking to Andrew and Josh. I got a little embarrassed when I noticed that someone had tacked my panties up on the wall next to the weight bench.
We all had a beer and the guys started up another game of pool. I watched this time as Bill and Josh played. Andrew came over to me with his two friends who’s names I learned later are Tyrell and Evan. Andrew let his hands run over my body while they talked. One of them commented on my body and Andrew told me, he didn’t ask mind you, he TOLD me, “Take your shirt off so my man have a look at them titties.” If someone had said something like that to me a week earlier I’d have told him to go fuck himself but I found myself taking my top off and giving my nipples a little pinch to get them nice and hard. Then I gave my tits a little shake to get them bouncing a little. I could feel my breathing getting deeper and crotch of my shorts was soaking wet..
One of Andrew’s friends, Evan, gave my tits a squeeze and I sucked in my breath. “Damn, she got some nice tits, man,” he told Andrew. “I don’t know though..”
“Show him the rest, baby,” Andrew told me, giving my ass a little squeeze.
Just about that time I remembered that the garage door was wide open and I told Andrew, “The door’s open. Someone’s going to see.”
“There ain’t nobody looking, bitch! Get then fucking drawers off!” Andrew snapped, giving my ass a hard slap. For the second time in as many minutes I found myself eagerly obeying commands that I never would have considered before.
Both of the men looked my body up and down. “Turn around,” Tyrell said. “I wanna take a look at that ass.”
I looked at Andrew and, at his nod, I turned my back to them and wiggled my ass teasingly. I watched Andrew over my shoulder as I did this and I felt a tingle of excitement when he smiled his approval at my action. Tyrell cupped my ass and one of his fingers slipped between my legs, tracing along my wet slit.
Andrew told his two friends, “You get the word out for me and I’ll let you hit it cheep every time.” I moaned as my pussy contracted in orgasm. The sudden realization that Andrew, who I had just met a few hours ago, was planning on pimping me out to his friends had me so excited I could barely contain myself. I saw the two men handing Andrew some money but I couldn’t tell how much. Then Andrew told me, “Go on inside, baby. Make sure you treat ‘em real good.” As I started toward the door I heard him tell his friends, “Don’t be afraid to tear that shit up, man. She likes it rough.”
I walked through the house naked with Tyrell and Evan in tow. At that time I didn’t even know their names. Once we got to my room Tyrell took the lead by turning me to face him and pushing me to my knees. He unzipped his pants and fished out his cock which I immediately began to suck like the whore Andrew had just made me. After several minutes I could tell that Tyrell was ready to explode. He pulled his cock away from me and pushed me toward Evan, saying, “It ain’t gonna be that easy, baby. Suck on this one for a bit.” I went to work on Evans pole with just as much enthusiasm as I had with Tyrell, trying my best to suck his impressive shaft down my throat.
They had me switch back and forth, deep throating one cock then the other, for the next twenty minutes or so before Tyrell said, “Alright now, I’m bout to get up in that pussy.” He had me get on my bed and open my legs wide, then climbed into the saddle. I was so excited that I came as soon as his cock touched my pussy lips. I was really wet down there and his cock was coated with spit so he had no problem sliding all the way inside me with one easy stroke. He went right to it, pounding away at my pussy as hard and fast as he could for five minutes or so before filling my pussy with yet another load of man juice. Tyrell then pulled his cock out of my pussy and said, “Andrew told me about this shit,” he moved up my body so that his cock was positioned right above my face. “I want to see you suck my dick clean like a good little slut.”
“You like dirty girls?” I asked as I took his cock head into my mouth.
He answered by grabbing a hand full of my hair and pulling my head up to meet the thrusts of his cock into my throat. He let me suck him for a few minutes before moving off the bed. And Evan was right there ready to take is turn. He offered his cock for me to suck. “Get that thing slicked up baby,” he said. “We’re going for a ride!”
