The Island, Chapter 36

Author's Note, Part 2: As this series approaches conclusion (less than 10 chapters left!) I thought I would respond to several requests from readers to provide cast biographies. Bios and pictures are now posted in the forum (18+ only) under the thread "Cast Biographies from The Island."

Chapter 36

In the morning, a thunderous crashing noise in the water woke us. Looking out into the clear blue sea just as the dawn was breaking over the trees, I saw a foamy disturbance in the water.

“What was that?” Alyssa asked sleepily. Peter was sitting up, rubbing his eyes, and Janie was stirring as well.

“I don’t know,” I replied, a little groggy myself. I stood up, peering into the water. Suddenly, a huge, dark shape emerged from the waves, towering at least 15 feet in the air. “Holy shit!” I cried out.

It was a whale! I’m not sure what type, (I’m a doctor, not a marine biologist) but it was gigantic, and the report when it hit the water was deafening. He was only about 50 yards offshore, and I didn’t think I’d ever been so close to something alive that was that big.

Alyssa and Peter were both jumping around in amazement as the splash subsided and the creature sank below the waves again. I looked at Janie, who was still sitting on the blanket, hair tousled and mouth open, and smiled at her.

“I think the island gods have given us their blessing.”

She laughed gaily, jumping to her feet and grabbing my hands. We made a ring with the kids and danced around in a circle, the two younger ones chanting, “The gods are happy! The gods are happy!” while Janie and I just chuckled indulgently. Another crash heralded a third breach of the behemoth, and we cheered as his head rolled back into the water, his huge, dark eye seeming to peer at us in approval as he once again sank below the surface. We waited for another appearance, but all we saw was his flukes rise into the air as he finally dove deep, heading back out to sea.

“That was incredible!” Janie marveled as we packed up our gear to head back to camp. Back home, I told myself. It’s home now. We dressed again so as not to create too much of a spectacle when we returned, and walked the short hike down the sand to the mouth of the stream. Each of us stopped to fill our mouths with water, refreshing our parched throats with the clean, cool liquid.

Alyssa and Peter ran on ahead, seemingly closer now that they had been through such a remarkable experience together. Janie and I strolled back more slowly, holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company.

“What an amazing evening,” I marveled. “I guess you must have had many nights like that back at the ranch, huh?”

“Some, but not many,” she answered. “I think having the two of them learning about sex for the first time together added to the experience. Maybe it was a little less intimidating. Back then, we mostly did the initiation rites with just one kid and one older person—whoever they chose to teach them. I think this was better.”

“Well, I’ve got nothing to compare it to,” I said as we emerged on the camp beach, observing the bustle of morning activity beginning. “But I thought it was pretty mind-blowing. Thank you for putting that together. It’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life.”

“You're welcome,” Janie said, resting her head on my shoulder briefly. “I’m glad I got to share it with you.”

I kissed her happily, and we parted ways, her going to check on Jared, and me heading over to Joelle to wish her good morning. After she and I had scarfed down a quick breakfast, we checked on River, still half asleep at the hippies’ campsite. His wounds were healing well, with no sign of infection, and we left him behind as we walked to a log in the shade of the palm trees lining the beach and sat down.

Joelle sighed in contentment as we watched the clear surf roll in on the reef, breaking on the coral with a roar, spumes of foam and spray glinting in the bright morning light. “Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked.

“That it is,” I agreed, and took her hand. “I was just thinking to myself last night, that in my mind, this is home now. I don’t know if I want to leave here anymore.”

“Dave, that’s cr….” She stopped herself suddenly, pondering what I had said. “You know,” she said slowly, “I’m not sure that is crazy. The more I think about my life back then, and what it’s like now, the more I think I’m in a much better place, now. I just feel more….” She trailed off, searching for the right word.

“Alive?” I suggested.

“Yes! That’s it,” she said in excitement. “Life now is just more alive!”

“I’m with you, honey.” I kissed the back of her hand, and we enjoyed the moment for a little longer.

Our musings were interrupted finally by Dkembe, who was gnawing on a piece of dried fish as he walked over.

“I think it is time we started our school, Dave. I have put together a schedule of three classes each morning. We can mix it up so each day they are different, and that way the children will not get bored.” He glanced at Joelle. “I was hoping you could do a Spanish lesson to start? Then Mi Cha will teach math, and Horace will show them how to use knives safely, and he thinks he can make a hand axe.”

