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This is an episode in the NAKED LEGAL group of stories. It is recommended that you at least read the original story, NAKED LEGAL, before reading this story to understand the origin of the office relationships and the main characters. NAKED LEGAL stories preceding DESIRES:




BACKGROUND: This is the continuing story of Grace McBride, a former attorney with a hard-driving, dominant, and extroverted personality; or, at least, that was what she showed the professional world, the image she cultivated from childhood because it was demanded that she succeed. That was the mask she wore to hide the reality of a mild, submissive, and introverted personality. It was only a matter of time before the method of her break-down appeared. When it did, it was stellar. In her case, it was very destructive, resulting in disbarment.

Her redemption was in being recruited for a special role in a small law office. The shiver-producing words in the contract she signed were an entire section under a deive heading, NAKED LEGAL: she was to remain naked, except for stockings, heels, and jewelry while in the offices; she was to be available for the sexual pleasure of all members of the team at any time and in any way; she was to be sexually available to any member of the team outside of work with the approval of Mr. Franklin; she was to be sexually submissive to the team and primarily to Mr. Franklin who would represent ultimate control; and, as reinforcement, she agreed to respond at any time, anyhow, anywhere, and with anyone, as directed. Besides all this, she also had a position that defied label. Though she was not allowed by law to present herself as an attorney, any longer, she performed all the functions within the office as though she were a full attorney.

This episode finds Grace McBride in a determined pursuit to have Mr. Franklin identify and accept her offer to satisfy his deepest desire involving his relationship with her. She doesn’t know if there is more beyond his stipulation for the office, but she suspects there is. She hopes there is because she has her own deep desires regarding him.



I turned my face away from the side window, surprised by the urgency I heard in his voice.

“Where are you? You’ve been distracted all evening.”

I guess I hadn’t realized I had been that distracted. We were in the car headed to his house. Another Friday night and an anticipated evening and night with Mr. Franklin. I loved these times with him. Just the two of us, intimate and comfortable. To be honest, I loved my private time with each of my associates from the office. I yearned to more fully satisfy each of them in their particular ways, both in the office and outside when there was less time pressure giving more time to be shared. Each of them was widely different, which perhaps made it so interesting for me.

Tonight, though, I was feeling different. Something about my relationships had been weighing on me for some time and I felt a final resolution in my mind was approaching. Tonight, if I followed through, would be decisive and would impact those relationships forever.

“Grace?” I forced my attention on him to really see him. We were about a mile from his house as he turned down streets to approach the exclusive development he lived in. “Is something wrong? Are you having second thoughts about our situation? About the office? About the way we use you or how we presumed to be able to use you?”

I smiled as he approached the entrance to the neighborhood. “No, Sir. Nothing like that. In fact, quite the opposite.” I pulled on the seatbelt to create some slack and leaned over the console to kiss his cheek. “I apologize for being distracted tonight. The restaurant and meal were lovely and I did enjoy it very much. I should have been more attentive to you so you would know how much I appreciated it.” He patted my knee. I put a hand on top of his and gave it a slight amount of pressure up my thigh as unnecessary encouragement as I parted my legs slightly. His fingers played over the top and inside of my left thigh and I sighed. “You are, of course, correct, Sir. I have been distracted but not about any of those reasons. But, I would prefer to face you and not have any distraction as I try to express my thoughts.” He nodded, but he still looked concerned. “I promise, Sir, I have no regrets about what I am doing with you or the others.”

We entered the house from the garage. It was a large house, especially considering he lived there alone. I was aware that he had been married some years before and they had never had any children, which was quite evident by the house and yard. The house was three stories set into a hill. The main level with the entrance had the garage, dining room, and study across the front. Across the back was the kitchen, a great room, and living room. A large deck was off the great room. Upstairs had the master suite across the entire back with a small deck off the bedroom portion. Besides a massive bathroom and walk-in closet, it included a sitting room in one corner. The front of the upstairs contained smaller bedrooms, each with its own bath. The downstairs was completely casual with a huge family room with a large flat-screen and sound system, pool table, poker table, and complete bar. A separate room contained a well-equipped exercise area. A large patio was off the family room with hot-tub, lounging, and outdoor cooking.

The yard in back was a full acre and it was obvious extreme care had been used in keeping enough mature trees to provide privacy. The yard was adjacent to a nature preserve. The yard contained numerous gardens and shrubs. With the fencing around the property, it all combined to provide a sense of privacy.

