Truth or Dare_(2)

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As a marriage grows you eventually open up and tell stories about things that you would not ordinarily have told. This was the case with my wife. I had made the mistake of telling her about a gay experience that I had had earlier in my life. I had explained to her that the situation had happened against my will but that I had achieved orgasm during the act.
Kathy, my wife, also opened up and admitted that in college that she had passed out and awakened when a sorority sister was going down on her. She remembers blacking out again but in her dream she had an orgasm.
We were married three years before these stories came back to haunt us.
One day we were driving back home to Florida from Virginia and we started playing truth or dare. It was innocent at first but then she asked a truth question and she didn't like my answer, thinking I was lying. The next time she said dare. The dare ended up being for me to dress up as a woman and she would dress as a man and we would go to a porno theater together.'
I, reluctantly, agreed to the dare but the day of the deed, I found I needed a little liquid courage. I ended up having two or three Jack Daniels too many and was feeling little pain when my wife dressed me in one of her dresses. She decided to have me go pantiless so that she could play with me (so she said).
She dressed in some of my clothes and wore a fake mustache and a baseball cap.
When we got to the theater we took a seat in the back and I noticed that I was the only "woman" in the place.
The movie showed a woman taking it from both ends and I could feel myself getting hard. After about ten minutes of the movie all I wanted to do was have Kathy suck me, but the dare was for me to stay through the entire movie without uttering a word.
A man came over and sat down next to me. I glanced at Kathy and I could see that she was smiling. Within five minutes he had his cock out and was stroking it. I coulld see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking at me. Suddenly I felt him take my hand and put it on his cock.
I didn't know what to do. I looked at Kathy and her eyes were glazed over and I could see that she was getting turned on by this so I allowed my hand to start to jerk him off. I looked again at Kathy and I could see that her hand was inside her jeans and she was masturbating herself. Suddenly the man put his hand behind my head and pulled it down towards his lap. I pulled back but heard Kathy hiiss "Yessss."
I looked over and saw that she was looking at me and nodding her head as her hand moved faster inside her pants. She actually wanted me to suck this man. So I lowered my head to his lap and took his six inch cock into my mouth. I could hear her breathing heavily as I put on a show for her. Within a minute I felt the man stiffen and he squirted in my mouth. I swallowed it and sat back up. Kathy was still and I knew that she had gotten off.
"That was the hottest thing that I have ever seen," Kathy whispered in my ear.
I was still a bit upset and whispered "Well, maybe you'd like to see me get fucked in the ass?"
I was amazed to see the glazed over look in her eye again as she nodded her head affirmatively.
"Are you serious?" I asked.
She looked down at the floor but I knew that she had meant it.
There had been two men that had watched me give head to the other man and they had moved to the back row when the man I had given head to had left.
"Maybe you'd like to give up a little to us?' one man said.
I glanced over at Kathy and saw her slipping her hand down into her jeans again.
I nodded my head to the man and he pulled down his zipper.
"I wanna fuck you," he said.
"Can't," I said, in as womanly a voice as I could "that time of the month."
The man looked disappointed.
"You want to fuck my ass?" I couldn't believe I heard myself say.
"Fuck yeah," I heard him say.
I reached into Kathy's jeans and her pussy was sopping wet as her hand moved rappidly over her clit. I took some of the juices in my fingers and reached under my dress and lubed up my asshole. I knelt up on the seat and pulled my dress up in such a way as to not show my cock or balls which were tightly between my legs.
Kathy's eyes were closed and I leaned over and whispered to her, "You had better watch this because it is for you."
Kathy opened her eyes and stared as I felt the man slowly insert his cock in my ass. Kathy moaned as I grunted and I saw her body stiffen as she orgasmed. Usually her clit is very sensitive after she cums but after only a moment of rest I saw her hand start to move in her jeans again. The man in my ass only lasted two minutes before unleashing a hefty load.
"That was fantastic honey," he whispered in my ear, "can my friend have a go?"
I nodded my head as I looked in Kathy's eyes. She shivered again as she achieved another orgasm. The second man was as quick as the first and he leaned over and whispered,
"Sweetie, there is a line forming here, do you want to take them on?"
I looked at Kathy.
"Do you want them all to fuck me?"
Kathy's voice shivered, "Oh, do it. Let them fuck you."
I turned around and saw six or seven men standing in line.
"Okay," I said.
I was there for two hours and allowed twelve men to fuck me. I believe that two or three of them were men who went a second time. I came twice in my dress without touching myself because it was such a turn on for me to see Kathy cum over and over and over again.

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