“You want me to start?” Joelle squeaked nervously.

“Come on,” I encouraged her. “You’ll be great. The kids love you already. Just start by having them name all the things on the beach in Spanish. You can make a game out of it. Winner gets a treat, or gets to skip chores for a day?”

“I guess,” she said uneasily. “All right. I’ll do it.”

“Atta girl!” I said, punching her lightly on the shoulder. As she walked away with Dkembe, I called out “Oh, Miss Flores!”

She turned, a quizzical expression on her face.

“If I’m a bad boy, teacher, will you keep me after school in detention?”

Dkembe laughed, and Joelle stuck her tongue out at me, and the two of them walked off to start lessons.

With all of our students in school, I rounded up some of the adults, and Janie and I took them through some basic fitness exercises. We used the traditional warm-ups from our Tae Kwon Do classes, which were designed to loosen up the whole body from top to bottom, and add some strengthening as well. They also had the advantage of not requiring any equipment, just using the practitioner’s muscles, weight, and gravity to get the job done. It was a pleasant hour, and I was glad to have gotten in some physical activity early before the sun really started heating things up.

When we were done, we pitched in with the usual chores of island life, collecting firewood and fruit, checking the tide pools for crabs and shellfish, filling the water tank, and other mundane tasks. Our shark lines were stripped bare, at least indicating something was interested in the bait, and Horace promised after his class with the kids he would try to figure out a better hook to go on the end of the line, something that would more likely catch us some food.

When lessons were done, the antsy kids and the sweaty adults all jumped into the lagoon for a morning swim, and we horsed around in the water for a good 30 minutes before folks started heading back in to dry and change.

I toweled off, jumping on one leg like a lunatic as I tried to clear a drop of water out of my ear. I was interrupted in my gyrations by Rain, who had something wrapped in banana leaves she wanted to show me.

“Look, we made soap!”

“Come again?” I said, still having trouble hearing through the water in my ear canal.


“You made soap? How?”

“We mixed pig fat and ashes. It makes lye soap.” She showed it to me proudly, and I fingered the gooey mess. It certainly felt slippery. “Dakota made it before on the farm when she was younger. It’s kinda harsh, but we figure we can mix in some coconut oil, and maybe some herbs to make it smell better.”

“That’s pretty cool,” I marveled. ‘Thank you guys. That’s a great contribution to camp.”

She smiled happily. “We’re gonna fine tune it some more. We think we’ll have a better recipe soon.”

“Excellent. Keep me posted.”

Was it ironic that the hippies were the ones making soap? Or was I just falling victim to a stereotype? Who knew, I chuckled to myself as she walked away.
Joelle and Horace were teachers, the hippies were cooking up bath products; I was feeling like I needed to get out there and do something to keep up. I watched as Brandon milked the goat, squirting the white liquid expertly into a bucket. Maybe we could find more goats? The idea caught hold, and soon I was working my way around camp, trying to find volunteers for a goat-hunting mission. I had to be clear with the field hockey girls, this was not a hunt with spears and arrows, but with ropes and sticks. In the end, I collected 10 people to go on the hunt, and with the hunters’ knowledge of animal trails and habits, they suggested we concentrate on the jungle around the big volcanic peak, as they had heard bleating around that side of the island on many occasions.

We trooped off together, trying to be as stealthy as possible, and after a couple of hot, sticky, and unsuccessful hours, we finally found a small herd of the creatures on the plateau below the hot springs, where the trees began to thin as they ran up against the rocky mountainside. We stretched out in a long line, trying to herd them into a gully, using the same technique that had been successful with the pigs. When we finally were in position, we charged them, trapping four of them, including another kid, in a sort of box canyon. Two more escaped by climbing the side of the entrance to the arroyo before we could stop them, and tragically another one bolted in the opposite direction from the canyon, and pitched right off the short cliff overlooking the trees.

Using ropes, bamboo rods, and blankets, we managed to catch and tie up the bleating captives, figuring we’d have to carry them back to camp. It would take hours with them walking, hobbled, under their own power, and we weren’t about to risk losing them by letting them walk without having their legs bound.

After the bulk of the party had started back, carrying our new campmates, Mary and I went to check on the goat that had taken the fall.