Entering, I suggested he get comfortable in the great room and asked him what he would like to drink. I went downstairs to the bar and returned with two snifters and a bottle of brandy. I poured the two drinks and settle in alongside him on the couch. I turned toward him and held my glass up to his.

“First, I want to thank you, Sir. For everything you have given me and done for me. I truly appreciate it. You’ve given me the chance to continue with the law despite … I didn’t think I would have that chance, again. And, thank you for your wonderful idea for the office.” I giggled, “I always knew I was sexual, but you managed to bring out the slut in me.”

“You’re welcome, my dear, but that isn’t what you have been preoccupied about.”

I smiled, “No, Sir, it isn’t.” I took a breath. “Sir, I have become aware of a strong yearning to identify and attempt to satisfy the deepest desire each of you might have as a relationship to me.” I took a sip of the brandy in my hands, feeling the liquid warm my throat. He nodded his encouragement for me to continue. “Marjorie was pretty easy. She didn’t really have any deeper desires for me. She is deeply involved in her relationship with her partner so, except for an occasional threesome with them, her interest is in the office and that has been limited. Jake was obvious from the start and he wasn’t shy about pulling me into his desire, which was a woman he could have draped on his arm, to show off, to exhibit, and to share. And, wow, does he do that.”

“You’re referring to Tim and Blake?”

I nodded. “Wow, those three know how to handle a woman who is willing.” I know I blushed, but the implication of the statement wasn’t near what the reality for me has been as the night in the park flashed into my mind.

“Mark has been difficult. He’s … what? … awkward? He’s fine once we get going and I have enjoyed myself, but I haven’t quite figured out what his particular desires might be and it may be difficult to pull out of him. He’s a work in process. But, the chair was his idea and I suspect toys and computers somehow is the way to reach him.”

He was watching me intently and I took a big gulp of brandy to prepare myself for what I have really been preoccupied about.

“And me? You think there is something deeper that I desire from you?”

I nodded. “Yes, Sir. You’re kind of like Jake, but Jake was direct about it and took it. Yes, there is more you desire from me but haven’t acted on it.”

He chuckled. “Grace, I’m the one who came up with this crazy relationship. I’m the one who got your magnificent legal mind for the firm and your incredibly sexy body for our pleasure. You think I need more from you? We both know you’ll be spending the night with me, we’ll have sex, maybe several times before morning. You are eager to please me, and the others, so I need more?”

I looked him in the eyes, gulped the last of brandy from my glass and stood up before him. “I’m not talking about what you need, Sir. I am talking about what you desire. A need is having sex and feeling satisfied. A need is having your cock sucked from under your desk so you can concentrate on watching me parade around the office. A need is holding my naked body against yours some nights because you no longer experience it regularly. A desire, Sir, is a base reaction that might be so strong you hesitate to seek it because it could change everything. A desire is to reach out to grab for something you might only have dreamed of, fantasized of.”

“You think I have such a desire about you I haven’t indicated?”

I smiled. “I am sure of it, Sir.” I reached behind my neck and loosened the clasp and zipper of my dress, then moved my fingers behind my back to lower the zipper and push the dress from my shoulders and down to my feet. “You as much as indicated it that first day.” I pushed my stockings down my legs and yanked them from my feet after kicking my heels off. I reached behind and unclasped my bra, letting it fall down my arms. “I think, Sir, you have been conflicted.” I pushed my panties down to my feet. I stood naked before him. Completely naked. No stockings. No heels. Unlike the office, I wanted to be completely naked now. I went to my knees before him, my butt on my heels, my back straight, shoulders back, and breast prominently forward to him.

He gazed at me with confusion, arousal, and question. “What … are you doing, Grace?”

“I want you to tell me your deepest desire, Sir. I think you are conflicted because you have a willing and compliant woman before you but you value the mind that comes with it and you don’t want to risk maybe ruining a good thing. I think … if I am wrong, I am going to be very embarrassed.” He studied me, weighing my expressions and actions. He was also studying my body. I knew my nipples were erect and hard. I knew my pussy was wet, though he wouldn’t know that for sure at the moment.

“Sir, tell me your deepest desire. We can manage it …”


I smiled, “Yes, Sir.” I lowered my eyes and released the words, “I think we have matching desires, Sir.” I glanced up and his eyes were wide. “Tell me, Sir.”

