The Hitchhiker Chapter 7 - Cleaning Service

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It was just past 8 o’clock when we walked in the bar and I was surprised the place was pretty empty. “Wow, it’s dead in here,” I said.

“Happy hour’s over Tony so the place always clears out until after 10,” Beth said.

“That makes sense. It’s been such a long time since I had to worry about happy hours and saving money that thought never occurred to me.”

This time it was a guy named Josh who waited on us and asked for our drink orders. I said, “Would you girls like to try my drink of choice today? It’s vodka, ice tea and lemonade. I think you’ll like it and you won’t get so full.” They agreed and I asked for three doubles in pint glasses.

“Got it, will this be on separate checks?”

I laughed and said, “No Josh, I got this and for future reference whenever you see me everything will always be on me.” He said, “Got it sir,” and went to fetch our drinks

Mary Ann said, “Can I ask you something darling? Aren’t you afraid someone will recognize you and you’ll get in trouble at home? I would die if I caused a problem in your life after all you’ve done for me.”

I said, “I don’t think anyone I hang out with makes it out here very often but we should come up with a cover story just in case.”

Beth joked, “What telling them you’ve just been out here for two days banging four college girls into submission wouldn’t work?”

We all laughed and I said, “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Mary Ann said, “OK how about this. You went to college with my dad and he called you to see if you could come out and talk to me about getting an internship. You agreed and arranged to meet me here. I brought a friend along to see if it was right for her as well.”

“Brilliant,” I said. “I’m not overly concerned but that works for me.”

Josh came back with our drinks and I raised my glass in a toast to Mary Ann’s internship. “Here’s to Mary Ann’s new job and potential career at Graham!” We touched glasses and I downed my drink. The girls took a sip and then downed theirs as well.

Beth said, “That’s tasty. Thanks for the tip Tony.”

I motioned for Josh to bring another round and Beth said, “This is so fun, I wonder how Char and Jess are making out with cleaning detail.”

“Who cares! I’m just enjoying my time with my wonderful friend and boyfriend,” replied Mary Ann. She kissed Beth on the mouth and then kissed me.

I smiled at her and said, “I love it when you refer to me as your boyfriend. I feel like I’m in college and dating again.” Mary Ann leaned over and kissed me on the mouth again and said, “You are so cute I can’t stand it.”

“If you girls are hungry order whatever you want.”

Josh was back with our second round and both girls ordered the big salad that apparently is a specialty so I did the same. We sipped at our drinks and both girls put a hand on my thigh and were looking at me intensely. “Did I just do something weird?”

Mary Ann said, “Not at all. I was just thinking about tonight and how amazing you are.”

Beth agreed, “Show us our selfie.”

I fished out my phone and we were preoccupied with enjoying the cum soaked pictures of the three of us and didn’t realize Josh was back with our food. He cleared his throat and I closed my phone and put it away. “Here’s your salads, enjoy. Another round of drinks?”

I said, “Sure Josh, thanks.”

When he left Beth whispered, “Oh my God do you think he saw? I’m going to die!”

I said, “So what if he did. You certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about and he’ll probably jack off to the memory when he gets home tonight.”

He was back with our drinks and asked me, “I haven’t seen you here before. What brings you to the Boro with these two lovelies?”

“Thanks for asking Josh. I’m just helping an old college friend to see if I can hook these two up with an internship.”

He said, “I see, well hope things work out for you girls. Good to have someone watching out for your best interests.”

I could tell Mary Ann was getting a little uncomfortable so I thanked him and turned my attention to the girls.

After he left Mary Ann said, “That kid is fishing for something. It creeps me out.”

“Don’t worry about him for a minute,” I said. “I don’t think he meant anything by that and he’s certainly not anything I can’t handle.”

Both girls relaxed and dug into their salads. Before too long Josh was back with another round. “I noticed you were empty so I brought another round for you.” I thanked him and continued talking to the girls.

We finished eating and I said, “I don’t know about you but I always like a fireball on the rocks after a big meal like that. Any takers?” They agreed and I called Josh over to fetch them for us. He was back in a flash and asked if there was anything else he could do for us. I ordered another round and the check.

“Now these are for sipping and will help settle your food. Enjoy darlings.”

Josh was back with our last drinks and the check and I paid him in cash with a generous tip. “Thank you very much sir. I hope you all have a great night and if there’s anything else you need don’t hesitate to ask.” He cleared the table and we relaxed and enjoyed our drinks.

Beth giggled and said, “That dude was totally waiting for an invitation, poor guy.”

I said, “That’s obvious but it’s not going to happen. I have to say that fucking both of you is totally amazing but I really enjoy relaxing over a few drinks as well.”

Beth said, “I agree. You are a really interesting guy. It’s obvious to me that you are very successful so what’s your secret?”

“It’s not that complicated Beth. If you are a little patient all you have to do is work hard and be nice to people. If you are even moderately competent the rewards will come over time. Frankly it took me over 20 years to get to a point where I truly felt I was financially stable and there were some ups and downs during that time but it was mostly good. I always made sure I had balance between work and home and enjoyed life along the way.”

“What if I don’t want to wait 20 years?”

“You can accelerate things but other things in your life will suffer. If you want to work 60 hour weeks and be stressed out all the time you can do that but that’s not for me.”