We found the poor creature at the base of the cliff, still alive but badly injured. Aside from two broken legs, there seemed to be internal injuries as well, and it was having trouble breathing.

“I don’t think you can save that one, Doc,” Mary said sadly.

“No,” I agreed. “I think you’re right.”

“I don’t want to see it suffer any more she said, raising her spear. “Why don’t you look away.”

She dispatched it quickly, and together we carried it back to camp. “At least it’s a change from fish and pork,” I said, looking on the bright side. We arrived back at camp and turned the goat over to the cooking crew for butchering. It looked like goat was on the menu for tonight. In the meantime I had worked up quite an appetite, and dug into some of our food supplies for lunch.

I watched our new additions acclimate to their surroundings as I ate. We now had two more nanny goats, one pregnant and one with another kid, and a billy goat. The kid looked to be about the same age as the other one, so I suspected we would now be able to double our milk supply. Having a billy goat meant we would be able now to have a sustainable herd. As before, the adults were hobbled and the two kids ran free. I wondered if there would come a time when the adults would be tame enough that they would stick around camp of their own accord and wouldn’t have to be restrained any more. I made a mental note to ask our goat experts the question later.

Janie arrived as I was finishing my lunch, and I sat with her while she ate, describing the Great Goat Hunt.

“That’s awesome!” she enthused when I had finished. “I’m even glad about the dead goat. It will be nice to have a change of menu.”

“I’m with you there. It was just a little sad seeing it injured and in pain. Mary made a quick end to it, though. What are you up to now?”

“I’m going to sit down with Dkembe and some of the teachers and put together a schedule for our classes. Do you have any preference over when you do your biology classes?”

“Well, I’ll have to check my calendar, and I’ll have my secretary get back to you….” I had to duck, laughing, as she threw a bone at my head. “No, seriously. Plug me in whenever you want me.” I gave her a peck on the cheek and rose. “I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yeah,” she agreed with a naughty smile. “Then I’ll see about ‘plugging you in’.” Yesss!

Janie’s implied invitation for tonight had me worked up and out of sorts, and I again began looking for some activity to distract me. At the far end of the beach I spied the cheerleaders collecting in their uniforms for a class of their own, and decided to stroll over and watch. Six girls were lined up and doing some chants, waving their pom-poms (pun intended) and leaping around under Anne’s direction. She kept stopping them, and pointing out infinitesimal mistakes she was unhappy with, but I couldn’t see any problems. They looked pretty fucking awesome to me!

I couldn’t see my favorite girl from the plane, and Adam seemed to be missing as well. After they finished fine-tuning that first routine they did some stretches in preparation for some more acrobatic ones. Anne spotted me and beckoned me over. At first I thought she was going to scold me for staring at the girls like a dirty old man, but she surprised me.

“Dave! Can you help us? I don’t know where Adam is, and I want to do some lifts and towers. I need an anchorman. Will you give us a hand?”

“What? You want me to help with cheerleading?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that. Are you too much of a man for that?”

“No, I’m afraid I’m too much of a klutz for that. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“Oh don’t worry!” She waved her hand dismissively. “We’ll take care of you. We just need your muscle.”

“OK, if you think I can be of use, you’ve got me.”


“Thanks, Dave!”


I grinned at the girls as they welcomed me into the group. It actually was fairly simple what they wanted me to do. At first I had to help catch Kaitlyn as she fell from a two level tower of girls. She climbed up, got set, and fell backward into a cradle of arms. The purpose seemed to be simply to make sure this dangerous fall was well-rehearsed and as safe as could be.

They then had me on hands and knees as the bottom of a pyramid. The girls began assembling around and above me until they were stacked up in a triangle. Again, as the lightest, Kaitlyn was assigned to be at the top. At this point, however, things got a little interesting. The other girls had set up without incident, and while they seemed amused to have me as part of the group and possibly even flirty in a mildly provocative way, they were for the most part all business. That’s why it took me completely by surprise when Kaitlyn, who was supposed to climb the pyramid and pose on top, paused as she prepared to step up onto my back and snaked a hand between my legs to squeeze my cock. Admittedly I was already getting hard just being around all these hot young things, but I hadn’t been expecting anything to come of it. Now I had to reevaluate that thought as her small fingers briefly massaged my stiffening rod before she commenced her climb to the top. I managed not to jump, which would have collapsed the whole group, and instead waited for someone to say something. Eventually I realized no one had seen, as they were all facing forward as part of the structure. Now my imagination began to run wild as I considered what else might happen. Christ, my mind informed me, you are in the middle of a pile of high school cheerleaders and one of them just started groping you! I swear to God I had had this dream 15 years ago and now it was coming true.