He leaned forward and stroked my cheek, his hand dropping to my breast and nipple. “Your nipples are hard … are you wet, Grace?”

“God, yes, Sir!”

He took a deep breath. “My deepest desire that I would never have ventured to suggest … I would desire that you were my real submissive, not a pretend game at the office and outside for sex.”

My face burst into a huge smile. “That is also my desire, Sir. It has been for a while now.”

“Grace, it is a fantasy of mine. I’m not even sure what that would really mean, though I have some inkling.”

I inched forward and rubbed my hands up his thighs. “We can explore it together.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, Sir. I have been thinking about this. I want to give myself to you. My mind and body are yours, Sir.” My fingers played over the front of his trousers and his hardening cock underneath. “I assume the office activities will remain the same?”

He laughed. “Oh, yes. I’d have a mutiny if that changed.”

I smiled. As much as I desired to feel his control over me, I didn’t want to lose the experience of the office.

I glanced up at him as my fingers rested over the covered bulge under his pants. I waited quietly, but with excitement building inside me that we had finally come to our mutual understanding.

He leaned forward and grasped my nipples between his fingers. I looked up into his face. His eyes searched mine as he squeezed. My mouth opened but I stopped any sound from coming out except for a gasp as the pressure increased. He released my nipples and sat back. Almost on their own, my fingers began playing over the bulge, again.

“One of the things I have truly loved about our relationship in the office and the evenings you have spent here is to watch your beautiful body move. I love the way your large breasts jiggle and bounce, your nipples harden as if an advertisement of what you are feeling.” I smiled with a bit of blush. “And, I love seeing your pussy, especially after you’ve been penetrated. Have you ever noticed how your lips part like the peddles of a flower?” I blushed deeper and shook my head, no. “It’s true. It is beautiful. And they glisten with your wetness.”

Yes. Yes, this is what I have wanted from him. He is describing my body in ways I have never considered. I wait.

“You are mine? Mind and body?” I nod, yes. “Say it.”

“Yes, Sir. I have given to you my mind and body to use, to enjoy, and to share as you wish.”

“To share? You added ‘to share’.” I nod. “If your body is mine to enjoy, show me.” I am confused and my face shows it in my eyebrows and creased forehead. “Move the coffee table to point away from me. Lie on your back with your knees bent and spread wide. I want you to masturbate until you orgasm and don’t worry about being quiet when you do. Don’t orgasm too fast, though. I want to enjoy watching you.”

Masturbate! In front of him to watch! I physically shivered. I hesitated for only a count before standing to arrange the coffee table as he instructed. I was more aware of my body as he sat back sipping his brandy watching. I felt my breasts hang and swing as I struggled with the heavy piece of furniture. As I moved one end, then the other to align it just so, I was more aware when my ass was pointed at him when I bent down to wiggle the table over, my legs parting as I bent over and sure I was showing my sex to him. But that show would be nothing compared to what I was about to do to comply with his instruction.

When I was satisfied, I glanced at him and he smiled. I lay back on the table surface, feeling the air-conditioned coolness of the wood surface. I lifted my knees and spread them. At the same time, I lifted my head to seek reassurance from him that I was complying adequately. But, as my fingers found my sex and stroked over my exposed lips that had parted by the spread of my thighs, I dropped my head to the table. I felt so exposed, so obscenely exposed. When I dipped a finger between my lips and into my hole, I gasped and groaned. I have often masturbated. I have never had an audience before. The very thought and feel of what I was doing sent a powerful shiver through my body. My fingers moved as if they were molesting my body on their own. They attacked me, probed my hole and lips, stroked my throbbing clit, fondled my breasts, and pinched and twisted my nipples. I groaned, gasped, and moaned at the physicality of it. But of equal impact was the mental, the psychological impact of it. My mind was screaming at me about the obscenity of my action. AND IT THRILLED ME!

God, how it thrilled me. My past actions had their own thrills at the time. Giving myself to the gangbangs. Giving myself to the office: the exhibitionism; the sexual availability. Giving myself to each of them privately or in groups as with Jake and his associates. It has all been thrilling and wanton. If there was an understanding of a slut, wouldn’t I be the example for reference?

This somehow seemed more, though. How? After everything else, how?