I did what he told me, coating his shaft with plenty of saliva as I worked my mouth up and down his meat. Then he stood beside the bed. “Turn over,” he instructed. “Get that ass up in the air.” I got on all four and he gripped my hips with both hands. He pulled me toward his hips and his cock stabbed into my pussy again and again. After just a few strokes though, Evan pulled his cock out of my dripping cunt and moved it to the opening of my rear passage. He pressed in firmly and his cock met with little resistance, sliding in to my ass in a single stroke. Then he pulled out slowly so that just the tip was still inside. “Get ready for it!” he said, and then thrust into me so hard that my body nearly collapsed onto the bed. Again he pulled out then slammed back into me. Over and over he pounded his hard cock into my asshole until he was ready to explode. “Turn around baby,” he said as he pulled his cock from my ass. “I got your desert coming hot and fresh.” I spun around just in time to catch the first jet of semen across my face, then he stuffed his cock between my lips and I sucked hard, draining his balls of every last drop. He pushed his cock deeper into my throat a few times before tucking it back into his pants and leaving. I made a trip to the bathroom before returning to the garage just in time to see Tyrell and Evan driving off.
Andrew handed me a beer then went to close the garage door for the night. After passing another joint around, we all went into the house. After watching a little TV they took me to my bedroom and each of the guys fucked me again. Bill and Andrew took turns in my ass for a good hour before coming in my mouth, and Josh gave my pussy a thorough workout. And I gave each of their cocks a thorough tongue bath when they were finished.
The next day I woke up really late. The guys were all gone so I took some time to clean the place up a bit. By the time Bill and Josh got home I had the whole house clean, including their laundry. They were both really thrilled. House keeping isn’t their strong suit. Bill ordered some pizza for dinner then I sat between the two men on the couch while they wound down from their days work over a couple of beers. It wasn’t long before I found myself with my head in Bills lap, sucking his cock while Josh pumped four fingers into my wet pussy from behind. Then we all went to my bedroom and they fucked me silly for a good hour.
I was still laying in bed gently stroking my sore pussy when Andrew came home. Without a word, he walked into my room and pulled his cock out of his pants and pressed the tip against me lips which parted welcomingly as he entered my mouth. He then fucked me really hard, depositing the third load of come of the day deep inside me. After I had cleaned his cock with my tongue Andrew went to my dresser and started looking through my clothes. “Get yourself cleaned up,” he told me. “We got to meet up with some friends of mine in about an hour.” He pulled out a tiny denim skirt and a sheer white halter top and tossed them on the bed.
“Panties are in the bottom drawer,” I told him as I headed for the bathroom, trying to save him some time searching.
“And they can stay there,” he told me. “I don’t want any of that shit getting in the way. From now on you go with out. We’ll call that rule number one. NO fucking underwear!” Andrew followed me into the bathroom, still talking. “And I don’t want to see you wearing anything at all in the house. That’s rule two. Got it?”
I turned around and looked at him. My pussy was incredibly sore from all the fucking I’d done in the last two days but I was getting wet all over again. “And I fuck anybody who comes through the door?” I asked him.
Andrew laughed, “No bitch,” he said. “You fuck who I tell you to fuck. And while we’re talking rules, since you seem to like doing it anyway, rule three is any time someone fucks you, you suck his dick clean after he’s done. And keep that pussy shaved,” he added before leaving the room. “I like it nice and smooth.”
After I washed up and touched up my makeup Andrew drove me across town, to a neighborhood I would never have gone into on my own. He stopped the car in front of an old two story house with graffiti covering the walls and several broken windows. Before we got out Andrew told me, “Once we get in there you just keep your mouth shut and do what you’re told, know what I’m saying?”
The house looked dark but I could here muffled music coming from inside. There was a condemned notice on the door, which was partially open and hanging from a single hinge. The floor where we entered was covered with broken glass and garbage, and it smelled terrible. As Andrew led me up the stairs I could detect the scent of burning weed. The upstairs was a little cleaner than the ground floor, but that isn’t saying much. The whole floor consisted of a single room with an attached bath, which stank of stale piss, and a balcony. All of the windows had been broken out and someone had swept the broken glass into one corner. There was a boom box near the stairs playing rap music and at least fifteen black men were passing a pipe around. The lighting was better here than in the rest of the house. Along one wall there was a board set atop two cinder blocks holding several lit candles. Next to that an old mattress and a single dirty pillow lay on the floor. The only piece of real furniture in the room was an old metal desk. There was light spilling in the broken windows from a streetlight not far away. Still, the room wasn’t very bright. The men were all talking loudly and from what I could see and from their voices I would have to guess their ages varied from about eighteen to well into the forty’s or fifty’s.