One more go-round at the pyramid was made after we disassembled, and this time the little minx just ran her hand over my ass as she climbed on top of me. I suspected Megan, who was next to me on the bottom, had seen this, because she started snorting laughter and wouldn’t look me in the eye any more.

After the second pyramid was broken down, I began to notice the girls whispering to one another and smirking at me. I must admit I was feeling more insecure than horny at that point, mainly because I was outnumbered and not sure what was going to happen.

My next task was assisting with lifts. The girls took turns doing either running or stationary jumps, and I would hold them high while they struck a pose, then let them down again after a few seconds. The end result made me think of that scene from Dirty Dancing, where Patrick Swayze holds Baby up in the air in the lake.

The girls must have had some dirty dancing on their minds as well, because things started happening that were calculated to drive me crazy. It started innocently enough, with Natalie making a gentle moan as I lifted her up, my hands firmly around her slender waist. Emma choked back laughter, but I didn’t realize what was going on until Yasmine whispered a throaty “Yes!” when I did the same move with her. The next girl was Jessica, and she took it a little farther. As I lowered her down again, she slithered sensuously against me, grinding her ass on my erection lewdly. Now several girls were grinning and giggling. Anne hadn’t caught on, and was still focused on critiquing the girls’ poses and motions. They were all fucking with me now, the little teases! Well, I could play that game, too.

The next move I was to practice involved a pair of girls basically heaving a third into the air, with me catching her above my head in a seated position on my outstretched hands. The possibilities for fun became obvious as my job was explained to me by Anne. I discretely adjusted by boner, trying to hook my waistband over the tip so it wouldn’t protrude too far, and prepared for the first victim. Since they wanted to start with the lightest, Kaitlyn was again chosen for the initial try. I figured that was a perfect example of poetic justice.
The launch was picture-perfect, and her form was sublime as she flew up into the air, graceful as a swan, her short, pleated skirt billowing up around her hips as she began her descent. The effect was spoiled when she landed, as she let out a loud squawk. It may have been because as her ass cheeks made contact with my hands, I made sure my left thumb slipped right into her crack, wedging her spankies tightly into her snatch. Ooops, my bad! I thought with a grin.

“Are you OK?” Anne asked in concern. “You didn’t strain your ankle again, did you?”

“N-no,” the girl stuttered, trying to regain her composure. “Just a rough landing.” She stared at me with slitted eyes as I lowered her down, and I returned her scrutiny with a poker face.

“Sorry, Kaitlyn. I hope I didn’t do it wrong.”

She smiled at me slightly. “No you did it just right, Dave.”

Yasmine was next, and I saw Kaitlyn whisper in her ear before she and Megan launched the exotic beauty to me. She had obviously prepared the other girl for the landing, because when I repeated the maneuver on her she didn’t make a peep. My thumb nestled lightly into the warm crease between her shapely legs, and I gave her a little rub as I lowered her to the ground.

“Good catch!” she said, eyes twinkling. Fuck, I was really getting into this!

Jessica received the same warning from Kaitlyn, and, shielded by the smaller girl from Anne’s view, quickly adjusted her undergarments. That certainly got my brain buzzing with anticipation. I was lucky my cock didn’t tear its way out of my shorts as I anxiously awaited her landing.

I didn’t have long to wait; she launched gracefully through the air and her ass planted itself perfectly in my hands, both of my thumbs slipping between her cheeks. I instantly felt damp flesh and fur, the sensation electrifyingly unexpected. I looked up into her skirt, hanging over me like a lampshade, to see she had pulled her shorts and panties as tightly into her cunt as she could, so that the hairy lips were overflowing the strip of fabric on both sides. She must have lost her focus, because Anne immediately began criticizing her pose, and made her repeat her arm motions several times in order to get it right. I took advantage of the time to caress those soft pillows of flesh, in absolute heaven as I stared at the half-exposed teen crotch above me. I could feel her shaking as I let her down, and knew she must have been as aroused as I was.