I ventured a glance at Mr. Franklin. Oh, my god! His eyes were flitting from one hand on my body to another, then to my eyes as he caught me looking. He sipped his drink and his free hand was massaging the bulge in his pants. But the ‘oh, my god’ reaction was how he was framed in my vision. I saw him framed between my spread knees and thighs, my heaving breasts, and my hands stroking vigorously at my dripping pussy.

With his eyes on mine, I gasped out to him, “Yours, Sir … all yours …” My head dropped back to the top of the table, my butt raised up as my hand jammed three fingers into my pussy and curled one up to contract my g-spot. I exploded and cried out.

It was minutes before I finally opened my eyes, again. My breathing still ragged and gasping, I looked at the couch for him to seek his approval and satisfaction. He wasn’t there. I moved my head around to find him. He was naked and standing behind me, his cock rigidly hard. He pulled me along the table surface until my head dropped over the edge and he leaned over me, his cock at my lowered head. I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock into my mouth as if it was my gaping pussy. His cock sank to the end of my mouth, pulled back a few inches, and moved forward into the entrance to my throat. After several times back and forth, he was lodged securely in my throat, my nose and eyes in my pubic hair and balls.

This wasn’t one of the blowjobs I might give at work. This was a face-fucking. This was another test of my will and commitment. I said I was now his. I gave myself to him. My mind and body were his to use … however, he wanted them to be used. Was I serious? I was sure he was wondering that very thing and I might have wondered the same, but I wasn’t any longer and I wanted him to achieve the same assurance. I opened my throat and moved my hands to his hips to pull him aggressively to me, to fuck my mouth and throat, and to own me.

When he came, he pulled back from my throat and nearly filled my mouth. I swallowed a couple times to make sure I captured it all.

A good throat-fucking can be exhausting. Controlling your breathing with a cock filling your throat and your body reacting to touches and mental stimulation can be trying. So, it took me a moment to collect my senses all over again. I found him standing at my knees, his hands outstretched to me to assist me up. He hugged me tightly, his hands moving over my bare back and ass. His wet, soft cock was pressed against my abdomen.

He kissed my neck and whispered into my ear. “Go up and make the bed ready. I will be up in a moment after locking up the house.”

I smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. I turned and moved quickly toward the stairs.

“Grace!” I stopped and turned. “I want to fuck all your holes, tonight.” I smiled and my hands moved to a breast and my pussy in anticipation. “It will be your responsibility to ensure I am able to do that.”

I blushed. “Yes, Sir.” I giggled and ran up the stairs.

I spent the entire weekend with him. The rest of it was less demanding. Although nothing was specifically said about it, I suspected he was planning on times of challenge and times of recovery to allow a transition. I was also feeling that he might be providing a challenge for me to consider what I was committing myself to.

I spent the workweek at my apartment and in the office as though nothing was different, as though the weekend might not have happened. Mr. Franklin didn’t bring it up to me and he didn’t make any additional demands on me during the week.

It had been a sort of unspoken rule that when I was engaged with one of the others in the office we were left alone. The only thing new from Mr. Franklin was when he caught me in my office bent over sucking Mark as Jake was plowing into my pussy with his wonderful cock. I was deep in the moment until, “Grace …”

I mumbled and attempted to raise my head from Mark’s lap but Jake planted his hand firmly on my upper back to hold me in place.

I waved a hand and mumbled around the cock in my mouth while gasping from the pounding in my pussy. I heard Mr. Franklin’s chuckle, then, “That’s what I like to see, guys. I think that is exactly how she truly wants to be used.” I mumbled, again. Whether anyone else understood or not, I was agreeing with him. “Come into my office, dear, when you are … able.” He chuckled, again. “I wanted to talk to you but I may need some other assistance, too.” This time both Jake and Mark chuckled.

Many minutes later, licking cum from my chin and knowing cum was probably leaking from my pussy, I stopped at Mr. Franklin’s door. “Sir?”

He pushed his chair back from the desk and I saw that his pants were open and his cock was semi-hard and exposed. I smiled and required no further instruction. I moved to the other side of his desk and knelt at his knees, leaning into his lap to lick the underside of his cock, feeling it begin to grow as I did. His hand lightly settled on my head as it moved up and down the growing length, then as I took the head into my mouth and sucked. His hand slid down the back of my head to slide over the bare skin of my back. I meowed silently as I lovingly tended to Mr. Franklin’s cock at my lips and tongue. I didn’t understand how the past weekend could have caused a change in me, but it did. The touch on my naked back as I sucked him seemed as a reminder of what I was for him. My pussy had cum in it and my mouth was already coated with cum. Nothing had really changed, yet everything had changed. But, I was always waiting for more because I knew we had only begun this new chapter.

