The prego club Pt.17

part 17

I woke a short time later, lying there next to the beautiful little freshly fucked twelve-year-old female that I had just filled with my seed once again. And both of us hoped, that I had just impregnated her. Dear sweet little Linda, oh how I wanted to knock her up in the worst way. Maybe it was wrong or selfish to want her pregnant, but I did want her so, I wanted to make her happy mommy to be, and besides I really wanted her to suck me off. God that girl can suck a mean dick and when she deep throats me. Oh my stars did it ever feel good, her throat seems to massage my cock and just makes me to, want to fill her throat with my cum. But we agreed that was going to have to wait until she was pregnant or she was on her period, whichever came first, but I do want her to bring me off orally. Damn I’m hard again just thinking about her sweet lovely mouth. Does that make me a pervert that I want this little sweet sexy twelve year old to suck me off or just a horny old man. Hell I don’t know, but I do love her, in fact I love all six of my girls, each one for different reasons, but I love them all just the same.

My cock was standing straight up, all stiff and proud, as if he was looking around and saying NEXT. Glenda must have read his mind and move away from Amy to me. I opened my eyes just in time to see her lovely nude body straddle me. I just laid there and watched as she took me by one of her delicate soft hands and guided my harden dick to her treasure. As she lowered herself onto me, I watch the tip of my cock spread her tight little pussy lips and work his way inside her, her wonderful wet hot pussy engulfed my seven and something inches of hard man flesh ever so slowly at first. When half of me was inside her, she dropped onto my pelvic region hard, driving my cock completely up inside her hot wet velvet man pit; I could feel her cunt spreading around my dick like a soft hot glove. Her body did a little sputter, which wiggled her insides around me. The feeling was so heavenly I would have blown my load inside her right then and there, however my nuts were still empty from little Linda’s extraction. But I swear my balls did a sort of dry heave and I groaned. Glenda must have heard me and thought it as a good sign and started to work her young twat back and forth on my harden dick. Her cunt rocked on my cock, massaging the head with her inner self, causing sparks of excitement shooting from the tip of my dick thru my balls and out my entire body. I couldn’t help but moan and push my cock deeper into her, if that was possible. Oh God, these girls are going to fuck me to death and what a way to go.

As Glenda worked on me, Amy began eating out Linda. It almost looked like she was trying to get all my seed out of her young friend cunt, in hopes to keep her from getting pregnant, and of course Linda returned the favor on Amy and the munch session was on again. Susie and Nancy were just cuddling and kissing softly. They looked exhausted and were just happy holding each other. In fact Nancy was slowly rubbing Susie’s pregnant stomach as if she was trying to rub our baby, it looked so wonderful and Susie just glowed. Then Susie told Nancy something I couldn’t make out and they both laughed, I heard Nancy reply saying something like “Later, then” but I couldn’t make out the rest as Glenda moaned and had another orgasm, bathing my dick with her hot little girl juices. I raised up and began licking and sucking with an occasional nip of her erect nipples, from one to the other and back and repeated again and again and she exploded in several more orgasms. Then as I reached around and rubbed her ass cheek. She moaned again.
“Oooohhh Bill oooo fuckk me…. Cum in mee yeeesss, ffuuccckk mmmmmmeeeeeeeee”
Finally I felt my nuts starting to fill, they were so empty it hurt a little as they slowly refilled, but a good hurt, a most pleasurable hurt. And I knew that I would be blowing my load once again and deep inside Glenda in time. She fell down onto my chest trapping my hand between us as I pinched a nipple and kissed me, I raised my knees and began pushing my cock hard into her tight wet pussy, our pelvic areas slapping against each others and she moaned into my mouth and I felt her cunt tighten once again on my shaft, then coat my cock with her hot cum. Driving me on, I began hammering my dick into her as I felt my balls swell. She pushed back hard onto my dick as I shove the tip completely up inside her after several more strokes I felt the bubbling of my sperm inside my sacs and then a few more pumps and then the fanatic release of my hot baby juice deep inside her steaming cunt. My cum shot out so hard and fast I knew it had to have blown up in her uterus almost as soon as it past the tip of my dick. If this don’t knock up her happy little ass nothing will.

“Umpppp III”mmm cumminnnnn”
I moaned into her mouth as my body jerked and tried to pump more seed into her. Glenda’s body went into a kind of convulsions as she shook and her pussy clamped down on my cock milking it for more. She made a weird sound and collapsed on top of me, as her cunt twitched violently on my cock, keeping me hard and inside her molting furnace. We just laid there gasping for air. Then Susie said
“Damn Bill is she still breathing, Golly I thought you were going to pound her to death.”
”Mmmm,, did that look good” Nancy kind of whispered.
Susie turned to Nancy and kissed her saying something, but I didn’t care what, I was too fucking tired. And I mumbled
“I need a months nap”
And off to dream land I went with Glenda’s nipples poking me in the chest and her tempered cum full pussy still wrapped around my hard dick, holding me deep inside her.

I woke later as Glenda moved off me and stood up slowly and headed for the bathroom to clean up, as she walked off I watched her cute little butt sway ever so nice and could see my cum dripping onto the insides of her thighs, Damn did it look sexy. Nancy caught my attention as she looked at my hips and liked of licked her lips and I looked down at my pelvic region and saw I was covered in little girl juice and my own cum.
“Mmmm Yum yum”
“Well knock yourself out”
“You don’t mind “
”Mind, why would I mind if a sweet little sexy nude girl wants to lick my cock and balls”
And with that Nancy moved next to me and gave me a tongue bath, leaving no spot unlicked. I’m surprised my dick didn’t swell up immediately when she took the tip in her mouth and sucked gently on it, but I guess he was worn out too. However it wasn’t long and my sex-crazed cock started showing signs of life, Nancy felt my dick twitch and doubled her efforts. And soon she found her mouth full of erect man meat, as she tongued and sucked him with loving care. I looked around and we were the only two here, I pulled Nancy up and asked.
“Where’s every…”
”They all needed to clean up and go home, but they left you in my care. They said they would try to come back tomorrow, but wasn’t sure if they could”
“So it’s just you and me then, huh Nan?”
“Yep looks like”
“Could be worst”
“What you mean by that”
”I meant it’s great having someone you here”
”Oh You like having me here then”
"Of course I enjoy your company and just like having you around"
"You mean you like having a nude girl around, don't cha?"
"Sure what red blooded male don't, and I do enjoy having you here"
"My mouth or all of me?"
"All of you of course, I know the girls enjoy having you here and I do enjoy that sweet mouth of yours"
"I knew it you perverted sex fiend"
"Me a sex fiend , thats the pot calling the kettle black"
"Ok I like being here too"
“You hunger, I could eat a horse”
“Pizza sounds good”
“Any left, hey how about a burger, fries, a shake, maybe onion rings”
“Sounds great”
”I’ll get dressed and go get some”
”Ok I’ll clean up some”

I got dressed, and headed for the truck in search of food; I turned back around and looked at Nancy. She was bent over picking up something off the floor. Damn her ass looked good and I could just barely see her tits hanging down past her hips, my crazed dick rose to see too. Nancy turned, smiled and said
”Uh, nothing” and out the door I went, my dick leading the way.

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