Natalie was next, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her shimmying around behind Jessica and Kaitlyn, while Yasmine distracted Anne by pointing behind the woman and calling out, “Is that Adam?”

Anne turned to look, and before Yasmine could say, “Naw, that’s Stu,” Natalie was already in the air. I quickly realized why they had wanted Anne’s attention elsewhere: as she started her descent and her skirt blew upward, I could see she was bare-ass naked under it. Oh, Jesus! She had taken her shorts and panties completely off!

My heart was in my throat as she plopped onto my hands, her ass making a loud slap as it hit my palms. My thumb unerringly met her cooze, and she was so goddamned wet I slid into her up to the knuckle. Anne turned back to observe her pose, and this time I was certain the girl had deliberately muffed it (pun intended) so as to prolong her impalement on my digit. I made the most of the ensuing critique, slipping my thumb deeper into her liquid warmth for a moment, then sliding it forward to caress her stiff little clit. Her gasp must have been audible to Anne, for the coach stopped criticizing her abruptly.

“Don’t be so sensitive, Natalie. I’m just trying to improve your stance. If we ever do get back home, you want to look good for Regionals.”

“You’re right, Anne,” the girl managed to squeak out as her honey trickled down my wrist. “Tell me when I do something wrong.” I slowly placed her shaking legs onto the ground as the others sniggered and giggled uncontrollably.

“Honestly, what is wrong with you girls today?” Anne groused. “You are not in the right frame of mind for a serious practice. We’re going to have to call it quits. Everyone give me three laps up and down the beach before we finish.”

The girls groaned theatrically and started running, Yasmine surreptitiously carrying Natalie’s squirrel covers in her hand. My back was to the coach as I finally removed my lucky thumb from its moist resting place, bringing it to my mouth to lick it clean as Natalie watched, wide-eyed.

“Thank you Dave!” Anne called to me as she walked after the jogging girls. “You were a big help. Come on Natalie. You’re captain, you’re supposed to set an example.”

The captain, still shielded from her coach by my body, took advantage of the situation to caress my protruding dickhead through the fabric of my shorts.

“Yes, thank you Dave,” she said with a smile. “That will certainly help me tonight.”

I watched as she jogged off, my erection truly painful as I contemplated the thought of her stroking that sweet slit in her bedroll this evening. And now she’s jogging up and down the beach in her cheer uniform with nothing underneath. The thought had me hyperventilating, and I was glad Anne wasn’t still there to see the alarming tent in my shorts.

A quick usage of the shower calmed me down somewhat, and after cooling off with the frigid water, I read my book in the sun for a half hour or so, warming and drying my body. Pretty soon, though, I was antsy again and looking for another distraction.

I grabbed one of the two balls we had on the island, and wondered how long they would last. Maybe we could make one? I know they used animal bladders or stomachs in third world countries to make balls. It sounded disgusting, but beggars can’t be choosers. I looked around for someone to toss it around with and spied Christopher lounging under the trees. We need to make a hammock, I thought to my self. And it needs to go right there. I added another entry to my mental notebook, which was getting quite full of things to do.

“Hey, Chris! You wanna head over to the nude beach and toss the ball around?”

“Sure,” he said hesitantly.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, sensing something.

“Nothing. It’s just, um, I get a little embarrassed over there. The girls give me a, you know.” He gestured at his crotch, red-faced.

“Hey, you’ll get used to it. Besides. If they didn’t want you to look, they wouldn’t be over there.”

He grinned at that, and joined me on the brief trek across the island. As we passed the trail that led to the clearing in the jungle, I was accosted by Angela, one of the blonde field hockey players.

“Hey, Dave. We need your advice.”

“Ok. Who’s we?”

“Oh, some of the girls. Can you come to the clearing with me?”

I nodded, and followed her down the trail, Christopher bringing up the rear.
There was a group of girls in the clearing, and they seemed to be in a rowdy mood. Besides Angela, I saw Missy (another one of the field hockey girls), Yasmine and Kaitlyn from the cheer squad, and Alison and Juhee from the TKD team. Alison leaned forward to pour something into a cup, and I realized Adam was there, too, sitting on a log behind her. It seemed as if they all had cups, and as I got closer, I could smell the tell-tale odor of alcohol.

“Hey where did you guys get that?” I gestured at the bucket they were pouring from.

