Rescued for the Rain

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Rescued from the Rain

I am sure most won’t believe this story, but I had to write it anyhow. There must be a something about the last few years that have put me in unbelievable sexual situations. I don’t expect it to continue and I know how crazy these situation are when they arise and knowing that makes me remember them and do anything I can to take advantage of the situation.

Having said all that let me begin.

It was a warm rainy spring day. It was warmer than normal for the time of the year and the intermittent spring showers would spring up and occasionally catch you off guard and unprepared. It was a Sunday and I was driving back from a soccer game. I play in a men's soccer club. I was soaked. I was just about to turn off the main road to my house when I noticed a car just past my turn pulled to the side of the road and standing next to it was a woman and her two young daughters. So there you have it. I am sure you can all guess as to what I chose next.

I chose to miss my turn and pull up behind the car. As I got closer I it was easy to see they were all potentially very good looking. They were thin at least. I could tell that because they were in sun dresses that were soaked and clinging to their bodies. As I rolled up, the mom of the girls started walking towards my truck. Her blonde hair was stuck to her neck just like her white sundress was stuck to her body. The wet dress easily gave away that she was wearing matching bra and panties. I did my best not to look stare as she approached. I slipped out of the car in the light rain to greet her.

“Hi, thanks for stopping.” The mom said.

“No problem. At least it isn’t cold.” I said with a smile. “I’m Mark.”

“I’m Amy.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I think the power steering went out. I had a hard time even turning to get it to the side of the road.”

“Bummer. Not much you can do about that at the road side. Can I give you a lift?” I offered.

“That would be nice but I’m afraid it would be a long lift. We aren’t from here and have about 6 hours to go before we get home.” Amy responded.

“Shit. Well, can I give you a lift to a hotel?” I said trying not to be distracted by her daughters walking to us.

“That would be great if we could have booked one. Our phones are shot. Stupid us took them out into the rain. Any chance we can use yours to make some calls?”

“I don’t take mine to soccer. I don’t want to be tempted to look and get distracted while I am at the game. But I live just up this road.” I pointed back to the road. “I can either grab my phone and bring it back or you can jump in and call from my house.”

Amy looked back at her daughters then turned and stepped to her. That gave me the chance to look her daughters up and down as they looked at their mom. What I could take in was erotic. Her older daughter had on a similar white sundress that was shorter than Amy’s but just as transparent when wet and clinging to her young body. She couldn't have been more than a freshman in high school. And what a young body she had. Her young body was even more exposed then Amy’s as she didn’t have a bra on under her dress. I took full advantage of the moment to look at her young chest under the wet dress. Her areola’s were just visible and were perfect. I looked down and could also easily make out that she was wearing white panties with green stripes. I only looked for a second as I didn’t want to get caught, but I did get caught. I got caught by Amy’s younger daughter who was at best in middle school still. She smirked at me as I looked to her. That is when i realized she had seen me checking out her older sister. I played it off with a quick smile and only took in her body with my peripheral vision, but even with out directly looking, I could tell she had the same clothing issues as her sister.

The older looking daughter, who didn’t actually look old, said “Let’s go there mom. I don’t want to wait in the rain any longer, plus we can dry out and change.”

“It’s really no problem at all.” I said to Amy breaking up their whispered conversation.

Amy looked back to me and smiled. “Um. Ok. Are you sure?”

“It’s fine, really.” I ensured.

Amy turned to her daughters and said, “Wait here.”

She then walked to me and we took a step away from her daughters. She said quietly, “I don’t want this to be awkward, so I am just going say it.” Amy blushed a bit and hesitated nervously, then continued. “Ok, I know how we look.” Amy gestured to her chest and down to her panties. “I am not clueless that men kinda dream of seeing a woman looking like this.” She smirked. I began to respond but she held up a hand to stop me and continued. “And I am not oblivious that men, a lot of men, secretly would love to see girls looking like mine look right now.” Amy looked me in the eyes and flashed her yes wide. “So rather than you trying to hide looks and stares and getting worried about being caught looking, just look.”

My mind swam in turbulent waters as I was afraid this was some sort of trap. I stammered, “Umm.”

Amy reassured, “I’m serious. You are being nice enough helping us in the pouring rain, so stare all you want. In fact if you want, look me up and down right now so you know I am serious.”

I hesitated and asked, “Is this a trick?”

Amy shook her head no, “What do you have to lose if it is? So look at me stare if you want. Then look at my daughters.”

It was enough reassurance for me to at least look at Amy. I said, “Ok.” and I looked right at Amy’s chest. I took in how the dress clung to her wet bra. Then i looked down at how it stuck to her stomach and hips, revealing how in shape she was. And yes, then I looked at how her wet dress revealed she had on white panties, with thin string sides. I paused and stared right at her panties for long enough for her to know I was enjoying the site, then I looked up at her again.