“Makes sense.”

I said, “OK, time to hit the head. Be right back.”

I was taking a piss when Josh came in and took the spot next to me. “Dude, I saw that pic on your phone. How the fuck did you end up with two of the hottest girls on campus?”

I looked at him and said, “I’m not sure what you think you saw but all I have to say is no comment.”

I got back to the table and asked, “Are we ready?” They nodded and as we made our way back to the apartment I said, “I passed young Josh in the restroom and he was fishing for information. Please don’t worry about him but if he gives you any grief just let me know.”

Mary Ann asked, “Oh my God, what did he say?”

“Don’t worry about it. I just stared him down and told him to mind his own business.”

We got back to the apartment and went to Mary Ann’s room to inspect the cleanup. It was spotless and there was no evidence of the extreme cum fest that occurred earlier. Jessica and Char were at the kitchen table and I complimented them on a job well done.

Jessica said, “Thanks Tony but all it did was make me hornier than ever. I don’t know how my pussy is going to wait until Friday.”

I looked over at Mary Ann and she said, “OK daddy. Go ahead and fuck her. I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else from me tonight? You’re my priority.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t join in did I? Take Jess to her room and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Jessica pulled me by the hand to her room and threw me on her bed. She was dressed in a bathrobe which she removed and yanked me out of my clothes. Then she inhaled my cock in her mouth as she played with her pussy. “MMMM since I have you to myself on Friday all I want to do is mount your cock and get off. All I could think about all day was what you did to my pussy yesterday and it drove me crazy.”

She wasted no time mounting me and stuffing my raging cock in her pussy which was dripping with her pussy juice. She was fucking me furiously as Mary Ann entered her room and said, “Fuck Jess that didn’t take long.” She took off her clothes then straddled my face with her pussy.

They proceeded to kiss each other and feel their tits as Jess pounded my cock and Mary Ann ground her clit on my face. “Sorry Mary Ann but I couldn’t wait. Oh this cock feels so good in my pussy right now. MMMM. Come on stud pound me, I need to fucking cum on your cock.”

“Oh yes, lick my pussy for me daddy. You do it so fucking good! MMMM!”

I grabbed Jessica’s ass and started pounding her pussy with the full length of my shaft as I licked Mary Ann’s clit. Their juices started to cover me and I was quickly soaked again with co-ed pussy juice.

“Fuck yes, that’s it. Pound that cock deep into my pussy Tony. Oh fuck I needed this so fucking bad. Fuck me harder so I can fucking cum all over you.”

Honestly I didn’t know how to fuck her any harder than I already was but whatever I did it took care of what she needed as she began to cum. “Oh fucking yes baby, just like that. Of fuck I am going to cum right now. Fuck me, fuck me fuck me! Oh God I’m fucking cumming! MMMMMMM!” Her hot juices flowed all over my cock and lower body as she had a shuddering orgasm.

Watching her friend get off on my cock put Mary Ann over the edge as well. “Oh daddy, I can’t believe I’m going to cum again. Oh fuck, keep licking me! I’m fucking cumming! MMMMMM!” She had another squirting orgasm but it was not as fantastic as earlier.

After, they both lay down next to me and started stroking my cock.

I looked up and saw Beth and Char in the doorway and asked, “Would you girls like to help get me off?” Beth was naked in an instant but Char said, “I need my pussy fucked too first.”

The next thing I knew she was naked and shoving my cock in her wet pussy. The other girls took care of me as their hands caressed my balls and the rest of my body and Beth shoved her pussy into my face.

Char cried out, “Oh fuck yes. I needed this cock all day long too. MMMM!” She bounced up and down on my cock as Mary Ann started to lick her clit. “Oh shit Mary Ann, that feels so good. Lick my pussy while Tony pounds me.” Jessica sucked on her tits as Beth ground her pussy into my face.

“Fuck Tony, I love the way you lick my pussy. You’re going to make me cum,” Beth said.

I continued to pound my cock into Char’s pussy as Mary Ann licked her clit and it didn’t take long before she cried out, “Fuck me, you’re gonna make me cum right now! Fuck, it feels so fucking good! MMMMMM!” Her entire body shook as she had a shuddering orgasm and collapsed on top of me.

Beth humped my face harder and faster as her own orgasm started. “Fuck yes, I’m cumming too. Oh Tony it feels so good when you lick me pussy like that. Fuck I’m cumming! MMMMM!” Her juices covered my face as she shuddered with her orgasm and collapsed on top of Char.

Mary Ann pushed them off and sucked my cock into her mouth as the other girls grabbed my balls and caressed my body. They each took turns sucking and stroking my cock until I felt my own orgasm start to build. “Fuck, girls you’re going to make me cum. Oh yes, suck my fucking dick hard. Jerk me off and squeeze my balls. “Fuck here it comes! MMMMM!” Amazingly I sprayed all of them with another massive cum shot and each girl had my cum all over their bodies before I was finished.

I lay back on the bed and they all fell into place around me. I looked at the clock and said, “Fuck, 11PM. I guess I’m spending the night here again.”

Mary Ann said, “We wouldn’t have it any other way daddy.” She turned off the light and everyone fell into another contended sleep.”

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