“Adam managed to wheedle some from Rodney,” Kaitlyn answered.

“Yay, Adam!” yelled Alison, and the girls broke up laughing, obviously more than a little tipsy.

“They’re in luuuuv!” said Yasmine, causing more yells and catcalls. Adam looked a little embarrassed, but happy.

“Congratulations,” I said to the young man.

“Can I have some?” asked Christopher, and Alison motioned him to sit with her and handed her glass to him. He gulped it down, made a face, and refilled it for her.

“We’re using your recipe for jungle juice, Dave,” said Missy, her speech a little slurred.

“It’s sooo good!” hollered Angela, her own cup back in hand.

“Just make sure you don’t drink too much. I don’t want any alcohol poisoning to treat.” I grabbed Angela’s cup and tossed down a shot for myself, and refilled it before handing it back. “So what’s the issue?” I asked, after the burning had subsided.

“Can you hurt yourself by holding in your pee?” asked Juhee, with a hiccup.

“Um…” Not what I was expecting. “Only in extreme circumstances. There have been people who did radio contests like that and died, but I think that was after really guzzling water, and they got over-hydrated. I think the body will force you to go if you get too full. Why?”

“We’re having a contest,” said Adam. “We all went pee earlier, and now we’re trying to see who can last the longest without going again.”

“The winner gets a back rub,” said Kaitlyn.

“And the loser?” I asked, amused.

“I don’t wanna tell you right now,” said Angela with a smirk.

“But it really hurts, I need to go so bad!” moaned Yasmine.

“She’s not gonna die, is she?” asked Juhee, eyes slightly glazed. I suspected this might have been her first exposure to alcohol.

“Not as long as you let it out when you can’t stand it. The stakes aren’t high enough to risk hurting yourself.” I wasn’t particularly worried. With the alcohol on board, they wouldn’t have the fortitude to hold out beyond the point of injury.

Already, I could see Yasmine and Alison both doing the potty dance, familiar to me from the younger kids at the dojang. I didn’t think this contest was going to last much longer.

Juhee let out a massive belch, and covered her mouth in embarrassment as the others laughed uproariously.

“Making more room, I see?” I commented wryly, and she giggled.

“Oooh!” Yasmine moaned again, rocking back and forth where she sat. “Shit! Is anyone else really hurting?”

“I am,” said Alison, gritting her teeth. “But I’m still gonna beat you!”

Chris had been doing his best to catch up with the girls, and finished off the last of the hooch. He was flushed and wide-eyed, sandwiched between Missy and Angela, both of whom were leaning on him.

“Oh, it’s all gone,” said Missy with a pout.

“Good,” I said. “I think you ladies have had enough.”

Angela blew me a raspberry, and the girls all laughed like hyenas.

The stress of laughing must have been too much for Yasmine’s overtaxed bladder, for she let out a groan and suddenly her gray sweatpants developed a dark stain in the crotch as she unloaded her piss right into them.

“Wrecked!” yelled Alison gleefully, pointing at the other girl. The others all began yelling as Yasmine collapsed onto the ground, covering her face in mortification as the wet spot grew, now covering the entire midsection of her pants.

“Fuck! She pissed her pants!” yelled Christopher, standing up and displaying quite a tent in his shorts. Truth be told, I was sporting my own woody just being around these young hotties after my earlier escapades, and watching the prettiest of them all piss herself right in front of me was a complete turn-on.

“That’s not very ladylike,” I commented mildly.

“Oh my God!” she yelled through her hands. “I can’t believe I did that! That’s sooo gross!”

“Shit, I have to go, too!” shouted Alison, and ran into the trees to empty her bladder as well. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to watch, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all. In rapid sequence, each girl ran to the trees, leaving Adam as the lone holdout.

“I win!” he cried out triumphantly, holding his arms up. Seconds later he had turned his back on the group and pulled his dick out to let fly an epic stream of piss, not even bothering to run for cover.

The girls cheered him good-naturedly, and Juhee called out, “You get the back rub!”

“And what does Yasmine get?” I asked in curiosity.

The girls looked at each other with smirks, and Angela finally confessed the plan as they broke up into fits of giggles. “She has to let guys jerk off onto her!”
Missy was laughing so hard she fell off the log onto the ground.

“We were going to go get John and Logan and Chrisopher to do it,” said Alison.