Amy smiled and said, “See that wasn’t so hard.” I almost chucked at her use of hard, since I was beginning to feel my cock swelling. She bit her lip softly for a moment then said, “Well I hope you believe me that it’s ok if you look, all you want.”

At a loss for words I only could manage to say, “You’re quite refreshing.”

Amy moved her head and flicked her eyes in the direction of her daughters. “Just look so we can get the awkwardness out of the way.” Amy paused a moment and before I could look she said, “And yes, I have noticed that you can see a lot more of them up top than you can see of me.” My brows tightened up as I acknowledged to her that I noticed. “The older one is Katie, and the younger one is Aimee.” I couldn’t help but look over her shoulder at them, soaking wet, their bodies easy to see. See, it isn’t a trick. Amy then looked back, “Ok girls grab your bags and let’s get into Mark’s truck.”

“Are you sure you’re a real person?” I said teasingly. Amy smiled and turned to walk to her car, then looked back, “Remember, don’t worried about getting caught looking.” Amy walked to the car and popped the trunk. She bent over into the truck to get a backpack and her dress rode up on her ass and exposed the bottom over her ass. A moment later Katie bent over to get her bag, her wet dress also rode up and gave up the secret that she too had on a thong, her young ass wet from the rain. I could hardly believe I was openly looking at her young ass. After Katie, came Aimee. She bent over too and her dress revealed she had on bikini type panties with a flower design. Again, I couldn’t believe it but this time I was letting myself look at her as well. The part in her legs made it so I could easily see hot her wet panties clung to her young pussy.

As Aimee stood back up her dress stayed hung up on her ass and her wet panties, exposing almost all for her young legs. As Aimee began to turn towards me, I looked away and caught Amy looking at me. She winked and smiled. It was so surreal. I was openly checking out this woman’s young daughters and she didn’t seem to care.

The girls walked to my truck and I opened the front passenger door so Amy could climb in. Since her dress was wet and clinging to her legs she had to pull it up to step up into the cab. As she did, I got a nice look at her panties and how they hugged her. Amy kept her dress pulled up around her waist so she wasn’t sitting on it. I had to look, I couldn’t help it. Amy held her dress up as she got comfortable. And I stared at her legs, as where they ended and her hips began, at her panties and how they were snug between her legs. I then looked up and her and saw her looking at me. She flashed her eyes. I smiled and closed the door.

I next opened the rear cab door for her daughters to climb into. Katie climbed in first and I got a nice look at her legs. Then Aimee was next. She had noticed me looking before and as she got ready she smiled and did what her mom had done; she pulled up her wet dress. But Aimee exaggerated it, she pulled her dress up over her hips before she climbed in. For a moment she was standing next to the car with her dress up over her hips and her panties totally exposed to me. I kept my eyes on her for a moment then looked down at her body, at her hips and her waist and her panties. As I was looking she turned and climbed in, making sure I saw her ass in her wet panties. I was so close this time I could see her pussy almost perfectly beneath her wet panties. My mind etched the moment into memory.

It was a short drive to my place and the only conversation was small talk about the rain. I pulled into the driveway and park. I quickly got out to help the girls get out. I got around to Amy first and opened her door. She turn in the seat and made sure her legs were spread as she slipped out. I made no attempt to look anywhere but right a her panties and how they stuck to he pussy, outlining it and making it easy to tell she was smooth either from shaving or waxing. I held her hips and helped her down. I smiled and moved to the rear door. Katie was getting out on the far side by herself but Aimee was waiting. She was a clone of her mother’s thinking, and turned like Amy had. Aimee’s legs were spread enough for me to again see how her panties clung to her between her legs. I could see the outline of her young pussy. I looked deliberately, She was smooth also, but probably because she wasn’t yet growing hair. I then looked up and she smiled and slipped into my hands. I held her bare hips just above her panties and helped he down. My cock instantly responded as I touched Aimee, bare skin at her hips just above her panties.

Aimee and her mom adjusted their dresses before we walked to the door and I let them in. I had a small two bedroom house with only one bathroom with a shower. They put their bags down and looked around. Amy said right away, “You have a very nice house.”

“Thanks, it’s small but it suits me for now. It’s a one bedroom, but I have the bedroom set up as a home gym.”

I could see the look on Amy’s face change just a bit as I said that. Then she said, “I could tell you were in good shape.”

Katie then asked, “So, where do you sleep?”

“Oh, I have a Murphy bed over there. It better to treat the place like a studio and hide the gym stuff then have all the equipment on display.” I explained.

Aimee was next and asked, “So, do we change here?”

I looked at Amy for the answer. “I don’t see why not.” She said to Aimee.