“This the ho you been telling everyone about?” one of the men asked Andrew as he looked me up and down appraisingly. From the look on his face I could tell he liked what he was seeing. I heard several other men making comments to one another about my body or what they were going to do with me.
“You got that right,” Andrew answered. He put a hand on my shoulder and guided me toward one of the windows where the light was best. “She’s a freak,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear. He turned me to face the men and cupped my tits from behind, squeezing them tightly. I sucked in my breath in pleasure from his rough handling. “Still needs a little breaking in though. That’s what we’re doing tonight, y’all. I want this bitch walking out of here bowlegged.” Andrew patted me on my ass and told me, “Show ‘em what you got, baby.”
Although I was incredibly turned on at the thought of all these men wanting me I was a little hesitant at first. When I didn’t move to obey him, Andrew spun me around to face him. He grabbed my top with both hands and pulled me close. “If you don’t want to do this,” he said quietly in my ear, “tell me, and we can walk right now.”
“How wet is my pussy?” I asked him, my voice barely audible.
Andrew put a hand up my skirt and two fingers slipped easily into my juicy pussy. He laughed then, “Damn you’re a nasty ho!” He then ripped the front of my top open and turned me to face the room. “Alright y’all,” he told the men. “Let’s see how much this bitch can handle.” He pushed me toward the man he’d spoken to earlier.
The man put his hand between my legs and stuffed three fingers roughly into my wet hole and pumped them up and in a few times. “Get your ass over there and get on your knees,” he said indicating the mattress. “I want to see how good you suck dick.”
I did as I was told and he opened his pants, waving a long thick cock in my face. I sucked him hungrily, trying my best to make him come in my mouth which he did after just a few minutes. After I swallowed his load he told me, “Not bad at all darling. I’ll see you later for a bit of that sweet pussy.” Then he tucked his cock back into his pants and walked away. There was someone there to take his place and in seconds I had another cock in my mouth. This man was younger and very muscular. After a few minutes of sucking his cock he put me on my back and told me, “Get that fucking skirt out of the way!” As soon as I pulled my skirt off he got between my legs and started pounding away at my pussy until he fired his load inside me. It occurred to me then that I could easily turn up pregnant and I would have no way of knowing who the father was. That thought, as much as the cock spurting inside me triggered the first of countless powerful orgasms that night.
The man pulled out and stood up to leave but Andrew stopped him. “That ho ain’t done yet,” he told him. “Ain’t that right, baby. Tell the man what you want.”
I remembered Andrew’s list of rules and asked, “Let me lick it clean for you, please.” The man smiled and put hands on my head as I happily licked and sucked every inch of his softening tool. As soon as I finished with him another man took his place, fucking my pussy really hard.
This went on for hours as one by one each of the men fucked my pussy hard and fast in just about every position. Most of the men were a little rough, pinching my nipples or slapping my ass while they fucked me. A couple of them squeezed my tits really hard, pulling on them violently while jamming their cocks in and out of my pussy. And several of them, Andrew included, also fucked my ass. In addition to those already there when I arrived at the house, several more men wandered in through out the night and after handing Andrew some money took their turn fucking my aching pussy. It was near dawn and most of the men left when one of the new comers, after fucking my ass and shooting his load in my mouth, suggested that they find a cup and feed me the come dripping out of my pussy. I don’t know where it came from but someone produced a coffee cup and they had me squat over it and let the come drain out of my over used holes. Someone scooped up the globs clinging to my thighs as well and they handed it to me. There was a pool of come about an inch deep in the bottom of the cup. I took a sip and swished the fluid around in my mouth before swallowing it.
I looked at the men as I licked a few stray drops of come from the rim of the cup. There were six of them left not counting Andrew. All of them had already fucked me at least once. I remembered two of them distinctly because they seemed to be friends and had been particularly rough with me. I watched them closely as I took another sip from my cup. I looked one of them straight in the eye and licked my lips, “Mmm! And it’s even better from the tap,” I said before drained the remaining contents of the cup in one gulp.