“Grace, do you have plans for this weekend?”

Without taking his cock from my mouth, I mumbled out my reply. “Now, Ther.”

“Good. You’ll spend the weekend at my house.”

I smiled around his cock and felt a jolt of anticipatory excitement to the extent I thought I might actually cum. “Yeth, Ther.”

* * * * *

Upon leaving my apartment after stopping to pack a few clothes for the weekend, he handed me a package. Inside was a vibrating egg and anal bullet with a tube of lubrication. After taking them out of the packaging, they came to life and I noticed the movement of his hands as he manipulated the small remotes in his lap. He only smiled and I complied.

At the next stop light, I released my seatbelt, shifted enough to pull my skirt out from under me and slip my panties to my knees. I knew I didn’t require lubrication for my pussy and slipped the egg easily inside while being careful to keep the small chain with the heart-shaped pendant remaining outside. After lubing the bullet, I slipped it into my ass, then pulled my panties back into place. I was very aware of the man in the car next to us watching my shifting with curiosity.

In the restaurant, he casually and discretely played with the remotes constantly. He changed the settings frequently so I was always aware of the things inside me, which had the added effect of making me very aware of what was happening as we sat in the restaurant at a small table in the middle of the room. I gasped several times as the objects changed from a light to aggressive vibration and he seemed to take a special pleasure in doing so as the very proper waiter was attending to me in some way.

He instructed me not to cum in the restaurant. There were times when I didn’t think I could control the sensations building inside me and demanding release. He knew I could be very vocal, however, in my orgasms. He played with me and teased me. At times, all I could do to avoid the crashing orgasm my body yearned for was to grasp the sides of the table and concentrate completely, using all my will-power until he reduced the vibration to allow me to regain my wits.

I almost didn’t hear him. My grip on the edge of the table was intense and all my senses were numb except for the sensations emanating from my pussy and asshole.


My head was bent down as though I was intently inspecting something on the table in front of me. I didn’t, couldn’t, move my head, but mumbled, “Huh …”

“You’re resisting the need, aren’t you?” I nodded numbly. “Your desire to please me and yield to me is so strong you will even deny your own needs?” I nodded. “But … if I wanted you to right now, right here … would you?”

I lifted my head and gazed at him with lust-filled eyes. He was waiting. “It would be embarrassing, Sir … I think I would be noisy … it has built so strongly inside me …” He waited because I hadn’t answered him. I nodded, “Yes, Sir … if you wished it.”

The buzzing dropped suddenly in both my holes and I gasped for breath. “That won’t be necessary to prove yourself to me, dear. Not tonight, anyway.” I was shaking to hold control. The sudden loss of stimulation was almost like an anti-stimulation that nearly sent me over the edge.

He signaled for the check and moments later we were in the parking lot. It was late and very dark, but there were still people in the restaurant and the parking lot was well lit for security. Mr. Franklin stopped me at the front of his car. He instructed me to strip to my stockings and heels. When I stood essentially naked in the parking lot, he asked for the two vibrators that had tormented me the entire evening so far. After handing them to him, he instructed me to lean back against the hood of his car facing the restaurant building … and masturbate to climax.

I didn’t question his words. I didn’t hesitate. I undressed as he directed, removing and dropping my dress, bra, and panties on the hood of his car. I bent over without doubting so I could locate the fine chain attached to the egg and bullet and calmly pulled them out with assistance from my muscles. I just as calmly stood before him after handing the two tormentors to him and accepted his direction to masturbate and orgasm. My finger dove into my pussy and clit. In a way, it was a relief. I was desperate for an orgasm and wasn’t entirely sure how I had managed to resist climaxing in the restaurant. I would have enjoyed being fucked in the parking lot, but this wasn’t my choice and I was glad for the opportunity to cum.

As my fingers drove in and out of my dripping pussy, I used my thumb and palm to press into my engorged clit. My other hand tortured my nipples by pulling, pinching, and twisting each in turn. When I came, it was as explosive as I anticipated it would be. The cry I heard startled in me but it didn’t alter what I was doing as I continued to work my pussy frantically, curling my fingers, finding my g-spot, and working myself into another orgasm on top of the previous one.