Katie looked to her mom with a bit of apprehension. Amy continued looking at Katie, “Don’t be shy. You don’t have anything to be nervous about.”

I could see Katie’s eyes widen a bit and she flicked her eyes in my direction. Amy continued, “Katie, you’re practically naked now. No sense in torturing the man since he’s been so nice to help up out.” Amy then reached up and slipped the top of her wet dress off her shoulders and down over her chest, exposing her wet bra. Then Amy said more and it was tantalizing. “Don’t worry about dad, he said to be nice to the man for helping us.”

Amy then pushed her wet dress down and off. I looked at her standing in front of me and her two daughters, She was now just in her panties and bra. She continued looking at Katie and reached back and undid her bra and took it off, exposing her nice full c cup tits. I could barely believe what was happening. This hot mom was stripping in front of me and her daughters.

“She’s a scary cat.” Aimee teased. I looked over at Aimee as did Katie and Amy. Then with all our eyes on her, she did as her mom did; she slipped her dress off her shoulders and pushed it down and off. She flashed her eyes at her sister as she stepped out of her dress. She was now only in her panties. Her young chest presented her A cups in all their young perfection. Aimee then looked at me. I made eye contact with her before looking down at her young chest, down her stomach to her panties and legs, then back up.

“Fine.” Katie muttered reluctantly. We looked to her and she also slipped her dress off her shoulders and pushed it down, exposing her even better perky b cups. A second later she stepped out of the dress and was just in her wet panties too. As I did with Aimee, I looked Katie in the eyes before deliberately looking down her body then back up.

She looked to her mom with a challenging look and said, “Well if dad said we have to be nice to the man then why not be extra nice.” Katie looked back to me and reached down to her panties. She grabbed the sides and pushed them down and off her young hips.

My eyes were glued on her as he pushed her panties down exposing her smooth young pussy to me. I muttered, “Oh fuck.” Katie stepped out of her panties and was now naked in front of me. I took in the sight. A sight that was impossible to believe. A hot young girl was standing naked in front of me in my house. My cock responded by growing hard in my pants. I looked back to her smooth teen pussy, it was perfection.

“Show off.” Aimee said. I looked to Aimee as I noticed her reaching for her panties. My eyes fixated on her hips. I watched as Aimee pushed off her panties also, exposing her smooth young pussy. My heart was pounding and I thought it might explode.

“Oh fuck.” I muttered again as I stared at Aimee young pussy.

Katie said, “Your turn mom.”

I looked at Amy. She smiled at me and shrugged, then reached down and pushed off her panties. I muttered, “God you’re all the same.” As I saw Amy was as smooth as her girls. Clearly, she was waxing herself bald and smooth. It was another perfect sight.

Aimee giggled a bit, then said to me. “Aren’t you going to change out of your wet clothes?”

I looked back at Amy. Amy grinned and said to Aimee. “If you want to see Mark naked. Just asks honey. It ok to want to see him naked, he’s a very handsome man.” She then looked to Aimee. “Have you ever seen a naked man in person?”

Aimee blushed and shook no.

Amy looked to the bulged in my pants then back to Aimee. “Well, you’re in for a treat then because you going to see a man who is very excited.”

I raised my brows at Amy and she nodded to me to get going. I smiled. I began to undo my pants and belt. I faced the girls who gravitated together. After undoing my pants and belt I left my pants open, revealing my boxers, and pulled off my wet tee shirt, exposing my chest. I heard Amy mutter, “Oh nice.”

I looked right at Aimee and grabbed my pants and boxers. I had to hear her say it so I asked Aimee, “Tell me what you want me to do now.” I couldn’t believe I was saying what I was saying. I was asking a young middle school girl to tell me to show her my cock.

Aimee muttered, “I want to see it.”

“What do you want to see?” I teased back.

Aimee couldn’t help but smiled wide, in a bit of embarrassment. Then Amy helped her along and said, “Call it a cock honey.”

Aimee looked at me and said, “I want to see your cock.”

I thought I would cum right there in my pants after hearing this hot young naked girl say to me, ' want to see your cock.' I looked at her and pushed my pants and boxers down. My hard cock sprang free. Just under 8 inches of hard cock pointed right at Aimee. Aimee’s eyes widened as she looked.

“Oh my god it’s big.” Katie exclaimed.

I looked to Katie who was staring at my cock then to Amy. Amy looked up from my cock and bit her lip seductively.

I step out of my clothes and was now naked in front of a high school girl and a middle school girl, and their hot mom. My cock was rock hard. I was looking at Amy as she step closer to me. She looked up from my cock and said to her daughters, “You have to promise that we never tell anyone about today, except your dad.” Amy stepped in front of me. My cock only inches away from bumping into her stomach. Amy continued, “You’re dad said to be nice to the man, so we are going to be nice to him.”