The two friends came to me then and pulled me to my feet. They were both very large men, easily big enough to play professional football. They took me to the old desk and bent me over it. Then one of them slapped my ass really hard, drawing a sharp cry from my lips. That slap was quickly followed by another, from the opposite side. I started to squirm but they easily held me in place as they continued to alternate smacking me hard on the ass. Then one of their hands landed solidly between my legs. I yelped and pulled my legs together.
“Spread them legs, bitch!” one of them commanded, and I obediently opened my thighs again. Another hard slap landed on my tender pussy lips and my legs shut tight as I cried out. “Last chance,” the same man said pushing my legs apart. Again, I opened my legs and tried my best to hold them open when the next slap landed. I flinched, but managed to keep my legs apart enough to satisfy the man. But the next slap was harder and my thighs shut reflexively.
I heard Andrew’s voice asking, “Anyone got a belt on. I got mine so we need a few more.”
The men who had been spanking me lifted me off the desk and one of them pulled it away from the wall. Then they put me on the desk, this time on my back. I was positioned so that my ass was right on the edge at the front of the desk and I was hanging over the other side from the shoulders up. Several belts were made available and Andrew used two of them to secure my wrists to two of the desks legs. He then hooked two belts together end to end forming a large loop. My legs were pushed up and back until my knees were just above my shoulders and the belt was first put around one ankle, ran behind my neck then secured around my other ankle. Andrew then adjusted the belts, taking out as much slack as he could, leaving me fully exposed and defenseless.
“Since you wouldn’t do what you were told,” Andrew said slapping me hard on my vulnerable pussy, “we ain’t going to be so easy on you.” Again his hand came down hard, the tip of one finger landing right on my clit. I cried out as my body shook in orgasm. One of the other men was standing at my head, his cock dangling in front of my face. He tilted my head back and I opened my mouth so he could slide his meaty tool into my throat. I moaned loudly around his manhood as I felt a leather belt land a stinging blow squarely on my wet slit. Then I felt a hard slap on each of my tits. Again and again the belt hit my pussy. Hard slaps alternated from one tender breast to the other. My cries were muffled by the cock pumping in and out of my throat. I came again when someone started to pinch and twist my nipples. The cock in my mouth started to squirt and I had to swallow quickly to keep from drowning on the come filling my throat.
I panted loudly when the man pulled his shaft out, clearing my airway briefly. I looked up to see who was doing what to me and found that it was Andrew in charge of the belt raining stinging blows on my pussy. The two men who had brought me to the desk were working over my nipples, twisting and pulling the sensitive flesh and slapping my breasts with their other hands. One of the other men stepped up and pulled my head down again and stuffed his cock in my mouth. They kept this up for a long time, with each man taking a turn fucking my throat, though no one ease came in my mouth during that time. The room was getting brighter when the belt stopped crashing against my pussy and someone filled it with his hard cock. The cock in my mouth was removed and I raised my head to see Andrew hammering away at my cunt. He thrust in hard, his hips smashing against my stinging pussy lips again and again. He pulled out after several minutes and moved quickly around the desk, feeding me his cock just as it started to squirt.
Someone else was in my pussy then, slamming me hard and fast. Andrew released my wrists once he finished filling my mouth with his hot cream but he left my legs restrained while each of the men took a turn pounding my pussy mercilessly until they came deep inside me. After I bathed the last man’s cock in my mouth Andrew finally freed my legs and helped me to my feet. Sunlight was pouring in through the windows. Andrew handed me a towel and told me to get ready to go. I had come all over my face and it was running down my legs. I did my best to wipe it off then went looking for my clothes. I found my halter top, which was ripped open in the front but my skirt was nowhere to be found. Andrew told me, “Fuck it, I’ll get you a new one. Let’s get out of here.” I was trying to cover up the best I could with my halter top before going out to his car but Andrew grabbed it out of my hands and tossed it into a pile of garbage on the floor. “Ain’t no reason to keep this shit. Well go to the store tomorrow.”
There was quite a bit of traffic on the road when we got outside. I tried to hurry up and get in the car but Andrew made me wait on the sidewalk while he put a clean towel on the seat. I started to complain about how long he was taking because I could tell he was moving slow on purpose. Several car horns honked as they drove by. Andrew stopped what he was doing and told me, “I could just let you walk your ass home, you know.” That shut me up in a hurry and finally Andrew let me get in the car.