“But now we’ve got three guys here,” Angela continued. “We can do it right now.”

“But…” I started, not knowing what to say. As it happened, I didn’t get a chance to come up with anything, because Yasmine interrupted anyway.

“All right, fine!” she yelled. “I wanna get these wet pants off anyway.” She began pulling on them. “I’ll get you bitches back!”

In seconds, her soaked pants were around her ankles, and I once again beheld her gorgeous body, getting a prime look at her sublime cooze as she spread her legs, trying to work the elastic over her feet. Her little heart-shaped patch of pubes had expanded somewhat since the day I spied on her bath, and the thicker shape in the middle was now surrounded by heavy stubble extending over her whole mound. I could see the golden droplets of piss on the coarse hairs, and her dark labial flaps gleamed wetly as she finished pulling her drenched panties off. She held the lacy pink scrap up, making a face.

“And these were my favorites!” she complained.

“It’ll wash off,” commented Juhee helpfully.

“Yeah, it’s not like you had your period in them,” said Missy, now able to speak again. This brought about another bout of giggles.

I looked at Christopher, and any doubts I might have had about his willingness to participate were quickly dispelled. He was practically panting with lust, already fondling his meat through his pants.

“Adam’s not gonna get turned on by her body,” Alison said, over-enunciating her words in the classic attempt to conceal her drunkenness. “How’s he gonna get hard enough to jack off?”

“He can think of Rodney,” Angela suggested. “Or just look at Dave and Christopher’s cocks.”

“I wanna look at Dave and Christopher’s cocks,” blurted out Juhee, a goofy grin on her face.

“Me, too,” said Yasmine, who had by now pulled off her top as well, displaying that tight teen rack of hers. “If I’m gonna do this I better get to see some prime tube steak!”

“Take it off!” yelled Alison.

“Woo hoo!” Megan hollered, confirming in my mind at least that she might be a muff diver, but she still had a hankering for man meat, too.

Christopher looked at me, red-faced and twitching. “Are we gonna do this? For real?”

“I guess so. How about you, Adam? Are you in?”

“If you guys do it, I’ll do it,” he said, pretty tipsy himself.

I looked around at the horned-up hotties surrounding me, and came to a decision. “If I’m going to get my dick out for you girls, I wanna see some tits first.”

“Yeeeaah!” bellowed Christopher, pumping one fist in the air while grabbing his crotch with the other.

Angela and Alison looked at each other with sly smiles, nodded to each other, and abruptly pulled their tops up. Angela had gorgeous tan-nippled C-cups, high and firm, and as they became exposed, I saw the areolae pucker up nicely, her nipples rock-hard in arousal. Alison’s sweet pink titties popped out of her lacy little bra as she lifted it, as lovely as I remembered from the hot springs, and she gave me a little wink as she jiggled them at me.

Juhee , Missy and Kaitlyn howled when they saw their friends flashing us, high-fiving each other and pointing. The two teases pulled their tops back down, all too quickly in my opinion.

“Your turn, Dave!” yelled Alison, blushing prettily.

“Yeah, take it off, guys,” said Angela with a predatory smile.

What the hell, I thought. Half of them have seen it already. And I was so horny at this point I didn’t care if the rest did, too. “All right ladies. You asked for it.” I yanked my shorts off in one bold move. “You got it.”

All the girls started howling now, Kaitlyn whistling through her fingers like a construction worker ogling secretaries in the street. Not wanting to be left out, Christopher soon bared his boner, getting cheers of his own. Adam finally revealed his manhood as well, only half as hard as mine and Chris’s, but stiffening quickly now that he had something to look at.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” the girls began chanting, and I ran my fingers along my rigid rod just enough to tease them a little. I was already oozing from the head, and would just as happily have jumped Yasmine’s bones where she lay, but wasn’t sure she would have appreciated that. Anyway, a jerk off was what I had signed on for, that’s what they would get.

Christopher was way ahead of me, his fingers sliding frantically up and down his thick shaft as he stared at Yasmine’s scrumptious body. She was vamping it up for us now, stroking her tits lewdly as she eyed the three stiff pricks above her.

Adam’s hand was slamming into his balls as he brought it up and down the protruding prick jutting from his groin. Unlike Chris and me, he was eying our cocks instead of Yasmine’s glistening cunt. Whatever gets you off, dude, I thought. I know this sweet fucking poontang in front of me is doin’ it for me!