Amy sank to her knees grabbed my cock and opened her mouth. She looked up at me as she took my cock into her mouth. I looked down and moaned as I felt her warm mouth take my cock. Her tongue pressing up on my cock. She took me deep. I moaned, “Oh fuck yes, that feels good.” I let loose at that moment of my reservations. I reached down and grabbed Amy’s hair and held her head and slowly slide my cock back and forth in her mouth like I was fucking her mouth. I could tell I wasn’t going to last long if I kept it up. The build up and the situation was too erotic for me to have any change of lasting a long time, but I had to experience as much as I could since I knew this situation would never come again.

I looked to Aimee and Katie as their mom sucked my cock. They were both watching. Knowing that Katie was more reluctant than Aimee I couldn’t help but tease her. I looked to Katie as I pushed deep in the her mom’s mouth making her gag a bit. I pulled back and pulled Amy off my cock by her hair, but gently. “It’s Katie’s turn to be nice to me.” I looked at Amy, and for a moment and wondered if I had pushed too far.

Amy flashed her eyes up at me and said, “You know she’s only a freshman in High School.”

I smiled down and said, “I know.”

“What about Aimee? She’s still in middle school.”

“I know, I want her too.” I muttered.

Amy looked at me with a wild look then said, “Katie, Aimee this nice man wants you to suck his cock.”

She looked to them and asked, “Have either of you ever sucked a cock before?”

They both shook no. My heart raced. I was nervous that would be a deal breaker. But then Amy said, “Well you couldn’t ask for a better cock to be your first.” Amy looked up me then back daughters and said, “Get on your knees next to each other.”

I looked to Katie and Aimee. They hesitate a moment. Aimee started sinking down first, then Katie followed. I thought I might cum right then at the sight, at the thought of what I was about to do. I turned and stepped in front of Aimee and Katie.

I looked down at them naked on their knees side by side in front of me. They were beautiful and young. My cock pulsated with anticipation. “I want you both to lick my cock at the same time.” They looked up and blushed. A second later they leaned in, their mouths opened, and out came their young tongues. I muttered, “Oh fuck,” at the sight of them. Then it happened, I felt their young, wet, warm tongues on my cock. One on each side. I watched as they licked from the middle of my cock to the tip. I moaned, “Oh god this is a dream.” They did it again. It was taking everything I had not to explode.

I looked over at Amy. She was watching intently; watching her young daughters lick a man’s cock. It as surreal. I looked back down at them. Aimee giggled as she leaned back and looked up. I smiled. Then Katie surprised me. She opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock into it. Her young lips tight around the tip. I tensed up at the pleasure. Seeing this young high school girl with my cock in her mouth was insane. I moaned and couldn’t help but reach down and grab her hair like I had her mother. I looked quickly at her mom. Amy looked back at me and smiled. I turned my eyes back to Katie and while holding her hair and her head, I pushed my cock farther into her young mouth. She looked up as I pushed in, her eyes wide.

I was beside myself with surreal pleasure. I lost control and muttered to this girl sucking my cock, “That’s it take me deep into your mouth.” I pushed in more and she gagged. It was amazing, I was making her gag on my cock in front of her mother. It pushed me past the point of no return. I pulled back and out of her mouth and looked down. My mind released off all reservations, and I said to Katie, “Keep your fucking mouth open and tongue out.” She did as I told her and the I exploded.

I was still holding her hair and head so she couldn’t look or turn away. I moaned, “Oh Fuck take my cum!” And I shot a huge stream of hot cum into Katie’s young mouth, then another huge rope of cum shot onto her lips and cheek. I held her head steady as I could tell she wanted to look way. I shot a third stream of cum onto her cheek and forehead. Then I pushed back into her mouth and finished with two more smaller ropes of cum. It was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. I wouldn’t have admitted it before hand, but it was a dream come true to have a young, hot, high school girl suck my cock and cum into her mouth and all over her face.

I relaxed and pulled out of Katie’s mouth. I looked down at her and let go of her hair. She was blushing and let my cum run out of her mouth and down her chin. Fuck that was a hot sight.

A moment passed then Aimee broke the silence and asked, “Does it taste good?”

Katie swallowed, and I knew some of my cum was now in her stomach. She blushed and looked to Aimee and said, “It’s not bad.”

Aimee then said, “I want to taste it.”

I looked at Amy. My cock was relaxing. Amy looked from me to Aimee and said, “Don’t worry honey, we’re going to be spending the night. So we’ll all have a chance to do that, and a few other things.”

My heart pounded in my chest. It was already an experience nobody would ever believe, but what came next is stuff only in men’s fantasies.

to be continued.

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