I slept through most of the day and wound up getting fired from my job when I didn’t show up to work. I did wake briefly in the evening when Josh and Bill brought me something to eat then gave me a quick after dinner fuck. My pussy was really sore, as were my tits, especially the nipples. But that made me want the guys to fuck me even more. I’m sure Andrew told them about my night out with him because they were both playing a lot rougher than they had before. Bill started sucking on one of my nipples and I surprised myself by practically begging, “Oh, that feels so good. Pinch the other one for me! Make it hurt!”
Andrew took me to the store as promised the next day and bought me a new skirt and top. The skirt is much shorter than the one he was replacing, barely long enough to cover my ass. And the top is really sexy and shows off more than it covers. He also took me to a local thrift store and picked up several pairs of jeans that fit really tight, some too tight to button. These he cut off when we got home, so short that about a quarter of my ass hangs out the back when I wear them. And the crotch is cut so thin that it is nothing more than a strip of cloth separating my pussy lips. Oh, that’s rule number four. When I go out, I have to wear the shorts that he cut off for me unless I am told to put on a skirt. The only exception to this is if I go out to the garage to shoot pool with Bill and Josh. Then I am to wear a short skirt and tube top so they can have easy access to my pussy whenever they want it.
That Friday, Bill and Josh had a bunch of their friends over, including the construction crew they worked with. And Andrew said that he would have about a half dozen of his friends stopping by to see me later. We all hung out in the garage and the guys all tried to flirt and hit on me until Andrew’s friends showed up. They handed Andrew a wad of money and he sent me to my bedroom. Andrew’s friends all fucked me hard, treating me like a ten dollar whore. They left as soon as they finished fucking me. When I went back out to the garage about an hour and a half later the guys all started feeling me up whenever I got close enough. It was obvious that I was enjoying the attention so they quickly became more bold. I heard Josh telling someone that I was a dirty little slut and that I really liked rough sex. Not long after that Andrew sent me back to my room saying that someone would be there in a minute. It turned out to be three someones. They did something I had never tried before. One of them got on the bed and had me climb on top of him, slipping his cock into my pussy. Then another climbed onto the bed behind me and inserted his cock in my ass. The third man stood on the bed and fed his cock into my mouth and they all started pumping into me together. After a few minutes they all switched places with the one I had been sucking lying under me, taking a turn at my pussy. The one who had been fucking my pussy got behind me and started fucking my ass and the one who had been in my ass moved to my mouth. They continued like this, switching places every few minutes for about an hour before the first man came in my mouth. He stepped out of the way after I swallowed his load and the man in my ass took his place, eventually feeding me another load of hot semen. Then the man who was still fucking my pussy rolled me over and hammered away at me, depositing his seed deep inside my hot cunt.
By the time they were done, the party had moved inside. I went into the living room and the men immediately started groping my naked body. Someone bent me over the back of the couch and I felt something cold against my pussy lips. I looked back and saw that he was working an empty beer bottle up and down my slit. I came hard as he stared to push the bottom end into my gaping cunt. It slid in easily and he began to fuck my pussy with it vigorously. The other men seemed amused and started to egg him on. Then he started fingering my asshole with his free hand. I think he was about to fuck my ass when Andrew suggested that he take me into my room. He pushed the bottle in deeper, so that just the small opening at the neck was sticking out of me and walked with me to my bedroom. He had me get on my knees and suck his cock with the bottle still inside me. He was really long and thick, the way I like them. I did my best to swallow his whole shaft, and when I finally got him all the way down I heard cheering from the open door. He then put me on my hands and knees on the bed and got behind me then slowly stuffed his big cock into my ass. I felt so full with his thick cock deep inside me along side the beer bottle in my pussy. And it must have made things feel much tighter for him. He started pumping into me quickly and before long was spraying my bowels with hot come.
I turned around to suck him clean and one of the men watching from the doorway took his place, fucking my ass hard and fast. That was how I spent the rest of the night, with one man after another shoving his cock deep in my ass. When I woke the next morning I still had that beer bottle stuffed in my pussy.

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