Earthquake Opportunity part 2

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Warning, this story is not for everyone. It contains snuff and rape. If this is not your cup of tea, do not proceed. You will not find what you are looking for down below.

If however you are looking for something like that, then enjoy.

All characters are above the age of 18.

Feeling hopeful, I set out of the room and continued down the hallway; listening for anymore sounds. Not too far from the classroom I found an unfortunate soul who could not receive my help. She was a redhead who seemed to have been crushed by lockers falling from the second floor. It looked like someone had tried to pull her out, but hadn’t gotten too far. Just enough for her large breasts to be visible, though even in death her uniform tried to contain them. Unable to resist, I reached down and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons everywhere. Her still warm flesh sank at my touch and I could feel myself hardening again for another go. With regret, I pulled myself away from her. If there were still living girls here, then I wanted to find them first. And if not, I could always come back.

I searched room by room on the first floor, but didn’t find anything as interesting as the bodies I’d already seen and was considering checking the second floor when I passed by the library. I didn’t hear anything, but it was still worth checking. There could easily be someone hiding out underneath toppled bookshelves. I moved silently in, picking steps with care to avoid stepping on books. Mostly because they would have made more noise, but also because that would have felt weird to step on books like that. We’ve already established I have different morals, is it any surprise I have other weird quirks? I rounded a particularly sturdy bookshelf that had somehow stayed standing, then retreated behind it real quickly. On the other side, maybe fifteen feet away was a student. I peeked cautiously and confirmed she had her back to me. She was dark skinned and had her hair done up in some sort of style. From what I could see she wasn’t wounded, but staring silently at something in front of her. I briefly glanced down to where she was looking and understood. The dead body of who I assumed was the librarian lay there. The girl was in shock. A fact I was more than willing to take advantage of. I creeped forward, choosing each step with even more care. And due to either my own stealth, or her inability to sense anything, I ended up right behind her. I considered reaching out and snapping her neck, but decided against it. The other two girls hadn’t really been much of fighters, and I could do with a bit of active resistance. So I reared back and smacked her ass hard. She stumbled forward and tripped over the body of the librarian. She hit the ground hard and let out a yelp of more surprise than anything else I thought. She turned to face me, giving me a good look at her front finally. Her breasts seemed to be a bit on the small side, though something about how they filled her uniform made me wonder. One lens of her glasses was cracked giving her eyes an uneven appearance. But her face was smooth and eyes held a cuteness you see in girls that don’t know they’re pretty yet. Needless to say, I was ready. I lunged forward at her, shocking her into movement. She tried to crawl backwards away from me, but I caught ahold of both legs and dragged her back to me. She was starting to shout, so I needed to act fast. I brought a leg up and brought my foot straight down onto her diaphragm. I felt all of the air rush out of her as her shouts turned into gasps of air. Moving fast, I let go of her legs and moved up to her neck, then slamming her head into the ground hard enough to daze her. By now I was becoming accustomed to removing the shirts, and had hers off in seconds. She tried to plead with me, but still couldn’t get much out. I ignored her and ripped at her bra, spilling her breasts out and confirming my suspicions that her bra had been too small and hiding the goods. She was now desperate and swiped at my eyes trying to blind me, but I’ve seen that move a couple times. I stopped her arm with one hand, then used them other to twist hard at her shoulder pulling the arm out of its socket. She opened her mouth to scream in pain, but I shoved a nearby magazine in her mouth before she could get much out. I stood up and kicked her in the head and stomped my foot on her remaining good hand. By this point my cock was screaming to be let out so I pulled it out and reached down for her skirt. This time I pulled it completely off and removed her panties with it, exposing more of her smooth black skin. Then I grabbed her by the shoulders and placed her on the librarian’s dead body and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She gasped again and tried to squirm away, but she was in agony and out of energy. With one hand fingering her, and the other holding her in place, I placed my mouth over one full breast and took a nipple in my mouth. First I licked at it, then biting and pulling. She gasped in pain again, but down below I could feel moisture. Without warning I slammed my cock inside of her and began violently thrusting. She was out of fight and just laid there, crying softly, waiting for me to finish. Not wanting to disappoint, I made a few more full thrusts and spent myself inside her. As the relief flooded into me, I made an effort to drag myself up to give myself better leverage, then grabbed her head in my hands. It seemed so small in them, and with one quick movement I jerked it and snapped her neck. I watched her final moments slip out of her as she lay on top of the librarian, then once she was completely gone I carefully moved her to the side and removed the librarian’s clothes. It was a bit soon so it was just fun for me, but she still had a good body. Sure she was older than my normal prey, but her naked flesh looked good same as most. Giving each of them one last look I walked out and headed for the stairs to the second floor. Hopefully it would be just as productive.

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