The Ocean

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This is another of the older stories from my Lust journal (it’s a red journal, so my nom de plume is RedLust). It’s about 2 years old and I did have to expand it for the contest. It isn’t so much a story as a scene, just a little glimpse of one sexual act.

Like many of the things I wrote back then it is in second person (meaning: you); and that is not to everyone’s taste, I know, but it seemed to fit the contest’s requirement of anonymity.


Red Book Lust Journal Entry Number 15

Dedication To A:

I can’t remember her face in the dream that inspired this,
When I woke I pictured yours.

The Ocean

We are in the ocean and I wrap my arm around your neck pulling you toward me. I lean in and push your lips to mine and push you to me more. I push you further and lean myself back so I fall backward into the sea pulling you on top of me. We fall.

I envy the water able to caress your body all at once top and bottom; front and back with its long liquid tongue.

You break the kiss to sputter for air. I hug you and flip you into the surf again. I am feeling nearly as playful as desirous. My hands grab just below your ass. My fingers can wrap down into the insides of your thighs. You give me your look that lets me know that you know what I want. We kiss again and push ourselves into mid-chest high water. God damn, I fucking want you.

Our lips are inseparable, our teeth click and clack happily as they make contact. Your arms are around my neck to show me your insistence. We float in the sea flipping over letting the water tease us.

I pull you close, which mashes your breasts to my chest. You wrap your legs around my back and keep us this close, relenting only mere inches when I slide your swimsuit bottoms to the side and pull my own trunks down. A moment of uncertainty, and then Heaven; you engulf me as the water engulfs us both.

The sky becomes gray and a cold stream in the current hits us, making us both clench in the best ways. The waves lift us up as I slide out and they lower us as I thrust in. We rise and fall, again and again, establishing our slow and steady rhythm.

A warm stream moves and soothes where the cold had braced us. You break the kiss and whisper an “Oooh,” against my ear. I thrust over and over as slowly as the waves. I keep my hands on your thighs I pull you down onto my cock and only allow for the water to pull me out. The waves become bigger now as our passion increases. The sky darkens but my eyes are locked on yours.

We are lifted off of our feet and bob up till only my tip is penetrating you then descend quickly till my feet hit the submerged sand and you slide delectably on to my prick and I push deeply into you.

The higher we go, the further I get.

You clamp your teeth and lips violently to my shoulder. Your legs are wrapped like a death grip around my waist. I take one hand and push the cloth from your chest so that your breasts can press unobstructed against me. My fingers can’t help straying to your hips to grip for stronger thrusts.

The waves are becoming rougher, stronger and taller. The sky is almost black. The waves are timing my penetration, making the thrusts harder. We are raised higher, before the waves’ crests pass us and break closer to shore.

I know that I am getting so close to finishing, I am worked up being inside you. I can only whisper into your ear “Oh fuck!” in a breathy voice that is higher than my own. I slam into you again I think ‘three more waves are all I have, that is all I can last.’ I start counting down.

At ‘Wave Two’ you unclamp your mouth from my very red shoulder and kiss me again. I can tell your close. You’re quivering inside and out. When you kiss me I find myself close to blacking out.

My knees buckle and I turn us around while the next wave lifts us. I am so disoriented; we had switched positions. Now my back gets hit by wave first. I realize I must have twisted us when my knees went. ‘Wave One’ slams us down and I know the next one will push me over to orgasm.

The black ocean gives us another cold wash from the current and you clamp down on me again, as the biggest wave yet, pulls us up. Reluctantly I begin pulling out from you in anticipation of my final thrust.

The ocean, however, had other plans for the two us. The wave crests while we bobbed at the top; we are launched airborne five feet down to the sea. The impact from the back-flop was followed instantaneously by the nearly painful, deep, deep, final thrust just as we submerged under the waves.

I take one hand from your hip and grab the back of your neck. As we surface with a “Yah!” from you and an “Uhh!” from me. My cock erupts. We kiss hard, so hard that incisors press against canines. Your muscles clench and the waves massage us as we come for each other.

We float and all I want is to stay buried inside you. But the waves pull me out and push me in, just enough to tease as they lay us on the shore. The surf laps at our bodies as we lie with our kissing bodies still pressed against each other.

The ocean is calming down but because of you I’m rising again.

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