That one made my knees buckle and I felt the strong, sure arms of Mr. Franklin around me. He eased me around to the side of the car as I stumbled on shaky and weak legs.

It was minutes before the intermittent street lights flashing through my window made me aware that we were on the road. I was naked and slouched in the passenger seat, the seatbelt secured. I looked to the side at Mr. Franklin and found him periodically glancing at me.

He gave me a warm smile. “That was amazing.” He reached a hand to stroke my thigh. “How are you feeling … about what happened?”

I smiled, caught his hand on my thigh and pulled it up to my pussy. His fingers started stroking me. “It was amazing, Sir.” I lightly stroked his forearm as his fingers lightly stroked my lower lips. “Was I noticed, Sir?”

He chuckled, “Oh, yes! Three separate couples exited as you masturbated. I think one older woman wasn’t amused. She may have complained, but we were leaving by that time.” A wider smile spread over his face at the thought. “Perhaps we should avoid that restaurant for a while …” I agreed.

That night, he again fucked me in both my pussy and ass. Before he allowed me to peacefully seek sleep, though, he reinserted the egg into my pussy. It seemed that I dreamed of orgasms all night. Some of the dreamed orgasms might have been real from the egg. But, when I woke in the morning, I was alone in the bed and the egg was resting innocently on the nightstand.

I rolled out of bed and used the master bathroom. As I came out, still working my brain to function completely, I found Mr. Franklin standing in the room with two mugs of what I hoped was coffee. He stood by the sliding doors to the bedroom balcony. I followed him outside and took a chair next to him, then the mug offered to me. He was very quiet as I sipped the coffee and it was almost as if he was giving the caffeine a chance to work on me. He was almost fidgeting as he sat waiting. Not that he ever fidgets because he doesn’t. But, it seemed that he was being patient in giving me some time in the morning and that made me think there was something on his mind.

I finally turned to him and asked him. He smiled because he wanted my mind as well as my body.

“Tell me about last night at the restaurant.”

Last night? At the restaurant? But, he was with me so he knows. Okay, so he wants to know how I felt … maybe how I feel now.

I put the mug down on the floor and looked directly at him. “Besides being amazing … the orgasm and stimulation of the vibrators inside the restaurant … it was …. embarrassing, too. Embarrassing that someone might notice. Even humiliating if they actually did notice with some awareness.”

“I think some people could tell. In fact, two of the couples that followed us out had been watching you closely in the restaurant.” I blushed deeply. And, he noticed. “But, still you went outside and followed my instructions to masturbate and cum. Were you aware of being watched outside?” I shook my head and my blush deepened even more. “Would you do it again, knowing you might be seen and watched?”

I blinked and met his gaze. “If you desired it, Sir, yes.”

“I have tried to intimidate you with my requests, yet you continue to act on them. I have humiliated you, used you strongly, exhibited you in public, and used you more. You haven’t disappointed me.” I smiled shyly at his praise. “Tell me why?”

I looked down at my hands in lap, then looked up at him. “To satisfy you, Sir. I came to feel, and recently confirmed, that my deepest desire is to fully satisfy your desires, Sir. Whatever they might be. Yes, sometimes they might be embarrassing or even humiliating. Sometimes I might only be used for your pleasure without tenderness. But, the feeling I get out of doing whatever you desire is amazing to me. I have had some of the most intense orgasms … like last night when I wasn’t even being fucked.” I looked at him shyly, “But, it isn’t really about the orgasms for me. I feel a great satisfaction in satisfying you, Sir.”

“I have some serious questions, Grace.” I nodded. “Do you have any question or hesitation or concern about what we are doing?” I shook my head and assured him I did not. “If I give you to someone else, man or woman, you would please them as you would me?” I assured him I would and smiled. He smiled. He hesitated just a moment. “I want this to be 24/7, Grace. The office and the others will remain the same, but I want you here with me.”

I smiled. I got up and kissed him, then took his hand and placed it between my legs, his fingers instantly moving over my pussy lips. “Thank you, Sir! That way I really can be fully yours.”

He smiled and drove two fingers into my hole.


Other stories around Grace will follow, all connected by the characters in NAKED LEGAL.


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