The three of us were panting by now, yanking our rods frantically over the recumbent cheerleader. The other girls were totally engrossed in the show, and Juhee and Missy were brazenly stroking their cunts through the damp fabric of their bikini bottoms as they became increasingly aroused.

“Oh, fuck!” groaned Christopher, as he caught site of the masturbating teens next to him. “This is so hot!”

I was engrossed in Yasmine’s incredible body, and soon had locked eyes with her, each of us boring into the other one with laser-like intensity. My dick was dripping like a leaky faucet by now, and I was rapidly approaching liftoff, as turned on as I had been for the last couple of hours. My lust only intensified as I tore my gaze from the dark-eyed goddess’s to discover her slender fingers sliding delicately over her creamy lips as she jilled off along with the three guys over her.

“Oh, Jesus!” I wheezed as the first jets of semen spattered onto her tan belly.
“You are so fucking gorgeous!” The audience cheered as I unloaded what seemed like a bucket of cum onto the girl, and the noise redoubled as Chris’s nuts launched their own load. More jets of thick sperm shot onto her face, causing her to close her eyes and lick the clinging goo from the side of her mouth as she increased the speed of her rubbing fingers. When Adam finally nutted a minute or two later, the girls gave a final cheer. His jizz blasted onto her tits, and her free hand rubbed the white glaze across those dusky jewels as she finally brought herself off, crying out in sweet agony as her back arched and her heels drummed on the forest floor.

“Day-yum!” Kaitlyn said reverently. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Chris, Adam and I stood there panting, drops of coagulating spunk hanging from our limp dicks, minds totally blown over what had just happened.

Juhee’s mouth was open, her hand still busy between her legs. A large wet spot had developed there, for all the world looking like she had pissed herself as well.

“Oh my god! I need to come right now!”

“Don’t look at me, sweetheart,” I rasped. “That dog won’t hunt. At least not for a while yet. Maybe Chris has a faster turnaround.”

“What?!” he asked, wild-eyed. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please,” she said almost inaudibly. “Would you?”

“Hell yes!” he agreed immediately. “Let’s go to the adult beach.”

He held out his hand to her, and she grabbed it. Picking up his clothes, he led her out of the clearing and toward the east side of the island. I watched them go in amusement. Young lust, how sweet.

Adam milked the last few drops from his spent peter, and proceeded to get dressed. “Any time you want to do that together,” he said brightly, “I’m game.”

“Uh, I don’t know about that,” I sputtered. “I’m not sure anything like that is ever going to happen again.”

“Let me know if you change your mind,” he replied with a wink, and headed back to camp.

That left me standing naked in front of the other girls, all of whom were staring at me in awe.

“I’ve never seen a guy do that before,” breathed Alison. “Let alone three.”

“I jerked off my boyfriend once,” admitted Angela, “but that was nothing compared to this.”

“You really can’t fuck us now?” Missy asked plaintively.

“No he can’t!” a firm voice called out, making me jump.

Anne strode into the clearing and stopped, hands on hips. “Yasmine, get your ass up and get cleaned up, you little slut. Angela, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you want a guy, get one the normal way. There’s plenty to choose from.”

“But we want Dave!” complained Yasmine, wiping the blobs of jizz off her chest with a handful of leaves.

“You’ve had quite enough of him already, thank you very much. Dave has other obligations; he can’t be taking care of all your perverted little needs. And the rest of you—you little horndogs get moving. That’s enough fun for now.”

The girls wandered off grumbling. She turned to me, her eyebrow arched. “And you, why don’t you cover up that thing, now that’s it’s all used up. What have you been doing with my girls?” She shook her head as I pulled on my shorts. “I should have known that doing those routines with them would get you all jazzed up. I just wasn’t expecting this.” Her eyes narrowed. “You haven’t used up all your jam, have you? You still owe me a threesome with you and Janie, remember?”

Oh good, she isn’t really mad, I thought. “No, I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just been a little…distracted.”

She snorted. “Gee, I wonder by what. I think you’ve had enough of girls for the day. It’s time for a woman to take charge of you. Or two.” I gulped. “Let’s go get some dinner. I think it’s time I had a talk with Janie. We need to make some plans for tonight.”

Shee-it, Dave. You’re in for it now!

To be continued.

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